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teams to be held at the Multnomah
club Tuesday, June 1. The purpose of
j iii.a iu inane Hrraiicuicuw
satisfactory to all the schools.
Play In the tournament will com
mence at 9 A. M. on Saturday, June 5.
All preliminary matches - will be
played' off then, leaving the finals
to be played on the following Monday.
Frank Troch Has Best Average.
Frank Troeh. coast champion trap
ehot, is the highest standing shot in
the country for 500 tournaments. He
has shot In 500 events and he has the
remarkable average of 96.83. Troeh
hails from Vancouver, Wash. Orln
Ford of San Francisco is very close to
Troeh witn a percentage of 96.4S.
Sacramento Debating Team
Loses 'to Bill Byron.
Pacific Coast Lightweight
City, Starts Training.
Eddie Feels Certain He Is the One
McCredie's Henchmen Play Like
Ball Team When Batling Or-
der Gets Sliakeup.
Who Will Bring: About the Down
fall of the. Champion.
V I ""TV !r.;nsat?r i til
Ttirific 'oat Leajfue MaJjcIinrcn.
w. i,, p.r.i w. l. p.r.
Sn Fran.. 3tt 1H .&":: T,ob Anp's 23 24 .4R0
Salt Lake. L'S 19 .50H .Sacramento 4:t8
Portland. . T.i U .54S: Oakland. . .!. JS .429
ernon... 27 L-y .540 . Seattle 24 31.311
Yenterday KeHultft.
At Portland Portland 6. Sacramento 2.
At Los Angeles jVernon 9, Los Ange
les 6.
At Kan Francinco 7. Oakland 2.
At Seattle 1, Palt Lake 4.
In a tempestuous grame, featured by
much wrangling between Umpire
Byron and the Sacramento players,
Portland turned and grave the Sen
ators a nice beating yesterday, 6 to 2,
evening; the series. Manager Mc
Credie shook up his batting- order
and sent his new southpaw. Ross, out
tq make' his debut, and the combina
tion worked like a charm. Kingdon
also appeared at shortstop and drew
copious applause for stinging out a
hit in the eighth inning.
Southpaw Mails was given the .as
signment against the Beavers, and
Mails was being slowly done hash
brown when he joined in an alterca
tion between Byron and Catcher
Cady . and "asked" to be kicked out
of the game along with his battery
Byron Prove Erudite.
As a rule of all the tidy types
that grub the commercial fields in
search of the elusive dime the um
pire is among the most exqu frite.
He draw the bolts at 3 P. M. and
knocks off at 4:45 and makes enough
bullion to carry home a two-pound
roll of dairy butter every week-end.
But Bill Byron earned his money
yesterday, for' besides "umpiring he
fought out the league of nations, the
Johnson campaign, single tax and a
lot of other abstruse problems .with
some of the visitors. C&dy argued
with him for two or three innings
over something- or other and finally
at' the end of the fifth inning gave
Byron a shot from the bench,
At least Byron picked him out of
the crowd on the bench, where he
was trying to look Like "the thinker'
or some other such masterpiece of
the beef and iron workers' art. Byron
can spot a bench orator further than
a Pendleton rancher can spot a camel
in a flock of woolly lambs. Cady
didn't relish the idea of being picked
out of an entire platoon as the chief
disturber so he bore down on the
umpire like a barge of pig iron on
fishing smack, followed closely by
the entire rabble of Sacramento
Jb-very body talked at once on a
wide range of subjects, including
murder, mayhem, matrimony, big and
little casino, hypnotism and stymies,
Bill Rodgers red shirt sleeves waved
wildly through the air like the sema
phores on a block signal system.
$beaan Antoanda Multitude
Finally Byron calmed the seething
multitude and sent Mails and Cady-in
the clubhouse to play billiards and
take a shower bath. Kuntz and Cook
finished the game in the battery
points. Middleton also retired at
this juncture and Sheehan went to left
field and startled the 1200 fans and
fanettes by poking out twb' two
baggers and a single in three trips
to the plate.
