Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 29, 1918, Page 15, Image 15

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thing in town,
for street
THArS what you'll
say when you
this modish "koko"
brown lace boot in
the new "tailored" ef
fect for winter.
All Charge Purchases SI-PyM Jan. 1, 1919
British War Relief Society Will Meet for Red Cross Work, Friday, in Our Auditorium, Fourth Floor All Members Invited to Attend
Kodaks, Cameras and Supplies, 4th Floor Toyland, 4th Floor Furniture, Carpets and Draperies, 3d Floor Rest Rooms, 2d Floor
40c Coffee
29p lb.
Oar famous OWK Imperial
Roast. Delivered only with other
purchases made Friday in the
Grocery Department 4th Floor.
Creme Oil Soap
3 Cakes 25 c
each purchase at above price.
Ask expert demonstrator to tell
you about this wonderful soap I
The Standard Store of the Northwest
Adoption of Estimates for the
Olds, Wortman & Kin
Coming Year Expected.
Reliable Merchandise Reliable -Methods
ly pric
ed at
Double Trading Stamps All Over the Store
Uft In Salary of Soperlntendent Is
Among Feature Recently Rec
ommended to Board.
With All Charge or Cash
Custom grade; Norwe
gian Calf; highest In
Kemember It when yoj
pass the window "where
style dominates" at
The Portland public school budget. It
Is expected, will be adopted this morn
ing by the School Board at a special
meeting scheduled for 10 o'clock in the
Several changes, among them a pro
vision to Increase the superintendent's
aalarr from 15000 a year, with a sched
ule for the next three years paying
17500. IS200 and 19000. respectively.
were proposed by the School Board
hen It first considered the 131 J budget
B-ibmltted several weeks ago by bctiool
Clerk Thomas. The Increase In the su
perintendent's salary was proposed at
the suceestlon of Director numroer.
who later expressed the belief that next
Tear a nationally known educator
should be brought to Portland as chief
school executive.
New Snperiaiewdeat Likely.
If the new salary schedule goes
through tomorrow a new superintend
ent undoubtedly will be brought to
Portland, as Acting Superintendent
Grout. It Is said, will not be a candi
date, and L. R. Aldermnn. ex-supenn-
tenrianr of schools, and now superin
tendent of war activities, has declared
he would not push his-candldacy. Two I Murphy. Fella H.. Cleveland, Ohio.
,, .. , , ...inn. h.ta .1. I Labelle, Joseph T.. Akron. Ohio.
appucsiiuu. . Horwita. Herman H.. Cleveland. Ohle.
icauj uocu I Enslcrt, Ervln J.. Dayton. Ohio.
AtlOnl men. I U'vur ri.lK.rl
Laet year a meeting for a simitar I wsixel. George. Cleveland, Ohio.
Lane Shoe
Store for Women.
136 Alder, near Park.
mmtnaa wan railed, the budcet adopted ISt. Clair. Charles H.. Cincinnati.
- j .v ...i-- -. mA n-ithln riv mln- I Nelson. Allan R.. Ukewood. Ohio.
.ected Wounded. (previously re-
- t- - - - ported missuup .
tomorrow. I Ashwort. Jno Den ham Cpl.). Springfield, O.
Other BuluM Pro mixed. Jones. Jesse Howard. Cincinnati.
. . . ' , . ",,., f Sick In hospital (previously reported mla
It Is rumored that a number or reel- DB)
dents In the Hawthorne School district Fetters. jamea Monroe- Tounrstown. Ohio.
xnay ask an appropriation for a new I Freseat for duty (previously reported died
grade school building. Another rumor or disease)
lze their proposed advance of H a Brautlgan Q. F Cincinnati. O.
school day that was voted down at the rrnwit for duty, previously reported
election Tuesday. Director i nomas, wounded
w ho was absent at the time the budget Rose, J.- F, SUnevtlle, O.
vu first submitted, has declared his OKLAHOMA.
