Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 24, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Records of All Kinds Broken
by Sixty-Fifth.
TO KAISER'S SON IS DIVORCE COURT. T"TT T""' I' '"""" 1 Xmmtm ' ' ' ' f "" ' ' 1 r"" J""1 ,
Iublic Uh9 Parsed Number 3-19.
Total of 22.594 Bills and Reso
lutions Are Introduced
eomplisnments of the ixty-fifth, or war
congress, are officially reviewed In the
fin, number of the monthly compen
dium of the house of representatives
apiea.rlntr today. Inf inished business
of the conprss. which necessarily must
he considered In the legislative pro
gramme of the new congress, noon to
convene, also is contained in the publt
cut ton. which was edited by W. Kay
Loomls, an official of the house.
"Constituting1, as it does, a statistical
retrospection of the accomplishments
of the ith congress. says Mr. Loo mis,
in a foreword of the compendium, "the
final issue of the monthly compendium
throws th ttearchjiht on the transac
tions of three sessions of unparalleled
events. When the congress met
April. 1917. the country was . at peace.
In the interim a war had been declared,
a w ar had been won and a war had
hven endd. So this issue carries legis
lative history of a character that per
haps never again will be duplicated.
both as to the amount of money author
ized to be expended and as to the ex
tent of the revolutionizing of the so
cial and business lives of the people
of the nation."
Approprlatlolaa Twtal Mage.
The 65th congress is shown to have
appropriated approximately $57,0o0,000,
0'M; passed 34 public laws; 43 public
resolutions; 4H private laws and con-
ducted 32 ronjrressional investigations.
A total of --.i'M bills and resolutions
were introduced, of which 16.684 orig
inated In the house and the remainder
in the senate, president Wilson vetoed
five measures.
President w ilion m part in congres
sional matters is set out by a list of
notable dates. Including his approval of
the history-making laws and his nu
merous addresses. It is shown that for
the first time laws were signed In
foreign country; that for the first time
a measure, a revenue bill, was signed
on a railroad train; that for the firs:
time a president had addressed the sen
ate in favor of woman suffrage and had
signed a bill to "move the sun forward
and then backward' and had gone on
the floor of the house to shake hands
with members of foreign war missions.
Oregon Seaator la lad.
Another unprecedented feature was
that practically one-fourth of all the
laws of the three sessions were ap
proved during the last nine days of the
congress. Fifteen representatives and
10 senators and 20 ex-members died
during the congress. Two former pre
siding officers of the senate. Theodore
Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks,
also were included in the death roll.
A list of authors of bills receiving
action beyond mere Introduction shows
a predomination of names of chairmen
of committees. -Senator Chamberlain
of Oregon, chairman of the military
committee, with 53 measures, led the
ltt. mith Senator Myers of Montana,
chairman of the public lands committee,
second with 35 bills.
rsShf - today - Tuesday Wednesday j?.
f ' .J; 1 Thos. H. Ince's Great Special jCi
t. f '''' $'."i'x .' ( The Further Amazing I-i
: :''S0&SifW& I Adtoes of J:-'h - TV v "
i:Z Kvf P-J, . ; "The Lone yr,,,-.-, J.. 1
; .-llu bt " ' . I j Wolf" f. -.,r VI ' t r,
k-a " . .-r f v r' - , I
""" " E t . ! - ' O 4S -.'4 f
PRINCESS KITEL. . ;:"2 - ' " ' Jt t
The determination of Prince Eitcl to obtain a divorce from his wife doea ' ! '' ' A ' i if 1
not help mitigate the contempt in which that corpulent son of William Hohcn- ' " j 1 i 9 '
zoilern ha been held In this country ever since his activities in France and f ; i - " " ' ' 'if 1
BelKium were bared to the world. Princess Eitel has been known as a demoted , - , " 1 J ' S.C -i p- 1
wife, her devotion to him even beintr likened to a Nancy for a Bill Sykes. An (k ' " ttmuAAU1 " i . ,flL, t .fc,' '
unwillliiir helpmate to one of the world's greatest criminals, this woman is now : - t " -wb"1 " , ""e!
ta be dragged through the divorce courts. ..! ? , , .v, " "-,., " 'f )
INDEPENDENCE IS SOUGHT SSS'::Sss?-.sS!issS '! r.r;;v-: " ",J-S'i .