Lew Blue, batting in the clean-up
position for the first time, led the
Beaver attack, while George Maisel
and Dick Cox featured the defense
by pulling off a couple of shoestring
catches in the outer works.
When Mails quit at the end of the
fifth the score stood 4-0 in Portland's
favor. A walk, sacrifice and Blue's
single scored on in the first. Sin
gles by Cox and Koehler and a field
er's choice added another in the sec
ond, and a flock of miscues and a
hit by Schaller counted again in the
third. A single by Maisel and a walk
and hit by pitcher filled the bases
the next inning, but one run on Cox'
sacrifice fly was all tho locals could
drag across the home plate.
Blue Driven tn Two,
Kuntz pitched fair ball during his
three innings. Blue scored two run
ners in the sixth by a larrup to right
field, following an infield tap and
an error by McGaf figan that might
easily have been called a hit for
Paddy Sigin.
Meantime Southpaw Koss was
(hreezlng along like a champion, and
it looked like a shutout for him
until he "eased up in the ninth and
, the visitors crammed two runs across.
MollwitTS and Schang1 reached first
safely on infield taps, and after Orr's
. single to right Ross let Molly trot
. home by throwing the ball to third
base with nobody covering. Schang
- scored on Cook s sacrifice fly.
Hits were ten apiece. Penner
probably will pitch today. The score:
Sacramento I Portland
M'Orn.2 5 0 1.? 4Slfflin.2. . 4 2
6 l'Wistel.3 3 0
0 01 MaifCl.m 3 2
3 l'Blue.l... 3 0
6 2:Sch'irr.I 3 0
1 l!Cox.r 3 1
1 2'Koehl'r.c 4 0
1 O'tvlng'n.s. 4 0
1 1! Ross, p.. . 4 1
0 0
&untz 2, by Ross 2. Bases on balls, off
Mails '2. oft' Ross l. wild pitcnes. Ross 2.
Innings pitched, by Mails 5. runs 4. hits
6. at bat 19; charge defeat to Mails. Runs
responsible for; Mails S, Kuntz 1. Ross 2.
Time of game. 1:45. Umpires. Byxon and
Schick Walks ami Then Steals the
Whole Diamond.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. May 26.
San Francisco knocked Krause out if
the box in the second inning today
and won an easy victory from Oak
land. 7 to 2. Schick walked in the
seventh inning, and then stole second,
third and home. The score:
Oakland I San Francisco I
T.ang.m. 4 111 llSchlck.m 3 a 1 0 0
1 Corhan.s J
0!Cave'y.2 4
OiO'Con'l.l 3
liFltzg'd.r 4
2 Conn'ly.l 4
5Kamm.3 4
llAsnew.c 3
OiCouch.p. 2
Wilie.r.. 4
Cooper. 1 4
Mllier.l. 4
KnUht.3 4
Ham n,2 4
A.ArL.s 4
Mitze.c. 2
Kra'se.p 0
Krem.,p 1
W ea'r.p
Totals 33 2 6 24 121 Totals 30 7 8 27 16
Oakland 0 0000101 0 2
San Francisco .......2 3 0 0 1 0 1 0 4
Errors. Kniirht. Mitze. Weaver. Caveney.
Kamm. Stolen bases. Schick 3. O'Connell.
Three-base hit. Schick. Two-base hits.
Caveney, Wllie 2. Sacrifice hits, Ajrnew.
Corhan. Bases on Vails, off Couch 1. off
Weaver 2. Struck out. by Couch 1, by
Krause 1, by Weaver 4. Innings pitched.
Krause 1 1-3, Kremer 2-3. Runs responsible
for. Weaver 1. Couch 1. Krause 4. Charge
defeat to Krause. Umpires, Anderson and
Holmes. , - .
