Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 10, 1919, Page 9, Image 9

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Oty Editor Mum 7"T0. A n9J
Sund.r . Editor Min T7.. A WJOJ
Adrarllilni Department Main 7.0. A 05
Superintendent of Buildlns.Mam t0.0. A SU9S
Snberrlbe with the following- agents at
your summer resort to secure the moat
prompt delivery of The Oreionlan. City
rates. Subacriptlona by mail are payable
In advance.
Binin, Or F- C. Robinson
Bay City. Or O. E. Shelley
Baroenn. Or F. D. Mitrbe.l
Bnchton. Or A. W. Rowe
Carson. Wash C. B. Smith
Ecola. Or Cannon Beach Merchandise Co.
GarlbaldL Or.
Gearhart, Or
Lonir Beach. Wash....
Manhattan Beach. Or.
afanaanlta. Or
Nahcolta. Wash .
Neah-kah-nte. Or
Nrtarta. Or
Nehaiem. Or....
.S. M. McMillan
. ..W. S. Robinson
. ..V. B. Stbauhal
S. F. Ancel
E. Kardeli
, H. J. Brown
A. C. Anderson
.Mrs. H. JI. Cross
. .I. C. ferejoy
N-woort. Or O. T. Herron
Ocean Park. Wash Emma S. Campbell
Pacific Beach. Wash Burke Cole
Pacific City. Or D. F. Edmunds
Rockawar. Or Frank Miller
Seaside. Or A. J. Gillette
Shinherdi Hot SDrinra. nun.
Mra. N. St. Martin
Seavlew. Wash Geore N. Putnam
Tillamook. Or J. D. Lamar
Wheeler. Or R- H. Cody
Woods. Or Charland Deuel
Wllaoit Sorlnc. Or F. W. MvLeran
FPHEtTV Broaday at Taylor) Vaude
ville. This afternoon and tonight.
ALCAZAR (Eleventh at Morrison) Alcazaelina; to probate cases would be heard by
siusicai i-iayera m unit jiuw jtircuit judge Tazwell. wno was eie
Homes Are Ransacked. House
prowlers are still Infesting; all parts of
the city and a quantity of jewelry and
other articles have been stolen during
the past two days, according to re
ports made yesterday at the police de
tective bureau. Thomas Baldwin, 586
Crampton street, reports his house was
ransacked from top to bottom, the
thieves procuring jewelry and clothing
valued in excess of $200. Miss M. Mc-
Adam, liSS East Yamhill street, reports
her home entered by thieves who made
off with a quantity of Jewelry. O. L.
Sterrett has reported that thieves took
a quantity of Jewelry and a gold
watch when they entered his home at
75 West Russett street.
Woman Seeks Father. Mrs. Mary
Co vie. No. 1 Thompson avenue, Glou
cester, N. T., has written to The Orego
nian asking for assistance in locating
George A. A. Boyles, who was last
heard from near Portland. He is be
lieved to be on a tract of government
land in the vicinity of Portland. He
has two sons and two daughters, of
whom the writer is one, who are
anxious to get In touch with him, as
they have not seen him for 15 years.
She asks that any person who may
know of his whereabouts communicate
with her at once, as she intends coming
to Oregon to vsit him If she can locate
Tazweu, Is Probate Judge. Presid
ing Judge Gatens announced yesterday
that in the future all matters pertain-
Thla afternoon and tonight.
X.TRIC (Fourth at Stark) Musical comedy.
Three ah ova dailv. 2. 7 and P. M.
BAKER (Broadway, near Morrison) Baker
Mayers In "Come out or me aiiuns.
This afternoon and tonicht.
A A STACKS (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Three ahows dally. I: SO. 7 and :U.
RTPPODROMB (Broadway at Tamhlll)
Vaudeville and moving plcturea, 3 to o.
45 to 11 P. M. Saturdays, Sundays and
holidays continuous. 1:11 to 11 r.
ernini) f Washington street, between Park
and West Park) Vaudeville and moving
pictures. Contlnuoui
On Bale at
Business Office. Oresmntsa.