Myrtle Point voted to join as organi- j. j . wC? f K s , a . , 'J ' o. r , , -
I, : xations. He said that the people of r ' ' ' . ' 4 " i j" ' 4. i - " 1 !
iriv tnai section or the state seem to realize . E E v . t - , i i a.Ls . s 1 Macs: II
the benefits of a state organization. !1 ' el' ' - ' " ' '' ' 'T? S " V Vf- f - , v A Sennett I
WEVADA GOVERMOR FLIES nX 3tJ:ltMt 'vr ? .7-'' L: -f "R,,ej"- i I
Famous as a Saturday Evening Post story, X'- w ( 'I -- I
it is even more thrilling and exciting as a "S' ."n1 A f- i l ' - .
J picture. . , . ' 7
JHI.UIJ".ll!l.lUH"".""lWI."J"lji i IJHI .llllljllj.l H I .III .ma 111 II .11 I I I I II J I M I ,1.1 I I hill ; II . .. .
fb'&'&ii 'm rmc it'mm - - Jn -;irn i-f--r--'--- : - -- i -. ..... - - i n -
Committee Ropresentingr AH Inter
ests of Islands to Press Plea
for Self-Government.
Evanccli-iic Services Close.
CKNTRALIA. Wash.. March 13. Spe.
elal. ) A three weeks' series of union
evangelistic services, held by the Bap
tist. Methodist and Presbyterian con
Kreations in I'entralia. closed this
evt-ninir. The services tonight were in
the form of a farewell to J. W. Troy,
who has led the singing for the re
vivals. The Centralia concert band ren
dered sacred selections and high school
students attended the services in a
Lieutenant Wight Promoted.
CEXTRALJA. Wash.. March SJ. (Spe
cial.) Notice of his promotion to a
first lieutenancy was received yester
day from the war department by Newell
S. Wiht, secretary of the Centralia
chamber of Commerce. Lieutenant
"Wiisht formerly held a second lieuten
ant's commission in the army, having
been placed on the reserve list follow
ing the signing of the armistice.
Two Taken to Reformatory.
CHEHALIS. Wash.. March 13. Ed
Weston. Centralia auto thief and later
convicted of forgery, wax taken to the
state reformatory yesterday by a state
Kuard. Max Hoorrlin. burglar who en
tered Rosenstein's Chehalis garage.
was also taken to serve a term. Hoog
!in was out on parole when captured
Insurance Only Half the Loss.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. March 23 Spe-
rial.) Only about half of the loss sus
tamed Friday when the Coats shingle
mill at Raymond was destroyed by fire
is covered by insurance, according to
S. Coats, head of the milt company, who
passed through Centralia Ki iday even
ing ou bis way to Raymond from Aber
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SAN FRANCISCO. March 23. The
Philippine islands independence com
mittee, consisting of IS representatives
of the political, industrial and com
mercial interests of the islands, arrived
here today on the United States army
transport Sherman.
The committee Is on Its way to
Washington to ask for independence
for the islands and incidentally will
visit all sections of the country for
the purpose of promoting closer trade
A committee of municipal officials
met the envoys at the pier and escorted
them to their hotel and J. C. De Veyre,
resident commissioner for the Philip
pines at Washington, came here to re
ceive his countrymen.
Tomorrow the committee will be en
tertained with a reception and luncheon
by the Commercial club and an official
reception in the city ha.lL The party
will leave for the east on Thursday.