Angels Lead to Eiglitli When Hal-
lies Pull Alieudl 7
LOS ANGELES, May 26. "Rallies it
the eighth and ninth' gave' Vernon
the second game of the series with
Los Angelee. 9 to 6. The eighth
opened with the Angels three in the
lead. Then High, with the bases fu
evened the score by tripling to the
center field fence. In the final in
ning five hits and one error gave the
Tigers three more runs. The score:
Vernon L.os Angele:
0 3
1 0
1 4
2 10
1 1
2 0
2 0 2
(i rover, 3 4
M Kiln, I. 3
' C'tn'n.m 4
. Moll'x.l. 4
' Sch'ng.r 4
Orr.a... 4
Cady.c. . 1
Mails. d. 0
Shee"n.l. 3 0
I'ook.c. . 1 0
Kuntz, p. 1 0
Tota!s.34 2 10 24 IS! Totals.. 31 6 10 27
Sa-ramento 0 o 0 0 o 0 o o 2 2
I'orlland 1 1 1 0 1 2 00 6
Krrors. Compton. Schang. Orr. Mai's
lioss. Two-base hits. Sheehan 2. Double
play, Compton to Mollwitz. Sacrifice
hits. isterzil. Mails. Maisel. Cox. Cook
Stolen bases. Middleton. Kingdon. Hit by
pitcned balls, scnaiier Dy Alans, vvisterzi
by Kuntz. Struck out. by Malls 1, bv
0 0
Baseball Summary.
112 2
2 ia
o l
0 l
1 l
l l
o o
Athletics Garner Hit Crop -Boston
Cleans Up Series and Tigers
, Lose to Ruth's Bat.
credited with winning four and losing
one. The averages up to the present
series follow:
ntcTier Won. Lost. Pet. Rrf.
WASHINGTON', May 26. Washing
ton defeated Cleveland, 13 to 9, to
day. As a result of the -defeat and
Boston's victory, Cleveland lost the
leadership In the American league.
Judge of Washington made fiVe hits
in as many times at bat. The score:
R. H. K. R. H. E.
Cleveland.. 9 13 0Wash'gton..l3 17 2
Batteries Caldwell, Niehaus, Mer-
on, Clark a
son and Gha
Piercy. Los Angeles
Cooper, Vernon 1
Stroud. Salt Lake
Sutherland. Portland 8
Jones, Portland 4
Lewis, S. F. 7
Couch, 8. F 7
Pertiaa. L. A 7
Scott, S. F. 8
Demaree. Seattle 3
Schroeder. Portland ..... 3
Shellenbach. Vernon 5
Bromley, Salt Lake ...... 4
Cullop. Salt Lake .- 2
Kallio, Portland 2
J Holling. Oakland 7
rromme. ernon o
Leverenz, Salt Lake !
Penner. Sacramento 6
Cha'n.m 5
Fisher.2 I
Long.r.. i
Borton.l 4
Smith. 3. 2
High.!.. 4
Devo'r.c 4
Dell. p. .. 2
Smald.p 1
W.Mi'l.p 0
Edlnn 0
1 1
3 4
3 2
4 11
1 1
1 5
0 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
- National League Standings.
W. L. P.C.I W. L. P C
Pittsburg. . IS 13 .".Si; St. Louis.. !.- 17 .-!
Cincinnati. IS 14 ..ntr .New lork 13 16.44
Brooklyn. 1 12 .57 1' Boston ... . 1215.44
Chicago... IS 1 J .5o9! Philadelp'a 1121.344
American league Standings-
Boston ....21 V .70 Washing'n 1314. 4S1
Ceveland.. -1 1 0 .6t;7 St. Louis 1:t IS .411
Chicago... 17 13 ,i31i Philatlep'a 12 18,400 1
Detroit S 24 .200
raviric International League Standings.
Spokane.. It H .647: Taeoma. . . 10 9.o26
Vancouver. 10 S .Trt' Victoria 10 ! .5-'6
akima... 9 S .529 Seattle 3 13.1S8
How the Series Stand.
At Forttsmd one game. Sacramento one
game; at Los Angeles one game, Vernon
one game: at San Francisco two games,
Oakland no game: at Seattle no game,
isalt Lake one game.
Where the Teams Play' Xeit Week.
Salt Lake at Portland. San Francisco at
l.os Angeles. Vernon aB Oakland. Sacra
mento at Seattle. f
Beaver Batting Averages.
