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city council last ni&ht. but It had dis
appeared when the recorder looked for
it just before, the evening session. The
city's water supply is now being drawn
from the Deschutes river by the Bend
Water, Litrfet & Power company. Mr.
Gilson claims to have enough spring
water available to take care of
of 100,000 population. -
Decorations "to Be Given for
Dead Sons' Heroism.
Widow of F. E. Walling to Remain
Away and Let Honor Be Be
stowed on His Mother.
ith appropriate ceremonies French
decorations will be awarded today to
two tiregon mothers whose sons weie
killed in action in France and to one
soldier. The croix de guerre with the
eTilt star is the decoration to be con
ferred and the recipients are Mrs. r K.
Viling of Waldport. Or., mother of
Corporal Carl Walling of the 147th
field artillery; Mrs. H. Schaffer, bbl
Twenty-fifth street North, mother of
Corporal Walter Schaffer, company II,
23d infantry. and Sergeant James
Poole. Andrew Amascher, 172 East
Seventeenth street, will receive a med
ailie militaire for heroism in action,
and word, was received at army recruit
ing- headquarters last night that an
additional croix de guerre which has
been conferred on a Portland soldier
will arrive in time for the cerwmony.
The. decoration will take place at the
bandstand in the south park blocks at
2:i0 o'clock, and will be preceded . by
a street parade, in which patriotic or
ganizations will participate. Portland
post, No. 1, American legion, being as
sisted by regular army recruiting offi
cers. i
Two Bands in Line.
The parade will start from Third and
Oak streets, proceed up Oak to Sixth,
thence to ilorrison, thence to Park
street and thence to the bandstand.
The American Red Cross canteen band
and the Musicians' Mutual association
band will be in line.
Leading the parade will be a patrol
of motorcycle police, followed by the
guard of honor, public officials and
various organizations. The Portland
lodge of Klks, American legion. Grand
Army, women canteen workers and the
Red Cross workers are among the or
ganizations that will appear in the
pageant. Display of American and
French colors is requested on private
automobiles taking place in the line.
In addition to the guard of honor from
Vancouver barracks the color guard
and colors also will participate.
Former Major-General C. H. Martin
will make the presentation 'assisted by
C. Henri Labbe. French consul, and
other officials. W. B. Gleason, a mem
ber of the American legion, is chair
man of the committee in charge.
Bride Honor o Mothrr(
Corporal Walling, tor w hose bravery
One of the decorations is to be con
ferred, leaves not only a mother but
was married and his widow was asked
to receive the French cross. The wit
ten invitation from the recruiting- of
fice was forwarded by her to the boy's
mother, with the following request that
the mother receive the honor:
'My Dear Mother Wallins Have .iust re- '
ccived thia letter and although "I couid be ;
present very conveniently I feel it is right
tlist the honor of rceivins ihe croix de
guerre be yours ad the mother of our bo .
I' lease write me, giving the details of the
ceremony, a J am verr anxious t know
them. With best love, your girl.
Brothers Widely Separated in Mili.
tary Service Choose Peace
time Pursuits in Oregon.
First Lieutenant Robert Mi-Murray,
who served in France with the lith
cavalry and was erroneously reported
among the casualties, is visiting Port
land friends while on 15 days' leave,
after which he will proceed to Camp
Lewis to receive his discharge. Lieu
tenant McMurray is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. William McMurray. and is visiting
at the home of his parents, accom
panied by his wife and little son, Rob
ert 'Jr.. almost ! months old and whom
the father saw for the first time on his
t arrival at Fort Rus.-ell, Wyo.. a few
weeks aso. Mrs. McMurray proceeded
to Fort Russell to meet her husband on
his assignment to that post after a
brief stop at Camp Mills. L. I., follow
ing his return from overseas.
While in France Lieutenant McMur
ray was stationed near t'ie Pyrenees,
and on detached service saw a great
deal of the country, including trips into
Uermany far beyond the old Hinden
bure line. He will be associated with
Harry Hawkins in the farm loan busi
ness at Salem.
Ensign John W. McMurray. who was
stationed at the naval air station at
San riego. and who accompanied the
cruiser Minneapolis to Portland for the
Rose Festival in June, delighting Port
landers with the maneuvers of one of
the seaplanes, was discharged from
service July 17. and is now located in
Portland. Knsign McMurray took a
position August 1 in the grain depart
ment of the Albert) Bros, company and
expects to make, Portland his future
It was a happy reunion of the family
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William
McMurray yesterday, when the two sons
and their wives met for the first time
since the two young men were widely
separated in their respective branches
of the military and naval service.