Intention of questioning a number of Killed In action
the Items and appropriation. M IT'.-1 St)" wllu,m-
The meetinr this morning is open td ,"'
the public and any taxpayer Is entitled Burnsl1t, Georre 41. (Sru), Sand Spsa, Okla.
to a Hearing ana may m iu j i FEVN'SIXVAXIA.
provision be stricken out or Included In I sjjhj ta actlon-
the budget. Once adopted the budget I Caldwell, Joseph R. Jr. Pittsburg.
cannot be changed during me coming I Arbucsue. Angus. Manor, Pa.
Official Casualty List.
(Concluded from Pace 11.)
Gould. Leon W.. Brooalyn.
Freeman. Clare L.. Corning. N. T.
lynn. Edward J. Albany. N. T.
rguson. Hush M., Buffalo, N. T.
Wilson. Robert L.. Rye. N. Y.
Tronsor. Frank. New Vork.
Tllton. Charles A-. Port Richmond, H. T,
F;nrmm. Otto 8, Brooklyn.
K-Dtinn.ll. H.mirl J., tilovvrsvllle. N. T.
severely wounded (previously reported
Xtwcomb. Rav William. Anroia. N. T.
Ununded. decree ajHtetenuiaed (prevloaaly
V Mfftr ti mIk in
Hamilton, lrv. O. (Set.). Clrnns Fails. N. T.
In neapttel (previously reported fclll-O) ported mlwlirl
Sustin. , nenjamln. Philadelphia.
Stroup. William Oil City, Pa.
Died or woonris
Wilson. Kidney E.. New Eagle, Pa.
Sheeta, Edgar, Falrchance. Pa.
Machatton. Joseph, Pittsburg. Pa,
Lacer. William J.. Philadelphia. .
O'Donnell, Kilward (Cpl.). Easton, Pa.
Vtouaded severely-
LubawaKI. Paul. Carnegie, Pa.
VYoanded sllrhtlr
O'Brien. William. Philadelphia.
Missing la actloa
Schenk. Ray K. (Corp.). Pittsburg. Pa.
Sherpard. Paul E. (Corp.). New Galilee, Pa. I
cooper, Aioysius j., r nnaaeipnia.
Butler, Henry c, Pittsburg, Pa.
Buehler. Edward, Ridgeway, Pa.
Bamford. Malvln W.. Pottsvllle, Pa.
Lohr. Wilbur M.. Jeannette, Pa.
Fleixher. Abraham. Philadelphia.
Wolff. Ralph, Pittsburg.
Saeallne. Paul I.. Pittsburg.
l undeo , undetermined (previously . i
lidwirda Hen. Geo.. Rockaway Beach. N. T.
Present for duty, previously reported se
w-rely srounded
XJaltoa. C. i (1st LleuL). New York.
KiUed tat artioa
Pan. Charles M.. Bloomfleld. If. J.
f teuart. Joseph J. Jr.. Hackensack. N. J.
) rtndle. biilney East Orange. N. J.
Pelhemua, John C, Flemlngton, N. J.
l-Ourktn. James A Camden. N. J.
lhetl of weonds
James. John Henry. Phlllpeburif. 1. J.
Conover. Kenneth S . Keyport. N. J.
Wenaded severely
Keller. John William. tmbertavllle. N. J.
Misalng la artlea
Tierk.r. Emil F- Jr.. Oranca. K. J.
Retaraed to doty (prevloaaly reported
lees. B. P.. Asbury Park. K. J.
Sirk la boapltal
Tremalna. Dewltt Carleten. Palisade. V. J.
Retoraed ta duty, prevtoualy reported
Ibompaoa. Donald. Kapleahade. N. J,
Killed la actloa
gbeldon. Arthur Westmoreland, N. 2L
TMed of woan da
Johnson. Clyde D Wlnatoa -Salem, N. C
Misainc la action
Siaaeh. Newton L. Morgantowa.. N. C.
ttlek la hospital (prevtonaly reported ailss-
X-attlag. William Nathan. Wllaon. sL C
IHed of di.raae
Clementaon. Carl J. (Marina Gunner). North
Porks. N. 1.
Killed ha actloa
Chmiopber John K. (Corp.) Belpre Ohio.
