Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 18, 1919, Page 15, Image 15

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Seefsteak Is
Council Decides to Abide by
Decision of Engineer.
The Beauty of Coffee
: Any rose is beautiful, but the American Beauty rose, with
its superb bud, on a straight stem three feet long, is the Queen
of them all. -
G. Washington's Coffee is the American Beauty rose of
the Coffee world. .
It is the Queen of all Coffees.
It is served on the table of the most fastidious hostess,
who warts to be sure that the very crown jewel of Her dinner
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lif-prc.M-ntatlTV of rrotcslina; Prop.
crty Owners Makes Proposition
Which Council Accepts
The ntirstlon of whether the Oolum-
la nver e!oucn will be utilised as
swer outlet tn connection with the
Peninsula distrH-t eeer system will
h determined by an out-of-towa en
gineer h la to be selected by City
TKna-lneer TuAuraraard and William t
Hmwtv an englaecr representing pro
testanta mn property la th pro
sowed sewer district.
Kngineer Fnvn, who Is consulting
anatneer for Multnomah county drain
sure district now working to reclaim
i)0 a ree alin the slough, is strongly
opposed to the etty'a- plan of building
a channel frvm the Colombia nvr to
the slouch for the purpose of Increaa
in the fl- w ef the eloua-h. juwrUnf
that it will fail to do what It la la-
teaev-d for ,
ArMtratw to TAe Ckeee.
TNa city council adopted a plaa pre
rented by tnftineer Brown which will
result In the ratlins' of an enalnoer
from another city to formulate a board
with :ty Knxlneer Iiurcaard and Kn-a-tneer
Krosa- The former w 111 present
Vis famrsble arguments for the use of
the simian for keaag? purposes and
the araunirnts against the plan will be
I'eeeente.t 1' Ksslneer Brown. The de-
lstin of the arbitrator will be taken aa
final by the rtty council. It waa stated.
1'itv Knctseer Lstursaard I confi
dent that hta plaa r nigging th chaa
Bl and using the alouaa (or a eewer
outfall is feasible and his Mews have
been adorned by members of the city
council. The employment of aa ut
Hfe rndneer Is done for the purpose
of clearing- up the doubt which has
been cxpreeved by property owners
within the proposed district orrr the
practicability of the plaa.
Tee teafMas te Be neteraalaeseV
The city engineer and Sir. Brown will
probably meet today for the purpose of
ueciding upon the third engineer to so
into me question. The council has out
ImeH the following two questions to be
arvauy determined:
"First Is It or Is It not a feasible
proposition to dig the proposed chan
ncl and. utilise the Columbia river
siooita for a sewer outfall, and will It,
ir constructed, make it a cafe nroced
tire from a s in 1 lar y standpoint to util
ise the slouah below the outlet of the
new channel aa a sewer outfall?
"Second If it Is not a practical plan,
rhea what plan should be utilised to
furnish needed eewer facilities to the
proposed districts
dasspeaaaUea Depend em Dor! stem.
Should the report of the outside en
rlneer be adverse to the plaa of City
Jr.nglneer laarxurd. the city will pay
j-.ngineer nmwn loon for his services,
but should Knpineer Laurgaard be sus
tained tn his views the city will not be
obliged to give Kngineer Brown any
compensation, under the terms of the
agreement made.
Under Mr. aurgaard's plans the city
proposed to construct a channel be
tween the Columbia river and the
slough at an approximate cost of
$250,000. and later construct lateral
sewers, as they are required, emptying
into the Columbia river slough at vari
ous points below the channel.
Should this plan prove to be Imprac
ticable it la stated that the only other
means of providing sewer facilities is
by construction of a main trunk sewer
extending to the Columbia river which
would cost millions of dollars.
II. C Merrill, lined for Hoarding
I'ood, to Appeal.
IJOS ANGELES. The numeral five
will hereafter be. a hoodoo in the life
of Hulett C Merritt, the Pasadena
millionaire, convicted of hoarding sugar
io violation of the food conservation
law. by a Jury in Uulted States District
Judce Trippett's court.