Jordan Dairy Association to Absorb
Factory at Albany.
ALBANY. Or.. Aug. 6 (Special. 1
friable to supply the rapidly increasing
demand for "Willamette full cream
cheese." the Jordan Dairy association
plans to absorb the Richardson flap
cheese factory and increase its business
about three-fold.
Hutterfat is bringing the dairies hold
ing stock in the larger co-operati ve
concern S2 cents a poumL and they are
furnishing the factory IIjV'O pounds of
milk each day. About 00 pounds of
cheese is turned out daily and the man
agement has just shipped a carload of
the product to California.
Disappearance of Document Puzzles
Officials or City.
BEXD. Or.. Aug. 6. :r.eciaM What
became of an ordinance which, if passed,
would have given a franchise to E. r.'
;Uson of this city permitting him to
supply Rend with water from Spring
river, is a mystery to Mr. Gilson and
to City Recorder R. H. Peoples.
The franchise ordinance was to have
been introduced ax the meeting of the
Issue of $25,000 Rejected Because
or Alleged Budget Defect.
BEND, Or., Aug. 6. (Speciaf.) Twenty-five
thousand dollars" worth of one
year notes which the city of Bend had
depended on to wipe out the municipal
warrant indebtedness were rejected last
nifrht when the city council received a
letter from Freeman. Smith & Camp of
Portland, successful bidders for the is
sue, refusing to take the short-term
securities on the ground that the bud
get on which the notes are based failed
to make specific provision for either
notes or bonds.
One Hundred Members Frolic at
The- Oaks and Swap Stories.
With members of the Lang Svne so
ciety. age doesn keep one from hav-
Left Vint Lieutenant Robe-rt McMur
W. McMurrny,
'ng a good time, and so when they
1 eld their annual picnic last night at
the Oaks it was one grand frolic from
start to finish. A basket supper was
served at 6 o'clock to about 100 mem-
After the meal the picnickers sat
about the tables under the trees and
enjoyed reminiscences. President D.
M Dunne called on a number of the
members. Among them was J. K. Gill,
first president of the society, which
was formed in 1914. Others who spoke
were Frederick V. Holman. F. E. Beach,
Captain W. H. Hardy, Captain James
G. Show, Miss Annie Blanche Shelby,
C. H. Scholes. General Charles F. Beebe,
Frank C Barnes and Dr. Hunter Wells.
At the close all adjourned to attend
the regular Oaks show.
Colonel Dunne announced during the
meeting that the society will in Sep
tember resume its regular monthly
noquulmie Tribe Member to Chris
ten Shin of Same Name.
' SEATTLE, Wash.. Aug. 6. A full
blooded Snoqualmie Indian woman,
Mrs. Kate Borst, 89 years old, will
sponsor the 5000-ton wooden steamer
Sno(jualmie when it is launched from a
local plant next Monday. The Sno
qualmie 4s the world's largest wooden
carrier and was built on the design of
a Seattle man.
Mrs. Borst is the daugrhter of one of
the first Snoqualmie chiefs. Korty of
her tribe from the reservation at Tolt,
Wash., will arrive here Sunday nigrht
for a tribal meeting and 60 more are
expected on Monday to assist in the
Siberia and Alaska Seem to Be Pop
ular Willi- Recruits.
Twenty-two recruits "were signed
this week at army recruiting" head
quarters. Third and Oak streets, seven
en listing for service in Siberia, three
for Alaskan service, five for Mexican
border duty, and the others for domes
tic service. The motor transport corps,
air service and infantry are the most
popular branches.
lie-opening of the service to colored
men already has brought results, three
applications having been received yes
terday. Two are expected to arrive
here from Aberdeen today.
Theater Men to Organize.
SPOKANE. Wash., Aug. 6. Motion
picture theater men of eastern Wash
ington and northern Idaho met here
today with officers of the northwest
exhibitors circuit, which is seeking to
organize motion picture theater owners
of Washington, Oregon. Idaho and
Montana for co-operation in their Jusi
ness. James Q. Clemmer of Seattle,
president of the circuit, presided.
Investment Company Started.
