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Sale of Vessels by the Wavy
The NAVY offers for sale a fleet of vessels, many
adapted for commercial purposes and others for yacht-.
ing- and other forms of pleasure boating". Among- this
fleet are staunchly built, seag-oing cargo and passenger
carrying- vessels, as well as swift yachts with graceful
lines, fast motor boats, sturdy tugs, etc.
SALE MAY 19, 1920
The following; vessels will be sold by sealed proposals receivable at Bureau of
Supplies and Accounts, Navy Department, Washington, D. C, until 12 o'clock noon,
May 19, 1920. Sales will be for cash to the highest bidder. Right to reject any or
all bids reserved. A deposit of 10 per cent of the total amount bid must be forwarded
with the bid. This deposit may be in the form of a certified check, Liberty Bonds or
surety bonds, either personal or guaranty.
McCarthy and Murphy Ease
Up on Training.
f jriske Shaping Welt In "Workouts in
.- Gymnasium and Good Bout
With Gorman Promised.
. c" . . .
fym tfftJ jvmmu'- . mi. urn j mmtrmmnmmmmmitmvm
&tta ' n '' r 'tii HW.ii..ill J i i'iim li iiWi r-1 - -- ' .-w r.v v . j-- a-T. i. ......-
!limwil(n-. ? V" rw -1M TarjjjjgypBfury "i - -v-a, r-v pw
; h rfZ v
rtf Awi --;nH
' f ? - 'i '.-;
4 i twe v I ;
--"Johnny McCarthy's greatest ambl
Lrjtfen is to get a ten-round bout with
j-r -Benny Leonard, lightweight cham
,f r Eton of the world. Leonard and
ihr::iytc,Carthy met In a four-round bat
rSrle 'n San Francisco last year. The
---contest was a slated no-declsion af
: fair, but Johnny made a very cred
ijrtDla showing. He stung the cham-Vr-
vion in one round, but, of course, was
outboxed ifc the ehort distance. Mc-
,'. Carthy, who arrived here yesterday
morning, accompanied by Sol Levin
son, for his match with Frankie
r. Murphy at the Milwaukie arena to
morrow night, admits that he does
not figure with Leonard In four
Vpunds, but is confident that he can
make the lightweight titleholder ex
tend himself in ten cantos.
McCarthy has fought many of the
;best welterweights in the w6rld, in
! n-cluding- Ted "Kid" Lewis, when the
""latter was champion of the world,
r5?Tid others high in fistic circles.
Jilght now Johnny says that he
ighs about 142 pounds, but thinks)
li. iic i.uuiu f-, i. uvnji l y.i ecu n
aw as 13& pounds if necessary. Lev-
r-'itifiOn added that Johnny only tipped
--tije beams' at 140 pounds for his
.match with Alex . Trambitas in San
ancisco aeveral weeks ago.
Frankie Murphy would also like
land a match with Benny Leonard.
Although Murphy has never fought
- Leonard, he sparred with the cham
' : pion several times in the gymnasium
' in the east and knows the ins and
outs of Benny. A' great showing by
either of these men in their ten-round
. . . fracas will put them in line for a
crack at Leonard when he steps into
the ring June 21 here.
McCarthy limbered up yesterday at
the London club,, boxing several
o iiunds with Joe Gorman and a couple
of other "pugs" who happened along
' during the afternoon.
- Murphy put in a strenuous session
at the Olympic gymnasium working
ith Sammy Gordon, Johnny Fiske
"hnd Muff Bronson, besides slamming
J"ttie punching bag and skipping rope.
' "Both men will slacken up in their
training routine today and take
things easy until tomorrow night.
The latest bulletin states that the
Billy Moscott-Sammy Gordon fight is
- w on. So many angles have developed
In the scheduled eight-round tilt be
tween these two crack bantams that
; -the fans are going and coming. The
.only angle, however, that has ever
really existed is that Mascott prac-
"tically threw Bobby Evans over after
- - .the latter had brought him along for
'"Jsfx or seven years and through
'Charley Yost tried to garner $200
more for his end from the Milwaukie
. ' " boxing commission. When Evans was
"'"ppointed matchmaker of the Port
""""lfind boxing commission - he engaged
Yost to train and look after Joe Gor
man and Mascott. Billy, it seems, had
the idea that he was being handed
the worst of it and they say signed
a contract with Yost.
