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Construction of Three 9500-
Ton Steamers in Prospect.
Government Work Cntil Foreign
Business Is Available Seems Cer
tain Record of Plant Good.
Reinstatement of contracts for the
. continuation of two or three of five of
the 9500-ton steamers recently can
celed at the G. AL Standifer Construc-
. tion corporation's Vancouver steel yard,
a.a indicated yesterday In the testimony
of J. T. Ackerson, head of the construc
tion division of the Emergency Fleet
corporation, before a congressional
committee, is in line with reports pre-
; viously received statins that in all
probability the Standifer organization
would get such consideration.
; The corporation's original contracts
. called for 15 steel steamers of 9500
tons each, but contracts for- five of the
i vessels were canceled. To date the
i plant has floated four of the vessels
and the fifth will go overboard the
; latter part of July, it is thought. With
. five ways at the yard it would mean
only one "turn over," but if three of the
other vessels are given back, the or
ganization can probably operate into
the fall season, by which time the
Standifer corporation may be able to
, close for satisfactory foreign business.
Work at the Standifer yard was in
full swing when a walkout occurred
; about two weeks ago. The cost of the
strike was considerable, and work on
the fifth vessel was retarded so that
; its launching set for for Juncj 10, will
be delayed about 10 days.
The launching of the steamer Wawa-
' lona last month, with all of her "top
side" gear in place, even to the masts
and funnel, while her own whistle was
. sounding a salutation as she started
down the ways, set a new mark in
the world for floating ships of the size
more than 90 per cent complete. That
has brought the yard to the fore and
proved what the west can do In time
of peace. '
The property was first laid out as a
permanent enterprise and the reinstate
ment of government vessels will af
ford the desired span for carrying
along the organization until private
work is ready to be started.
Machine TTsed Was Purchased from
Canadian Government for Serv
ice in Wheat Country.
Portlanders and Victory Rose Festi
val guests are to be treated to an ad
ditional aeroplane feature today by W.
B. Hutchensonj recently instructor in
the navy, who landed a private plane of
the Curtiss type from the liner Rose
City yesterday, and plans to fly over the
city this afternoon as a preliminary to
starting for Walla Walla.
The plane was used by the Canadian
forces' for training purposes and was
purchased in California by Mr. Hutch
inson. He moved the wings yesterday
from Ainsworth dock to Eastmoreland.
so that the army mechanics there could
assist in getting them together, later
taking the machine there for final as
sembling. The- airman informed the steamship
representatives yesterday that he pur
chased the machine principally so that
he and his two brothers could keep in
closer touch on two large ranches one
in the Walla Walla country, which is
devoted to wheat, and another 200 miles
distant, where stock is raised. The
plane has a maximum speed of 75 miles
an hour, weighs 1600 pounds and is
valued at about $3000. To date Mr.
Hutchenson says he has received more
than 100 applications from residents of
the Inland Kmpire, who wish to fly
with him for the experience, and a
minimum charge of $10, which Is for
10 minutes in the air, promises to re
pay some of the expense of getting the
plane here.
The use of an airship for communi
cation between ranches is an innova
tion in the northwest, and Mr. Hutchen
son says he prefers that manner of
traveling to an automobile, counting
the risks less.
O.-W. It. & N. Company Plans to
Handle Beach TraTel.
In preparing for the Xorth Beach
ecaBon the O.-W. 15, & N.. is contem
plating early overhauling on the
steamer Harvest Queen, on the Portland-Astoria
route, and as the steamer
Hassalo will not be ready for about
10 days some consideration has been
given a plan to bring either the steam
er Lewiston or Spokane here from
JSnake river. At the same time it is
deemed more desirable to charter one
of the local fleet, as the Snake river
boat would have to be taken back in
the fall, in order to be on hand to
move wheat.
The steamer Joseph Kellogg may
take the Queen's place, if the latter
is withdrawn before the Hassalo is
ready. The Queen is to be hauled out
at the Kulton plant of the Portland
Shipbuilding company and the work
will be hurried so she can take care
of summer travel between Astoria
and Megler. the Hassalo being placed
on the I'ortland-Astoria run.
State Game Commission Plans Lib
eral Distribution.
HOOP RIVER. Or.. June 11. (Spe
cial.) The Oregon game and fish com
mission's car, "The Rainbow." will
make six trips here this summer to
distribute trout fry. J. H. Kredrlcy,
vice-president of the Hood River Coun
ty Game Protective association, has
notified the organization's members
that three carloads of fish will be
hauled over the Mt Hood company's
line to Parkdale. where they will be
received by ranchers for distribution
in headwaters of the middle and east
forks of Hood river.
Two cars will go to Dee for Lost
lake and upper west fork distribution.
Iower valley orchardists will handle a
Plans Made to Tow Janet Caruthers
to Seattle Drydock.
HOQT7IAM. Wash.. June 11. (Spe
cial.) Preparations are being made for
an effort to float the stranded schooner
Janet Caruthers off the beach, near
Copalis, during the latter part of this
month. Tiie tug Galena has been char
tered to tow the schooner to a Seattle
dry dock for repairs.