B. H. Ave. I B. H. Are. I
Koss.. 11 3 .43t'.lones.. 10 a .63
Johnson 3 1 .333 suth'nii 4i io .2."0
Wu'xtl 171 34 3t.VBkcr.. 49 12 .2t."
Cox... 1t M .310 Spr gor. 104 23 .221
Blue.. 1l 30 .SlOSiglln.. 90 16 .ITS
KoeMer 126 3S .SOI'.lunev.. 1 3 .1
Maixel.eiJ 37 SfS'Kingd'n 129 20 .155
. Soh'Ier 15! 46 .2Mti Kallio. . - 13 2 .152
Sch'der 2 6 7 -269 .Pulavn. 21 '3 .143
4 Kille'r.m 4 0 11
0 M'Aul'y.s 3 0 0 2 7
SlK.Cra'1.2 3 0 1 4 4
OiGriBgs.l. 5 2 2 10 1
O'Cra'rd.r 3 1 p 2 1
3- Bassler.c 3 2 14 1
O EIIis.l. ,x3 0 12 0
0; Nietrr.3 3 1 O 2 2
2 Pertica.p O 0 0 0 1
HO.Cra'I.t 10 0 0
0 Keating. 3 0 2 0
nIAldr'e.p o 0 0 0 fl
ILapan;. 1 0 0 n 0
Anure'sl 0 0 0 0 0
Totals.36 9 13 27 1."! Totals. 36 6 8 27 19
Batted, for Smallwood in ntntn.
tBatted for Partica in third.
tBatted for Aldridge in ninth.
I Ran for Neihoff in ninth.
Vernon 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 3 3 9
Los Angeles -.0 0 0 2 0 2 2 0 06
Krrors. Devormer. K. Crandall. Home
run Borton. Three-base hits. Griggs. High,
'run-hose bits. Fisher. Neihoff. K. Cran-
rijll. Stolen base. Mitchell. Sacrifice
l,it Smith 2. Crawford, Killefer, Ellis,
xi..4nlev. Struck out, by Pertica 4, Dell 1
v.l,itiir 1. Bases on balls, off Deli 4,
vaaiinp 4 Smallwood 1. Runs responsible
for Pertica 2. Dell 4. Keating 6. Aldridge
1 Innings pitched by Pertica 3. Small
i tce.itiner 3 1-3. Dell 5. Charge de
r.fli m: Keating, credit vietry to Small-
Double Dlavs. McAuley to K. Cran
dall to Griggs. Umpires. Casey and Mc
Bees Take Opening Game of Series
by Score of 4 to 1.
SEATTLE, May 26. Seattle players
hopped off a train here late this aft
ernoon and hurried to the ball park,
where Salt Lake won the first game
of the series by a score of 4 to 1.
Cullen and Geary pitched tight ball.
two Of Salt laKe s scores resuiuug
from errors. The score:
H II II u Al ceattn
Salt Lak
Mag't.m. 4
Dell, Vernon
O. Crandall. Los Angeles.
Fittery, Sacramento ....
R-Arlett. Oakland
Thomas. Los Angeles
Geary, Seattle ..........
Kremer. Oakland .......
McQualde. S. F
Love. S. F
W.Mitchell, Vernon
nd O'Neill; Zachary, John-f Aldridge, I.os Angeles .
irrity. Picinich. ' - gaum- sll L"ke .
Philadelphia 10, Chicago 2.
delphia hammered Williams for 11
hits In .four innings today, defeating
Chicago, 10 to 2. Home runs by Perry
and Dugan made the total 18 in ten
playing days at the local park. Score:
II. H. K.! K. H. K.
Chicago 2 S 2!Phila....'...10 15 0
Batteries t- W illiams, Payne and
Schalk; Lynn, Perry and Perkins.
Boston 9, St. Louis 5.
Keating. Los Angeles
Prough. Sacramento
Reiger, Salt Lake ...
Mails. Sacramento
Juney. Portland
Krause. Oakland ....
