Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 05, 1918, Page 15, Image 15

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Kofeldt. former manager of the Ma
Julio Theater, who began a voyage
from Portland aooard tho Ill-fated
steamer Dumtru. destroyed off Guam
when struck by lightning In October.
It ia Intended to load the Belfort for
France and che will make her way via
the Panama Canal and call at New
York, where it ia expected her Amer
ican crew will be discharged and. a
French complement signed.
Conrad C. Christenson yesterday was
Pariflfi Ntpam:h!n finmnanV lgned as master of the Belfort Lleu-
" " w. ... I tenant
Announces Plans.
nant Jones, of the Sea Service Bu
reau, says there are others from Port
land who have applied to make the
voyage. Some wish to return to New
York, and others are bent on gaining
the sea experience.
Schedule to Bo Established Will
Have No Relation to Puzct
Sound, Say Officials. .
When the Tacific Steamship Company
Inaugurates a Portland-Oriental, serv
Ice the schedule will have no relation
to Puget Sound, such as when the
Hamburar-Amerlcsn and Royal Mail
lines ooerated before the war. but ves
Steel Operators No Yet Permitted
to Take Contracts Outside
United States.
In permitting wood shipbuilders to
accept contracts from foreigners the
se will run direct betw.en Portland Shipping Board give, them the first
VJa 1'" J".' opportunity to negotiate for such busi-
That was the statement yesterday of ne steel shipbuilder. lUtarinfMn
M K AUi.ndrr president of the com- granted the privilege. Already Inqul-
,..nV -X ".. 'iP fh. t?rr wits ,1 K "ve been received with reference
fVom Taeon,."to"3dn Vranc Isco and -own for the Government probba.y will
i De comDiecea lor owncri in iucu wnuo.
Haines was bound to tho Tseoma office
after a California trip. The trans-
Pacific line Is to' be established as soon
as suitable steel vessels are assigned
by the United States Shipping Board.
"It has been proved that there is an
abundant trade between this city and
Japanese and Chinese ports and we are
sure It can be revived." said Mr. Haines.
The line will run direct from Portland
and will not be by way of Puget Sound
In either direction, and we believe it
will be accorded support. It is impos
sible to obtain desirable vessels now,
the use of wood steamers being out of
the question, and aa soon as steel
steamers can be assembled Cfl service
wli: txrln.'
As to the service between Portland
and California, by way of llarahfield
and Eureka, both said the operation of
the steamer City of Topeka for passen
ger and freight business and the steam
er Aurelia as an exclusive freisrht ves
scl was only a start, and that If the
be completed
L. J. Wentworth. supervisor 01
wooden ship construction In the Ore
gon district, who was in conference
with officials of the Shipping Board
and Kmergency Fleet Corporation at
Philadelphia and Washington, left there
Tuesday and passed through Chicago
last night, so ia expected here in a few
days. Whether he baa any good news
for wood builders that will bear on
the work ordered suspended was not
intimated In a message received rela
tive to his return. .
In a report from the Philadelphia
headquarters It is set forth that a com
plete check on contracts affected by
the suspension order shows a total of
27 ships, and not 29. as first mentioned
in the official telegram ordering work
to cease. On those vessels it is rougn-
ly estimated probably $6,000,000 has
been expended, and it is said that they
could be completed for another 110.000.
000 or less. Some of the vessels repre
sent an outlay of more than two-thirds
French Official Gathers Information
. to Be Sent to France With
The possibilities of the wooden ship
yard, operated by the Foundation Com
pany, for conversion into a steel ship
building plant, where vessels of from
Poulsen, from Bandon: Captain A. F. Lucas,
from Astoria, galled steamer Admiral
Dewey, for Seattle; barge 85, for Seattle.
NEW YORK. Dec. 4. Arrived Steamers
Lapland, from Liverpool; Cretic, from Liver
pool; Minnekboda, from Liverpool.
SEATTLE, Dee. 4. Arrived, steamers
masnotan, Irom Honolulu; Yosemite. from
jaultnomah;. Santa Cruz, from San Francisco.
Departed Steamers Oakwood, for Singa
pore; Fuku Mara, for Yokohama.
TACOMA, Dec. 4. Arrived, steamers
Ketchikan, from Alaska; Justin, from
Departed Steamer Yukon, for Seattle.
V. S. Naval Radio Reports
(All loration (riven are at 8 P. M. yester
day unless otherwise stated.)
ROSE CITY, San Francisco for Portland,
10 miles north- of Cape Mears.
v. u. iscoKitu), Point Wells for San
WASHTENAW. Portland for Martinez,
miles south of the Columbia River.
WAHKEENA, Redondo for San Francisco,
23 miles north of Piedras Blancas.
QUEEN. Seattle for San Francisco. 200
miles north of San Francisco.
RICHMOND, towing Bar re 5. Richmond
for ruget Sound, 75 miles north of Rich
WAHKIAKUM, Honolulu for San Fran
Cisco. 141 miles from San Francisco.
Columbia Klver Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD, Deo. 4. Condition of the
bar at 5 P. M. Sea moderate; wind south'
east, 8 miles.
