Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 26, 1920, Page 6, Image 6

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State Body Held Needed for
Common Interests.
Wesctra Federation Also Consid
ered Essential to Increase Sup
port Back of Any One Section.
For the diversified needs and ac
tivities of a city only a Chamber of
Commerce can epeak.
When it comes to a presentation of
the common needs and interests of a
state, the duty devolves upon a state
chamber of commerce.
Next comes a province to present
the needs of the west there must be
a -western federation that can urge
the needs of any part of the west
with the assurance that the entire
west is behind it.
These were salient points in talks
made before the Oregon State Cham
ber of Commerce smoker at the Mult
nomah hotel last night, when over
400 Portland business men listened to
the aims, the ideals, the hopes and
achievements of the state chamber.
9I.V,0OO Canipaien Nlatrd.
And the meeting was a sort of pre
liminary to the kick-off of the great
mate Chamber of Commerce campaign
for J 150,000. of which Portland is to
be asked for $60,000.
And if the manner irt which those
present 'signed up pledges to work
and canvass for the success of the
campaign, which is headed in Port
land by Julius L. Meier, is any cri
terion, the campaign is already a suc
cess. "Forty-seven communities of 62 in
the stale of Oregon have already ac
cepted their quotas in advance and
they don't know yet what those
quotas will be," eaid Charles A. Sim
mons, representing the state cham
ber. President Campbell of the TTniver
frity of Oregon told of what Oregon
had accomplished in the past and
urged new duties and responsibilities.
K. F. Blaine, president of the irri
gation institute of Washington, dis
cussed the Columbia river basin dis
trict irrigation project as one of the
aims of a western federation of state
Last Yurt Work Reviewed.
George Quayle. secretary of the
. state chamber, told of what the cham
ber had accomplished with its last
year's budget of $15,000, and men
tioned that 120 commercial organiza
tions held memberships in it, formed
its policy and had indorsed its ac
tions heartily.
"We only have to tell the truth
about Oregon to get the people here,"
. opined George L. Baker, "and the
etate chamber of commerce is one
means of getting every person in the
state aroused to the needs of the
"There are not enough people in
the state," remarked Dr. Henry
Gaines Hawn, "but, after all, that
only means that those who are here
must work the harder.'
John L. Etheridge, who presided,
said the state chamber was the only
. body which could speak for the en
tire state.
erer lines to and from San Francisco
and Portland loom as a possibility
in the near future, according: to P. F.
Barnes and Lawrence Brown, who ar
rived in Portland from Tacoma in
two airplanes last evening: at S
o'clock. They barely escaped smashing
their planes' through having: to make
a forced landing: at Oswego because of
inability to see the markings of the
Eastmoretand field.
This trip was a scouting expedition
to find good landing : sites on the
route from Portland to the sound,
cities, with a view of getting a regu
lar mail service contract from the
On their return.' Barnes will go di
rect to Tacoma. while Brown will take
the Yakima route. Pictures of all
landing fields will be taken on the
way and will constitute the first com
plete aerial route of the northwestt
if successful, the men said.
W. O. Butler of Yakima accom
panied Brown as observer. Barnes is
general manager of an aviation com
pany of Tacoma. They expect to make
their return trip today.
Vice-President of United States Na
tional Bank to Go to Wells
Fargo-Xevada Institution. - -
H. B. Ainsworth, vice-president of
the United States National bank since
1916, today will sever his connection
th that institution to become first
vice-president of the Wells-Kargo
Operators Already Xegotiating for
Shipping: Board Vessels Also
to Be Considered First.
Operators of shipping board steam
ers who have purchased ships from
th shipping board or entered into
negotiations for their purchase will
receive preferential consideration . in
the assignment of additional tonnage,
according to instructions received
from Washington by C. H. Kennedy,
district agent of the operations divi
sion of the emergency fleet corporation.
Under orders from the shipping
board to query all operators of ship
ping board vessels m this district in
regard to their intent to purchase
shipping board vessels, Mr. Kennedy
has addressed the following pertinent
memorandum to th Columbia-Pacific
Shipping company, the onlr local con
cern operating government tonnage:
'Do you intend to purchase steam
ers upon the terms and conditions of
fered by our ship sales division, and,
if so, what definite arrangements
have actually been made for purchase
and for how much tonnage?
'Statement of your ideas with re
spect to purchase is deslred. leaving
details of terms, etc., for later dts
"In what trade or employment do
you intend to operate steamers as
purchasing owners or as managing
agents of shipping board steamers?
"Are you at present engaged in any
Other business than the operation of
steamers; are you operating or acting
as agents for any other than ship
ping board steamers, and if so, for
what account and what owners, under
what flag and how frequent service?