Gardner. Seattle
Schoor. Seattle
Ross. Portland
Smallwood, Portland
Thurston. Salt Lake
Siebold. Seattle
Poison. Portland ....
Jordan, S. F
Patfnn Oslllanri
Kuntz. Sacramento
Winn. Oakland
weaver, uanidnu ,,.
, 4
. 1
. 1
. 5
. 3
. 3
1 Houch. Vernon
I Rinehart, Seattle .
BOSTON. Mav 26. Boston cleaned Schneider. Vernon
up the series Dy aeteatmg bt. louis.
to 5. Pennock pitched ettectively
until the ninth, while Shockers wild
ness contribute'd largery to the result.
Hendryx hit for two doubles and two
singles. The score:
R. H. E. R. H. K.
St. Louis... 5 10 OjBoston 9 12 0
Batteries shocker and Severeid;
Pennock and Shang.
New York 4, Detroit I.
NEW YORK. May 26. The' New
York Yankees made it two out of
three from Detroit today, winning.
4 to 1. Mogridge won his first vic
tory of the season and held Detroit
to four hits. In the second inning
Ruth drove into the upper right field
stand for his eighth home run of
the year. The score:
R. H. K. R. H. E
Detroit 1 4 2New York.. 4 7 0
Batteries Dauss, Ayers and Stan
age; Mogridge and Hannah.
Brown. Los Angeles....
Brenton, Seattle
Sheehan. Sacramento
Hod wedge. Sacramento
Gerrin. Oakland
Dumovich. Los Angeles
-. 779
. 750
. 250
' .250
. 250
Grimes Figures In Scoring for Both
Clubs in Dodger-Pirate
Eddie Shannon, Pacific coast light
weight champion, who meets Joe Ben
jamin in the headliner of the boxing!
programme to be staged by the Port ST. LOUIS. May 26. St. Louis de
land boxing commission at the Arm- feated Cincinnati in a wild game to-
ory Friday night. June 4. hopped off
the rattler tonight looking, far better
than at any time he has visited this
The Irish land, before "hitting the
hay," expressed his confidence in Uis
ability to trim Benjamin and went
so far as to say that he would stop
the lanky member of Billy Gibson's
The first question he ehofat Match
maker Bobby Evans, who was at the
depot to meet him was, "Will I be
given the match with Benny Leonard
if s-ccessful in winning from Ben
jamin?" Evans replied he would be
considered as an opponent for the
champion if he was unable to come
to terms with .Welterweight Cham
pion Jack Britton.
Shannon to Take On All Boxen.
Shanncn plans on (taking to the road
early this morning and,' starting this
afternoon, will take on all boxers
available at the London club. Eddie
going to be In the pink for the
day. 10 to 8. The visitors tied the
score in the eighth, mixing four hits
with two bases on balls off Jacobs
for three runs. St. Louis won in the
eighth when Stock tripled ajid scored
on Hornsby's single to left- The lat
ter also scored when Duncan, after
letting Hornsby's drive get away
from him. started for the clubhouse,
apparently thinking the game over.
The score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Cincinnati.. 8 14 ljSt. Louis.. 10 17 1
Batteries Ring. Fisher, Eller and
Wingo; Haines, Jacobs, Sherdcl and
Pittsburg 2, Brooklyn 3
JITTSBURG, May IS. Brooklyn
won from Pittsburg. Z to 2. Wisner
was hit hard. Grimes practically
gave Pittsburg its two runs, one on
a wild pitch with a man on second
nd the other by hitting a batsman
with the bases full. He also drove
bout and plans on starting after Ben-i , of the Brook"Ivn runSi on1 on
jamin from the opening gong. He
realizes that a victory over Benja
min is bound to have its effect on
Billy Gibson, which will make mat
ters much easier for him to land the
go with Leonard.
W hue a good many boxers are
willing to tackle Leonard for the sake
of. grabbing the loser's end of the
purse, few, if any, of the present-day
lightweights are of the opinion that
they can dethrone tho champion.
