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Three States Marked for
Destruction Soon.
Liire Size Contract Undertaken by
Itcvolulionists, Says Letter Sent
to Senator Poindexter.
ington, April J9. Sattle and Tacoma
and the states of Oregon. California
and Nevada are marked for destruc
tion by a coalition of the I. W. W. and
Japanese, according: to a letter re
ceived by Senator Poindexter recently
and turned over to the department of
The letter, -written in a scrawling
hand and enclosed in an envelope
bearing: the return address of the
national I. W. W. headquarters in
Chicago, also foretells the day when
"this rotton money novernment shall
be overthrown and the I. W. W. flag
of freedom-' will float oyer the White
It is a very sizable contract for
destruction which the reds have tak
en, according" to the writer of the let
ter, who says: "We, the international
reds, advise you that we have no rest
until we overthrow this rotten money
government and the soviet I. W. W.
flag of freedom floats'to the breeze
over the White House in Washing
ton, 1. C.
Wholesale Ruin Forecast.
"Remember, senator, Seattle is the
main headquarters for the Pacific
coast and the northwest. We reds
will tie up all logging camps, shingle
mills, sawmills, shipyards, etc., if we
reds don't get more money soon. We
will practice sabotage and wreck ma
chinery, drive copper tacks in vines,
copper nails in fruit trees, set fire
to buildings and ruin your state of
Washington if you legislate against
us reds in congress and the senate in
the near future. t
"We reds have an alliance with
Japan and Mexico. Japan, after de
claring war. Is to blockade all Pacific
ports and bombard San Francisco with
14-inch naval guns. Woe unto 'Friscor
After a few. hours Senators Phelan
and Johnson will 'e glad to legislate
to treat the good Japanese people
"Remember, Senator Poindexter,
war will come with Japan as sure as
there is a Hod in heaven, and then
where will Seattle's ocean commerce
be? All port commission and private
docks will be idle, all shipyards closed
down. Woe unto Seattle and Tacoma
at no distant date.
Mate Bartered for Coin.
"We reds have traded to Japan the
states of Oregon. California, Nevada
and Lower California for a certain
sum of Japanese money paid to us
international reds to finance our bol
sheviki soviet-I. W. W. -socialist-com
munist propaganda in the United
States. Canada, Mexico. Central Amer
ira, etc. Long live the emperor of
Japan. President Carranza of Mexico,
Trotzky of Russia and Kmperor Will-
tajn II or uermonj'i
"United States Senator McCumbcr
of North Dakota and Attorney-Oen-
eral Palmer can give you some valU'
able information regarding us inter
national reds, whose aim is to over
throw this rotten government."
, ml;xt bkdrooms.
Sew York Couple Awukened l-"roni
Sleep by Armed Men Who
Blind Victims.
NEW YORK. April 19. Two daring
robbers awakened Mr. and Mrs. Emi
Bohm, of 1854 Seventh avenue, who
were sleeping in separate rooms, dur
ing the early hours today and
guns' point forced the couple to turn
over jewels valued at $10,000. The
gunmen then forced the couple into
Mrs. Bohm's bedroom, wjiere they tied
them to a bedpost.
Mrs. Bohm, who was asleep in her
bedroom with her 3-year-old son
Gustav, was awakened by the switch
ing on of the electric light. Standing
over her bed, a leer on his face, was
a strange man, a pistol in his hand
leveled directly at her.
"Hand over your jewels." he com
manded before the startled Mrs.
Bohm knew what was happening.
Mrs. Bohm offered the burglar 500,
which he refused, and at this junc
tur ethe husband came into the room
followed by another outlaw who had
a revolver leveled at Bohm's head.'
The wife led the burglars into the
dining room and turned over her jew
els. Teh burglars were pocketing the
Jewels when they discovered that Mr.
Bohm wore a diamond ring, which
they took frim his ffnger.
Mrs. Bohm told the" police that the
bandits undoubtedly had 'followed
them into the city from Baltimore,
from which point they arrived Fri
day. Mrs. Bohm. before her marriage,
was Miss Henrietta Delopaz. She
was one of the Spanish dancers in the
original version of "Florodora." 20
years ago.
Body or American Welfare Worker
Found Near Versailles.
PARTS. April 19. The body of Miss
Mary Ellen Appel of Allentown, Pa.,
a Society of Friends welfare worker
who had been missing since April 7,
was discovered in a clump of trees
in the vicinity of Versailles last eve
ning by two boys. There was no evi
dence of foul play.
A considerable sum of money, jevel
ry and several letters addressed to
members of Miss Appel's family were
found on the body.
It was declared by the authorfties
nt Versailles this afternoon that the
case was plainly one of suicide by
Chamber Discusses Regulations
for Approaching Election.
Plans for the forthcoming election
and annual meeting of the Portland
Chamber of Commerce were -discussed
at a meeting of the board of directors
last night and regulations for ahe
election will be announced shortly. -The
voting will continue for a week,
as provided by the constitution of the
chamber, beginning on May 23 .and
closing May 29. The ballots -will be
counted on Friday evening, April SO. -beginning
at 8 o'clock, and immedi
ately after the results of the election
are known the annual meeting of the
chamber will be held.
Thus far 11 have been nominated
for the seven director positions. The
constitution of the chamber provides
that others in addition to those nom-
nated by the nominating committee
may have their names placed upon
he ballot upon receipt of petitions
containing 100 or more signatures.
lhose nominated by the committee
are: E. G. Crawford. C. W. Hodson.
H. C. Huntington, O. W. Mielke, E. H.
Sensenich. H. B. Van Duzer and W. ,
vvhitcomb. Others nominated by pe
tition are: Roy T. Bishop. Coe A.
McKenna, W. W. Payne and Fred H.
Strong. Mr. Mielke, Mr. Van Duzer
and Mr. Whitcomb were also nomi
nated by petition before, the'report of
the nominating committee was an
nounced. E PLANS .ARE LAID
Cum pa n for 50,000 Members
Discussed -Dues of $1
"JEacli Are Proposed.
An enthusiastic meeting of adju
tants of the Portland Service League
was held last night in the green room
of the Chamber of Commerce. Ira L.
Riggs, head of the general, organiza
tion, presided. The plan of the city
wide undertaking was explained in
detail. The necessary supplies for
the furtherance of the campaign to
obtain 50,000 members also were fur
nished. ;
The adjutants will appoint 10 cap
tains each, the captains will appoint
10 lieutenants e-ach and the lieuten
ants will recruit 10 privates from
their communities. Each member.
whether officer, or private, will pay
$1 a year dues.