The tug will take down two large
anchors which are to be placed out at
sea astern of the stranded vessel. To
these will be attached wire cables con
nected with the donkey engine on the
scnooner, which will keep a continuous
strain on the cables at high tide.
Several years ago another stranded
vessel was pulled into deep water In
this manner, in the same vicinity.
Employes to Participate in Victory
Rose Festival Frolic.
This being a. Victory Rose Festival
holiday the customs-house force and
other departments in federal buildings
will cease to function officially at
noon. The department heads are de
termined to lend their presence and
support to the big summer event and
insist that all who would have busi
ness with the government negotiate
before 12 o'clock. .
The custom-house family has had its
share of detention during the war
period and since, often being held at
the office to clear ships, but they say
"today is the day of all days" and the
mariner or agent who indicates lie
will have a ship to clear this after
noon may find the doors locked. The
week-end half-holidays start with the
government forces a week from Sat
urday, to continue for the three months
of the heated term, and except in emer
gencies they will discourage transac
tions Saturday afternoons.
Mount Hood Carries Owner and His
Guests on Trial Flight.
HOQUIAM, Wash, June 11. (Spe
cial 1 A nnoAil e t . .1
eight knots was maintained yesterday
at the trial trip of the new motor
schooner Mount Hood. Mons Isaksen,
managing owner, and his son. Sverre,
came down from Seattle and were on
board, as was G. Frazier Matthews, the
builder. This is the ship on which
Major H. W. Patton, formerly editor of
the WaRhinptnninn ' l n-all-kn,-.H
globe-trotter, has signed up as third
The Mniint Hnnl TrmnA e.A .VA
mill at Cosmopolis to take on 1,500,000
ui"uer ior ji.ngiisn ports, ane
win sail in two weeks, contesting with
the Mount Shasta, a sister ship, and
with the Mount Whitney and Mount
Hamilton in a race across two oceans.
Many wacern fi :i -1 ho0n ;.,.... .j
the outcome of this race.
Mount Evans and West Xosska Built
at Columbia Plant.
Assignment made vesterdav nf th
Mount Evans and West Nosska, both
being finished at the Columbia River
Shipbuilding corporation's yard, makes
a total of seven of the steel carriers
this month for flour and all but two
of them are expected to be sent away
during June. Besides, there will be
two, and probably three, . of the fleet
sent here from Puget sound. C. D.
tiennedy, Portland agent for the divi
sion of operation, estimates the tonnage
in win ciean up ine cereal
stocks remaining from old-crop wheat.
The steamer Mount Evans will be
managed by the Pacific Steamship com
pany ana u.e v est .Nosska by the Co
lumbia Pacific Shipping company. The
tormer will probably be loading early
in July and the West Xosska will be
receiving cargo the latter part of this
Frederich Hansen Freed at Seattle
on Charge of Murder.
SEATTLE. June 11. F r e d e r t V
Hansen, former first officer of the
schooner Edward West, was acquitted
oy a jury in ieaeral district court here
today of the charge of murdering C. H.
Hannen, second officer of the vessel n
May 31, 1918. while the West was en
route to Durban, South Africa.
Hansen, according to Carl Aho. a
seaman and the only eye witness of
Hannen's death, testified Hansen
knocked Hannen overboard. The fact
that Aho stood on the poop deck SO
feet from Hansen and Hannen, and that
the time of the incident was 4 A. M.,
the defense emphasized, threw rionht
on Aho's 'ability to see clearly what
Hansen testified Hannen stumnled
and fell overboard.
Steamer Lerves for Dawson.
SEATTLE, June 11. The first
steamer left White Horse for Dawson
on the Tukon river Tuesday, according
io caoie aavices received here today.
Waters of the Tukon. It is renorte.i
are the lowest on record for this time
or year.
Tides at Astoria Thursday.
TTf ph.
1:48 A. il 0.8 feet!7:45 A. M....-0.4 foot
T:K4 P. M 3.4 foot
PORTLA XD. June 11. Maximum terT.r..e-
ature. 6t degrees; minimum, 49 decrees.
tuver readme at A. M-. ir. feet: change
in Inst 1!4 hour?. 0 3 foot fall. Total rainfall
5 P. t. to 5 1. II.). O.Ct; inch: total rain
tall since September 1. 191s. 40.35 inches
normal rainfull since September 1 4 v
laches:, deficiency of rainfall since September
1. llilS, -.47 inches. Sunrise fi-on 1 xi .
sunset. 0:il P. M. Total sunshine. 8 hours'
lo minutes: tmsaible Hutiihine i .. . i
minutes. Moonrle. 7:7 P. M. : moonset. 4:01
A. M. Barometer (reduced to sea level) at
" - .-; iMuiiea. jieiauvc Humidity at
noon. bU per cent.
Boston ....
titi O
. . .:o
. . . 0
00i. ,iXW
Pt. cloudy
JPU cloudy
jPt. cluudy
jPt. cloudy
J't. cioudy
IPt. cloudy
it'loud V
OHiiiry ....
hicao ...
L)en er ....
Is Moines
S3 O
.."v. .'xw
m n.
f o.
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s o.
S4 o.
7ft O.
r. - o .
M 0.
Si' o.
70 o.
