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Forced Landing South of U. S.
' Boundary Feared.
cImt, Idaho. Man One of Two Air
men Who Disappeared Meil
can .slst in Hunt. .
' SAN DIEGO, Cal.. Aug. II. Colonel
A. J. Hanlon. commanding the army
aviation forces at Rockwell Field,
North Island, announced tonight that
two aviators from the Ninth aero
squadron, with base here, had been
missing; since 4 o'clock yesterday after-
Boon. They are second Lieutenants
Frederick B. Waterhouse of Weiser.
Idaho, and C. H. Connelly of San Diego.
The two aviators. Lieutenant Water
house actinic as pilot and Lieutenant
Connelly as observer on border patrol
work, started from Yuma. Ariz., to San
XMego at ll:t." A. M. yesterday.
Colonel Hanlon said his conclusion
ai that the aviators had been forced
to make a landing, possibly below the
Mexican line, near Jacumba. in San
Iiego county.
Fifteen machines were sent out from
North Island today to try to find the
missing officers, but all returned with
out having found a trace of them.
Seifrf slorM Eace-aatered.
Lieutenants Waterhouse and Con
nelly were in a I e Haviland machine
with a 4')0-horse power Liberty motor.
They left North Island Tuesday morn
Inc. Near Yuma they ran into a severe
' storm, w hich damaged the propellor of
the airplane. Word of the accident was
aeft here and a new propeller was sent
out by automobile truck from North
Island. The repairs having been made.
- the machine went on to Yuma and
started back on the return trip vester
day. The aviators were due here about
4 I. M. yesterday.
Jacumba. near which the airplane
reported to have leen se-n late yester
day, is four miles west of the Imperial
county line and in mountainous coun
try, murh of which is heavily wooded.
The town Is on the Mexicon border
and on the line of the San Diero &
Arizona railroad, soon to be completed.
the small unfinished part being near
Jacumba. There are not many good
landing places for airplanes In the
Filers Reeeal Arrivals.
Little is known here concerning
T.ieutenants Waterhouse and Connelly.
The aviators recently came here to
Join the 9th aero squadron, detailed to
patrol the Mexican line between Tia
Juana and Yuma.
the treaty was not laid before the peace
conference. The French are wondering
if there may be further secret treaties
of which even Premier Ciemenceau does
not know.
While the newspapers severely cen
sure the British policy they point out
that France is partly to blame for hav
ing permitted England full sway in the
near east where there are huge French
Interests. While the Persian treaty
furnishes a topic for general discus
sion just now. there are questions quite
as delicate which hold up other treat
ies. The conference seems to be groping
in the dark for a solution of various
problems. Grave news comes from
Silesia and Poland.
Because the conference seemed too
weak to take a definite stand in regard
to Silesia the Germans, Poles and Spar
taclsts are today fighting the matter
out with the result that coal produc
tion is seriously curtailed. There is talk
of sending allied troops into Silesia.
- Another problem awaiting definite
solution concerns Hungary, Roumania
and the small new states in central Eu
rope. It is acknowledged that all these
matters are calculated to retard the
establishment and the functioning of
the league oT nations. Colonel House
is reported to have been busy for some
time with the British conferees in an
effort to have the league in working
order as soon as the treaty with Ger
many shall have been ratified by the
allied parliaments.
Messages Dropped Front Airplanes
Before Troop Entry Cautions
People Against Violence.
CALEXICO. Cal.. Aug. 21. All avail
able soldiers in the Mexican garrison at
Mrxicali. Iower California, across the
international border, from this city,
have leen dispatched by Governor
Fstaban Cantu to search for aviators
Frederick Waterhouse and C. II.
Connelly, missing since yesterday, ac
cording to a report received here to
niirht. The men will search the territory
south of the border between Mexican
and Tia Juana. centering their activ
ities south of Jacumba Springs, where
the aviators were last seen.
I.rr..r tails Frleadl.
The Mexican garrison at Mexican is
Bald to number about l0 men. It is
not known how many have been de
tailed to search for the aviators.
Governor Cantu has maintained
friendly relations with the United
States and transacts a great deal of
business here, at San Ilego and Los
Angeles. His wife and family at pres
ent are living in 1-os Angeles.
EL CENTRO. Cal.. Aug. 21. A thor
ough search of a strip 10 miles wide
on both sides of the international
boundary between Calexico and San
I'iego will be made for Lieutenant F.
K. Waterhouse. an aviator from Rock
well Field on border patrol work, who
disappeared yesterday. This announce
ment was made today by Lieutenants
O. W. Pardy and C. T. McLaughlin,
who arrived here from San Diego in
search of the missing man.
