Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 27, 1920, Page 11, Image 11

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City Editor Main 7070. A sons
Sunday Editor Main 7O70, A 0ft5
Advertising Department. . Main 7070. A 005
fcujonalonrtaat of Bide ..Maia aa. A om
HEILIG Broadway at Taylor) Raymond
Hitchcock in "Hitchy Koo." Tonight.
BAKER (Broadway nar " Morrison
Baker Stock company in "Lena Rivera."'
LYRIC (Fourth and Stark) Musical com
edy. "Fads and Follies."" ' Three shows
daily at 2. 7 and 9.
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Yamhill)
Vaudeville and moving pictures. 2 to 6,
6:45 to 11 P. M. Saturdays. Sundays
and holidays continuous 1:15 to 11 P. M.
PAXTAGES (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Three shows daily. 2:30. 7 and
COUNCIL. CREST Free amusement park.
Take "CC" cars. Morrison or Washing
ton streets.
THE OAKS Amusement park. Free ad
mission until E P. M.. except Sundays
and holldaya Take cars at First and
On Sale -at
Business Office, Oregonian.
Accused Robber Held to Jurt.
William Whiting, arrested by Lieu
tenant of Detectives Maloney Tuesday
on a charge of having robbed the
house of James Manary, 1512 Kast
Yamhill street, on April 23. was held
to answer to the grand jury on a
rharge of larceny from a dwelling
yesterday by Municipal Judge Ross
man. His bail was placed at $1000.
Whiting is said to have obtained
jewelry aggregating J10UO in the bur
Klary. His identity was definitely
established according to the police
by comparing his finger prints with
prints found on the window of the
Manary home.
Commercial Travelers to Meet.
With delegates in attendance from
Vancouver and Victoria, B. C, as well
as representatives from Bellingham,
Kverelt. Tacoma, Seattle and Spo
kane, the c o n v e n t io n of - the
United Commercial Travelers which
will be held in Portland tomorrow. and
Saturday, promises to be one of the
largest meetings this order has held
in the northwest. The session will
close Saturday morning, after which
the members will be taken over the
Columbia highway to Cascade locks.
On their return they will have dinner
at Mrs. Henderson's chalet at Crown
Council Invites Car Officials.
Officials of the Portland Railway,
Light & Power company have been
invited to appear before the city
council this morning to explain if the
compaay plans on fulfilling its part
of the improvement of Kast Seventy
second street, ffhe company officials
say that no money Is available to per
form the work necessary by the com
pany. City officials intimate that
unless the street railway company
proceeds with the work, the city will
perform the work and withhold pay
ment on city light bills for payment.
"Soft Drink" Dispenser Fined.
"William Lahey, proprietor of a soft
drink establishment at 381 East Burn
side street, who was arrested Tues
day on a charge of violating the
prohibition law by Lieutenant Robson
and Patrolrnen Nutter and Harms, was
fined $25 by Municipal Judge Ross
man yesterday. Lahey was arrested
after the policeman had analyzed
some of the drinks which he sold.
They reported that his cider and
"grapo" had a high percentage of
Vice-Consul on Trip. A. O. Bjel
land, Norwegian, vice-consul at Port
land, has left for a four-months trip
to Norway and will sail from New
York June 4. He is accompanied by
Mrs. Bjelland and does not expect to
return until late in September. While
in Norway, Mr. Bjelland will attend a
meeting at Bergenfeld of the stock
holders and directors of the Norwegian-American
line, which is re
ported to be considering an extension
of its service to Portland.
Store Proprietor Arrested. Harry
Brown, proprietor of the Brown mer
chantile store, 171 First street, was
arrested yesterday by Inspectors
Swennei and McCulloch on a charge
of receiving stolen property. His
bail was placed at $2000. According
to lieutenant or JJetectives Malonev
Brown purchased about $500 worth of
property reported stolen from stores
in Marion and Clackamas counties.
Some of this is said to have been re
covered. Broken Leo No Interference. Al
though handicapped with a leg broken
In two places. City Health Officer
Parrish refuses to -stop work. For two
hours each day he handles executive
detail work in connection with his
office and he will adopt a policv be
ginning today to visit the of f ice" both
in the morning and afternoon in order
to keep in touch with affairs of his
office. Dr. Parrish was injured last
inursriay night, at the armory.
William Howard Taft will be infor
mally introduced to the members of
the Press club at their luncheon at
noon today in the Benson hotel. W.
a. ij Ken win be the principal speaker,
discussing "State Government Re
sponsive to the People." Miss Mar
guerite A. Salomon and C. S. Chap
man win speak orleny on forest pro
tertion. ,
Women Need $10.000. Contributions
continue to come in from over the
state for the woman's building fund
at tne University of Oregon. The
women of the state and the alumni of
the college have raised all but $10,000
of the $100,000 fund which is to be
matcnea Dy tne state and a great
cuori is Deing made by the com
mittee in charge to complete the sum
d.v commencement.