PS 0.
firt 0.
70 0.
o;' . . is
00. 10.XW
'ft' . . 'SK
ft-J ik'xw
on . . sis
no. . . :x
Oft lft'SW
04 lL.XW
ll . .INW
01 14 SK
001 . . SK
KureKa i
Galveston . . . .1
Helena ....... i
Jum-aut I
Kansas CIty...l
I .oh Anple. . . I
Marshfield ... I
!Pt. elondy
IPt. cloudy
' Rn in
Minneapolis . .
New Orleans...
New i ork
North ilea1 . . .
Nonh Yakima
I'oeatelio .....
Koseburg . . . . i
Sacramento . ..I
St. Louis
Salt Lake
San IMeso
San Kruncisco.
os; . .ixw
Oft . . xv
.00 lo w
oo io. w
on - .v
0t'. . x
0 1KSW
3' -JL S
00 . S
0ft1. . V
.ov so w
ft'. -!SV
.'.:.. iE
0o . . !SW
Oti..i w
10 . . . w
00'. .'S
.. .ISR
Ol'lG 'PE
it. cloudy
fPt. cloudy
iPt. cloudy
, Clear
IPt. cloudy
"'loud v
Pu cloudy
7.S 0.
fi 0.
S4 0.
Hri ft
2 0
PS 0.
'6rt 0
1 0
7S 0
Seattle .
Tacoma 41
Tatoosh lalandf 4S'
Waila Walla.. .
Washington . .
'Pt. cloudy
tA- M. today,
P. IL report of preceding
Portland and vicinity Fair; moderate
Oregon and Washington Fair; moderate
westerly win as.
Idaho fc air; cooler southeast portion.
Only Five Loads Are Receired Iur
in ly and Trading Is Quiet
at Present Range.
There wai only a. small run of stock at
the yards yesterday and trading was quiet.
The market was steadier and had a mort
settled tone than for some days past. Th
few sa.l8 reported were within the ran go
of quotations.
Receipts were 15 cattle, 12a hogs and 411
The day's sales were as follows:
Wt. Price.) Wt. Price
1 cow 1170$6..0 3 calves... 1;1G 1.5.0
1 cow Ift7ft .So 1 caif J4tt i:; OO
2 cowb. ... to 6.00j lcalf... 110 13.O0
1 cow 520 5.5u ' bulls.... 840 6.50
1 cow 1190 7.5o;i4 boss.... 1H0 19.25
1 cow 490 T.oOj 2 hogs.... 170 19.23
1 cow 1210 7.75 ! lhoe-.A. IV) 17.So
1 cow 7r,o r.00 4 Iioks.... 19ft 19.20
1 cow s0 8.0O hog 120 17.00
1 cow 550 8.001
Friers at the yards were as follows:
fioon to choice steers 10..rora 11. 0
Medium to choice stoer 10. 0i rn 10.." 0
t'air to good teeis 8 "r.'d ft.TS
Common to fair steers 7.7."'?r 8.73
Good to choice cows, heifers. . 9.50$ 10 00
Medium to good cows, heifers.. 6.50tf 7.M
Pair to medium cows, heifers.. 4..Vy 5.30
Canners a.OO'n 4.00
5U,IT 5.00 8.30
Calves n.oo fir 13. oo
Stockers and feeders 7.00 10.00
Prime mixed 10.25919.50
Medium mixed I0.oocs-19.25
Hough heavies 18 00 18.73
pis 17517.50
Prime spring lambs ....... ...1. 11.5n4tlS.oo
Fair to medium lambs 9.00 10.00
Yearlings 6.30'aO 8.50
Wethers 7.00t 8.50
Ewes 6.004? 7.30
Chicago LlTentock Market.
CHICAGO. June 11. TT S Rnroin of
Markets.) Hogs Receipts lS.Ooo. active,
mostly 25c to 35c higher than yesterday's
average. Top, S20.50; bulk. 20.20& 20.45;
heavyweight. $20. 20 20.40; medium weight.
20.105rj 2O.50; lightweight, in.857 :2o.50;
light light. $18.254320.00; heavy packing
sows, smooth, $19.7520.10: packing sows,
rousrh. $19,25119.73; pigs, f! 17.25 & 18.25.
Cattle Receipts 7000. beef steers slow;
packers bidding more; a few aarly sales
steady; butcher stock steady to strong;
calves steady to 23c higher; feeders active;
beef steers, medium and heavyweight, choice
and prime. $153 lft.35; medium and good,
$12.25 3-15.10; common, $11 r 12.25; light
weight, gosd and choice. $12. 0ff 14.75; com
mon and medium. $10 if 12.75 ; butcher cat
tle, heifers, $7.751 13.35; cowj, f 7.50-9 13;
canners and cutters. $67.50; veal calves,
light and handy weight. $13.2517; feeder
steers, $9.73 13.25; Blocker steers, $7.75
12 40.
Sheep Receipts 13,000, active; steady to
strong. Lambs, 84 pounds down, $12.75
13.K5; 85 pounds up, $12.50Q 15.85: culls
and common. $912.25: springs, $16.50919:
yearling wethers. $10.25tfM3; ewes, medium,
good and choice, $7.50 1&0; culls and com'
mon, $3.257.25.
