Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 26, 1920, Page 7, Image 7

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Fate of H. J. Schulderman Is
Cause of Speculation.
Statements Said to Hare Been Used
in Advertisements Expected
to Bring HHsniissal.
SALEM. Or., May 23. (Special.)
Considerable specflation was rife
about the capitol here today as to
whether Henry J. Schulderman, state
corporation commissioner, will be al
lowed to serve out his present term
of office, which will expire January 1,
1P21, or will be asked to resign
by Governor Olcott because of un
favorable insinuations alleged to have
been made aah.Ht ths executive
in political advertisements sponsored
by the former official during his re
cent campaign Xor secretary of state.
Mr. Schulderman, according to local
politicians, was active in the cam
paign preceding Governor Withy
combe's first election as governor, and
was appointed state corporation com
missioner by the latter official on
May 1. 191 Z. lie was reappointed
corporation commissioner jy Gover
nor Withy combe on December 30,
3 916, and is now serving this commis
sion. DtamisMal Neier Intimated.
Turing the last primary election
preceding Governor Withycombe's
death Mr. Schulderman Is said to have
made a strenuous drive on Mr. Olcott,
who at that time was the most for
midable candidate in the field against
the late executive. This action on the
part of Mr. Schulderman is said to
have displeased Governor Olcott. al
though no definite intimation was
ever given that he would be summar
ily dismissed from office.
The sore which festered during the
primary fight between Mr. Withy
combe and Mr. Olcott as far as it
involved Mr. Schulderman. is said to
have been aggravated by advertise
ments published by the latter during
the campaign preceding last Friday's
contest. In these advertisements Mr.
Schulderman is alleged to have re
ferred indirectly to Sam A. Kozer.
successful candidate for secretary of
state, as a "rubber stamp," "office
boy" and "me-too" aspirant. Friends
of the governor declare that these ad
vertisements were published with a
view of spreading the impression that
Mr. Kozer, if nominated and elected,
would play the Olcott political game
and would be available to support the
executive in all matters of political
Ousting In Predicted.
These men declare that Governor
Olcott has repeatedly said that Mr.
scnulderman is serving as corpora
tion commissioner more "out of
courtesy" than because he has any
claim on the position and they are
outspoken in their belief that the
commissioner will be relieved of his
duties before his present term of
office expires.
Governor Olcott had hardly entered
upon the duties of his office last
March when applicants for the posi
tion started to make themselves
known. Among these applicants, it
is said, was D. C. Lewis, member of
the lower house of the last legisla
ture, and defeated in last -Friday's
primary election for state senator
from Multnomah county. Since then
there have been other candidates for
the office, one of which reached the
executive not more than a week ago.
Lewis Appointment Unlikely
It is a foregone conclusion ac
cording to Governor Olcott'a friends,
that Mr. Lewis will not receive the
appointment, and that it will go to
some man who, in the executive's
opinion, has the necessary qualifica
tions and would be loyal to the pres
ent administration.
Governor Olcott was out of the city
today and it could not be learned
definitely whether Mr. Schulderman
will be asked to resign or will be
allowed to serve out his term. In
either event, he will not be an oc
cupant of the corporation department
after next January according to the
governor's friends.
Vendor of Benton County Dirt Says
Scheme Is Feasible, After Tak
ing Trip Into Cloudland.
Selling, a ten-acre potato patch or
a 200-acre prune orchard or a choice
bit of grain acreage from a soaring
airplane is a new wrinkle .in the art
of real estate salesmanship, but to
Walter Kvans. a real estate dealer
of Corvallis, it looks better than a
10 per cent deposit on the sale of the
This vender of Benton county dirt
is now negotiating: for the purchase
of a plant: which he proposes to use
almost exclusively in the sale of Ben
ton county land. Several voyages
into cloudland which he took last
week when two planes operated by
the Oregon-Washington-Idaho Air
plane company were at Corvallis
convinced him that the selling of
real estate bv airplane is feasible.
O. F. Emery returned yesterday
from Corvallis and brought news of
the contemplated purchase of a plane
by the Corvallis dealer.
As a .result of an air junket made
by pilots and officials of a local air
plane company to Eugene and Cor
vallis great interest in aviation was
aroused throughout the valley, Mr.
Emery reported on his return to Portland.
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Idaho Man Named on Cabinet of
Governor Davis.
BOISE. Idaho, May 25. (Special.)
P. Li. Neil, former postoffice inspec
tor, has been appointed by Governor
Davis to membership in his cabinet
as successor to the late J. K. White
and will hereafter hold the portfolio
of state commissioner of public wel
fare. He took up his new duties
"There will be no changes in the
department, as it is now operated by
the force that managed its affairs
under Mr. White." said Commissioner
Neil. "I will pick ti,the work where
Mr. White laid it down and proceed
to carry it on as he would have done."
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Oregon Party to Be Quartered at
Sherman House Special
Car May Be Taken.
Delegates to tha republican nation
al convention will leave for Chicago
in a few days. The convention will
open June. 8 and there is a desire
to be on the scene a day or two be
fore the opening. Delegates will not
worry about finding accommodations,
as National Committeeman Williams
has made reservations for ten at the
Sherman House, which will be the
headquarters of the Oregon delega
tion and of other delegations from
the west.
D.ow V. Walker, who managed the
Wood campaign in Oregon and who.
Hit an instructed delegate, will vote
for Johnson, will leave for Chicago
Sunday night. Sanfield MacDonald,
the Johnson manager, hasn't decided
on a date for departure. He says
that there is a desire on the part of
a number of delegates and others
who want to attend, the convention
to get a special car and make the
trip together. So far as known, all
of the delegates elected intend mak
ing the journey and have no inten
tion of passing up the opportunity to
some alternate. Under the Oregon
law no provision is made for alter
nates, but if the four candidates for
delegate-at-large who ran next to
the winners, and the two highest
next to the delegates for the dis
tricts, wish to go. to Chicago, Com
mitteeman Williams will have them
recognized and seated as alternates.
An alternate has all the privileges
of a delegate except voting.
On the incomplete vote the men who
can serve as alternates-at-large are
Rand, Harrison, Boyd and Butler,
with Booth and Adams in the first
district; Cooper and Curl in the sec
ond and Kellaher and Dunne for the
third district.
BUI Aimed at Foreigner Import
ing Narcotics.
Washington, May 25. In accordance
with the suggestion made by the re
cent federal grand Jury at Seattle, of
which K. Shorrock was foreman. Rep
resentative Miller of Washington to
day introduced a till providing that
eny alien convicted in the federal
court of bringing opium or other nar
cotics into the country shall on the
expiration of his prison sentence be
The postoffice department has re
newed for ten years its lease on quar
ters occupied by station A of the Spo
kane postoffice at 1S16 North Monroe
street, owned by the H. J. Mattes
Lumber company.
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American President Wanted.
' MANILA, P. I., May 23. Only an
American will be considered for per
manent president of the University
of the Philippines, which position
now is vacant, according to an an
nouncement here today. Alexandro
Hart Schaffner
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"'Fighting Chaplain" Dead.
AKRON. O., May 25. Rev. James
M. Hanley. "tho fighting: chaplain of
the 69th," died hern today of pneumonia.
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