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Six of Blazes Caused by Storm
Beyond Control.
Continued Wind Threaten to Carry
" riimf! Toward Watershed Pro
,. tectlng' Portland Supply.
r.Vtty.W.. Or.. An. IS. As a iruH
ft the lightning- Ftorm on Sunday nipht
41 forest fire are now raging n the
Cascade district, six of which are re
ported to be out of control, according
i the forest officials hre today.
Three of the fires are on the south
"fork of the MrKenzie. two In the Kail
rreek region and one on Salmon creek
. nar Oak ridge. Already 110 men have
been sent out from the local office to
fight the flames. The flames of the
Salmon creek fire hart spread over
an area of almost 900 acres and. ac
cording to the local officers, extreme
difficulty has been experienced in ob
taining men to fight the flames.
The reported shortage of firefighters
is a great obstacle in checking the
flames, which In many places are being
allowed to take their course because
ef lark of help.
R. S. Wallace, acting forest super
visor, and M. L. Merritt. forest exam
iner, have gone up the McKenzie to in
cstigate the conditions, and Andrew
Ireland, also a forest examiner, went
into the r'all creek country Thursday
to look after the fires in that section.
Other fire have been reported In
various sections, but as yet have not
- reached any serious proportions. The
lack of firefighters to send to combat
i he flames Is occasioned by the large
number of men who are employed in
harvest wortt In the Willamette valley.
(ranch of the Clearwater river for a
iistance of 40 miles, the efforts of 250
men proving futile to check the flames.
Supervisor Howell had no reports to
confirm statements that 10 firefighters
had perished in that section of the fire
Superintendent Fullaway of the Nez
Perce reserve, with headquarters at
Grangevllle. reports that the Oospel
creek and Mallard creek fires are still
uncontrolled and are spreading. There
are 25 fires burning on this reserve
which has an area of 1.700.000 acres.
Today Charles Ounhead of Lewlston
reached tlrangeville confirming the re
port that he had lost 13."0 sheep in the
Gospel creek fire. .
The Clearwater federal reserve em
braces M7.000 acres. It is contiguous
to the state of Idaho holdings reaching
over 200.000 acres, while company
owned and private timber will reacn
300.000 acres..
Government estimates show this belt
to contain over feet of
high grade white pine alone.
Grass Fires Barn Xear Vancouver.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Aug. 15. Spe
rial. Several grass fires were report
ed today. The fire department was
called to put out a fire near the Cath
olic cemetery and one in the upper
end of the old cantonment. Here some
of the buildings had caught from burn
ing grass. A brush fire was reported
to be raging on Harney hill, cast of
the city.
along the river as far as Ilwaco. Stan
ley Sorenson is agent for the dock, with
.Matt banders as chief mate.
Steamer at Sea With Wheat
to Get Orders at Canal.
West Xoska, Also ot Colnmbia
Paciric Shipping Company, Is
Ordered Across Atlantic.
State Convention Will Be Called to
Settle Fnture Course
of Faction.
City Commissioner Mann, who was in
communication from Sandy station yes
trrday with Elijah Coleman, lookout at
the summit of Mount Hood, reported
that several small fires have been dis
covered In the timber skirting the Bull
Hun reserve, but have been kept out of
the watershed. Yesterday's wind caused
much uneasiness to city and forestry
nfficials. however, and fears were enter
tained lest a continued blow send the
..flames into the timbered area protect
- inz the city's water supply.
One of the worM tires reported to
Mr. Mann by Mr. Coleman Is burning
nar Cameron, near the plant of the
Taylor Lumber company, on the Ames
road. Thia is only two miles from the
Hull Run reserve, and the fighters have
not yet succeeded in bringing it under
T. H. Sherrard. forest supervisor, said
yesterday that the wind was having the
effect of making fire fighting almost
ineffective, where the flames had gained
headway. The crews, however, were
putting forth every effort to prevent
an unusual spread and hope was ex
pressed last night that the wind move
,ment might not continue.
' - Mr. Mann has gone to andy station
in order to keep in close touch with the
, Hull Run situation, and in turn is In
frequent communication with other of
ncials of the municipal water depart
ment. While yesterday's reports were
not alarming, they had the effect of
preparing those iu charge for any
' ALBANY. Or.. Aug IS. Reports fro
Sweet Home Mate that a fire in the
' forest is burning over an area five
miles long by one mile wide. The a
thenticity of this statement is not veri
fied but it is known that a fire of con
siderable proportions is burning six
miles northwest to Bald Peter monn
tain. Every available man at the dis
posal of the state f ire-f lcrhting forces
' m at work fighting the fire.
There is also a small fire on Canyon
rerk about 4i miles east of here. For
entry forces are fighting a fire between
lir'en mountain and Green creek, east
of Berlin, mhich has burned over about
3u acres.