The league plans to lend Its aid In
11 movements to upbiild the city.
such as clean-up campaigns, fire
prevention and accident-prevention
campaigns, and rose planting.
From the funds which it is hoped
will be placed in the league's' treasury
from the dues, it is proposed that the
organization support Frank Beach in
his work of advertising Oregon by
lectures throughout the east and else
where in the dnited States.
Governor's Widow Made Honorary
Vice-Chairman by Democrats.
SEATTLE. .Wash., April 19. Ap
pointment of Mrs. Ernest Lister,
widow of Governor Ernest Lister, as
honorary vice-chairman of the demo
cratic state committee was announced
today by George F. Christensen, demo
cratic state chairman.
Notice of her appointment was for
warded to Mrs. Lister, who is in
California, with the statement that it
"tends to recognize the women a vote
of this state, that was always so
strong in its support of our departed
Scoured and Crossbreds Drop
Slightly in London Market.
LONDON, April 19. At the wool
auction sales today 11,000 bales were
offered. They comprised fine sorts.
Bidding was active and prices were
firm ana unchanged. The home lraa
was the principal buyer.
Some inferior and scoured and low
crossbreds were from 5 to 10 per
cent lower.
Vancouver Marriage I-lcenne.
IphhI. of Portland, and Mary Wifton, legal,
of ScoTtHburj?. Or.
K AT K IS-H A W K Albert J. Katke. '22 of
Spokane, and Laura Hawk, 18, of Dallas.
EHORT-Hl'NXELL George J. Short. 21,
of Portland, and Mildred K. IJunnell, 10.
of Portland.
BIX BY-HOFFMAN Neil F. Blxby. 26,
of Portland, and Bertha Hoffman, 22, of
Mankato. Minn.
HKLT-HKIT Charles J. Ilelt, legal, of
Portland, and Mrs. Bertha K. Helt, legal,
of Portland.
chnlopulos, 2.1, of Portland, and Dolly F.
De Orsav, is. of McMinn ville. Or.
lock. 22 of KoeburK. Or., and Leila M.
Chapman. 21. of Roseburg, Or
OLINGER-AOAMS Krank W. Olinser,
:ir, of Carroli, Wash., and Ethel A. Adams
3, of Astori;t, r.
ROWB-PARKS Charles H. Rowe. legal,
of Portland, and Anna M. Parks, legal, of
RI OGLE-WILLIS Fred Riggle. 2-1, of
Buxton. Or., and tester Willis, 23 of Bux
ton. Or.
Widen nan n, 21, of Portland and Ethel
Paulson. 1!, of Seattle.
MAY KS-KNAlTSS Joe Mayes, 19, of
Vancouver, and Rose Knauss. 19, of Ridge
field, Wash:
son. 21. of Portland, and Mildred Sher
wood, 10. of Portland.
DRUMEFF-EVANS Stephen Drumeff.
ot, of Meharao, Or., and Jane Evans, 32,
of Portland.
tine. ,., of Porlla.nd and Kathryn Niemi,
21. of Portland.
Marriage License,.
. BARTON-MA LLER Stanley A. jWton,
legal. Friend. Or., and Georgina Mailer, le
gal. :m2 Kast Twenty-fourth street North. I
AXDREWS-MOX1JOB Erncit Andrew.
21. Salem. Or., and Fiossie Monroe. 18. 143
Eleventh street.
son. 2S, Seattle, Wash. 7 and Agnes C. Shrei
ner, 2:1. New Houston hotel.
inson, legal. 8S9 Kast Madison street, and
Jessamin Jcanette Hooding, legal. 1342
Kast Nrhetoenth street.
DOfOUS-fLAXAttA.N Duncan B.
Fouglas, legal. Carlton hotel, and Evelyn
Flunagan. legal. Wheeldon Annex.
MOTTAUD-VADXAIij Mose J. Mottard
27. Havre. Mont., and Vivian J. Vadnaia.
23, lt0 Fast Seventy-eighth ataeet North.
SHARKF.Y-t.KAHY George K. Sharkey,
legal. 20B East Kighth street, and Marian
Lealiy. legal. BM4 Multnomah street.
W NFREE-W fNKRE B P. W Winfree
39. Sandy. Or., and Kffle Winfree 'J.t ri
Oak street.
KOBB-HALL Jay X. Robb. legal Bak
er. Or., and Levaunta E. Hall, legal. Im
perial hotel.
AXDERSON-BEAlr-George S. Anderson.
2. :! East Stark street, and, Gladys F
Heal. 22. Multnomah hotel.
legal. Upper Lake, Cat, and Amy I.. John
ston, legal, 545 East 2:id street north.
Firemen Give Play.
MT. , ANGEL, Or., April 19. (fe
cial.) "Uncle Rube'V was very ably
presented under the auspices of the
fire department' last Sunday after
noon and 'evening. The proceeds of
the play will go toward the purchase
of a new fire truck.
Postmaster Positions Open.
Washington, April 19. Civil service
examinations have been ordered for
May 19 to fill postmaster vacancies
at Elgin, Condon and Huntington, Or.,
at yearly salaries of $1500, J1S00 and
$1300 respectively.
Supreme Court Fixes Dates.
WASHINGTON. April 19. Argu
ments on pending cases will end April
30, and no petitions asking for re
view of cases will be received at this
term after May 31, the supreme court
announced today.
Phone your want ads to The Orego
nian. . Main .7070, A 6095.-
PB 116
Only Three Offers Received
By Fleet Corporation.
Decisions as to Sale of Government
Property Awaits Return of .
Pacific Coast Manager.
Only three bids were received by
the supply and sales division of th
emergency fleet corporation for the
two shipbuilding ways and ' other
equipment in the plant of the Co
lumbia River Shipbuilding corpora
tion, which aje being offered for Bale
by the fleet corporation. Bids were
opened at 3 o'clock yesterday after
noon, but no award was made, and
the amount of the bids was not given
out. The sale of all the government
property in the Columbia river yard
will be closed, or all bids rejected,
by C. O. Yoakum, Pacific coast man
ager of the supply and sales division,
when he returns to his headquarters
in this city from San Francisco.- Mr.
