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Uniform System Desired for
Fitting Out Vessels.
Iortlan4 Will Be Under Setmle Of
fice, With General Supervisor
, Stationed at San Francisco.
Reorganisation of the working force
of the division or construction and re
pairs of the division of operation of
is necessary to have one of the large
steamers there, tbe Nahcotta. which is
there in all seasons, not having suffi
cient capacity.
It was safd yesterday there was no
truth In reports that the liner Rose
City was to be laid up soon to have a
new cylinder head installed. One has
been ordered and some time will be
required to turn it out, so at an oppor
tune period the ship will be out of
service for a short time, but that is
not expected to be during the vacation-;
Pacific Commt Shipping- Vvttm.
ASTORIA. Or.. June -'. The tug- Sam
son, from Portland., sailed at 4 o'clock
till mornlna- for Grays Harbor.
I He tmrvenr tiert steamer Fort Bntll-
tnr arrived from Portland and sailed at
3:30 this moraine for Grays Harbor to
load ties and lumber.
The emergency fleet steamer Mahanna
arrived from Portland at 10:30 this morning-
and is awaiting the arrival of her pa
pers from the Portland custom bouse, ir
Ihey arrive, she will sail early tomorrow
morning: for Grays Harbor.
ABERDEEN-, Wash.. June I J. (Special.)
The steamer Tahoe. reported yesterday
on a mud bank la the lower harbor, lies
In a position from which it max be diffi
cult to extricate her. The Tahoe lies about
mile and a half below the Black tank.
and Is on a sandspit several feet outside
the channel. At low tide she Is high ana
dry. An attempt to pull her off at high
tide last night failed. Two other tugs will
try again today. D.-cdglnr to the main
Deputies Ask Inquiry Into Loss
of Teuton Fleet.
Board of Experts Will Decide
Armistice Provisions Were Vio
lated by Scuttling.
the shipping board will take place July I charnel may have to be resorted to to
1. the step being mainly one for per
fecting a uniform system as regards
vessels and their fitting out.
C. 11 Klipgaard of San Francisco,
now chief inspector, will have general
supervision along the. coast and nextj
in point of executive authority will be
A. R. Hunt, chief Inspector at fceattie.
while Portland will be under the Seat-
Let the Tahoe into the wster again
The Sarkentine Makaweli, in tow of the
rug Peerless, arrived late yesterday from
San Francisco and Is at the Endresen
shipyard, i where two masts wHl be In
r tailed. This work will taks sbout two
weeks. Thereafter the Makaweli will pro
ceed to the Aberdeen lumber and shingle
mllle to load a earn for Callao.
Steamer Grays Harbor sailed at a o'clock
tie office with Fred Smith, now port '' '"L'i'Si.! l,iub"
' " , I pen y mill. Hoquiamu
serving as assistant inspector. Here-1 fleet steamer Fort Snelllng ar-
t of ore Robert Brown haa been inspect-1 rived this afternoon, snd will load ties at
or at Portland, but he recently tendered the Grays Harbor Lumber company's plant
his resignation and It was determined I Hoquiam.
to abolish the position. i I TACOMA. Wash., June 15. (Special.)
The reorganization onngs ino portion sccount of the large amount of freigh-
captain and port steward of the di- out from Tacoma on the Governor, this ves
vision of operation under the division sel will not get away from here before
of construction and repairs. The some time tomorrow. The vessel is loading
change does not alter th4 position of 1r mount ".""."i ' v,'.,!