When the master and crew of the
steel steamer West Harshaw reach
Cristobal on the Atlantic side of the
canal they will receive a. surprise.
Orders will await them to lay the
course of the ship to an Italian port
to deliver her wheat cargo, not con-
s cleared for the latter
yesterday and got under
way for sea before the change in her
itinerary reached the office of C. D.
Kennedy. Portland agent for the divi
sion of operation.
The vessel is under the management
of the Columbia-Pacific Shipping com
pany. Another of the same fleet to be
ordered on to Italy was the West Kos-
ska. which got away from New York
Thursday. Wheat cargoes going to the
Atlantic side, such as to New York,
were discharged- and the grain taken
to the United Kingdom in British
steamers because of a difference in the
rate, but in the case of delivery being
made to Italy it is apparent the cargo
will remain in the original vessel.
Aboard the West Harshaw were 238.-
410 bushels of wheat worth 1596.025.
amounting to 6421 long tons, which is
less than other steamers of the type
and size have loaded, due to the fact
the deep tank of the West Harshaw
was reserved to be filled with fuel oil
in the Panama canal bo she would
have sufficient for the entire run.
Major Cartwright of the Columbia
Pacific says the deep tank of the ves
sel is double riveted, so does not come
within the scope of a controversy now
on as to having deep tanks in all ships
double riveted.
At the same time the fact the deep
tank is empty of wheat makes a dif
ference in the aggregate cargo of the
vessel of about 1200 tons, says Major
Blaze Near White Salmon Runs
Rapidly Ip .Mountain?.
WHITE SALMON. Wash.. Aug. 15.
t Special. The volume of smoke pour
ing from a timbered ride northeast of
White Salmon. Wash., in Klickitat
county. Washington, indicates that tho
roost serious mid-Columbia forest fire
of the season is in progress.
A small column of smoke at the foot
of the range such as might come from
a brush heap has been discernible from
here throughout the day. Tho heavier
hank of smoke began attracting local
attention about 4 o'clock, and for an
iiour the flames could be seen racing
up the hillside. The area as far as
turned over is limited to stunted
hillside draws, but tonight the fire has
apparently reached a large tract of
aluable timber.
Fire in Bru?h Threatens Green
Timber, and Help Is Called.
". LEBANON. Or. Aug. 15. (Special.)
A threatening forest fire is raging near
lat-omb in Linn county and has been
uuniins mr me ism two ur mree aays
and is getting beyond control of the
force now fighting it. A call has been
made to Lebanon for more men.
The fire started near the headwaters
of Hamilton creek on the old cedar flat
and is fanned by a strong northwest
wind which is driving it into the moun
tains in a southeast direction.
- The fire Is not in the green timber,
burning old locged-off land and brush,
but it is near some good belts of timber.
FORT WORTH. Tex.. Aug. 15. Plans
for nationalizing the new "American
party," organized here yesterday by a
group of Texas democrats dissatisfied
with their old party, will be put into
ffect upon appointment of a special
committee for that purpose. It was
stated today.
Meanwhile the other faction of re
volting democrats, which determined
yesterday on a campaign of reconstruc
tion within the old party, went ahead
with plans for outlining a definite line
of attack under the leadership of for
mer Senator Joseph W. Bailey.
Judge C. F. Greenwood of Dallas.
chairman of the "Bailey meeting," ex
pected to appoint at once an executive
committee which will set a time and
place for a state convention to deter
mine on the faction s future course.
Mr. Bailey said in a statement:
'We intend to follow the principles
adopted yesterday, wherever they may
lead us. If the democratic party, state
and national, comes to these principles.
then we are with the democratic party.
If not. as I say. we will follow these Local Weather Bureau Man Trans.
principles wnerever tney may ieaa us. i
ferred to North Head.
Word has been received at the weath
er bureau office that Perry W. Hill
member of the staff for some time, i
to be promoted to the position of of
ficial in charge of the office at North
Head. Wash. The North Head station
an important one. as approaching
storms are often indicated by reports
from there before they are felt at any
other point
It is the end of the government tele
graph line and reports to Portland and
Astoria the arrival and departure of
vessels at the mouth of the Columbia
river. Mr. Hill's successor in the Port
land office has not been selected.
Ralph C. Mize. now in charge of the
office at Tatoosh Island, Wash., is to
be transferred to Portland shortly to
take the place made vacant bv the
death of Thomas Gibson. Mr. Mize is
well known in Portland, having served
at the station here for several years
prior to going to Tatoosh Island
Steamer Eeelbeck Drops In on Way
to English Port.
The sight of 1200 bales of hops com
ing in, coupled with the heat, was re
sponsible for caustic comment yester
day at the Fifteenth-street terminal
The hops are to move to London aboard
the steamer Eelbeck. which left Se
attle yesterday in the service of Will
jams. Diamond & Co.. who are inaugu
rating a Pacific coast-European serv
ice with the ship. The vessel is due
here today.