He was fined $5000 and given five
months in the county JalL
Kive sacks of sugar, or 500 pounds,
wre involved.
There were five attorneys In the
case, three for Merritt. and two for
tbe government.
The original bond, of the accused
waa $j000.
Tbe new bond was fixed at $15,
0. three trmea free.
The latter instrument had to be made
Vefore United States Commissioner
Stephen G. Long by E o'clock last
Judge Trippet denied the motion for
a new trial and arrest of judgment
after arguments of Edwin A. Meserve.
for the defense, and Assistant United
Mates nisrrict Attorney W. Fleet
Calmer for the eovernment-. Notice
will not fail, that no careless cook can spoil
it, and that her guests shall finish their
dinner with the tang of excellence.
G. Washington's Coffee, that during the
war could not be had by the public, because
the Government took the entire output for
the boys in the trenches, is againon sale.
k"V'M'' 'ZZZTf
Back i (J
front WJ v
war . tafcatr
Went to War
Home Agai
of appeal was given and the defendant
was given until May 10 to file the pro
posed bill of exceptions.
When the matter of fixing the bond
pending the appeal came up. Assistant
United States District Attorney Lyndol
L. Young auggested that the new bond
be fixed at 125,000, but the "court
placed the amount at $15,000.
In passing J udgrnent. Judge Trip
pet said that to only fine Merritt the
limit provided by law, $j0u0. would cot
be sufficient, as the payment would
mean nothing to a man of the financial
standing of Merritt. It would not mean
as mush to him as the payment of $1 by
some men.
The court said he was convicted
that Merritt was guilty . aa 'charged.
and that the jury's verdict waa a right
eous one.
When sentence was pronounced.
neither Merritt nor his wife gave any
sign of distress. It was evident that
they had steeled themselves for the
expected shock. When Edwin A.
Meserve was arguing for a new trial
Merritt showed some feeling, but he
Immediately straightened up.
The financial standing of Merritt
came up when Assistant United
States District Attorney M. Kleet
Palmer made the statement that Mer
ritt had claimed he was worth $60.
000.000, and that he had alleged that
he had accumulated money at the rate
or $1,000,000 a year ever since he had
reached the age of 34 years.
in support or tne motion for a new
trial Edwin A. Meserve followed
closely the lines of- his address to the
Jury that convicted Merritt. claiming
that the evidence connecting his client
ith a guilty knowledge of the pres"-
ence of the 500 pounds of sugar at 407
Olcoft place. Pasadena, was not pro
duced, and that the testimony furnish
ed by Miss Anna Hare, the cook, waa
hardly to be relied on nnder the cir
cumstances of the case.
Mr Palmer said that In his judg
ment -Merritt was convicted bv the
Jury without the testimony of Miss
Hare, and he spoke at some lene-th
of the various points made by the
government as set before the jury by
his associate, Mr. Toung, and himself.
?no ruing or an appeal will mat.
pone the actual carryinir out of the
judgement of the court from six to
nine months at least, provided the case
not revised by the United States
circuit court or appeal.
Milk Bread
Mix together 1 cup Carnation Muk,
2 tahlespocmfuls shortening. 1 table
spoonful uar, and 2 tabieapoonfala
Mil. Poor on i cups boiling water, and
when lukewarm add 1 yeast rake dis
solved to I cap lukewarm water and
stir tn aa tra-h floor as it will take op.
Ka.ati ioe la or 20 minutes, addia eiora
flour as sedcd. 1 1 to 1 1 level cepcels
ahould be enough altogether. Cover and
let nae to double iui sue Shape into
1"Tea and let rise seaia to double a:se.
Tha makes J small loaves aad a
doeea roll.-
cf 100 Frrlfl Pes ee rtfmtH. WrlU
;truos Muk Cnittctt Ce.. SuU, (Pais.
Your Grocer Has Ctrntion
A Health Builder
For Weakened Lungs
VThere a continued oougH ev said
threaten the lungs, Eekmaa's Altera.
live will help te step ' the peaga,
strengthen (he lungs gad raatsre
health, le and $!.( battles at drag
g:ats, er frees
tiCK.slA.Jf LAfcORATGSf. Philadelphia.