SALEM, Or., Aug. 6. (Special.) The
Kqui table Investment company, with
headquarters at Portland, has filed
articles of incorporation here. The in
corporators are W. W Jordon, Ralph
Cake and F. K. Taylor, and the capital
stock is $5000.
Doctor Tells How to
Strengthen Eyesight
By the
simple VClr
use o f I li'W
Bon-Opto, f t e!.-"'-
nave aaen r
eyesight I
strength- V
ened 50 V
in a week s
time in
many instances.
brought to inflamed,- aching, itching,
burning, work-strained, watery eyes.
Read the doctor's full statement soon
to appear in this paper. Bon-Opto is
sold and recommended everywhere by
y r jr . i
Franklin's Signed Confession
Presented at Vancouver.
Former Spruce Lieutenant Admits
Theft of Money From Body of.
Dead Soldier.
VANCOUVER. Wash., Aug-. 6. (Spe
cial.) Ivan R. Franklin, formerly' a
lieutenant in the spruce production, sta
tioned at Aberdeen, who' was arrested
recently at Jacksonville, Fla., upon a
charge of bigamy preferred by Miss
ray, into, rat-airy. Right EnnlKn Jot
u mini tx curpM.
Vera Houton of Portland, has three
wives living: at the present time, ac
cording to a signed confession today
submitted by army officers of the bar
racks to W. E. Yates, prosecuting at
torney of Clarke county. Franklin Is
now being held In Seattle and will be
brought to this county for prosecution
for bigamy. The records which were
submitted today also show that Frank,
lin was married to a fourth wife, but
from this wife ho said he obtained a
First Wife Divorced.
According to Franklin's confession,
his first matrimonial alliance was en
tered into In 1914 with Miss Ruth
Esther Burns of Miami, Ind., but he is
divorced from her, he said. He was
married to her under the name of Ray
mond Fuson, which, army officials be
lieve, is his true fame. . He next mar-
ried a Miss Le iioy whom- he met at
Fort Thomas, Ky. This marriage was
in February, 1918. The records show
that he next -married at Vancouver
some time in September, 1918, Miss
Vera Houton, whom he said he met in
the Portland hotel in Portland in July,
19 IS.
According to the statement of his
present wife, Bessie Spangler Franklin,
who was with him at the. time of his
arrest, she met him at her sister's
house In Indianapolis, Ind., on January
26. 1919, and they were married at the
same place June 4, 1919.
Theft from Dead Body Admitted.
Franklin confessed also to having
stolen some money from the body of a
dead soldier and to having stolen other
life -a
Of the Great Pacific Northwest Are MadeEspecially Attractive This Summer by the
Reduced Excursion Fares
United States Railroad Administration
Down Wbere the
Are the Popular
Clatsop Beaches
. North Beach
Near the mouth of the
Columbia River.
Tillamook Beaches
A few miles farther south on the
Oregon Coast.
Season and Week-End Fare
Newport "
Orejron'. Id-al I'.mily Rr.orl
All r:lly Beached by Rail.
Excellent hotel accommodations, cot
tages, tents and all necessary
equipment to make a vaca
tion outing delightful.
Grater Lake
The great nature wonder of the world.
A beautiful mountain sapphire in
the throat of a volcano near
ly a mile and a half high.
Rail to Med ford. Or,
thence auto etage.
Oregon Caves
Weird and Wonderrnl Rnll to Grants
Thence Anto Stmre.
Mt. Rainier
The nation's mightiest Ice-crowned
monarch, nearly three miles high
Kail to Ashford. via Tacoma.
thence airto stage.
Monnt Hood Mount Adams
rjenehntf-s River Wallowa Uke
Columbia River Uor
All Glorioas Summer Manntn.
Season Fares Prevail.
Inquire of Railroad Anrentu.
"There's Nothing as Good as
Tanlac," Says Portland Man;
Gains Twenty-five Pounds.
"In all my long experience I have
never found anything as good as Tan
lac when it comes to relieving suffer
ing, said J. A. N'eisz, a well known
employe of the Pacific Car and Foundry
Co., and who lives at 14 East Fifty
sixth street North, Portland, the other
"My troubles began about three years
ago," continued Mr. Xeisz. "and I have
been having a tough time of it ever
since that is, until I Commenced tak
ing Tanlac. I had rheumatism in my
arms and back, and I suffered almost
constantly during all that time. Of
course there were times when this
trouble was worse than at others, but I
can truthfully say that there was hardly
ever a time when I was not conscious
of pain to some extent. My arms were
so stiff and sore at times that I
couldn't raise 'my hands to my head.