The steamer West Hartland. which
the Columbia River Shipbuilding cor
poration launched early in the month.
yesterday was assigned to the Will
lams-Diamond fleet to load here for
Scandinavian ports. She is expected to
be ready in another month. The Colum
bia Pacific Shipping company, Oregon
agents for the line, expect to have con
siderable freight for the sailing.
Portland Harbor Patrol Officer New
Pilot Commissioner.
SALEM. Or., Aug. 15. (Special.)
following the receipt of a resolution
adopted by the Portland city council
declaring there is no conflict between
the duties of pilot commissioner and
city harbor master, and also approving
the proposed appointment. Governor
Olcott today appointed Captain J. B.
Speier of Portland to succeed Charles
Rudeen as a member of the state board
of pilot commissioners. At the same
time the governor reappointed Captain
William McNaught of Portland and
Thomas Nelson of Astoria.
The terms of all three members Ex
pired March 16. Mr. Rudeen was ap
pointed by Governor Withycombe to
fill the unexpired of C. G. Wilson of
I.innton. The resolution of the Portland
council declared that "it is necessary
for the development of the shipping
interests of the city of Portland that
a practical and experienced man be ap
pointed on such board."
Marriace Licenses.
SrXDK.V-WINBKBO William Sund-n,
irai. l nton i-.Doa M. winberg, legal,
Vnmn N.
CORXEl.K-GAri.T J. D. Cornell, legal.
Satti- Wash.; Juan Ha S. liauit. legal.
f-rKin.- nmM.
PIROM-BROUTIN" !. J. A. Pironl, 34.
ftt First: Victor Brouun, 30, Multnomah
Kant ixth X.; Kuby Tcsterraan, 18. 10t4
rnon lnur.
I.lnd.-ay. 1-77 Gay trt;; Ethel A.
t'ete-ryon. North Twenty-first.
H E VV ITT-II It'K ETHIEK Richard Hewitt.
lKi '- Washington street; Kuby I Ilick
ethi r. lKal.
lai OXKY-W ATKINS Harlry A. Ixoney.
I'O. 4 MO Seventieth street E. ; Mabel Grace
Wat kins. ,. !4 East Eleventh street.
STO K V -M v M EN L' S Everltt A. S tory . 23.
Taylor-itrtet dock; Wllma McMvnua, is, 1 "J
Eat Webster.
PORTLAND. Or.. Au. ..Y Maximum tem
perature. 16 degrees; minimum temperature.
J degree. Kiver reading, fi A. M.. o.i reel;
change in last 1M hours. M 0-foot fall. Total
rajiit!l (. 1. II. to , P. M. . none: total
rainfall since September 1. 41. u4 inches;
normal rainfall since September 1. 44.73
inches: deficiency of rainfall since Septem
ber l. ll l m. inches. Sun ri se. 6:11 A.
sunset. S:-0 P. II. ; total sunnine 14 hours
10 minutes: possible sunshine. 14 hours 10
minutes. Moon rise. I :."." P. M. ; moon set.
1 1:0.1 A. M. Barometer i reduced sea level).
::.. 7i Inches. iielHiive humidity : 6 A. M.,
C per ceni ; 1 1". il., 1 per tent: 6 1. M.,
14 per cent.
IMC v ca in CK.
5 M? 1
$ 1 v
3 s-3 1
- ? ? S
3 : :
: I :
i : ' I
P; Mi
Kote ....
Boat on ...
("aluary ..
Dfnv.r . . . .
Ie. Moines
Kurka . . .
H. Irna ... I
Kansas tly . ..I
lx AnKHea.
.-.n Sitt.itn . ...E ;('icar
n.on . . n'lear
s O.Oo . . tXE
io n.nti io W'
" if.ooi . ..SK
Pt. cloudy
".mi 11' s 'Pi. cloudy
so n.iwt. . . B 'C lear
r.H o.:: . . s Irioudy
ss ;4 V IKaln
ii.mi . ,,sw iCIear
M:ir,hruid ...I 44: s-4 a.iMi . .,NW CJear
M.dford I . . .)H' n.oo' . . N .Pt. cloudy
Minneapiilia ..! So n.oJIO SW 'Pt. cloudy
Sfvr Orleans.. I Ts i O.l'-J,. .-s- if'TAUdy
w York ....l Tjn.noiJSE t'toudy
North ..j ., 7i . 'to -S Icar
Eitcnslic lores! 1'lrrs Indicated
Near Hood RiTcr.
