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Value of Ruble Drops to Only
About One Cent.
bits while the red guard blnged away
at them. I have watch 2d this came
a doien times coming into Fetrograd
and Moscow, and 1 have seen a few
Mlechotchnlki winged too. Of course.
my sympathy was with. them. They
were bringing me, as well as the rest
of the people, food.
The watch finally relaxed, as every
thing else relaxes in Russia; in fact,
the bolshevik), being unable to pro
vide even their own faithful bolshe
vik workmen with food, had to wink I ieflpce IntoPOct Ic Qh1An
at the practice, but the sport still con- ItldllCSa IIIICI C&l Id OIIUWII
tinues. though It is not now so lively
mm seite
While 4 Senators Talk.
lejcrruscil Power and Ka&ier Road
lu LUe Is Kirs-1 Consideration
of Working People.
Amo Ioch-F:eurot. who n In Russia
during th war and sent th first news
from Prtroyrad if ths revolution that
dethroned the cxar. baa for the past se
months ben lnvestlffHlinc conditions
in central Europ and on the frinjee of
the once grrat Itutsian empire. There
la do one bitr qualified as an author
ity on conditions brouiht about by the
boishevikU and the srirs of articles of
hith the follow in t the first, which
he has forwarded from Minsk, la the best
presentation of conditions In the unhappy
country that ha yet reached America.
as it was I ant summer. At all times
it was a strange thing to watch, for
these men were being huftted down
for brinsrinsr badly needed food to
tarvlnv i,ar,r.1a
This state of things had come about PLEA IS MADE FOR SPEED
Because one or ine DoixneriK cocinnra
is that the state must control every
thins;. The fact that they had failed
hopelessly to organise the purchase
and transport of food did not prevent McCumber Argues That Latins Will
idem 1 1 u in BllUfliuis lu lucir uwiiiiiv
f James McCowan, chairman of the po
litical committee of the. Central La
Jbor Council, following a Sunday meet
ing' of labor leaders.
"Every man who holds a union card,
his family and the friends of labor
will be urged to register and vote at
the coming- city election," said Mr.
McCowan. "Labor will make a test
of its strength at this election. We
are told that labor's opportunity to
rectify wrongs and settle its griev
ances is afforded by the ballot, and
we propose to make a tryout of our
(Copyright by Xt York World. Published
by arrangement.)
MINSK. Lithuania. Sept. 19. (Spe
cial Cable.) The proletariat of west
ern Europe does not lack class-consciousness.
Seventy years of socialist
propaganda has had that result at
least. But it also hai a grasp of na
tional economy and it sees that the
I:usian attempt at a dictature by the
proletariat was a long and dangerous
leap into the dark. It has been watch
ing Lenlne's experiment with keen in
terest. It wanted him to succeed. Its
sympathy could hardly help but be
with him. Me was obviously Interested
In the welfare of the world's toilers.
That the Germans helped him into
power seemed to be neither here nor
there. He fooled the Germans after
ward. Of course, he did not In fact deceive
the archintriguers who helped him
Into power. The present industrial
ruin of Russia was part of their game
and even as Lenine as making a long
nose at them and chuckling within
himself over the clever trick he played
them, they knew he was unconsciously
working for them all the time. Ko
he was forcing a doctrine on Russia
that Russia could not wear. But all
this la out of the scope of vision of
the workmen of western Kuropc. They
have kept their eyes lixed on practica
results. The failure of Lenine to get
practical results is much more im
portant to them than any political ad
vantage Germany may be able to take
of It. Their belief in the final tri
umphs of internationalism is such as
to make that in their eyes a matter
Of secondary Importance.
But of first importance to them
always is increased power and an
easier road in life for the working
classes. They are ag.tator-wise. They
can see right through all the red lan
guage of Lenine. Trotsky. Zinoviev
and company. Zinoviev. who could
turn the heads of simple Russian
workmen by a tirade against the
"boorjooy." could not get any results
In a labor syndicate In western Ku
rope. They would all but throw him
out for Insulting their Intelligence.
They know what bolshevism is better
than any one else. It is a direct
action attempt to put lnt practice
the manifest of Marx and Kngel of
Soviet Idea AMraria.
They have been, and still are. might
ily allured by the one new political
formula the Russian revolution pro
duced, the soviet, but they have not
swallowed the bolshevik claim that
theirs Is the "government of the So
viets. Not to say they would not
cheerfully overlook the way the bol
shevik! stole the name if it had led
to successful results. But, not having
succeeded, they make the distinction
between the Russian Soviets, the pop
ular assemblies of workmen and the
bolshevik commissaries who tried to
Institute communism in their name.
