Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 22, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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City Editor Main TnT. A jm
Bn4x Editor Main 7070. A
Adv.Mtoln Dprtmrnt...Vln 70 ;0. A JJJ
fiupruiinilnt of Building. .Uln 70.0, A 0U
Fabw-rltx with th. followlnr J
your iiunmfr rMor to wear in. most
prompt delivery of Th. Oreaonl.n. CJ
""- Subscription, by Ds.ll r prbl In
I r-i L. i-w lr C Robinson
f ! citr. oi O. E. Shelley
Bif. rv F. D. Mitchell
Brlcnton rv-" A. W. Row.
tarsog, wUj C B. Smith
.-ol. Or Cannon Beach Merehanais. vo.
G.nhiMi n. ft. M. McMillan
0rnart. Or W. S. Robinson
foi Bncb. Wash W. E. Straona
if.i.hattan Beach. Or B. F.Anr
Iansanlta. Or .........- Karoeil
.Vihtoi.i wh " H. J- Brown
u.t. a r Anderson
Netarta. Or .. ' 'iim. tH. M. Cross
N.hal.m. Or D. C. Pfrejoj
Newport. Or O. T, Herron
Ocean Par. Wash Emma 8. Campbell
i' . . . . i . .... . On - coie
Pacific citr. Or ....D. T. Edmooda
Rockawar. Or
otupaerd's Hot fiprlnara. Wash. ; - - '
fr''w ' wi;hV.".V.V.V.V.eor : N. p.u'"m
Tillamook. Or J- D- Llm?'
'heeler. Or.......";..::"..... R. H. Cody
" ooda. Or Cnarlsnd Deuel
VV'llhoit borlnx. Or V. W. McLersn
BETLIO (Broadway at TaylorV A.lxan.
' The U. who Knows." TonUHt
ALCAZAR (Eleventh at Morrison) Alcaaar
.Music.) Players In "Kin Dodo. iouis--
PANTAGES (Broadway at Alder Vaude
ville: three shows dally. 2:10. 7 and :0i
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Tamhlllr
Vaudeville and moving pictures. 2 to .
" to 11 P. M. Saturdays. Sundays and
holidays continuous. 1:15 to 11 P. X.
fJTRA.VD (Washlnrton street, between Park
and West Park) Vaudeville and moving
pictures, continuous.
COLWCIL. CREST Pre amusement par.
Take "CC" cars, Morrison or Washington
I reels.
'irst and Alder Armstrong Folly com
Pany In musical comedy.
COLUMBIA BEACH (Vancouver care)
Swim mine;, dancinv. amusements.
On Sale at
Business Office. Oref-onlaa.
Mu. Auce Hawuet McNadobt Dies.
W. C. Alc.N'auaht of 435 Columbl
street left for the east yesterday morn
ins. upon receiving word of the death
of his mother. Mrs. Alice Hawley Mc
Nauicht. at Madison. Wis. Ha will ac
company the body to Washington,
where it will be interred at the Arling
ton National cemetery beside the body
of her husband, the late Major Joh
S. McNauKht. who served with the 20th
infantry In the civil war. Mrs. Mc
Nauftht died Wednesday of Bright':
disease at the are of 8 years, the
also survived by a daughter. .Miss
Km ma A. Hawley, a librarian in Madi
Urn. Netter Fined $30 John Lr
son of Gold Beach, who was arrested
on a charce of violating the law pro
hibitins fishing with a gill net below
the dead line at Doyles Rock In the
Kogue river; was found guilty and
fined $ with $3.50 costs, according
to the state fish and game commission.
Larson was arrested by Deputy Lis
Warden B. U. Jewell on August 15.
Came Warden Jewell reported that
Karl Hoffman of Portland who was ar
rested on a charge of violating the
fishing laws at Gold Beach, gave
gold watch for bail and has not ap
peared for hearing.
Navt CoJtr-iRns Death News. Offi
rial news of the death of Fred Nulton.
former bookkeeper and stenographer
at the Columbia bastn wool warehouse
In Portland, who died while acting as
gunner's mate of the U. S. 8. West
(jumbo at Archangel October 2. 191S.
was received at the navy headquarters
here yesterday. Unofficial reports of
Nulton's death were received here last
October. Nulton enlisted In June. 1918.
and following thst his wife. Mrs.
Margaret K Nulton. went to Washing
ton. D. C. so she would be nearer her
husband. Nu'.ton's mother resides at
IIS East Seventy-second street north.
