Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 26, 1920, Page 11, Image 11

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Citr Editor .'Main 7070. A BOSS
Sunday Kditor Main 70,0. A firw.
Aovrrtlsina- Department. .Main 70.0. A WMJo
Superintendent of Bldg...Main 7070. A 609a
HRTLTO ) Broads ay at Taylor) Shrine
benefit show. Tonight.
ORPHEUM (Broadway at Taylor) Vaude
ville. This afternoon.
BAKER (Broadway near Morrison)
Baker Stock company In "Lena Rivers."
This afternoon and tonight.
LYRIC (Fourth and Stark) Musical com
edy. "Fads and Follies." Three showa
daily at 1 7 and 8.
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Yamhill)
Vaudeville and moving pictures. 2 to 6,
:45 to 11 P. M. Saturdays. Sundays
and holidays continuous 1:15 to 11 P. M.
PA.VTAGES (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Three shows daily. 2:30. 7 and
COUNCIL CREST Free amusement park.
Take "CO" cars. Morrison or Washing
ton streets.
THE OAKS Amusement park. Tree ad
mlnaion until 5 P. M., except Sundays
and holidays. Take cars at First and
On Sale at
Business Office. Oregpnlan.
After they had already spent in the
neigrhborhood of three months in the
county jail Jack Andrews and Ber
nard! Lustigr. two youths who pleaded
pjuilty to simple larceny, were sen
tenced yesterday by Judgre McCourt
to 30 days more. While in Tacoma
early in the year they found a travel
lers" check "book in the wash room
at a soldiers' and sailors' club. They
proceeded to use up the blank checks,
signing the name of Ludwig Burke.
Andrews spent 100 days in jail and
I.ustic was there SO before brought
up before the judge. Sentence was
fixed upon recommendation of the
Brand Jury.
Motor k-xi-t-ivr to Speak. A. It.
Kroah of Chicago will speak at the
Chamber of Commerce Thursday night
at S o'clock on the subject of diver
sified farming and specifically, on the
topic, "Motorize the Farm." Mr. Kroah
is an expert on the subject of motor
izing the farm and he is reported to
have a most interesting message for
every person interested- in this im
portant subject. His purpose is to
show how greater farming efficiency
may be attained by use of motorized
machinery. The meeting will begin
at 8 o'clock and the general public
is invited.
Platgrouno Ordinance Is Up.
Ordinances authorizing the purchase
or condemnation of five playground
sites will be placed before the city
council this morning. One ordinance
providing for the purchase of a tract
of land In North Portland was with
drawn by City Commissioner Pier, be
cause members of the city council
have not yet viewed the property.
The districts in which sites are to be
considered are: Woodstock, 15 acres;
Montavilla. 11 acres: Richmond, two
blocks: Clinton Kelly, ten acres, and
Mount Scott, nine acres.
Suit Filed to Recover Land. Be
cause they claim they were cheated
on the exchange of property in Ore
gon for what they, supposed was farm
land in Alberta, Canada, Lesley A.
Smith and wife have filed suit to re
cover their former place in Essex
park through rescinding the deeds.
The Canadian land was owned by
Rudolph and Ottillie Pachkofsky. The
plaintiffs claim that only 20 out of
160 acres in the piece were plow land
and that the rest was either hills
and ravines or swamp.
Alleged Reckless Driving to Be
Investigated. al-'otes G. Tsabanoglou
of Hillsdale, (ho is said to have
knocked down Mrs. G. L. Carey of
Eugene, Or., twice with his automo
bile at Sixth and Stark streets Mon
day night, will be given a hearing in
the municipal court today on a charge
of reckless driving. He was released
on his own recognizance yesterday
by Judge Rossman. Mrs. Carey re
ceived bad bruises but was not
seriously hurt.
Jurt in Damage Suit Obtained.
Practically all of yesterday was con
sumed in Judge Stapleton's court ' in
securing a jury for the case of Alfred
Davidson against the Portland Gas &
Coke company. The plaintiff seeks
$15,000 damages for injuries received
when he was employed by the com
pany to remove a mechanical con
veyor on a high wall. He stepped
on a piece of timber, mistaking it for
part of the scaffolding and it gave
way under him.
Harrt Trot Again Arrested,
Harry Troy, a negro, who is under
indictment here for having narcotics
in his possession, was arrested yes
terday at Seattle on the same charge.
accoraing to telegraphic advice re
ceived by the United States attorney
Troy has been at liberty under bonds
since his indictment by the last grand
jury. He pleaded guilty to a similar
charge in the federal court several
months ago and escaped with a fine.