Students Plan Reception Tk f
dents of Washington high school are
to give a reception next Wednesday
evening to the retiring principal,
Hugh H. Herdman. The programme
will be devoted almost entirely, to the
students and the alumni of the school.
Finns have been made so that each
class rresident of every grtau:tti-i-i
clasi since the school was opned will
either be present or be represented.
Deputy Meat Inspector Resigns
Dr. Charles M. Anderson, deputv meat
Inspector in the municipal bureau of
health, tendered his resignation to Dr
C. C Chase, chief inspector vester
diiy. to take effect June 1. fir An
derson plans to enter business as a
veterinary. His successor has not yet
been named.
Lace From Nazareth. The !adies
of the Catholic parish at St. Helens
have a shipment of bec-.if-j! Armen
ian lace ma.le by th ... S:ser in
Nazareth. It will be so. at the store
of Atiyeh Bros., oriental rugs, 10th
uu .narr streets, beginning June, 1
at 9 o'clock. Adv.
Patriotic Exercises Friday Hill
Military academy will have patriotic
exercises in the regular assembly
Friday and on Monday will observe
lio-ni u!on day by taking part in the
I'armle The academy buglers as well
as the ciiiiet corps will participate.
fF-Mt'-.: Via Auto. Cars leave for
Aen-.i, Seaside and way points at 1
A lv'si!y from 125 6th street (near
W asiiu:.-.on) For rates and reserve -t.ons
telephone Mar. 4381. Snepard's
Auto Bus lines. Adv
Nerve B lock i no enables Drs.
Hartley. Kicsendahl rj Marshall r.
suocTSKfully treat pyorrhea, and ex-!
tract, crown or fill the most sensitive'
teem, wunout pain. 30i Journal bldg
Kemueer Coau Carbon Coa. Co.
mine agents. 321 Hawthorn eve Kast
11H Adv
Offices Several large suites for
rent. Fcnton building. Adv.
Sakety Uoxks, lc daily. 2S4 Oak.
1 $ , , Sit if '
ti - gntn. .aijsomc
:UUlWUl".lUSAlWWXW.VA);vfltW(L I'HC . yi. ii . jwav.-. "STSiat ir'i ii mi i"n iii i "TY'T. n 1 1 tit in, ii f
Wfr.-.. HH'
If a vote were taken as to who was the mostrliked eceentrrc comedian
on our stage, it is more than probable that Raymond Hitchcock would be
the winner. Nobody in the theater game, on or off the stage, does more
than "Hitchy" to stimulate and cherish this good will.
Hitchcock's mission in life isn't to act, but rather to show himself as he
really is for public entertainment. Hitchcock is a fine tonic because he
is one of the funniest of actors, and on top of that is a good showman..
Hitchcock's big musical play, "Hitch y Koo," will open an engagement at
the Heilig tonight for the remainde r of the week.
Film to Be Used in Prater. Based
on the story of Paul's letter to Phi
lemon and adapted to modern times
although pointing to the same lesson
of forgiveness, a motion, picture will
form the principal feature of tonight's
regular prayer meeting services to be
held at the White Temple. The pic
ture is the first production completed
by the Historical Film corporation of
America, a local company formed to
make pictures adapted from- Biblical
narratives. " It was given a previewi
ng before . the Portland Ministerial
association called for a special meet
ing at the Y. M. C. A. auditorium yes
terday afternoon.
The Spiritualists will hold a basket
picnic Monday, May 31, at Cedarville
Park, Linnemann junction. At 3
o'clock there will be dedication serv
ices of the new auditorium at which
the pastors of the Spiritualist churches
of Portland will assist. All are cor
dially welcome. At 8 P. M. there will
be a dance. Good union music. Take
Gresham, Bull Run or Kstacada cars.
Judge Scores and Tines Purchaser
of Second-Hand Car.
"I would like to have something to
sell you and make some easy money,"
declared Municipal Judge Rossman
yesterday when Walter A. Wood, 202
West Eleventh street, St. Johns, ap
peared before him on a charge of
driving a machine with defective
Wood had just told the judge that
he had purchased a second-hand car
without trying it out. Hti took the
machine out and ran down Mrs. L. B.
Goff. 406 Vancouver avenue, at the
intersection of Holladay avenue and
Occident street.
Wrood admitted that he could not
stop his machine within less than 50
feet, following the collision with the
woman, owing to the fact that neither
of the brakes would hold. Mrs. Goff
received a bruised leg and was taken
to her home.
Judge Rossman levied a fine of ?5P
against Wood.
"You exhibited carelessness in the
purchase of the irachine without try
ir.g it out as well as in driving a car
with defective brakes." - declared
Judge Rossman in levying the fine.