. t. -..,.. . , .K voyage. The Governor is stopping here sbout
C. D. Kennedy. Portland agent of the ',,.- k .,,.i sh. arrived Tuesday
division of operation, the construction I night- )
and repairs branch being really an off-I when the Eldridge sslls from Tacoma xer
shoot of the operating division and I Vladivostok tomorrow she will take an un-
he shipping board the parent of both. I usual amount of heavy rreignt out irom
The present arrangement la for aere. This Is made up of auto trucks and
; , , , . - I h.avy machinery. Longshoremen have had
.vii.i,; u. w.u . I considerable difficulty In handling the cargo.
tentative or tne construction aivision. Th. Nome city is scheduled to sail for
one of the performance division and I pn Francisco Thursdsy with a full carfco of
another of.the conatruction and repairs i lumber, while the Fred Baxter and Daven
division to nasa on new shins before I Dort from San Francisco are due. The Daven-
their acceptance- from the builders Port Is going to pick up lumber from the
A":.17T1',f.r.0rr.1'r.fkM!?U.'hP; 'h.O.en. the 11th ste.mer put out at the
ment is then taken care of under the T(d(1 ,nt4,y,.rd.. was successfully Isunched
direction of the construction division, ner. th evening. The Osslntng. from this
of which Fred B. Pape is in charge in yard, will be turned over to the shipping
Portland. I board Thursday and Friday the Quittacas
It la said experience at Sari Francis-I undergoes trial runs.
P.,. .r,H n Pni sntmri h.s First Officer Brown, of the stesmshlp
varied in some respects, both in deal-
nr with builders and in the final
equipment furnished vessels, so by vir
tue of the reorganisation it is hoped to
make the system uniform.
Governor, bss been sssigned ss skipper to
one of the United States shipping board's
Urge steel ships, sccording to word Just re
ceived here. Brown will tske command of
his new charge some time next week In
Portland. Brown Is known ss one of the
best first officers on sny of the- coast liners,
and his promotion comes to him unsolicited.
It Is said. He is sn old sesman and knows
all the rudiments of the operstion of the
SEATTLE. Willi.. June SS. (Special.)
I After a stormy cruise off Goose Island He-
I cate strsits. the fishing schooner Mable -A
STEW STEAMER MAKES AVERAGE I Captain B. Jacebeon. arrived In Seattle this
I morning. The vessel was twelve days on tne
PARIS, June 25. (By the Associated
Press.) France has decided to require
complete reparation from Germany for
the sinking of the German warships
at Scapa Flow. This announcement
was made by the minister of marine
to the naval committee of the chamber
of deputies yesterday.-' It was declared
that the act of the Germans violated
both the armistice and the peace treaty.
v iscount Gustave Lie Kerguezec, mem
ber of the naval committee of the
chamber of deputies, told the budget
committee of - the chamber Monday
that he had warned the French min
istry of marine previously that the
German fleet interned in Scapa Flow
was not being watched with sufficient
The budget committee decided to ask
Premier Clemenceau for further infor
mation on the 'Subject of the sinking
of the ships, and the- steps the French
government proposed to take to have
the loss made good..
Some criticism is directed at the
British admiralty, the Journal saying:
"No article in the armistice forbade
the maintenance of British guards
aboard the German ships. .
It is likely that the whole subject
ill come up for discussion In par
liament, '
The council of three has referred the
question relative to the sinking of the
German fleet in Scapa Flow to a com
mission of experts, which will deter
mine whether the armistice conditions
were violated.
Captain E. D. Parsons Acts as Trial-
Trip Master . and Charles
. Anderson as Pilot.
Making I mi Ves over a measured
course on the Columbia river yester
day, that being the average both down
and upstream, the 9390-ton steamer
4'oaxet takes first place for speed In
that fleet. The ship was ' light, her
wheel being four feet out of water, so
when loaded a better showing Is
looked for.
She left the Vancouver steel yard
of the G. M. Standifer Construction
corporation at $:3S o'clock and at 11:2C
o'clock anchored at Rainier to test her
alienor gear, getting under way again
al 12:04 o'clock. Captain H. K. Lyon,
who is to be master of the vessel on
the Portland-Oriental run. said she waa
just the ahip he dreamed of .having,
both as to speed and handling.
Captain E. D. Parsons, acted as trial
trip master and Captain Charles J.
Anderson was pilot. Chief Kngineer
tirr m-aa aboard, but Acting Chlf
Huntley, of the Standifer force, was in
charge. Others were M. P. Gregg of
the American bureau of shipping. C. A.