The reply of the local shipping com
pany has not yet been formulated
though the company has previously
stated its intention of purchasing
Tacoma Pilots Make Chart.3 of
Routes In- Northwest.
Aerial mail service between Port
land nd Seattle and regular passen
I J 't
tl. B. A In worth, elected first
vice-president Wells Kargo
Nevada National bank San
Wood Is Falling. Behind
West Virginia Primary.
Vermont Canvass Shows That Gen
eral Draws More Votes Than
All Others Combined.
WHEELIXG, W. Va., May 25. Re
turns from 416 out of I860 precincts
in West Virerinia comniieH mhv th.
Wheeling Intelligencer, for republican
presiaentiai preference gave Suther
land 8478, Wood 6130. Webster 47.
General Draws More Votes Than
AH Others Combined.
MONTPELIER, Vt. May 25. The
official canvass today of the vote at
the presidential primaries two -weeks
ago showed a. total of less than 6000
votes cast in the state. In the re
publican primaries General Wood,
who, aside from William G. Webster
of New York, was the only candidate
on the ballot, led with 34 75 votes.
The vote for others was: Webster
54, Hoover 664, Johnson 402. Coolidge
33o. Hughes 37, Lowden 29, Lodge 12
and Knox 60.
The democratic primaries, in which
103 towns failed to cant any vote,
showed McAdoo the leader with 137
President Wilson received 68 votes,
Edwards 58. Hoover 39. Bryan 26. Cox
14, Debs 8, Ford 7, Palmer 7, Marshall
7 and Johnson 18.
avan will leave Stockton (or Tosemite
Election of officers is scheduled for
Thursday. The office of district vice-
president of the Advertising Clubs
of the World is the most sought-after
honor. Kollin C. Ayres of San Fran
cisco, who holds the office. Is being
backed by the Bay City delegation
and Los Angeles delegates are urging
Marry b. Carroll. Portlanders are also
in the race and present W. P. Strand
borg, who. organized the northwest
caravan, for the office. Spokane dele
gates are working to put Thomas S.
Keen in the chair of president of the
coast association.
Alvin K. Matthews of Stockton, local
convention manager, is in the field
for a newly created office of Pacifie
coast convention manager for the next
year. He is being opposed by a. Port
land man.
Tacoma seems destined to- be chosen
as the next convention city, delegates
Nevada National batik of San Fran
cisco. Mr. Ainsworth has been
identified with banking on the Pa
cific coast for many years and be
came actively associated in the man
agement of the United State. Na
tional at the beginning of the" period
of expansion of its businessVduring
the last four years. The erection of
the building occupied by the bank at
Sixth and Stark streets, absorption of
the Lumbermens National batik and
acquisition of the property occupied
by the Elks' building are among the
events that have marked this period.
The Wells-Fargo-Nevada National
bank occupies a prominent place in
the financial affairs of San Francisco
and the coast. Isaiah W. Hellman,
who was its president and a leading
figure in California industrial affairs,
died suddenly about a month ago and
two weeks ago his son, I. W. Hell-
man Jr., who was first vice-president
of the bank, passed away. F. L. Lip
man, vice-president and manager of
the bank, succeeded to the presidency
and H. B. Ainsworth was called to the
first vice-presidency of the bank. The
last statement of the bank showed in
dividual deposits aggregating nearly
$57,000,000 and total resources of
$105,946,117.52. The capital is $6,000,
000 and surplus and undivided profits
$3,731,225. .
Mr. Ainsworth will immediately
take up the duties of his new posi
tion and will leave for San Francisco
today. With his family he has re
cently occupied a new home on
Waverly Heights. The family will re
main in Portland until a suitable
home can be obtained, when they will
remove to the Bay city.
Democratic Committeeman Stands
Against Liquor Plank.
DALLAS. Tex.. May 25. Thomas B.
Love of Dallas was re-elected by
acclamation as national democratic
committeeman froTn Texas by dele
gates to the state democratic conven
tion nere today.
rtespondiner to calls for an n h Q
Mr. Love declared he would not etand'
for a temporary chairman at the. Kan
Francisco convention who favors light
wines or beer. "But I shall stand for
one who supports President WiUnn
and the league of nations without
reservations," he added.
Governor W. P. Hohhv Hrp..j
the .convention, lauding WHH9m n
McAdoo as a presidential noxsihilitv
to carry the standard of democracy."
California Official Count Shows
Rival Delegates' Strength.
SACRAMENTO. Cal.. Mav 25
United ; States Senator Hiram W.