Abram Vogt Deported. Abram
ogt, who entered this country
illegally from Canada, has been de
ported by R. P. Bonham. chief of the
local immigration service, who re
turned yesterday from Canada. Vogt's
i wife and four children were returned
with him. The family located at The
Dalles after entering the United
Father Appointed Administrator.
Mat Clark was yesterday appointed
administrator of the estate of his son
Kussell. and an order was issued by
juage Tazweu lor sale of the property
in oraer to satisfy creditors and pay
funeral expenses. Appraisers appointed
were Joseph O'Gorman. W. R. Harris
and Joseph Burke.
i"khea las ei cured. Come
and let me help you maintain your
neaitn ana De convinced. I am not
paid for giving pain and depression.
i as, oniy a smau ree because I give
in my treatment comfort, pleasure.
service and freedom. Dr. C. Smith, dentist, 310 Bush & Lane bldg.
Prohibition Inquirt to Start. In
estimation or more than a score of
pronionion violations will be under
taken by the federal grand iurv whirl.
has been called for June T. The grand
jury has been recessed since its recent
start in the shipyard inquiry. It is
not believed the shipyard probe will
be started again by this jurv.
Mother and Son Made Executors.
Orders for the appointment of ad
ministrators of the late Charles
Starker, who died -May were filed
J'eJe..r.?ay- The PrPei-ty is valued at
J4O.000 and is to be divided among the
widow and five children. V. A
Starker, a son. and his mother are
made executors.
Milk and Rest Cure, for the tired
rorn-out, run-down individual who
has lost his bearings in the wear and
tear of life. The Moore Sanitarium
Kast 4,. office SOS Selling buildine'
asdn, 6101. Adv. '
Seasidr Via Atjto. Cars leave for
Astoria. Seaside and way points at 10
A M. daily from 125 th street (near
Washington). For rates and reserva
tions telephone Mar. 4381, Shepard's
Auto Bus lines Adv.
Ir Ion contemplate having new
Math fitted see Dr. K. C. Rossman
the plate specialist, and learn of the
many advantages possessed by a scien
tifically fitted denture. 307 Journal
bldg. Adv.
Soller Cafeteria, 145 Third street
between Alder and Morrison. Good
meals at reasonable prices. Adv.
KlMkERiii Coal. Carbon Coa.
Bin agents. 321 Hawthorns are h...
118. Adv
Freb Dance by Liberty Assembly
United Artisans, east side W. o W
ball. Wed., May 26. Adv.
Offices. Several large suites for
rant. Fenton building;. Adv.
Auto Driver Fined. John Hixon, 1
294 Larrabee street, driver of an auto- i
mobile which collided with a motor
cycle side car and injured two peo
ple at the intersection of Albina and
Alberta avenues, May 15. was fined
$25 on a charge of failing to give
right of way by Municipal Judge
Rossman yesterday. Hixon's machine
struck the motorcycle side car driven
by T. A. Huffman, 975 Vancouver ave
nue, injuring Mrs. Huffman. Follow
ing the collision the automobile
plunged over the sidewalk into a
stone wall, striking a pedestrian, J. B.
Lewis, 572 Sixth street, and breaking
his ankle. Hixon was arrested by
Investigator Freiberg of the traffic
bureau, following the accident.
Pharmacists to Receive $175.
MemDers of the local branch of Ameri
can registered pharmacists will re
ceive $175 monthly according to a
statement sent to the men by offi
cials, representing the employers. In
the event that they do not receive
this amount, they are requested to
ask for an increase. The clerks voted
to ask a minimum of $175 per month,
at their last meeting. Ross Plummer
of the Druggists' association in a
statement yesterday said: "In few
lines of business are employer and
employe in such close touch as in
the drug game. I look to see a satis
factory settlement of this question."
Judge Addresses Italians. Judge
McCourt gave a talk, frequently in
terrupted by applause, on "The Loyalty
of Italian-Americans." at the Italian
American day celebration, held Mon
day evening at Swiss hall. Mayor
Baker Introduced Judge McCourt and
In his brief introductory address
dwelt on the friendship that has
existed between Italy and the United
States for a century and more. Peter
Perenno, editor of "The Federation,"
a local Italian publication, dwelt on
the true Americanism of native-born
Italians who enlisted during the war.
After vocal and instrumental num
bers, dancing was enjoyed.
Soft Drink Vendor arrested.