Moonshine Hiiiuo Todat. Joe
Pagala. who was arrested on a charge
of operating a still in Portland, will
have a hearing before United States
Commissioner Drake today at 10
o'clock. United States Deputy District
Attorney Watklns announced last
night. An interesting feature of the
case Is the fact that Sagala had rented
a house for his alleged operations at
SS Elliott street from Dr. J. K. Drake
who is a brother of Commissioner
Drake. Dr. Drake will appear as
witness st the hearing. The still was
said to have been one of the largest
ver taken In Portland.
IiRi-oiisT Is Fined. H. F. Brandon,
druggist at Fast Twentieth and Haw
thorne avenue, was fined $50 by Dis
trict Judge Hell yesterday for having
an unregistered pharmacist in charge
of his prescription counter at one time
and for selling poison without & proper
danger label. H. Dannenmann. pro
prietor of the Waverley Pharmacy,
pleaded not guilty to two charges of
employing unregistered pharmacists to
mix prescriptions. He will be tried
Meats. 10c and lie.
At Fraik L Smith's. 2.8 Alder street:
Something good In beef to boil. 10c.
Your choice beef or lamb liver. 10c
Smith's choice oven roast beef. ISc.
Pot roasts. II t.c. Beefsteak. 15c
Frank L. Smith's roasts of lamb. ISc.
Koast veal. lie. Breast veal. 15c
Hamburg stk. 15c. Corned beef. 15c.
Frank L Smith's is 22S Alder st. Adv.
Democratic Picnic Tonioht. Richard
W. Montague will address the Wom
en's Democratic club, on "Why the
league of Nations Should be Ratified."
at their picnic supper at t 30 tonight.
Iurelhurst park. Members, their
families and friends are Invited and
are asked to bring spoons and cups for
National Caloric Week. August 33
to 30. Comfortable and clean heat
with no fire risk and with a saving of
half the fuel bill. Guaranteed. Makes
winter as comfortable as June. Come
and see for yourself. Caloric Plpeless
Furnace Co.. 314 Mark, near Sixth.
Phone Main 754.
Canadian Monet Depreciated. Here
arter we will accept Canadian money
only at a discount of per cent on face
value, the only exception being & and
19-cnt coins, our conductors, agents
and tellers have been so Instructed.
Portland Railway, Light A Power Co.
Jewish Services Annocnced. Serv
Ices will be held at Congregation
Ahavat Sholom. Park and Clay streets,
tonight at o'clock. Tomorrow morn
ing services will be at S:30 o'clock.
Rabbi R. Abrahamson will officiate.
Milk and Rest Crsjc Diseases of
stomach and intestines, heart disease.
high blood pressure. Bright s disease
and nervous diseases especially In
dicated. The Moore Sanitarium. Office
Selling b!dg. Adv.
Clovesio Fiu Co. Bathixo Girls and
Uttle Bernice Smith will make m per
sonal appearance at the Coxy theater at
Kamler. Or Saturday night. Aug. S3.
Dr. Ella K. Dearborn. S00 Union ar
north: office hours after 1:30 P.M.Sun
days and mornings by appointment.
Dr. R. R. Hamilton returned: dis
eases of women and surgery; suite 40S
3d organ bldg. Adv.
Milk Diet Treatment. The Moore
Sanitarium. Phone Main (101. East 47.
Rainsow Rock Springs and Kemmener
coal. Carbon Coal Co.. East 1139 Adv.
H cm mil Corset Parlors open for fall
season; 404 Central bldg. Adv.
Hill Militart Academt. Portland. Or.
Write for ca.talogue Adv.
Ws Grind everything. Portland Cut
lery Co-. th st near Stark. Adv.
Dm J. H. Croup, dentist, returned:
i:-l String bid-. Main 5304. Adv.
City Treasurer Enjoys Trip. "With
a leak in the vacuum tank of his car
that prevented further travel. City
Treasurer William Adams last week
enjoyed the novel experience of being
compelled to spend one night at Cloud
Cap. the highest point in the Crater
lake section, and 29 miles or more from
the hotel. Mr. Adams was accompanied
by his wife and babe, who enjoyed the
I -'-day outing, despite eccentricities of
the auto. Mr. Adams succeeded in
shoving the car down grade to a grad
ing camp, where the leak was repaired.
although he entertained visions of
20-mile hike to the hotel for assist
Cash Register Installed. Installa
tion of a large cash register in the
office of City Treasurer Adams this
week is expected to facilitate the
handling of accounts and aid the book
keeping department. The machine.
which was purchased recently by the
county commissioners, is the latest
word in cash registers and especially
adapted to the keeping of various
records required in handling receipts
and disbursements of the city of Port
Enlistments Number 17. Seventeen
men have enlisted for service in the
navy at the local station in the Dekum
building during the past week, estab
lishing new weekly record for the
Oregon district. Four men were ac
cepted yesterday, as follows: N. M.