Regardless of what Mascott has or
has not don, he agreed to take part
. In two bouts at vvilwaukie at
set sum and accepted transportation
from Oakland from that commission
He went through with his first fight
and then tried to hedge on the sec
ond. According to the latest avail
able news, the matter between all
parties has been patched up, and
Mascott is ready to go through
against Gordon. It has never been
a question that he was afraid of
.Sammy. All he wanted was to raise
the ante.
. Muff Bronson and Joe Mandot
.--should put up one of the best light
'-: weight tangles witnessed here this
",.year when they clash over the eight
round route. Mandot will arrive here
a today from Seattle with his manager,
' Charley Swinehart. The former con-
"' tender for the lightweight crown is
said to be in great shape, while Bron
son is all of that. Their last meet
,. ing, which ended in a six-round draw,
was a hurricane affair.
" ' a
Joe Gorman will be meeting the
unknown quantity in Johnny Fiske,
the Rock Island, 111., featherweight.
""'-''Fiske has been shaping up well in
..f.his workouts in the gymnasium and
".has fought a number of good boys.
2;;iIoever, it is his first start here
and the fans are always skeptical
about a boxer's chances until he has
shown his wares.
Gorman is the toughest proposition
he could tackle for a starter and if
he makes a good showing with Joe
he will be able to find plenty of
work on the coast.
Earl Zimmerman and Chick Roc
co, Ad Garlock's likely looking 122
pounder. will box six rounds in the
first bout of the evening. Zimmer
tnan always pleases with his work,
while Rocco is a willing mixer.
IiOulne Glaum, atar of "Sex," a lavish npectacolar pbotodrama, now bow
ing at the R ivoll theater.
Foley 6? Van Dyke
106 Fifth St., (Bet. Washington and Stark)
Announce an Exhibit
and Sale of
Strofaber Pianos
The Strohber is a piano of distinction
Majestic LeRoy Scotfa "Down
on the Farm."
Peoples Enid Bennett, "The
"False Road."
Liberty Marshall Neilan's "The
End of the Road."
C o 1 u m b I a John Barrymore,
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."
Rivoli , Louise Glaum, "Sex."
Star Tom Mix, "The Dare-
Circle Irene Fenwick, "The
Globe Harry M-rey, "The Man
Who Won."
fCE-X" the L
showing al
'-' is one of
iTive Teams Already Entered
Tliree More Probable.
the Louise Glaum picture
at the Rivoli theater
the rare instances
where the author, scenario writer, di
rector and producer have dared to
portray the interwoven climaxes of
several lives as fate himself might
have done. An "artistic" but not a
"happy" ending has been given and
while "Sex" leaves its audience a bit
wondering and perhaps philosophis
ing, they are at the same time ap
parently satisfied.
"You get what you pay for,"5 might
sum up the theory of "Sex" which
implies that a sense of honor and
fair play is a luxury which many
persons belfeve they cannot afford
but for which they also pay later It
is the story of a gay young dancer
who is kind hearted in her way but
Who knows no rules when it comes
to meil who can give her money and
fun. A series of incidents are shown
during the time when the fates are
smiling on her and lavish, extrava
gant parties with carefree, irre
sponsive friends are a part of her
usual life. "Then" the fates reverse
her case with those of several of the
wives who as a last appeal had come
to her for help in winning back their
She marries and she falls in love
with her husband. But she herself
had trained him. Unfortunately her
training had never been with an eye
to permanency or faithfulness of the
lasting variety. How she meets the
situation and what she learns through
her tears are the incidents which put
Sex ' in a class by itself, which gives
it individuality and which saves it
from the sensational picture which it
easily might be.
Screen. Gossip.
"The motion picture interests of
Oregon," said Melvin G. Winstock
yesterday, "are solidly backing the
school authorities in supporting the
proposition for the two-mill, tax levy.
"With Washington appropriating
three times as much per pupil per
annum as our own state it should be
a matter of pride for the citizens to
see to it that this proposition carries.
At present there are thousands of
children of school age who are de
nied the chance for an elementary
education for lack of funds. In the
City of Portland last year the people
voted a raise for one year to the
city teachers. If the two-mill levy
fails then the Portland teachers will
be put back to where they were, and
800 schools will close."