Washtoek. Peter J. (Cpl ). Brrrea. Ohio.
Giles, William N.. Toledo. Ohio.
Jiroome. Lawrence New London. Ohio.
Weldon. Roy 1. Minerva. Ohio.
Ttadclilfe. William H . Columbus, Ohio.
Olren. Edward A.. Toledo, Ohio.
Died of wound
Starkey, Floyd Clifford. Syracuse,- Ohio,
fstamer, Ernest, Toledo, Ohio.
O'Brien. Jamea Aioysius, Cincinnati. Ohio.
North. Homer Willie, Cleveland, Ohio. .
Nichols. Arlla Carl. Covington. Ohio.
Clements. Ernest Q , Lima. Ohio.
Brown. Charles W. Masallion. Ohio,
ttrraosn. Francis J.. Cleveland. Ohio.
Casey. Oennla Patrick (Cpl.). Hubbard. Ohio.
Died of dlaeaae
Weschke. Leo. Cincinnati.
Wonnded severely
Hill. Eimer Collins. Norwood. Ohio.
Dunn. John V. (Cpl.). CInclnnatL
Misalng la artioa
Tevine. Merrill V. . Cleveland. Ohio.
J'srtn. Howard H H . rr-derlrkron. Ohio.
. jv 1 accept no qtftcjr
JUA trand instead J
frcsf). And purv
fi its, name ana fdrntj
6henk. Daniel Jay. Reading. Pa.
Sick In hospital (previously reported miss
Uonacny. Millard. Kane, ra.
In boapltal (previously reported missing)- I
Obnen. ueorge. pniladelplua. rs.
Missing la action
Leaker. Samuel. Providence. R. L
KlUed In action
Wiae. tiimpaon C. (Cpl.). Batesburg, S. C
Prisoner In Germany (nrevlonalr renorted
woanaea, aegree nnaetermineo
Vehe, Reuben F., Bristol. S. D.
Vrelm. Alfred C. Wllmot. & D.
Killed In action
Greer. Orman P. (CpL). Ashland, Tenn.
Fleming. Charles (Sgt). UcMlnnvnia, Tenn.
Sllsauig ib acuoa
Jamison. William. RossvlUe. Teaa.
Killed In action
Allan. Charles C Bremend. Texas.
Waugh. Tom T., Houston. Tex.
Died of wonnde
York. Asa C. Giddlngs. Texas.
Mounded severely
Smith. Ira L., Fort Worth. Texas.
Wounded severely
Caston, Carey T . Bullard, Tex.
Wounded, degree andetermined
Harding. Victor B.. Houston. Tex.
Missing la action
Collina, James B., Coleman. Texas.
Russell. Herbert C, Brownwood. Texaa
In hospital (previously reported misalng)
raras, j. a, aiosquno, xex.
Sllseing la action
Keats, Daniel I. t- Oeerge, TJtah.
Killed la action
Bacon. Lennle J., Lynchburg, Va.
Died of wounds
Leverson, Bennie Llgntfoot. Va.
KUduff. D. R. (Lieut.). Fredericksburg, Ta.
3iiaatng in action
Keyser. James M. (Corp.), Covington, Va.
Elliott. Seaton B-, Petersburg, Va,
Crum, William Jr., (Gun Sgt). Crum.
west va. .
Died of wounds
Shavar. John H., Tioga. W. Va.
Cook. Murvtll J. Jr.. H in ton. W. Va.
Missing la actloa
Cook. Archie N, Cameron. W. Va.
Bean, John W. U, Del ray. W. Vs
Lowe. Basil, Charleston, W. Va.
Evans, Alva, Sanger, W. Va.
Stark, Cecil, Sanger, W. Va.
Rellly. Harold E. Milwaukee. Wis.
Pleper. Bernard P., Cameron, Wis.
Died of disease
Liberty. Frank A. (Sgt.), Tomahawk. Wla.
Missing in action
Melander. Charles J., Harley. Wis.
Krohn, Elmer, Mt. Horeb, Wis.
Kieln. John L.. Milwaukee.