Johnson's republican majoritv over
Herbert Hoover at the May 4 pres
idential primary election in Califor
nia was 161,207. Official figures
were announced today.
r rank ir. b lint, whose vote was
highest of the Johnson group of dele
gates at the May 4 presidential pref-
rence primary, received 370. S19. ac
cording to an official tabulation an
nounced at the office of the secretary
of state today. Of the first nine dele
gates on the Hoover ballot C. C.
Moore was highest with 209,612 votes.
Lea sue With Destroying Reserva
tions Draws Approval.
DOVER. Del., May 25. Delaware
democrats in state convention here
today chose six delegates to the dem
ocratic national convention and eject
ed United States Senator Josiah O.
Wolcott, a member of the national
committee, over former Senator Wil-
lard Saulsbury. - The vote was 117
to 68. The delegates, all of whom
were chosen without contest, were
not instructed.
Approval was given by the con
vention to the league of nations cov
enant without destroying or nullify
ing reservations.
getting lunch,
says ffio&bf
Enormous Passenger Traffic Ex
pected in June in Connection
With Various Conventions.
The railroads are called upon to
handle many special trains these days
in connection with conventions and
special events throughout the coun
try. All now are doing their utmost
to utilize equipment to the best ad
vantage. V
The Pullman company is conserv
ing cars for the big convention move
ments in June, the Shrine session and
a number of minor meets. The South
ern Pacific has in prospect a move
ment of more than 400 cars for the
Shrine convention alone and numer
ous other specials.
Raymond Hitchcock's "Hitchy-Koo
theatrical company has two 80-foot
baggage cars for carrying ecenery
and luggage, due to arrive at 9:15
A. M. tomorrow.
On June 9 j. special car party of
Mu Phi Epsilon eorority delegates
from Chicago, 25 in number, will pass
through Portland en route to Eugene,
where a convention is to be held..
On June 14 1'ortJand will have as
guests 50 British merchants who are
making a tour of the United States to
study American business methods.
Girls Needn't Wear Mucb at Ches
apeake Bewh This Year.
"WASHINGTON. May 25. Bare legs
and scanty one-piece bathing suits
will be permitted this summer a
Chesapeake Bay. the capital's sea
shore resort. Officials today agreed
to disregard as precedents the pro
hibitory orders issued at Coney Isl
and and Atlantic City against daring
bathing costumes.
"It's silly to put the ban on bare
legs," they said, '"and if any of the
girls want to cut the high cost o
dressing the police won't say a word.'
Texas Republicans Meet.
SAN ANTONIO. Texas, May 25.
With the party element opposed to
cat;o convention the Texas republican
I state convention . assembled here to
. day, .
Information Supplied in Connec
tion With Suggested Suit
Against Traction Company.
SEATTLE, Wash., May. 25. (Spe
cial.) Major Carl H. Reeves, super
intendent of the department of public
utilities, today advised Mayor Hugh
M. Caldwell that certain appraisals
made of the municipal street railway
property before it was purchased by
the city cannot be located.
These reports. Major Reeves said,
are the only papers which would con
tain in dollars and cents information
regarding the actual value of the car
lines at the time they were bought
by the city.
The information was furnished by
Major Reeve in . connection with
Mayor Caldwell's investigation of
possibility of bringing suit against
the Puget Sound Traction, Light &
Power company for recovery of a por
tion of the $15,000,000 the city stipu
lated to pay for the railway syetem.
The valuation reports referred to
were -to be included in the purchase
of -the railway property and records,
and were mentioned in the original
purchase ordinance.
R. F. Kirkpatrick of Pendleton,
Chosen Grand Patriarch.
BAKER, Or., May 25. (Special.)
R. F. Kirkpatrick of Pendleton was
chosen grand patriarch at the state
encampment of Oddfellows being held
here, at which 2500 delegates in
attendance. t
Other officers elected were: K. J.
Nolan. Portland, grand high priest;
"W. E. Wadsworth. Harrisburg. grand
senior warden: E. E. Sharon, Portland,
grand scribe; "W. W. Francis, Albany,
grand treasurer; F. P. Light, Lake
view, grand Junior warden; R. J. Hen
derson. Salem, grand marshal: J. C.
Crimmins, Freewater, grand sentinel;
R. W. Watson, Tillamook, grand out
side sentinel; P. A. Hantz. Baker,
grand representative sovereign grand
lodge for two years.
At a banquet of the Patriarchs Mil
itant tonight 65 candidates were giv
en the decoration of chivalry. Follow
ing the banquet was a reception at
the local theater and after the re
ception a ball was held.
Yesterday the canton of Patriarchs
Militant elected the following: Lieutenant-Colonel
A. J. Walters of Port
land, vice-president: Colonel W. E.