5000 to 8000 deadweight tons would be I Pedro. 505 miles north of San Francisco.
turned out. are to be included in a re
port by Captain F. Tristan, of the
French High Commission, on his return
to Washington. He will meet here to
day with Bayly Hipkins. Pacific
Coast manager of the Foundation Com
It Is estimated three to five months
would be required In which to change
the Portland yard to a steel plant.
"France wants ships badly and we
cannot wait for some of the American
yards to finish Government business;"
said Captain Tristan. "We may also
build some small wooden vessels, but
we want steel ships most now.
"We looked over the Northwest Steel
Company and Columbia River Ship
building Corporation's plants and
I m getting all information possible
on the way the yards are laid out and
managed. When I return to Washing
ton my report will be considered and
then sent to France with recommenda
tions, and I feel that I will make
recommendations favorable to Port
Besides 20 hulls built here by the
Foundation Company for the French
government. IS of which have been de
livered as finished vessels, the same
number have been floated at Tacoma,
and the last vessel at both plants is
to be ready Christmas Jive.
Tides at Astoria Thursday.
High. Low.
M 7.5 feetr7:.5 A. M....4.0 feet
P5V n? rew ,tnr carriers would be of ,he contract prlce as they now stand,
added. They said the steamship sltua
tion was such it was not an easy mat
ter to find more vessels desirable for
the Coast run and they could not be
built on abort notice. For the present
they believed a good beginning was be
ing made and that It waa a matter of
building up the fleet aa trade and pat
ronage Increased.
The company Is now running steam- Law cOTernlng Undocumented Vs-
that being for material and labor.
Yard owners have been instructed to
file claims for obligations Incurred to
date and promises have been made that
settlements will follow.
els Effective December 7.
Federal officers Saturday will begin
the strict enforcement of a recent act
has established an office in Hongkong
and win have representatives at other
Bv nrp it rrsmu yrnrcr-1 providing for the numbering and re
AN OFF AT ICbTOM-HOUSE ord of a undocumentetj vessels.
in connection with which a campaign
News of Vef-cl. Available but Navjlof education has been carried on dur
ins- the oast tew monins.
Holds to Photograph Order.
' Instructions from Washington to Col
lector of Customs Moore advise Dim
that restrictions in effect during the
war as to manifests of vessels and such
Information, have been lifted so access
la now afforded to data of a maritime
fenslgn Spaulding, of the Navy, serv
ing here aa boarding and Intelligence
officer, has been Informed by the com
mandant of the Bremerton Navy yard
that there bas been no change In the
regulations governing tbe taking of
Photographs on the waterfront. That
ruling may be continued In force until
peace actually is signed. Tbe same is
exported with regard to waterfront
passes, at least so long as there are
vessels under construction for the Gov
Coat Chambers of Commerce Urge
Regulations Be Lifted.
Immediate modification of restric
tions on imports and exports and th
assignment of sufficient vessels to care
for trans-Pacific trade are to be urged
en the Government through Congres
sional delegationa of the East and
Yesterday the raclflc Shipping and
maritime committee of the Associated
Chambers of Commerce of the Pacific
C'oat requested an expression from the
Portland Chamber, through City Attor
ney La Roche, who is a member of the
The attitude of commercial Interests
Is that only normal regulations should
be applicable to Imports and exports
since hostilities nsve ceased.
Belfort Will Have ex-Manager of
Majestic Theater In Her Crew.
With the crew of the French steam
auxiliary schooner Belfort. which is
being prepsred for sea will be W. W.
The National Smoke
Better than most 10-centers
A m. SMITH CO. PlatrUMiwa,
M ARLEYa2 y2 in,
ddIIcs to all undocumented vessels
operated wholly or in part by machin
ery, except public vessels and those
not exceedina- 1 feet in length or tern
norartlv eaulpped with detachable
Numbers assigned theycraft must oe
three inches hlith and piloted on tne
! knw n in be distinguishable. The
numbers are to oe awarueu oj .
lector of Customs UDon the applies
iinn nf the owner or master. After
being numbered and recorded a report
mmi h. made if the vessels are ae
stroyed. sold or transferred to another
Marine Notes.
oxmr pEARornrsv ccLnrc 1 tan n r.
Having accompanied the new steel
steamer Caddopeck on bar trial trip Tues
day, William Lovell. traveling Inspector
of (he iim! ship division of the i-m"rT
gency Fleet Corporation, said she steamed
well and handled edmiraoir. -in.
.... h ih aiMna Engine
u.kin. wn-w. officially accepted
yesterday and assigned to 8uddca and Chris
tenson. To load a cargo of box shocks for de-
llTsry at Honolulu the new steamer
of the Grant Smith-Porter fleet, shifted
vesterdar to the mill of the Multnomah
Box A Lumber Company. Her crew goes
aboard today and she will sail early next
Bound for Westport to losd lumber for
Los Aoielea the steamer Tiverton left
Albers dock last night, after having dis
charged an Inward carso.
To have her overhauling completed be
fore leaving for Charleston the Govern
ment d red Chinook shifted from the dry
dock to the Victoria dolphins, below the
Brnadviv brlriae Yesterday.
