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United States and Great Bri
tain Asked to Join.
Plan Is Inspected to Receive Atten
tion In Address by Premier
Lloyd George.
Copyrtht by th, " Tor World. Pub
lished by Arrangement.)
PARIS. April 1. iSpecial Cable.)
The French roicroncnt still maintains
with undiminished determination its
claim that Great Bri'min and the United
States shall unite with France ii
defensive alliance for the protection of
her western frontiers. This alliance
inlKht be under the league of nations,
but its object would be to guarantee
to rrsm-e that. In the event or ixer
many's crossing the boundary of th
neutral soe to be prescribed by ttv
peace treaty. Great Britain and th
I'm ted States should come quickly to
the defense of France. The French
SCOTernment urges that garrison life In
rhe neutral zone would be pleasante
td nearer home for British troops on
forelun servire than Malta or Kio pt
This guarantee, moreover, is to have
no time limit. The neutral demllltar
lied sone is to extend, accord In if to the
French view, to 50 Kilometers (about .1
mile on the oast bank of the Rhine,
which river, it is now declared, must.
in any event, be Frances true military
This scheme of having a permanent
force on the Rhine has not yet been
disclosed to the British house of com
mons, and It may be doubted whether
l: will find any place in Premier Lloyd
George's speech to the house. His
speech is awaited with curiosity In con
ference circles. especially by the
French. The resjlts of the British bye
election, although travested in some
of toe Paris newspapers, are Interpret
ed accurately enough In ofiicial quar
ters here, and their reaction on Premier
l.lovd Georireu conference policy al
ready has made itself felt.
Confidence is expressed In French
quarters that Great Britain will agree
10 France's getting the mandatory over
t-yria So the plan of sending another
commission there to explore local con
ditions and desires hss been abandoned,
the settlement being left to the bis
fOntlnued From Klrst Pase
our fighting in the Argunne. we went
to Belgium and fought in Flanders
under the king of the Belgians, many
of our men stole from the hospitals,
got into box cars and rejoined their
companies. At least 1000 men of the
wounded In the Argonne got back to
the division in this way."
Aorlkweat Mrs Are I.aaded.
General Johnston said he had writ
ten letters to the governors of the
northwestern states which contributed
men to the 91st. telling how these
troops fought a nine-day battle In the
Argonne against critck Prussian divi
sions and defeated the huns. then hiked
for four days to reach railroad trains
to take them into fresh areas of bat
Five men of the 91st won the con
gressional medal of honor, the general
said, and 130 officers and men tne Dis
tinguished service cross. 101 the French
croiz de guerre and ISO the Belgian
war cross. The lst took as trophies
artillery Including 500 heavy pieces and
eOO machine guns. .
Company I of the lltth engineers
returned with 31 of its members deco
rated and proud of the exploit of Cap
tain John Lave II. Salt Lake City, who,
ith 12 men. captured a town after
house-to-house fighting for two days.
"Figatiag Parsaa" Retaraa,
Every American lived through it and
none was seriously wounded. Captain
1-avell and his men captured 35 huns
and every doughboy received the dis
tinguished service cross.
Companions of Private J. H. Lrfirue.
c9 35 55 i 5 t3
Santa Clara, CaL. told of this soldier's
achievements destroying a German
airplane with a machine gun on the
seat of an automobile In which Larue,
as a chauffeur, was driving a colonel
and a major who were witnessing a
battle between 150 allied and enemy
machine. A Hun plane swooped toward
the motor car and Larue brought It
to earth and the two German occu
pants were captured.
Tha tlst'a "fighting parson" came
home. He Is Captain Charles A. Rex
road, pastor of a Methodist Episcopal
church in Butte, Mont., and he brought
with him the distinguished service
cross, the Belgian crolx de guerre and
other honors, including a promotion
won in action at a time when he was
engaged in the dangerous task of mak
ing records of American dead on the
Has Salper Is Trapped.
A sniper tried to kill the "flghtin
parson," who, with two privates, dia
posed of the sniper, located In a tree,
and then destroyed a German "pill box.'
Privates David C. Ware. Santa. Ana.
CaL. and M. S. Crossley, Seattle, were
decorated for carrying message
through enemy patrols while the two
were on motorcycles, six Germans be'
ing killed. -
Captain Herbert Hoover, a Californl
lawyer. Judge advocate of the 91st. said
the division had only four cases of
court-mart iaL
Fourteen hundred and flfty-on
troops, largely members of the 91st
division, came into port on the trans
port Lancaster. Units Included the see
ond battalion headquarters, medical de
tachment and companies E. F and G
of the 22d Infantry. 22 officers and
701 men, the headquarters supply sec
tion. medical detachment and compa
nies A. B and C of the 316th field sig
anl battalion, ten officers and 441 men
and numerous casuals and casual units.