CocirrT Fair to Have Indian Village.
C. D. lllnton. manager of the Multno
mah Countv Fair and Manufacturers
and 1-a.nd Products Show has secured
an Indian village for the fair at Gresh-
m in ha held SeDtember 15 to 20.
Features of this exhibit will be an
Indian dance on several occasions. The
fair has secured also a fine herd of
Ked Polled cattle from Minnesota and
these will be shown here for the first
time In Oregon. Mr. Minton returnea
r.n.MK from Pendleton where he
went on business In connection with
the county fair.
Armt Nurses Relieved. With the
reduction of the personnel of Vancouver
Barracks to a peace basis the army
nurses who have served at the post
storing the war have been relieved and
will leave Saturday for the various
posts to which they have been trans
ferred. The nurses and tneir new ata
tions are Miss Alice M. Tappan and
Mini Ethvl Dumbrille. Carlstrom field.
Fla. Miss Ethel Whitman Sels. Nogales. Masten. who
Aria., and Misses Bess Bowman. .aun
Caldwell and Mary Kitzpatrick, Marsh-
tie Id. Cal.
K1U.1XO8WORTH Meeting: Scheduled.
A meeting of all property owners In
eluded In the territory north of Kill
lngsworth avenue, east of Lnlon ave
nue and the c!y limits, will be held
Friday evening at 8 o'clock In the
Woodlawn school to protest against ihe
oroDosed Improvement of the streets in
this section under present paving
prices. A motion will be Introduced to
wait until such time as the city can
make the improvements, rather than
having the work done now by private
concerns at a higher price.
Mr. Mickle to Make Trips. J. D.
Mickle. state dairy and food commis
loner, will leave today for Tillamook
to attend a large meeting of dairy
farmers. Professor R. R. Graves, for
merly of Oregon Agricultural college,
now of Washington. D. C. will be an
other speaker at the farmers meeting
Next week Mr. Mickle will go to Marsh.
field to confer with the city council
vated from the county bench with the
creation of a new department of the
circuit court for the hearing of such
cases. In the past few months the
presiding judge of the circuit court has
heard all motions and ex parte matters
pertaining to probate as well as other
work of the court, but from now on
Judge Tazwell will hear not only the
cases proper but all processes in con
nection with the cases.
Albers Appeal to Be Argued. The
case of Henry Albers, who appealed
from a sentence of three years and a
fine of $10,000 given by the United
States district court on a charge of
making disloyal remarks relative to the
government, will be argued In the
I nited States court of appeals at San
Francisco on October 14. according to
advices received in Portland yesterday.
The case will be argued for the gov
ernment by United States Attorney
Haney and Deputy United States At-,
torney Goldstein
Garage to Cost $17.00 Planned.
Plans for a garage to cost $17,200 were
filed with the building inspector yes
terday by the Metzger-Parker-Fergu
son company acting for the Bernhard
I. Stone estate. The new garage will
be erected on Broadway between Flan
ders and Glisan streets. It will be 90
by 100 feet and one story in height,
stable Peterson received word yester
day from Colfax. Cal.. of the arrest of
Clifton Milliard. 17. sought for severa
months on a statutory charge. Hi
home is In Gresham. Chief Deputy Con
stable Rennick will bring Hilliard
Masten Estate $10.000. Charles
died in Portland August
19. 1919, left an estate valued at $20. vOO
according to the petition for probate of
will, filed by the widow, Mrs. Molli
E. Masten, in the circuit court yester
day. Mr. Masten is survived by hi
widow, son and daughter.
The Auxiliart of the American
Legion of Post No. 1 will hold a spe
clal meeting In Multnomah hotel on th
mezzanine floor, Wednesday evening,
September 10. Adv.
Amalia Kellt, hydropath, has
turned. Adv.
Rheumatism can be cured. East 1577.
regarding the appointment of a health Julius Tanner and Ljdia Barry Get
officer for that locality.