William Charles P.. Richmond, Wla
MHalng In action
Baylls. J. B. (Gun. Sgt.), Washington, D. C
Died of wounds -
Evans, Robert H . West Vancouver, B. C
HMtldrd severely
Romans, Ernest, Corridedor, P. L
Christmas Gloves
OUR STOCKS are large every good
kind and popular style is here at reasonable
prices. If you have gloves on your list,
visit this department and see our splendid
display. Department on the Main Floor.
Month-End Clean-up Sale
Embroideries, Laces, Chiffons, Nets, Crepes
Sale Prices V2 to XA Off Regular
FRIDAY WILL BE REMNANT DAY in the Lace Section It's our
monthly clearaway of all short lengths that have accumulated during
the past four weeks. Good desirable pieces in fine Val Laces, Venise
Edges, Metal Laces, Allover Nets, Chiffons, Georgette Crepes, plain
White and Black Nets, Embroidery Edges, Insertions, Flouncings, etc
Naturally these are of the best selling patterns and qualities and are
just the thing for trimmings and fancy workv Dept. on Main Floor.
Ribbon Remnants
Ribbons suitable for making of fancy bags, coat hangers and other
Christmas articles. Also for hair bows. Hundreds of pieces are in
cluded in this sale. Wide Fancy Ribbon in florals, warp prints,
stripes, etc also narrow and wide Satin Ribbons on sale Friday.
A Timely Offering of 4 Under priced Lots of
Women's Kimonos
Second Floor Yon will look
far to find prettier Kimonos
than these and with the special
low prices attached they are
splendid bargains. Kimonos
make very appropriate gifts.
At $7.49
Dainty Japanese Kimonos
embroidered in rich floral de
signs of contrasting colors.
Pink, rose, Copen Crr MQ
and navy. Special at D '
At $9,45
Fitted or loose styles. Made
np in crepe de chine, satins,
silk laces, ribbons. flQ A
Very dainty. Special Di7.'-I
Women's Beautiful Silk Kimonos at $14.95
Dainty Negligees Special $1935
Several pretty models. Plain
and figured Jap silk Kimonos of
good quality. Embroidered in
colors, sash to match. A Qf?
Priced very special UXte7J
Many pretty negligees on sale
Friday. Fitted and slip-on ef
fects made up in crepe de chine,
silks, laces, etc. As- Q QK
sorted colors. Special OxSJO
A Waist or Dress Pattern of
lovely silk is a gift sure to be
greatly appreciated, especially by
women who do their own sewing.
Plaid Silks $2.50 to $4 yard.
Fancy Stripes $2.25 to $4 yard.
Satin Francaise at $3.50 yard.
Satin Meteors at $3 to $4 yard.
Moonglo Crepes priced $4 yard.
Crepe de Chine $2 to $3 yard.
Dress Satins $2.50-$4.50 yard.
Pierette Crepes $2.25-$3 yard.
Rich New Velvets
and Plushes
Beautiful new Black Chiffon
Velvets priced at $7 and $8 yard.
Colored Chiffon Velvets at $7
English Costume Velvets 44 ins.
wide, priced at only $8.00 a yard.
Black Plushes $12 to $18 yard.
Colored Plushes $5 to $7 yard.
Percalines, Sateens,, Venetians,
Satins, A. B. .C. Silks, Moreens,
Canvasses, Crinolines, Cambrics and
fancy printed linings First Floor.
3 for 50c
Main Floor Extra special for Fri
day, women's fine Initial Handker
chiefs with exquisitely embroidered
wreath design and initial. Pft.
Priced special 20 or 3 for J"t
Initial Kerchiefs
3 for 35c
Main Floor Women's Initial Hand
kerchiefs of fine sheer material.
White and colors. Full assortment
of letters. These are put up 3 in
a neat lithographed box. OFT.-.
Priced very special at only OtlU
Silk Underwear Sale
Bargain " Circle, First Floor.