Omaha Livestock Market
OMAHA. June 11. Hogs Receipts 15,000,
25c higher than yesterday's average. Hulk,
$20.20 fi 2.1.35; top. $20.45; heavyweight,
$20.30 5 20.45; lightweight. $20. 10 t? 20.3ft;
medium weight, $20.2520.45; light lights,
$19.5020.15; heavy packing sows, smooth,
$20. lOrff 20.35; packing sows, rough, $19. 75'$
20.10; pigs, medium. $18019.
Cattle Receipts 5500. beef and butcher
cattle steady, close lower: stockers and feed
ers strong. Beef steers, choice and prime,
$151&23: medium and good. $12.7o15;
common. $10.7515; lightweight, good and
choice, $13.75 15.25; common and medium,
$1014. Butcher cattle, heifers. $H& 13;
cows, $11.75 12.73; canners and cutters,
cows and heifers. $5.757.75: veal calves,
light and handy weight. $12 f? 14 ; feeder
steers. $10.rn -f? 13.75: stocker steers, $7.75
12; stocker calves. $7.50'frl2
Shep Receipts 7000, Iambs strong. Sheep
steady. Lambs. 84 pounds down. $14.75 f
15.50; lambs. 85 pounds up. $ 1 3.75 -J? 1 4.7ft;
Iambs, culls and common. $11M3.73; spring
lambs. medium. $17. 50fr1.5; yearling
wethers. $12il3; ewes. $96? 10.50; ewes,
culls and common. $ft.
Shipments to the leading Market1 of the
Pacific Northwest.
Ptate origins of livestock loaded June 10
and S. 1919;
Cattle Horses, Mixed
Calves. Hogs. Sheep. Mules.Stock.
For Portland
Oregon 6 .... 2
Washington . 5 .... ....
T'tM Portland 5 ....
One week ago.. 2 1
Four weks ago. 2 2
One year ago. . 1 1
For other markets
Peattle. "Wanh... 10 3
Spokine. Wash. 4 9
Totals 17. S 2138 2154
cne week ago.. 2333 3ft9
Four weeks ago.2255 2170
One year ago. ..2022 2ftll
6 ..
54 1
Eastern Dairy Produce.
CHICAGO. June 11. Butter, unsettled:
creamery. 40 r 50 4 c.
Eggs, lower; receipts. 37,841 cases; firsts.
38 u, &39Hc: ordinary first. ftl37Vc; at
mark, cases included, 3839c: storage
packed first.-, 40r'S'41; extras, 411&42.
Poultry, alive, higher: fowls, 30c
NEWARK, June 11. Butter weak: cream
ery higher than extras. 52r52ie; creamery
extra. 51 H ft 51 c ; firsts. 5ft 'i 51c
Eggs. Irregular; fresh-gathered extras,
48S "r49c: do. firsts, 43 fi 44c; do. storage
parked extra firsts, 47 i 4Sc; do, firsts 45
Cheese, weak: state whole milk flats, cur
rent make .-pedals. 31i731V.c; do, average
run, 30U f 31c: mate whole milk twins, cur
rent make speciaU, 31 31 Vic ; do, average
run, 29fe&31c.
Seattle Livestock Market.
SEATTLE. June 11. Hogs Receipts 218.
quiet and stronger. Price. $l.85i&20; me
dium to choice, $ l.60 4 19.75; rough heavies,
$17.M)'it 18: pigs. $17.60 19.
Cattle Receipts . steady. Best steers.
S 1 1.5ft rn 12.75 ; medium to choice, $10,50411;
common to good, $7610; best cows and
heifers, $8 & 1 1 ; common to good, $5$j7.50;
bulls, $5 frf 7.5ft ; calves, $7 rn 8.
Pacific Coast Shipping- Xotes.
PAX FRANCISCO, June 11. (Special.)
There is a deal af activity In connection
with the new steel steamers recently com
pleted for the shipping board at this port.
There will be three sailings this week In
cluding that of the 12.000-ton deadweight
freighter Diablo. Captain Richard Connell.
which will sail for Calcutta via Manila and
other ports of the far east tomorrow. The
'West Conob also will sail tomorrow for Ma
nila. Both of these vessels are under the
management of the Pacific Mail Steamship
company. The Gulmba, the big 8 SCO-ton re
frigerator steamer, will sail for Honolulu on
Saturday under the management and oper
ation of the Matson Navigation company.
After discharging a general cargo at the
island port, the Ciuimba will load sugar for
me Atlantic.
The Star Trading corporation of New Tork
has announced its intention of eat a blf shine
a line of freighters on the Pacific, to be
operated between San Francisco and the far
east as soon as the shipping conditions will
permit. i ne announcement was made by
Robert J. Ktlbey. vice-president, who hn
arranged to open offices here. The new line
proposes to take in iiatavia, Manila. Cheri
ban. Samara nR. Soerabla, Macassar and
Hongkong. It is expected that the fleet
will be Initiated with "0-ton oil burners and
tnat tnere wui oe not less than two sailings
each month. The Dutch steamship con
cerns have enjoyed what was nearly a mo
nopoly among the islands of the far east
for many years. It is contended that Ameri
can ships giving adequa'e service will obtain
a fair share of the business.