Jordon of the division of construction,
William Quell of the divlafon of opera
tion. J. J. Muir of the division of per
formance and representatives of the
builders. E. E. Larrimore waa on hand
and served a course dinner that was
voted one of the successes of the trip.
fishing benks snd brought ?,000 pounds of
halibut. 1000 pounds of red cod and fiv
klng salmon, esrh of which weighed fifty
pounds The Mabel A. encountered nine
days of heavy southeast squalls during her
cruise on the fishing banks.
After delivering more than 4O0 passengers
snd brf consignments of cargo In Nome snd
St. Michael, the Alaska Steamship com
pany's liner Victoria. Captain Fred Warner,
her way to Seattle. The vessel
steamed from the roadstead off Nome at 10
o'clock last Monday morning, and Is ex
pected In Seattle July 1. She will sail on
her next voyage to Nome and St. Michael at
P. M. July 4.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND. June ;s. Sailed at noon
Steamer Port Sill, for St. Helens. Sailed st
S P. M. Steamer West Celeron, for Atlsntic
coast. At midnight Steamer Daisy Mat
thews, from Prescott. for Ssa Pedro.
ASTORIA. June SS. Sailed st 4:30 P. M.
Steamer Fort Snelling. for Grays Harbor.
Arrived down at 10:20 p. u s
aaana, for Grays Harbor.
IONDOX, June !5. Admiral von Reu-
ter. in command of the German fleet
scuttled and sunk in the Scapa Flow,
ill be court-martialed for having
broken the armistice conditions, says
the Daily Mail.
The newspaper adds that the details
of the trial will be arranged by the
allied council In Paris. v
The German admiralty denies a ru
mor in circulation today in Paris and
elsewhere that the Germans had sunk
the remainder of their warships in Ger
man harbors.
pany to end its obligations at the yard
and it will then be turned over to the
government, part of it already being
used for the storage of material and
equipment remaining from the ship
building programme since 33 vessels
were canceled.
1th the delivery of the steamer)
Jtangl, yesterday by the G. M. Stand
ifer Construction Corporation, there
were seven vessels turned over so far
this month and It is hoped by the wood
ship division of the Emergency Fleet
Corporation to make the total for June
at least 10 steamers. There were nine
delivered in May and during July there
will be 10. while 12 are slated for turn
ing over in August and three in Sep
tember, which will leave seven steam
era, seven barges, 12 hulls only and two
six-masted schooners for which no de
livery dates have been indicated. Up
to June, J t there had been 67 complet
ed steamers delivered.
The original contracts called for 154
steamers of 569,000 deadweight tons
and the 38 canceled represented 144,000
tons, so deliveries to date and those to
be made represent 425,000 tons. On
the ways now are seven vessels of
28,000 tons.
t '
Visit Should Result In Tremendous
Publicity for City of Portland
and the Northwest.
Yankee Kills Six of
Grave Is Identified.
PARIS. .The final chapter can now
be added to the story of Lieutenant
Frank Luke, Jr., the young Arizonia
flier, who after a meteoric career
among foremost American aviators,
vanished from sight over the German
lines in the first days of the Argonne
drive. His grave has been found In
the cemetery of the village of Murvaux,
east of DiMi-sur-Meuse, says the Stars
and Stripes.
From the stories of the villagers can
be tpieced together a narrative which
shows that he fought to the last mo
ment and, as always, fought alone and
fought hard.
Lieutenant T.uke Mcnrerl nlM first rtf-
ficial victory on September 12, the first
day of the St. Mihiel drive. He was
killed 17 days later . after bringing
down his 18 Boche. The observers
said of him that he seemed possessed
of a strange notion that he must tie
Fonck's record In one season.
There was no holding Luke In check.'
