Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 27, 1920, Page 13, Image 13

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C. A. Worthington Forsakes
Plow for Whisky Still.
Pictures of Moonshiners Declared
to Have Given Idea of How to
Get Out of Debt Easily.
Movies inspired C. A. Worthinsrton
to forsake the plow for the still. At
least, this is the explanation he of
fered yesterdajr to federal revenue
agents, who raided his Clackpmas
county farm and confiscated a whisky
fctill, a fe;v srallons of "corn juice"
send a supply of mash.
"I had seen motion pictures of
moonshiners and the way they op
erated their mountain stills so I de
cided I would try it as a means of
Kettinsr out of debt," AVorthingrton
told Jesse E. FlandersT prohibition
agent, who engineered the raid.
And to make the raid in keeping
with the movie-inspired ideas of Far
mer Worthington, his wife pleaded
with the government agents to take
her to jail in her husband's stead.
AVife Ileal for Huxlmnfl.
"He is needed here at the farm to
Trilk the cow and feed the hogs." she
imclored tham. "Please let me go to
jail because I am willing to take
whatever-punishment you fix for my
Worthlnpton assorted that the hish
cost of livinjr had caused him to let
his feet stray away from the furrow.
"I have not been, operating the still
regularly," he said. "Whenever I
would gret a little in debt I would
manufacture whifcky and sell it and
then pay my bills. Then I'd leave the
still alone until I pot in debt again."
Worthington -is held under bonds
pending action by the federal grand
Jury. which convenes early next
At about tho same hour Flanders
was raiding the still in Clackamas
county, two of his agents played lead
ing roles in a surprise party tendered
to W. C. Crawford, down near dervais.
Ucrvais I'lnnt Raided.
One of the largest illicit beer-manufacturing
plants ever uncovered in
the nortliwest was located at the farm
home of the Gervais insurance agent,
and evidence uncovered by the rev
enue agents pointed to a wholesale
brewery business of large proportions,
they said.
Two large vats, capable of brewing
inoro than 100 gallons of beer at a
time were found. They also located
a bottling machine, a large quantity
of empty bottles and such other para
phernalia as is needed in, all well
, regulated breweries.
Crawford is said to have admitted
fcoing the brewer, but declared that he
thought he was within the law be
cause ths beer would not test more
than a half of 1 per cent alcohol.
After taking small samples of the
Gervais brew, one of the arresting
officers was eager to wager with
Crawford that his product would
show at least 6 per cent alcohol.
noon from the chapel. the local Ma-!
sonic lodge, of which he was a mem
ber, will have charge of the services.
both at the chapel and at the ceme
tery. Several hymns which Mr. Sut
cliffe had himself selected were sung
and the scripture leading was also of
bis selection.
Robert Sutcliffe was born in Esholt, j
Yorkshire, England, and was SI years j
old. He came to Oregon in 1909, re- i
maining- a few rr.onths in Yamhill
county and being sent to Cottage
Grove in the fall of that year, i He
served 2he Methodist church here for
Jhree years, going from here to Leb
anon for two years, entering Chau
tauqua work while a resident there.
On account of ill health he gave up
his Chautauqua contract last fall and
since then had made his home here.
j All Charge Purchases Made Today Will Go on June Accounts Payable July 1 j
sS Trading Stamps Given on Charge Accounts if Paid in Full by the 10th of Each Month Stamps Given on All Cash Purchases of 10 Cents or Over. . m
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- : x
Tracts Desired by City Are Saidto
Carry Assessed Valuation or
About $65,500.
City 'Commissioner Pier was yes
terday authorized by the city coun
cil to negotiate for the purchase of
five proposed playground sites, carry
ing a total assessed valuation of ap
proximately 65,500. In the evant that
the city cannot purchase at a figure
believed to be fair, the commissioner
is authorized to file condemnation
proceedings in the circuit cburt
The tracts include 14 acres adjoin
ing the Woodstock school, assessed
at $10,180; ten acres of the Ruby
tract at 82d and East Glisan Btreet, as
sessed at approximately $16,000; two
blocks adjoining the Richmond school,
assessed at approximately $5000; ten
acres adjoining the Clinton Kelly
school in Brooklyn assessed at about
$20,000, and six blocks in the Mount
Scott district extending from Fifty
sixth avenue to Fifty-ninth avefoe
southeast and from Seventy-second
street to Seventy-fourth street. This
tract is assessed at $14,293.
The council, according to Mr. Pier,
is making a valient effort to establish
a playground In evry section of the
city with the money provided in the
bond issue authorized at a special
election last year. No attempt is
being made, however, to purchase
parks with the money.
low at least
"r never tast
ed beer in the old days
that had a better 'kick' than this.".said
th. revenue agent.