Yoakum is expected here in a few
- In. connection with the sale by the
government' of two shipbuilding way
and other equipment in the yard of
the Columbia River Shipbuilding cor
poration, it became known yesterday
that work of dismantling this plant
IS) already under way. No further con
tracts are being sought, it was stated
by Alfred V. Smith, president of the
corporation, and the entire equipment
is to be sold.
. This announcement by Mr. Smith
sets at rest recent rumors to ths ef
fect; that the Columbia river yard
was to be taken over and used ' in
conjunction with that of the North
west Steel company. That the North
west Bridge & Iron company, which
is to operate the former, plant of the
Northwest Steel coirrpany. That the
Northwest Bridge & Iron company may
purchase part of the Columbia River
Shipbuilding corporation's equipment,
however, if not the entire yard, is
indicated by the fact that this com
pany was one of the three firms bid
ding. .
Other concerns to bid on the gov
ernment ways and other equipment
in the yard were the Alaska Junk
company and the Elerath Steel, Iron
& Wrecking company.
Pacific Coast Shipping Notes.
ASTORIA, Or.. April lfl. (Special.)
The steamer Boynton from Portland sailed
at 4 this morning; for Seattle where she
is to load lumber.
Laden with cargo from Portland, the
steamer Montague sailed at 12:15 today
for the orient.
The steam schooner Halco finished load
ing lumber at the Hammond mill this
afternoon and will sail tonight for San
The schooner Columbia River, en route
from Honolulu, was taken in tow off Sea
side this afternoop by the tug Oneonta
and will be brought inside this evening.
- The schooner Thislle-froro Honolulu was
reported a short distance jouth of tb
mouth of the river this morning.
The steamer Santiam will be due to
morrow and the steam schooner Trinidad
will be due Thursday. Both come from
"Fan Pedro and will load at the Ham
mond milk
The steamer, Lake Gedhart finished tak
ing on lumber at Wanua this afternoon and
shifted at this evening to Vancouver.
She will complete her cargo at Llnntorr.
The steamer Rose City Is due tonight
from San Francisco en route to Portland.
The cannery bark Levi O. Burgess sailed
at 11:18 today for Bristol Bay, Alaska.
She carries supplies for the Alaska-Portland
packers" plants at Naknek and
Nurdiagak rivers.
The barge Klickitat that was formerly
used as a houseboat by the Astoria Motor
boat club, and was later purchased by the
McKachern Ship company, has been sold
to Portland parties for ."00. The craft
Is to be reeaulked and will then be con
verted into a barge.
PAN FRANCISCO., Ca'. April in. fSpe
rml ) The service of the General Steam
ship company between this port and the
west coast of South America" will be ini
tiated on May 5. when the steamer West
Nimrod. recently purchased, will leave for
Valparaiso, via ports, under command .of
Captain Alfred Hunter, according to an
nouncement mHcie. imiBj uj ucuciai ' -fie.
Manager Eilva. Hunter was command
er of the steamship Great Northern. Hunt
er will assist in establishing agencies for
the General line at the various west coast
ports, and will then return to. San rran
Cisco, where he will become the port cap
tatn. The plan Is to have a sailing every
20 days In the west coast service and a
monthly one to Australia. The vessels at
present .constituting the fleet to Australia
consist of the Weat Mahwah. West Hol
brook and Las Vegas. The latter will be
readv to r into the service to leave here
about July .1. The Mahwah will sail May
r,. and the Holbrook one month later.
This is big week n for the. Pacific Mall
Steamship company.. There will be
overesas ariTver on an average once each
itav The City of Para will arrive from
Panama tomorrow- and the big shipping
Itoard freighter Archer will arrive from
the. orient. The Ecuador will arrive with
passengers and freight from the orient
Thursday. The Newport will arrive with
passengers and freight from Panama Wed
nesday and the West Selene is expected
from the orient the latter part of the week
as in also the Heliakala.
The port facilities of the company will
be taxed to care for the freight, 1t is an
nounced. :
Captain L. A. Scott or Monne. who ha
purchased eight of his nine sailing ships at
this port will arrive here in a few days to
take possession of the schooner Planter,
recently acquired from Walter ScarhmelU
The Planter arrived, from Sydney on Sun
day. ' '-
O. A. Anderson efc Co.. today announced
the following charters: ' Motorshlp Admiral
Mayo. Newcastle, for Cailao with coal;
schooner Amy Turner, Newcastle for Toco
pillo with coal, and the schooner Bertie
Miner nitrate porta for the FIJI Islands
with niter. The announcement assures re
turn cargoes for the vessels going to Aus
tralia -and will divert a lot of tire former
business hack to old channels, it is ex
pected. The barge . Big Bonanza, which
arrived In port today In tow of the steamer
Mukilteo, stranded-, on ' the bank at the
west end of the Presidio Shoal, but was
floated without damage about one hour
after the mishap. - ,
PORT TOWNSEXH, Wash , April 19.
(Special. Five hundred men left Puset
sound during the pa? few day . on the
three fishing crafts bound for the north
to pass the season. The men are In the
employ of the Lthby, Mfceil A - Libby,
salmon parking concern. who operate
several canneries on -Bristol hay.
. As a result of . the differences existing
between the fishermen's union and the
Pacific Coast Codfishing company having
been satisfactorily settled, the cod fish ing
fleet, which has been detained about one
week, is now proceeding to Bering wea.
Just as the schooners were ready to sail
a week ago," the fishermen went on strike
and the schooners were taken back to
their winter quarters at Poulsbo. The
first of the fleet to sail was the Maid of
Orleans, which departed early this morn
ing. - . -
Three steamers of the " North Pacific
Food Products company." . the Kodiak,
Numvak and Taanginak. sailed early this
morning for Akutan. the company's whal
ing headquarters. The Patterson cleared
this erening for 'Akutan and the Ellhu
Thompson will follow in a few days, in tow
01 me inueu oiaiea uie-saving steamer,
Snohomish.-' The schooner, Henry Wilson,
which was picked' up a few ..days - ago
waterlogged and with a heavy list to the
starboard by the steamer Stanwood and
taken to Nah bay, arrlwd at Port
Angeles. She will - be taken from that
place to Belllngham, where she loaded
cannerv sunnlies. lor reoairs -
The cannery ship- " Santa Clara passed
in at Cape Flattery today from San Fran
cisco on her way. to Blaine, where she
will, load cannery supplies for the north.
SEATTLE, Wash., April 19. (Special.)
