Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 22, 1919, Page 16, Image 16

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School Board Members Fail to
Attend Meeting.
3lr. Soranier and Mr. Plummer De
liberately Absent Because of Is
sues, Mr. Thomas Asserts.
Because School .Director George B.
Thomas charged that Chairman E. A.
Summer and Director O. M. Plummer
had deliberately absented themselves
from last nizht's board meeting be
emuse they knew Important Issues were
to come up. the board adjourned until (
Monday night, when another session :
will be called by the school clerk. A ,
lame delegation of school teachers, fur
niture men and others were waiting J
for hearings, but little business was J
transacted. I
Twentv-nlne teachers were elected i
and auditing of the books was dis
cussed. L. J. Goldsmith and J. N. Teal
of the Taxpayers' league were present
and made the request lor the audit,
claiming that the monthly report made
on the books Is not in the legally au
thorised form.
"To be fr&nk. do you want an auditor
to find out whether some of the entries
are Irregular?" demanded Director
Thomas when Mr. Goldsmith brought
the matter up.
Baalneea Methods Vrged
Mr. Teal replied, explaining that it
was merely asked as a matter of good
business. "This district Is a large
concern and is growing larger and you
certainly ought to have your books
audited once a year or even every six
months as a business house does.
Director A. C. Newlll. as head of the
finance committee, moved that this be
done. "Xet me make myself clear, he
explained. "Not from any distrust of
the directors, but as a business cor
poration, we should use our common
sense and do this. I'm tired of hearing
talk on the street corners about the
school board members misusing funds.
Director George Orton finally set
tled the matter by referring It to the
finance committee. Action will be de
layed until the expense has been ascer
tained from the county auditor.
Iastrrartors Are Elected.
New high school teachers were named
as follows:
O. it. Washburn of Fair-view. Or.,
physics. Benson Polytechnic; W. W.
Rodwell of Hood Kiver, Or, physics.
Franklin: Monroe K. Miller of Port
land, mathematics and coach athletics.
James John: Martha H. Stegemann of
Lancaster. Pa., art department. Jeffer
son: Edith E. Watt of Bay City. Or.,
history and English; George McD.
White of Portland. Spanish and
French: Elinor Clinton of Portland.
French and Latin. Washington.
Elementary teachers elected last
night, all from Portland unless other
wise listed, included the following:
Stella Baford. Jessie M. Burce. Beulah
Dickson. Vioia Harrington. Laura G. liar
vey, Jcula M. Hastinss. gophie K. Hfrnler--a.
Matt Hendricks, Catherine E. Hibbe,
atrMlnnville. Or.: Hnrltla Horser. Salem,
Or-: Alu-e V. Joce. Esther M
attle. Wash.: 1 Aura 1. Leach. Multnomah,
Or.: Mary MclTiersoa. tioldeatlaie. Wash.;
Elliabeth Martin. Uargaret Rise Allllcr.
Ooiua E. Mumma, Herniiston. Or-: Lola Glee
Smith. Hlld Touring. Jete Wasecer. Grace
Williams. Maude B. Wills. Newberg. Or.
DEC1MD TeoiTSlt,",JB3i
f rm i s iiiii is. wnrm" Iws'JiJi'liU ''SI'A.,'!-,, 1 TV'S CaTSl H
A stit.s Kt..rr-..-.'mmmwr sr-i mw..t. - - - :
III-' -'l:tr . A' -& tU
- 11 T
mem?. - '- &
-V'- -Mx ' It
RISE, 7-
Unions Affiliate to Fix New
Scale for September 1.
"2assa2'jssk C-'
Mitchell Lewis as ke appears la "Code ef tke Vakoa," a atory of northern life
aad aortaera aoaor. wblcii will be sees tomorrow at tae Saaset theater.
Jesse L. Lasky and Walter E. Greene
were a few of the prominent people
who saw the opening of "The Fires of
Faith," the big Salvation Army special
production by the Famous Players
Lasky corporation, as indorsed by Com
mander Evangeline Booth of the Sal
valion Army. The picture opened in
New York at the Harris theater with
a speech by Colonel Mclntyre and music
from the lamoire Salvation Army band.