William Lahey. proprietor of a soft
drink establishment at 381 Fast Burn-
side street, was arrested yesterday
afternoon on a charge of violating the
prohibition law by Lieutenant Robson
and Patrolmen Xutter and Harms. The
arrest was made after the policeman
had taken samples of the "grapo" and
cider sold by Lahey and had it
analyzed, they reported. Both, they
said, registered a high percentage
of alcohol. Lahey gave $250 bail and
will appear in court today.
New Larch Trail Cleared. Led by
Frank Riser, a number of the men
from the Trails club journeyed to
Larch mountain last Saturday night
and passed Sunday on the new Ridge
trail between Angers Rest and the
summit, clearing more than half a
mile of underbrush. 'A rain dampened
the crowd, due to a shortage of tents.
A path will be cleared in two or
three more trips and the hiking public
will have access to several miles of
hitherto impassable country.
Autoist Is Arrested. Walter A.
Wood, 202 West Eleventh street, St.
Johns, was arrested yesterday by
Investigators Freiberg and Tully on
charge of having defective brakes
on his automobile. His automobile
ran dawn Mrs. L. B. Goff. 406 Van
couver avenue, at the intersection of
Holladay and Occident. Mrs. Goff
sustained a bruised right leg.
Aid Society to Meet. The 34th an
nual meeting of the members and
trustees of the Boys' and Girls' Aid
society of Oregon will be held Tues
day, June 8, at 8 P. M.. on the second
floor of the old postoffice building.
During the meeting two trustees will
be elected. Art interested are invited
to attend.
Robbert Suspect Held. William
Whitney was arrested yesterday in
the park block by Lieutenant of De
tectives Maloney and held on a charge
of having robbed the residence of
James Manary. 1512 Yamhill street.
an April 12. Jewelry and other arti
cles were taken from Manary's house.
Lace From Nazareth. The ladies
of the Catholic parish at St. Helens
have a shipment of beautiful Armen
ian lace made by the Sisters in
Nazareth. It will be sold at the store
of Atiyeh Bros., oriental rugs, 10th
and Alder streets, beginning June 1,
at 9 o'clock. Adv.
Robbert Suspects Held. Clyde K.
Harrow and Arthur Van Gleet, 18,
were arrested yesterday by Inspectors
Morak, Howell and Van Deusen and
are being held on charges of having
robbed two rooms in the Sargent
hotel, Grand and Hawthorae avenues
Oriental Rugs stored, rep'red. wash
cleaned. Cartozlan Bros. Inc.. oriental
rugs and carpets. Wash., near 10th.-
Dancing at the Oaks tonight and
Saturday. Adv.
Arrati Wanna Hotel
Opens Xcil
The Arrah Wanna hotel, located on
Salmon river In the Mount Hood dis
trict, opens for guests Saturday morn
ing, May 29. Chicken dinners and hot
gingerbread, along with all the trim
mings, will be served by Mr. and Mrc
George Spencer to their host of
friends and guests.
To insure accommodations for Dec
oration day reservations should be
made to Mrs. Spencer, phone Tabor
6288. or information wi.ll be given by
cashier at the Brownsville Woolen
Mill store. Main 732. Adv.
Mail Orders
Eugene Ysaye and Mischa Klmaii in
joint recital, at the Heilip: June 2. one
appearance only. Floor S2.60, balcony
$2.50, $2, $1.50. Send orders, check,
self-addressed, stamped envelopes to
Steers & Coman, Columbia bldg:.
Two races each day, Saturday, Sun
day. Six prizes. Racing boya ad
mitted free. Speedway track. Adv.
Tax on Print Paper Proptfs-ed.
WASHINGTON', May 26. An excise
tax on print paper to curtail con
sumption will be one of the recom
mendations of the senate manufac
tures sub-committee investigating the
print paper shortage.
We wish to express our heartfelt
thanks to all our relatives and friends
who rendered assistance and sym
pathy, also ror tne oeauttrui noral
offerings in our recent bereavement.
We wish to extend our most heart
felt thanks to the many friends who
extended their sympathy and floral
offerings in our sad bereavement.
X. E. Cor. 2d and Taylor Sts.
Benefit Performance for Shrine
Entertainment Committee to
Be Staged Tonight.
The Orpheum show of which Homer
B. Mason and Marguerite Keeler and
Henri Scott are the joint headliners
will be presented for the last time in
the Portland engagement this after
noon, staging of -the benefit perform
ance for the Shrine entertainment
committee tonight necessitating clos
ing of the Orpheum show with the
"Married." the one-act comedy being
presented by Mason and Keeler. is
listed as one of the greatest laughing
acts in big-time vaudeville. The
theme Itself is comical and the funny
situations in the hands of Mason keep
the audiences in continuous laughter.
