Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 25, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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Mrs. Permelia Tyler Sues At
torneys to Recover Legacy.
Counsel Arm Plan Cloaked In Law
Was Made Against Aged,
Infirm Woman.
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Tear before the proceedings now
fcetna- brourht. baaed upon charges of
conspiracy and blackmail. certain
agencies beiran work upon a plan to
rob, nnder the cloak of the law, a
woman, then in her early eighties and
weak with the Infirmities of as-e. who
bad Just come Into a legacy of 1160.000.
on which she hoped she an her only
von might live In comfort the rest of
their days.
This was the contention of Attorney
Tn j. Maiarxey in nis opening argu
ment before the Jury yesterday In the
ault of Permella U Tyler against
Oorge A. Hall, a Portland attorney:
John X. Slevers, Justice of the peace
at Oregon City, and Harry and Ethel
Henderson, on trial before Circuit
Jnrir Kavanauch. Already consider
ably more than 155,000 of a legacy
received by Mrs. Tyler has disappeared,
and the lawyer left a strong inference
that certain practitioners at the bar
re responsible for Its disappearance.
Soa Saea for Diverse.
In his argument. Malarkey went be
hind the present case. In which Mrs
Tyler seeks to recover about $24,000
paid out in settlement of charges
brought against herself and her eon.
bringing other attorneys Into the net
of charges. He went back to 1915 when
"William M. Tyler, son of Mrs. Per
mella Tvler. filed suit for divoroe
gainst Vina Tyler. Tyler employed
as bis attorney. George C. Brownell, in
whose office John N. Sievers. a de
fendant In' the present case, was prac
ticing law. according to Mr. Malarkey.
Mrs. Tyler employed J. R. Greenfield to
, defend her. Greenfield at that time was
a. law partner of George A. Hall, an-
' another defendant In the present action.
Tyler secured his divorce, but Mrs.
Tyler Immediately filed suit against
Mrs. Permella Tyler for $100,000 dam
ages due to alleged alienation of affec
tions. This case was settled for $30,000,
Greenfield representing Mrs. Vina
Tyler and ilsres. Brownell and
. Bievers representing Tyler and his
mother, according to assertions made
The coincidence, pointed out by Mr.
ilalarkey yesterday is that the alleged
extortion of $24,000 more from the 88-year-old
lady wa accomplished through
the efforts of attorneys who had been
legal associates of those who handled
the .previous case and who supposedly
bad knowledge of any possible suscep
tibility of the aged woman to coercion.
Enjoys Good Health for First!
Time in Years Cains
Twenty-five Pounds by
Taking Tanlac
"T now Vnaw what It la to enjoy good I
health for tha first time In years and I
Just want to tell everybody that It s all
because of what Tanlac baa done ior
me." said Mrs. Clara Kiel, resiaing i ;
500 Twelfth avenue south, Seattle,
"For a rood many years, ana con
tinued, "1 was a dressmaker and was
under such a nervous strain ail tne
time that my whole system finally got
Into a very badly rundown condition.
My stomach got so weak that my food
would not digest properly and soon
after eating a sour gas would form.
bloat me up terribly and almost cut off
my breath. My appetite left me ana
my stomach got so weak that even the
sight of food was repulsive to me. I
could eat nothing scarcely and became
so nervous and rundown that I was
forced to give up my business entirely. .
Actually I was so nervous that I could
hardly pin a skirt In place and was so
weak and exhausted that I would drop
down In a chair and feel as though I
never wanted to get up. This fermenta
tion of my food must have filled my I
system with uric acid, or other poisons.
as I suffered from rheumatism all
through my arms and legs. They were
so stiff and painful all the time that
I couldn't bend them about without
Just suffering agony, and this aching
together with my nervousness kept me I
awake most of the night. I also suf- i
fered constantly with headache and
Just felt miserable nearly all tha time.
"Finally, I made up my mind to try
Tanlac, as I had beard so many of my
friends talking about the good It was
doing, and the way It has helped me
already is nothing less than wonder
ful. My appetite was never better and
my stomach is In such a good condition
that I can at just anything I want
without Buffering the least bit from
gas, bloating or shortness of breath.
and the headaches and rheumatism
have disappeared, too. I have gained
at least 25 pounds In weight and my
nerves are so good that I can sleep
Just like a child all night long. Really,
I have not felt so well In a long time.
My son is also taking Tanlac now with
splendid results. He had been in
rundown condition for sometime and it
used to worry me terribly to see him
leave home in the mornings without I
eating a bite of breakfast. But now as
soon as he gets up In the mornings he
is ready to eat and has a fine appetite.
I have never seen or heard of a medi
cine doing what Tanlac does and 1 1
think everybody should know about it."
Tanlac is sold In Portland by the Owl
Drug company. Adv.
ResirktesTT Gets S1SOO.
The events In which the present trial
Is concerned all occurred within a week
In January. 1918. Ethel Henderson had
been employed as a housekeeper at the
Tyler home. With her was a man who
represented himself to be her brother,
Harry Henderson. In January, 1918.
- - -m .-.Imi W 111 ion. Tv.
Jcr for $3000. alleged to be due her
for services as housekeeper. Tyler
protested against such a large amount
and finally compromised by the pay
ment of $1500. Hall represented the
woman making the claim. Siegers rep
resented Tyler. Tyler signeQ a slip
presented him.