Jn every country in Kurope these
last months there has been a bolshe
vik movement. While the spartaklsts
In Germany were the most serious,
there were also the "friends of Le
nine" in Italy, and a considerable bol
thevlk agitation in the labor syndi
cates In England and France, begin
ning with the Zimmerwaldists. who
flourished throughout the war. On
May 1 in Paris the bolshevik paraded
the boulevards chanting "The Soviets,
the Soviets, we want the Soviets." On
the Clyde the soviet agitation came 1
much nearer being a reality. In every
case there were the same type of doc
trinaire leaders supported by a chorus
of fanatical orators and in every case
where they got far enough they an
nounced the same programme, the
JI.irx-Er.gel manifest of 1318.
Stampede la FvaRtt.
The spartaklsts failed in Germany
because the independent socialists.
who held the balance of power, de
manded a more scientific programme
The more moderate radicals in all the
other countries demanded the same
It is only in the United States that
the bolshevik movement has swept the
socialist party as a whole far to the
left. The 1. W. V., having the same
programme, is not balanced within
Itself by cooler heads, as is the case
In the European socialist movement.
For the bolshevik! in America have
succeeded in breaking away from the
rest of the labor movement. In Eu
rope they have not. Socialist labor
leaders in Germany even went so far
as to shoot down the bolshevik-minded.
I saw the editor of Vorwaerts turn
loose a machine gun from the top of
the itrandenburger Tor on a spartakist
crowd on L'nter den Linden. In France
ano cngiana tney nave been con
trolled by the vote. But whether by
machine gun or vote, the saner social
ist leaders intend to control and not
let themselves be stampeded by a rev
olutionary formula TO years old. es
pecially as they have before their eyes
.the example of how it failed to bring
results in Russia
Just how It failed in Russia I shall
The red guard on duty at the rail
road stations of I'etrograd and Mos
cow used to have a rare sport
Miechotchnik sniping. The Miechotch
nikl were sack bearers, farmers,
peddlers, demobilised soldiers, even
members of the red guard itself, who
were trying to break Into the cities
with sacks of provisions on their
backs to sell to the starving people.
But to sell thus privately was against
the bolshevik law. Those of us who
lived in these cities blessed the bold
iliecholchniki, for there was no other
way at all to get food. But the bol
shevik doctrine called for state con
trol of food and the cities had to have
state control. If they starved for IL
So the red guard was there to stop
this illegal practice of free trade.
The llierhotcbnlkt. finding the
trade worth the risk, came anyhow,
and as the trains approached the sta
tions they dropped off in droves and
entered the cities by back allies. The
red guard to frustrate them also ex
tended their surveillance. This made
the arrival of every train a novel
sporting event, with the Miechotch
nik! hopping from the trains and
scooting for cover like frightened rab-
and backing it with their red guard.
People might starve, but Lenine had
written in a book that the communist
state must control food products and
so it had to be.
A wonderful man Is Lenine; won
derful men are these doctrinaire bol
shevikl who can write things in books
and make a great nation live up to
them, even if it dies for it.
Ruia Is Fantastic.
This might seem like a rather ex
travagant example of bolshevism. but
to the Russian people, who have been
the plaything of bolshevik doctrines.
it does not seem more than usually
fantastic. It is really in keeping with
everything else. The nationalizing
of the banks, the nationalizing of in
dustry were analogous events. And
the ruin they brought about has been
no less inevitable, no less complete.
The method of nationalizing lacked
the comic element of Miechotchniki
sniping, but the stubborn doctrinism,
the determination also to nationalize.
though industry starved and died, was
the same.
As 1 have lived under the bolshe
vik! and have seen industry "nation
alized." it is almost Impossible for me
to remain serious while discussing the
Industrial ruin of Russia. It is all
but too fantastic for serious consid
eration. But it must be so handled
If It is to be understood, because the
bolshevik doctrinaires who brought it
about treat it in the most solemn
manner possible, and their disciples
abroad, particularly those in the
United States, talk about the nation
alizing of Russian industry in awe. To
them it is a sort of holy event. So,
while to me or to any common-sense
person not a propagandist for bol
shevism it is a phantasmagoria, I
must give facts and figures to show
what the phantasmarogia looks like.