En route to Valparaiso from the orient,
the Seiyo Mp-ru of the T. K. K., arrived in
port today with 615 passengers and a full
cargo of freight. The majority of the pass
enger and the cargo is consigned through
to the west coast.
The Tenyo Mara, of the T. K. K., sailed
for the orient via Kouolulu today at 1 P. M.
Commander Hashimoto has nearly 1000
passengers aboard. including all classes
The ship was loaded to the limit and drew
32 feet forward.
The Admiral Goodrich, of the Admiral
line, arrived from Manila today with a cargo
of sugar and rattan furniture. The Goodrich
will be discharged and then loaded for a
voyage to Nome.
TACOMA. "Wash, June 11. (Special.)
Frank Walker, representative of the French
government in the matter of ship contracts
in the United States, said today that the
Foundation company has held its lease on
the Tacoma yards and can immediately con
vert its plant to build steel ships, if word
of new contracts Is received from its agents
now in France. "There are no existing con
tracts however. said Mr. Walker. "Our
representatives are in France at the present
time after new contracts and we are wait
ing anxiously for some word from them."
Mr. Walker indicated that the Founda
tion company was greatly interested In the
new turn given shipbuilding In this country
by the action of the shipping board and
the statement rof Chairman Hurley. It is
supposed by Tacoma shipbuilders that the
same general conditions will govern the
Foundation yard in Portland as in Tacoma.
Tacoma shipping men are expecting the
schooner Robert R. Mind, now out from
Honolulu, to arrive here any day to load
lumber. The vessel takes cargo at the De
fiance mill. Another vessel to load lumber
is the Austrialian steamer Renowa. The
vessel will take about 1.500,000 feet from
local mills. She is expected by the agents,
Balfour, Guthrie A Co., in about ten flays.
On account of the strike in British Co
lumbia the vessels of the Pacific Steamship
company are being routed through Tacoma
and some of the British Columbia freight
Is being handled here and at Seattle. The
Governor this voyage cut out Vancouver and
came direct to Tacoma.
Gerald Wagner, well-known member of
the Tacoma family of the Osaka Shosen
Kalsha steamship company, surprised his
friends Monday when he took unto himself'
a wife. He is a southbound passenger on
the Admiral Schley for San Francisco.
ASTORIA, Or., June II. f Special. 1 The
steamer City of Topeka sailed at 11:30 to.
'lay for San Francisco via Coos pay and
Eureka with freight and passengers from
The emergency fleet steamer Ahala. from
Portland, sailed at 4:30 this morning for
Grays Harbor, where she 1st to load ties.
Bringing a carjo of general freight for
Portland, the steam schooner F. tj. Loop
arrived at - 9 o'clock last night from San
Francisco. She will load lumber at West
port. After discharging fuel oil at Portland,
the tank steamer Wm. F. lierrin sailed at
11:15 today for California.
The Japanese steamer bhinpo Maru sailed
at 2:40 -this afternoon for the orient with
lumber from Portland.
The steam schooner Daisy Putnam arrived
at 2:45 this afternoon from ban Francisco
with freight for Portland.
A fishing boat believed to belong to John
Rape), a troller residing at Hammond, came
ashore in a battered condition at Columbia
Beach last night. Up to a late hour today
no trace of the owner had been found,
SEATTLE. "Wash., June 11. (Special.)
Captain Aksel Teilman, who took the new
motorship Trolltind as far as San Francisco
on her voyage to Copenhagen, returned to
Seattle today, reporting a fine passage down
the coast. The -Trolltind made the run to
San Francisco In 44 days. The vessel load
ed 400.000 feet of lumber in Seattle and
completed her cargo with barley in San
Francisco. Captain T. Hedemark. who lias
been master of one of the shipping board
vessels, took command of the Trolltind in
San Francisco, succeeding Captain Teilman.
More than 150 pleasure seekers are booked
for the White Pass A Yukon route's annual
midnight sun excursion to Fort Yukon,
Alaska, this month, the tourists coming
from all parts of the country. Two river
steamboats, the 1'ukon and the Casca, will
carry the parti s down the Yukon river
from Whitehorse and their accommodations
already are completely sold out, an unprec
edented condition.
GRAYS HARBOR, Wash., June 11. (Spe
cial.) The steamers Tamalpais and Ahala
arrived today, the Tamalpais from San Fran
cisco and the Ahala from Portland. The
Tamalpais is loading at the E. K, Wood
mill in Hoquiam. The Ahala will load a
cargo for England from the bay city. An
derson & Middleton mills. Aberdeen, and the
Grays Harbor Lumber company mill at
The steamers San Jacinto and Carmel
cleared at noon for San Francisco. The San
Jacinto loaded at the A, J. West mill, Aber
deen, and the Carmel at the Lytle mill. Ho
quiam. COOS BAY, Or., June 11. (Special.) The
Standard Oil tanker Whittier. which got into
port last night with a cargo of oil, sailed
for San Luis this morning at 10:30.
The steam schooner Bandon arrived this
Afternoon from the south at 2:40 and is
loading lumber at the Oregon Exports com
pany mill.
