Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 28, 1920, Page 13, Image 13

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pillllillllllllllSillliniillllllllllM All Charge Purchases Made Today Will Go on June Accounts, Payable JXy "jrfclIIIIlillllIlllllitlIIIIllllllUIIIllUUlHIllIItIlIIIlIIIllIIIIIllIllIlIllIIItimtIUIJa
I On Account of Decoration Day Falling on Sunday, Our Store Will Be Closed All Day Monday j
S. & H. Green Trading Stamps Given on Charge Accounts if Paid in FuH on or Before 10th of Each Month Stamps Given on Cash Purchases Amounting to 10c or More.
Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Parlors in the Basement Store Light Luncheon Served from 11 to 2 Daily Trunks, Suit Cases and Bags on the Third Floor. ..
Caterers to Consider Request
of Workers.
Mask o' Uth the New
rMask o' Uth is not a cosmetic when removed, your own
natural skin fine, transparent, smooth is revealed. For
full information come to the Beauty Parlors, Second Floor.
The Standard Store of th Northwest
Kodak Service
Bring your films here for developing, printing1 and en
larging. Our experts guarantee best of workmanship. We
show a complete stock of Kodaks, Cameras and supplies at
reasonable prices. Films left before 11 A. M. will be ready
by 5 P. M. the same day. Department on the Main Floor.
Olds, Wortman & King
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Three Unions Appoint Committees
to Confer With View to Ad
justing Case.
Any danger of a strike or walkout
Cf the employes of Portland restau
rants was averted late yesterday,
when a committee from the joint
board of the three unions involved.
the soft-drink dispensers, waiters
and waitresses and cooks, visited F.
W. Beach, secretary of the Portland
Caterers' association, and asked for a
conference with a committee repre
senting the caterers.
The caterers will meet at the Cham
ber of Commerce this afternoon to
consider the request.
The following committee was named
by the union leaders: R. R. Hatch,
president of the cooks' union and
chairman of the Joint board; Karley
M. Johnson,' representing the inter
national of the organizations; M. Fay
and O. Hunt, secretary of the soft
drink union; Ernest H. Williams, sec
retary of the waiters union; J. N.
Butler, C T. Frederick, secretary of
tile cooks' union.
Strike Not Contemplated.
"First of all, we want to assure the
caterers and the general public that
we are just as much interested in
the Shrine convention as any other
group of citizens; secondly, there will
be no strike or walkout as antici
pated by the catering industry and so
declared by them in the newspapers,"
Mr. Johnson said to Mr. Beach.
"We want to reiterate that our
agreement will be lived jip to by the
culinary workers of Portland. We
feel our employers want to be fair.
We want to meet them at least half
way and in the same spirit of mutual
"We are, therefore, asking our em
ployers to appoint a committee to
meet with the sub-committee of the
joint boards to discuss the entire
situation eo that the minds of the
skeptical may be, eased and to see
what can be done to promote our
mutual best Interests and the inter
eats of the many thousands of peo
ple who will be here in June."
Request Goes to Board.
"And if there is any member of our
committee who cannot understand
those principles we shall put him off
and elect someone else," Mr. Butler
Mr. Beach asserted he was but the
mouthpiece of bis organization, but
that he would put the request of the
joint board, which had been before
that body yesterday in the form of a
motion, before the caterers in a spe
cial meeting today.
"And if they appoint a committee
we can meet with them as soon as
their session is adjourned We shall
be able to get our men together in a
few minutes," added' Mr. Johnson.
There are 1650 members of the
unions involved In Portland and 220
eating establishments have signed the
original agreement with the unions.
Sixty-five restaurants and hotels are
members of the Caterers' association,
Mr. Beach said.
purchase: op altered war
savings stamps charged.
SI orris Silverman Held IjO Grand
Jury Under $5000 Bonds
Following Hearing.
Morris Silverman, a Portland money
lender, was held to the federal grand
jury under $5000 bonds yesterday on
. i charge of purchasing altered war
tavinpa stamps. The stamps which
:Ue government alleges were pur
:hased by Silverman are a part of the
oot taken when bank robbers robbed
he Bank of Dayton several months
I Silverman is said to have admitted
f to Operative Walters of the United
States secret service that he pur
chased the stamps in Portland. After
holding the stamps for two months
or more, Silverman, according to As
sistant United States Attorney Reames,
went to San Francisco where he dis
posed of them through several dif
ferent persons.
In the complaint filed against Sil
verman and on which he was heard
yesterday before United States Com
missioner Drake, he is accused of
having purchased 140 of the stolen $5
war savings stamps, but federal in
vestigators said this is but a small
part of the number which were stolen
from the Bank of Dayton and which
were sold at San Francisco.
The three persons in San Francisco
to whom Silverman is said to have
sold the altered stamps will be brought
to Portland early next month to ap
pear before the grand jury when it
makes a complete investigation of the
case. It was said yesterday at the
federal building that others probably
will be Involved.
Evidence at the commissioner's
hearing yesterday developed that the
tamps were purchased in lots of 100.
The stamps were not attached to the
certificates when bought, and the
mucilage also had been removed, thus
indicating plainly that they had been
In addition to the lack of mucilage.
It was shown that the registered num
bers on all stamps had been removed
by acid. Under a strong glass the
register numbers can be read, thus
giving the government positive proof
that they are a part of the large num
ber of stamps stolen from the Bank
of Dayton.
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Candidates Kntered in Portland
School Election 'Few in Number.
"With the school election less than
month off. there have been but two
candidates to appear to contest the
seats of O. M. Flummer and Dr. A. E.
Bommer, whose terms expire this
Mr. Plummer yesterday announced
his candidacy for re-election and filed
his petition with the school clerk. Dr.
Sommer announced definitely that he
will not be a candidate.
W. F. Woodward announced several
weeks ago that he would seek election
to the school board, and his petition
Is now on file. Frank L. Shull. man
ager of the Globe Milling company, is
another prospective candidate, al
though his petition has not been filed.
He announced his Intention of becoming-
a candidate several days ago.
The school election will be held
June 1$, and in order to get their
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names on the official ballot all can
didates must file their petitions with
the clerk by the first week of June.
Moose Meeting Scheduled.
ALBANY, Or.. May 27. Special.)
A meeting of the Mooseheart Legion
for the district including the lodges
at Albany, Eugene. Corvallts. Cot
tag. Grove, Mill City and Toledo, will
be held here tomorrow evening. The
legion la composed of those who have
taken the "second degree" of Moose-dom.
Firm Building Branch Line.
ABERDEEN, Wash.. May 27. (Spe
cial.) A crew of 10 men la now at
work making a road preparatory to
laying ralla from the Chris Mataon
place near Oakville to the Oregon
Washington railway. A Balch lumber
concern la doing the work, it is
them with having violated the Lever
act by conspiring to limit facilities
for the transportation of necessities.
Former Railroad Men Indicted.
PITTSBURG. Pa May 17. The fed
eral grand Jury yesterday returned
indictment, against five men for
merly employed by railroads charging
Cadets Bold Annnal Contest.
ABERDEEN. Wash., May 27. (Spe
cial.) The third annual military con
test of the hign school cadets will be
held on the campus at the J. M.
Weatherwax school tomorrow after
noon. A cup donated by the Aberdeen
chamber of commerce Is awarded each
year. Company B haa won for the
past two years. Two medals also are
given the two students standing first
and second in the competitive drill in
the manual of arms.
Phone your want ads to The Orego
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