Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 26, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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Party Has Three Members
Coalition Cabinet.
Reed of Majority GImb as Reason
for Offer to Contingent Dem
ocrats Hold Important Posts.
fCtonvrlrttt tir lh X Turk 'World. Put-
lUhed by arrmnjcement.)
nniRAnn Serbia. Aug. 17. via
Paris. Aug. IS. The coalition of the
Jugo-Slavs' new cabinet has proved to
b no surprise. A final attempt yester
day to form a coalition caBinet of
democrats in conjunction with the old
radical party failed.
Premier Davidovitch was forced to
make a coalition with the socialists.
The new cabinet has 15 democrats, three
socialists, one independent and the
minister of war. General Hadjitch.
Three cabinet positions for the so
cialists seems many, since they have
only 11 representatives in parament.
But Mr. Davidovltch needed a majority
and made this big offer to the socialist
party. The important ministries are in
tha hands of the democrats. The new
ministry of the interior goes to Probi
cevic. a former premier, as a condition
of a coalition that this ministry must
rn to the old radical party. On this
controversy attempts at a concentra
tion cabinet were shattered.
Territorial Division Fair.
Probicevlc a powerful member of the
democratic party, as minister of the
interior, will oversee the coming elec
tion of the constituent assembly. Mr.
Drachkovlch has the portfolio of com
munications, and as the question of
transportation is most important, the
position must be filled by an. able man.
Mr. Boliak returns to his position as
minister of agrarian reform, with which
has been consolidated the ministry of
agriculture. This also is an important
position because of the drastic land re
forms now planned. Trumbitch. an in
dependent, now in Paris, is made min
lnster of foreign affairs.
Territorially, the new cabinet is di
vided fairly evenly. There are 17 port
folios now Instead of 20. Of these 17
at least eight are held by natives of
provinces formerly under Austrian rule.
The other ministers are natives of the
old kingdom of Serbia. The general
impression here Is that the new cabi
net will have a hard time because of
Us small majority in parliament.
Big Isaacs to Be Faced.
The belief is that the issues to be
taken up at once are an agrarian law.
financial rehabilitation and elections
for the constituent assembly. It is not
known whether the present parliament
represent public opinion. The Narody
party, which is a small In opposition,
claims it does not and demands a decen
tralised government and new elections
in the hope that its representation will
be Increased.
But elections cannot be held until j
after army demobilisation, which in
turn cannot take place until boundaries
are settled. In other words,, the main
Issue always remains the Dalmatian
question and the annexation of Flume,
which every J u go-Slav demands. All
else is simply a matter of Internal poli
Here Is a list of the new cabinet:
Premier. Davldovitch; foreign af
fairs. Trumbitch: interior. Probicevlc
public instruction, Manintonovitch;
posts, Lmuklnitch; culture, Lacoupo
vitch: public works, Foulovitch: com
munications. Drachkovitch; agricul
tura and agrarian reform. Poliak; Jus
tice and constituent assembly. Tlmoti
jevitch: finance. Veljoritch; commerce
and industry. Kremer: war. General
Madlitch: food. Kristan. a socialist
social welfare and public health, Ko
ratch, a socialist, and forest and mines.
Bousheg, a socialist.
of occultism for 20-odd years. He is
undeniably clever and his personality
fairly scintillates. He prefaces., al
ways, his entertainment by reminding
his auditors that they are free agents.
I at liberty to accept and reject of their
own volition any or all of his demon
strations. "It Is true that since the beginning
of spiritism there have been many true
and many fraudulent mediums," says
Alexander, "but I have for my object
only to mystify and entertain."
That is exactly what Alexander does.
He mystifies completely, although
plenty of investigating souls can tell
you exactly how he does every trick.
But the majority of the proletariat does
not know how every trick is done, and
so it is that Alexander fulfills his mis
sion and does mystify. Also he enter
tains, even the know-it-alls, in which
he again fulfills his mission. Possibly
his crystal-gazing is the most fascinat
ing part of his programme, Because me
members of the audience participate as
individuals in its development. They
feel as if they have a hand in the show.
A sdendid story might be written
about the trend of unrest as indicated
by the variety of questions asked, the
constant seeking for happiness, tne
quest of romance, the hope of fulfilled
ambitions, the realization of prosperity,
the hope for health. There Is no doubt
ing the fact that Alexanaer noes an
swer Questions. Swathed in his robes
as an Kast Indian-rajah, he walks along
the aisle or across the stage, gazing at
the crystal, held in his hands, and calls
in auick succession names, aates, iacis.
answering the questioner and in every
instance verifying the authenticity by
receiving verbal recognition from the
Only one variety of question Alexan
der refuses to answer. That is one
hlch. if answered correctly, woum
necessitate giving the name oi some
nerson who had commuted a eriinc.