To under- her 24-hour trial trip In deep
water the steamer Harney, of the Bupple
Ballln fleet, left the yard at 4 o'clock
veslerdav afternoon.
Lumber laden for Southern California and
with a full Hat of passengers In her eabln
the McCormlck steamer Celilo left St. Helens
yesterday afternoon.
William A. Jarnufi waa yesterday signed
aboard the new steamer Kanakas as chief
engineer. Charles Huebler has been as
signed to the French steam auxiliary
schooner Belfort aa third assistant engi
near. He is a graduate of the 6hlpplng
Board training school at Seattle.
Information bas reached the city that
Lieutenant Charles J. Dyer, who was In
the third battalion of the Oregon Naval
Militia, had been appointed executive
officer of the 10.000-ton steamer Cape May,
built on the East Coast.
P. H. Barton has been' slimed as master
of the ferry Lionel R- Webster, succeeding
L. C. Wler.
Captain Sawyer, of tbe Associated oil
Company's tanker X A. Chanslor, said yes
terday that on a recent voya xo Hono
lulu he learned there were few eases of
Soanlah Influenza there and those were
confined to persons who bad arrived from
the main land on vessels.
In worklns the remainder of her cargo
the French steam auxiliary schooner Gen
eral Baratier hauled across the harbor yes
terday fraom the elevator to the Fifteenth'
street terminal. .
The French steam auxiliary schooner
General Gallient went as tar as Columbia
City yesterday, making a good showing on
her trial trip, reellnc off 10i& knots, ac
cording to Pilot Charles Anderson, who said
she behaved most satisfactorily.
The new steamer Mattapan Is to be dry-
docked for minor adjustments, having been
shifted to St. Johns yesterday from the
plant of the Pacific Marine Iron Works.
Captain Richardson, of tbe lighthouse
tender Mansanita. reported yesterday to the
Portland headquarters of the 17th Light-
house District that Clatsop Spit Gas Buoy
No. 3 was burning, though It waa reported
aa having been extinguished a few days ago.
On the ateamer Daisy Mathews, which
discharged yesterday at Couch-street dock.
was a cargo from Man Francisco made up
of 400 tons of general freight, M packages
of tobacco, 450 sacks or rice, 444 bags of
coffee and about 400 tons of sugar. She
waa cleared for San Diego with 1,000,000
feet of lumber.
The new French auxiliary schooner Gen
eral Serret was shifted yesterday from the
yard of the Foundation Company to the
levator dock to take on her first cargo.
H. F. McCormlck, of the St. Helens Ship
building Company, waa in the city yester
day to confer with W. R. Hewitt, super
intendent of the McCormlck fleet. "
The freighter West Kveka la to depart
from the harbor today, carrying a full cargo
cf flour.
Tbe new steamer Medford leaves port this
morning on her way to the Pacific to un
dergo a trial trip of 24 4oura duration.
The auxiliary schooner City of St. Helens
passed through the barbor from tit. Johns
to lnman-Poulsen'a mill yesterday, to take
on lumber for Shanghai.
Harry Humphrey. Philadelphia represen
tative of the Willamette Iron and teel
Works, formerly connected with the Port
land plant. Is visiting In the city.
Sudden A Christenson will operate the
new ateel steamer Caddopeck. Already the
firm haa about 23 wood steamers In its fleet,
sll being Government vessels.
River Ferecaot.
The Willamette River at Portland will re
main nearly atatlonary during the next two
or three days except as affected by the tide.
High tides Thursday will be about 8:13 A
M. and 7.30 P. iL . .
Chamber of Commerce to Act on
Ship Policy of Administration.
In view of expressions from Federal
administration officials to the effect
that the Government contemplates full
ownership and operation of American
vessels, even intending to engage in
foreign trade, vessel owners and ship
ping men of the Pacific Coast have
taken steps to have all concerned en
deavor to obtain a definite statement
from the Government as to its policy
relative to the ownership and control
of vessels.
The matter will be considered at a
meeting of the board of directors of
tire Chamber of Commerce tonight
Directors of the San Francisco Cham
ber took action yesterday and so ad
vised the Portland Chamber. The Cali
fornia body communicated Its stand
against the governmental policy to the
National Chamber of Commerce, which
Is meeting the remainder of the week
at Atlantio City.
San Iioulsa Transferred.
WASHINGTON, Dec 4. Withdrawal
of the 7000-ton steamer San Louisa
from the trans-Atlantic service for a
voyage in the South American West
Coast trade waa announced today by
the ship control committee of the Ship
ping Board. The san Louisa was 1
the West Coast trade before the Gov
ernment took her over.
Pacific Coast Shipping Notes,
ASTORIA, Or., Dec. . (Special.) To
load lumber at St. Helens, the steam scboon
er Frank D. Stout arrived at 11:30 today
from &an Francisco.
The tank steamer Washtenaw having dis
charged fuel oil in Portland and Astoria
sailed at 4 o'clock this afternoon for Call
With a cargo of fuel oil for Astoria and
Portland, the tank steamer Oleum arrived
at 8 o'clock this morning from California.
The tank steamer J. A. Chanslor sailed
st 8:30 today for California after discharg
ing fuel oil In Portland.