Among the members of the commit
tee are: Rafael Palms, secretary of
the interior, acting chairman; Diomizio
Jakosalem, secretary of commerce and
communication; Vincente Singson and
Pedro Sison. members of the Philippine
senate; Farel Alunan, Gregorlo Nieva,
Manuel Kscudero. Emllo Tria TIrona,
Mariano Kscueta and Pedro Aimario of
the Philippine assembly: Quintin
Parcdes, attorney-general, and George
Bacobo, dean of the Manila College of
Airplane Trip From Carson City to
Mather Field Successful.
SACRAMENTO. Cal.. March 23. Two
of the De Havlland airplanes that
mado the flight Saturday from Mather
field to Carson City and Reno re
turned this evening, with Governor
Emmett D. Boyle of Nevada as a pas
senger in the second machine to make
the landing at the army aviation camp.
The first plane to reach Slather field
made the return trip from Carson City
in one hour, even, thus clipping 30
minutes from the record of the day be
fore. 'he machine with Governor
Boyle lr.nded a few minutes later. The
third De Havlland had not arrived at
S:30 o'clock and Its whereabouts was
not known. A Curtiss machine which
made the flight successfully t6 Reno
Saturday was unable to return today
because or an accident near Carson
City, but is expected to reach Mather
field tomorrow.
Volunteer Solicitation Forces to Meet
Tonight to Make Final Plans
lor Tomorrow's Onslaught.
The Portland Chamber of Commerce
is rolling up its sleeves for Its bout
with the membership campaign, which
is designed to procure 1000 recruits for
the organization. The drive starts to
morrow morning, and will continue for
three days.
Officially the membership drive gains
Its first impetus tonight, when the vol
unteer solicitation forces will assemble
in the bi seventh floor dining room, at
the Oregon building, and confer over
the dinner table. Plans of the campaign
will be thoroughly gone over, so that
the drive will not slacken until its goal
Is reached.
Among the newly projected enter
prises of the chamber is the organiza
tion of a financing company, in re
sponse to calls from existing and pros
pective enterprises of worth. The com
pany will have a paid-in capital large
enough to finance all proposed new in
distries of merit and to assist those
wishing to expand.
"The urgent need of such a company,"
reads a report made by Sydney B. Vin
cent, of the chamber, "has long been
recognized by Executive Secretary lod
son, and much work has been done by
him in an effort to perfect such an or
ganization. "As the work for the current year has
been outlined for the new board of di
rectors, the task of completing the or
ganization of this company has been
assigned to the executive secretary, and
indications are that it will soon be a
Elks Will Care for Soldier's Body.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. March 23. (Spe
cial.) Loren Fiscus, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Fiscus of Chehalis. who died
in an army hospital in New York City,
wns a member of Centralia lodge. No.
10S3. B. P. O. K. W. H. Cameron, ex
alted ruler of the local lodge, received
word of the soldier's death yesterday
and instructed the New York Klks to
render all assistance possible in send
ing the body to the soldier's home.
Portland Man Presides Over Con
ference at! Ilonolulu.
HONOLULU, March 22. (Special.)
Bishop Mathew Simpson Hughes of
Portland closed the annual session of
the Hawaii mission conference of the
Methodist church here recently with a
conference sermon. The conference was
presided over by the bishop.
Following the conclusion of the ses
sion. Bishop Hughes, with Dr. W. W.
Youngson, also of Portland,. left for the
island of Maui to visit the great ex
tinct crater of Haleakala. After seeing
this wonder they will proceed to the
Island of Hawaii to see the active vol
cano of Kllauea.
Japanese in Ilonolulu Would Retain
Xative Language.
HONOLULU. T. H., March 23. (Spe
cial.) Resolutions demanding the abo
lition of "racial discrimination for the
sake of humanity and justice" and an
other asking that "the territorial leg
islature refrain from ousting the Jap
anese language schools of Hawaii,"
were drafted by Japanese leaders of
Honolulu at a meeting of Japanese here.
The resolution requesting abolition
of racial discrimination will be sent
to Marquis K. Saionjl, now in Paris at
the peace conference. The other .reso
lution will be sent to Governor
McCarthy of the territory.