Shannon feels certain tha. he is the
one that can defeat Leonard a. d is
wrlllng to show his sincerity by tak
ing the match for a small compen
sation. In fact all Eddie wants Is
a crack at the title and his training
expenses. f
Of Course There's tiie "If.
Should Bobby KvSns be unable to
close with one of the eastern top-
notchers. Shannon is the western boy
that should be used with the cham
pion here, for the little harp has done
everything the boxing commission has
asked of him. provided, of course.
I that he succeeds in winning from
Andre Anderson, the giant' Chicago
heavyweight, will be seen in action
in the semi-final against Wild Bill
Reed, Tiny Herman, Young Hector or
Willie Keeler. The -big boy is anxious
to start here and though he is a main
eventer, any time he enters the ring
he is willing tj box lower or e card
in order to show the fans what he
owns in t ic line of rights and lefts.
Dick Brenton. the classy California
bantamweight, has also been signed
to start in an eight-round go. Evans
had hoped to use Brenton .'ith Sam
my Gordon, but as Gordon has prom
ised to show in Seattle the same date,
the matchmaker will have to look for
some other boy to meet Brenton.
Joe Swain, the old favorite, will
start for the first time In several
monthj with Red Henry, a recent
arrival. This boy Henry has redder
hair -than Boy AlcCormick and, though
not as strong as the Boy, promises to
be. -ie as great a sensation as the
Englishmen, once the bugs have seen
him in action. Dummy O -ien, who
boxes a la Johr ny Wilson, will start
the show with the Italian count,
Jimmy Moscow.
a sacrifice fly and a triple. Score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Brooklyn... 3 14 liPlttsburg. .2 6
Batteries Grimes and Miller; Wis
ner and Schmidt.
UE Value in Shoes is the
true balance between what
you get and what you pay for.
It must be measured by the year,
in terms" of fit, comfort, style,
endurance, satisfaction; not by
the pair. By this test Florsheim
values never were so high as now;
Florsheim prices never lower.
Florsheim Shoe Store
350 Washington, Near Park
(Opp. Majestic Theater)
Short and Fast Field Expected to
Compete for Titles on
Final Day.
Athletes from nine high and prep
schools will compete this afternoon in
the preliminary trials to the annual
interscholastic track and field meet,
which will be 6taged tomorrow after
noon on Multnomah field. Two' heats
of the 440-yard dash and the elimina
tion trials of all of the field events
will be held this afternoon. The marks
made in the field event trials will not
be counted in the final meet, but
will serve to narrow down compe
tion and speed up the meet.
Only the first eight men who qual
ify in each field event this after
noon will be allowed to compete the
following day. In the two heats of
the 440. the first five men to place
in each heat will be allowed to enter
the finals.
The following officials have been
chosen: T. Morris Dunne, referee; A.
D. Wakeman. clerk of course; A. B.
McAlpin, George L. Parker. Jack
Cody and Pete Grant, timers; Frank
E. Watkins, John O. Baker, Oliver
B. Huston, Samuel H. Bellah. judges
of finish: Frank Harmar. chief field
Judge: Edward J. O'Connell, Ted Bar
ton. Jack Routledge and Paul Dick
inBon, assistants: Earl R. Goodwin,
chief of inspectors; E. R. Holt. Gra
ham Glass Jr., SidneyvL. Goodwin and
Cass Campbell, inspectors; William R.
Smyth, announcer: A. H. Allen, scorer.
Boxing Tournament Postponed.
ABERDEEN, Wash, May 26.-MSpe-cial.)
American Legion promoters of
an amateur boxing tournament which
was to have been held here June 8
have announced indefinite postpone
ment of the affair on account of the
Illness of Harry Craig, who was to
have appeared in the main event. The
big high school coach has been or
dered o bed on account of blood poi
con in one foot. Several other legion
men with boxing experience were to
have appeared on the card.
Grandview Defeats Prossci-.