Henri Scott, noted simper, on
Mason, and Keeler were among the
first to present a bedroom farce in
vaudeville and their expert handling
"married" is refreshing throughout.
Henri Scott is making his first
Orpheum tour having been booked by
Martin Beck direct from the Metro
politan Opera company In Xe'v York.
He sings several selections and his
vaudeille repertoire shows the mar
velous range and beauty of his voice.
Scott Is one of the big hits of the
show and he responds graciously to
encores at every performance.
The other features of this show are
Beth Beri. a California danseuse, who
is assisted by Jay Velie and Paul
O'Neill in a high-class and magnifi
ciently staged act and Ned Norworth,
who with the assistance of a pianist
and Evelyn Wells presents a series
of novel comicalities that win out
bursts of laughter.
Industrial Club Sends 1 to O. A. -C
KENT, Or., May 25. (Special.)
The Industrial club served lunch at
the close of community meeting In
ffcontft Bb&rge ton tbt Q&& taetx Hrs
-- sv
See Oar Windows
Light Weight
for summer wear.
In pearl grays and light
Lioji Quality,
Trimb'.e, Mallory and Stet
son makes.
$7 to $10
Exclusive Kuppenheimer House
in Portland.
S. & H. Stamps given.
the school auditorium on the eve of
the primaries. The proceeds will be
used to send one of the club members
to Oregon Agricultural college for a
two weeks summer course. Grace L.
May, county superintendent of schools,
and Z. Marie Hager of the Grass "Val
ley high school faculty gave short
talks on the educational tax measure.
Comedian "Spotted" Portland"
Civic Head and Rapid
Comedy Followed.
It was two weeks ago at the Colum
bia theater in San Francisco, that
Raymond Hitchcock, star comedian In
"Hitchy-Koo." spotted Mayor Baker
of Portland in one of the boxes.
Just by way of diversion, Mr.
Hitchcock first informed the large
audience that the heavy gentleman
garbed in full dress in the lower left
hand box was the mayor of Portland
and then proceeded to introduce, at
long range, the mayor to army and
naval officials who were in the
theater. Following this introduction,
Mr. Hitchcock continued to amuse the
the Army
BORN abroad, unable to read or write Eng
lish, a day laborer, unfitted for a good job,
Carl Nielson joined the United States Army.
A few months ago he received an honorable
discharge. In one year he rose from private to
corporal, then to sergeant He has learned Eng
lish. He has become a trained mechanic, a valu
able American citizen.
Ask if there's a vacancy lor you in our new,
democratic, peace-time Army.
S. Army Recruiting Station
Worcester Building, Third and Oak Sts.
Portland, Oregon
When Buying a Piano
Good Quality Is
Real Economy
Most people buy a Piano once in a lifetime. They start
out to buy where they can "do the best" (as they think),
not where they can "get the best" (as they should). The
attribute "best" to many usually means the lowest price.
Now pianos, like everything else in this world, are
priced according to their intrinsic worth. They cannot
be made to sell (and endure) at the prices which some
unscrupulous dealers offer them. The "cheap prices"
are for "cheap pianos" beware of them, because the
instruments soon give out, sound tinny, become un
playable and you have to buy another new Piano.
Why not buy a good piano in the first place? It will
be real economy to consider quality as well as price. A
good dealer carries several grades of Pianos when
measured by price. You may not be able to afford the
most expensive but you will be able to buy accord
ing to your purse the buying will be made easy by
convenient term payments and what you buy will have
Quality will give service will cause you no regrets.
Dealers in Steinway and Other Pianos, Pianola and Duo
Art Pianos, Aeolian Player Pianos, Player Rolls, Vic
trolas and Records, Music Cabinets, etc.
I Sherman, play & Go. i
B5 Sixth and Morrison Streets ni
H (Opposite Postoffice) JS
crowd, not infrequently at the ex
pense of Mayor Baker.
Tomorrow Mr. Hitchcock opens a
three day engagement at the Hellig.
The mayor has" addressed a letter
to Mr. Hitchcock, containing a letter
of introduction to Chief of Police
Jenkins, to be used, as the mayor
puts it, "in the event that you are
apprehended out after hours."