The agents used axes arid sledges
to make wreckage of the brewery and
brought a few quarts of the product
into Portland as evidence, 'they also
brought Crawford in and held him
under bonds to answer to a charge of
violating the federal prohibition law.
Company With $50,000 Capital to
Start Paper Decided Upon.
CHEHALIS, Wash., Alay 26. (Spe
cial.) Triple alliance members to the
number of 50 met here to organize a
company to publish a newspaper. The
principal attendance was from rail
road employes from Centralia with a
scattering few fcymers from the north
e'nd of Lewis county.
J. T. Sullivan, a former teacher in
this county, presided at the meeting.
Auctioneer Lewis of Centralia, Jon
athan Swayne and others urged that
the paper be started at once. It was
concluded to capitalize a company
with $50,000 capital and start the
Frank O'Day, Centralia agent for
the Union Record and secretary ot
the Centralia labor council; E. W.
Thrall, one of the bailsmen for Shee
han, charged with the Armistira day
murders at Centralia; Messrs. Downs
and A. E. sherrer of Centralia. and
Ralph Swayne of Chehalis were named
committee to work out plans to
launch the new organ.
Mrs. Frankie Bjorklund Expected
to Be Out of Hospital Soon.
Mrs. Frankie Bjorklund who was
found in her home at 676 Thurman
streets last Friday with a bullet
wound in her left lung following an
attempt to commit suicide, was re
ported yesterday at the St. Vincent's
hospital to be improving rapidly. It
fti expected she will be able to leave
the hospital in another ten days.
August Bjorklund. the woman's
husband, was found breathing his last
with a bullet wound in his right tem
ple and lying beside his wife. He
died two hours later.
The death of Bjorklund still re
mains a mystery. Police are of the
opinion that Mrs. Bjorklund fired the
shot which killed her husband, but a
coroner's jury failed to hold her for
the crime.
Still and Liquor Seized.
SALEM, Or.. May 26. (Special.)
(Federal officers last night raided
the home of C. W. Cowfard at Gervais
and seized a still and large quantity
of liquor. The officers said the still
had been in operation for some time.
Cowfard formerly lived at Albany,
but later moved to Portland. H
located at Gervais last winter.
13 Boys and 14 Girls Complete
Work of County High School.
PRIXEVILLE. Or., May 26. (Spe
cial.) Graduation exercises for the
Crook county high school were held
Friday r.lght. The class numbered 27,
13 of whom were boys and 14 girls.
Thft programme was entirely by the
class. Salutatorian was fc,leanor Hack
leman, and valedictorian "Esther
The other members were: Erie
T.aughlin, Roy Clark. Eugene Miller,
Wallace Cannon, Darren Mills; Harold
"Pavls, Andrew Breen. Harold Gray,
Charles Wyman, Harold Lister, Glenn
Stanton, Wistar P.osenburg. Orval
Hayes. Wilma Roberts. Ruth Mulhol
land. Elizabeth Hiney. Jessie For
rester. Jenivive McKir.non, Hilda
1 Breeding. Amanda Harris. Zenda
Hendrlckson, Beryl Davis, Veronica
Breen, Faye Elliott. Mary Jones.
Second Annual Legislative Insti
tute Held at Centralia.
CEXTRALTA. Wash., May 26.
(Special.) The second annual insti
tute of the Women's Legislative
council ot Lewis county was held
yesterday and today in the Firs
Baptist cliurcn. The sessions were
well attended. Among the prominent
women who addressed the institute
wero Mrs. Josephine Preston, state
superintendent of public instruction
Mrs. Ida McQueston, matron of the
state industrial school for girls at
Grand Mound: Mrs. Sophie L. w.
Clark, Mrs. Victoria Trumbull and
Mrs. Jackson SlUhaugh, all of Seattle,
officers In the Women's Legislative
Council of Washington.
A luncheon this noon at the Hotel
.Wilson was a feature of the institute
programm e.
Traffic Ordinance Passed.
PRIXEVILLE, Or., May 26. (Spe
cial.) At a recent meeting of the city
council a new ordinance was passed
which makes the. speed limit 15 miles
an hour in the city limits. It also
prohibits racing on the streets, and
no person under 16 years will be
allowed to drive a'motor vehicle. Sig
nals are to be given when backing.
fTf? "Solved: The en-
r 1 1 joymentof your
Entertain the
at home with music.
Rent a Player Piano or
Phonograph Now.
Rent applied on purchase if eo desired.
Send Them Away Boosters
Xotcd Divine and Chautauqua Lec
turer Passes at Cottagre Grove.
(Special.) Dr. Robert Sutcliffe. noted
Chautauqua lecturer and divine, died
.at his home here Monday noon. The
funeral will be held Wednesday fore-
Infants d Invalids
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form.
For infanta, invalids aid growing childreiw
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