The tank ateamer Argyll crossed out at
8 o'clock this morning for California, after
dlscharaina fuel oil at Portland. .
The tank steamer Atlas, alter oiscnarg-
lng fuel oil here and In Portland, sailed
at 8 o'clock this for California.
The barxe Isaac Keed finished loading
shipbuilding timbers at Westport yesterday
and shifted to tne local naroor last evening.
She will be towed to Eureka, probably by
the tua- Hercules.
The Emergency neet steamer western
Bell sailed at ll:40"today for orders, car
rying a cargo of flour from Portland.
Laden wltn a carso OK Hour irom ron-
land, the Emergency Fleet steamer west
vi. sailed a 11:40 today for orders.
Tha tank steamer .1 negunao. wiin narge
(13 n tow, sailed at 12:30 this afternoon for
As a result or tne improved weatner con
ditions outside all tne vessels wnicn nave
been weather bound here for several days
went to sea 10-nW .
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 4. (Special.)
The keen desire or travelers across tne
i...iriA for bigger, faster and better
eaulpped steamships will be realised when
the Pacific Mall Steamship Company's plan
for this class of steamers Is effected, ac
cording to advices received from New York
. That the local concern expects to
meet the demand with a new and better type
of liners is apparenx irom a nainnwi maue
h N. de Taut), nresiaent oi me company,
and an executive officer of the American
international corporation, wno saiu:
"The Pacific Mail has under considera
tion plans for greeny increasing ins ei
ii.i,nrtf of the transportation on the Pa-
-inn h, the construction of large and faat
tmiliH that will supply Lam uncus ox tne
rrnwinr trade Dfivnn me umivu cum
the Far East. These plana cannot be
carried Into execution until the future policy
or tne uon ----
The Pacific Man aieamBmp ccuaaor,
Cantaln A. W. Kelson, completed ice trip
from the Orient via Honolulu tonight with
a full list of passengers and a capacity
caraa of general Oriental freight This
i.mnmi a big shipment of vegetable oil
carried In the double bottoms which will be
n,,mmil Into ine acre iuu winurrav.
!,v..ku Swanson." as the commander Is
knnn. In recognition of the book he wrote
Awerat years ago, nnnuuiiixu uti ne is
.rtimr another bit of literature which will
be sent, to the publishers la about two
months. .
Search of outgoing vessels snd passengers'
baggaire and the censorship of phonograph
records and motion picture films marked
,. ..nnrt was discontinued loaay oy order
of the Collector of Customs. The order has
no effeot on tne customs rciui.cmn cover
ing the search of Incoming vessels and pas
sengers effects.
Indo-Chlna is to have direct shipping
service with San Francisco and tha United
gtetea, according to an announcement made
today by Km 11 Floound. Inspector-general of
the Indo-Chinese Africa Trading Com
pany who la at a local hotel. Flcound said
arrangements hsd been made with the Pa
uail Steamship company to have one
of their ships call monthly at Saiga, -thus
assuring trade relations.
sw-ta BAT. Or.. Dec. A (Special.) The
steamer J. A. Smith arrived at 11:45 from
San Francisco and proceeded to her berth
at the Smith mills for a lumber cargo.
The earner Aurelia, of the Pacific Steam
ship Company, arrived off the bar thla noon
loo late to vu ,iwu uae.
and Is lying onauuio uum tomorrow
Movements of Vessels.
TnuTt.AND. Dec 4. Arrived Steamer
Oleum, from sin rrancuco. caiiea steamer
alllo. tor oaa -rnuicisca.
astorIa. Dec 4. Arrived at 8 and ief
n at 9:40 A. M. Steamer Oleum, from San
Franctaco. Sailed at 7:so A. M. Steamer
Argyll, for UB rrencisco. osnea at 8 a.
vi steamer J. A Chanslor. for Gavint.
Sailed at 10:15 A. M. Steamer Atlas, for
San Francisco. Arnveu at i:io and left
p at 11:30 A. at. oieumer rmns XJ. Stout,
rom oan rra-ncieco. ou-jivu ai J. :U p.
M -steamer mi oesunoo. towing oarse No.
y;i for San Francisco. Sailed at 1 P. M.
Steamer West View, for orders. Sailed at
1-15 P- M- Steamer Western Belle, for
New Tork. fox orders.
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loosen and then the hair cornea out fast.
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After several applications all dandruff
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Lirer, Bowels.
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members Invited to attend.
MULTNOMAH KJffirvra rnxrp A v-v nt.
NO VE LENT ASS'N. All members of tbe
Multnomah Enjrine Comnanv Ttenevnlent A.
I socialion are requested to meet at Edward
Holman & Co. funeral chanel. 220 Third
I street, to assist at the funeral of Ross T.
Chamberlain. All volunteer firemen are Invited.
CHA8. K. PODD, Sec Protem.
O. R. M. Regular council this
(Thursday) evening- at 8 o'clock,
in our wigwam. 112 East ttth
I street, corner East Alder. Nom
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Portland, Oregon
the: theatrical sknsation.
munlcatlon tonight (Thursday).
worn : a ri-,. I',-..
welcome. By order of the W. M I JONES In this city. Dec. 3.