Nationalizing of industry is prob
ably feasible, state socialism is an ac
cepted dogma, but serious advocates
of these governmental formulas can
hardly turn to bolshevik Russia to
prove their claims. In the labor syn
dicates of western Europe, where
these doctrines are matters of deadly
importance, what has happened in
Russia is looked upon as a horrible
example of how not to nationalize.
To these men, who look forward hope
fully to socialism or communism in
some form, Lenine Is a setback. That
is why they would net declare for
July 21 the general strikes which
were to be in the nature of demonstra
tions in favor of bolshevik Russia.
Failure la Proven.
These labor syndicates, had before
them figures which proved bolshevism
an industrial failure. They studied
these figures and did not allow any
agitators to distract them from the
main issue. Some of the figures which
shall present here were In their
possession, others I have gathered lat
terly myself along the western edge
of bolshevik Russia. My figures come
from all sorts of sources, some even
bolshevik, for the bolshevikl. after
nearly two years In power, have de
veloped differences among themselves,
and to gain political advantages they
sometimes let out a few distressing
Let us consider first what the bol
shevik! have done to the Russian na
tional finances, for industry, even na
tionalized industry, must rest on some
kind of financial basis. Here the bol
shevik! s own purposes have led the
straight to destruction. For in their
effort at world proletariat revolution
they have tried to demonetize money.
If they could reduce the value of all
money to nothing, they would have
capital destroyed and need only seize
he land and industry to bring a rapid
end to tne present state of bourgeois'
society. They have even set their
printing presses to work turning out
counterfeit foreign money, and every
kind or Russian money for which the
plates were still In existence they
nave ground out by the ton.
They have not succeeded in seri
ously interfering with foreign ex
change, but they have ruined the
rouble. In the south of Russia, re
eased from bolshevik control, econ
omists have tried to get a basis for
trade purposes and figured out that a
rouble is now worth one-fifty-eighth
of what it was before the war. As a
rouble used to be worth 56 cents, this
puts the rouble at 1 cent: but the
calculation has no basis in fact. It is
only useful to show what happened to
the rouble In one year, as last year we
used to calculate it roughly at 10
Follow Lead of C. S., Thereby
Counteracting Britain Votes.
tion of the peace treaty In the sen
ate today did not reach the reading
of the printed text leading up to the
Shantung provision on which the
next fight will be made. The day's
programme comprised four speeches,
with a small attendance and listless
The principal speech was made by
Senator McCumber of North Dakota,
republican member of the foreign re
lations committee, who declined to
sign the majority report recommend
ing amendments and reservations to
the treaty and the league of nations
Other sneakers were Senators Mc
Cormick. Illinois, and Lenroot, Wis
consin, republicans, and Walsh, demo
crat. Montana. The discussion re
lated to much ground heretofore
covered, although Senator McCormick
devoted some attention to the Brit
lsh-Persian treaty.
Hitchcock Ask for Speed.
Some senators, eager to speed up
the treaty, had Indicated that it might
be possible to jump right into discus
sion of the Shantung question, with
prospects of a vote within the next
few days. There was scarcely a refer
O. K. K. & X. General Agent Gets
SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 6. (Spe
cial.) H. M. Adams, for several years
general agent of the Oregon-Washington
Railroad & Navigation com
pany in Spokane, has been promoted
to a vice-presidency of the Union Pa
cific system, with headquarters in
Omaha. The appointment is effective
at once. Mr. Adams will be in charge
of traffic.
After leaving Spokane Mr. Adams
became assistant general freight
agent of the Oregon-Washington
Railroad & Navigation company, with
headquarters at Portland, and then
went to the Missouri Pacific system,
of which road he became vice-president
In charge of traffic.
Fighting Marks Attempt to
Resume Service.
Arbitration Meetings Are Held.
Eureka Carmen Accept Offer
of 50 Cents an Hoar.
Agent of Carnival Company Is Xear
Dcatli as Result of Blow Struck
by Secretary Hendcrsliot.
BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 6. (Special.)
An investigation into the circum
stances surrounding the altercation
at the state fair grounds week be
fore last in which Secretary O. P.
Hendershot of the fair struck Michael
ence to it. however, and as the debate Morris, an agent of the Bernard! car-
was general, no effort was made to nival company, resulting in Morris'
resumt the reading so as to bring the
senate up to the Shantung amend
ment. next on the list for a vote.
Senator Hitchcock of Nebraska
leading the democratic fight for
unamended ratification, objected to
day to a move to set aside the treaty
temporarily to consider another mat
ter .and in doing so Insisted that the
senate should begin work on the pact
earlier than 2 o'clock.