Wood was arrested following the
accident by Investigators Tully and
Freiberg of the traffic bureau.
Speed irs fined yesterday follow:
E. Kerbs, So; C. V. Hodgson, $5: . J.
Maddox. $d; N. J. Jones. 15; L. A.
SHellwagoner. $5; O. E. Millison, ?5.
7(900 Hear San Francisco Concert.
Eugene Ysaye and Misc'ia Elman In
joint recitil at the Helig, June 2. di
rection Steers & Coma:!. "Ysaye is
still the master of the golden pluase
and Elman make3 the vioiiii sing v-ith
a guileless ingeniousnes says Kd
fern Mason of the San Francisco Ex
aminer. Mail orders now- Floor. $1.50. Bal
cony, $2.50. $2, $1.50. Gal'.erv reserved,
$1.60. viend checks and self -addressed
stamped envelopes to Steers & Coman,
Columbia bldg. Adv.
Dalles Couple Married.
HOOD RIVER. Or., May 26. (Spe
cial.) Jesse Oren Stanek and Miss
May Vera Betts of The Dalles," came
here yesterday and were married at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Mc
Ginnis. cousins of the bride. Rev.
D. M. Carpenter, pastor of tte Chris
tian and Missionary alliance, officiat
ed. Mr. and Mrs. Stanek will make
their ome in Wasco county.
Effective Saturday night. May 29,
O.-W. R. & N. steamer Harvest Queen
leaves Portland Ainsworth dock at S
P. M. daily except Sunday, instead of
daily except Saturday. Connects at
Astoria with steamer Nahcotta for
North Beach. Returning, laves
Astoria 7 A. M. daily except Sunday.
Phone your want ads to The Orego
nian. Main 7070. Automatic 560-95.
Over 12 Daredevil Events
Sunday, Monday
- Only 55 to All
Mil" A yOHM4OMcm0wM,M
Portland Business -Men Said Not to
Realize Value of Work Now
Under Way.
Managers of Portland industries do
not seem to realize the importance or
the character of the survey, that
being made in taking the industrial
census for the government, say the
officials in charge. The impression
is said to have been gained by. some
that in some way it is a check on the
volume of business handled, when in
fact it is an attempt to gain the most
complete information as to industries
that has ever been gathered in con
nection with the decennial census.
George H. FaMrchild, 408 Fenton build
ing, is directing agent in charge 1
cany. . special agents assisting are
A. L. Haley. Maxwell E. Ball, Orin
W. Mosier, E. A. Foster and M.. T.
The information obtained in this
survey, like all census data, is strict
ly confidential and is the property of
the census bureau only. The vital im
portance of having the census thor
ough lies in the (act that federal
legislation, at least' during the next
two years, will be based on the facts
developed, so that for community in
terest it is most essential to make as
good a showing as possible. Mr. Fair
field is covering Multnomah county
only, and if any manufacturing con
cern is overlooked by the officials it
is desired that they report to him at
once. industries that have started
since January 1 will not be included
but it is' important that the govern
ment have knowledge of them so that
they will be included in the census
that will be made in 1922.
council JxtciKls Ordinance as to
Apartment Houses.
Restrictions on the location of new
apartment houses which expire July 1,
1920. were yesteroay extended by the
city itnc'.l unti' January 1. 1921,
through the passage, of an ordinance
intio'rced by City Commissioner
As a result of these restrictions,
v.hicli require that a special permit
be ob nincd from the council before an
apartment house can be erected in
Portland, the ' city is now facing a
legal battle with the Berkshire com
pany. this legal rray is before the su
preme court and Commissioner Bar
bur explained that he did not wish to
injure the city's chances by allowing
the restrictions to-be lifted prior to
the settlement of this case.
Fish Law Violator Fined.
R. Roman, wno was arrested Sun
day by E. J. Clark, district game war
den, for fishinir without a license, was
i O
For Boys
Practical, durable
models in
Sizes 2 to 8 years.
S. & H. Stamps Given
Exclusive Kuppenheimer
House in Portland
Morrison at Fourth
fined $23 yesterday in District Judge
Bell's court. J. A. Marion, arrested at
the same time, received a suspended
sentence when he purchased a non
resident license. P. A. Cozakos and
W. ICasambalas were arrested, by the
same warden for failure properly to
tag dolly varden trout which they
were selling. The latter was fined
$25 and Cozakos will be tried today
before Judge Bell.
1 Hour 2 3 Minutes Required to
Go Up, 15 Minutes to Come Down,
SAN ANTONIO, Tex, May 26. What
is said to be the world's record for
an altitude flight with an airplane
carrying three passengers and pilot
was broken at Kelly field yesterday
when Lieutenant Harry w eddington
reached an altitude of 20,081 feet in
one hour and 25 minutes of steady
The return trip was made in 15 min
Fall for
Her Just
Like the
Cocoanut Did
Wanted Chairs to Cane
by School for Blind
Mar. SOSO oc
MR. J. F.Myers
Tabor UU.U
Estab. 20 Years in Portland
C. Gee Wo
Root and Herb Remedies
162 Vz First St., Portland, Or.
The j
Cocoanuts rS.'