After spending several hours here,
re-fueling and taking on water, the
airmen departed for their search late
today. Waterhouse. they said, was last
seen at Jacumba Springs, several miles
west of here last night. No trace of
his machine has been found.
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lished by itrrunirement.
MINSK. Aug. 21. (Special cable.)
Following is the translation from the
Yiddish of Henry Morgenthau's procla
mation, which was dropped from air
planes by Polish aviators before the
entry of Polish troops into Minsk. I
picked up the leaflet from which the
translation was made in the streets of
Minsk, after the entry:
"To the Jewish population of Minsk:
"I take the liberty of asking you to
observe perfect quiet during the entry
of the Polish troops, and in no event
to help the bolshevik forces. Partic
ularly I urge the young not to meet
the Polish army with any acts of
"Outrages and pogroms can be avoid
ed only if we Jews do not give the
roles any reason for starting them.
The Polish government and the com
manders of the Polish army wish to
avoid any outrage, as do our friends In
America and England. Only by friendly,
mutual co-operation on both sides can
pogroms be avoided."
It was signed. "Henry Morgenthau.
member of the American mission to
Poland, former American Minister to
Turkey. Vllna. July 29."
I learn that the bolshevik commis
sars were greatly agitated and those
of Jewish blood insisted upon the arrest
or members of the Zionist movement,
tecause Mr. Morgenthau Is a Zionist.
A list of 60 is said to have been pre
pared, but no arrests were made.
Highway Commissioner to Suc
ceed W. L. Thompson.
Actual Duties May Not Be Assumed
for Five Months Accept
ance Is Indicated.
GREGATE $93,000.
Washington, Idaho and Montana Are
to Receive Supplies.
SEATTLE. Wash.. Aug. 21. sixteen
carloads of army supplies, released to
relieve the food situation in Montana,
Idaho and Washington, are on their
way here to be distributed, it was be
lieved today when bills of lading were
received here by Colonel James Como
of the army quartermaster depart-
SALE.M. Or.. Aug. 21. (Special.)
The selection of J. N. Burgess of Pen
dleton to succeed W. L. Thompson as
a member of the state highway com
mission following the latter a removal
from eastern Oregon to Portland on
January 1, 1920, has met with approval
in all sections of the state, according
to letters, telegrams and personal mes
sages reaching the executive offices.
Although it will be nearly rive
months before Mr. Burgess actually will
take up the duties of highway com
missioner, it is understood here that
he will pass much time between now
and January I fantHiarizing himself
with the comprehensive road improve
ment campaign now in progress
throughout the state.
Appolatment Is Commended.
Letters received by Governor Olcott
from leaders in the good roads move
ment commend him for the appoint
ment of Mr. Burgess, and declare that
the new official will be found in every
way equal to the demands of the office.
Besides being a highly successful
wool grower and livestock raiser, Mr.
Burgess has found time to participate
in civic affairs, and was one of the
foremost boosters for the road bond
issues at the last election.
Although Mr. Burgess has not for
mally notified the governor that he
will accept the appointment, his friends
say this acknowledgment will be
the mails soon after the return of th
governor from Utah where he is at
tending the annual conference of west
er governors.
Booth's Retirement Rumored.
Rumors continue to reach the capital
that Robert H. Booth of Eugene, also
will retire from the commission be
fore the end of the year. No official
confirmation of these reports have
been received by the governor.
ert, chief stockholder in the company,
stated today.
The conflagration started a few min
utes arter 6 o'clock from a hot box in
the mill. Employes were at supper and
the interior of the Dlant was a mass
of flames before the fire was dis
covered. Phone lines went out as a
resnlt of the intense heat and only
after a six-mile auto trip to the near
est farm house, could communication
be obtained with Bend.
Employes of the mill formed a bucket
brigade and prevented the flames from
spreading until the arrival of the Bend
fire department, shortly after 8 o'clock.
At 3 A. M. today the lumber yard and
the mill pond dam were saved, but the
main plant and planer lay in ruins. The
mill had been constructed in 1917 and
was first operated by the Gardner
Wilkinson Lumber com nfin v. On a h MYt-
area men were employed by the Pine
tree company.
All-Russian Government at Omsk
Transfers Gold Reserves and
Archives to Irkutsk.
STOCKHOLM, Aug. !. Reports from
Petrograd say the bolshevikl have even
sent the cadet reserves against Admiral
Kolchak in pursuance of a plan to ex
ploit to the utmost their successes on
the northern front, whlcn are con
sidered the most important.