Members of both houses of con
gress are counting on a recess about
the first of next month. There is
still a growing disposition in some
quarters not to prolong the proceed
ings by speeches, although democratic
and republican leaders unites in de-
being today in the St. Alphonsus hos
pital, probably facing death, is being
conducted by. E. S. Delana, county
prosecuting attorney.
No hope is held out for the recovery
of Morris, according to Mrs. E. Mor
ris, a sister-in-law, now in Boise.
He has been in a stupor since last
Thursday, and has been unable to
take nourishment of any kind, except
what is administered by his physi
Hendershot and Morris had trouble
during the fair, when the latter, it
is alleged, refused to admit a mem
ber of the state constabulary to one
of the carnival shows. Hendershot
was called and blows followed words.
OAKLAND, Cal., Cot. 6. Five men,
including Police Captain W. F. Woods
were shot this afternoon In the riot
ing consequent upon the attempt of
the San Francisco-Oakland Terminal
railways to resume street-car traffic
at the beginning of the sixth day of
the strike. All the men assert they
were shot from a car and this
borne out by bystanders. None of
the wounds are dangerous.
Several persons were slightly in
Jured today in a series of attacks o
street cars sent out to break th
strike of employes of the San Fran
Cisco-Oakland Terminal Railway
company. Most of the windows) in
three cars were broken and members
of the crew were temporarily di
abled by blows on the head from
rocks. Only one arrest was made. I
the downtown district of Oakland
the Streets are densely peopled b
strikers, their sympathizers and on
lookers. One man. a passenger on
car was roughly handled before the
police could rescue him. One of th
strikebreakers was hauled from
car, but he said he was going to quit
anyhow, and was taken to union
labor headquarters. A few rock
broke some of the windows in the
Meetings in the interest of arbitra
tion were held today.
EUREKA, Cal., Oct. 6. The com
pany's offer of 50 cents an hour was
accepted today by motormen and con
ductors of the Humboldt Transit com
pany, after they had ended a strike
Saturday pending the result of arbi
tration on the! demands for 55 cents.
. J. Poysky, of Kelso, to Handle
Rainier Drainage District.
w.TSin Wash Oct. s. (SDecial.)
daring that attempts to shut off I with the result Morris nas since Deen G j Poysky, diking engineer of this
in the hospital. Secretary Hender
shot is now at Lewiston. He is also
secretary of the Lewiston livestock
Charge of Murdering Fiancee to Be
Heard December 16.
LOS ANGELES. Oct. 6. Trial of
Harry S. New on a charge of murder
ing his fiancee. Miss Fredia Lesser,
which was scheduled to start in su
perior court here today, was post
poned until December 16.
New declares he Is the son of Unit
ed States Senator New of Indiana.
(Continued Krum First Pace.)
that the benefits to be derived justify
giving it serious consideration."
In an address on 'Educational
Work." E. T. Allen, forester of the
association, declared that the asso
ciation had borne the burden of fire
protection almost unaided by the pub
lic but that the magnitude of the
task and the extent of fire hazards
had increased until an Immediate en
largement of the protective pro
gramme is necessary.
"In other words, a fire rally!"
said Mr. Allen. "Tell the truth and
make everybody see it. Sound the
alarm! Not enough money is being
spent to safeguard life and property.
There must be better state and
federal appropriations. If lumber
men don't spend more, at least more
of them must spend. Fire laws must
be made to mean as much aa the laws
against other crimes. There must be
officers to enforce them and Indif
ference must not shelter the guilty.
We cannot continue to hold the fort
much longer as things are going,
without help In two ways more care
with fire, and greater expenditure of
public funds. Just as we originally
led the field in protection publicity.
and as we now lead it In protection
methods, let us realize that we are
again where public help Is necessary
and lead the field in going after this
Other prominent speakers on the
programme . were George C. Joy.
Washington state forester; Hugh
Henry. Linn county fire patrol serv
ice: F. A. Elliott. Oregon state for
ester: George H. Cecil, district for
ester, and C. S. Chapman, who presided-as
speeches will not be to hasten a vote.
nritUh Control Denied.
Senator McCumber in his speech
today sharply denied the argument
that Great Britain would have six
votes against one for the united
States in the league and contended
that the United States would be the
dominant power. At a mere nod from
this government, he said, ten coun
tries of the western hemisphere had
declared war on Germany, and it was
the mos tnatural thing In the world.
he added, to find them standing with
and voting with the United States
"almost en bloc for anything the
United States desired."