Vessels duo tonight and In the morning
Include G. C. Llndauer and C. A. fcmith from
San Francisco.
The gasoline schooner Queen Is here from
Bandon, having arrived last night at 8.
Marine Xotes.
Head wind and sea met the liner Rose
City off the northern California roast this
trip, resulting in a shipment of oil in bar
rels, which was lashed on the forward deck,
being lost overboard and some of the rail
was damaged. The seasonable northwest
ers are on these days, but, fortunately, they
have no undesirable features for southbound
travelers. Tho liner has some machinery
repairs to make, so her sailing has been
postponed from today until noon Saturday.
On her first trip between Portland and
Lewiston the steamer Grahamona, of the
Yellow Stack line, left the East Washington-street
terminal last night. She hail a
good list of freight for the uprlver city and
it is reported fully 100 tons had been as
sembled there for shipment to Portland,
while many Inquiries had been made from
outlying districts as to freight rates and
The steamer Buttonwood, one of the Ballln
type built by the O. 51. Standifer Construc
tion corporation, of Vancouver, had loaded
1.437.O0O feet of railroad ties up to yester
day and a shortage of material caused the
work to be suspended for a day. It is be
lieved she will be able to take on more than
loft.Oftft feet additional. The cargo Is being
handled by Balfour. Guthrie & Co. and is
destined for the United Kingdom.
The wooden steamer Agarlsta, which loads
ties on Grays Harbor for the east, was
cleared yesterday in ballnst and got away
late last night from the bunkers.
The record steel steamer City of Eureka,
which was completed in 37 days by the Co
lumbia River Shipbuilding corporation, con
tinued loading wheat yesterday at the Globe
mill, where she shifted Tuesday from the
elevator dock.
On loading the last of lumber at the Pen
insula mill yesterday the steamer Daisy
Freeman received orders to proceed to
Kalama to work 300.000 feet and then finish
with the same amount at Stella.
The wooden steamer Aframla, which was
assigned Tuesday for a tie cargo, hauled
across the harbor yesterday from the Victoria
dolphins to the Fifteenth-street terminal to
take on sea stores.
Three boilers at the plant of the Willam
ette Iron & Steel works will be loaded
aboard the steamer Wahkena today for
shipment to San Francisco. The vessel came
Into the harbor from St. Helena Inst night
and returns there to finish her lumber load.
Having been delivered to the government,
the steamer West Harlan was shifted last
night from the yard of the Columbia River
Shipbuilding corporation to the Fourteenth
street terminal, to receive her stores.
The steamer F. S. Loop, which arrived
yesterday from the Golden Gate with gen
eral cargo, discharged at Couch street and
leaves there early this morning for Wauna,
to take on 150.000 feet of lumber, after
which the proceeds to West port to finish.
The steamer Mahanna leaves the drydock
today for sea, to undergo a test run of 24
hours, afer which she will be delivered to
load ties.
Carrying lumber and consignments of a
minor character, the Japanese steamer
Shlnpo Maru got away yesterday for Shang
hai via Taku Bar. She was dispatched by
Dant & Russell, which firm will load the
Melchu Maru that la looked for In the river
The steamer Daisy Putnam Is In the river
from San Francisco, after a lengthy absence,
and brings cement and asphalt in the serv
ice of the Parr-McCormick line. The vessel
discharges st the Smith dock, alongside the
Kiernan & Kern shipyard.
The steamer Santa Barbara takes on the
last of her Portland shipment of lumber at
the Eastern & Western mill today and pro
ceeds to St. Helens to finish. The material
is for San Francisco delivery.
The river was at a stage of 13.6 feet above
xero yesterday and the forecast is that It
will continue to fall for a few days. On
getting below the official flood stage, which
Is 15 feet above zero. It Is felt by old timers
along the front that the inio summer freshet
will have passed into history.
V. S. Naval Radio Reports.
(All positions reported at P. M. yester
day unless otherwise Indicated.)
OLEl'M. San Francisco for Seattle, 171
mllen from Seattle.
8TANWOOD, San Pedro for Everett. 232
miles north of San Pedro.
WAPAMA. St. Helens for Pan Francisco,
406 miles south of Columbia river.
QUEEN, San Francisco for Seattle, 7 miles
north of Cape Blanco.
C. A. SMITH, San Francisco for Coos Bay,
182 miles north of San Francisco.
WHITTIER. Coos Bay lor San Luis, 453
miles from San Luis.
FORT RILEY. Seattle for Panama, 200
miles south of San Francisco.
WEST ASH A IN A. Portland for New York,
77 miles south of Columbia river lightship
D. G. SCOFIELD, San Pdro for Seattle,
895 miles from Seattle.
RICHMOND, with barge 95, San Pedro for
Honolulu. 760 miles from San Pedro at b
P. M. June 10.
PORTER. Everett for Gaviota, 589 miles
south of Everett.
WASHTENAW, Port Pan Luis for Port
land. 535 miles from Portland.
FRED BAXTER, Vancouver for San Pedro.
440 miles from Vancouver.
CELILO. San Franrfseo for Portland, 38
miles north of Cap Blanco.