Bound for the mouth of the Yukon river, I
wnere they will remain all summer, cap
tain Harry W. Ravens and Sabine L.
Craft, composing the St. Michael board of
the United States steamboat Inspection,
will leave for Skaway at the. end of the
month. from Skagway they will travel
to White Horse on the White .Pan & Vu
kon railroad and from White Horse -proceed
to Davton by liver steamboat. At
Dawson they will board another river
boat for the long voyage down the. Yukon
from one side of Alaska to the other.
En route down the Tukon they will in
spect the vessels of the great river fleets
of aternwheel and other vessels. The
two men will make their headquarters
In St. Michael until the departure of the
last passenger steamship from Bering sea
next fall. i -
Seattle representatives of the Osaka
Shoshen Kaisha. were advised today tnat
the steamship Arizona Maru. the. first
of two new 10.0O0-ton liners to be placed
la the trans-Pacific service this summer,
will kail from Yokohama July 9 and will
arrive in the port July 22.
Bids will .be ODened bv the Seattle or-
flcea of. the emerrencv fleet corporation
at noon tomorrow on the contract to be
awarded for extensive alterations on the
10,5O0-ton steel, steamship Eaatern JpU
mlral, built for the shipping board by the
Osaka Iron Works of Japan. Th amount
to be expended will approximate 70.000.
The vessel arrived here some time ago
and. is now at the Todd repair plant,
where the Osaka company has spent
J20.000 in work on ten plates as a Pre
liminary to her acceptance by the fleet
Klist of the National Oil company' big
wooden carriers to be completed, the 4700
ton steamship Adrla is expected to be
ready for her trial trip on the sound by
the end of the month.
GRAYS HARBOR. Wash.. April 19.
'Special. The steamer Carlos cleared
yesterday for San Pedro from tho Dono
van mill.
The schooner Robert H. Hind is the
onlv ship in port tonight" She will load
lumber for Australia. ,
The steamer F. S. Loop is expected here I
by morning from San Pedro. j
COOS BAY, Or., .April 18. (Special.)
Steamer City of Topeka arrived at 12:45
P. M. from Portland with only two pas
sengers for this point and loo tons of
freight. The .learner will sail for Kureka
and San Francisco tomorrow.
The steamer Yellowstone from Saa
Francisco arrived off Coos Bay this after
noon, but has not aa yet entered the har
bor on account of a rough bar.
The steamer Johanna Smith arrived at
12:45 P. M. from San Francisco and ia
loading lumber at the C. A. Smith mllL
TACOMA. Wash., April 18. (Special.)
When the Santa . Alicia sails from Ta
coma this trip to Peru and Chile, the
steamer, will have just, about a full cargo
of general freight from here. The Alicia
shitted early this morning to go in dry
dock down sound and is due to return
Wednesday to start loading. The Santa
Inex of this line Is due May 2 with ore
for the Tacoma smelter. The Lake French,
ton and Lake Fitch, under the Grace op
eration, are due to load lumber here.
Several nitrate carriers are listed for
Tacoma within' a short time. The Paraiao
is coming with about 500 " tons to dis
charge and the L&Prlmera is also ex
pected from went coast porta with a cargo
of nitrates for the Da Pont works.
The Stanley of the Waterhouse oriental
service, which arrived here yesterday, was
due to sail tonight. The steamer in taking
about 1200 tons of copper from the Tacoma
smelter to Japan.
The Admiral Farragut. which waa ex
pected last ntght, was delayed and ia not
due until late tonight. She will get away
trom here tomorrow morning for Cali
fornia ports. ,
Five new names were added today to
the list of those wbo will attend the
national foreign trade convention at San
r ranclsco May 12 from the port of Ta
coma. They are A. V. Love, president
of the Love Warren Monroe company;
Chester Thorne of the National Bank of
Tacoma and chairman of the port com
mission: C. W. Orton, commissioner port
of Tacoma; G. W. Osgood and F. J.
Walsh, engineers of the port of Tacoma.
About 50 -delegates will be present from
Tacoma and will carry a huge map show
ing the port of Tacoma and attractive
booklets describing Tacoma and giving sta
tistics or the -industrial and commercial
progress of the city.
SAN PEDRO. Cal.. April J9. (Special.)
Purse seine fishermen from Puaet sound
are coming here in larae numbers, the
launcnes ureamtana and the Interpreter
arriving today irom Tacoma. Some frlc
tlon Is developing between the small boat
men and the purse seiners. Many of the
latter arrivals are purchasing homes here
and intend making this their permanent
residence. They are coming in prepared
ior ine opening or tuna season In June.
Bids for the purchase of $1, 200,000 worth
or narDor improvement bonds were
celved and opened by the city council
today. I he bonds offered are to bear r.u
per cent interest. Some opposition to this
rate is being manlfester by councllmen who
declare that the rate should not be more
tnan o per cent.
The first Luckenback steamer due" here
since the service was discontinued before
America entered the war Is due May u, ac
cording to advices received by local agents
company. me vessel
from New York.
Marine Notes.
The steamer Lake Gebhart, which has
been loading- for several days at Wauna.
will move to the DuBoia mill at Vancouver
today to taae on feet of lumber.
sue wnr complete a cargo or I. BOO, 000
the West Oregon Lumber company's mill.
The steam schooner Johan Poulaen will
shift to Wetport today to complete
The river steamer Georslana of the
Harklns Transportation company's fleet
will go in commission at 7 o'clock tomor
row morning on the run between this city
ana Astoria, it waa announcea yesterday.
U. S. Xaval Radio Reports.
iii Million reporrea ate a r. ai. yea-
irrnaj aaina norrwiM laaaicsitea.l
, YOSEMITE. San Francisco for Seattle,
off Hnqutam Head.
PORTER. Gavito for Everett. 536 miles
from Oavito.
MULTNOMAH. San Pedro for Seattle
50 miles south of Cape Hlanco.
CORDOVA, San Francisco for Seattle,
370 miles north of Pan Francisco,
EL SEGUNDO, Richmond for .Point
Wells, towing barge 3. to the Columbia
river, 230 miles south of ' the Columbia
ASTRAL, Manila for San Francisco, lifts
miles from Sari Francisco, s p. -M., April IS.
CITY OF ALAMKDA. Tsingtau for San
Francisco, S4. miles from San 'Franctsco,
s P. M., April IS.
, WEST XILUS, Hllo for San Francisco,
740 miles from. Kan Francisco. 8 P. M.