HOLMES In this city, Dec 1. at the late
residence. 11.1 union avs. N. Helen Jen
nie Holmes, aged tl years, 11 months, il
days, beloved wife of Dr. Edwin
Holmes, mother of William Cranston and
Harriet Josephine Holmes, of this clly,
and Ralph F. W eed, of fcngene. Deceased
was s member of the W. K. C. and former
presidnnt of Auxiliary Field Hospital Co..
No. 362. now in France. Funeral services
will be held Friday, Dec. 6. at 3 P. M .
-at the residential funeral parlors of Wil
son & Wilson, KHIIngsworth ave. at Klrtvv
st. Krlends invited. Remains will bo laid
to rest in the Holmes tomb ai a later dale.
THE funeral of Russell T.
Chamberlain. Co. G. Fourth Ver
mont Infantry, and member of
Ueorjte Wright Post. (. A R.
and member of the Loyal Legion
of tbe United Klaus, will be to
day (Thursday I, December .1.
from Holman's undcrtakinr;
rooms st I'.oO P. M. Interment
Q. A. R. Cemetery.
C. A. LAMAR. Commander.
A. C. SLOAN. Adjutant.-
MARCy In this cltv. December . 191.
..SL s.1've Mure, aged I'M, of M Oswego
street, beloved wife of E. A. Marry, anil
mother of Doris Klene Marcy, duughter of
?.f Mrs. Robert Gibson, of Junction
t A' U1'V',II are lureo sisters. it rt..
i Owen, of Brea. Cel., Mabel and Mo
desta; one brother. Elmo, of this city. Ku
3!. f?rvle" will be held tomorrow (Krl-
December , at 10 A. M. at the Wll-v-
. 1,3 funeral borne, Mullnomah at
Scot cfmeTery Street- Intrn'ot Mount
FINKE December 4. at S Vincent's IlnBrr).
5.. ri,lna Mnke. aged 41 years.; belove'l
r,...0fx,J"c2b Finks, of Sii Ka.t Kluhth
g North: mother of Krama. Clara.
Tf a-1:'?ther- Helen. Mavie, Harry an.l
Jacob Flnke, Jr. Funeral services will bo
conducted tomorrow (Frldavl. December
e. at p. m from 'Aon Congrexational
Church, corner East Ninth and Fremont
8,,,ree t. friends invited. Interment Rose
City park Cemetery. Remains st Tear
son s undertsking parlors, Rassell at Union
CH,A,MBKRLAIN tn this city, December .1.
IMS. Russell T. Chamberlain, aged 77
yeara a months 15 days, late of 6:,3 Ka
orty-thlrd street North, beloved husband
or Mary E. Chamberlain, father of Karlo
; "J"1 Edgar J. Ciinmbrrlaln. grandfather
- namoerimn. Friends In
vited to attend the funoral service-,
which will be held at Holmun's funeral
parlors at 2:30 p, M. todav (Thursdav I.
December 5, 1018. Interment G. A. n.
SCHWINNEN In thla city, December 3.
Anna Darla Schwlnnen. beloved mother of
Bernard Schwlnnen and Mrs. William Fox.
of this city, Mrs. Henry C. Cromer, of
Seattle, Mrs. Nick Werkman, of C.rand
Rapids. Mich. Requiem mans will be of
fered today (Thursday!. December 5. st
bt. Stephen's Church, at 0 A. M. Inter
ment at Multnomah Pnrk cemetery. Ar
rangements In cure of Miller A Ttgcev.
Grand Rapids. Mich., and Fon du Lac,
Wis., papeia please copy.
COX At White Salmon, Wash.. Dee. S. Eliza
Cox. aged 78 years, beloved mother of
Charles, Hugh L., James and Robert, of
Portland: Joseph and Arthur, of White
Salmon: John, of Klamath Falls: Mrs. Hon
Rice, of Seattle, and Mrs. Kmma Duphw.
of St. Marys. Idaho. Funeral services will
be held from the Madeline Church. E. ?4th
snd Siskiyou sts.. today (Thursday), Dee.
5. at s o'clock. Friends Invited to attend.
Interment Mount Calvary Cemetery, lto-
maina at A. K. zellcr Co.'a parlors.
Ifilg. at 2nn
A. F. AND A M. Stated com- I
munlcatlon this (Thursday!
evening. 7:30 o'clock. Work In
F. C. degree.
K. F. GEIST. Sec.
K. T. Special conclave this
(Thursday) evening at 7:30.
twder of the Temple. Tour
attendance will be appreci
ated. C. F. WIEGAND. Recorder.
Hawthorne ave.. Flavins D. Jones, lived
03 years, 3 months. J5 days, beloved hus
band of Mrs. Sarah Jones, father of Mrs.
Cora Young. Mrs. Myrtle Miller. Mrs. Kffle
Weiaberger. Clement Jonen, Johnny Jones.
Funeral services at W. H. Hamilton fu
neral chapel, K. 10th and lllan sts.. Dec
5. 2:30 P. M. Interment Multnomah Ceme
tery. ADES Tn thla city. ec. 2. Lewla Adcs. agcrl
82 years, late of 1DS2 E. Yamhill at., husband
of Mrs. Bess Ades, father of BJakemar
Ades and son of Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge Ades,
of Winnebago, ill. The funeral servlcei
will be held this (Thursday) morning sr.
