Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 29, 1918, Page 4, Image 4

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Field Marshal Tells Troops to
"Hold Fast."
Generate Von Scckt nl Ton toss
berg Mentioned as Possible Suc
' censors to I.udcntlorff.
vnnTUfffsT nv VERDL'X. Oct. IS.
By the Associated Tress.) "Hold fast.
an armistice Has noi Dcen t""""""'
Is the word sent to the German troops
by Field Marshal Von Hindenburjr,
chief of the general staff, according to
a. captured document In the hands of
the Americans. The German com
mander's appeal reads in part:
"German soldiers: Be vigilant. The
word armistice' is current In the
trenches and camps but we have not
reached that point. The war is still on
the same war as ever.
"Now. more than ever, you must be
Ticilant and hold fast. Tou are upon
the enemy's soil and upon soil of Alsace-Lorraine,
the bulwarks of our
country. In this prave hour the Father
land relies on you for Its prosperity
and for Its safety.
AMSTERDAM. Oct. 2'. The question
heard upon all sides is whether Field
Marshal Von Hindenbur will follow in
the steps of Ludendorff. The Kheniscn
Westphalian Zeitung- of t-ssen ciaimi
to know that he will be the next sacrt
ftce to the new regime.
Icukrrx Mar Get Place.
Th Essen Allsemeine Zeltunc men
tlnn General Von Lossbere. chief of
taff. of the Sixth Army, as the succes
sor to Ludendorlf. General von ixss
berg Is credited with being the lnven-
tor of the "movable defense system.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 2S. Press dls
patches to The Hague transmitted to
the State Department today say Gen
eral LudendorH resigned his post as
First Quartermaster-General and real
leader of the German army as tne re
sult of a complete dtsasrreement with
Prince Maximilian, the Chancellor.
There was no possibility of a recon
ciliation, according to these advices,
and the Emperor was compelled to ac
cept Ludendorlf s resignation.
Accordtna? to an official dispatch from
Switxerland today. General Ludendorffs
successor probably will be General on
Seckt. who was Von Mackensen'a chief
of staff in Roumania.
General Von Lossberg also Is said to
be mentioned in some quarters for the
place. The latter during the last two
year participated in the battles of the
Somme and in r landers.
lgnatlon of the Premier and Minister
of Finance. It is stated.
A dispatch from Berlin says a pro
posal that President Wilson's note to
Germany should not be discussed in the
Reichstag was adopted by that body
at a meeting held on Friday.
Opptoeltloa to Hm Skews.
The Conservatives and Independent
Socialists voted against it.
LONDON. Oct. 18. A Copenhagen dis
patch to the Exchange Telegraph Com
pany quotes Maximilian Harden, the
editor of Die Zukunft, of Berlin, as
saying In an interview with the Bcr
lincske Tidende, of Copenhagen:
"We started the war with a 'dirty
trick, and all our subsequent victories
have been tho results of dishonesty.
William II la a film hero and Germany
vulgar cinematograph show. We sit
today on the ruins of 30 years of Ho-
benzollern politics."
President Gives Explanation o
.Third Peace Term.
Executive Laments Attempt lo 'Bend
Momentous Issues of Solemn
Hour to Partisan Service.'
Resolution Will Be Presented
Regular Meeting of Council
. Wednesday.
LONDON. Oct. !S. Emperor William
has no Intention of abdicating, but
willing. If It is for the good of the
people, to ordain that his rights shall
be r framed, according to a statement
attributed to German court circles. The
Emperor is said to have remarked:
"1 will not abandon my sorely tried
people, but. if necessary, I am ready to
become something like a hereditary
president of a German Republic like
the Kings of England and Belgium.
AMSTERDAM. Oct. IS. As a conse-
auence of the reorganisation of the
government of the kingdom of Saxony,
two of the Ministers have resigned, the
Kaxon State Gazette haa announced, ac
rordiag to advices from Dresden. King
Frederlch August has accepted the res-
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WASHINGTON. Oct 28 President
Wilson, in a statement today, gave an.
explanation of what he meant by the
expression "removal of economic bar
riers" in the third or his peace terms.
The statement was made In a letter
to Senator Simmons, chairman of the
Senate Finance Committee, who had re-
Declaring that the city is without quested it. "because certain ReDublican
adequate transportation facilities, ana leaders are attempting to make parti
mat lares have been increased witn-i san use" of the paragraph.
out corresponding betterment of the The President explained that in de
service. Commissioner Kellaher is I manding the removal of economic bar
planning to put the question of city riers he meant to suggest no restric-
ownership of street railways before the) tlon on internal policies but only that
Council Wednesday. The resolution.
which will be Introduced at the regu
lar weekly meeting of commissioners,
provides for the naming of a commit
tee from the Council to investigate the
proposal. He suggests Mr. Bigelow
Mr. Barbur and himself as a. commit'
Commissioner Kellaher says that he
ill show commissioners that the city
can sell public utility certificates to
put over the proposed transaction.