Wounded soldiers made up the second
night audience. Charles H. Sabln, the
financier, bought out the house for
that night for the War Camp Com
munity Service.
Liberty Dorothy Phillips, "Paid
in Advance."
Star Bryant Washburn. "Love
Majestic J. Warren Kerrigan,
"Come Again Smith."
Columbia Olive Thomas, "Love's
Prisoner"; Elmo Lincoln. "Elmo,
the Mighty."
Peoples Elsie Ferguson, "A So
ciety Exile."
Strand Virginia Pearson. "The
Bishop's Emeralds."
Circle William Farnura. "Riders
of the Purple Sage."
Sunset Charles Ray, "The Son of
His Father."
Globe Marguerite Clark. "Miss
George Washington."
Clianfrs in Rocturg Office Leave
Carrier Vacancy.
ROSEBCRG. Or.. Aug. 21. (Special)
Two resina'.ions in the clerical
force of the Koseburg postotfice leave
or.e vacancy, for which there is no ap
plicant. Herbert A. Carswell. em
ployed as cl'rk for the past two years,
will leave the service Srtember 1 and
will be succeeded by Donald GrigKS.
who Is now working as a substitute
The resignation of Miss Ethel
Tooxe. effective September 1. and ap
pointment of Miss Clara Patrick to
take her place, is announced. But so
far. no one has spplifd for the position
of substitute carrier, vscated by pro
motion of Mr. Grigits. The postmaster
is looking for some energetic young
ITCH ELL LEWIS, who appears in
Portland In person at one of the
local theaters about August 1. Is
the star of "The Code of the Yukon."
the feature play which will open at the
Sunset theater tomorrow.
Mr. Lewis was in Portland to obtain
scenes made with the Columbia river
and Mount Hood for a background for
another screen play of the frosen north
which will soon be released. His work
has becomenoted for Its sympathetic
interpretation of the primal life of the
rugged men who have ruled Alask . His
own powerful figure and masterful fea
tures are an asset in deliniation of the
pioneer type.
"Code of the Yukon" is a story of
Lappiry, .a French-Canadian prospector, Jean Du
bois, whose aim in life is to find tne
man who wronged his sister. A gang
of crooks try to steal his mine and
they persuade his wife that she Is not
happy with him. She runs away with
one of the band. The leader of the
band is Cregan for whom a woman, who
has fallen In love with Jean, works.
She tells him that Cregan is the man
who wronged his sister. Jean attempts
to kUI Crecan but a Higher Power
saves him the trouble. Jean's wife re
turns to him and things take a brighter
The art of swordsmanship, once prime
requisite of a gentleman's training, is
again in vogue, due to military train
ing received by those who fought in
the great war. Fencing clubs are
springing up throughout the country
and sporting houses record extraor
dinary sales of foils and even real
rapiers. "Lessons in Swordsmanship" is
a timely subject of a recent Pictograph.
There's been a lot of speculation as
to exactly who are the prettiest girls In
the world. In "The Little Widow," a
new comedy, the movie fans have an
opportunity to make their choice be
tween two. One is Myrtle Lind; the
other Harriet Hammond. Both are
partly of Swedish ancestry. Miss Lind
is of trench and Swedish parentage.
miss Hammond s remote ancestors were
English and Swedes.
Joint Committee Turns Down Offers
Made by Employers in Collect
ive Meeting.
Unions represented in the printing
Industry, in commercial and Job -offices.
have affiliated In what is known as the
allied printing crafts Joint scale com
mittee, and have made demands upon
the employing printers of Portland for
increased wages and reduction from
eight to seven hours in the working
day. The scale of wages in effect at
present will expire September 1, and
the demands that have been made are
for new scales effective from that date.
R. Fennell, secretary of the Portland
Employing Printers' association, says
that in former years each union ne
gotiated separately with the em
ployers, and that the employing print
ers invited them to do so this year, but
the unions refused to do this and re
plied they would only meet the em
ployers collectively through negoti
ations with their joint scale committee.
The meeting was held Wednesday
night. Chairman of the Joint committee
then presented arguments in support
of the demands and the employers re
sponded by offering certain increases
in all departments. This offer, Mr.