Foster, Eugene, Or.; R. Lu Wiley, Lew-
iston. Idaho: T. A. Chapman and G. R.
Peterson, both of Dallas. Or. After
taking training at the San Francisco
station these men will be assigned to
the Pacific fleet.
Bakeries to Enlarge Plants. Ap
plications for permits for enlargement
of plants were filed with the city build
ing department yesterday by the Log
Cabin Baking company, which desires
to erect an additional story and install
new ovens at Vancouver avenue and
Fremont streets, at a cost of 130.000,
and by the United States Bakery, East
Everett between East Eleventh and
East Twelfth streets, for enlargement
of Its building at a cost of J35.000.
Twelve Pat for Trappic Violations.
Twelve violators of traffic ordinances
faced Judge Rossman in municipal
court yesterday and paid the following
fines: D. C. Lurnadue, $5; E. H. Sher
man, 115; C. J. McGill. 15; A. Pester!
32.50: E. Linguist. 12.50; F. I. Hoyt,
13.50: F. Anderson, 14: J. Hook. 115: L
Brakel. 5; B. F. Baker. 115; E. J. Cur-
rigan, 115; A. Konashi, 110.
Knight's Economy Dept. Irpvites the
out-of-town people to take advantage
of their mail order dept., send descrip
tion, size and price of shoe desired.
Contractor wanted to build rest
dences; 714 Couch bldg. Adv.
Smallpox Danger Believed to Be
Past Meetings and Weird Noises
of Night Mui-t Cease.
Fifty-five persons who were placed
under quarantine by the city health
officer some time ago when smallpox
broke out in a camp meeting 'at Foster
road and Fifty-second street will be
released today and ordered to discon
tinue the meetings. Four policemen
have been on duty at the site of the
camp meeting to enforce orders issued
by Dr. Parrish and keep those under
quarantine within the enclosure built
around the grounds.
Dr. Parrish had his attention called
the place by residents of the Mount
Scott district who complained of dogs
howling late at night- Investigation
proved that the unusual noises were an
xpression of religious fervor. Small
pox was detected at the same time, six
persons being afflicted. Although the
disease was in mild form, the health
bureau took precautions to prevent its
pread. releasing only those who had
not been exposed. The others will be
given their liberty today, but an edict
says the meetings must be discontinued
nd the weird noises of the night must
.Miss Isom and Others AVIII Go to
Vancouver Meeting
Miss Mary Frances Isom. librarian of
he Portland library, will go today to
Vancouver to attend the convention of
the Pacific Northwestern Library asso-
iation which begins Tuesday and will
continue until August 29.
Miss Isom. under instruction from
the library board, will bear to the con
vention Portland's Invitation to hold
he 1920 session In this city. The Cali
fornia Library association will also be
Invited to meet in Portland at the same
Heads of several of the departments
of the Portland library will also go
to Vancouver: Miss Zulema Kostom
latsky. asnistant librarian; Miss Mar
garet MacLachlan. head of the circula
tion department: Miss Ruth Rock wood,
of the reference department; Miss
ellle Fox. of the branch department;
Miss Margaret Coldwell, of the North
Portland branch; Miss Willamina Ca-
rothers. of the cataloguing department.
nd Miss Ethel Sawyer, who has re-
Get the Boys
Ready Now.
School Opens in
10 Days.
Serviceable Suits
for School Wear
Rollicking, sturdy young fJlows need just
such quality clothes as the LION is offering.
Long wear and stylish appearance are tai
lored into every garment. You'll be proud of
your boy in a LION suit.
Complete Equipment for Boys 3 Years Old and Over
Everythl n g
that boys
wear from
head to foot.
Exclusive Kuppenheimer House In Portland.
Morrison and Fourth
Agents for
Iron Clad
Hose for
boys and
cently finished the
work, are included.
training school
Drj goods Association Asks Portland
Chamber to Join In Protest.
The National Wholesale Dry Goods
association of New York has launched
a campaign against the bill Introduced
in congress by Representative Siegel,
requiring that from manufacturer to
consumer goods snail carry me cost,
mark in plain figures. The measure
would compel dealers to take out
licenses. Dealers who violate the law
would be liable to a fine not exceeding
10000 or a Jail sentence not exceea-
ng two years, or both line ana im-
A request that me i-oriiana cnamoer
of commerce join in opposition to the
bill has been referred to the JODDlng
committee for recommendation.
Former Eugene Stenographer Sen
tenced by Federal Judge.