LONDON, Aug. 20. The former Rus
sian Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholaevttch
is expected to arrive in Stockholm
ment. The shipments are coming from I Bhortly from England in connection
c'hicago. Omaha. Columbus. Camp
Travis. Texas: New Cumberland. Pa
San Antonio and El Paso. The goods
will be reshipped from here when
orders are received from the post
masters in the three states.
"I do not believe that the IS car
loads begin to approximate what
eventually will be diverted to the Se
attle depot." Colonel Como said today.
Bujrrs From Large American and
Canadian Cities Attend; Mink
SI. 33.
Sell at
TACOM A. Wash.. Aug. 21. (Special.)
With a large attendance and a record
sale for the Pacific coast, the regular
summer sale of furs held by the West
Coast Grocery company in Tacoma to
day attested to the Intense interest in
furs. Buyers were present from New
York. Montreal. Winnipeg. San Fran
cisco. St. Paul. Vancouver. Edmonton,
Seattle. Los Angeles and other cities.
The total sales amounted to 195.000.
Two hundred and fifty lots were of
fered, comprising furs of the following:
25') bear. 21it) ermine. 47S red. 55 cross,
six silver, four blue and 150 white fox.
son marten. 2-00 mink. 8500 muskrat,
100 land otter. 2000 Japanese rabbits.
TOO squirrel. 75 lynx. 2:0 liberty fitch.
20 wolverine and small quantities of
coyote. Arctic hare, hair seal and
Although the market soared rapidly
during the past month it was not ex
pected that such values would be
reached. R. S. Robinson of Winnipeg
was the heaviest buyer. He purchased
mink, muskrat and fox furs costing
131.990. Mink furs sold at high prices,
one lot going for $19.35 for each fur.
Pugct Sound District Business Mat
ters Also Handled.
SEATTLE. Aug. 21. Officers were
elected and business matters dtocussed
at a meting here today of delegates of
Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumber
men posts of the Puget sound district,
which covers territory from the British
Columbia line to Tacoma.
The following officers were elected:
District 7 Employers: Chairman. A.
Grammer, Seattle; board members. B.
W. Sawyer. Seattle: R. W. V'innedge.
North Bend. Employes: Chairman. A.
Chlsholm. Snoqualmie; board members.
P. Solberg. Port Angeles: P. Bolens,
District S. Employers: Chairman, O.
T. Wilson. Everett; board members.
Charles Nibbs. Whatcom: Frank Art
hand. Bellingham. The employers did1
not elect officers for district 8.
with an anti-bolshevik movement that
is to begin in the Swedish capital, ac
cording to a dispatcn to tne ixenange
Telegraph from Stockholm.
The government of Admiral Kolchak
at Omsk has decided to place a credit
of 400,000.000 rubles at the disposal of
the government s committee on toreign
trade, according to a Reuter dispatch
from Omsk.
TOKIO, Aug. 17. (By the Associated
Press.) The all-Russian government at
Omsk has transferred its gold reserve
and archives eastward to Irkutsk, ac
cording to apparently reliable reports
received here. Other information inai
cates that the Omsk government's po
sitlon is growing weaker because of
the advance of the bolshevikl ana tne
desertion of Siberian troops.
It is believed here that the Japanese
army, if it becomes necessary, win at
tempt to prevent an advance or tne
bolshevikl east of Irkutsk.
v Linn Hops Are Ripe.
ALBANY, Or.. Aug. 21. (Special.)
The first hop picking in Linn county
began today in some of the yards near
Harrisburg. Pickers began work in
the Boggs and Stroda yards, near that
city, and work will begin Monday or
Tuesday in the Cartwright yard, also
near Harrisburg.
Prices Firm at Wool Sale.
LONDON. Aug. 21. At the wool sales
today there were 1190 bales offered.
Trices were firm. There was better
tuying for the home trade. America
took a few merinos and all classes of
Crews Hold Flames In Check Until
Call to Bend for Help
Brings Relief.
BEND, Or., Aug. 21. (Special.)
After a nine-mile race over rough, rut
ty roads. Bend's auto fire truck,
manned by 10 firemen, reached the
burning plant of the Pinetree Lumber
company last night in time to save
4,000.000 feet of lumber, valued at ap
proximately J80.000 which was stacked
in the yards.
The mill and planer, which cannot
be replaced for less than 1100,000 were
completely destroyed, with only $20,000
insurance Plans for rebuilding have
not been definitely decided, A. J. Kron-
Jre Wonders Whether Other Set-ret
Agreements Exists Silesia
Is Center of Unrest.