April IS.
ADMIRAL REBP.KE, Ocean Falls. B. C.
for San Francisco. ;;is miles north of San
Francisco, s r. M.. April IS.
CORDOVA. San Francisco for Seattle
220 miles north of San Francisco, 8. P. M
April i.
ASTRAL. Manila for San Francisco. 3T
CITY OF ALAMEDA. Tsingtau for. San
f-rancisco. r7i miles from San Francisco
"EST MU,S. HHO for San Franolaon
Gl.t miles Trom an r ranclsco
FRED BAXTER, San Francisco for Se
atve, iuo miles norm .or saa Francisco.
Tldet at Aatoria Toeodar.
High Water. ' . I , Low Water.
1:21 A. M B.7 feet':l!i A. M 1 f..
:-o r. ai. .... teet.iH. in i. M 2.1 feet
Columbia River Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD, April 10.T-Condltion ot
the bar at & P. M. Sea choppy; wind
west, -- xnnes.
Former Student at University Gets
Traveling Fellowship.
NEW YORK April 19. Awards of
19 traveling fellowships to American
college students nominated by their
alma maters for study in Denmark,
Norway and Sweden, which have been
announced by the American-Scandinavian
foundation. Included Norway.
Melvin T. Solve. Rice Lake, Wis. (Uni
versity of Oregon), to study literature
and social sciences.
The students will spend the summer
in traveling about the countries,
familiarizing themselves with the
language, and will begin study in the
Flier Wrecks German Plane.
MODESTO. Cal.. April 19. Lieuten
ant L. W. Randolph of Rockwell field
driving his German Fokker plane W-7
from Rockwell field to the aeronauti
cal show at. San Francisco, wrecked
the plane here this afternoon when
he attempted to make a landing on
the edge of the aviaon . field. He
escaped injurv.. . . ;
Attorney Bogle Pleads Tor Former
Fleet Corporation Official Now
Charged With Fraud.
SEATTLE. Wash., April 19. (Sper
cial.) Demurrers to two indictments
returned ,i month ago by a federal
jury against Captain John F. Blain,
former manager or the northern Pa
cific district of the emergency fleet
corporation, charging him with pre
senting false salary claims to the
government and with using tfie mails
to further alleged fraudulent claims,
were argued in the United States dis
trict, court this morning and taken
under advisement by Federal Judge
Attorney W. H. Bogle, representing
Captain Blain, said the alleged fraud
ulent salary claims prior to October
23, 1918. according to existing stat
utes, were not made to a person
named as an officer in the military,
naval or civilian service of the United
On October 23, 1918. congress
amended the act fixing the status of
fleet corporation officials. Attorney
Bogle said, but it so happens that
ten salary claims made after that date
are said in the indictment to have
been presented to G. P. Dean, audi-
or of the northwest district of the
fleet corporation, whereas they were'
not approved by Auditor Dean.
Sinking of Fishing Trawler atuna
to Be Investigated Again.
ond Investigation of the sinking of
he steam fishing trawler It una near
Sa'n Francisco lightship March 13
will be made aa. the result of the
complaint of George Nevin that his
son, George Nevin Jr., was abandoned
in his iunk seasick, it was announced
today by Captain J. K. Bulger, dis
trict Inspector of the United States
steamboat service.
Young Nevin. whose home was in
San and George Orton of
Aberdeen. Wash., lost their lives when
he ship foundered. The Ituna went
down in a few minutes and not one
of the crew was able to save per
sonal belongings. Captain Bulger
said Captain Westervale of the Ituna
would be summoned from his home
at Gardiner, Or., and that the hear-
ng of the case would be aa soon
as possible.
Prices on Xew Hull Sent In by
Iron Vorki; Award Postponed.
Three bids were received bv the
Port of Portland commission for the
construction of a new steel hull and
deck house and the installation of
machinery In the dredge Columbia.
The lowest of these, 14 17,000. was sub
mitted by the Pacific Marine Iron
works. A proposal of $427,402 was
made by the Albina Engine & Ma
chine works, and one of 1442.000 by
ine Albina Marine Iron works.
All bids were referred to the plant
committee of the port commission and
James J. Polhemus. chief engineer
and general manager, for checking
nnen ine cneck is completed an
award will be made and the entire
matter of the construction of the
dredge will be settled at a special
meeting or the commission.
Plan of Harbor Development Will
Require Five Years.
HOQblAM, Wash.. April 19. f Spe
cial.) At a meeting of the Grays
naroor port commission this after
noon in Montesano. a call was issued
for a speciat SSOO.000 bond election
June 26 for port development, with a
proposal of an additional S430.000
bond Issue in three years.
The plan is based on a five-year
programme and Includes providing a
dredge, dredging or the harbor chan
nel to a preliminary depth of 24 feet
and an eventual depth of 28 feet, and
the construction during the second
year of .the programme of a wharf
700 feet long with a warehouse 500
feet long, the dockage to be used nrl
marily in the handling of lumber,
with complete equipment for that
Three Carriers to Take On Cargoes
In Columbia River. -
Three more vessels to load lumber
in the Columbia river during May
and June were listed yesterday by
the Douglas Fir Exploitation & Ex
port company. They are the shipping
board steamer West Jessup, now in
oriental waters; the Japanese steam
er Meiko Maru, last reported at Hon
olulu, and the sailing schooner Kate
G. Pedersen, which ia not listed in
Lloyd's, and of which little appears
to be known here.
The cargoes of all three vessels
will aggregate about 7,000.000 feet, it
is estimated. The West . Jessup and
Meiko Maru will both carry lumber
to Japan, while the windjammer is
scheduled for a trip to Australia.
Tualatin Deepens Channel Through
Nigger Creek Bar.
ST. "HELENS. Or., April 19. (Spe
cial,) The Port' of Portland dredge
Tualatin arrived here Friday and be
gan deepening the channel opposite
the city waterfront and through Nig
ger Creek bar. It will take about a
week to finish the work, which will
cost about J8500. Of this amount the
city pays $1000 and the balance is
raised by private subscription, lum
bermen and others engaged in indus
trial enterprises having made up the
required amount.
When the Nigger creek bar is re
moved and the channel cut to 27 feet
Port Calendar.
Te Arrive at Forttaaid.