Wadsworth of Harrisburg, treasurer;
Chevalier J. W. Neil and Captain
George Holland were appointe.d senti
nel and picket, respectively.
Fory candidates took the grand
encampment degree during the con
vention. The Rebekahs are holding their
assembly concurrently with the Odd
fellows' encampment.
tion Issue to
Passes Prohibi-Individuals.
BALTIMORE, May 25. The repub
lican state convention in session here
today passed the prohibition issue to
individual candidates and recused to
go on record as party on the question.
The convention ratified the choice
of General Leonard Wood as the
party's choice in the primary. Wood
getting 116 votes and Johnson 13.
The eight aeiegates-at-iarge to the
Chicago convention are each entitled
to one-half vote.
Republicans Reach Chicago.
CHICAGO. May 25. The firat con
tingent of republican national com
mitteemen arrived today preparatory
to the meeting of the credentials com
mittee next Monday to hear con
test included Patrick Sullivan of
Wyoming, S. A. Perkins of Washing
ton and Robert W. Shingle, the new
member from Hawaii.
Advance of 150 Per Cent Made In
Contracts Awarded This Year.
WASHINGTON. May 25. Contracts
covering 5,200,000 barrels of fuel oil
for Atlantic and gulf coast delivery
for the navy have been awarded at
prices that average more than 150 per
cent above contracts tor this year, de
spite modified grade specifications, the
department announced today.
Fuel supplied under these contracts
will be a mixture of Mexican oil and
light American distillate.
Liquor-Making: Suspected.
William Crawford, 33, was arrested
yesterday at Gervais, Or., by United
We Haven't So Much Money That We
Can Afford to Give Up Our Profit to the
Public, But Present-Day Conditions Compel Us to Convert
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The Sacrifice of Profit
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R. Mi GR
366 Washington
at West Park
States revenue officers, and brought
to Portland and locKed tn tne ciiy jau
pending: Investigation of complaints
that he had been running a distillery.
The officials seized parts of a still as
orate the 300th anniversary of the
landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth.
Iau Canglit in Hotel Corridor and
Pal in Apartment..
Walter Bicknell, 20, was arrested
last night by Inspector Craddock aft- I
er ITranK Bergman, cierit in me ucik
ley hotel, had found him prowling
about the hotel corridors. He was
held in the city jail pending investi
gation of his presence in the hotel,
where he iiad no room rented.
Inspectors Collins and Coleman
later arrested Cieorge Malavey, Bick
nell's roommate, in the Jackson apart
ments, and held him tor investiga
tion. The police say Mrs. J. Keating,
landlady at the San Marco hotel,
charges Malavey with defrauding her
of a 30 rent bill.
. Pilgrim Lecture Tomorrow.
Dr. W. T. McElveen gives the second
lecture in the course of the Pilgrims,
-Who They Were and What They
Did," in the parlors of the First Con
gregational church tomorrow even
ing. These lectures aim to commem-
Appearance or Cavalry Expected to
Arouse Sinn Felners.
DUBLIN, Ireland. May 25. A fly
ing column of cavalry has" arrived in
the district of Westjneath to protect
the farms in the region from raiders.
Several cattle drives have occurred
there during the week. It is stated
on what seemingly is good authority
that the Sinn Feiners will take action
in view of the arrival of the military.
"Raiders have attacked and burned
the Brandon coast guard station in
West Kerry.
The Ballyconnell courthouse in
County Cavan, which recently was
burned and had Just been rebuilt, was
again burned today.
Fur Prices Show Decline.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., May 25.--Prices
continued "to show a falling off from
the February market at the spring
auction of the international fur ex
change here today. The top for
2.500,000 moles was 60 cents, a decline
of 25 per cent, and kolinsky and
fitch at 7 and 6. respectively, in
lots of 150.000, were 20 per cent off.
Sales for
11,100,000. .
the day amounted to
World Club
Office. .
STOCKTON, Cal May 25 The third
day of the Pacific Coast Advertising
clubs' convention came to a close to-
nijrht. Tomorrow morning a great car-
Vivacious France
Languorous Java
Inscrutable Samoa
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Peace Society Again Sitting.
, BERNE, May 25. Delegates of the
International Union of Peace societies
are in session at Basle for the first
time since 1914. Representatives of
societies in Bn gland, France, the
United States, Germany, Austria, Italy,
Belgium. Holland and Switzerland are
present. ,
Bodies of Red Cross Men to Come.
WASHINGTON, May 25. Bodies of
Red Cross and other welfare workers
who died in France will be returned
on the same basis as those of the sol
dier dead, it was announced today at
the war department.
A hard fought
battle develops
stiff, sore muscles.
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