Em of So Hair and Thicker Scalp
Is Predicted.
LONDON. "Europe is suffering from
an epiaemic or Dataness.
i nis startling announcement was
made by a well-known hair specialist.
He attributes It partly to war con
ditions and partly to a universal ten
dency due to the advance of civiliza
tion. 'During the last year, and espe
cially since the armistice he said. "I
have been surprised by the large num
bers of young men, even youths, who
are completely losing their hair.
"Investigation shows this phenome
non to have at least three causes:
"Worry resulting from the war.
"The injury caused to the hair roota
and blood vessels of the head by tight
fitting army caps and heavy shell hel
mets. ".Vor Is the baldnes confined to Brit
ain; It la preValent In most countries
In Europe where war conditions have
"it Is affecting not only young men,
but women although not to so great
an extent.
"But the primary cause lies In the
advance of civilization.
"If commerce, with all the romnetl-
tlon, travel and hustle It entails, con
tinues to advance so rapidly It is within
reason that In two or three centuries
Europeans will have entirely discard
ed hair, thta rella of the brute stage,
la plaee of It they will develop thicker
seal pa.
License) Demand fiets Record ,
VANCOUVER, Wash.. April 17. fSne-
cial.) riines April 1, 2510 licenses have
been lssusd to automobile ew7ers in
Clarke county, This is the largest num
ber of licenses ever issued in pna year
in this county, and Indicates that the
people are prosperous. Lieenso fees on
these machines aggregated 148,000,
most of which will find its way tn the
road fund, inca January, 6 SO marriage
licenses have been issued, representing
Hear the famous Westminster church
rheir tonight fit Good Friday services,
7.45 J Irving ton or Broadway cars-Adv.
Sheriff Has Many Friends AVben
Confiscation Is Known.
PARIS. Mo. Friends of Sheriff Nolen
of this city were under the Impression
the other day that he had a great secret
that he was particularly anxious to
keep to himself, as he was approached
a score of times by persons who were
soon engaged in earnest conversation
with him on the streets, but to all of
the importunities be was seen to hake
hla head. It waa not learned until
day or two later that the official had
been approached to let his friends in
on a ack of. liquor that the sheriff had
taken from a negro and which -v
stolen from a saloon in Hannibal. The
insistence of those who were "dry"
finally became so strong that the sher.
iff locked himself in his office and hung
out the nothing-doing" sign. "That
whisky was "Old Crow and 'Old Wood
pecker,' both bottled in sond and about
tbe best that can be secured here
abouts," vouchsafed the sheriff In dis
cussing the Incident later, "and it was
strange how thoset fellows who but
tonholed me would have been willing
to 'caw a little and 'peck a little at
the slightest provocation. Tou would
have thought they had Just come in
from a long trip across the Sahara des
sert; they were so dry.
Army Officer Keplies to Criticisms
of Y. M. C. A.
SAN" FRANCISCO. "I have seen T.
M. tj. A. canteen workers crawl on
their bellies under the most devilish
fire the Germans ever sent over. I
have seen them die. I have watched
these men mingle with the boys in the
front line distributing chocolate, cigar
ettes and tobacco. Never. have I seen
Y. M. C. A. man charge any man
holding a front line a nickel."
In a few terse sentences. Major X
W. Woolrldge of the 38th Infantry, who
arrived at Letterman hospital at San
"Francisco recently to recover from
wounds received at the front, took a
decided stand against the criticism of
the association work In France, which
the said was most unjust.
"A few Inefficiencies can he charged
to the exigencies of the war." said
Major Woolridge, "but the T. M. O. A.
men never failed by reason of their
own negligence or desire. They cared
for ninety-odd per cent of the army
who were well- Their work was not
mited to the wounded. They stretched
their resources to the utmost. The
criticism directed against this wonder
ful organization la unwarranted. '
Mjor Woolrldge paid a splendid
tribute to the boys nnder his com
mand, who he said were the finest
young men America ever produced.
Kahn'g Fight on Zionism May Cost
O. O. P. Votes of Jews.
CHICAGO. The next national elec
tion may find an issue in far-off Palestine.