The resolution follows: "Whereas, un
der various franchises of the city in
years gone by many valuable rights
and privileges have been granted for
street railway purposes in Portland and
the grantees have at will manipulated
the privileges by retaining portions.
merging some and abandoning others
with the result that certain sections of
the city are without adequate transpor
tation facilities, while in others a sur
plus exists. Certain grantees of
these franchises while tenaci
ously holding such rights and
privileges as are by them consid
ered advantageous, repudiate and dis
regard other obligations and conditions
embodied in said franchises.
Whereas. The welfare and prosperity
of the city, depending as It does upon
stability and uniformity of street rail
way service and the fare cnargea
therefor, and certain sections of the
city unserved or inadequately served
by street railway transportation, and
there having been an advance in
street railway fares in the city and
further advances are threatened with
out any prospect of the public receiv
ing service to compensate therefor.
Therefore, Be It resolved, that the
should be seized upon in an effort to
bend them to partisan service. To the
initiated and discerning the motive is
transparent and the attempt fails. Sin
cerely yours.
Following is the letter of Senator
"Dear Mr. President:
"Certain Republican leaders are at
tempting to make a partisan use of I
paragraph three of your peace terms
found in your address to Congress,
January s, 1918.
"No one has authority to reply to
misconstruction of any part of your ad
dre..s excepting yourself, but I.
chairman of the Finance Committee of
wie Senate, wish you would make repl;
to these statements and insinuations
which are being industriously circu
lated by the opposition to embarrass
you in the handling of these delicate
matters. Sincerely yours,
whatever tariff, high or low. any na
tlon might deem necessary, it should
apply equally to all foreign nations.
weapons of economic discipline and
punishment." the President wrote.
should be left to the joint action of all
nations for the purpose of punishing
those who will not submit to a general
program of justice and equality.
Me added that to inject the bogey of
free trade, which is not involved at all
was to attempt to divert the mind of the
nation from the broad principle of a du
rable peace and that It was lamentable
that momentous issues of this solemn
hour should be seized upon in an ef
fort to bend them to partisan service.
President Addresses Simmons.
The President's letter follows:
"Dear Senator:
"I am glad to respond to the question
addressed to me by your letter of Octo
ber 26. The words I used In my ad
dress to the Congress of Jannary 8,
1918, were: 'Th'e removal, so far as pos
sible, of all economic barriers and the
establishment of an equality of trade
conditions among all the nations con
senting to the peace and associating
themselves for its maintenance.'
'I. of course, meant to suggest no
restriction upon the free determination
hv anv nation of its own economic nnl.
Icy, but only that, whatever tariff any i Scottish coast, together with names of
Spanish Steamer Chattaro 19 Sent
Down by Mine or Internal Ex.
plosion Off Jersey Coast.
LONDON, Oct. 28. (British Wireless
Service.) Three British trawlers, al
though outranged by the enemy guns,
recently fought four German suDma
rines until put out of action by the
An account of the engagement pub
lished in the Times says the armed
trawlers Onward, Era and Nellie Nutten
were patrolling near the North Sea
fishing grounds when a submarine came
into sight.
The trawlers opened fire on the sub
marine. The submarine replied, boon
three more' submarines joined in the
attack on the trawlers, who kept up
the unequal fight despite the fact that
the Germans excelled them In gun pow
er and speed
The Captain of the Keute jvutten
finding his ship helpless from a shot
through the stern, steered toward
Dutch lugger and abandoned his own
vessel, which soon went down. The
Captain saw the Era in -flames and the
Onward out of control, and when he
looked for them again soon afterward
they were gone,
WASHINGTON, Oct 28. The Spanish
teamer Chatarro. bound from Cuba for
New York, was sunk last night off the
New Jersey coast. Her master and crew
were landed in two boats.
Reports to the Navy Department to-
day indicate that the ship struck a mine
or was sunk by an internal explosion.
Names of four additional privates lost
the sinking of the British steamer
Otranto in collision with the British
steamer Kashmir October 6 off the
nation might deem necessary for its
own economic service, be that tariff
high or low, it should apply equally to
all foreign nations; in other words.
that there should be no discriminations
against some nations that did not ap
ply to others.
This leaves every nation free to de
termlne for Itself its own Internal poll
Commissioners of Public Works, Public Lln and j,mlu onIy rIght to com.
Affairs and Finance be and are hereby
designated a special committee to de
termine by an examination of existing
franchises, conditions, property of
franchises and such other matters as
may be pertinent, and report to the
council a plan or plans for ultimate
acquiring and taking over by the city
under its charter-power such facilities
as may be required to provide trans
portation service adequate and proper
at a fair and Just charge to citizens of
Portland or any portion thereof.
Campaign Open 9 December 1 to Con
serve Nation's Supply.
"Every table should be spread and
every meal should be eaten with the
wants of all the world in mind eaten
with war conscience to guide."