Fennell says, was rejected by the
unanimous vote of all unions repre
sented in the joint scale committee.
Secretary Fennell has compiled the fol
lowing table showing the present scale,
that offered by the employing printers.
and the demands made by the unions,
as follows:
Los Angeles Woman Had Almost
Given Up Hope "Just
What I Needed."
"Just when I had about given up all
hope of ever getting well again, my
physician told me to begin taking Tan
lac, and it turned out to be the very
medicine I needed for it overcame my
troubles and I am now enjoying splen
did health again," said Mrs. Ed Kemptf,
who lives at 4238 Louisiana street, Los
Angeles, the other day.
"My trouble' began about three
months ago." continued Mrs. Kemptf,
"and was diagnosed as .intestinal poi
soning. I was confined to my bed j
during the entire time and the awful
pain and misery I underwent can never
be told in words. Of course, I was un
der the best of treatment, but nothing
seemed to do me any good at ail and I
was finally ordered to the hospital for
an operation. After getting to the hos
pital I decided that I would not submit
to an operation, and after staying there
a week I went back home. I was cer
tainly a sick woman when I got home.
and it was then that my doctor put me
on Tanlac.
In three or four days after I com
menced taking Tanlac, I surprised my
mother by telling her that I was hun
gry. Now that was the first time I
had wanted anything to eat since I
had my first attack of this trouble.
Well, to my great surprise and delight.
I didn't suffer a particle afterwards.
and from that time on I Just picked
up until I am now up and about and
enjoying good health once more. All
my friends and neighbors are talking
about my wonderful recovery, and they
know that Tanlac Is responsible for it,
too. During the time my health was so
bad, I went down in weight from one
hundred and fifty to one hundred and
twenty-nine pounds, but I have almost
gotten it back, and if I continue to gain
as I am now I will soon weigh more
than I ever did. I can easily take care
of my five children and do all my
housework. My husband says that he
is the happiest man in California since
Tanlac has so wonderfully restored my
health, and we are both anxious to tell
the world about my experience.,"
Tanlac is sold Portland by the Owl
Drug Co. Adv.
264 ALDER, Near Third, Opp. GUI's Book Store
Remember: During this sale the Globe Sample Shop
will exchange all sale garments and your money
back if not satisfied, within three days of purchase.
Therefore, you take no risk at this Reliable Globe
Sample Shop.
started from a spark from the boiler
flue. Exact figures as to the extent
of the loss could not be obtained, but
Hand compositors
Assistant foremen .......
Night scale, higher than day
Foremen cylinder pressroom
Journeymen, cylinder pressroom
f oremen, tnree or more platens
Foremen, less than three platens
Journeymen, platens
Apprentices, platen pressmen
Apprentice, cylinder pressmen
Cylinder press feeders
Platen press feeders
Night scale, higher than day
First forwarder, first finisher
First forwarder, first finisher, first ruler
Journeymen and paper cutters
Forelady in bindery
Journeymen No. 1 girl
Journeymen No. 2 girl .
Present Offered Demanded Wkly.
Wkly. Scale. Wkly. Scale. Scale, 8-Hr. Basis.
. .. :i:i.oo
. .. 31.50
... 3.00
. .. 30.00
. .. 30.00
. .. 30.00
. .. 2T.00
.. 26.50
. .. 22.50
. .. 22.50
... 21.00
. .. 1S.00
... 3.00
, .. 30.00
.. 30.00
. . 16.00
. . 18.50
Values up to $35.
Extra Special
iln t jLod O
addition to the present weekly scales shown bonuses ranging from $2.10 to $0
per week are now being paid. -
han r ranewco. tai,, auu umri n-i uj -ompeir.ivo tm n-rz oi6c v
State Officials "Will Study Problem
at Warm Springs.
Screen Gossip
The Sea Wolf." which brought Jack
London into fame as a writer of novels,
will be itlven a specially elaborate
screen production by the Famous Play-ers-iasky
corporation studios at Holly
wood, it was announced yesteruay.
Ueorge Mellord will direct.
