Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 20, 1919, Page 24, Image 24

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Telegram Said to Sanction
Work Is Not Produced.
Portland Post Seeks to Awaken Pab
lic Interest in Placing Work in
Hands of Bed Cross.
' It is possible that the Portland post,
American Legion, will take further
steps to awaken public interest in the
matter , of conducting relief work for
the people of former enemy countries
through some recognized American or
ganization, such as the Red eross, in
accordance with their recently adopted
resolution of censure toward the work
of the German and Austrian relief com
mittee of the Pacific northwest.
It is contended by members of the
legion that this organization, which
has headquarters at 215 Fourth street,
and which is said already to have col
lected $15,000 for the relief of the
destitute peoples of Germany and Aus
tria, Bhould at least conduct its pub
licity and solicitation in the English
language, and should, as a matter of
recognized authority, take steps at
once to turn its projects over to an
American organization.
Legion's Efforts Balked.
Efforts of the legion to determine
the authority by which the so-called
relief committee is operating have thus
far met with no success. Members of
the legion committee have been told
that the Portland officers of the Ger
man and Austrian relief committee are
proceeding under the sanction of high
governmental authorities, but no docu
mentary proof has accompanied the
' "When our committee called on them
at their office the boys were met with
this assertion," said Arthur A. Murphy
cf the executive committee of Portland
post, American Legion. "The commit-
"teemen weie told that W. G. McAdoo,
former secretary of the treasury, had
-sent a telegram sanctioning the plan
for German and Austrian relief. Mr.
Kern and his associates were asked to
produce the message, but failed to com
ply with the request."
Pleas Printed In German.
According to information in the
hands of the Portland post, all of the
publicity work of the relief committee
has been conducted in the German lan
guage, and letters of appeal have been
accompanied by copies of a German
newspaper, the Nachrichten, presum
ably the journalistic successor of the
Teutsches Zeitung, a German-language
paper which was suppressed during the
war. Members of the relief committee
are Ernest Kroner, chairman; A. E.
Kern, secretary; Paul Wessinger,
Henry Eilers, John Montag and John
The Portland Social Turn "Verein, an
organization largely comprised of citi
zens of German blood, has not at any
time been approached to join in the re
lief work, according to F. L. Nagel,
president, though it is ordinarily to the
fore in all matters of philanthropy and
crc-cial service.
Red Cross Is Suggested.
. "I think if I were going to help any
one out, I would do it as an American,"
said Mr. Nagel yesterday. "I would do
it through some properly constituted
American organization, using the Eng
lish language. I understand that the
publicity matter sent out by the Ger
man and Austrian relief committee has
all been in German print.
"It appears that the guiding spirits
of the enterprise are members of the
old German newspaper crowd. They
sneered as us' (the Turn Verein) for
our attitude during the war, and I im
agine that we are being ignored in. the
present work because of our stand at
that time.
"I have a great deal of faith, in the
liberality and warm-heartedness of the
American people. We have great char
itable and relief organizations, such as
the Red Cross, to take up such work as
this of German and Austrian relief. 1
can see no reason whv if- shnulri Ha
conducted in a foreign tongue, to the
exclusion of real American institu
tions." The resolutions adopted by the local
post, American Legion, scored the foreign-language
organization heavily, de
claring that it and its kind afford an
opportunity to "persons disloyal, or not
loyal, to the United States," to utilize
the same "as a. subterfuge for the dis
semination of propaganda inimical to
the United States."
We wish' to thank our friends and
neighbors for their many acts of kind
ness and love during the illness and
death of our brother. Angelo Figini.
A Timely Sale
" of 3200 Yards
The Regular Values
Range to $1.30 Yd.
This is a rare opportunity for
Portland homekeepers to pur
chase desirable cretonnes for
Fall and Winter at a price that
in many instances is LESS
Scores of attractive patterns
in these gaily colored cretonnes,
suitable for living room, dining
room and bedroom curtains.
Freshen up your windows for
Fall with these cretonnes at 59c
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Last Day of Our Great
Fall Sale of Blankets
Promptly at 6 P. M. tonight our great fall sale of blankets, comforters and
pillows will come to a close. Every home can supply fall and winter bedding
needs at good savings in this 6ale. Reductions range from $2.25 Emmerich
bed pillows at $1.65 to $15.00 all-wool plaid blankets at $12.65.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor. (Mail Orders Fillfed.)
The- QyALiTir Stoke or Portland'
rWs, Sixth. T-tof-rtaory Akfar ata. .
50c Chocolate
Fudge 39c
Good pure fudge made in our own day
light candy kitchen of sugar, cream, choc
olate and walnuts. Just the kind of candy
that the children and the whole family
will like.
Meier & Frank's: Ninth Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
All the Popular
15c Song Hits
will be found in our Sheet Music Shop on
the Basement Balcony. Others at 30c, 35c
and 40c Music books are also on sale.