CHANSLOR. Gaviota for Linn ton, 620
miles north of Gaviota,
CITY OF TOPE K A, Port 1 an d for Sa n
Francisco. SO miles south of Columbia river
W. F. HERRIN, Linnton for Monterey, 115
miles south of Linnton.
YOSEMITE. Port Gamble for San Fran
cisco, 535 miles north of San Francisco.
Colonel S. B. L. Drake. San Pedro tar
Save the Babies.
INFANT MORTALITY is something frightful. We can hardly realize that of all
the children born in civilized countries, twenty-two per cent., or nearly one-quarter,
die before they reach one year; thirty-seven per cent.- or more than one-third, before
they are five, and one-half before they are fifteen!
We do not hesitate to say that a timely use of Oastoria would save many of
these precious lives. Neither do we hesitate to say that many cf these infantile
deaths are occasioned by the use of narcotic preparations. Drops, tinctures and sooth
ing syrups sold for children's complaints contain more or less opium or morphine.
They are, in considerable quantities, deadly poisons. In any quantity, they stupify,
retard circulation and lead to congestions, sickness, death. There can be no danger
in the use of Castoria if it bears the signature of Chas, H. Fletcher as it contains no
opiates or narcotics of any kind.
'j.yet Contents 15 Fluid Praclir
similatinsmtfbod byEcgula
S tingtheStonudisandBowck
J TliiJestlMl
i Cheerfulness and RestCoctams
neither upinm.i-iui
1 jv nci pi ui iu-iu-" j .
; ConstipationandDiarrhoei
juid Fcvwishness and
rcsutlin j mmrrom-u;
Portland. 34 miles south, of Columbia river
Admiral Schley, Seattle for San Fran
cisco, 442 mliea from Snn Francisco.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND, June 31. Arrived at noon,
steamer F. si. Loop, from San Francisco.
Sailed at 3 A. M., steamer Shinpo Maru, for
Shanghai. Sailed t 1 A. M.. stea.ner City
of Topeka, for San Francisco via Eureka and
Coos Hay.
ASTORIA. June 11. Left up at 10 last
nlRht, ntcnmer F. S. Loop, from San Fran
cisco. Failed at 4:0 A. M., steamer Ahaln,
for ?rays Harbor. Sailed at 11:15 A. M..
steamer W. F. Herri n, for tiaviota. Sailed
at 3 P. M.. Japanese steamer Shinpo Maru.
for Shanghai. Arrived at 4 and left up at
4:.t0 P. M., steamer I)aiy Putnam, from San
Francisco. Sailed at 11 :SO A. M.. steamer
City of Topeka, for San Francisco via. Ku
reka and Coos Bay.
RAYMOND, Wash.. June 11. (Special.)
The steamer Tahoe of San Francisco arrived
at Raymond last nipht and is loading a.
caro of lumber nt the Willapa mill
The steam r Ree. -which carried a carpi
of lumber to fcJan Francisco, sailed this
morn tr rr.
The steamer Solnno arrived this morn Inc
from San Francisco, an 4 Is loading a cargo
of lumber at the Hart wood xnilL
YOKOHAMA .June 3 Arrived Pennnf?
Maru, from Seattle: Horaizan Maru. from
Kobe for Seattle. Sailed June 3 Methven.
for Vancouver. Sailed. June 4. Shlnyo
Maru, fur San Francisco.
A MOT. June It. Arrived Sequoya, from
San Francisco for Hongkong.
PAX FRANCISCO. June 11. Arrived
Steamers Seiyo Maru Japanef), from
Hongkon?; Admiral Farragut. from Seattle:
Tecumseth (British), from Saigon. Sailed
Steamer Tenyo Maru (Japanese), for Hong
konj;. SEATTLE, Wash.. June 11. Arrived
Steamers Kedondo, Admiral Evans, from
sou t h-rty tern Alaska: Krintr. from San
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Terrifying Discomfort
From Skin Diseases
Itching and Burning Eruptions
Torture Victims.
Only those who are afflicted with
Eczema, Tetter, Erysipelas boils and
similar so-called skin diseases can ap
preciate the real terrifying discomfort
that comes from these disorders.
The constant plea of those afflicted
is the oft-repeated question, "How
can I find relief from this constant
torture?" No palliative, temporary
relief that causes the terrible itching
to abate for a while, but real, genuine
relief that shakes off the shackles of
the disease and restores the skin to
its former healthy condition.
And temporary relief is the most
that can be expected from local treat
ment, such as ointments, salves, lo
tions, etc., which is one reason why
these diseases seem to hold on with
such tenacity. It is not because they
are incurable, but because they are
improperly treated, that they appear
to be so stubborn and so difficult to
cure. '
The real cause of the disease is a
germ in the blood, which multiplies
by the million, and sets up an irrita
tion in some tender location of the
delicate skin.
You must locate the headquarters
of the disease germs, and cut off
Let's Think It Over,
There is such a thing as saying too much on any subject, and
the "grand-stand" talker sooner or later becomes a bore. The truth
is always welcomed, and the troth reiterated and confirmed is mora
than welcome it reaches your innermost souL
Fletcher's Castoria is all its advertising has claimed for it.