Miss Ethel Scott, former stenogra
pher In the office of L. M. Travis, at
torney of Eugene, was sentenced to 60
days by the federal court yesterday on
charge or forgery.
Miss Scott was accused of having
opened the mall of her employer and
to have taken a check for J20 and a
money order for 140. Both of these she
cashed by forging the name of the
payee, the money order being cashed at
the Coqullle postofflce.
She was Indicted by the federal
grand Jury and was brought from Cali
fornia, where she had made ner es
cape, for trial.
Pendleton Mas Salvation Army Corps
PENDLETON. Or., Aug. 21. (Spe
cial.) Under the leadership of Envoy
and Mrs. Frank Cappock, the first meet
ing of the newly-organized corps of
he Salvation Army was held here last
ROSEBURG. Or., Aug. 21. (Special.)
Benjamin F. Redfield. late pri
vate in company C, Oregon mounted
volunteers, aged 78 years and' 10
months and a native of Illinois, passed
away Wednesday night at the Soldiers'
Home hospital, where he hail been
since last December. The deceased is
survived by a niece, Mrs. Frank Brown,
of this city, and a brother, S. H. Red
field of Glendale. The funeral was
held this morning. ,
COLUMBIA CITT, Or., Aug. 21.
(Special.) Mrs. Joanna L. Maxwell, a
pioneer resident of Oregon, died at her
home In Columbia City last evening.
She was born in Ohio in 1835 and
crossed the plains with her father, Jo
seph Caples, in 1844. She had resided
in Columbia City the greater part of
her life. Two sons, Lawrence V. and
Chester B. Maxwell, are living.
Civic Organizations to Compete for
Trophy in Raising Funds for
Women's Hospital Service.
The Progressive Business Men's club
said "Sure, we will," when the mem
bers were asked to pick up the chal
lenge flung by the Ad club to compete
for a handsome trophy in the contest
to rahse the Oregon quota for the
American women's hospital service in
the devastated countries of Europe.
Acting President Burntrager announced
acceptance of the defi and the members
at the regular weekly luncheon yes.
terday declared they would give the
Ad club and the Kiwanis a nice little
hustle for the honor of raising the
largest part of the state's quota.
The Rotary club will act on the Ad
club challenge at its meeting next
Tuesday, and the actual contest will be
under way next Wednesday morning.
This fund-raising campaign has a min
imum mark of $1000 for each of the
contending clubs to raise between now
and September 5, when the campaign
The Oregon committee has agreed to
raise $5000, and to this sum the women's
clubs of the state, under the leadership
of Mrs. Sarah Evans, will undertake to
raise $1000 through club workers and
President F. C. Malpas yesterday an
nounced that the Clearing House asso
elation would contribute $100 and ad'
ditional contributions from $50 down to
"chicken feed" are coming in at a grat
ifying rate.
Those who will assist may send
checks to the American women's hos
pital service, 820 Electric building,
where they will be acknowledged by
State Chairman W. P. Strandborg,
charge of the campaign.
Mate Wanted Train to "Grind Him
Into Dog Meat," Says Husband.
On August 10 Mrs. Lollye E. Will
iams told her husband, M. A. Williams,
that she dearly wished a train would
run over him and "prind him into dog
meat." This is an allegation of Will
iams' divorce suit filed in the circuit
court yesterday. In addition to wish
ing her husband a sausage fate, Mrs.
Williams would cr " him a "shrimp"
and a "liar," he c 'lains.
Other divorce suiis filed were: Eliz
abeth K. Davis axainst James W.
Davis; Mildred Thurkelson against
Campbell Thurkelson; Catherine Jessie
Moran asrainst Edar Charles Moran,
Ceylon Indist
Closes 4 Da
Perfect Bland
avs Teas
School Days Are Nearly Here!
Buy Your Boy an Oregon Buckskin Suit
$15, $16.50, $17.50, $18.50
Just the kind for active, rollicking, playful American
schoolboys made of All-Oregon Wool Tailored just like
dad's in our own factory sewed with silk tacked and
reinforced made for service won't rip or tear out all
colors and shades buttons sewed on by hand made in
nifty Norfolk styles can't be duplicated for less than
$25 elsewhere.
Other Snappy Suits $7.50
Cassimeres, Tweeds, Serges.
Cordoroy Suits '. $8.50 to $9.50
Corduroy Pants $1.50 to $3.00
Fine line Boys' Pants $1.00 to $3.00
"Four Big Ambitions
possess the average man: to marry, to have
a home, to have children, to succeed in bus
iness. And, take my word for it, having
money in the bank is a great aid toward
obtaining these things."