Two big deals have just been com
pleted at the Mack Sennett studios.
The first concerns the First National
Exhibitors and the second Broadway
Following the success achieved by
Mack Sennetts five part super-production.
"Down on the Farm." the
F'irst National obtained -from Sennett
his next two productions in that
V?ngth. Notice of this was made in
New York, but will in no wise, says
Mr. Sennett. affect his arrangements
with the Producers' association of
which he is the treasure and which'
begins operations not before next
Two squirrels in Vladivostok are
the champion film pets of the world.
They, have just returned from a 9000
mile trip on a box car through Si
beria, "and Russia where the Com
munity Motion Picture bureau of New
York was showing motion pictures to
our armies fighting the bolsheviki
and to the Russian peasants.
only one man. In addition to a
prisoner of war who acted as a helper.
was on the car and the squirrels
were his pets. At Irkutsk during the
fighting the car was under fire for
13 days. Then it moved on again.
The car established one record of put
ting on one show 67 times en 67 suc
cessive nights, but at different places
a.nd to different audiences. During
the trip many Russian peasants saw
motion pictures for the first time.
The film .organization put on the
shows for the benefit of our soldiers
and to show the people of Russia the
folly of bolshevism. The car is now
in Vladivostok laying in supplies for
a second -trip. When the car starts
the squirrels will be along too.
With "In Old Kentucky" still break
ing records throughout' the country.
The Fighting Shepherdess" being re
leased, and "The Yellow Typhoon'
just completed, Anita Stewart reached
nother mile-post in her Louis B.
Mayer-First National career last I
week by starting production on
Harriet and the Piper."
Mr. Mayer is a firm believer In the
thsory tnat a star, to be given justice
on the screen, must be seen in good
vehicles. That he has followed this
Strohber pianos, through years of con
tinuous use, have proven their worth; con
structed of best materials, by skilled work
men, in one of the largest and best-equipped
factories in the world the Strohber piano
name stands for satisfaction.
Strohber pianos are sold under the one
price system. Reasonable terms to suit the
buyer's convenience can be arranged.
Foley & Van Dyke
106 Fifth St. (Bet. Washington and Stark)
Strohber, Hobart M. Cable, and other Pianos.
Victrolas, Pathe, Mandel Phonographs.
Victor and Pathe Records.
team. 6 to 6. on the East Tweutn
out religiously is seen in the above land Davis street lot, and the Engi
list of releases and the announcement I neers defeated tho Sellwood Park
that he controls the screen rights to tossers.
"Sowing the VV ind, " "Judith of Blue
Lake Ranch" and other famous plays VOOILiANT WIXS TRACK MEET
ana oooks.
Every school child in every town Cowlitz County Honors oj
of any consequence in America will Ulffli Point Total
h a v A a " cli a n . A in . n m nata f A n i
nette Kellerman medal, which will KAbAMA. wasn.. may u. av
signlfy that the wearer is the cial.) In the Cowlitz county track
acquatic champion of his or her city, meet held at Woodland Saturday af-
NegoMations "have been opened with ternoon vvoouiana v-oincu
the Public School Athletic League of ors of the day with Castle Rock secur
America to have th divine- vn.i Ing second place. Woodland secured
won the national American Athletic
union 220-yard swimming champion
ship for women against a field of
local swimmers at Idora park . plunge
here Sunday. Her time was 2:57 2-5.
Miss Charlotte Boyle, her team mate,
rinished second and Miss Frances
Schroth, the San Francisco entry,
finished third.
present scores of .handsome gold
medals throughout the country to
stimulate interest In swimming and
diving among the young.
Miss Kellerman believes that every
child should be taught to swim
shortly after it learns to talk and
walk, and that by means of aquatic
exercises hundreds of youngsters who
are Inclined to be puny and sickly can
be developed into sturdy young speci
mens if American manhood and
William Aronson, the violinist, re
cently added to the Peoples theater
symphonic orchestra personnel, will
play a solo in the Wednesday after
noon musical this week scheduled for
3:30 o'clock tomorrow. Mr. Aronson
received his musical education on the
continent, his instructor having been
the great Auer, the master of Heifetz,
a total of 11 points, jjasiie hock du.