PROSSER, Wash.. May 26. (Spe
cial.) Pro?ser was defeated by
Grandview in Sunday's game, 5 to 3,
but the issue was in doubt until the
last man was out in the ninth in
ning. The men were on second and
third in both the seventh and ninth
innings, but local batters failed to
connect with the ball. The game was
one of the best played in the Yakima
league so far this season. Tho bat
teries: Grandview Gries and 11 Gill:
Prosspi Siepert and Chesley.
Twelfth Annual
Sunday, Monday
May 30-31
Speedway Track
oo Including Grand Stand
John n.
KrUR.-.. &
Riimier.r o
Sheely.l 5
Mill kii.S 4
Sands. 1. 3
Bylor.c. 3
Cullop. p. '!
1 2 OIWares.2. 3 0
1 3 4 .Mnpn.1. -.4 1
t 3 3 Bohne.s.. 3 0
1 1 0 Murphy.3 4 0
2 It O'Woller.r. 4 0
2'Eldred.m 3 0
2 OZaml'li.l. 4 0
4 ldains.c. 3 0
U 3-tieary.p..' 2 0
iKenw'y.2 1 0
IHartrd.s 0 O
S'ibold. O O
B Idwtn.c 0 0
0 1
0 3 5
3 10
0 10
0 14 1
15 1
0 0 5
O O 0
o o o
O 1 0
Taeoma Ball Yard Getting Xew
Stand and Bleachers.
TACOMA. Wash.. May 26. Spe
cial.) Work of rebuilding the grard
stand and left field bleachers at Ath
letic park, where Pacific-Interna
tional leapue teams play In Taeoma.
was started today. The stands were
destroyed by fire last Saturday. In
surance adjusters began their ap
praisal of the damage immediately
and as soon as a settlement had been
made the directors began the Job of
It will take tws or three weeks to
rebuild the stands and In the mean
time the Taeoma Tigers may play
their home .games in the btadium.
Yakima Golfers Qualify.
YAKIMA, Wash.. May 26. (Spe
cial.) Golfers who qualified In the
opening round of the lamma coun
try club tournament were: Dr. E. S.
West. 86: C. H. Woodin, S9; J. A.
Major, 9S; Wallace Miller. 98; Hugo
Luhman, 90: H. a. Kiggs. su; j. Lou
don. 9.1: J. A. Bline. 34; u. w. Harris.
97: H. B. Pratt, i.
Totals 35 4 9 27 13! Totals. 31 1 6 27 13
Ran tor Adams in eluhtn.
Salt I-akc 0 O 1 O 1 O O 0 2-
Seatlle O001OOO0 0 1
Summary Errors. Johnson. Sheeley, By-
lcr.,Boline 2, urary storn oasce, Kopp,
Johnson 2, Rumler. Three-base hit.-, Mul
liean. KoDD. Sacrifice hits. OlllOD 2.
lieary, Johnson. Bases on balls, off tieary
a off Cullop 2. Struck out. by Geary 4
by Oil'.op - Trouble plays. Krug to Sheiy
to Johnson, nuns responslDJt Cor, (jeary
1, Cullop 1. n
Stroud, Salt Lake, Makes
First in Averages.
Bee Hurler Win Nine of Eleven
4; antra "Sutherland la Next. '
STROUD,1 the chunky Salt Lake
hurler, jumped into first place in
the pitching average column of the
Pacific coast leagJe twirlers last
week. He has lost only two games
out of the 11 he has worked in. "Suds"
Sutherland of the Portland club is
giving him a close tussle, with eight
wins to his credit and two losses. Out
of five games in which Carroll Jones,
Beaver twirlcr, has worked be
Victoria Shuts Oat Taeoma and
Seattle Xearly Wins One
Game at Spokane.
VANCOUVER, B. C, May 26.
With the score, tied and bases full
the ninth inning Pat Eastley.
pitching for Yakima, went to bat
here this afternoon and doubled
against the left field fence. Three
runners scampered across the plate.
Vancouver was blanked in their
half, and Yakima won by a score
of 10 to 6. The score: '
R. H. E.l R. H. E.
Yakima 10 15 SlVancouver.. 6 12 2
Batteries Eastley and Gorman;
Fehr, Nofziger and Patterson.
Victoria 2, Taeoma 0.