Bowery Savings Bank, New York City.
Money does not bring material possessions alone; it
often makes possible serene, harmonious home life
under "one's own roof."
It means education and a start in life for the children,
and freedom from anxiety for the mother if the wage
earner should die.
It is a sad mistake, that there is no use in your trying
to save, because you can deposit so little at a time. Count
up what even a dollar a week deposited regularly will
amount to in 20 years, plus the interest. Was it worth
Savings department of this bank open Satur- " '
day evening, 6 to 8, for the convenience of de- '
Oldest in the Northwest
Washington and Third
M "mnsd""sms
and A. M. Schubach against Lena Ger
trude Schubach.
Most of Marion County Crop Is
Already Contracted.
SALEM, Or.. Aug. 21. (Special.)
Hop picking will begin in practically
all sections of Marion county next week.
The acreage is not as large as formerly
in this section of the Willamette val
ley, many yards having been plowed
up during the past few years.
About 90 per cent of the crop already
has been contracted. The yield and
quality are eald to be up to standard
and most of the product will be sent
to England.
A permanent position open
for a good watchmaker;
will pay good salary and ex
penses to Pendleton. Write
at once.
Pendleton, Oregon
for P
The Early Crawford Peaches
Best sizes for preserving have arrived from our own orchard at Hood
River fresh today. Early Crawfords are the finest flavored of all
peaches. They are in the market only a short time.
tsuy toaay. Jr'er dox,
Do not miss them.
Sweet Potatoes
New crop, very good, lb. 15.
New Fresh
3 lbs. for 25.
TT 290 5 TAR
Tuna Fish
New pack all white meat in
higrh grade oil 20, 354, 554
the can.
French Olive Oil
From M. Galllard, Nice: new oil,
just arrived from France most
valuable as a food or as medicine
three sizes cans 97.25. $3.75,
SI 95.
Main 7 ZOO
K 5T.
Col lr pre,
Knsrineerlns; Schools,
Medieal, Dental and
Law Schools.
Intensive Work,
Small Clause.,
Men Teacher.,
Day or i&Tht Coarale..
60O,0Ofl Plant Equipment,
Moderate Fees.
Accredited to Universities and
Information and -catalogue fur
nished, Div. C, Room 416, Dept of
Education. Y. M. C. A. Build ingr.
Portland. Only limited number
can be accommodated. Register
School of Home Economics
MtTn thra dirtbioc and Mptnvt court tu
Hn Economics to qnaiifr you u
More ctvils oom la for oar grtdatos thtvn w eta
upplr. School affiliated with titt great BatU Cnk
fUnltartnm affords coosprehenslra practical training
In cotuMotlon with tn tbaoratla work. School lo
ated in a beautiful part of tb state, stud cola
enjoy exceptional urroun dings for aiudrlnt, wlia
wuual adTantae (or healthful rscreatloD.
Tuition and Urine azpensa moderate. Or
portwnlttoa to defray part of main ij
lustretod proareetua on raqtwat. Ad (trass:
Box 16 Bartla Croat. ma
"Don't I I-ook Fine In My
.New Oregon Ssrltf
Marylhurst Normal School
Excellent Training School (first eight grades)
Well Equipped Dormitory for Resident Students
Autumn Session Opens September 15, 1919
Business Schools
Bookkeeping, Secretarial,
Shorthand, SaleNmanNhtp,
Accountancy Ad vert lain s.
TntenaiTe Work,
Men Teachers,
Moderate Keea,
Day and Might Courses.
Information and catalogue fur
nished. Div. C, Department of
Education, Y. M, C. A. Building.
Portland. Only limited number
can be accommodated. Register
Geary Street, Just oil Union Square
Famous for good service, comfort and txcelleat
cuisine at reasonable prices.
Rates from $1.75 a Day
Breakfast 40c and 75c Lunch 60c: Sundays
75c Dinner $1.25; Sundays $1.60.
Municipal Car Dm direct to door.
. Motor bus meets trains and steamers. .
Brownsville Woolen Mill Store
Mill-to-Man Clothiers
M . rr
ki4 6080 i4wix&z( mrMFWm
TToTiffrT A 6548 : Vr6& ifl.
1 tJJliJPi? if? JCrf lifVa Jirffiy,di'r- Fifth aho Oajc Its. Potud. Oaieoa li U
in Furniture and Appliances, Vault,
Filing Equipment and Supplies, Blank
Books, Indexes, Cards, Loose Leaf
Forms, Seals and Rubber Stamps,
Engineers' and Typewriter Supplies.
3 TrSris
Phone your want ads to The Oregro
nlan. Main 7070. A 6095.