He picked fights against heavy odds,
flew alone when he was under orders
not to, flew when he was supposed to
be safe in camp, and, toward the end,
went to strange fields for gas and am
munition lest he be held at his own
airdrome. Indeed on that last day
there were orders out to sentence him
to a month of ground work as soon
as he showed up.
mat was September 29. Late that
afternoon an observer reported that a
Spar had dropped a message reading,
"look for burning balloons." It was
signed "Luke." At 5:05 o'clock two
Docne balloons were seen to fall
names, beven-nninutes later a third
blazed and fell. Luke was not seen
On October 18. a teles-ram from tho
international Ked Cross reported him
as 'killed in action." Late In December
an American officer, returning from a
prison camp in Germany, reported that
n Aiurvaux and the countryside round
aoout mere was a legend of a youns
rican flier who, just before sun
n on' tne iourth dav of the Croat
battle, wrought great destruction
among the German balloons and then
mortally wounded, came to earth. It
is added that gun in hand, he stood off
the enemy until he fell dead in the
riein. He was buried, they said, in the
vuiage churchyard.
"From that legend, as enlarged and
corrected by the affidavits of 15 French
men. womne and children, the Luke
identification has been ; made. They
aw nis piane streak across the sky,
headed straight for German balloon
and chased by a German escadrille
mat had picked him up the moment
ne crossed me lines.
i-ripping. wheeling, dodging. he
persuers. He destroyed
though the chase
N Preliminary
Injunction Granted!
Benjamin Plug ClusterPatentNo. 759962
The Benjamin Two-Way Plug (or Benjamin No. 92), an American
device, manufactured by an American Company, is being infringed
upon bya Japanese device, manufactured by a Japanese company.
A preliminary injunction
has recently been granted
by the United States Dis
trict Court for the North
ern District' of Califor
nia, at San Francisco, in
a suit brought by the
Benjamin Electric Man
ufacturing Company
against Samuel Ran for
infringement of Benja
min Patent No. 759962.
Benjaunln 82
A similar injunction Was
also recently granted by
the United States Dis
trict Court for the W esl
em District of Washing
ton, at Seattle, against
R. M. Burton for in
fringement of the same
patent The plug clus
ters marketed by Ran
and Burton, and enjoined
by the courts, were of
Japanese manufacture.
The Benjamin Hectric Manufacturing Company is the owner
of Benjamin Patent No. 759962 and the Benjamin Company
and its licensees (Harvey HubDelL Inc., Bryant Electric Co.,
Ajax Electric Specialty Co.) are the only ones authorized to
make and sell devices embodying the. invention oHhe above
patent Infringers of the patent will be vigorously prosecuted.
eluded his
that balloon,
Low Water in Snake River Precludes
Further Trips East.
Low water on the Snake river and
the expectation that it will continue
la fall, a condition attributed to the
usa of the flow of the river for irriza- Governor, irom Ban rrancisco; neicniaan.
i mm n i3svs
SAM FRANCISCO. June 2. Arrived mt 9
. M. Stemrr Johan Poulion. from Port
land. Sailed at A. M. Steamer Celilo. for
Portland. Arrived at noon Steamer Rose
City, from Portland. Sailed at noon Steam
er F. 8. Isoop. for Portland. June 24. aailed
t 3 P. M. Steamer Santa Barbara, for Co
lumbla river, and ateamer Ernest H. Meyer,
for Portland.
COOS BAT. Juna 24. Sailed P. M
Steamer City of Topeka. from Portland, for
Dan r riaciicg, vi aur cavav.
8A FRANCISCO. June 23. Arrived
Steamers Ketfuku Mam (Jap.), from Bal
boa: Johan Poulson. from Astoria: Lyman
Stewart and Admiral Farras;ut. from S
attle: Rosa City, from Portland; Brooklyn
and- Elisabeth, from Bandon.
Sailed Steamers west Alcoa, for Hono
lulu; Saatnaw and May fair, for Seattle.
SEATTLE. Wash.. June 25. Arrived: Stra.
Fred X. Baxter, ArryU. from San Francisco
Kaithlma Mam. from Kobe; Barkentlna Mary
rWlnkleman. from Mollendo.