Fell for I
This Girl JJ-VJpf A
in the ' RfeRMi
South KgAgj-
The human element en
ters very largely into
prescription work. Be
hind the quality of the
ingredients must be the
knowledge and experi
ence of the pharmacist.
Six registered pharmacists
are maintained at the store
Df "Dependable Drugs," and
service is available day and
night, for we never close.
.. -. . .
&0L ; wm f i
William Howard Taft
Lecturing on
"League of Nations Up to Date'
Auditorium 8: IS
Seats on Sale Meier & Frank's
9 A..M. Until 5:45 P. M.
Auditorium After 7 :30 P. M.
A neatly typewritten letter will bring you results, and Corona
is so easy for you to operate that it takes the drudgery out of
letter writing. Any member of the family can use Corona.
Mail orders receive prompt attention. Parcel Post" or Express.
Send for Booklet No. 31. : Free.
E. W. Pease Company
Exclusive Distributors
No. 110 Sixth Street, Portland, Oregon
Have You a Vision as Clear as
You Should Have?
Perhaps you are missing some of the things that per
fect vision would permit you to enjoy books, pictures,
plays, scenery.
Have your eyes examined ; you will see better, look bet
ter, feel better, do better work, and accomplish more.
Our facilities' are yours "for scientific ex
amination and skillful -fitting of glasses,
if you need them.
'Any Lens in
Columbian '
Floyd F. Brower, Manager
145 Sixth Street, between Alder and Morrison,
Be ware 70a air free from this dreaded dtneaae, whlrb vrerl&a waea ravafree
ia the mouth Mid nurnrn (be Iras of Miuad teeth and oftea produces diweaae
aad death by dlntrlhutlue; ite polwon to remote parte of the body. If taa
la the early lxr it eaa nr eaereoatuiiy treated, come la and iaweel
I'artlrular Attentloa
Hoarst 8srtO to 5 P. M.
Years ia Portland.
Photo Copyright by Moffett Studio.
Price $50.00
Case Included
Weight but 8
pounds in case
in use now
60 Minutes'
to Platea aad Brldae
Work.. ,
Select Sensible Shoe?
.HERE may be other
peace of mind depends, but it's a safe bet that
one of the most important is your choice of
shoes. You actually live in the shoes you wear.
When shoes are built right you live in them -
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fort every minute" in Buckhecht Shoes.-
Buckhecht Shoes for you for sethre men In all watka ef
life contain those sterling qualities made famous by
the Buckhecht Army Shoe. Tbey are sold in a variety of
styles and leathers from fS to fl2 by principal shoe '
dealers in the west.
For Sale tm proi by
a Inalneaa m afoo has Jawt com to Orenuu f
sake his bene ayai "Only In a few aeo-
lions oould business Ve developed to th pre.
sent stage and still have so many of the pos
sibilities nntouebed. My impression ef Ore-
gon Is first, that rot have a wonderful oonntryt
aeoond, that you have dons wonderful tilings
1th lt( and third, that you osn do still mors)
wonderful things.
Cregon has a ad a rapid strides tn the past fe
years and the posaibllltles for the future ars
alnest limitless. But It "behooves every loy
al eltlian to cert behind Oregon Industries and
WSSj I staaaaaaaft'
IL Aelta Xnduatrlo of Oregon ""Jf
PRINTING is the fifth larg
est industry in America.
For over twerity-five years it
has been the principal part
of our business.
COur Printing, Booldrinding
and Paper Ruling Departments
provide under one roof every
facility to produce Quality
Printing and give Service. '
Glass & Prudhomme Co.
Phone your want ads to The Oreg
nlan. Main 7070, Automatic 560-95.
j P R I N T S
... 1 J rr'arn.Your'
i5Jr nEativE5
wffl cast
things on which your
Th SEWARD Is new. modern and
cicKantiy appointed hotel, possessing
one of the most beautiful corner lob
bies In the .Northwest. loca.ted at
10th and Alder eta., opposite Olds,
Wortman A Kins' big depovrtmeat
tore In heftrt of retail end theater
district. Kates $1.60 and up. Bus
meets all trains. W car ale runs
from Union Depot direct to Hotel
BE WARD. W. M. Seward. Prop.
A Moderately-Prfeed Hotel of Merit
Rut Morrison St. and East Sixth.
U5 Per Iay. S Per Week. Up.
lso refinlshcl by n
new and better process
for lebs money. Tuning
Mnd action regulating.
SS4 Vamhill Street
Plaaos nought. Rented. Sold.