Expert pianists are here at all times during
the day to play requested numbers.
Meier & Frank's: Basement Balcony.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Portland Is Bcasily Dressing Up for Fall
Saturday News From
The Girls' Own Shop
School Middies
Bob Evans middies of navy serge
with white braid trimmed collar,
pocket and sleeves, 6 to 16 years
and 36 to 44 bust, $7.50.
Navy serge middies in sizes 6 to
14 years, special, $2.98.
.Navy serge middies in sizes 6
to 16 years and 36 to 44 bust, $5.95.
All white jean middies for gym
nasium wear in sizes 6 to 16 years
and 36 to 44 'bust, $2.50.
White jean middies with red, ca
det and navy collars and cuffs in
sizes 6 to 16 years and 36 to 42
bust, $2.50 and $2.98.
Silk Petticoats
A broken assortment of colors in
these ; misses' taffeta and jersey
silk petticoats with and without
flounces. 28 to 36 inches long.
Special $5.95.
Meier & Frank
Many new arrivals will bring
mothers ind their daughters to
the Girls' Own Shop today. We
especially feature:
New Fall Coats
Our displays cf the new fall coats
are unusually complete. We have all
the fashion favored materials, tyles,
patterns and colors in coats for girls
from 2 to 20 years. $10 upwards.
New Dresses
Children's school dresses of fine
serge in navy and medium blue, red
and brown. Many attractive styles
one and two-piece effects with plain
or pleated skirts. Effectively trimmed.
Sizes 6 to 14 years. $13.50 to $18.50.
Peter Thompson dresses of navy
serge, 6 to 16 years, $9.50 to
Black sateen bloomers with band
or elastic tops, sizes 2 to 12 years,
special 79c
Gymnasium bloomers of serge,
panama cloth, or sateen with fitted
or pleated bands, children's, misses'
and women's sizes, $2.98 to $5.50.
Warm Sweaters
Heavy knit sweaters in attrac
tive dark shades, some with striped
trimming. Belted models with large
and small collars. Sizes 8 to 16
years, $6.50 to $10.
Child's Hats
Tailored and fancy hats of
velour, velvet, beaver, corduroy and
silk. Smart styles with trimming
of flowers, fur or ribbon. White
and all the wanted dark and light
colors. Sizes 2 to 12 years,' $2.50
to $12.50.
"s: Second Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
is the price we have marked on a large assortment of women's
and misses' fall suits and we know it will be good news in the
ears of many to be told that such suits as these are to be had
at such a price. The three models sketched are suggestive of
the smart styles. Throughout the broad variety a like desir
ability is found in the garments.
Materials include the popular serges, velours and homespuns.
Navy, gray, taupe and tan are the colors.
The lines and trimming features are unmistakably those of
fall 1919. It is a notable collection at $39.50.
Meier & Frank's: Fourth Floor. (Mail Orders FUled.)
New in Our Neckwear Shop
Gilets, Vestees
. Gilets and vestees will enjoy high
favor in the new neckwear world
for fall. There are organdy mod
els with laces and tucks, also net
and organdy styles with shadow,
filet and Val lace frills. 95c to $2.75.
Bertha Collars
Smart new bertha collars of net
top, Chantilly and shadow laces
in white and cream. These are es
pecially popular with the school
miss. Prices range from $1.75 to
New Scarfs
Plush, verimole and beaver scarfs
for wear with dresses and suits. A
variety of models with plain and
fancy silk linings. Some have belts
and pockets. Prices $5.95, $6.95,
$7.75, $8.95, $9.50, $9.95.
New Coatees
New models in coatees of plush
and broadtail with plush collar and
cuffs. Plain and fancy linings. $35
to $69.50.
Kerami coatees with fancy silk
linings are priced at $55 to $69.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
A Saturday Sale of $6 Black
Traveling Bags $4.65
Exactly 100 of these good
looking bags suitable for shop
ping or travel uses. Walrus
grain under-cut split cowhide
bags in 18-inch size.
Tan colored washable linings.
Sewed .corners.
These bags are good value at the
regular price of $6.00 at $4.65 they
are exceptional.
One sketched. Come early.
: -Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Last Day of
Our men's, women's and chil
dren's knit underwear sections
have made a display of 37,800 un
dergarments for Munsing week
27,800 women's and children's and
10,000 men's and boys' undergar
ments a showing never before
equaled in these parts. Come in to
day and select your fall and winter
Munsing underwear at Meier &
Frank's. Here only in Portland.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Hairbows 53c
Children's hair
bows made of
beautiful butter
fly hair ribbon
in plain shades
with heavy corded
edge. Ribbon is
5Vi inches wide.
Each bow con
tains 1 Ya yards.
Smartly tied in
the new Mary
Jane style. Special today at 53c.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Adventure Books
"Shadow Mountain" by Dane
Coolidge, a novel of Death Valley,
"The Crescent Moon" by F. Brett
Young, a romance of devotion and
treachery in the heart of East Afri
ca, $1.75.