WEAR; high-grade garments and per
fect in every respect numbers that have
been discontinued by the factory. A
make known from one end of the country
to the other as THE BEST. Vests, Union
Suits, Envelope Chemise Camisoles and
Knickers. Buy Silk Underwear
$2.50 Silk Underwear at $1.05
$2.75 Silk Underwear at $2.30
$3.50 Silk Underwear at $2.95
$4.50 Silk Underwear at $3.75
$6.50 Silk Underwear at $4.95
$7.50 Silk Underwear at $5.95
Women's Silk Hosiery
Friday $1.35 Pair
Main Floor A disposal of 600 pairs Women's High-Grade Silk Stock
ings at a price far under present worth, Full fashioned, with lisle
top and sole. Ingrain, specially finished stock slightly imperfect,
but this does not impair the wearing quality. Black, white Crt qr
and good colors. Priced very special for Friday's sale, pair DQO
tfts for tfje Jftan
Men's Dress Gloves $2 to $5
Automobile Gloves $2 to $10
Men's Silk Hose 500 to $1.50
Dress Snirts at $1.50 to $10
Men's Hats at $4, $5 and $6
Men's Neckwear at 500 to $3
Men's Reefers at $1.25 to $10
Men's Initl Kerchiefs 25-$l
Men's Pajamas at $2 to $10
Men's Sweaters $3.50 to $15
Belt Buckles $1.50 to $2.50
Men's Suspenders 5O0-$15O
$8, $8.50 Boots
At $5.98
Main Floor A. Thanksgiving sale that many women
will take quick advantage of. Smart laced patterns,
Brown or Gray Kid Boots, with fabric tops to match.
Pointed toe, plain or imitation tip, high Louis or the
wanted military heels. Durable and
dressy Boots for street wear. We have
all sizes and widths to begin with.
Standard $3.00 and $8.50 r QO
Boots. Priced special, pair DJe0
XMAS SLIPPERS for men, women
and children all the popular styles
in felt or leather prices to please.
Aunt Polly Outsize Shoes-9 Styles
We are Portland agents for
Aunt Polly Out Size Shoes, for
large women. Steel arch support
in each pair $0.50 to $8.50
We are also cole Portland
agents for the celebrated Buster
Brown Shoes for boys and girls.
Best for health. Ask for prices.
Bi-Plane Flyer
Price $6.00
The Fairy Ball
bearing Flyer, 10
inch wheels,l-inch
cushion tires;
easy to steer. A
6plendid gift for
your boy.
Let the Children Visit
and see the thousands of interest
ing toys, dolls, games and other
articles Santa Claus has assembled
here. Double S. & H. Stamps given
with all charge or cash purchases.
Millinery Half Price
$5.00 Hats $2.50
$35 Hats $17.50
EVERY TRIMMED HAT on display in
the Millinery Store is included in this sale
with the exception of a few WHITE HATS.
Hundreds of models to select from tur
bans, sailors, side rolls, soft crowns and all
other syles most in demand right now. Hat
ters' plush, velvets, velours trimmed with
ostrich fancies, wings, plumes, flowers and
other fancies. Sale starts 9 A. M. Friday.
$ 5.00 Trimmed Hats Now $ 2.50
$ 7.50 Trimmed Hats Now $ 3.75
$12.50 Trimmed Hats Now $ 6.25
$15.00 Trimmed Hats Now $ 7.50
$18.50 Trimmed Hats Now $ 9.25
$22.50 Trimmed Hats Now $11.25
$25.00 Trimmed Hate Now $12.50
$30.00 Trimmed Hats Now $15.00
$35.00 Trimmed Hats Now $17.50
Millinery Trimmings
At Half Price
This includes trimming of all kinds flow
ers, feathers, wings, buckles, and ornaments.