Corlcht br the New Tork Werld. Pub
lished by arrangement.)
PARIS. Aug. 21. (Special Cable.)
French political circles were surprised
ty the news of the Anglo-Persian treaty
and are now doubtful concerning Great
Britain's external policy. It seems that
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Officers, Bent on Signing Recruits
for Merchant Marine, to Be
Feted by Kiwanis Club.
Interest has been aroused in Port
land shipping circles by the training
ship Iris, which will reach Portland to
morrow and dock at Municipal Dock
No. 2 at the foot of East Washington
street for two days. The vessel will be
open to visitors all day tomorrow and
Sunday. It is expected that the train
ing crew will include at least 30 Port-
ana boys.
wnne the vessel is in port a series
of exhibition drills will be given, and
an pnases or the training of men for
service in the merchant marine will he
The voyage of the Iris to Portland
and her demonstration in the harbor
are part of a nation-wide campaign to
uumin recruits ror tne merchant ma
rine. R. W. Brockett. of the sea-training
bureau, and Captain -J. Howard
Payne, of the sea-service bureau, will
arrive in Portland tomorrow to help
witn tne campaign here to obtain re
cruits. These men are the heads of
their respective bureaus for the north
west. When the Iris leaves for Seattle nr
the return trip she will take with her
Lieutenant Harold C. Jones, chief of
me sea-service bureau in this city. He
will return to Portland after a brief
stay in tne sound city.
The Kiwanis club, which has pledged
its support for this campaign, will give
a breakfast on board the Iris Sunday
illuming to me orricers of the Khin
and will then take the officers as their
guesis on an automobile trip over the
Trousers Worn by Boy Held for Kill
ing Bandon Girl Contain Spots.
MARSHFIELD. Or.. Aug. 21 fs.
rial.) Trousers worn by Harold
Howell, the 15-year-old boy held in the
county jail under suspicion of having
killed Lillian Leuthold at Bandon, have
been forwarded to chemists at Portland
to be examined to ascertain whether
finger spots at the belt are of human
A detective who worked on the
for some time said finger nrints at
the belt indicated blood.
lid ytt
Copyright 1918 Hart SJiaflner & Marx
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Counties May Operate Ferry.
ALBANT, Or., Aug. 21. (SDeniaM
An effort is being made to have the
county courts of Linn and Benton coun
ties take over and operate the ferry
across the Willamette river at Ingram
stand, about eight miles north of Har
risburg. This ferry is operated now as
a private enterprise, and the residents
of that vicinity want a free ferry. The
two counties now have a free ferry at
Peoria, and Linn and Lane counties
operate a ferry at Harrisburg.
Milk and Gas Famine Loom, Wint
ers Want Tips and Sparta
cans Plan Trouble.
(Copyright, 1!1I. by the New.York World.
Published by Arrangement.)
BERLIN, Aug. 21. (Special Cable.)
There is no industrial rest in sight
for Germany. When a funeral today
reached the cemetery of the Berlin
Borough of Neukoelins the mourners
found no grave had been dug:, as the
diggers had gone on strike.
Berlin faces a milk famine this week.
as the .employes of the dairies demand
an increase of wages of 100 per cent
and are threatening to strike.
Leipzig faces a gas famine from coal
shortage, due to the strike in the mines
of Upper Silesia.
Another strike, typical of the times,
has been called by- the Leipzig wait
ers, who demand - the return of the
tipping system. Last March the same
waiters participated enthusiastically in
a general waiters' strike in German
cities for a fixed scale of wages and the
abolition of tips. In Bavaria, since
last November, the operations of the
soldiers' and workmen's councils have
soldiers and workmen's councils have
cost industrially nearly 2,000,000,000
There are symptoms throughout Ger
many of preparations . for a show of
new fall styles in revolutionary out
breaks in striges, in plundering expedi
tions to destroy the late harvests and
in surprise attacks on a large scale on
agricultural estates.
It is said the events in Upper Silesia
and elsewhere are merely a tuning-up
for the big show which the spartacans,
according to news from ther councils,
are scheduled to begin early in Octo
ber. They are counting on a coal
shortage and on strong, popular aver
sion there to heavy taxes as power
ful aides in their "plans for fomenting
Beginning of evacuation Announced
in Xote to Entente.
BERLIN. . Augr 21. (Havas.) An
nouncement that the evacuation of.
Lithuania has begun is made today.
The information is contained in a
note sent today to the entente power
by the German government.
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