In a dispute between the United
States and Great Britain, or in mat
ters vitally affecting the interest of
either nation. Great Britain's colo
nies would have no - voice in the
league. Senator McCumber declared.
while the stepchildren and wards of
the United States in South and cen
tral America, would follow the lead
of this country."
Investigation Only Power.
The North Dakota senator said "the
real facts" regarding the league
That neither the council nor as
sembly is a board of arbitration.
That neither of them decides Inter
That the only Jurisdiction which KOLCHAK ARMY ADVANCES
tne council or assemoiy nave over a
place, who has attained prominence
in the northwest by his successful
work in the reclamation of more than
12,000 acres of overflow land near
Kelso, has been selected as engineer
of the drainage district at Rainier, Or.
There are about 1400 acres in that
district to be reclaimed by diking and
English Royal Party to Pass drainage. The preliminary survey has
. been completed ana worK win De
Tlirougli city lomorrov. started soon. Mr. Poysky also is en-
rmmirila T.e veson -Gower. fourth gineer for two districts at wooaiana,
duke of Sutherland, and party will comprising aooui ivuv acres, u im
pass an hour and a half in Portland the 9000-acre project m Clarke count,, .
tomorrow on the way to California,
according to word received by rail
way officials here yesterday.
The duke of Sutherland and his
party have been visiting in Canada
and will go from Vancouver, B. C,
and to San Francisco before return
ing to England. Los Angeles, Yo-
semlte valley and the grand canyon
also will be visited.
The party will arrive in Portland
at 7:20 A. M. tomorrow at the union
station, and will leave here at 9
o'clock for California. They are trav
eling in a special car. "Common-
weath. The house of Sutherland Is
one of the oldest of the noble families
of Scotland, dating back to about the
year 1200. and owning extensive lands
in the north of Scotland.
More Than 100 Floats Will Take
Part in Fair Event at The Dalles.
THE DALLES, Or., Oct. 6. (Spe
cial.) More than 100 decorated floats,
depicting the various enterprises of
Wasco county, will be entered in the
The Board of .
Lubrication Engineers
Our Board of Lubrication En
gineers study the lubrication
needs of each make of automobile.
.These experts have determined
the correct consistency of Zero
lene for your make of automobile.
Their recommendations are avail
able for you in the Zerolene Cor
rect Lubrication Charts. There is
a chart for each make of car.
Zerolene is correctly refined
from selected California crude oil.
It keeps its. lubricating body at
cylinder heat, holds compression,
gives perfect protection to the
moving parts and deposits least
carbon. It is the product of the
combined resources, experience
and equipment of the Standard
Oil Company.
Get a Correct Lubrication Chart
for your car. At your dealer's or
our nearest station.
1 k&tfW i
jj -i fe ' N
'grade for each type of engine
industrial parade which will feature
fair week here.
This parade will be the first of its
kind attempted here In five years, and
the merchants and business men have
backed the task to make the pageant
the most spectacular ever seen at
The Dalles.
dispute between nations is the right
to investigate and report what the
true facts are, and make recom
mendations. That a dispute with a part of a na
tion or empire is a dispute with the
"Great Britain cannot and will not
control the vote of Canada." Senator
McComber said. "I would like to put
this question straight to the Ameri
can people:
"Has not Canada, a fully governing,
independent dominion, earned by her
sacrifices In blood . and treasure
through four years of this bloody war.
a right to a seat in the assembly that
would give her voice an effect equal
to Haiti, Hedjaz, Honduras, Liberia,
Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Salvador or
Spokane Unions Propose to Klcct
Three City Commissioners.
SPOKANE. Wash., Oct. 6. (Spe
cial.) Spokane union labor is ex
pected to go to the polls en masse
November 4 to cast its vote for the
candidates Indorsed by union labor
for the purpose of electing three com
missioners and for the additional pur
pose of testing the strength of or
ganized labor in Spokane.
This announcement was made by
15,000 Prisoners and 100 Machine
Guns Reported Captured.
OMSK, Sept. 28. (By the Associat
ed Press.) The advance of tne Si
berian armies under Admiral Kolchak I
since the resumption of the offensive
September 1 has been carried out with
a few reverses to a distance averag
ing 73 miles along the whole front.
Fifteen thousand prisoners, 100 ma
chine guns and 21 heavy cannon have
been captured in this moyement by
which the forces of Admiral Kolchak
brought the retreat to an end.
In eight lessons ladles
12.50. gentlemen S5.00
at De Honey s tseautirui
Academy, 23d and Wash
ington. New Classes for
Hreinnen start Monday
Tuesday. Thursday and
Friday evenings, 8 to
11:30. Plenty of desir
able partners and prac
tice. No embarrassment.