Kelo 19. and Kalama 8. High school
boys and girls and grade school boys
and girls participated in the variou
The events for girls consisted or
100-yard dash, 60-yard dash, relay
race and baseball tnrowing. ine
events for boys were the usual races.
mile run, high jump, pole vault ana
shot Dutting. About 400 people from
all sections of the county witnessed
the sports.
Church Charges Mondpoly of. Bouts
by Xew Bill.
NEW TORK. May 10. Denial was
made Saturday by Anthony J. Drexel
Biddle, president of the army, navy
McCarthy; charges assault
League resident Files Complaint
Against Alleged Gambler.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 10. A com
plaint charging Roy Hurlburt with
assaulting him "with intent to do
great bodily harm" was sworn out
today by William H. McCarthy, pres
ident of the Pacific Coast Baseball
league, following differences between
Hurlburt and himself over alleged
gambling on baseball games.
Hurlburt was one of three men who
were ordered barred from the local
baseball park in a statement issued
by McCarthy yesterday. He was said
to have struck McCarthy after de
manding an explanation of the state
ment. He denied all knowledge of
Zimbalist and.'Elman. He will play and civilian board of boxing control
Dradla's "Souvenir." Other numbers
in this week's Peoples musical will be
the Mignon overture, Thomas, and the
"Angel's Dream," Philip Pelz.
Telegraphic advices from Calgary,
Canada, received in Portland yester
day said that at the annual meeting
of Canadian Photoplay, Ltd., in that
city there was passed a cash bonus
of $15,000 to Nell Shipman and J&000
to David Hartford, star and director
respectively. of "Back to God'is
Country." which showed some months
ago at the Liberty theater. This waslxAVY
in addition to salaries already paid
them and as agreed when a certain
amount of profits was realized by
the company. It was resolved to con
tinue -operations with two of the
Ralph Connor stories for First Na
tional Exhibitors exploitation. A half
interest In "Back to God's Country'
and the International Sporting club.
of charges claimed to have been made
by Canon William S. Chase, chairman
of the board of trustees of the Inter
national Reform bureau, concerning
the Walker taxing bill, now awaiting
Governor Smith's signature
Canon Chase charged that the bill
contained a "joker" which would give
"a monoDolv of the boxing business
to the army, navy and civilian board
of boxing control and thr Interna
tional Sporting club.
Middle Oarsmen Make Thorough
Victory In Thre Events.
ANNAPOLIS, Md., May 10 Navy de-
1 . Plans are on Toot for the organiza
tion of a junior baseball league com
posed of teams araging 15 years
of age and under. Five teams have
signified their intention of entering
and it is hoped that at least three
more will come in.
George Ratcliffe, who may be
reached at Main 5514. and Jack Rout-
ledge, at Spalding Brothers, are at
tho head of the movement. The Port
land Juniors, Sellwood, Vancouver,
Irvington and Hill Military academy
third team are the nines already en
tered. Sunday the Portland Juniors won a
close game from the Vancouver Jun
' iors, 11 to 10, on the West End
Xative American Team Proves Su
perior at Game. ,
ST. LOUIS, Mo.. May 10. The Ben
,Millers of St. Louis, an all-American-iorn
team, won the United States soc football championship here yester
day by defeating the Fore River
eleven of Quincy. Mass., 2 to 1.
It waH the first time that a club
composed entirely of native Ameri
cans ever participated in the soccer
- championship final, according to
Thomas Cahill of New York, secre-
. tary of the United States Football as-
v80ciation, under whose auspices it
n aa conducted. The championship
carries with it the association cup.
feated Columbia Saturday in three
; v. t to .. oh.ll t-flnea rnweri over the
all n AW a 1 a o m - t . .
...v. km Henley distance on me Severn river.
...... ...,...,.,. , Mir first varsltv won. over vjoium
hia. first varsity by' five lengths. Time
mean some great ball for the fans of navy 7 minutes 19 seconds Columbia,
Three Portland Teams of Inter
City League Defeated Sunday,
While Two Are Winners.