M ar Deearatlona Prised.
The ZiZd Infantrymen were com
manded by Major Henry Edmonda of
Los Angeles.
Captain Lester E. Walbrldge of com
pany E. who Is editor and publisher of
the Santa Barbara (Cal.) Dally News,
told of the loss of all but 30 of the Sl
men of his company in action. He was
the only officer who escaped injury
or death, he said.
Duncan McRae of Helena. Mont., who
went overseas as a sergeant, returned
with a" commission ss second lieutenant
and a distinguished service cross for
locating and sketching the position of
nest of machine guns under heavy
Non-commissioned officers who
brought back decoratons for gallantry
Included Sera-cants Howard M. Angel.
Salt Lake City, D. 5. C; Henry Ramsey,
Salt Lake City, D. S. C. and croix de
guerre: Peter S. Boone, Salt Lake City,
croix de guerre.
Troop Harried tm Cam.
CAMP MILLS. N. Y.. April 1. Thir-
ty-nine officers and 1836 men of the
364th infantry, 91st division, left here
today for Camps Lewis, Dodge. Grant
and Kearny and Fort Russell. Wyo.,
for demobilization.
Separate Treaty With Austro
Hungary Threatened.
Order Provides Admiral Will Be In
Command if Ever All Navy
Is Brought Together.
WASHINGTON. April IS. Admiral
Mayo, commander of the Atlantic fleet
throughout the war, has been desig
nated by Secretary Daniels as com
mander-in-chief of tho "United States
This order, which it developed today
was Issued some weeks ago. does not
affect present disposition of the na
tion's naval forces, a: 1 Admiral Mayo
would bo in supreme command only in
the event the three separate fleets
the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Asiatic
were brought together.
Admiral Caper ton will continue as
commander of the Pacific fleet until
April 30, when he will undertake the
special mission of preparing a record of
his diplomatic work In South America
uring the war. Most of the ships
which formerly composed his force now
are in the army transport service, but
few vessels remain on the west coast
nder Kear-Admiral Fullam. whose
flagship Is the old cruiser Minneapolis.
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V &$ $i 55 Q
Two Military Prisoners Make At
tempt to Escape.
LONDON. April IS. (Special Cable.)
A tragedy unparalleled In London
happened yesterday afternoon when
military deserter was shot by his es
cort while making a dash for liberty.
wo prisoners were marching: toward
Waterloo station under escort of a
corporal and four men.
Suddenly the men, who were hand
cuffed together, broke away and ran
In the direction of Westminster bridge
The corporal called on the men three
times to stop, but they persisted on
their way and a shot was fired. One
man fell, bringing the other down with
him. He was badly wounded and was
taken to King George's hospital, where
he died almost immediately.
The shooting was witnessed by a
large number of people. Including
many children who were going home
from school.
Big Four Discusses Case at Length
but Unable to Reach Decision.
Otber Points Brought Up.
'Copyright by the New York World. Pub
lished by Arrangement.)
PARIS. April IS. (Special cable.)
If Flume is not awarded to her out
right by the peace conference, Italy
proposes to make a separate treaty
with the remnants of Austro-Hungary
whereby she will gain the disputed
This semi-official statement was
made to me by a member of the Italian
delegation who speaks authoritatively
How much Is bluff and how much is
sincere remains to be seen, but there
Is no doubt that Italy Is carrying the
dispute to the uttermost length.
My informant goes so far as to say
President Wilson has agreed to let
Italy have Fiunie. and that If there Is
a shift now, neutral nations will stand
upon the treaty of London and remain
in occupancy.
Italy is In a difficult position, for the
failure to gain Flume will result
grave Interna! complications, which
have already manifested themselves in
disorders viewed as an approach to
The big four, with Arthur Balfour
substituting for Premier Lloyd George,
discussed the case at length yesterday,
but got nowhere. They hoped to per
suade Italy to accept the same formula
applied to the Saar basin and which
la now to be used on the matter of the
Teschen coal basin in dispute between
the Poles and Czechs, but Italy declined
to accept what she calls a repudiation
of the agreement she had.
Other points in conference develop
ments arresting attention are: ' Fresh
display on the part of the delegates
of- Inability to reach a policy regardin
bolshevism, which is daily taking on
political and national strength, al
though the truth of conditions is being
colored and suppressed.
A definite promise given by Britain
nd implied by America that a defen-
ive alliance is to be entered into with
France against German aggression
certain of enactment on the part of
Britain but doubtful regarding the
United States.
Forest Service to L'so Men in Sum
mer Cruising Work.
Discharged soldiers will be given
preference in employment with the
crews sent out by the federal forest
service on summer cruising trips, ac
cording to C. J. Conover of the district
forest service in charge of the prospec-
ve surveys and cruises to be made
this summer.