- Clare Brlga-s of the New Tork Tribune,
rr.nnr of "When a Fellow Needs
Friend." "The Days of Real Sport." and
other cartoons In which his famous boy
character. Skinny, appears, went Into a
restaurant on Park Row, New York, the
other dav for luncheon. He was dis
consolate for he did not have a single
Mem for the next day s cartoon.
Several tables away he discovered a
friend. In a few minutes a Devy ot
good-looking stenographers entered and
sat down at the lfle wnere nriggn
friend was studying the menu card. In
a moment Brigga' friend found himself
caught in a barrage of the latest edi
tion of typist bandinage, the purport
of which was that the lone man in the
SALEM. Or, Aug. 21. (Special.)
Percy Cupper, state engineer; Ceorge
M. Brown, attorney-general, and Will
H. Bennett, state superintendent of party should pay for the girls' lunch
banks, will leave here Saturday for I
the Warm Springs Irrigation project in
central Oregon where they will make
a complete investigation of the develop
ment work under way there at the
present time.
This project includes 40.000 acres,
approximately 30.000 of which it Is pro
posed to put under Irrigation, ne se
curities commission has been asked
to guarantee interest on the total bond
Issue of $1.3a0.0o0, and this is one
phase of the proceedings that will be
Strasbourg Church Official Gets tw
Appointment from Pope.
STRASBOURG. Alsace. Aug. II.
Pope Benedict, it is announced, has ac
repied the resignation of the German
b:;nop of Strasbourg and has appointed
him archbishop in "partibus."
Last April President Poincare ap
pointed Monsigr.or Ruch. bishop of
Nancy, to be bishop of Strasbourg In
succession to the German buhop there.
Hrlffe-rich Faces Prosecution.
BERLIN. Aug. SO. (By the Associat
ed Press.) The ministry of Justice has
received instructions to examine into
the evidence obtained against the for- yj. Mills,
me r vice-cnr.ceuor. ur. ivari nenier
lch. with a view to prosecuting him.
German Credit Proposed.
WEIMAR. Aug. 1 (By the Asso
ciated Press) Minister of Finance
Eraberger announced today that the
budget committee of the national as
sembly has proposed a new credit of
t.vuv.vOO.OvO marks.
"Yo-o-o. Skinnay'" cried the victim
across the room to Briggs. "When a
feller needs a friend
Briggs went back to the Tribune of
fice, und the next morning the stenog
raphers' victim found his plight fur
nishing amusement for hundreds of
thousands of Tribune readers all over
New York city and In various papers
throughout the country.
One of the initial shots In the world
war was fired by Jack Ackroyd of the
Sennett forces. In the first days of the
war he was a private In the Duke of
Wellington Riling regiment at Mons.
An uproar, heard by the regiment while
lying In a wheat field, was thought to
be target practice by the Belgians
until two Uhlans rode over a hill, fol
lowed by a squadron of German horse'
men. Ackroyd fired with the rest and
a Uhlan tumbled from his saddle. The
melee which followed was one of the
first fights in the great war.
Billeted. the play by F. Tennyson
Jesse and H. M. Harwood which Francis
Marion adapted for screen presentation
with Billie Burke as the star, has been
retitled "The Misleading Widow." The
picture was directed by John S. Robert
son. Supporting Miss Burke are James
L. Crane, who plays leading man as he
has done for so many legitimate shows:
Madeline Clare, Fred
Hearn. Frederic Ksmelton and Dorothy
Wanda Hawley is the latest addition
to the ranks of jazz band conductors.
The winsome actress boasts of the most
unique of orchestras, consisting of ex
actly two performers equipped with no
other instruments than a lone piano.
jiiss iiawiey, wnue at work on
Hartley Manners' "Peg o' My Heart-'
accidentally discovered the other half
of her band while playing- a concert
piano which was part of a set. This
half which includes the violins, trom
bones, cellos and in fact everythin
escepi me piano consists of a prop
wnn sucn talented vocal cords that
ne is able to Imitate a score of Instru
ments. The new band Is looking for
capable bass drum imitator.
Bryant Washburn having- heard that
most or tne picture stars are talking
these days of visiting various parts of
the world on their vacations, smiled as
ne oDserved:
For a long time I've been thinking
" ".mint a trip around the world."
seriously, however, he does contem
iiaie sucn a trip but when, he isn
prepared to state Just now. Bryant
....iiuifrn is ioo ousy making photo
Delay in Oil Decision Asked.