Scrutinized by the microscope of public opinion and used for over thirty
years it stands without a peer in the hearts of thoughtful, cautious,
discerning Mothers. And once used, mother love there is no substitute
for mother love win scorn to try a "substitute" or a "just-as-good".
Masquerading under many names drugs that are injurious to the
tender babe have found their way into some households, but the light of
experience soon casts them out. Are they cast out before it i too late?
Bears the
Francisco. Failed Steamers Remus, for
Newport News; Lyman Stewart, for San
P.ELLTXOHAM, Wash.,' June 11. Sailed
Ship Star of Lapland, towing, for Alaska.
TACOMA. Wash.. June 11. Arrived
Steamer Governor. Rainier from San Fran
cisco; Quadra, from Britannia Beach. Sailed
Steamers Toko, for Everett: Governor, for
San Francisco; Glymont. for Honolulu.
Colombia River Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD, June 11. Condition of the
bar at ' P. M. : Sea, smooth; wind, north
west, eight mites.
l'irst Fire of Season Extinguished
Without Great Loss.
PALLAS, Or., June 11. (Special.)
The first forest fire of the season in
this district broke out last week in
the vicinity of Bridgeport, but was ex
tinguished before any damage was done.
W. V. fuller, of this city, supervising
fire warden for the county says that
he has most of the telephone lines to
the lookout stations completed and that
several crews of men are now at work
cleaning out the fire trails.
Kverythinp possible will be done this
season to prevent the breaking out of
fires in the timber.
Meed Seniors Give Rail.
Reed college students will meet this
evening In the last social gathering of
the 1918-19 term the senior ball. Prep
arations have been under way for a
month to make the last social event a
noteworthy one. rernrtion are under
their base of supplies. The blood is
saturated with them, and they will set
up their attacks on the surface of
the skin as long as they remain in
the blood, no matter how much local
treatment you take.
A million gallons of local treatment
applied to the surface of the skin will
not eliminate the germs of the disease
from the blood, and until they are
eliminated your skin will never be
free from the itching and burning
If you want relief that is perma
nent, then take a treatment that goes
right to the seat of the trouble and
removes its cause. Such a remedy is
S. S. S., the reliable old blood
purifier that so thoroughly cleanses
the blood, that every trace of disease
germ is routed out, and a new supply
of rich red blood is sent couroing
through the veins.
S. S. S. has been used successfully
in some of the worst cases of eczema
and other skin troubles, and it can be
relied upon to cleanse the blood of
the last vestige of the disease. S. S. S.
is also a splendid tonic and system
builder, and it builds up and adds
new vigor to the whole system.
Go to your drug store and get a bot
tle of S. S. S. today and begin the
right treatment for 6kin diseases.
Then write for free medical advice
about your own case. Address Chief
Medical Adviser, 107 Swift Labora
tory, Atlanta, Ga. Adv.
Cry Fop
Signature of
the direction of the sophomores an4
promise to be original. Though the in
vitation list is more restricted than a
other functions the alumni in the city
will help swell the attendance. Danc
ing is to continue until 2 o'clock.
Read The Oreg-nnlan -classified ads.
1 .- E. 21 ST N.
Attractive r.-rm. buntraiow: attic, mod.
pavvil trett, S.'Io; Z months in advance re
":t.i Yrg. in l'ortIan!." .Main -Iso:
L.AOV employed wants room and hoard fof
herself mid two vniall children where chl'.
tiren will have Rood enre during the dav
'd pjy well for Kood board. Cali room
71 Cornelius hotel.
CNl'tTAL opportunity to buy for k cent,
on the dollar a more than p;ylnjr variety
storo in KrtMem Oreiton; owner compelled
to leave. AX -tij. Pregonian.
i Hi l'SCKKt:iM.V; outfit for a)a. or rent
4 oik rooms, tee me ueture lu A. M. -fti.'
K. fith st.
WANTED lirl to work in restaurant.
E. Morrl.on st.
JAPAN in 10 days .
CHINA in 14 days
MANILA in 18 days
Fnejacat Saibts fra f mm, B. C
Cabin fare STi up third-class
.S."t!..' and ."7..".0.
Further Information from
E. E. Penn. tlenera) Airent.
65 Third Street. Portland.
S. F. & f. S. S. Lines
S. S. Rose City
Chaaice la Sailing; Date
Fares include berth and meals.
Third and 'Washington St,
Phonrat Mala 3530 A66I1.
Freight. Alnawortn Dock Phones
Bdwr. 2U.H A 1234.
The Dalles and Way Points.
Sailings, Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, 10 P. M.
Ash St. Dock. Broadway 3454
Suva. New Zealand. Australia
The Palntlatl Pownirer SlMmfn
R. M. S. "XIAWARA." K. M. 'M.K CaatA"
O.OWt Tom i:i.5U Too
3 Orient screw tfc Pacific "
J JAPAN in 10 days . L
IKor F:
ail From Vancouver. I. v,.
For Farci nnd bsIMpps apnly Can. Pac. Rail
way, 55 Third St.. -'ori!and, or Canadian-
Australian Koya Mail 440 teymour bC,
. Vau ver, Li. C.