Sailed: Stra. Cray son. for Liverpool:
Curacao, for Kodlak; Tomei Maru, for
TACOMA. Wash., June 25. Arrived: Stra.
"vTHI "vTilke,. chairman of the trans
portation committee of the National
Kdttorial association, has ' comnletH
the details for .the 8000-mlle trip of
more than 300 persons who will coma
to Portland the second week of August, grew hotter and the fire from scores
Editor Wilke. when not ensraared in the I of machine (runs and sntiaipoft kq
association of American editors, ore- I teries was bv thai- tim r,rn-; .
ays Harbor. I sides over the public welfare an chief an almost solid barrier of bullets he
learner Ma-( of the Gazette, published at Gray Eagle, destroyed another. In this last dash
auiiiu. biiivcu in roruana i uesaay ne was wounded. Darkness was com-morning-
and spent the day with E. E. ing on and he was ten kilometers in-
Vl wsw.i v-ny r.iucrpriHe. i siue me enemy lines.
:i.Bfie.n..: he done
v. ..v: ..." r"r "na inat ne meant to do as much
ia u. wViV . J , .i. . . V." aamaBe as Possible in the last few
ca.u ..... , a.,,;, BIIU .lie l.UL llljtl
tion. may brine- about a suspension of
the service of the Yellow stack line to
lwiston. according to Captain 'A. V.
tirshem. manager of the company. He
fays if warm weather causes a rise
hat will permit navigation the serv
ice will be continued, but the outlook
now is for only one more trip, and that
will be with the steamer espelem
which left the East Wa.-hincton street
terminal last mcht. If business offers
the company will continue to operate
to Kennewick until the stage of the
Miaka river permits Lewtston being-
reached again.
The steamer Nespelem was secured
to replace the Grahamona. as the latter
truck a boulder Tuesday when off
Mounted House shoal, in the Snake,
and had to be beached. A bulkhead
ia be ins; built around the break and
he will continue her trip here and
undergo repairs. The Grahamona had
made her second trip to Lewiston.
Admlsal Line Develops Good San
'ranclco Trade,
Tn the service which the Admiral Jine
maintains wiih the steamer City of
Topeka. plying from Portland via Coos
and Humboldt baya to un Francisco,
which was Inaugurated several months
ago. u is said a trade haa now been
developed which Is greater than ever
before on that route, and is more pro
ductive for the City of Topeka than
anv steady run she haa served.
In the past there waa a service be
tween Portland and Coos bay with the
ateamer Breakwater, operated by the
Southern Pacific, and for a time the
Northern Pacific Steamship company
piled from Portland to Coos and Hum
boldt bays, with a limited service as
far as San Francisco. The present
schedule is rated most Satisfactory and
in the way of passenger travel the
steamer has carried-capacity lists from
this city for some time.
Sailed: Stesmer Ketchikan, for Alaska
via Seattle.
Meamer 'Will Aid in North Bcacb
' Simsirr Service.
On tha O.-W. R. v. steamer Haa
salo being inspected Monday she will
be ordered to Astoria to ply between
there and Megler jn connection with
tbe North Beach, service. Travelers for
the beach on the Washington aide pro
ceed by railroad to Astoria, as well
as by steamer, to transfer, and with
the summer season on in earnest it
Marine Notes.
The outlook as to wster conditions in the
Willamette here is for the stream to rise
slightly today snd remain nearly stationary
tomorrow and Ssturdsy. There was a gain
of four-tenths of a foot reported yesterday
at Wenatchee and one-tenth at Umatilla,
but the stream fell two-tenths st Lewiston
snd one-tenth at The Dalles.
Official delivery of the steamer Glyndon.
by the Albina Engine Ar Machine works, has
placed snother 300-tonner on the berth for
Honolulu snd a portion of a cargo is as
sembled for the vessel en the Fifteenth
street terminal. The Merld.n and Doyles
town, which are being completed at the Al
bina yard, will also go to Honolulu, to be
placed under the flag of the Matson Naviga
tion company.