LAREDO. Tex.. Aug. II. Foreign
Minister Cabrera of the Carranxa cabi
net. In an address to the Mexican su
preme court, has asked that it withhold
decision on the petroleum cases now
under consideration.
Grey to Sail September 16.
the new British
II. Viscount Grey,
ambassador to the
Charles Ray is a right-handed base
ball pitcher. This unfortunate discov
ery was made after he had begun work
In a basrbal picture entitled "The
Southpaw" and so the name was
changed to "The Busher, since the
whole plot hung on his extraordinary
pitching ability in many scenes.
Elliott Dexter, one of the most popu
lar leading men and finished screen
actors. Is to be starred. This announce
ment was made recently by Jesse L.
Lasky. Mr. Dexter"s contract covers
a period of years: his first picture will
be "The Admirable Crlchton." the first
play of Sir James M. Barrie to reach
the screen.
Cornelius Vanderbllt. John Walker
Portland Men LeaTe for Mare Island
Army Signs FItc
John W. Primms. Frank G. R.
Franklin T. Parkinson, all of Portisnrf
enlisted yesterday at the marine re
cruiting station for the aviation sec
tion of the marine corps. They left last
msni mr me marine barracks. Mare
Island, where they will take thai
liminary training, and from there will
go io tne oreat Lakes navy mechanical
-"en ior me mechanical hrmi-h
mo aviation section of the marine
corps are saia to be particularly in de
Five new recruits sie-ned un v-
day at the army recruiting rotin
j- wero .ri eison or Portland, in-
ianir ; Clarence k. Brooks of Canby,
vr.. inianiry; ivan cox of Astoria, in
fantry: Adolph L. Forsty of Portland,
cavalry for the Mexican border; Walter
-oie or aiamito 1- alls, engineers.
Vancouver Woman Taxi DriTer
Makes Trip at Loss.
United States, will sail for New York I Harrington, Colonel William Mclntyre
September 1. it s announced. j oi tne aaivauoo Army, &uoipa uaor,
VANCOUVER. Wash., Aug. 21. (Spe
cial.) The farmer living near Pioneer,
who yesterday almost got a stage
driver here to haul three women, 12
children and himself 17 miles for 4.50,
finally succeeded in getting Miss May
of the Independent Taxi company to
start with the overland for $6.
On the trip, which she made at a
loss, two tires blew out and the car
was stalled on a hill not far from
Pioneer. A kind-hearted stage driver
on the Vancouver-Yacolt run stopped
and helped the lady driver to change
one tire. The farmer, his wife and
parts df two other families got out
oi ine stage at river and waded
to the other side and were near home.
Clerk in Vancouver Drink Parlor
Reports Robbery.
VANCOUVER, Wash.. Aug, 21. (Spe
cial.) While he had the safe open last
night about 13 o'clock, putting away
the day's receipts, an automatic pistol
was thrust into the face of Chet Thurs
ton, who is employed in the soft drink
and confectionery store of W. A. Wood,
706 Main street, by an unidentified per
son who proceeded to rifle the safe.
The robber made his escape by run
ning east on Seventh street. - By the
proprietor, the robber Is said to have
secured about $300 in currency and
$100 in silver, leaving about $100 in
silver in the safe.
Intrer than what is offered by Portland emnlovinfr printers.
effect in some of the competitive cities a re as follows:
com- uper
Tmsitors. ators.
Ix Angeles. Cal 38.00 30.00
San Francisco, Cal 30.00 33.00
Denver, Colo. L'f.50 3S.S0
Ksnsas Cltv. Mo 24.00 30.00
Salt Lake Cltv. Utah 28.00 2S.00
Spokane, Wash 30.00 31.50
Scales of wages now in
Cylinder '
'. 30.50
1 S.00
1 5.00
Special Women's Committee to Meet
in Morning Labor Later Will
Make Known Its Plans.
at the office of the company In Port
land it was estimated that it would be
around $40,000 or $50,000, partly cov
ered by insurance.
The plant was in operation and ma
terials in the buildings were destroyed.