11:30 o'clock at the residence establish
ment of J. P. Fin ley Son. Montgomery
at 5th. Friends invited. Incineration at
tne f-onianu crematorium.
ujTI?, reBular meeting of Martha
Washington Srw.lai i..i. n w-
wihiiJ'", Thu'7day) evening at DOBSON In New York City, November 24,
nasnington Masonlo Temple,
Last Eighth and Burnslde. Pro
gramme by soldier boys from
Vancouver. Cards, prizes, re-freahmenta.
ROSE CITT CAMP x-n mi tt.
Meets every Thursdav , ..' oV; Z-
sell street. Election e -''"u?:
' "ecember 5. Every member requested to HART December 4 IMS,
25c, BOe, 60c
MAT. DAILY 2:30 --'
Marty Brooks Presents tbe New York Musical
l-enieuy satire
With Jack Hallan, Assisted by Lew Harris,
AO die Carlson ana a isevy oi iretty tuns.
e)ix Other Big Acts.
Three) Performances Dally. Night Curtain
at 7 ana 8.
Mat. Dally, lOo Only.
This week. MIKE AND 1KB
Fun st a County Fair, with Dillon
Franks snd all tbe Favorites.
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 4. Arrived at 4
A. M. Steamer Johan Peuisen, from Port
land: at f A. M. Steamer Blandon. from
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 4. Arrived
Steamer Ecuador, from Hongkong; Jonas
Temple Apollo
23! Morrison
50a per couple.
Today! Today!
The Man of Mystery
Beautiful Character Pictures
Bernivici Bros.
The Melvilles
Frank Gordon
7 Blue Ribbon Features 7
- - vnruiiin term.
J. W. BOOTHK, ae-lr" KNISS C" &
THE SLTNNYSini.'. u I-'r, ror,aa
IA K Y will meet in the Sunnyside School
Assembly Hall. Thursday, December 5? at 1
. " " - , . , " -1 ' l unt u I or
iiubuiibi KHrmenis. and n I
are urged to be present.
IMS. Thomas Dobson, sgrd-'-'8 years, be
loved son of Mrs. Amy Dobsnn. brother
of Mrs. John F. Logan. Friends invlied
to attend the funeral services, which wilt
be held at Trinity Church. Nineteenth
and Kverett streets, st 11 A. M., Saturday,
December 7, 11118. Interment Rlverview
cemetery. California papers please copy.
at the Good
refugee I
members I
Samaritan Hospital, William R. Hart, aged
84 years. Funeral services will be con
ducted tomorrow (Friday), December H. at A. M., from l'earson's undertsking
parlors, RushcII street at Union avenue.
Friends invited. Interment Rose City Park
Cemetery. Deceased was a member of
the (i. A. R.
BEN80N Docemher 2. 1018. at St. Vincent's
Hospital, Stgne Henson, aged Z'Z yuars: be
loved wife or Andrew Henson, molher of
Roy and Mildred Henson, aijler of Mr.
Anna Wells, of Los Angnles, Cal. Funeral
services tomorrow (Frlilayl. December fi,
2 P. M., at Pearson's undertaking pnrlors.
Russell at Union avenue. Friends Invited,
interment Rose City Park Cemetery.
EMBLEM JeWSlrv. hnrt,,, ... . . . - nrnnna A Tl..,.lnu PnT Tlecemhee
sew designs. Jaeger Bros.. l'ai-S tn n Kher Arthur Woods. aeed 7fi
years. Tho runeral services will De nei-l
today (Thursday), at S:S0 o'clock P. M.
at the residence establishment of .T. P.
Flnley i ton, Montgomery st Fifth.
Friends invited. Interment at Rose City,
FI.EISCHMAN In this city, December 4.
Babv Fletschman. beloved Infant daughter
of Mr. anil Mrs. Howard Flelschmsn. Re
mains will be intered at Klvervlew ceme
tery today (Thursdny), December 0, under
the direction of Miller & Tracey.
MORH'SON The funeral services of tha lute
Alexander Morrison will be held today
(Thursdav). at 1 I'. M., at the chapel of
Miller & Tracey. Intermcut at Rlverview
NO. 1 Regular review every Thursday even-I
ing at hall. 40 Alder street. All member,
urged to be present. Visiting air knights wli?
eome. GEO. & BAKER, fl, K.
Dry goods, notions. underwear, etc., at
Wiisonos Auction House. 169-171 Second st.
Sale at 2 P. M. J. T. Wilson, auctioneer.
At the Baker Auction House, Yamhill and
West Park streets. Sale at 10 A. M.
KTNGBRY In this city. December S, at his
late residence, 1030 Pacific street, Ralph
C. Klngery. aged S3 years, husband of
Mrs. Theresa Kingery, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Klngery, of Tliden. Neb brother of
H. W, Klngery, of Worland, Wyo.; Dr.
L. B. Klngery, of New York, and Mrs.
Edward Schumacher, of Tliden, Neb. The
remains are at the residence establishment
of J. P. Finley & Son, Montgomery at
Fifth. Notice of funeral hereafter.