School Committee to Meet. The ex
ecutive board of the committee of one
hundred on school affairs will meet
Friday night at 8 o'clock at the office
of J. H. Dun do re, chairman, ai ine
music house of Sherman. Clay & Co.
The executive board will decide upon
the date of the next meeting of the
committee, which will probably be held
In central library during the coming
-week- The officers of the committee
compose the executive board.
Opera Rehearsal Fridat Night.
The first rehearsal of the season of the
Portland Opera association will take
Many Laughs in New Fea
tures This Season.
The Orpheum's four-star show, of
which the popular Julius Tannen and
Lydia Barry are the joint headliners,
has been held over for an extra per
formance at the Heillg theater tonight.
This is the first four-star show of the
Orpheum season and it has proved to be
a great drawing card all along the cir
Julius Tannen, first of the headliners
anrWAra In mnnnlncne Ma ha a dis
place Friday night. September 12. at 8
tinftive! dpliverv dpHrrlhpri hv
clock in the exiDii room, ground iioor,
of the Oregon building. The opera
elected for rendition is Flotow's
"Martha." which will be presented at
the public auditorium. November 21 and
31. The opera association board win
meet Saturday at noon.
Moonshine Operators Jailed. R. H.
Sale and John McClung were lodged in
the county Jail yesterday by Deputy
Sheriff George Hurlbut on the charge
of maintaining a moonshine still at
their home. 1555 Burrage street. One
half gallon of finished product and 100
gallons of mash were confiscated. The
men explained to the deputy that they
were making the concoction for medic
inal purposes.
Thr Great Health Restorer The
milk and rest cure as given at the
Moore Sanitarium, secures the most
gratifying results in a wide variety
ef non-surgical diseases. If a patient
has any recuperative power he will find
It here. Office 908 Selling bldg. Phones
Alain (101. East 47. Adv.
The Moore Sanitarium. The only
sanitarium on the North Pacific coast
devoted exclusively to the milk and
rest cure. Office S08 Selling bldg.
Main C101. Adv.
Dr. J. C. JL Ironside has returned
and after Sept. 15 will be prepared to
take care of old and new patients at
his new offices, 308-11 Broadway bldg.
Dr. Horace B. Fenton Is now asso
ciated with Dr. Hickes C. Kenton in
treatment of eye. ear, nose and throat
at 801 Stevens bldg. Adv.
Dr. Horace B. Fenton Is now asso
ciated with Dr. Hickes C. Fenton in the
treatment of the eye. ear, nose and
throat at 801 Stevens bldg. Adv.
Free Moving Picture of Mooseheart
at Moose hall. Sept. 11-12. 8 P. M. Every
body welcome. Adv.
Hatnes Fresh Peach Pies. Price
temporarily reduced. Ask your grocer.
The Haynes-Foster Baking Co. Adv.
Dr. Frank W. Wood Is back in his
offices: 659-561 Morgan bldg., hours
2 to S P. M. Adv.
Milk Diet Treatment. The Moore
Sanitarium. Phone Main (101. East 47.
Dr. Earl V. Morrow has opened
offices, suite 548 to 551 Morgan bldg.
Phone Main 460. Adv.
Dl J. E. Anderson, osteopathic phy
sician. 815 Selling bldg. Main 4113.
Dr. Ralph A. Fenton has returned;
new location: (09 Stevens bldg. Phone
Main 1S7. Adv.
Peaches for Canning. Elbertas and
late Crawfords, $1.50 per bushel in
orchard. Route via Tualatin or Sher
wood. Wilsonville; free ferry, then
follow signs. Eilera peach orchards.
Aurora. Route 3. Adv.
Oriental Ruo repaired, wash-cleaned.
Cartozian Bros.. Inc.. Oriental rugs
and carpets. Washington at 10th. Adv.
W Grind everything. Portland Cut
lery Co.. (th St.. near Stark. Adv.
Hill Mili-art Academy Is the school
for your son. nd for cataicgue. Adv.