HOOD RIVER. Or.. Aug. 15. (Spe
cial.,! A havy pall of smoke over the
;jower altitudes of the mid-Columbia,
indicates that extensive forest fires are
burning near. No burns, however, are
reported from the forests around the
north, south and east bases of Mount
A fire, started late yesterday on the
Columbia gars Just below the Eyrie
aummer resort on the S. P. V S. railway
line, apparently has burned itself out
without reaching heavy timber a short
distance to the east.
'lainr in Srlway lictrnf Are
Sweeping 10-Mile Area.
LEWISTON. Idaho. Aug. 13. "The
situation is so bad I can get no defi
nite check on it." said Supervisor
Charles Howell f the Selway forest re
serve: at his headquarters to Kooskia at
a o clock tontKht. It Is on this reserve
ibat rren fires developed yesterday
and were sweeping along the Locksaw
North Yakima.
Phoenl ...
Pocatollo ..
Sacramento . .
St. Louis
Salt I-ake
rleuo . . .
San Vrancisco.
i acorn:
Tatoosh' ."'
Valdes ! -
Walla Walla . ."s;
VVjifMnetou . . 1
W'nnlnec 1
. I S'.'l 04 n . m
!)K O.Otl;
r.s io
s. :w n.oo:
74' 4 O.IMV
I JI SS il. Oil 10 VW'Clear
J 4 'J O.OO . . NW near
.- n.llO ' SW "lear
ss' Tit n. on 10. N" ll'lear
i .".ill ;S 0.O4 . .i . . ..Iltain
I S4 il. on . .! Iciear
o.oo 12 N 'Clear
IW Iflear
..w IPt. cloudy
.;.NW Clear
. :NK VIear
.!S IClear
N IPt. cloudy
T.s n.oo is NE 'dear
r.4 0.04 . . iNE Clear . .'X IClear
ss o.imi . . NK 'Pt. cloudy
Tn :!S 'J4 NW pt. cloudy
tA. M. today. P. M. report of preceding day.
Portland and vicinity Fair and cooler;
moderate winds, becoming southwesterly.
Oreron Fair, except showers in south
west portion: warmer in east portion, cooler
In west portion; moueraia wiiiub, uevouung
Washington Fair and warmer: sentle
northerly winds.
Idaho Fair and warmer: gentle winds,
mostly eaaterly.
Lcclon Post to Form.
HOOD RIVER. Or Ausr. 15. (Spe
cial. A permanent organization of
the Hood River Chapter of the Ameri
can Legion will be effected at a meet
ing to be held here tomorrow evening
at the county courthouse. A delegation
of Portland officials of the new organ
ization of veterans of the great war is
expected here. A charter roll of more
than 10 names is anticipated.
.Mother and Child Hurt. '
BEXP. Or.. Aug. 15. (Special.) Mrs.
XI. B. Smith of this city and her S-year-otd
son. were knocked down and
the child ran over by a heavy touring
car which backed out o a garage they
mere passing today. Both of them
were painfully Injured
Aslorla Thermometer Registers 85.
ASTORIA. Or.. Aug. IS. (Special.)
Today waa one of the hottest of the
season In Astoria. The thermometer
registered S degrees and a disagreea
ble east wind made the air most op
pressive. Later the wind shifted to
the northwest, bringing; decided relief.
Merchant Marine Steamer Brook-
dale Due at Seattle Today.
SEATTLE. Wash.. Aug. 13. (Special.)
Manned by a full complement of ap
prentices representing nearly every
section of the Pacific northwest, the
United States shipping board's mer
chant marine school and cargo cruiser
lirookdale is due to return here tomor
row after a three days' cruise. The
Brookdale has aboard a number of
young men from Portland, Tacoma, Ev
erett and Seattle. The vessel was built
by the Grays Harbor Motorship corpo
ration for the shipping board.
With Seattle as ita North Pacific ter
minus a new line of freight carriers
from this continent to Kurope will be
inaugurated in the near future, ac
cording to advices received here from
Vancouver. B. C. Arrangement for the
new service are being made by J. G.
Gcddes of London, a member of the
firm of Tillett & Co., one of the oldest
shipping firms of England. The ves
sels will be placed on the route as soon
as the tonnage situation is easier, ac
cording; to Mr. Geddes.
Northwest Steel Company Man Is
Dubious About Xcw Contracts.
Steel shipyards of Portland are mark
ing time these days, there having been
no restoration of cancelled contracts
yet by the shipping board and. with the !
labor situation unsettled, it is said no
figures can reasonably be made on new
work for outsiders because, until the
wage situation Is adjusted, the cost
cannot be arrived at.
J. R. Bowles, of the Northwest Steel
company, who has returned from a trip
oi several weeks east, says the situa
tiotl is unchanged as regards future
business. There is a growing convic
tion that the prospective new contracts
from the government will not be ac
cepted generally, though some build
ers have already closed for turning out
new ships.