Carrying a full cargo of lumber for San
Pedro the stesmer Palsy Mathews got swsy
from Prescott at midnight.
The steamer Kort Sill was detained a day
moving from the Inman-Poulsen mill to St.
Helens, shifting yesterday. She will com
plet. ber cargo there for the Atlantic.
Tbe steamer Kanaaee, wnicb as working
ties, moved yesterday from Prescott to
Wsuna to finish.
The new ateamer Aimwell. which the
Standifer Construction corporation built,
leaves the Vancouver yard for ber Si-hour
sea trial this morning.
The McCormirk steamer Wapami moved
from St. Helens to the harbor yesterday,
berthing at th. North Pacific mill to finish
her lumber cargo.
A. B. Hsmer of Seattle; special agent of
the treasury department, was in the city
yssterdsy on his way to Newport and Marsh
field to check the custom house transactions.
9 Tides at Astoria Thursday.
High. Low.
M feet'7:Ot A. M 12 feet
M feet I M P. M 1.0 feet
Portland is to entertain the imperial
council of the Shrine next year is going
to be one of the big factors in stimu
lating interest."
"Meeting at Chicago July 26," Mr.
wilke continued, "the party will pro
ceed to Winnipeg and will travel to
Edmonton, thence to Vancouver and
arrive ax Portland August 8
will be spent here, leaving August
for Medford and spending the night of
August 11 at Crater Lake. Leaving
Victoria, B. C, August 19, for the re
turn, the trip through the Rockies will
be made entirely In daylight.
minutes of his life.
riying low over Mnrviiir h
poured all the ammunition his machine
gun had into enemy troops. In that
last descend he killed six Germans
and wounded as many more. Then
he landed in a field. The villar
iu. -uvrmans rnntiin. ........ .i
Two days ae,end himself ind then tni.
UlgUSt 10 The Village. .v.. T " '
, . " ; j vjci iiiiiu com
mandant of Mruvauz would not alloir
" ' " pmcea in tne cart that
uraggea JUKe to the
that he drove off some women who
brought a sheet to vnn u .
body. ' "
Propaganda Held Responsible for
. Many Prosecutions.
NEW YORK. "It th
am in. r aurv T n (h. i ;
of America, America would h. hann
Miss Flora Frieze Becomes Bride of J pdy. altogether unconcerned about
mc iiuniicai reactions of Europe.
inai was tne declaration nf t.,.
miah A. O'Leary to a cheering, shout
ing (enthusiastic audience of 5000 in
the Lexington opera house. They had
SEAVIEW. Wash.. June 25. (Spe- recently relea.ri h..i ,T- mf"
cial.) How a lot of bugs were respon- agreement by a jurv in the federal
" " j . ....... auu u. nim.
bride, formerly Miss Flora Frieze. I The
The Two -Way Plug, made by the
Benjamin Company, is known to the
trade and public as Benjamin "92"
and Benjamin Two -Way Plug.
In imitation of this, the Japanese de
vice has been marketed under the
name "Benjamin 92" or "No. 92." .
Be sure you get the genuine Benja
min Two -Way Plug the "Benja-
The Benjamin Company has a Pacific
Coast House at 590 Howard Street,
San Francisco, and the genuine article
is handled by all electrical distributors
-and dealers.
In addition to the Benjamin Two
Way Plug, the Benjamin Electric
Manufacturing Company has facil
ities for supplying high grade reflec
tors, industrial lighting fixtures, wiring
devices and other electrical apparatus,
enameled ware, castings, stampings
and spinnings in steel, all of which
are manufactured in America by
skilled American workmen, who re
ceive America's standard of just
590 Howard Street
Benjamin Electric Mfg. Co. of Canada, Ltd, Torant. Canada :
Tha Benjamin Electric, Ltd, London. England
-jjT f'-'i-adw,) rMr, um ,,
Makers of Things More Useful
the most important organization of its
kind in England, that women are now
admitted to the society on the same
terms as men. So far, the president said.
the women who had presented them
selves for membership were of excellent
education and good qualifications.