But the mayor has given consider
able thought to pulling something on
Mr. Hitchcock which will sort of re
pay the comedian for the fun that he
gained through "kidding" Portland's
mayor in San Francisco. Mayor
Baker refuses to divulge his plan,
although he admits that he is plan
ning on seeing "Hitchy-Koo" again
and will try and even things up when
he does go.
Read The Oroponian classified ads.
Trained mechanic
Has learned to read and write
In perfect physical condition
Has saved $250
did for this man
Thieves Show Preference for Shoes,
Shirts and Collar Buttons.
The showcase of the Moyer Cloth
ing company, 81 Third street, was
broken into during Monday night and
six pairs of shoes taken. The same
thieves are believed responsible for
breaking into the showcase of the
Palace Clothing company, 90 Sixth
street. Four shirts and a quantity of
collar and cuff buttons comprise the
Louis Rumpakus, 2S3 Grand avenue,
reported to the police that his place
was entered during the night and a
suit of clothes taken.
F. A. Hirte, 40 Willis boulevard, re
ported the loss of .a horse, either
Htolen or strayed.
Lead good healthy Ufa
Learn a trade or get a
Get military training
Be with men from your
own home State
nere are your Home
State Regiments of the
Regular Army
t Infantry
Now at Camp Lewis.
33th Infantry
Kow at Camp Lewis,
37th Artillery. C. A. C
Now at Camp Lewis,
15th Cavalry
Now at Fort D. A.
Rusaell. Wyo.
8th Engineers (Mtd.)
Now at El Paso, Tex.
7Sth Field Artillery
Now at Camp Grant. III.
1(1? ' 11:
1 ii
if I AliivaysWeitome if 11 f 1
tr'A i "Yon little rascal plmyed' alone the war. didnl you? H lllll 1 1 1 III I! I U
I j. J I Kept grandma waking 1 Oh well, it's ill right. Because til j II II lj jljl j i
t'. J. is always riarht. Ifs worth waitinir for. Always wet 1 1 1 II j II II fr" i
lr-1 come. .Never shirks its work. Never faiia. -Never III I I I I A
V 1 a wastes minutes or materials .and I know its pure and 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 il! I v
Ps"3 "1 wholesome, as Calumet contains only such ingredients 1 1 III II I I till I T
,,":? . fl as have beec approved efitciauy by the U.S. Food I lllll I (II 5 ' 1
.. I Authorities." ; ill III LHSSH ' I
- 5 Yen save whn you &r ityou m tehtn yn as tfc InTrVlll! US I V I
f ' HIGHEST 2522 Jj
TlimIimT - --- M-"- - iifj-fl f- in 3
The spirit of music,
joyous as the song
of hjrds, lives in the
Transcendent beauty
of tone, the gift of
acoustic science, and
fine art in cabinet
making, give the
Cheney unique dis
tinction. Prof. Cheney, the
skilled violinist, has built an instru
ment free from the objectionable
scratch and grind of the ordinary
Come in see and hear the Cheney.
149 Sixth Street Portland
Vivacious France
Languorous Java
Inscrutable Samoa
Geary Street, f tut off Union Square
Famous for good tenric. eemtart and exceliaat
cuisine at reasons. hie prices.
Rates from $1.75 a Day
Brtakfast 40c and 75c Lunch 60c: Sundays
76c Oinnar $1.25; Sundays $ I. eO.
Municipal Car Ifna direct to doer.
Motor bus meets trains and ateaatsrs.
Investigates all cases of alleged
crirelty to animals. Offices, room 160
courthouse. Phone Main 37 from
8 A. M. to S P. il.
The society has full cnarge of the city
Fiound at its home. 635 Columbia bou
evard. Phone any time. Woodlawn
764. Does for sale. Hoe ambulance
t for sick, or disabled horses. Small
i animals painlessly electrocuted where
for. All 'dead animals, cows, horses,
etc. picked ud free of charare.
41 I
i -
"DRINTING is the fifth lare-
est industry in America.
For over twenty-five years it
has been the principal part
of our business.
1. Our Printing, Book&fru&n;
and Paper Ruling Departments
provide under one roof every
facility to produce Quality
Print-inw nnrl ftive 5w?nr?rt?-
Glass & Prudhomme Co.?
' 547lt(lAJWr
Last Winter
when other fuel proved
more or less insufficient,
Good Coal
kept your house
warm and your
pipes from
Estab. 20 Years in Portland
C. Gee Wo
Root and Herb Remedies
162 '2 First St., Portland, Or.
Phone your want ads to Tha Orego-
nlan, Main 7070, Automatic Jbu-a.