At a previous hearing In the same
case, which never went to tha Jury
because of a technical flaw in the
pleadings. Tyler testified that Sievers
. told him It was a receipt he was sign
ing. He said he did not read it ana
igned on the advice of his attorney
after protesting that It appeared to
him that the woman should have given
.he receipt, as she was getting the
This was referred to by Mr. Malar
key. The document actually signed by
Tyler was a statement of a settlement
of all claims of the Henderson woman,
due to her having lived with him, sata
the Instrument, as his common-law
Warrant Against Tyler.
The document was signed January 21,
J91S. On January 22 Henderson, then
representing himself to be husband or
the woman instead of her brother, se
cured a warrant charging Tyler witn
a social crime. Mr. Tyler has testified
that on January 23 Mrs. Henderson
tried to get Into his rom at night. On
January 24 Tyler and Mrs. Henderson
were arrested. Tyler has declared that
Shirs. Henderson had come Into his room
gainst bis desire after he had once
made her leave at the psychological
moment the officers arrived with the
warrant. i
On January 2 6 Henderson filed a
suit against Mrs. Termalla Tyler for
$100,000 damages, charging her with
alienating the affections of Mrs. Hen
derson. On January 27. Sunday, at the
borne of Mrs. Tyler. 160H East Forty
fifth street. Henderson, Hall and Sie.
vera demanded that the suit be settled.
Mrs. Tyler was 111 and confined to bed.
Eh testified at the last trial that the
attorneys frightened her with threats
of Imprisonment for herself and her
on. and that Sievers, representing her,
was almost aa urgent as Hall, repre
senting Henderson, that a settlement
be made. Finally. $20,000 worth of
Stock waa paid over by Mrs. Tyler.
On January 2$, the attorneys and
Henderson are accused of dividing the
money, each attorney getting one
third. The Hendersons then fled to
Vancouver and have not been seen since.
There -Is a warrant out in Multnomah
county for their arrest.
Tyler Home la Watched.
Deputy District Attorney Dempsey
testified yesterday that Hall and Hen
derson came to see him about getting a
warrant against Tyler, charging adult
ery. January 22. 191S. and that they rep
resented that they had been watching
outside the Tyler home and had seen
Mrs. Henderson go into the room occn-
pled by Tyler and disrobe there. Tyler
has testified that Mrs. Henderson was
standing before him, nude, before he
noticed her presence In his room, and
that he then ordered her out. After
wards ha noticed she had been standing
near a window, the shade of which had
been rolled up.
In reply to the charges made by Ma.
larl:ey, the attorneys for the defense
contended that Tyler had urged all the
settlements, had acted as the agent of
Mrs. Permella Tyler, -and that every
thing done was absolutely legal and
above suspicion. All charges of con
spiracy and blackmail were denied with
Attorney Joseph E. Heldges repre
sents Sievers and W. H. Fowler, Hall.
The plaintiff la represented by Attor
neys Malarkey, Seabrook and Dibble
and W. J. Makellm.
$1,250,000 Will Go to General Fond
and $4 50,000 Is Awarded for
Highway Improvement.
BOISE, Ida., June 24. (Special.)
Bids on $1,700,000 worth of treasury
notes were opened by State Treasurer
Eagleson today. Bids In two forms
one an offer of S per cent Interest, plus
a bonus of $6570 with the treasury;
a second of 4 per cent interest, the
state to pay for the printing of the
notes at the rate of 30 cents a thou
sand or a total of $510 were submitted
by combination composed of the
Palmer Bond and Mortgage company
of Salt Lake; the John E. Price A Co.,
of Seattle; the Equitable Trust company
of New York and the William R. Comp
ton Co.. of St. Louis. After careful con
sidering tha merits of the two offer
ings Treasurer Eagleson decided the
latter to be the moat advantageous
for Idaho.
A contract for the execution of the
sale was accordingly drawn in the name
of the four Tirms mentioned. Ten days
are required to advertise the sale of
the bonds and considering this lapse
the notes were disposed of In record
time. The money will be divided be
tween the general fund which gets
$1,250,000 of the issue and the highway
department which is awarded the re
mainder of $450,000 for good roads im
provement work.
Tve -found out
(mada of corn) have
got a Lot of nour
ishment In them.'
And the flavor
beats everything!
Klamath County Boy Tells of Sink
ing of Great Transport.
KLAMATH FALLS. Or.. June 24.
(Special.) "It certainly was a sinking
sensation, declared Charles Hendricks,
who was on the last boat to get away
from the alnking Tuscania on that
foggy night of February 5, 1918, when
the big boat went to the bottom off.
the Irish coast.
Hendricks, who has lust bad bis dia-
rharcn from tha 17th com nan v of the I
20th Engineers, recorded at the county
ciera s oiiica nere, iu reiemns id ins i
incident, said that the transport floated
for three houra after being struck.
dropping gradually lower In the water. I
Three destroyers reached the scene be-
for the vessel sank, the one on which
Hendricks departed, getting away about
30 minutes before she disappeared.
Five boys from Klamath- county were I
on the boat, one, Joe Redfleld, being
Standard's Oil Bore Near Moclips,
Wash., Pushed Rapidly.
ABERDEEN. Wash- June 24. (Spe
cial.) The derrick for the Standard Oil
company'a well. No. 1. near Moclipa is
expected to be completed this week, the
first leg being up Saturday. All lum
ber needed for lta construction and all
derrick irons are on the ground.
The drilling will start with a 20-Inch
Outside speculators are betting heav
ily on the finding of oil by the Standard
or other drillers in this section, accord
ing to local realty men. In the past
two weeks many land aales have been
made which bave run Into thousands.
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