CALDER In this city, December 4. Flor-
.,r.?1DL!P,SR'.B T lode emblmea
class pins and medals 810 Washington at
BERNER At Fort Stevens. Or.
-. 118. Albert Edward Horner, aged r
y'aS.wS 1mgnlh3 " Lays, beloved husband
of fcthel Berner. Friends Invited to at
tend the funeral services, which will be
held at Holman a funeral parlors at 1
P. M. today (Thursday), December 0. 1018
Interment Mt. Scott cemetery.
ROBINSON In this city, December 4 1918
f h.a,rlt?- Robinson, aged XI years, late of
641 Ninety-second street Southeast' aon
of Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Robinson of
A Lie a. Or. The remains will be forwarded
this (Thursday) evening by J. P. Flnley
& Son, to Wilbur. Wash., where services
will be held and Interment made.
LA LONDB The funeral services of the late
Eugene Willbert La Londe will be held
at St. Francis Church, corner East Pine
and Twelfth streets, today (Thursday)
December 5, at 8 A. M. Friends are in
vited to attend. Interment In Mount Cal
vary Cemetery. F. S. Dunning. Inc. Fu
neral Director. The funeral services of the
late uveina auacrjon will oe neld tomor
row (Friday), December 6, 1918, at 2:30
o cioca. r. jm., bi me resiaence establish
ment of J. P. Flnley A Son, Montgomery
at jinn. -iiciib ui.itoa. x-nvate serv
ices will be held at the Portland Crematorium.
BACHELDBR The funeral services of Billle
J. Bachelder, beloved Infant daughter of
jur. anu mrs. rrun j. xsacneluer, will
be held today (Thursday). December S
at 2:30 P. M., at the chapel of Miller &
Tracey. Interment st Greenwood cemetery.
HENDERSON The funeral services of the
late Virginia May Henderson will be held
tomorrow .(Friday), December 6, at 10:30
o'clock A. M., at the residence establish
ment of J. P. Finley & Son, Montgomery
at Fifth. Friends invited. Interment at
Kose ciy tememrj.
EWING In this city, December J, 1918,
Myrtle A. rawing, agea years il months
6 days, beloved wife of D. L. Swing
Private funeral services will be held at
Holman-e lunerai pariora at x j.
(Thursday), December , 1918. In
Greenwood cemetery.
Funeral Directors
Established 1.S77.
Third and Salmon Streets.
Main S07. A 1.111.
' Lady Assistant.
Perfect Funeral Service for Less.
Independent Funeral Directors.
Wash at . bet. -'0th and 21st. wesl Mae.
Main 2ol. Lady Assistant. A 78S3.
offers single tombs, family sections and
family rooms. Commodious chapel for final
mervices The best in burial.
tS3rt Plttock Block. Phone Broadway :IM
Progressive Funeral Directors.
Private Drlvo Women Assistants.
Main A 1 oOO.
mtuHivn jb MrKN'TEK. funeral directors.
M. today Broadway and Pine street. Phone Broadway
nterment 4:io. A 4558. Lady attendant.
ANDERSON The funeral services of the
late Lydla A. Anderson will be held tbia
(Thursday) morning at 10:30 o'clock at
the residence establishment of J. P. Fin
ley & Son. Montgomery at Fifth. Friends
Invited, interment at -nose uity Cema-
ence Alioe Calder, aged 69 ysars. late .of BRANDES The funeral services of the late
414 East Alder St. East 52. B 2.'i2H.
Phone Woodlawn .17.ri5.
De Honey's beautiful academy, 23d
and Washington. New classes for be
ginners start Monday and Thursday
evenings. Advanced class starts Tues
day evening. All dances guaranteed in
eight lessons. Iadies, $4; gentlemen,
$5. Plenty of practice. No embarrass
ment. Private lessons all hours. Join
the leading echool, Jfbone Main 7656,
una Sixteenth street, wife of W. C. Calder.
sister of Mrs. Preston Pbllbrlch, this city,
and Mrs. Jack Shepard, of Seaside, Ore
gon. The remains are at the residence
establishment of J. P. Finley A Son, Mont
gomery at Fifth. Notice of funeral hereafter.
ASHER In this city, December 4, Marion
Stott Asner, agea .s years, late or rark
burst Apartments, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. R. Ellis. The remains are at the
residence establishment of J. P. Flnley &
Son, Montgomery at Fifth. Notice of
funeral hereafter.
HOWARD At Prescott. Arlr., December 2,
1918, Heroeri nowaru, agea years 10
months 10 days, brother of Dr. H. W.
Howard, of Bend Or., Fred Howard, snd
three sisters. Remains will arrive Satur
day in care of the Edward Holman Un
dertaking Company.
MERRIMAN In this city, December 4, 1918,
George Jt. wernnittu, sru , years; lamer
of Mrs. F. M. Sherman, of 209 Grand ave
nue North. Remains are at the residen
tial funeral home of Wilson & Ross. Mult
nomah at East Seventh street. Notice of
funeral In a later Issue.