Harold Plank at South Bend.
-Work Is Resumed.
Both young persons are entomolo
gists. Mr. Plank having been sent out
recently by the United States depart
ment of agriculture from Washington,
D. C, to investigate an insect pest
the cranberry bogs. Hia bride repre
sented the state of Washington in the
same work. Being "swamped" with
occasion was a rerentlnn tn
O'Leary by a 'joint committee of the
Irish societies of New York. The an-
pearance of the former editor of the
publication. Bull, was greeted by cheers
wmcn couia oe neard In the street.
u Leary continued:
"To-day I regard with more susnlrinn
than ever the British. proDaeanda. In
1 :05 'A
.3i P.
A Matter of Propinquity.
Kansaa "City Journal.
"Propinquity la what brings about
marriages," declared pa in didactic
"It works this way. From among
tha men who call most frequently at a
house the daughter of the bouse nat
urally selects a husband."
"In that case, said ma. "I fear our
daughter is doomed to 'marry a bill col
Ich Kiin NIolit Vcrstahen,
Brooklyn Eagle.
It has leaked out that Indians, under
orders In Fance. used Choctaw to com
municate things over the telephone
wires when Germans were known to'
be listening in. Choctaw puziled the
Huns. Another Tankee trick ia thus!
exposed without shame and without I ways that are not to be finished.
1IULV. .
w.rk In h nncrtt Mf Pl.nlr V.J fn, . : , , . . .
" it., ueuause i Know mat my coun-
a laboratory assistant while he con- try waa used bv KnrlanH ..,
ducted investigations. around me a wild and evil storv
The state sent Miss Flora Frieze, signed to -imnrison r Vai.r. . t.i.
graduated last year from the Washing, brave associates in Ireland, and at t he
ton State college, where she majored in same time to destroy all svmnathv tnr
entomology. . Ireland jn America.
The two knew each other but a few "It was auite loeical during- tn.
weeks. The study of the cranberry pest I events of the past five years that Irish
proved Interesting. men in America should be persecuted.
Mr. Plank and his young assistant What the Irish race in America nsorta
went to South Bend Monday and were Is political persecution. Politics and
They have returned to their
Last of Thirty-One Grant. Smith
Porter Ships M ill Take Water -This
Afternoon. ' r,
A carman is the name of the last ves
sel to be floated by the Grant Smith
Porter Ship company and she will be
launched at the-Jit. Johns plant at 4:30
o'clock this afternoon. sponsored by
Mrs. Rupert Haueer, daughter-in-law
of Eric rHauser, general manager of
the company. The company has
launched 11 ships there to date and
when the A carman la In . the water
there will remain two hulls on the
finances have enervated and enslaved
it. Political persecution should Durere
and strengthen It. Political persecution
of Irishmen in Ireland developed able
and courageous soldiers to beat down
British tyranny in America. ,
One of the most striking features
of the world war, one of its most
extraordinary aspects was this: That
despite the traditional hatred of men
of Irish blood for the British empire
that despite the fact that the United
States sacrificed its holiest, traditions
and saved the empire from which we
wrung our liberty no Irishman In
America lifted the hand of violence or
disored against the United States.
lf George Washington or Thomas
Jefferson had gone to Paris, the Irish
question would have been placed before
the peace conference."
Among prominent - Irishmen present
on the platform were: John C. Moore,
who presided; Lian Mellowes, member
of the Sinn Fein parliament;. Peter
Golden, sec etary of the Irish league;
Dr. Patrick J. McCarton, the Rev. John
Dooley and Mgr. John" Powers;
Engineer Expects to Fly to London
In Three Hours.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Commercial
flying of the future will be done at an
altitude of six miles. Aviators will
be trained to get above the storm zone
so that weather may' be eliminated from
the aerial "log"
But the best" is to come, hold your
breath. The air voyage from New Tork
to London soon may require only three
ours, about the running time on the
Pennsylvania railroad between New
York -and this city.