This is one of the mottoes suggested
by the National Food Administration
for those In the 20.000.000 homes it will
reach with specific conservation calls
through home cards of that number, to
be distributed in a campaign sched
uled to start December 1. This cru
sade was previously set for the pres-
nt week. Since Influenza restrictions
ver most of the United States made
necessary the postponement of tne
drive, appeal Is made that American
itizens observe all possible food econo
mies without awaiting detailed sug
One portion of the appeal makes It
nown that "we have taken 250,000
German prisoners, who must be fed."
The statement explains, "But what is
that, when we are sharing our food
resources with 220,000,000 people of the
pound these policies of hostile discrim
inations between one nation and an
other. Weapons of economic discipline
and punishment should be left to the
action of all nations for the purpose of
punishing those who will not submit
to a general programme of Justice and
Trade History cited.
The experiences of the past among
nations have taught us that the at
tempt by one nation to punish another
by exclusive and discriminatory trade
agreements has been a prolific breeder
of that kind of antagonism which often
times results in war, and that If a per
manent policy is to be established
among nations, every obstacle that has
stood in the way of international
friendship should be cast aside.
It was with that fundamental pur
pose in mind that I announced this
principle in my address or January s.
To pervert this great principle for par
tisan purposes, and to inject the bogey
of free trade, which is not involved at
all. is to attempt to divert the mind of
the nation from the broad and humane
principle of a durable peace. by intro
ducing an internal question of quite
another kind.
American business has in the past
been unaffected by a policy of the kind
suggested and it has nothing to fear
now from a policy or simple interna
tional justice.
It is. indeed, lamentable that the mo
mentous issues of this solemn hour
294 enlisted men of the Army who
were saved, were announced tonight
by the War Department: The names
of those lost are:
Andrew J. Andrews. Savannah, Ga.:
Philip H. Lederer, Paterson, N. J.; Mau
rice 1 Wallnau, Macon. Ga.; Grove wa
ters, Munford, Ala. -y
Registrants Classified and Examined
for Draft Calls.
Provost Marshal-General Crowder re
cently Inaugurated a contest for local
exemption boards based on dally re
ports of how the boards completed
phases of their work, such as classifi
cation, physical examination of class 1
men and so forth.
The local board for division 7 has led
in Portland, and yesterday Captain Cul
lison, Oregon selective service head, re
ported it as the first board in Portland
to complete its work. This board now
Is ready for calls (for class 1 men.
Members of the board worked night
and day classifying registrants, while
the office staff, headed by Mrs. B. C.
Frederikson, chief clerk, at times
worked the entire clock around, it is
The members of board 7 are: W. F.
Woodward, chairman; J. P. Jaeger, sec
retary, and Dr. J. P. Tamiesie. Dr. Ta
mieste began examining registrants at
7 o'clock every morning, so that board
7 might be victor.
Snnnyside Farmers Get Aid.
YAKIMA, Wash., Oct. 28. (Special.)
The Government's release of its lien
upon lands in the Sunnyside irrigation
project, amounting to about $1,750,000,
has been received and placed on record
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OREGON CITT. Or., Oct. 28 (Spe
cial.) Mrs. C Durrell, mother of G. L
Durrell. of this city, and Airs. J. O. C
Wimer, 83. grandmother of Mrs. Dur-
relL died the same day, Saturday, Octo
ber 26. Mrs. Durrell resided at Wood-
burn, where she had made her home for
many years, and her death was caused
by a paralytic stroke. Mrs. Wlmer's
death was caused by apoplexy. She
was a resident of Salem.
Mrs. Durrell is survived by five chil
dren, Charles Durrell, of Corvallls; Miss
Minnie Durrell. of Wood burn; Mrs.
Allie Mclxughlln, of Independence;
Mrs. John McLoughlln, of Hubbard;
and G. L. Durrell. of Oregon City. She
also leaves several sisters.
Mrs. Wimer was one of the well-
known residents of Salem, and Is sur- I
vived by two daughters. Mrs. Stillwell,
of Winters, CaU and R. Lawson Wimer,
of California.
Northwestern States Slay Join in I
Entering Protest.
SA3LE:r. Or.. OeL 28. (Special.)
Public Service Commissions of Oregon, I
Washington and Idaho may Join in
protest against the 10 per cent in-1
crease in express rates granted the I
American Railways Express Company I
by the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion. The Oregon commission will ask I
the other two commissions to do so on I
the grounds that additional rates tol
shippers of the Northwest will run into I
many hundreds of thousands of dol-
ars a year and Impose a more severe
burden on this section than on any I
Earl R. Rogers Succumbs to Pneu
monia at French Hospital.
ALBANT. Or.. Oct. 28. (Special.)!
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rogers, of Albany,
received word today informing them
of the death of their only son. Earl R.
Rogers, who died of pneumonia on Sep
tember JO, in a base hospital In France.
Rogers enlisted May 2. 1917. He was
in the battle of Chateau Thierry, and I
on account of the exposure, contracted I
pneumonia. I
This Is perhaps the first Albany boy I
fin - ;,iil film 'n iiifl hJ XttaaV Hi Mm tut mll tuns in mill sU3 4 fcims-OTimsi J
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