Veflaal From Tue
Str. Nome City ...... San Fran April 22
5tr. West Cohakla San Fran. .. .April 21
Btr. Abercos 'irlent April 24
Schr. Thistle Honolulu . . . .April 24
3tr. Steel Maker Puset Sound. April 2r
Sir. West Katan New ToTk ...April 2
Str. West Keats San Fran May 1
Schr. Columbia River.Honolulu May 3
Htr. Kai&ho Maru. ...Kobe ...May A
r. West Navaria. ... San Pedro .....May?
str. "W'awalona. ..... .Orient May 9
Str. West Keats San Pedro ...May 13
tr. Dewey New fork ....Mayl.
Bkt. Oeorg'ana Sydnty Apr. 1 lu
To Depart From Portland.
Str. Rosa Cltr San Fran Anrll
;tr. Akutan Nunhagak ., .April 2.1
Str. West Cohakia China April 3d
Vessels in Port.
Vessel Berth
Rite. Acapulco St. Johns Tbr. miU. '
Str. Akutan North Bank dock.
Str. A. S. Brooks Portland mill.
Str. Kastern Olade Portland Flour. Mils.
Str. Kastern Planet. .Albera Bros. mill.
Bkt. Oeorsina North Bank.dock.
Str. Johan Poulsen. .. Terminal No. 4.
?tr. Lake Gebhart. ...Vancouver.
M. S. Malahat Drydock. -
btr. San Jacinto... ..Pac. Alar. Iron Wks.
at low water, the larger vessels may
come to St. Helens for full cargoes.
Kalom-Portland Boat Starts.
SALEM, Or.. April 19. (Special.)
The steamer Grahamona, operated by
the Pacific Navigation company, left
here this morning on its initial trip to
Portland. The boat carried a heavy
cargo of merchandise and produce and
several passengers. Docking facili
ties here have been donated by the
Spaulding Lumber company. A night
boat will add to the convenience of
persons wishing to come from Port
land to Salem.
Sauvies Island Farm Bought.
ST. HELENS. Or., April 19. (Spe
cial.) The Columbia County Lumber
company has purchased from B. B.
Whitten the Hem-ict farm on Sauvies
island. The tract of land contains 2S3
acres and has a mile of water front
age on the Willamette slough. The
company will use this for boomage
facilities and possibly develop several
good manufacturing sites which are
on the place. The consideration was
close to 20,000.
Georgina Goes to Sea Today.
The barkentlne Georgina, laden
with 1.092,589 feet of lumber, shifted
yesterday from the Ininan-Poulsen
mill, where she loaded the entire car
go, to the North Bank dock to under
go minor repairs to her rigging. She
will go down the river and put to sea
today for Sydney. Captain Alfred
Alstrom. master of the Georgina. will
be accompanied on the voyage to the
Australian port by his bride.
Movements of Vessels.
roRTI.AXn. Aoril 1! Sailed at 5:30
P. M. Steamer Oleum, for Fort San Luis.
ASTORIA. April lfl. Sailed at 3 A. M..
steamer Bovnton. for Cuba via Puift
Sound. Sailed at 11:10 A. M., bark Levi
G. Rurrss. for Nushairak. Sailed at
l." P. M.. steamer .Montague, for lionc-
itonar. via Yokohama.
SAN FRANCISCO April 19. Arrived
o'clock laat niehl, steamer Atlas
towtr.r bant No. 91. from Port I ami
Mailed at i o clock lail nlrht, steamer
AtlaK, fr S;-n Pedro. Sailed at noon
stoamer Nome City., for Portland.
BALBOA. ADril 16. Satlen: StrAmt-r
Ashland t.ountv. from Portland for Anta
faga&la and Iquique.
SAX FRANCISCO. April IS Sailed at
P. M.. tttamer West Cahokia, for Co-
umbta river.
SHANGHAI. Anril 1 Arrived: PiuiM.
r-oruana, r.
NEW YORK. Anrll 19. Arrived: West
Campeaw, Portland. Or.
SAV FRANCISCO. Cal.. Aorll 1. Ar
rived: t'nl.nak. from Bowpns T.andinr:
amHipsti. from urays Harbor; Muklleto,
Irom Port Ana-cles.
leoartrd: liartwoori. for Ahrlin!
Nome City, for Portland.
SEATTLE. Wiich.. ADril 19. Arri-ed-
Santa A!ll.i. from AnlofaraMa: Fultoi.
from British Columbia tortw: Admiral
tioodrich and Motorstiip Apix from South-
eciaifrn Alaska.
Iepartd: Juneau, for Valparaiso: Kast
frn Victor, fr New York via Tacoma
Weat Ison, for Darlen.
TACOMA. Wash.. April 19. Arrived:
-.astern victor, Irom Orient: Arrvl. fro
San Luis.
Lepaitel: D-ivjnport. for San Francisco.
sa.n PEDRO, Cal.. April 19. Speclal.)
Arrived: Steamers Oranl. from New
lork; Kiamath, from Portland: Point Ju
dith. from Baltimore, Carmel from Urays
Harbor; 4, rays Harbor, from Grays liar-
bjr: chasta from Grays Harbor: Hmn
Wortll. from San Francisco: Kas .steamer
interpreter, irom 1 aroma; gas steamer
lreain!ann from Tacoma. Departed
Steamer Humboldt, for San Francisco.
Rains Likely to Delay Farm AVork
and Hinder Movement of Sup
plies to Terminals.
CHICAGO, April 19. All deliveries of
corn." oats, rye and lmrly jumped today
to new high record prices for the season
Wet weather likely to delay farm work
waa the chief bullish factor. Closing corn
quotations were unsettled, 1 V-c to -He ne'
hia-hcr. with May 1-71 to 1.T1:,. and
July fl.Ce to !. 'i. Oats sained "c to
IHc. In provisions the outcome varied
from 5 cents' decline to 35c advance.
Most corn traders turned to the buy-ins
side and acted on opinions that tne un
welcome rains wnulad prove a serious
hindrance to the accumulation of sup
plies here and at other bis terminals.
lain or a possible strike of frelsht han
dlers tended further to stimulate apecu
latlve demand for corn, and so. too. did
persistent buying- of wheat and rye . for
Oats were especially sensitive lo re
ports that seeding would be hindered by
ice prrvauins .avera we.-itner.
Provisions averased hlsher.