The baseball team of Battleground,
Wash., which at present is a member
of the class A league of the Port
land Baseball association, may be
raised to double A classification in
the near future, according to a state
ment made yesterday by Secretary Si
Simonseii of the Portland Baseball
association. Simonsen bases his state
ment upon the fact that thq Battle
ground team defeated the American
Caii company, a member of the double
A circuit, in one of the best contests
staged in the state.
The contest was not a regular
league game, but as it was Canco's
day to travel they were given the
trip to Battleground, where they
were defeated, 5 to 1. At present
there are ' only seven teams in the
class double A circuit, so the addi
tion of Battleground would round the
division out nicely with eight strong
teams. Manager Lazwell has gath
ered some nifty talent for his team
and its entry into fast company would
that locality.
The Portland teams of the Inter
city league did not, on the whole.
fare very well on their jaunts out
of the city Sunday. Of the five local
teams Honeyman Hardware, Kirk
Patricks, Multnomah Guards, Portland
Iron Works and the Central Door &
Lumber company, only Dave Wright's
hardware nine and Bill Heales' Kirk-
patricks were able to show a clean
slate. The former returned with a
win over the Hood River nine and
the latter defeated the Camas aggre
gation. The Guards lost to the Hills
boro team, Cendors went down to de
feat at the hands of the Astoria. Cen
tenials. and the worst defeat of all
was handed the Portland Iron Works
by Sherwood.
The Kerr-Gifford team, which is
playing independent ball under the
Portland Baseball association book
ings, got off to a good start, when
they defeated the Oregon City Paper
Mills outfit. 16 to 1. on the Canemah
park grounds. Doc Scott and Noonan,
who twirled for the local team.
pitched good balL Next Sunday
Kerr-Gifford will probably tangle
with Biddy Bishop's Senators at
Cook & Gill, Oregon City Woolen
Mills and the Company A Engineers
were the victors in the class A league
Sunday. Cook & Gill won from the
Olds, Wortman & King nine on the
Arleta field, 13 to 10; the Woolen
7 minutes 36 seconds. Navy won tne
second varsity by six lengths. Time,
navy 7 minutes 25 4-5 seconds; Co
lumbia, 7 minutes 46 seconds. Navy
won the freshman race by ten lengths.
Time, navy 7 minutes 49Vfe seconds;
Columbia, 8 minutes 30 seconds.
Two Outfielders Purchased by
Slipping Ralniers.
SEATTLE. May 10. The- purchase
of Outfielder John Honig, from the
Baltimore club of the International
league, and Paul Meloan, former San
Francisco outfielder, from the Sioux
City club of the Western league, was
announced Saturday by President
William H. Klepper of Seattle's Pa
cific Coast league club.
Honig's release cost Seattle $3000.
President Klepper said.
18,000 Silver Trout Planted.
CENTRALIA, Wash., May 10. (Spe
cial.) During the past week the
Lewis county game warden planted
18.000 silver trout in Olequa creek.
Just north of Winlock. The trout
were hatched at the state hatchery at
Dryad. A similar number of rain
bow trout will be planted in the creek
next fall.
Michigan Athlete Yet Has Chance
in Western Sleet.
ANN ARBOR. Mich., May 10. Carl
Johnson of Spokane, all-around track
star of the University of Michigan,
who. because of an injury, was unable
to compete In Saturday's track meet,
till has a good chance to partici
pate In the western conference meet
here June o, according to his physi
Other university doctors said It was
too early to tell whether the injury
will prevent his further competition
in athletics. Johnson is suffering
from a strain In the groin and is be
ing given a complete rest.
Bouts to Be Local.
HOOD RIVER. Or.. May 10. fSpe
cial.) Because the short bouts staged
by local boxers has created a greater
Interest among fight fans than the
contests between out-of-town boxers
the American Legion is planning
boxing smoker here soon, with bouts
limited exclusively to home talent.
At the latest boxing match the in
teresting contest of the evening was
fought oM by-. Corbett Alexander and
Kenneth Hicks.
V" . .
