Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 05, 1919, Page 15, Image 15

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Charge of Selling Whisky Un
supported; Court Ejects Case.
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Police Jail Charles Cullen After
Obeying Judge's Order to Give
Back Bottles Taken in Raid.
"Thanks very much." said Charles
Cullen as Police Captain Moore turned
over to him 11 quarts of whisky, ISO
bottles of beer and 30 bottles of dande
lion wine, pursuant to a written order
from Circuit .Judge Catena yesterday.
"Oh. don't mention it, sir," was the
polite response of the officer as he
turned to a patrolman nearby. "Now
arrest that msyi for the unlawful pos
session of liquor." The latter decree
was In compliance with an order from
the office of District Attorney Evans
Cullen was placed in the city Jail but
released, half an hour later on his own
Cullen's quandary was an unusual
ne. Not long; ago, Patrolman Abbott
raided Cullen's home at 634 Wygant
street and confiscated the liquor as well
as lis empty beer bottles. A cnarge
of maintaining; a nuisance by the sale
of intoxicating liquor was filed agains
Cullen and he was tried in the munici
pal court, found guilty and fined ITS.
Case Eleeted From Coart.
On appeal to the circuit court, the
ease came before Presiding Judge Ga
tens yesterday. No testimony was pro
duced showing; that Cullen had sold
any liquor and the charge, thus unsup
ported, was thrown out of court by
Judge Catens with but feeble protest
from Deputy District Attorney Mowry.
As the liquor which had been confis
cated was in the possession of the po
lice. Attorney T. G. Ryan, representing
Cullen. demanded its return.
Taking the stand that the liquor had
been confiscated illegally. Judge Uatens
willingly signed an order for the re
lease of the liquor. As Cullen sped from
the courtroom with the order, hired i
truck and started for the police head
quarters, Mowry grabbed a telephone in
the Judge's chambers.
Callea Is Rearrested.
"There goes the district attorney's of
ftce. coercing the police and instruct
Ing them to disregard the court's or
der," yelled Ryan to Judge Gatens in I
tone of voice which brought many spec
tators into the courtroom from distant
offices in the courthouse. When be fin
ished protesting the action as an out
rage and perversion of Justice, Mowry
"If you notified the chief to disregard
my order. I'll have you jailed for con
tempt of court." Judge Gatens told
The deputy district attorney smiled.
"I didn't tell them anything like that.
but I told Captain Moore to turn over
the liquor to Cullen and that after
ha started away with It to arrest him
for unlawful possession. If the court
will remember. Patrolman Abbott testi
fied, uncontradicted, that Cullen had
told him he bought the liquor six
months ago. long after the prohibi
tion law was la effect.
"Well, that's different." said the
Judge. "I have no Jurisdiction over the
matter after my order is obeyed."
After his client was rearrested, "Ryan
sought unavailiagly to have Judge
Gatens cite Mowry for contempt of
court, but the jurist held that no con
tempt had been committed. If the dis
trict attorney's office fails to convict
Cullen of having the liquor unlawfully
in his possession Ryan threatens suit
against District Attorney Kvans for
false arrest.
Every grocer
sells Kellogg's.
Vhc Awzetkeatt
Protect Made Against Act of Ash-
burn in Entering and Leaving
Queenstown Harbor.
(Copyright bv the New Tork World. Pub
lished oy trrinrrmrm
LONDON. Sept. 4. (Special Cable.)
Protest has been made against the
American steamship Ashburn's act in
entering Queenstown harbor recently
with the Sinn Fein flag flying. The
Ashburn is said to have been under the
shipping board's direction at the time
of the Incident, which was repeated
when she left Queenstown on. August
SC. Her departure was accompanied by
even greater demonstrations than her
The British port authorities regis
tered a protest with the American con
sul at Queenstown. and this protest has
been transmitted through the embassy
here to the state department.
It la stated that the American consul
Informed the master of the Ashburn
that there had been a protest when he
first' entered port with the Irish re
publican flag flying, and the consul is
said to have been informed ' by the
ship's master that the offense would
not be repeated. Nevertheless, when
the Ashburn again steamed out the re
publican flag once more fluttered at
the masthead, and many small craft ac
companied It with cheering crowds
down the harbor.
Dr. J. II. Rosenberg President of
Prinevllle Post.
PRINEVILLE, Or., Sept. 4. (Spe
cial.) The first regular meeting of
Crook county post of the American
legion was held at the courthouse
Tuesday night. The membership roll
now totals CO.
Permanent officers elected for the
coming year are: Dr. J. H. Rosenberg,
president: I. . . Bechtell. vice-president;
Asa W. Battles, secretary; and
Y. F. Hoelscher. treasurer. A mem
bership campaign will be conducted
immediately under the direction of a
Bear Steaks Expensive.