OmcE for rent Fenton bldg., 84 (th.
Apply upt- Adv.
I himm 'Mi T All v ..i n-as
! Julius Taanen. rapid-fire come
dian, at Orpheam.
Jallas Taanen. rapid-fire come
dian, at Orpheam.
him as a "continuous Interruption of
himself by himself." and all his stories,
jokes and incidents have laugh points
that never fail. Mr. Tannen was one or
the first standard acts in big-time
vaudeville to win a contract for a re
turn Orpheum engagement. His act this
season is nractically new. as he has
Careless Shampooing;
Spoils the Hair
Soap should be used very carefully,
if you want to keep your hair looking
its best. Most soaps and prepared
shampoos contain too much alkali. This
dries the scalp, makes the hair brittle,
and ruins tu
The best thing for steady use is Mul
sified cocoanul oil shampoo (which Is
pure and greaseless), and Is better than
anything else you can use.
One or two teaspoonfuls will cleanse
the hair and scalp thoroughly. Simply
moisten the hair with water and rub it
in. It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, which rinses out easily,
removing every particle of dust, dirt,
dandruff and excessive oil. The hair
dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves
the scalp soft, and the hair fine and
silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy
to manage.
Tou can get Mulsifled cocoanut oil
shampoo at any pharmacy, it's very
cheap, and a few ounces will supply
every member of the family for months.
Lion Windows Are Interesting
Silk Lined
Suits and
Through and through
quality and styles
that enhance your good
Daily arrivals in new
models for fall and
Suit or Overcoat
Exclusive Kuppenheimer
House in Portland.
retained only two of his former laugh
getters. Lydla Barry also Is playing a return
Orpheum engagement and, like Mr.
Tannen, she provides new material.
Critics all along the circuit have praised
Miss Barry as appearing to be younger
and better than ever and in her en
gagement here she Is one of the big
favorites of the four-star Bhow.
The other big-type acts are Will J.
Ward and his five symphony girls In an
art in which five pianos are used, and
George Kelly and company in "The
Fluttering Word," a playlet built around
a clergyman whose own vanity makes
him a supporter of stagedom after he
had been a violent opponent of acting
and actors.
In the extra performance tonight the
entire regular Orpheum show will be
Major Mason to Explain Revenue
Statutes to Lumbermen.
For the purpose of giving lumber
men of the Pacific northwest a thor
ough understanding of the new revenue
laws as tbey affect the lumber indus
try. Major D. T. Mason, in charge of
the lumber section of the internal rev
enue department at Washington, is to
visit this section and give a number of
13. T. Allen of Portland, forester of
the Western Forestry and Conservation
association, has been in the east con
ferring with Major Mason for some time
and will accompany him on his tour of
the west and northwest. The dates for
Major Mason's appearances came yes
terday in the following telegram from
"Treasury department announces dates for
questionnaire meetings: Hotel Davenport
Spokane. October 8 and 9; Hotel Washing
ton. Seattle, October 10 and 11; Multnomah
hotel. Portland, October 13 and 14; Chamber
of Commerce, Merchants' Exchange build
ing. San Francisco, October 17 and 18
Brown Palace hotel, Denver, October 2."
You Need
as a business man to go forward. And
every one will admit that there is no bet
ter backing than a friendly relationship
with a good substantial bank.
Every department of this three-score-year-old
banking institution, from sav
ings to the new bond department, is
equipped for business service.
The officers of Ladd & Tilton Bank are
always glad to meet personally those con
templating the opening of commercial
accounts, whether they are strangers in
Portland or deem their present connec
tion inadequate.
Ladd & Tilton
Washington and Third Streets
To get the utmost service
from your clothes, have us
keep them cleaned and
pressed for you.
Because you call and carry,
our prices are less.
Suits Pressed 45c
Suits French Dry or Steam
Cleaned $1.25
Hoff-Man Sanitary System
Unique Tailoring Co.
104 Fourth Street
Bet. Washington and Stark.