All else he tells, easily, quickly, readily.
in this engagement Alexander Is in
troducing an experiment in wnicn ne
reproduces likenesses of old masters
or photographs or any person, iiis
or dead, as called for by persons in
the audience. The canvases are shown
to be blank, persons in the audience
are at liberty to examine the canvas
and inscribe initials or other markings
on the frame. Then the markings are
ninred on the " stage in a frame and
rrailuillv tha reproduction called for
is seen to take shape on the canvas,
whereupon it is exhibited through the
audience. One of the delightful things
about Alexander's entertainment is
that he lets everybody in on anything
their wits can grasp.
Verily, his entertainment is exactly
what he calls It, a "show of wonders.
Resides the two mentioned acts he
offers feats of magic, wizardry, leger
demain. de-materialization and rema-
terialization, and all of it Is accom
panied by a smart, hearty, healthful
flow of chatter, highly amusing and
timely, all of which adds to the good
Six of
20 Interned Prisoners Who
Got Away During Storm Are
Located Within Camp.
Woman. 81 Years Old, In Service
49 Years, Receiving $72 An
nually, Cited as Example.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 15. More than
27.000 employes of the federal and mu
nicipal governments In the District of
Columbia are receiving less than 19
a month. This estimate, based on fig
ures compiled by the Joint congressional
committee on reclassification of sala
ries was submitted to the senate ed
ucation committee which Is consider
ing the Nolan bill to give federal em
ployes a dally minimum wage of 13.
Klve thousand of the 17,000 are clerks
and 1000 stenographers and typists.
More than 10.000 of the total are em
ployed In the treasury department.
Cases of long service at low pay
found in the survey included: One was
that of a woman, an assistant mes
senger. s4 years old. who entered the
service 41 years ago, at $432, and now
is receiving 7:.
Another was a clerk having super
vistory responsibility. 73 years old. who
entered the service 41 years ago at $900
and now receiving $1000.
At the Theater.
THOSE who seek exciting and sus
taining entertainment will find it
at the Heilig, where Alexander is
striding along Into his second week.
This will be the last visit the healer
of hearts, prophet, preacher of opti
mism and entertainer de luxe is going to
pay us for a long time, so it would
behoove those who haven't heard or
seen him to step right over to the
Heilig some time 'his week.
Tou can go on Tuesday afternoon or
Friday afternoon If you are of feminine
sex and over IS. There's another mati
nee Saturday for everybody over t
years old. and a show every night.
Even though you don't believe what
you see Alexander do. it's good fun. and
for every unbeliever there's a dozen
believers. Alexander has been all over
the world, gleaning knowledge In the
art of magic and has been a student
COLUMBUS, Ohio. Aug. 25. Reports
from Camp Sherman. Chilllcothe, Sun
day indicated that 18 of the 20 or more
interned German prisoners who escaped
from the stockade early in the day
had been recaptured. Six of the
number were caught within the
camp. Two others were apprehended
at Chilllcothe and It was reported that
five had been arrested at Clrcleville.
Five others were captured in Columbus
as they reached the city on a traction
car from Chilllcothe.
The prisoners made their escape dur
ing a severe electrical storm. Through
a secretly constructed tunnel, leading
from the cellar of the barracks. In
which they were quartered, to a com
pany street 50 feet away, the men made
their escape. The tunnel, camp offi
cials said, was an ingenious affair.
Their barracks, the officers said, are
inspected daily. It is not known how
the tunnel was constructed but officers
are of the opinion that it must have
taken the prisoners weeks to tunnel It
and dispose of the excavated dirt.
Officers said that a recent canvass
of the prisoners showed that 25 of the
199 interned at Camp Sherman wished
to remain in the United States. None
of the prisoners are said to have of
fered any resistance when arrested.
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Americans Compile 7617
Against Opponents' 7523,
la ted Report Announces.
Plane Refuses to Carry Him Away
From Apiary.
WINSTED. Conn. Hugh Rockwell,
an aviator of Plainville. is all "done
up as the result of his monoplane
landing in m colony of bees yesterday.
When the aviator extricated himself
from his wrecked machine he was at
tacked by hundreds of bees and stuns
in the face, neck, ears and parts of the
The engine behaved splendidly until
the last moment, but while nosing to
the field the connecting rod in one of
the cylinders broke and the plane came
down, knocking over a swarming bee
CALDWELL, X. X, Aug. 25. The
United States defeated England in the
first outdoor international small bore
rifle match ever held, the Americans
compiling a total of 7617 points today
to the 7523 made by their opponents
on their own range in .England, several
days ago. but kept a secret until today.
Captain G. L. Watkins, ordnance ae-
Dartment. had the highest score. 391,
on the American team. Mrs. E. C.
Grossman of Los Angeles, the first
woman to compete in an international
team match, had a score of 377.
Mexican officials, as well as owners of
mines, cattle ranches and other prop
erties in Mexico, who live in EI Paso
for safety, will be affected by the or
der. An effort is being made to have
these business men exempted.