The Chicaro market letter received ves
terday by Overbeck A Cooke company of
Portland ald:
CORN General short coveriris Induced
by unfavorable weather started tne market
strong and hisher and the advance was
PORTLAND. Or.. April in. Maximum
temperature. i clee-rees: minimum tern
perature. 4 degrees. River reading
A. M., 7.8 feet; change in last 24 hours,
O.I-foot fall. Total rainfall (.. P. M.
." P. M. ). .48 Inches; total rainfall since
Seprember 1. l!l. 2U.7U Inches; norma
rainfall since September 1. ."..V7! inchea
octlcienoy of rainfall since fceptember
lflf, 'J inches. SunrUe. o:17 A. M.; sun&e
i :03 P. M. ; total sunshine, no report: os
slble sunshine. i:f hours, 4u minutes. Moon
rine. 5:4 A. M.: moonset. 8:27 P. M
Barometer tredutied sea level , 5 M
2:.!)t inches. Relative humidity: 5 A. M
77 per cent; noon. 79 per cent; 3 1. M
OS per cent.
! S3
1 "o o
2 3-1 i . . .
c o o
a c a 1 o
3 3
'. i ? S Weatkar.
! ilN .
c ; ;
Raktr Si! 6'J.0 . 04' . . N Wi Rain
Boise ! V, 6-4 O.tMi'. .iSK KMoudy
Hoalon :ti' tii O.Od IJ.N w:'tear
Calarary .... ;;! .(.. W r'loudy
hica.KO . 40: 4S p.:ts 30 'E M'lomiy
Dfnvpr IMi 31 0. JO: . . .SE Vloudy
Ics Moines.. 4u; 4ttO.Mii.. K iRain
Kureka I 4i r,4 o.tx) i-o'N IJt. cloudy
Ciulveston ... xi 7t o.uo. . . ' K lear
Helena ..... .".! -' .0i . . K (:;tr
t Juneau .... :!i4tl 0. 161 . . iSE Oloud.v
Kansas City. ;vo! .'it (j.Ti . .,K it'loudy
I.os Anajeles.l 4S: 70 0.0O . . SW ;C!ear
Marshfield .! ,"i 0. :!;'.. NW Haiti
Medford ....! O.oo Irt NW Ft. cloudy
Minneapolis..! 40' 4n O.liJ :iO K ll'loudy
New Orleansl 7tf snd.lHI ICS .Ifloudy
New York. . .
2 60.OI . V I'laar
North Head
Phoenix ...
Pocatello ...
Port land
Koscburs; . . .
bt. I -o u m ..
4'Ji 4rt o.l'S 2:.W idoudy
7oo.tMr..-s! o'lear
3'-'! r.ttO.OO . . sw Clear
4i' .V 0. 4 ti; lOW t!oudv
I 44i r.l . JSWIPl. cloudy
,VJ! TSD.OO MVS if'lear
r.4: 74 0. I I'O SE li-loodv
Salt I.ake ..
San !)lo . .
S. Francisco.
Spokane ....
Tu rnmn . . . .
,".ti .".2 .) . . W (Clear
Ml 4 0.0u'..'s jfloudy
541 MO.NOl'4 ' H'lear
441 4.H 0..-, 14 NE iRain
:;4I 4-:i.n:;.i k ipt. cloudy
.is; OS o.04 lvs W jCIotidy
44! 32 o.'Jti ij w Iriouilv
42- 4 o.fti; 2C1 W Pt. cloudy
S 44 O.OO1..1N Clear
4in H2 0.24 14 S 'Oloudv
41 Oti O.H!;. ..NWlPt. rloudv
JHi BoiO.Oo: . . ;N Ipt. cloudy
3d! HJiO.OO 10INW Clear
Tatoosh laid.
Valia Wal. a
TVashinauon. .
Winnipeg; .. .
Yakima , . . .
A. M.
Ins; day.
today. P. M. report of preced-
Portland and vicinity Showers; winds
mostly southerly.
Orocon Showers; moderate winds, most
ly voutherly.
Wathtnarton Showers; fresh winds,
mostlv southerly.
Idaho Rain, much cooler; strong- west
erly -winds.
f! "4h "WW 1 1 .r.2 .
wfll maintains, throuchout th reunion.
Scllinic Wiii by far the ino"r .i.n r'i lh;n
h huyniK. but ttif lattr In small 1 t wa
larse rnnuKh In th n. k crt-c;.to to abtiTb
he orrrini:P. Ktoip',8 rt- uiRaiim! in iz i 5
mnali to lhwf wh anti ipatd ltrc' rut.
ovr Sunday. b-a u- f t h repi.rLeu im
provement in lie strike t.ituatim. After
hit" hin bi-rtme mor? normal we ran ex
pect a large numher f-f t ar w hii-h are now
on track just outiI to be j)a.cel on the
market. The vi.-itije int-reasl it .imhi to
total of .Y8t.riMw bushel pr -vi-m !y
boucht her nnu no new sit ip pirn hxI's
were retorted. There ar iinTL'iist'it re
ports of financial condition on the other
side that we believe will bo well noi to ic
T.ore. as there Is no telting when the situa
tion miicht brine about a sudden rev;rv:i
In the advancing price tenueni-y or com
modities tn Ren-ra 1.
OATS were intluenced by advre repori
on crop conditions and hlh price were
made by nij deliveries. A-ude from this
nere vrw tune, cnj?nre in ine enerni rewx.
receipt hcinc mail in jrood demand 'ii ad
vances of I to I1 cents. Thin is the sinsun
cf conflict in x crop news, but It Is yet t"0
early lo make prediction. We v.ould nt
put too mu. n Ijita la the uamas reports
anil for the same reason exrr-?-sed in the
corn letter, we arc a little wary of the
Ion Bide
LoMUing futures ranged as follows:
Open. Miirh.
May $1.7"N Jl.T:"-
1 . 7 1
Julv 1. 4
Sept.... l.(i'-'r-,
1 tV.i
May tS .17
July.... .!s T .;
r.7 r.o
o!Mm :.s. i."
21. lo ji.:;
is..", 1 ..-..-
lo 11. 20
07. 6,"
20 LI
IV 4.1
1 1 0
M.i v .
July .
i aah prices were:
Wheat No. 4 northern uprinjer.
Corn No. 3 mixed. 1.71: No.
a I. . r a I . .
Oats No. whlre. Sl.04 4il.OoU Vfl. 3
While. L02 ft 1.IM S.
Kye No. 2. S2.O4feS.041-.
H.trley $.LtUlf L 7.
Timothy e-ed 12.