Shipping Board's Decision on Double
Riveting Is Awaited.
To await final decision of the ship
ping board as to the deep tank being
double riveted and "swash plates put
in so that the compartments can be
utilized for bunker oil. the steamer
West Chatala will shift today from
the plant of the Northwest fctteet com
pany to the dock of the Portland Rail
way, Light & Power company on the
opposite side of the stream.
ine steamer west Harts is laid up
at the dock of the Columbia River
Shipbuilding corporation for the same
reason. The latter is without steam
and has a watchman aboard, while in
the case of the West Chatala steam
will be kept up and two watchmen re
tained. There are six other vessels af
fected by the question as to the deep
ianKs, which is expected to be settled
in a short time.
Turbine-Driven. Steamer Will Load
at San Francisco Witli Gen
eral Supplies.
Owners of the turbine-driven steamer
Braxton, acquired recently from the
shipping board, are so eager to have
the vessel report at New Tork that a
second change has been made In her or
ders, through which she now loads
general cargo at San Francisco for that
port instead of taking on ties here for
The vessel will move under her own
steam today from the Peninsula Ship
building company's property, where
she was constructed, to the Fifteenth
street terminal, where sea stores and
supplies go aboard. She will head for
the Golden Gate. The Pacific Steam
ship company is managing the vessel
the interest of the snipping poaru
and will expedite her dispatch.
The initial arrangement was for the
Braxton to load about halt a cargo of
ties which the Cresap, of the same
fleet, had loaded for the United King
dom. Owing to the sale of the Cresap
and the desire of the purchasers to
have her sent to the Atlantic side, she
was ordered discharged and a cargo of
Atlantic ties loaded instead.
Now it is intended to load the united
Kingdom ties aboard the Medford, a
Ferrii steamer built by the Grant
Smith-Porter Ship company. On load
ing the last of the half cargo now
aboard the Cresap the Medford will
take on the remainder at the 1 if-
teenth-street terminal.
The Columbia-Pacific Shipping com
pany also has one or the Peninsula
ships, the Corvallis, which went on her
trial trip Wednesday and will be
checked in to the managing company
today. She will take on a tie cargo
for the United Kingdom unless her pur
chase should follow and the owners in
sist on earlier delivery.
1 '
clJ)orit envy beautiful
lustrous hair
Marine Xotes.
Movem-ents of Vessels.
PORTLAND. Aujr. 15. Sailed S P. M
Steamer l.'elilo. from Rainier, for San Pedro
via San Francisco; at 5 P. M. Steamer West
Harshaw. for Italy; at 9 P. M. st.m(r
tity oi lopetta, for San Francisco via Eu-
rexa ana coos bay.
ASTORIA, Auff. 15. Sailed at :30 last
night Steamer Rose City, for San Francisco.
Arrived down at 1:30 A. M.. Benson log raft.
Sailed at 3 A. M. Steamer Wapama, lor
San Francisco and Sa Pedro. Sailed at
ft:30 A. M. Steamer Hoquiam. for San Pe
dro. Sailed at 6 A. M. Steamer West
Isleta. for New York for orders. Sailed 1:30
P. M. Steamer Bonifay. forl'nited Ktnedom.
Sailed at 1:40 P. M. Steamer Askawake, for
Atlantic coast.
POINT ARENA, Aug. 15. Passed at 8 A.
M. Steamer Boxbutte, from Grays Harbor,
for United Kingdom via Astoria. -
SKATTLE. Aug. 13. Sailed at 1:30 P. M.
steamer Eelbeck, for Portland. San Fran
cisco, London and Liverpool.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14. Returned at
4 and sailed at o P. M. Steamer Kangi,
from Portland, for Portsmouth.
EUREKA, Aug. 15. Sailed at 1 P. M.
Steamer Aurelia, from Portland, for San
GAVIOTA. Aug. 14. Sailed 2 P. M. i
Steamer J. A. Chanslor, for Portland.
PORT SAN LUIS. Aug.. 14. Sailed A. M.
Steamer Washtenaw, for Portland.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. IS. Arrived at 5
A. M. Steamer Aurelia, from Portland and
SAN DIEGO, Aug. 15. Arrived Steamer
Phyllis, from Portland vra San Pedro.
TACOMA. Wash., Aug. 15. Arrived: Rain
ier from San Francisco.
Sailed: Steamer Rainier for San f rancisco
via Seattle.
SEATTLE. ' Wash., Aug. 15. Arrived:
Steamers Curacao from southwest Alaska;
Cordova from Kotzebue Sound; Admiral
Karragut, Fred Baxter from San Francisco;
Admiral Evans from southeast Alaska;
Argyll from Oleum.