151 Grand Ave.
Near East Morrison.
flying for the Spokane Aviation com
pany for the purpose of studying condi
tions preparatory to establishing an
aeroplane route in the Lewiston
Clarkston country, and to select land
ing fields.
EXTRA! Orpheum Show Tonight. Adv.
(Heavy, Medium Light)
(Ready for Delivery Sept. 15) -
Phone ndj . 986. Front and Nlcolal S.
Phone Your Want Ads to
Main 7070 A 6093
mrnvmrn li t miimrmnmmmjimwmmmvmmimrmimmmmmmmBm,
Floyd Kelso Gives Lewiston Folk
Exhibition of Work.
LEWISTON. Idaho. Sept. 9. (Spe
cial.) Hundreds of spectators watched
the stunt flying of Floyd Kelso yester
day afternoon, when for several hours
he put his plane through tricks and
carried pasengers over .Lewiston and
Kelso, who was formerly a United
States army aviator, is in the valley
Lunch for
From 11 to 2; 50c
Delicious, Whole
some; A ppetizing
Each day there is served
something different
from the day before.
Come and enjoy our in
finite variety.
Table d'Hote Dinner
5:30 to 9; $1.25
Music and. Dancing
fc-- . L2L f,.,,.; WaT'HTt!' . mi J
Wood and Steel
Filing; Cabinets,
Desks, Safes,
Office Furniture
Glass &
Prudhomme Co.
Printing, Bookbinding
Loose-Leaf Systems
65-67 Broadway
Till STCliET
Office Furniture & Appliance
Printing Engra ving z Bookbinding
Marshall 60eo
T . . i
NtW rALL IhHiil
Fourteenth St.. at WaNhlngton.
Bdny. &IKO.
Joseph Medill Patterson's Wonderful Photodrama
(Editor Chicago Tribune)
"A Little Brother of the Rich"
Featuring Kathryn Adams, Frank Mayo
and J. Barney Sherry
Don't miss this extraordinary attraction. A fascinating story of Society and
the Footlights.
m sx a -ist
Positively (.onr-
tre to 'IVarh 1 mi In a
Remarkably !Shurt Time.
g Two-Hour lifMnnn
Private lntruc(lon daily
Separate flans Room
Public dancing; Informal
at beautiful Cotillion hall
every eve. except Sunday.
j Special Notice ......
Commencing Saturday, September 20. this theater will discon-
tinue playing vaudeville and will be devoted exclusively to best
I, photoplay productions and high-class musical and vocal attrac-
I tions; open daily 11 A. M. to 11 P. M. I
Ye Oregon
Broadway at Stark Street
New and used on every subject. We
can supply your wants. Large stock.
We buy books.
190 Fourtk St Near Yamhill.
Auto and Tractor
New Building and
Mechanical Laboratories
Oxy-acetylene Welding
This school is run, not to make
money, but to produce automotive
Full Information and catalogue,
Div. C, Department of Ertuvation,
Portland Y. M. C. A. Bldg.
Geary Street, juit off Union Square
Famous (or good tervice. comfort and excellent
cuisine at reasonable price.
Rates from $1.75 a Day
Breakfast 40c and 7Bc Lunch 60c: Sundays
75c Dinner $1.25; Sunday $1.60.
Municipal Car line direct to door.
Motor bu meet train and steamers. .
(Mm fuwiJU .ju,jm,i:aj mm iiiihiiiism uuiss.jj,,AUiiiiaM.i. en ins i j
L A- AxfLv f St
1 Uvc w a In FJninas-.iwirinrn t Mr tit J'ftwm tt- A r-A ttmmtttMttm s if-' YfAi 'Mi rtMr-mtit.t in - ..-i-vr-v'. H
Graduates fitted for Federal Ex
amination. Operators get $125 and
expenses. Prepare in either day or
night school. Expert instruction.
First class laboratories.
Address Division C, Department
of Education, Y. M. C. A. Building,
Phone Your Want Ads to
Main 7070 . A 6093