Young Pulliam was associated with
his father in the plumbing business.
He is survived by his widow and an
infant child.
Oregon Now Has 31, Reply Given
to Letter Reveals.
With a report in New Tork of only
19 posts of the American Legion in
Oregon, George A. White of this city.
ho is temporarily in charge of the
American Legion Weekly, has written
to E. J. Elvers, state chairman of the
Legion, that Oregon is eighth in states
of the union in the proprtlon of posts
to men in service.
During the last week further char
ters have been sent east until the total
of posts in Oregon is now- 31, which
will make Oregon well in the front
rank of states.
to krp yo or far powder on dm Drwttlo.
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California Forests Protected and
Wireless Telephones Contemplated.
airplanes, making 4S2 flights covering
63,404 miles, discovered 68 fires in na
tional forests in California during the
first two months they were in service,
the United States forestry service an
nounced here today.
Four airplanes from Mather Field,
near Sacramento, swept the northern
part of the states and two from March
Field, near Riverside, and one from
Rockwell Field. San D ego, divided
the southern part.
It is understood the planes are to be
equipped with wireless telephones.
Former Premier Xot Expected to
Ran Until General Elections.
LON'DOX. via Montreal. Aug. 25. Re
ports that former "premier Asquith
would seek an early return to parlia
ment were scouted here today in po
litical circles.
The opinion was expressed that he
would not attempt to return until the
nut general elections.
Xon-Partisan League Programme In
Xorth Dakota Carried Out.
BISMARCK. X. D. Steps toward pro
viding North Dakota with its first
state-owned flour mill under the non-
nartisan league programme were taken
here recently when the industrial com
mission, which will direct the operation
of all state owned industries under tha
league plan, authorized J. A. Mc'jovern,
manager of the Mill and Klevator asso
ciation, to make a contract for tin pur
chase of the flour mill at DraKe. me
mill has a capacity of 1)0 barrels
Ha v.
Mr. McGovern also wis Instructed to
plan for the establishment of tne state s
terminal flour mill and eljvatc-r, co:i
atruction of which is expected to be
started next coring.
The industrial commission plans to
use the Drake rn ill as the basis f-.r the
state organisation, according to Oliver
sl Morris, secretary of the industrial
commission, and to train millers for
state work.
Purchase of the Drake null will be
made when the industrial commission
approves Mr. McGovern's contract.
Merchants Seeking Safety In El
Paso Income Subjects.
EL PASO, Tex., Aug. 21. Mexicans
who live here but have their interests
in Mexico are concerned because they
have been advised they are liable for
the payment of American income tax
on their incomes, although these in
comes are received from Mexico.
Many Juares merchants, brokers and
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time Adv.
Wife Held; Man Sued on Non-Support
NEW TORK. With two bullets in
his head, John Rotasch, a mechanic,
York, N. J., is In North Hudson hos
pital in a precarious condition. His
wife, Emma, is a prisoner in the west
New Tork police station pending an
The story of the shooting could not
be learned By the police. Rotasch was
too badly hurt to talk, and his wife
was hysterical. Mrs. Rotasch had her
husband brought before Justice of the
Peace Brewer last night on a charge of
Rotasch said she had given him no
supper for thirteen weeks and no din
ner for ten weeks. She said he gave
her no money. He agreed to pay 1
a week for the support of herself and
their child, with the understanding he
could live apart from her.
Jngo-Slav Alliance to Meet.
CLEVELAND. Fifteen hnudred dele
gates representing the Jugo-Slavonian
Republic alliance wiir meet here in
September to plan a fight against
moarchistic elements in Jugo-Slavia
and to lay the foundations of a re
publican government. Italy's ambitions
in the Adriatic and Serbia's proposed
hegemony in the Balkans will be at
tacked, according to L. F. Truger, a
member of the central committee of
German Emigration Is Panned.
MEXICO CITY. Leopoldo Ortiz, for
the past three years representative of
Mexico in Germany and Austria, has re
turned to this country and in an inter
view with El Universal declared that
great preparations are under way in
Germany for wholesale immigration to
20-Year-OId Son of Police Chief
Succumbs to Injuries,
SHELBYVILLE, Ky. Charles Pul
Ham, 20-year-old son of Harry P. Pul
liam. chief of the Shelbyville fire de
oartment. died in Kings Doughters'
hospital from injuries sustained when
a motor truck he was driving was
struck by an eastbound passenger train
on the Southern railway on the fcev
enth street crossing.
His right hand and left arm were
cut off and his skull was fractured.
His brother-in-law, "Stoney" Blair,
who was on the truck. Jumped in time
to escaoe injury.
The approach to the crossing is
through a cut and the view of trains
from the west was further obscured
by a freight car on a siding.
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Lunch-rooms where meals
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8 .