" .x, " - f
ymm.flu T ; . , .1 .i .. UW. . ... - , . ...
ini mini i ii wftraaeywraMsaK j
t -i - v v.- '
The NOPATIN (ex-MANHATTAN) and NARRAGANSETT are sister ships, bunt
in 1913. They are 3,539 ton steel ships, with passenger accommodations for about
532. Length 320 feet, breadth 48 feet 1 inch, draft 16 feet. Cargo space between
decks approximately 45,000 cubic feet. These vessels have a recorded speed of 23
knots and are ideally suited for Sound, river or coastwise service. They are excel
lent seagoing vessels and during the war carried troops across the ocean,
Appraised Value:
NOPATIN $350,000 NARRAGANSETT $273,000
You are urged to inspect these vessels at Brooklyn, N. Y Third Naval District,
Miss Blcibtrey Wins 220 Title.
OAKLAND, Cal., May 10. -Miss
Mills edged out the Fields Motor Car Ethelda Bleibtrey of New York city Mason, Ebrmao A Co.. Dii., FoHland. Or.
Dentists Win. Sixth Game.
The North Pacific college baseball
team won their stxth consecutive vie
tory Sunday afternoon, defeating th
n m
enough for the
wine connois
I Good enough for I
1 the thirstiest J
thirst that J
ever was !
Steam Yachts
You may find among these yachts one just
suited to your desires. They are excellent vessels,
including he WINCHESTER, built in 1916, a trim
fast yacht, with a recorded speed of 31 knots.
Winchester $185,000 Norfolk Dist.
Arcturus 112,000 Norfolk Dist.
Remlik : 63,000 Norfolk Dist.
Hauoli 37,000 Brooklyn Dist.
Cigarette 15,000 Boston Dist.
Wacondah 15,000 Brooklyn Dist.
Motor Boats and Motor Yachts
This class includes Motor Boats of fine eea
going qualities and dependable power plants. Tha
KEMAH is a particularly attractive opportunity
to obtain an excellent motor yacht at low cost.
Kemah $ 60,000 Brooklyn Dist.
Bay Ocean 20,000 San Fran. Dis't.
Hiawatha 19,000 Norfolk Dist.
Patrol No. 10 8.000 Boston Dist.
Weepoose 4,000 Brooklyn Dist.
Shadow III 2,500 Char'ston Dist.
Lydia III , 2,000 Norfolk Dist.
Miscellaneous Craft
If you are In need Of a good tug or barge, here Is an opportunity to get one at big saving. The
EAST HAMPTON is excellently suited for all branches of the fishing industry. The VICTORINE Is
very well suited for long distance towing and can carry considerable cargo. She can also be used as a
wrecking tug.
U. S. S. Cincinnati $225,000
Montauk , 120,000
East Hampton 105.000
Victorine 85,000
Yenrut IV 70,000
Dorothy Cullen 28,000
Steel Cruiser Xew Orleans Dist.
Steam Tug Brooklyn Dist.
Steam Tug ..Boston Dist.
Steam Tug Brooklyn Dist.
Steel Barge Philadelphia Dist.
Steam Tug Brooklyn Dist.
Also the Following Smaller Craft
STAUNCH SUB-CHASERS 110 feet long, useful for commercial or. pleasure purposes, may be
bought with or without engines.
Tou are urged to Inspect these vessels, to do which it is only necessary to communicate with the
Commandants of the Naval Districts in which they are located. The Commandants are located in
headquarters of the Naval Districts as follows:
KtTT Yard. Boston, Mmb.
Fleet Sopply Base, 2ttk St. and 3d Art, Brooklyn,
N. V.
ItaV7-? ard, Philadelphia, Pa.
Naval Operatins Base, Hampton Roada. Tft.
Peoplea Office Building, Charleaton, S. C.
Bulldins No. 8 Naval Station, New Orleana, La.
417 Sheldon Building, San Francisco, Cal.
I1 '
Cornelius Cuba on their home grounds nellus, allowed 12. Jack Moist for made by both sides, Cornelius bun-
lna comedy of errors. Merrill for North Pacific obtained four hits out gling 11. Score: R. H. E.
the dentists allowed" nine hits, while of five times at bat. including a two- North Pacific College 9 12 10
Preen and Hucton. pitching for Cor- bagger. Twenty-one errors were Cornelius 6 9 It
A Big Drive
On seasonable footwear ofKNOWN makes and quality
$12.50 and $14.00
Pumps $9.95
ONE WEEK Starting Tuesday, .May 11, ending Saturday, May 15.
Out-of-town orders receive prompt and careful attention.
Knight Shoe Co.
Morrison, Near Broadway