Sailed: Steamers President for San Diego;
Eelbeck for Liverpool; Admiral Rodman for
southeast Alaska.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Aug. 15. Arrived
Steamers Admiral Dewey, from Seattle;
West Sequana, from Shanghai; Toyooka
Ma rue and Godspeed, from Balboa; La Mer
ced, from Honolulu.. Sailed Steamers
Choyo Maru, for Yokohama; Logan, lor
Manila ; Archer, for Hongkong.
Sailing from Rainier yesterday the Mr
Cormick steamer Ceiilo carried a full list
of passengers. The Klamath, of the same
coterie, left tha harbor yesterday for
Helens and wilt be started south as soon as
loaded. The Bollam agency reports a steady
demand for accommodations aboard the
Delivery of the steel steamer Doylestown
is to be made today by the Albina Engine
& Machine works to the steal construction
division of the emergency fleet corporation.
It will be the last act of the plant in ful
filling contracts with the government that
called for J7 steamers, two of 3:t00 tons and
15 of 3S00 tons, the Doylectown being in
the latter class.
Changes in plans for trial trips on wood
steamers, providing for 24-hour trips at sea
loaded, do not affect steel steamers. Bays
Fred B. Pape, assistant manager in charge
of steel ship construction .here. So far as
is known the steel vessels will continue to
undergo 32-hour loaded trials off the en
trance to the Columbia. The trials are so
arranged that they are made with the cargo
intended for delivery elsewhere and on the
tests being ended tha ship returns to As
toria to land inspectors, and then proceeds
on her way.
In gathering tha last of her carro the
steel steamer Tripp moved last night from
the Crown mill to Montgomery dock.
The steamer Ernest H. Meyer moved from
the Clark and Wiison mill to the Willamette
Iron & fateel works last night, to load three
Scotch marine boilers for San Francisco
delivery, and today she goes to the West
Oregon mill to take on the last of her
The Admiral line steamer Citv of Toofka
sailed last night for th south, carrying
passengers for Marshfleld, Eureka and San
Francisco, as well as general cargo for all
ports. j
Arrangements have been perfected for th
trial trip today of tha steamer Butte, turned
out at tne Vancouver Diant of th fi m
Standifer Construction corporation.
Among Portlanders vet to return tvm
Seattle, whera a conference of employers
and longshoremen of the north wsf w
opened Tuesday, are Henry Rothschfld. of
the stevedoring firm of Brown & MrChv
and A. C. Stubbe. man agar of the Co
lumbia Pacific Shipping company, both be
ing expected home today;
While the Columbia Pacific Shinnine- mm-
pany was engaged in rushing the steamer
Lertona. so that she mitrht b starry
Grays Harbor without delay, word was re
ceived that her cargo of tics would not be
i vnimuio lor aooui a week.
Wildroot is forsaUby
ail good drug stores,
and all good barber
shops. Applications
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Seattle-Liverpool isoats to Stop at
Portland for Freight.
SEATTLE. Aug. 15. First of the
United States shipping board's vessels
to ply on a regular route between Se
attle and Europe, the 9600-ton steel
steamer Eelbeck, left here today for
London and Liverpool with a general
R. H. Parsons, president of the Cham
ber of Commerce, and other citizens
were at the dock to wish Captain C. L.
Arey a safe voyage. The Eelbeck will
stop at Portland and San Francisco on
her way to the canal.
Smaller River Boats Get Offices at
Foot of Taylor Street.
Being once again connected with
business circles through the completion
of telephone Installation, the new ren
dezvous of steamboat lines at the foot
of Taylor street, where they shifted
recently from the Ash street dock, has
been fully established.
The steamers berthing there include
the J. X. Teal, of The Dalles-Columbia
line; Joseph Kellogg, operating on the
Portland-Kelso run; Relief, plying be
tween Portland and Lewis river points.
and the gasoline schooner Flavel, which
carries explosives asd other cargo
U. S. Xaval Radio Reports.
(All positions reported at 8 K. M. yester
day unless otherwise indicated.)
Seattle. ;:t5 miles from San Francisco.
WASHTENAW. Point San Luis for Port
land. 4t0 miles from Portland.
ROSE CITV, Portland for San Francisco,
230 miles irom San Francisco. .
MULTNOMAH, Seattle for San Francisco,
100 miles north of San Francisco.
IDAHO, San Pedro for Grays Harbor, T5
miles northwest of Capo Mendocino.
WEST ISLETA. Astoria for New Tork,
151 miles from Astoria.
CORDELIA. Vancouver for San Luis, 400
mi let from San Luis.
STEAMER OLEUM, San Francisco for
Portland. 148 miles from Astoria.
STEAMER WAPAMA, St, Helens for San
Francisco, 160 miles south of the Columbia
ANNETTE ROLPH, San Francisco for
Balboa. 252 miles south of San Francisco.
JOANO FARC, Callao for San Francisco,
eight miles south of Piedraa Blancas.