Clover seed Nominal.
Pork Nominal.
Lard ?l'.t,V.V
Kiba 'SI 7.73 01 1
Minne-apolU C.rain .Market.
MLVNKAI'OLLS. April lf Harley, SI. 36
? 1.65. Klax. No. 1. 4. tMl 'r 4. 60.
ru In at Saa
SAN PKAXC1SCO. April 19. Grain
Wheat. Sl.tftl 2 -J. per cental : oats. red,
S2..t -i 3.10; barley, feed, $;;i3.H. corn,
California yellow, '3.20; rye. S:..2-.
Hay No. 1 -n heat or wheat and oat
hay. S-to 't : No. 2, $:.:: a 3o : choice tame
ont . hay, V't7-40; other tame oat hay,
K.3f$:t7; wtid ont hay. nominal; barl
bay, nominal ; a 1 r'alfa hay, $32 to 37 ; stock
hay, $29j 32; barley straw, 70c.'o $1 per
Seattle l-eeii and Hay.
SKATTI.K. Wash.. April 19. City de
livery Mill feed, $43'j4 per ton; scratch
feed. $H; feed wheat. SMI; all rjiin chop.
175; oats, S72: itproutinar oats. $77: rolled
oats, $74; whole corn. $77; cranked corn,
$S0: rolled barley, $7fl; clipped barley. $81.
Hay Kastern WashinKton timothy,
mixed. $42 per ton: double compressed,
HH; alfalfa. $40; straw. $20; Pug-el sound.
Duluth Unseed Market.
DULUTH April 13. Linseed, J4.6SS4.74.
Coffee1 Futures Advance.
NEW YORK. April IK. Reports of a
firmer tone in Brazil and talk of an im
provement In spot demand as soon aa
transportation conditions become normal
were considered responsible for advances
In the market for coftee futures here to
day. The ofenins was 1 point lower on
May, but arenerally 1 to 6 points higher,
and after pome early liquidation May sold
up to 14.i:l or 36 points above Satur
day's closlnp quotation, while Eecember
advanced to 14.h2c. or 34 points net hiarher.
Closing- prices were at the best point of
the day, showing a net advance of 3rt to 37
point.. April. 14SOc: May. 143c: July,
15.17c: September. 14.92c; October, 14. '.Hie:
December. 14.o3c; January, 1404c; March.
14 KOc.
Spot coffee, firmer; Rio 7s, I5'-c; Santos
4s. 23(L2Vac.
Kantrrn Iaii7 Produce.
NEW YORK. April 19. Butter, firmer:
creamery higher than extras. 73ii74c:
creamery extras, 73c: firsts. 6772e: pack
ing stock, cuarrenl make. No. 2. 4 1 42c.
Kggs. firm; storage-parked extra firsts,
44a'fr47c: storage packed firsts. 45a46e;
fresh-gathered extra firsts, 451?45Vic;
firsts, 4213 44 c.
Cheese, firm; state whole-milk flats held
specials. 2ft t 3 1 r : tio. average run. 2sw
.v asu 1 -w r -a-i-aa, W r f .
The Fast Passenger
Steamer Georgiana
Daily (Except Friday), 7:00 A. M.
Daily (Except Friday), 2:00 P. M.
Special Dining Service
. Telephones: Main 1422 Automatic 51J-22
(N Your Eastern Trip.
by Way of Canada of Course
Put Victoria, B. C. down as your first stop
. over. You will find it one of the loveliest spots
in all your travels like a fine old place in
Southern England or Northern France bril
liant foliage, tradition and old English at
mosphere, plus the grandeur and inspiration
of an island of the Canadian Pacific Coast.
You will never forget your stay at
One of the world's famous hotels, always
remembered as the "BEAUTIFUL Empress"
for its garden of roses, its magnificent out
looks across the Straits of Juan de Fuca to
the Olympics, its perfect appointments for
comfort, its Paris and New York cuisine, its
music, dancing and especially for its inter
esting international life.
all the year: hut hct always to
make reservations in uutaiii-c.
2fc; stte whole-milk, current-make spe
cials, white and colored. 27 1sc.
CHICAGO. Anrll Uutter. unset;. ed.
cranicry. 4K 11 S4 c.
Irk. lower: receipt, 31.7.3 rave. f:r.-t..
41a4112c: ordinal y firsts. S7iHc: ml
h.:rk. cane Included. ItftH-.
Foul t ry A live, lower; sprinss, 37 c .
fowls, 37c.
aTI Store.
SAV A N N A H. Gh.. April If Turpeni in,
firm. JOt: sale, l.'.rt t arret; receipts!.
barrels; shipment s. 4 barrels.
Hos:n, firm; Kales 11J barrels; receipts.
31t barrels, shipments, none. Quote: II.
$L"; l. $17.1.".; K. $17.LT: K, n. H, $l7.r.":
I. $17.7.".; K. M. 1S2;.; N, $100.
v;. 1S 7-V WW. $11 INI
S. S. Rose City
Depart 12 Noon
From Ainsworth Dock
Fare includes Berth and Meals
City Ticket Office. 3d & Washington
Phone .Main 3530
Freight Office, Ainsworth Dock
Phone Broadway 268
S. S. CO.
Pacific Mail Steamship Co.
Freight Service Only Via Panama
S. S. Westward Ho
Sail April 26. From
Baltimore, Md.
Portland, Or.
Monthly SalHnc Thereafter
For rates and full information apply
Pacific Mail Steamship Co.
SO) Railway Eicbssnc Hulldlns;
Trlrpbo.ri Mala t6. r
Daily (except Friday) round trips
Portland to Astoria.
Leave Portland, Taylor-Street Duck.
7:10 A. M.
Leave Astoria, CoIIender Dock, at
2 P. M.
Excellent meals a la carte service.
(Including War Tax)
For further particulars
Phone Main 8065
Frroent sfiir(r fraoi New Tnrk br new and fut
Or Dorsev K. iSnmh, Ysw
Honolulu, 8arm, New ZlBal.
The 2kBlatijU fmmmengttr tt earner
PL. AI. N. -MAviARA" U. M. ".MAKIR1
X.00 Ton Tom
Soil from Vucoorer, U. C.
Far fare and mUIo aipl7 Can. Pie. Roll
way. JV5 Third Kl. I'ortlaod. or Caoadiaa
Australia a Koyai ftlail Una. 440 oajmaat
cXv I a E9 me--'