"The Ivory Trail" by Talbot
Mundy, a present-day search for a
fabulous board of priceless treasure
in mysterious Africa, $1.75.
"Burned Bridges" by Bert rand
W. Sinclair, author of North of
Fifty-Three, $1.60.
: Meier & Frank's: Fifth Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Photo Albums
T o preserve the
pictures you have
taken this summer,
keep them in a photo
album. We have juefc
received a large ship
ment of photo al
bums ranging in
price from 20c to $8.
A great variety of
styles to choose from.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Drape Veils
New novelty drape veils to match
the fall hats. Filet and other nov
elty meshes with narrow or wide
borders in chenille and scroll pat
terns. Black, brown, navy and
taupe. Each $1.75 to $6.
New Veilings
Hexagon mesh veilings in black,
brown and navy with chenille dots
in blue, henna, gold and red. Yard
65c to $1.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Vaucaire Galega Tablets, 6 boxes
$5, box 9."C
Garden Fragrance Face Powder
Harriet Hubbard Ayer's Luxuria
Cream .$1.75, $1.25, C5 and
Vivaudou Mavis Toilet Water at
$ 1
Parinol, for keeping the hair in
curl, $1.
Aubry Sisters' Beautifier $1,-O0
and 350.
Melba Massage Cream 5O0.
Ilys Tooth Powder 500.
Regent Violet Talcum 250.
Elesia Ideal Talcum 250.
Djer Kiss Talcum 250.
Djer Kiss Face Powder $1.05 and
Conti Castile Soap, bar $2.50.
Stern's Chic Rouge 390.
Colgate's Coleo Soap, cake 100.
Colgate's Eclat Soap, cake 350.
Devilbiss Plunger Atomizers tt50.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Sale of Cut Glass
Automobile Vases
A special purchase en
ables us to offer attractive
auto vases at this very
moderate price. Vases are
8 inches tall and are in
the pretty optic shape as
illustrated with neat floral
cutting and silver plated
Subject to 59c war tax.
Meier & Frank's: Basement.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
For Every Member of the Family We Have
the Proper Clothes and Accessories
MmM I iff mmA
; Y ;V j- klt y
Suits and Overcoats
QUALITY first and no compromise is the prin
ciple that has guided us in building up our
men's clothing business. We sell the best
because we are in a position to secure the best and
because Portland men want the best. Not all our
garments are of equal grade, of course. But go
through our broad stocks, pick out what garment at
what price you will each is the best our expert
judgment considers the market affords at the price.
$30 Upwards
is the price range and at whatever amount one chooses to
pay we offer a large assortment of thoroughly good, well
made, smartly-styled, properly-fitting clothes for fall. That
there are all styles for men of all tastes and all sizes for men
of .all builds goes without saying.
A man or young man can well take a few minutes of his
time any day to come in and view this assemblage, which
rises to the dignity of a sartorial exhibit in its excellence
and is eo broadly -comprehensive in its scope as to please
everyone. v
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Columbia Shirts
for Fall
are here in satisfying selection and they .well uphold
the reputation of this line for shirts of superior
quality. The most surprising thing about them is
that despite the excellence of the fabrics which goes
into them and the thoroughly good way in which
Columbia shirts are made prices are so low..
Whether a man chooses cotton shirts from the $2.50, $3,
$3.50, $4 or $5 lots or silks (and Columbia silk shirts arc
something to talk about) from the $10 or $11 lots he can be
sure of getting real value in Columbias. Every shirt is guar
anteed. All sizes are represented in these shirts in the popu
lar soft cuff styles for fall.
0 '
New Hats
is a prosaic way of alluding to the
showing of fall headwear now be
ing made in The Store for Men.
Evidently Portland men and young
men recognize the better qualities,
larger assortments and superior
values of our fall hats for our busi
ness in this department is going
ahead by leaps and bounds.
America's Best
may be as truly predicated of our men's
hats a6 of our-men's clothes and furniso
ings. Knox, Stetson these are finely
represented with our own M. & F. Spe
cial and other reliable makes.
Not the least important feature
is the SERVICE our expert hat
salesmen assure purchasers in this
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Here, Too, and Here Exclusively
Famous 'Sampeck' Suits
The Standard of America
in Boys' Clothing:
This week's "Saturday Evening Post" advises parents to bring their
boys to the Sam peck store and see the features which give Sampeck suits
their superiority. We are glad to extend this invitation on our own
account that you
. Bring Your Boy to This Store
the Sampeck store where the new Sampecks for fall are displayed
stacks and stacks of them for your inspection. Too many of them to
go into particulars here but you can be sure that Sampeck has overlooked
nothing in fabric, style, trimming or otherwise that smart boys would
choose for themselves or parents prescribe for their boys. Sizes 6 to IS
years. Prices $15 to $40.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor. (Mail Orders Fined.)