We have an excellent assortment to select
Bath Towel Sets
Main Floor These sets are espe
cially desirable for gifts. They
are of good quality Turkish towel
ing and consist of one bath towel,
one individual towel and one wash
cloth 3 pieces in all. Friday we
shall have ready 2 special lots to
sell at $1.68 and $2.38 a set
Great Sale of Untrimmed Hats in Basement $
HERE ARE GOOD SAVINGS for the woman who can trim her own hat. Friday morning the Basement Millinery Section will place on sale 238
Untrimmed Hats at about half regular value. Over a dozen different styles to select from pretty droops with colored facings, small turbans, sailors
and many others. These are of excellent quality velvet. Black and colors. PRICED EXTRA SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY IN BASEMENT $2.00
T9 'ZXr 1 Aratn a purs
r7'ti irVrVl whit bred-
Lieutenant Murray C. Wheat, nephew
of A. M. Crawford, formerly Attorney.
General of Oregon, Is dead of wound
in France, according; to an offioisl no.
tice received by Portland relatives.
Lieutenant Wheat formerly was cleric
for Chief Justice Moore In Salem, and
is well known In that city. .He was
an attorney In Astoria, Or., when he
enlisted. He went to Franca with Com.
pany D. 348th Machine Gun . Battery.
Lieutenant Wheat was educated at Co.
lumbia University, In New York. Hs
is survived by a widow, who lives in
Astoria. Or.
OTTAWA. Ontario, Nov. 28 The fol
lowing; names of Americans appsar la
toaays overseas cssuaity list:
Presumed to have died: J. Newman.
Prisoner of war repatriated. R. Stew.
art. Findon, Mont.
Georre Gllson, son of Mrs. Harry
Epperly, of 664 Quimby street, has
been killed In action, according; ta a
message received from the War Depart
ment by his mother. Gllson went over
seas with Company D, of the 3J4th In-
fantry, on Aueust s, 191s. He was a
former employe of the Northern Pa
cific, on the bridge and building; crew
in Montana.
COVE. Or., Nov. IS. Mr. and Mrs.
Otho Eckersley, old-timers In Cove, re
ceived the announcement Tuesday of
the death In action of tnerr youngest
son, Frank Eckersley, uctooer n a
third gold star In Cove's service flag;.
A Dative of Cove, he leaves an aged
father and mother, in grood Circum
stances, however; a brother, Edward. In
People who
are saving
food a valu
able help.
business In Independence, Or.; a sister,
Mrs. E. B. Conkltn In Malheur County,
Oregon, and two sisters. Misses Hattie
and Nellie Eckersley, In Portland.
Ontralia Youth Missing.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. Nov. 28. (Spe-
There Is only one medicine that really
stands out pre-eminent as a medicine
for curable aliments of the kidneys,
liver and bladder.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands the
highest for the reason that It has
proven to be just the remedy needed In
thousands upon thousands of distress
ing eases. Swamp-Root, a physician's
prescription for special diseases, makes
friends quickly because Its mild and
immediate effect is soon realised In
most cases. It is a gentle, healing vege
table compound.
Start treatment at once. Sold at all
drug stores in bottles of two sixes,
medium and large.
However, If you wish first to test
this great preparation, send ten cents
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y.,
for a sample bottle. When writing be
sure and mention The Portland Daily
Oregonlan. Adv,
clal.) Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hopp, of
Toledo; are worried over their failure
to receive word from their son, Julius
T. Hopp, who enlisted in the Navy In
April, 191T. The last letter they re
ceived from him was dated May ?6,
1918, at which time he was on the
U. S. S. Chevenne at an Atlantic port.
Through the Red Cross, In response to
a query, the parents were mrormea
that their son was missing from, the
Cheyenne, and the Navy officials have
been asked for further tniormation.
Phone your want ads to The OregO'
nlan. Main 7070, A B09SL
' Tho DIET
and After
The Old Reliable
Round Package
1, Mam, wii. u
n ra n m n n
halted .Vailk
Very Nutritious, Digestible
The REAL Food-Drink, instantly prepared1.
Made by the ORIGINAL Horlick process and
from carefully selected materials.
Used successfully over lA century.
Endorsed by physicians everywhere.
andk. HOrHck'S The Original
Thus Avoiding (sulfations
follows the use of
No danger
of the mix
ture failing
to raise, and
less baking
powdei is
All grocers sell it.
Crescent, 250 a lb.
Crescent Mfg. Co.,
Seattle, Wash.