However, tiling which was in the yard
was not destroyed. Thirty-five men
were employed. A call was sent in for
the Vancouver fire department.
At three meetings today the cost of
living situation will be discussed and
several blows may be dealt at high
prices as a result. In the morning the
committee of five appointed at last
Tuesday's mass meeting of housewives
will get together at tne central li
brary to go over the ordinance govern
ing the public market, wnicn, accora
ing to Mrs. F. O. Northrup, chairman,
has been violated. In the last two
days the women have conferred witn
the district attorney and city commis
sioners and reports of their interviews
will be given.
Preparations also will be maae mis
morning for another mass meeting next
Tuesday at the library.
Another important gatnering scnea-
uled for the afternoon will be that of
the fair-price committee at 2 o'clock
In the grand Jury room at the old post
office building. The committee will
take up what is hoped to be a final
consideration of bread prices. The
session is public and representatives
from the women s meeung are expectea
to be on hand.
The last meeting on the programme
will be that of the Central Labor coun
cil at 8 P. M-. in the municipal audi
torium, when labor's plans to combat
the cost of living will be made known.
Unions and Grangers of Lewis
County to Unite in Celebration.
CENTRALIA, Wash.. Au- 31. (Spe
cial.) The programme has practically
been completed for the celebration to
be staged jointly in Centralia on Labor
day by the Lewis County Pomona
Grange and organized labor of the
A picnic, programme of sports and
speaking will be held at Riverside
Park, and in addition there will be a
street parade, mine rescue contests.
first-aid contests and a tug-of-war
between union men and farmers.
The programme will close with i
dance at the auditorium in the even
Values up to $35.
Extra Special
Values up to $35.
Extra Special
Lodger, Aroused by Stealthy En
trance, Summons Policeman
to Arrest Matt Aho.
Read The Oregonian classified ads.
OREGON CITT, Or.. Aug. 21. (Spe
al.) Matt Aho was arrested when he
as caught prowling in the rooms of
the Willamette hotel here early today
by Nisht Policeman Henry W. Cooke.
C. F. Darling, a lodger at the Willam
ette, heard the man enter the hotel at
early hour. He arose and soon
eard someone trying the two rooms
opposite his, one of which was occu
pied by Miss Clara Deute.
When Darling appeared in tne naii-
way the man had disappeared, but
Darling believed he was in some other
room. Darling hastened to the street
notify the night policeman, whom
e encountered nearby. They returned
and waited. The man soon made his
appearance, as if a lodg?r, but when
Fred Griessen, proprietor of the hotel,
did not recognize him, the man was ar
rested. At the city Jail the man was
searched. Four gold watches, a set
of skeleton keys and two flashlights
were found. Two of the watches were
identified by lodgers.
Aho -gave his age as 19 and said he
came to the United States froM Fin
land In 1914.
Bridge Over Yakima Desired.
YAKIMA, Wash., Aug. 21. (Special.)
With the understanding that the
county is ready to construct a bridge
over the Yakima river between the
town of SeTah and the Fast Selah dis
trict, the residents of the district af
fected have circulated petitions ask
ing for the Improvement and designa
ting the place where the petitioners
would like to have the bridge placed
Legion Convention Announced.
SEATTLE, Aug. 21. According to
present uncompleted plans, the first
state convention of the American
legion will be held in Spokane, October
15, it was announced today at a meet
ing of the temporary state executive
committee of the organization.
Full Silk lined. Values up to $45,
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Silk lined and unlined.
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... $12.95
Fire Works Heavy Damage to Fac
tory Near Vancouver.
VANCOUVER, Wash., Aug. 21. (Spe
cial.) The entire plant of the Denny-
Renton Clay & Coal company, located
east of Vancouver, on the North Bank
highway, was entirely destroyed by
fire -last night. It is thought to have
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Splendid after bathing with Cuticura
Soap. A few grains dusted on the skin
and hands imparts to the person a del
icate, individual and distinctive fra
grance, leaving the skin sweet and
wholesome. .
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Taka
25c Sold throughout the world. For
sample each free address: Cnricra Lab
oratories, Dept. 19F. MaMesi. Mass."
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