All of this, seemingly incredible as
It is, will be a ccomplished with the
"Allplane." a new high-powered craft
conceived by Samuel D. Mott, M. E., ah
Edison pioneer and charter member of
the Aero Club of America, who ad
dressed the second Pan-American aero
nautical congress here tonight on what
he regarded as the certain future of
attainments in aviation.
Mr. Mott declared that with the de
velopment of his altoplane Idea there
will be an antithesis of the submarine.
The process of reasoning that Holland
applied a craft to go beneath the sea
to 15 or 20 miles aloft if necessary. It
Is obviously a matter of equipment plus
climbing ability of aircraft designed for
the purpose.
"Where is the storm limit? As
moisture and varying temperature is
the fundamental of storms, their great
est development is near the surface and
wholly confined to the storm limit.
Wind state is a varying temperature.
Over the hottest regions of Africa zero
conditions have been detected within
1500 feet of the ground."
Mr. Mott has utilized in his effort to
provide his altoplane,
There will be no more waits for
clement weather In connection with
transatlantic flights of the day to
come once Mr. Mott gets his plan into
nractical operation
In the course of bis addresses Mr.
Mott said
"We have read of many men tarrying
in New Foundland for several weeks
waiting, waiting, for the weather.
That trial was a glorious undertaking,
our navy's expedience was wise and all
honor to the brave men attempting the
test. But I submit that waiting indefi
nitely for ldeael weather conditions for
long-distance flying over land or sea
will not do for the demands of com-
"The problem evidently is not of
equipment for planes to function in
rarefied air, and protection of naviga
tors against its tenuity. Likewise pro
tection of the body warmth and com
fort 1 nextremes of temperature. How
high we may sro none may know until
tested. Personally I believe it possible
British Society Admits Women.
LONDON. Announcement was made
at the annual meeting of the Society of
By July IS it is hoped by the com-I Incorporated Accountants and Auditors,
The complete Electric Light and
Power Plant
Safe for the children. Brings last
ing cheer. Benefits the whole family
H. A. Conger. No. 3 N. 6th St,
Portland, Or.
Justin Asserts Britanic Fear of Irish
Question Influenced Secretary,
NEW YORK. England's- fear to
bring the Irish question before th
peace conference, because of the injus
tice of her occupation of Ireland, led
to Secretary Lansing's refusal of
hearing to delegates of the Irish Re
public. This charge was made by Jus
tice Daniel F. Cohalan. He said:
The action of Mr. Lansing with ref
erence to the Irish delegates is typica
of the conditions which prevail in Paris.
The influence of England on the work
ing of the peace conference is over
shadowing. Not alone has the form
of the league of nationa as proposed
by her statesmen been adopted, but
practically every question that has
come up for consideration has been
settled in a way that will contribute
most to the strengthening at least tern
porarily, of the British empire.-
"The case of Ireland Is to be denied
a hearing to Its representatives, be
cause Messrs. Walsh, Dunee and Ryan,
when they went to Ireland, talked
about Irish independence. I wonder
whether Mr. Lansing thought these
gentlemen went to Ireland to view the
scenery, or to praise the rule of Dublin
"The truth is that Lloyd George the
artful dodger of British oolitic:
frightened by the storm raised by the
Tories of England, sought some way to
refuse a hearing to the Irish delegates.
"England fears to bring the question
before the peace conference because
she knows, as the Irish contend, that
her rule in Ireland is founded only upon
mignt ana naxea xorce. if she had
good case, she would not hesitate to
submit to a court dominated by herself
and made up of Japan, France, Italy,
cieigium, Portugal and others, even
though the greVt liberty loving coun
try ot America were a member of it.'
Because We Were Unprepared.
Omaha Bee.
Lest we forget, if General Wood's
warning had been heeded, the cost of
the war to America in dollars and cents
would Wave been very much less than
it was and we would not have been
forced to depend upon England to
clothe our troops and France to supply
them with cannon ammunition.
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