Mr. Conover will leave Portland to-
ay with George A. Bright and G. W.
Hurt, also of the district forest service,
for Bend, where in response to recent
requests made by a number of large
mber firms 30.000 acres on the Des
chutes national forest will be cruised
be placed on the market. From
Bend three separate "gangs" will be
ut on cruising stumpage and timber
round for land exchanged and for sur
veys on national forests. I
On the Ochoco and Deschutes national
forests 80.000 and 58,000 acres of land
ill be cruised for land exchange. Sur
veys for land sales will be made on
5,000 acres of the Deschutes, 25,000
acres of the, 15,000 acres on
he Siskiyou, lo.OOO on the Rainier and
30,000 on the Olympic national forests.
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Continued From First Pays.)
at the outbreak of the war Secretary
Baker ordered that every complaint re
ceived by the inspector-general be in
vestigated, and said his office went
carefully Into charges made even In
anonymous letters.
Contingent Is on Way From Vir
ginia to Camp Lewis.
Groups of returning soldiers will be
welcomed in Portland both today and
tomorrow at 3:30 o'clock in the after
noon, according to announced schedules.
The detachment coming in today 1
known only as a contingent of 12 men
being sent from Camp Lee, Petersburg,
Va., to Camp Lewis. It is listed to
proceed northward at 4 o'clock.
Tomorrow afternoon f 2 men, compos'
ins:. Newport News casual company No.
336, will stop in Portland during the
half hour between 3:30 and 4 o clock
The men come from Camp Eustls, hav
Ing left there on April 12. To what
units these men were formerly assigned
is not known.
Both detachments will be greeted
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ban Francisco Speeder to Stop Driv
ing Automobile Ono Year.
cial.) "Go to Jail for 10 days or re
frain from driving; an automobile In
San Francisco for ono year."
Such was the alternative sentence
imposed upon Robert W. Miller, 19-year-old
son of C. O. G. Miller, local
millionaire insurance broker, in the
police court today.
"You don't appear to have a hifrh re
gard for the traffic laws of San Fran
cisco." said Police Judge Fitxpatriek to
the young manv arrested for doing a
35-mile clip past a local hospital in his
high-powered machine.
"It will do no good to fine you," the
judge continued, "for it would simply
mean that your father would pay the
Young Miller decided to stop driving
until this time next year.
Gold Casket 'W ill Be Given President
Before Return.
LONDON". April 1 (Special Cable.)
A gold casket to contain the certifi
cate of the freedom of the city of Lon
don for presentation by the corpora
tion to President Wilson was on view
this afternoon at Guild hall. It is of
ls-carat gold throughout and bears the
portraits of the king and the presi
dent. On each side are figures represent
ing Liberty and Britannia. The arms
of the allied countries and of the city
of London appear in enamel below the
portraits. The casket itself stands on
a water gilt plinth which is borne on
feet fashioned according to the arms
of the city.
failure to carry out its operations
General ood urged that more care
ful scrutiny should be given to cases
before they were brought to trial, par
ticularly by division or department
commanders; that great use be made of
the many disciplinary measures not in
volving legal proceedings at the dis
posal of commanders: that competent
counsrl be assigned for all prisoners
to protect their rights, and that judge
advocates of courts incline toward the
French system, by which the legal of
ficer merely presents the case and does
not take on the character of a prose
cuting officer.
Officers Attitude Attacked.
The proceedings were enlivened to
day by the voluntary appearance of E.
M. Duncan of Maryland, who served as
a major in the engineer corps on con
struction duty at Fort Leavenworth,
Camp Humphreys and Camp Lee. Ha
said he had "sat on probably 1000
courtsmartial and vigorously attacked
tha attitude of officers as "not humane"
in dealing with disciplinary matters.
Part of this was due, he said, to ths
feeling that "the old man," the post or
division commander. Insisted upon se
vere penalties.
in-ril Chamberlain disclosed that
about them
, . jar
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r v. "saw wr: c
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Victory Liberty
NEXT Monday we will again be called upon
by the Government to lend our support.
This time, however, our Bond subscrip
tions will be given in the knowledge that the
victory is won; that our boys are here or
on their way home. Let your gratitude for
those two things sharpen not dull the
point of your patriotism.
rmBonAc bah ex
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the union station by the official recep
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Floating Mine Is Destroyed.
WASHINGTON, April 16. The navy
denartment was advised today that the
steamer Oceano had destroyed a float
ing mine several hundred miles south-
west of the Asores. Acting Secretary
Roosevelt said American naval forces
had swept every field or supposed field
reported by the Germansaf ler the end
of hostilities and had accounted for
practically all of the mines, though
some evidently still were afloat.
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