HOOD RIVER, Or.. Sept. 4. (Special.)
John Hawke, who is tending sheep
on the upper west fork of Hood river.
Is feasting on fat bear steaks. Mr.
Hawke, however, declares that the
meat Is very dear. The bear, which
dressed 240 pounds, killed. 16 of Mr.
Hawke's fat muttons before' the sheep
man finally shot him.
Woman Hunter Gets License.
ALBANY, Or.. Sept. 4. (Special.)
The first hunting license issued to a
woman in Linn county this year was
obtained Tuesday by Miss Maude Rolfe
of this city. Miss Rolfe is a book
keeper in the First National bank of
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Outruns Guards on Motorcycle and
Disappears in Brush Along
Salem Highway.
SALEM, Or., Sept. 4. (Special.) Gil
bert Thorston, who was commuted to
the state hospital for the insane from
Multnomah county on August 12, 1919,
today made a sensational escape from
the institution in which no outdis
tanced a motorcycle and outwitted
three attendants sent in pursuit.
The patient was noused on the third
floor of the hospital, and during tne
temporary absence of attendants broke
the lock from the window or nis room.
slid down an improvised line made
from three bed sheets and started north
from the institution on foot.
Hospital attaches detected Thorston
as he reaonea ma gruimu uu ea.v
chase. Outdistanced early in the race
the attendants apealed to a telephone
lineman riding a motorcycle and the
four men went in pursuit of the pa
tient. Thorston evidently realized the
situation, however, and kept a safe
distance from the highway until he
reached a timbered district and dis
appeared from sight.
Thorston is 35 years old and enter
tains the hallucination that he is an
inventor of an airship. He is consid
ered harmless by the hospital man
agement. The patient was previously
committed to the Illinois state hospital
on . three different occasions and once
escaped Into Michigan, where he was
Wage Increases Given.'
CHEHALIS, Wash., Sept. 4. (Spe
cial.) Employes of the North Coast
Power company have been granted an
Increase in wages running from 10
cents per hour to 25 cents per day.
Car men get a 10-cent advance, while
section employes receive an additional
25 cents. Increases to the men at the
car barn average about $15 per month.
Owing to the elimination of jitney traf
fic between Chehalis and Centralis, the
traction company is enabled to increase
its employes' wages, give much better
service and maintain its line in better
Test of Land Law Urged.
YAKIMA. Wash.,' Sept. 4. (Special.)
Speedy action to determine the con
stitutionality of the state land settle
ment law was decided on at a meet
ing yesterday of the executive com
mittee of the Washington state land
settlement association here. The com
mittee also decided to call a conference
of representatives from western states
Pancakes all America loves
No wonder these pancakes have become
America's favorite breakfast! One taste
will tell you why.
It makes your mouth water just to look at
them they're so nice and brown. Then
. you cut them and find them so tender your
; fork cuts through a whole pile. But it's when
you taste them taste that rich, delicate
flavor that you'll never be satisfied with
ordinary pancakes again!
Ask your grocer for a package of Aunt
Jemima Pancake Flour. It's all ready mixed
(even sweet milk is in it) you just add
water. Learn why so many millions of
Aunt Jemima breakfasts are enjoyed every
year! Use it for delicious muffins, too!
Aunt Jeevi gjvi a. Pancake
yi inn
Copyright 1919. A ant Jomiaoa Hills Company. SU Joseph, Idissoor
interested in irrigation to formulate
a definite reclamation policy.
Hood River Post Approves Suppres
sion of Bolshevlki Activity.
HOOD RIVER. Or., Sept. 4. (Special.)
The Hood River post of the American
Legion in meeting to organize last
night adopted a resolution commending
the Astoria post for Its recent action in
curbing bolshevism and un-American
tendencies in that community. The
local post adopted a constitution iden-
cal with that recently accepted Dy tne
Portland post.
Twenty-six of 38 members were pres
ent at the meeting last night when
nominations for officers were made.
The post will hold meetings on the
first Monday of each month. Officers
will be elected at the October meeting.
Charter members will be received until
Armistice day, November 11. Follow
ing that date all members will be
charged an initiation fee. Dr. Abra
ham was appointed delegate to the
Portland state convention to be held on
September 17.
Phone your want ads to The Orego
nian. Main 7070, A 6095.
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Or Mammy Hash jFJf' MPj
Indian packing company jffMM
a mm
YOU can purchase goods made elsewhere and send
a part of your money to other sections to be distri
buted in payrolls for the benefit of those communities.
Or you can insist on Oregon Made Products and your
money all of it will remain in Oregon to increase
the output of Oregon factories; to make bigger pay
rolls for Oregon; to build more homes and better
schools in Oregon.
Which are you buying?
I JJ Assclated Indu8trie of Oreon
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