Always Murtagh and Our $50,000 Wurlitzer Organ
tel. who did everything possible to
make the gathering a success. Major
Richeson, before his entry to the first
officers' training school at the presidio,
was a member of the staff of The Ore
gonian. He was commissioned a cap
tain and became major as a result of
meritorious work on the battlefield.
Phor your want ads to the Orego
nlan. Phone Main 7070, A 6095.
Officer Wounded in Drive of 91st
Division Shows Bullet Which
Caused Injury.
Major Austin B. Richeson, who com
manded one of the battalions of the
364th infantry in the reat drive made
by the 91st division just before the
armistice was signed, was the guest of
honor at a breakfast tendered him by
his newspaper friends at the Portland
hotel yesterday.
During the breakfast Major jucneson
told of his many experiences up until
the time he was wounded. He also
exhibited the bullet which had been
shot from a Boche machine gun and
which struck him just below the shoul
der. He was invalided home ana at
present is on sick leave from the Let
terman general hospital.
He spoke of the wonderful work done
by the men in the Wild west division
and the courage with which the men
went into the fight under great diftl-
culties. The battle of the Argonne,
from the standpoint of the 91st division,
was one of the bitterest that was en
countered during the time the United
States entered the war and many cas
ualties were reported from the former
Camp Lewis division.
The little human- Interest side oi
trench life and open Warfare was told
by the major. He spoke jof one man
who was a canteen worker but became
attached to the 364th infantry by force.
This man followed the first wave over
and when the second wave came up to
a point taken by the first this man
was found loading himself with sou
venirs. He had no protection whatever
but he had the love for souvenirs.
What he did with them no one knows.
The breakfast yesterday was under
the personal supervision of Richard vv.
Childs. manager of the Portland
Grounds to Be Beautified for Open-
ing of County Fair.
EUGENE, Or, March 23. (Special.)
The opening of the Lane county fair
in Eugene next fall will see the .rounds
beautified and the pavilion remodeled.
The fair board has authorized the
placing of lowers and plants on vari
ous parts of the grounds and orna
mental trees and shrubs will be plant
ed. The pavilion will be remodeled at
a cost of several hundred dollars.
More attention to amusements and
to lectures for the benefit of farmers
will be paid this year, according to
announcement of the board.
the county
tax paid.
treasurer for 32084, the
Winesaps Bring $4 a Box.
YAKIMA, Wash., March
cial.) S. G.- Blackburn of
Lowell Miller, Aged Four Years, Dies
as Result of Injuries.
EUGENE, Or.. March 23. (Special.)
Lowell Miller, aged 4 years, son of Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Miller, 2047 Franklin
boulevard. Eugene, died Saturday even
ing from injuries received Friday
afternoon when he fell from a bicycle
while riding with Ernest Bettis.
The bicycle struck an obstruction
and the boys were thrown to the
ground. Bettis was rendered uncon
Italy Sues for Tax Paid.
SEATTLE, Wash., March 23. Charg
ing that 14,647 cases of salmon In Seat
tle owned by Italy were unlawfully
taxed by King county, G.Pietra, head
of the Italian ministry of food and ag
riculture, has brought suit in superior
ho- court asking for a Judgment against
Coon Bay Supports Slate Chamber.
EUGENE. Or.. March 23. (Special.)
D. E. Yoran of Lugene. who la en
gaged by the State Chamber of Com
merce to travel in southern Oregon
in the interests of the campaign for
new members, r-as-ned home yesterday
from the Coos Bay section, report
ing that 50 per cent of the quota of all
the citiea viiu-d bad signed as indi-
WHEREVER your markets may lead there you will
find the "first-aid" facilities of the
Northwestern National available for
r handling the financial end of the
We extend an invitation to
old and new concerns alike.
3 31
3a it 32
33 Si si
i i3 I?
IB Si S3
S3 iJ ft
w will u.My
has confirmed a reported sale of Wine
tap apples from his ranch at 34 per
box. Out of this price Mr. Blackburn
received 33.90 net, equivalent to about
$2900 for the carload.
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