VICTORIA. B. C, May 26. Cy
Young, veteran Victoria pitcher, al
lowed Taeoma only one hit today
and shut out the Tigers. 2 to 0. Only
one Taeoma runner reached first base
and none passed It. The score:
R. H. E.l R. H. K
Taeoma..,. 0 1 0Victoria 2 1 0
Batteries Edwards and Stevens:
loung ana jveney.
Spokane 4, Seattle 3.
SPOKANE, Wash.. May 26. With
the score 3 to 1 against them at the
beginning of the ninth Seattle got
five hits and scored two runs which
tied the score. In the tenth, with
one down. Ginglardi of Spokane
walked and Murphy scored him with
a two-bagger. The score:
R.-H. E. R. H. E.
Seattle .313 3 Spokane.. .,4 8 4
Batteries Wasington. Cunningham
and Hoffman: Crespi and Fieher.
First Xationals Are Victors.
The First National Bank nine won
from the Ladd & Tilton tossers in
the Bankers' league yesterday even
ing by a score of 9 to 8. Larry start
ed on the mound for the winning
team and was relieved in the ninth
inning by Ralph Davis, who retired
the side on 11 pitched balls striking
out three men in a row. Nichols
twirled for the Ladd & Tiltoa team.
Bernardl to Wrestle Thje.
THE DALLES. Or.. May 26 (Spe
cial.) Tony Beraardi wilt wrestle
Ted Thye here Friday night. He will
is - try to throw Thye twice in 90 minutes.
Owing to complaints that have been
coming in to Secretary 'Walter B.
Honeyraan from a number of boxing
fans, tickets for the bouts to be held
under the auspices of the Portland!
boxing commission will longer be
handled by the Stiller's and Rich's I
cigar stores, but, starting next Tues
day, -will be placed on sale at the 1
Sherman-Clay Piano company's house.
As becretary Honeyman will be out I
of the city for the week en the fans I
desiring to -ese.-ve their tickets be
fore the sale pens , may do so by
mcilingr a money order to Matchmak
er Bobby Evans at rom b-. Gasco
building. It is - hoped that in this
manner all those w.ho attend . the I
shows regularly will be given a
chance at the better seats. No favor
itism will be shown and. first come I
will be first served.
Made To Satisfy
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Mike E. Collins, Minneapolis box-1
promoter, is trying to obtain Johnny
Kilbane's consent to a match with
Earl Baird in the Twin City in the I
near -future.
Baird has made an excellent show
ing in his starts in Minneapolis, mak
ing a great card.
Tom Jones, who has .been managing
pugilists for years with considerable
success, is in Chicago. Walter Cald
well, a Pacific coast middleweight, is
with him. Jones hopes, to match him
wtth the new champion, Johnny Wil
son. Frankie Callahan, the Columbus
featherweight, is another member of
the Jones management.
The boxing commission of Wiscon
sin certainly runs the game in Mil-
waukee up to the mark. The main
reason of Sharkey not boxing Load
man was because Sharkey weighed
123 pounds two days before the bout
Walter Linginger, chairman of the
commission, refused to allow the bout
to go until May 31. Linginger noti
fied Sharkey that he must get in
shape for the contest or he will can
cel it. The promoter came out with
the statement that Sharkey had in
jured his hand during training.
Willie Jackson, who meets Ritchie
Mitchell, June 7, in the next big at
traction at the Auditorium In Mil
waukee, vv is., is certainly a great
money-maker. Since January II
Jackson has had 14 fights for which
he has- netted hirriself $33,000.
Meeting of Captains Called to Com
plete Arrangements.
F. E. Harrigan) who is in -charge of
the Portland interscholastic tennis
tournament which will begin on the
Multnomah club courts, June 5, an
nounced last night that all entries i
must be made before Friday, May 28.
Any player who enters the singles is
automatically barred from compe
tition in the doubles. Mr. Harriacan
requested that on the entry blanks
the entrants make known the event
in which they intend to compete.
Mr. Harrlgan has called a meeting
of the captains of the high school
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