JAMES In this city, December 4, Marie
James, aged 21 years, wife of George
James, ot ol Eiasi u sweet. tne re
Mina Brandes will be held today (Thurs
day), at 2:o ociock f. m., at the resi
dence establishment of J. P. Finley A
Son Montgomery at Fifth. Friends In
vited. Servlcee at Rlverview Cemetery
nuriuT irv ThA funeral services nf k. i - a
John Zwahlen will be held tomorrow (Frl- Th!T?TCSON
day). December 8. 1018. at 1 o'clock P. M
a, the resiueutw ,Dtai.ii,iiincqi ox j.
Flnley Son. Montgomery at Fifth.
Friends Invited. Interment at Rose City
MATHEWS The funeral services of the
late Thomas H. Mathews, who died in
this city December 2. 1918, will be held
today (Thursday) at 2 I P. M. from the
chapel of the Skewes Undertaking Com
pany corner Third and Clay. Friends In
vited. Interment Lone Fir Cemetery.
BEVtNS At the family residence. 678 E.
7l8t St. North. Eunice May Bevens. aged
5 years, mourns, i- ui. wire or w.
ral service. 1073 E. Glisan. Tabor 4313.
East 11th and Clay c'ts.
East 7M. B W.
Twelfth and Morrison streets.
Broadway 2fi34.
riTii t Tr r-r Williams Ave.
A. -K. jliLjLjlldJ Bant loss. C 10"S
6802-04 B2d St.. Lents. Tabor B2B7.
and Clay. Main 41fi2. A 2321. Lady assistant.
R. Bevens. Remains will be forwarded to AKKE BROS.. Florlats, 287
Beuna Vista. Or., where funeral servicer, C Main or A 1805. Fine flowe
' S? rZZrStt.J2- ntastn0r NO branch stores.
MARTIN Z FORBES CO.. Florlats. sTi
Washington. Main 2C9. A 12BH. Flowers
for all occasions artiatlcslly arranged.
Morrison mt.
owera and floral
L'15, A 8121. Selling
at 2 F. SI. ureee ouvi lu coarse. I j
nl ..HaHl AHFA - . . . . 1 11 1 k 111 nMllll, lUO,,, .
MC'; "Richard MckeenwUl be " I hldg- 6th nd Alder sts.
the conservatory chapel of F. s. Dun- inVlNGTON PARK FLORAL CO.. 4th and
ning. inc., 17 " . ' "iicoi., today 1 yammii. f"11"1 utwimiiuwdbi iirn-".
iThureaayj,. -- "-. i - r.
Rlverview Cemetery.
CO.. 2S.- Washington
!th. Main M02. A 11H1.
of J. P. Finley A Son. Montgomery at Friends invited to attend. Interment in TONSETH FLORAL
Fifth. Notice of funeral hereafter. niierview Cemetery. at., bet.. 4th and lit!
jjivo In this city, December 4, Harry rymERSON At the residence, 105 North LUBLINER. Portland noiei. . '.Morrison hi.
King, aa J . , " . wiflggn, i s-iiteenLo -ic-- ........... -. .,. WJOl victor
J. Rymeraon, agea ot years months 29
...... The remains will be forwarrieri v...
yr,oHw.lmo". Itffflsat mVM HUMANE SOfTFTY
The remains are at the residence estab
lishment of J, P. Flnley & Sou. ilontcom
ery at Fifth.
K.ROG In this city, December 8. Asmund
Krog. aged 28 years, son of John Krog.
Remain! are at Dunning & llcBntee's
'chapel. Funeral notice later.
CARTER! In this city. Dec. 8. Rose M
Carter, aged 27 years. Remains at P. L.
Lerch undertaking Mrlora. Funeral notice
STUCHI In this city, December 4, Fred
Stuchi, aged 71 years. Remains are st
- Dunning A ilcEntee'a chapel. Funeral no
tice later.
CARTER Rose H. Carter, 167 Grand ave
nue Nortn. aaugiuer 01 Cuarlea H. Carter.
Funeral ootic later,
ROCKHET At 287H East 35th st. Jesn
nette Rock hey. aged 24 yeara Funeral
..rvirfts will be held at P. L. Lerch un
dertaking parlors tomorrow (Friday), at
2 p. Pil. r ciunuo iiiiiicii.
ST1LSON In this oity, December 4. 1918,
Rose H. Stilaon, aged 62 years. The re
mains will be forwarded by the Edward
Holman Undertaking Company to Albany,
Or , for interment.
HTTONEN Th funeral services of the late ! cate with us.
Margaret Hytonen will be held Thursday I stock, as we
Office, Room 158 Courthouse, 5th St.
Pbone from S to 5. Main H7S. Home Plinne
A 252.1. Night call after office hours, ool
lawn 784.
Report all cases of cruelty to the shovn
address. Electrio lethal chamber for small
animals. Horse ambulance for sick and dis
abled animals at a moment's notice. Any
one desiring a dog or other pet communi-
Lall lor all lost or strayed
look after the tmpoundinic.
at 2 P. ., at r- l. L,ercu undertaking I There Is no more elty pound, just Oregon
...Inn Tt'rienda invited. iMonmn Kncletv.