SPOKANE, San Francisco for Wilming
ton, l'JO miles from San Francisco.
ASUNCION. Richmond for El Seg-undo. 15
miles south of Richmond.
ARTMORE, San Francisco for Vancouver,
100 miles north of San Francisco.
EL SEG UN DO. with barge 3 In tow,
Portland for San Francisco, 20 miles north
of San Francisco.
D. G. SCHOFIELD, Richmond for Point
Wells, 670 miles from Point Wells.
LA BREA, Port San Luis for Vancouver,
453 miles from Vancouver.
CHANSLOR. Gav.ota for Linnton, 2S3
miles north of Gaviota.
CHINA. San Francisco for the orient. 377
mies west of Honolulu, A u grist 14. 8 P. M.
iiAl.LISTT, 211 miles from San Francisco.
August 14. 8 P. M.
COLONEL E. L. DRAKE for Richmond.
1315 miles from San Francisco, August 11,
8 P. M.
SACHEM for San Francisco, 1328 miles
from San Krancisco. August 14, 8 P. 31.
MOFFETT. San Francisco for San Pedro,
225 miles nodth of San Pedro.
YAKLOK. Portland for Balboa, 466 miles
routh of the Columbia river.
BARGE 91 in tow standard No. 2, Rich
mond tor 1 Segundo, 28 miles from Richmond.
Coos Blackoerry Harvest Is On.
MARSHFIELD, Or., Aug. 15. (Spe
cial.) Coos county will harvest its
crop of evergreen blackberries. The
Myrtle Point cannery has guaranteed
returns of from 97 to $10 a day to pick
ers. The price here is 7 cent a pound,
delivered. The Myrtle Point cannery
is furnishing delivery by auto truck for
families who go into the country to
Pacific Coast Shipping Aoles.
cial.) According to today's daily report of
crippled vessels as announced by the mari
time department of the chamber of com
merce, the shipping board's wooden steam
ship Boxbutte is limping toward this port
at half speed from a position off Point
Arena. The vessel sailed from Aberdeen
with cargo of railway ties for the United
Kingdom, but the engines went wrong. Re
pairs will be made here.
According to one of the local shipbuilders,
his plant has collected enough bills from
the shipping board for repairing the engines
of tha wooden steamers to provide new
engines for a fair-sized fleet.
If the gas engineers now on strike here
fall to adjust their differences with the bay
launch concerns within the next three weeks,
there will be an interesting situation along
the water front. A tremendous demand will
exist for small craft with none of the craft
belonging to the two big commercial con
cerns to be obtained to carry visitors to the
Pacific fleet, or to bring ashore the crews
and cannery hands, who will be here from
the Alaska salmon canneries.
If no other means is afforded to handle
the visitors to the fleet, it is expected that
the launches of the fighting ships will be
placed at the disposal of the public.
According to a wireless message from '
Captain Murphy of the United States army
transport Sheridan the vessel, which is
crippled by the loyw of one propeller, is pro-
ceeding toward this port at the rate of six
and one-half knots an hour. II no as
sistance is rendered, the Sheridan will be
about 10 days making port.
The shipping board, steamship Archer.
Captain Ross, left forManila, Hongkong
ani Shanghai today with general cargo for
the Pacific Mail company.
The motor ship La Merced- Captain Wal
ter, arrived from Honolulu with 23,250 cases
of pineapple for the Matson line.
The a rmv transoort Loxran. Ca otain Wil
liams, sailed for Manila and Hongkong To
day at noon.
The Japanese steamer Tryooka Maru ar
rived from New Tork en route for Yoko
hama today, and, aftr being bunkered, will
proceed to tne orient.
The Fteamer Euryde. arrived from Singa
pore today en route for New Tork. There
were four passengers aboard wbo could not
obtain accommodations on passenger ves
sels. The steamer will bunker here and proceed.
The shipping board steamer West Sequana,
Cantain Moreno, arrived from Manila and
oriental ports today, with 8920 tons of mer
GRAYS HARBOR, Wash., Aug. 15. (Spe
cial.) The dredge Seattle arrived this morn
ing from Puget sound, ready to commence
deepening the berthing quarters at the
Gravs Harbor Lumber company mill in Ho
quiam and the Aberdeen Lumber &. Shingle
mill In Aberdeen. Deepening of the water
at these miils will permit the loading of
larger ships at the docks of these plants.
Other mills, it is thought, also will take
advantage of the presence of the dredge
to prepare their dork berths to handle
larger steamers. The Seattle arrived in tow
of the tug Daniel Kern.
Efforts of the tugs Samson and Gleaner
to pull the stranded schooner Carruthers
off Copalts beach last night tailed. Efforts
will be renewed tonight.