Private lessons all
hours. Learn from pro
fesslonal dancers. Phone
Main (baft.
ravel Congestion Relieved and
Passage Easier lo Obtain.
HONOLULU. T. H., Sept. 27. (Cor
respondence of the Associated Press.)
Congestion of passenger traffic
ere has been almost entirely elim
inated after months of acute distress,
during which many persons had to
wait for weeks to obtain passage to
the United States.
Almost 200 passengers, awaiting
transportation to the mainland, were
taken from Honolulu this week by
the Canadian-Australian- liner Niag
ara to Victoria, Vancouver and Se
Several of the Matson Navigation
company liners, back from war serv
ice in the Atlantic, will return to the
Honolulu-San Francisco service be
fore the first of the year. It will not
be difficult thereafter, shipping men
say. to obtain passage to or from
Girls Make $50 Weekly.
THE DALLES, Or., Oct. 6. (Spe
cial.) With a weekly payroll of J6000
the local canning plant of Libby, Mc
Neill & Libby is still short of help.
The apple canning season is now on
in full blast and wages bid fair to
go higher. Many girls in the local
plant are making $50 a week. Can
ning will keep the wheels of Industry
turning at the big plant until Feb
ruary 1 of next year.
Phon your war ads to The Orego
nian. Mahi 7070, A 6095.
Read The Oregonian classified ads.
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blackheads, in most cases give way
to Zemo. Frequently, minor blemishes
disappear overnight. Itching usually
stops instantly. Zemo is a safe, anti
septic liquid, clean, easy to use and
dependable. It costs only 35c; an extra
large bottle, $1.00. It will not stain, is
not greasy or sticky and is positively
Eafe for tender, sensitive skins.
The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland. O.
Salesman Wanted
Electric Sweepers
A new 'campaign about to start.
Liberal Commissions
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This Test Reveals a
Phonograph's Tone
ASK to have piano records played the most
difficult test of sound reproduction. The
Brunswick has proved its merits under this
ultimate trial, for it reproduces piano tones faith
fully. On The Brunswick, piano records retain their orig
inal quality. They cannot be confused with the harp
, or zither. This is due to the Brunswick Method of
Before you buy, or even if you already have a
phonograph, come in and hear The Brunswick. Put
it to any tone test you wish. Let us play the most
difficult records for you. You will be delighted with
the way The Brunswick plays them all.
The Ultona All-Record Reproducer and the all
wood Tone Amplifier are exclusive Brunswick fea
tures. And they are integral parts of the instrument
not attachments in any sense.
We Eat Too Much Meat, Which
Clogs Kidneys, Then the
Back Hurts.
Most folks forget that the kidneys,
like the bowels, get sluggish and
clogged and need a flushing: occasion
ally, else we have backache and dull
misery In the kidney region, severe
headaches, rheumatic twingree, torpid
liver, acid stomach, sleeplessness and
all sorts of bladder disorders.
You simply must keep your kidneys
active and clean, and the moment you
feel an ache or pain in the kidney
region, get about four ounces of Jad
Salts from any good drug store here,
take a tablespoonful In a glass of wa
ter before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts Is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with lithia, and Is harmless to
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to normal activity. It also neu
tralizes the acids in the urine so it
no longer Irritates, thus ending blad
der disorders.
Jad Salts is harmless; Inexpensive;
makes a delightful effervescent llthla
water drink which everybody should
take now and then to keep their kid
neys clean, thus avoiding serious com
plications. A well-known local druggist tvaytj
he sells lot of Jad Salts to folks who
believe in overcoming kidney trouble
while it Is only trouble. Adv.
Society Women Use
New Wrinkle Remover
Since the discovery that a solution
of ordinary saxollte and witch hazel
has a peculiar effect upon wrinkled
skins, it has been learned that many
prominent society women . all over
the country have used this simple
home treatment with great success.
The formula is: Powdered saxolite,
one ounce, dissolved in witch hazel,
one-half pint. Use daily as a wash
The beneficial action of this wash
is felt at once. There's an agreeable
refreshing sensation and feeling of
exhilaration. Flabbiness and all
wrinkles are immediately affected.
and the skin soon becomes firmer and
more youthful looking. No woman
need hesitate to get the ingredients
at the drug store and make the rem
edy herself, for there are no harmful
effects whatever. Adv.
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For All Inflammation
From Pneumonia to Burns