A warning has been Issued to the
republican leaders by Habbt Hudolph
L. Coffae of Tempi Judea. Unless
the republicans induce Julius Kanu of
the house military committee to cease
his opposition to Zionism, the demo
crats may secure SO per cent of the
votes of Jews in America, Rabbi Coffee
The Chicago rabbi .returned recently
from California, where he had been
visiting his motherless children and
relatives. They reside In Congressman
Kahn'n district. Dr. Coffee spent a
week there and he says the Jews of
San Francisco are bitter against Kaan'l
attitude. The feeling had become so
intense, be said, that indignation meet
ings, were planned, but cooler heads
prevailed and the meetings were aban
doned. -
Congressman Kahn has been justly
credited with vigorous action in con
nection with America's participation in
the war. President Wilson declared
his aid in rushing the selective draft
measure through congress was Inval
uable. His argument against Jews of
America favoring colonisation of Pal
estine is that they will hus be living
under two flags.
'"There Is only one flag for American
Jews," he says, "and that is ths Stars
.nd Stripes."
This phrase of the congrepsmar,
Rabbi Coffee said, "may be fine rhet
oric but is poor logic Were we less
devoted to our stars and stripes be
cause we -went o the aid of Buffeting
Cuba So years afo? How does the
American abate his 100 per cent Amer
icanism In helping starving Belgi-im. tn
sending food to Serbia, or contributing
fnns to Armenia?. Why, the congress
man bimself has given his tim and
This chart was copied from Bulletin No. 226, U. S. Bareau of Labor .. 5
Statistics. It is the latest that baa been iuued. 1001-916 price. -j
Remember: ".vhan beefsteak was 20c a
pound .
Now it's 40 z,vA 50 ,efx r. round.
Why? ; . , '
; Thisxihart shows that the price packets
have had to pay for cattle has gone up' with
the price received for. bee l ' :
JVln fact,' it V shows that j the' "spread'.' be
tween cattleand beef prides has ;-heeh
gradually reduced, during trie past 30 years
owing i to i competition 'among- .packers,
their increased efficiency, bigger volume, ,
and elimination of.wa&te.-? " '
:; The packer's profit of only a fraction of
a cent per poiind of meat has helped to
narrow this spread." .
. Increased ' farm-production costs have
made higher cattle prices necessary.
Swift & Company, XJi S. A.
1 ' ; ' '
hi energy on behalf of down-trodden
"His criticism of divided loyalty Is
too late. The Jews in this war have
proven their devotion by deathless
deeds. Their valor in the Argonne
forest last September as members of
the "lost battalion" will live forever
"The British government views with
favor the return of thousands of Jews
to the Holy Land. President Wilson
holds a similar view and the peace
conference, now in session at Ver
sailles, seems to favor a British pro
tectorate for Palestine under which
favorable auspices Jews. especially
from eastern Europe, may settle In
Pelestine and have a homelanl.
"I hope Congressman Kahn en second
thought will retract. His view repre
sent less than 10 per cent of the people
throughout the country, and even still
lefs of his constituents.
Desserts 2c
The bottle in
each package
of Pineapple
Ji fly -Jell con
tains all the
rich essence
from half a ripe
pineapple. The
dessert has a
wealth of this exquisite
flavor, and a package serves
six people for 124 cents.
Yon owe to yourself a
trial of this new-type gel
atine dainty.
JO Flavor, at Your Grocer's
' 2 Paekagfor SS Ctntm era
i us
; 1
Toasted Cheese
HereVa dish that Snow Flakes
are particularly adapted to. Spread
grated cheese on each Snow Flake
Soda, toast in a quick oven. The
result is an appetizing, satisfying
lunch. You should try this.
Don't askfor. crackers, say Snow
Your grocer can supply you.
The New American Macaroni
IF you want to present the folks
with a pleasant surprise, serve
Crearnettes instead of ordinary
macaroni. Then listen to what
they will tell you about the' de
lightfully different flavor and the extreme
tenderaejs of this new American product
The quality proves itself.
Cooks in one-third the time.