The steamers Carlos and Chehalls cleared
today for San Francisco, the former from
the Donovan mill and the latter Irom the
Aberdeen Lumber & Shingle mill.
The steamers Grays Harbor and San Ja
cinto are due to arrive from San Francisco i
Sunday. I
The steamers Idaho, Svea and Gadsby are i
expected here the first of the week to load
ASTORIA, Or., Aug. 15. (Special. The
third and last raft to be sent to San Diego
by the Benson Logging company this sum
mer left today, in tow of the tug Hercules,
The raft contains about 6,000,0(0 feet of logs
and carries a deckload of piling. The
Hammond Lumber company has dispatched
no piling rafts this summer and will not
before next spring. One reason for this is
that the failure of the government to take
rafts which it had planned to use at San
Francisco left large quantities of piling on
the market there.
Carrying freight and passengers from
Portland and Astoria, the steamer Rose
City' sailed at 9 o'clock last mgnt for San
Laden with lumber from St. Helens and
carrying several passengers, the steam
schooner "Wapama sailed at 3 o'clock this
morning for San Pedro via San Francisco.
The steam schooner Hoquiam sailed at 6
Children Thrive
On GrapesNuts
The sturdy rtottristeient
of this great wheat and
barley food is bound to
build strong bodies and
help develop keen brains
It's atielicious food
easily digested, and
should be on every
table daily. Eatable
to the last bit.
TTiere's a &&&sanftP
o'clock this morning for San Pedro with
a cargo of lumber from Portland.
The tug Hercules, towing a Benson Log
ging company log raft, sailed at 5 P. M.
today for San Diego.
Laden with flour from Tacoma. Astoria
and Portland, the steamer West Isleta re
turned shortly after midnight from her VI
hour run and sailed at 6 o'clock this morn
ing for New York for orders.
The steamer "Wakiki, built at the Wilson
yards and equipped at the Astoria Marine
Iron Works, left at 7 o'clock last evening
for Portland.
Laden with lumber from Portland, the
steamer Bonifay sailed today on her 24
hour trial run. On returning tomorrow she
will proceed to Birkenhead, England, to
The tank steamer Oleum will be in tonight
or tomorrow morning from California with
fuel oil for Astoria and Portland.
The steamer A ska wake, carrying grain
from Portland and Astoria, sailed at -o'clock
this morning on her 12-hour trial
run at sea. She returned this afternoon
and is expected to sail this evening for
TACOMA, Wash., Aug. 15. (Special.)
Tacoma merchants are hoping that San
Francisco will not have a tieup of steam
schooners for many years. The Tacoma
firms are back in orflers and freight from
the bay city is badly needed. The Rainier
came in during the night and one paint
company, badly in need of goods, secured 15
cases of castor oil out of a big lot of freight
expected. The Fred and Horace Baxter are
expected to make up the shortage In freight
however. The Fred Baxter is expected here
Saturday morning. The Rainier left this
morning for San Francisco.
The steamer Goodspeed from the weft
coast with a cargo of ore for the smelter is
due here now but not yet reported as passing
in. This vessel it is reported has been as
signed the Pacific Steamship company upon
discharging here, but this has not been veri
fied locally.
The steam yacht El Primero, built by the
Union Iron works, San Francisco, and owned
by S. A. Perkins, of a, has gone into
commission after being idle for the past
The schooner Stanwood fs taking on heavy
lumber cargo at the Danaher mill. She will
shift to the Dempsey and other mills to
complete her cargo for the south.
The Grace steamer Mahnet arrived here
during the night and Is loading in the
stream. The vessel is securing her cargo
from the Tidewater mill. The Mahnet,
which goes to Grimesby, England, is one of
the wooden shipping board vessels. She
will take about 1,000,000 feet of ties and
lumber here. It is expected she wilf sail
tomorrow. .
Tides at Astoria Saturday.
High. Low.
4:4.1 A. M 7.0 feetUO.59 A. M 1.0 foot
5:03 P. M 8.5 feet
Colnmbia River Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD, Aug. 15. Condition oT
the bar at 5 P. M. Sea smooth; wind north,
2 '2 milrs.
S. S. Rose City
Depart 12 Noon
From Ainsworth Dock
Fare Includes Berth and Meals.
City Ticket Office, 3d and Washington
Phone Main 3530
Freight Office, Ainsworth Dock
Phone Broadway 268
M. Bollam. Agent, 122 TMrd S.
Phone Main 24.
The Dalles and Way Points.
Sailings, Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, 7 A.M.
Taylor St. Dock. Main 8065.
vt. Ta&htti ad BantoDn. Mail and n
coger atervica Irom fca rncic evarj J
j)H0 California bu, baa Francisco.
r local steam hip aud railroad atceaciaa.
Travelers to AD Parts of the
See nu for ateamshlp reservation
.Udell A Clarke. 105 3d St.