Besides what I spent for treatment and
medicine, the time I lost from my work
on account of this rheumatism amount
ed to over J400 in salary. I couldn't
sleep much, and just gradually went
down hill until I had lost in weight
from 135 to 110 pounds, and was so
weak and run down that I could hardly
get about at all.
"A friend of mine who had been suf
fering from this same kind of trouble,
told me that Tanlac was the only thing
that had ever done him any good, and
advised me to give it a trial. Well, to
make a long story short, I have Just
finished my sixth bottle of Tanlac, and
I am as free from suffering in every
way, and am as well and strong as I
ever was in my life. I weigh 135
pounds now. which means that I have
gotten back all I lost in weight. I
have regained all my strength and can
do as much work as I could fifteen
years ago. All that soreness and stiff
ness has gone from my arms and I can
raise my hands above my head with
out the least trouble. Yes. sir, Tanlac
has been a godsend to me, and I never
lose an opportunity to recommend it to
others. I am buying another bottle to
take home with me today, for I never
expect to be without it."
Tanlac is sold in Portland by the
Owl drug store. Adv.
funds. He enlisted in the army under
the name of Ivan Raymond Fuson.
According to Prosecuting Attorney
Yates, who stated that today was the
first time that this matter had been
formally presented to him in the way
of evidence. Franklin can be prose
cuted for bigamy in the State of Wash
ington, where he was married, and is
also amenable to prosecution in Ore
Kotl, where he lived a while with Miss
Houton. whom he married at Vancou
ver. He. could be prosecuted in Florida
also, as well as in other states, foi
bigamy. According to Mr. Yates, in the charges of bigamy that
could be preferred against Franklin,
he could be prosecuted under the Mann
white slave act, as well as for thefts.
Albany Hopes to Obtain President
by Opening of Fall Term.
ALBANY. Or., Aug. 6. (Special.)
Albany college will have a new presi
dent for the school term which starts
September 22, If the special committee
composed of Dr. W. P. White, ,W. H.
Lee, C. E. Sox and Rev. A. M. Williams,
is able to' obtain a competent man.
The board of trustees met yesterday
afternoon and urged the committee to
put forth every effort to obtain . an
executive this summer. -
Flooding or Land Feared if Klamath
Dam Is Built.
SALEM. Or., Aug. 6. (Special.)
Protection for the Water Users' asso
ciation and timber owners of Klamath
county against what they consider an
States government Is asked by C. F.
Stone, member of the state game and
Offered by the
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energy, bring new vim and health. . .
Up in the Mountains
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lofty peaks, fish numberless trouty streams and lakes, ride horse
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Meanwhile you are breathing the purest air, drinking sparkling
crystal waters, eating wholesome food and being made all over new.
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ff UR track-tire press is (fl lXti III 111 jl.dr
I moving;. We jive you the j H V; .V-!!!!"
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fish commission who' conferred with
state officials today.
Mr. Stone said that under an act of
the Orepron legislature passed- in the
year 1905, authority was Riven to the
government 10 lower the waters of
upper and lower Klamath lakes, Rhett
lake and Goose lake to use the beds for
the storage of water. ' It Is charged
that under this authority the govern
ment later awarded to the Oregon
California Power company a contract
to build a dam at the end of Link river.
The purpose of the contract, it is al
leged, is to provide water storage for
the operation of the .company's plants
in northern California.
It the contract is carried out, Mr.
Stone charged that much of the land
under cultivation by the Water Users'
association will be flooded and ruined,
while the timber interests declared the
lowering" of the lake would deprive
them of the rights of navigation.
Oregon City Boy Lands.
OREGON CITY, Or.. Aug. 6. (Spe
cial.) Mrs. C. W. Richardson received
a telegram this morning from the Sal
vation Army war department, inform
ing her of the arrival of her son,
Charles Richardson, at Camp Merritt,
where he is temporaritly stationed.
Richardson has been with the army of
occupation and stationed in Germany,
being at the German border when the
armistice was signed. He left here in
1917 with Company L, 162d infantry.
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American plan.
L, 4. HAKHK.CHOt, Froa, Seaaldct. Ox.