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Enlrd at Portland (Ortton) Postofflc. a
second-class mail matter.
Subscription rates Invarlaoly In advancs:
irtv Uati.)
r3l!y, S'indsy Included, one year $S.O0
I ally. Sunday Included. sx month! - .
la;r, Sunday Included. thre montba
Xai.'y. iundy Included, one month
I i-ii 1 y. without Sunday, one year . . . . .
penalties of law and hopes to escape
by trickery.
This is no ordinary war to settle
the conflicting; claims of nations, to
territory, like that between Russia
and Japan, for example. It is a war
to decide whether the world shall be
ruled by the moral law which dis
tinguishes man from the beasts. It is
to establish the elementary principled
of human right, of mercy and kind-
Wiiy. without Sunday, six monthi --Alness to the weak and young, which
I'll, y. without Sunday, one month .-I" Rrm.inv Tina ehgllenroil Officers nf
W eekly, on year ..... ' '" . 1 . . . ..
tumiii on. v.r . i the law do not negotiate, with, tnev
fcunday and weekly 5 io I capture or kill, men who violate those
Tv.n- ,,,.', ,5' i V,r . . principles. The Judge does not dis
ruy! Sunday included, on month T3 I cuss with a criminal what sentence he
4 .si
a no i
. 7 .0
la:ly. Sunday Included, three months
Iatiy. without Sunday, one year
' IfuKy. wiihout Sunday, three months
lJaiiy. without Sunday, one month .
laar tn Kmit band oostoffico money or-
eir. express or personal check on your local
tank, rltamps. coin or currency are, at own
er's risk, tiiva poslofflre address in full, in
cluding county and state.
Potaa-e Kate 12 ta 1C Pa lea. 1 rent: IS
-t' i....ra ' pBTt: to 4S DaseS 3 centSl
Au to ; Dasi-s. 4 cents: 611 to 7d pages. 5
cents: 7S to 2 pages. cents. Foreign post
aae. double rates.
'..feai Tti,iaa Of fire VeTTS t! Conk
Yin Wrtinaarti-k l.tilldlnc. NlV York! VerrS A
onklin. .-'tes-er buildins. Chicago: Verra 4
I n If 1 1 n Vre Pma ttuildlna. LetrolU Silch
Kan. i'ranclsco repteaentallve, K. J. fildwail
shall impose. The United States did
not negotiate with the Barbary pi
rates; it burnt their ships, destroyed
their forts and compelled them to re
lease their slaves. Such must be the
conclusion of this war.
America did not speak through the
article in the New York Times. Its
true voice was that of the Mothers of
Soldiers and Sailors, who demand that
no terms be considered except uncon
ditional surrender of the enemy. iow,
when we have just begun to win and
hen the bullies of the world tremble
organization for obtaining and utiliz
ing them is now perfected to the high
est possible degree. The notion that
this might be turned to our advan
tage in solving the land-improvement
problem is attractive. The cost would
be only an infinitesimal fraction of
the cost of operation under war conditions.
The land-clearer's idea of heaven
is a field of fir stumps, with powder
at a nominal price. Expensive powder
means indefinite delay in reclaiming
this land. Labor costs under other
methods are prohibitive. Machinery
sufficiently powerful to dispense with
explosives is both too costly and too
ponderous to be practical. But if one
might translate, say, a battle of Ver
dun into an energy - equivalent in
Th. ":.Y r 71. r. -J. ... le Ht Be for Pnrnoae Porchaaed sod "3I." From Boy. Over.... Bra-en-
is tuay nuuD lUB
mint price of gold remains the same. Balance Returned,
the value of gold has risen. In fact, PORTLAND. Sept 23. (To the Edi-
we must reverse the axiom by saying tor.) I would like to knon) if I am
that the value of gold is measured by mistaken In my Idea of the sugar al-
the price of other commodities. That lowance. I think it was a few months
leads to the further i-uninn, n ago, people, for a few days were al-
clusion that prices are no longer the !wed " Punda Torl e"l
nmmn r,r , . . I but a while later I read in one of our
l,g ld.'r which they are papera where lt was found necesSary to
v-.w..M-..eca-u.c, uirj tire toe value
measured in paper currency.
most reasonable explanation o
seeminir naraHnr 4a .nntainA,4
latter whioh i-i.,i t,.. m t- I.. ,11,. . .ha,. h hn. tniirfrf I people's personal troubles, but (wink
..n - Ce.,.. a . " ! with h,.a their 100 oounds. in his eye) it costs money to talk to
. ---- vo r...i.iCti i v --- - r 'x . me.1
call in sugar that had been thus pur-
ly Sold to GnUible Relatives.
PORTLAND, Sept 23. (To the Edi
tor.) One form of war profiteering
has been largely overlooked. I refer to
the psychics, fortune-tellers, mediums.
auacks and charlatans who make
specialty of looking after other people's
troubles and worries, and incidentally
wax rich because of their kind solici
tude. As one of them said to an ac-
The chased and each family was allowed 25 quaintance here in Portland not long
f this pounds instead of the 100 pounds. ago in a burst of rather Indiscreet
in a I signed up for the 25 pounds allowed, confidence, "Yes I look after other
Senator Henderson, chairman of the
committee on mines and mining, in
which ha gives these reasons "why
MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS at the certainty of punishment, is not
the time to relent. It is the time lor
"force without stint."
Tha Associated I'reia la exclusively enti
tled to tfie uas for republication of all newt
ciiantchea credited to it or not otherwise
credited to this paper, and a. so tha local I
Itwi published herein.
All rights ot republication of special dis-
patcnea herein are also reaervea.
stump-land reclamation in Oregon and I the nominal price of gtild is so low
Washington he would be amazed andl today":
As no one seemed to have read the
article I refer to, so they just say, "I
were allowed to." Now if all the people soldiers- in France are anxious about
.... .1.1 .ii .hi. whn where they are and what their fate
Mothers, wives and sweethearts of
over a million and a hair American
edified by the results obtained.
was supposed to be allowed only the
That it has been steadily held by law at a I 25 pounds? Those who were too slow
price lor two cen-
Marvelous to relate, farmers of
Oregon, instead of producing their
own necessities of life, buy and con
sume quantities of canned goods each
year. Figures gathered in rural dis
tricts of Folk County by Miss Edna
certain fixed nominal
That In those two centuries, owing- to the
splendid credit of the great nations, the
vast amount of negotiable paper issued by
those nations and based on gold has been
used exactly as so much more gold coin
and as a medium of commercial exchange,
we have been uniformly acting on the
principle that all the paper issues based
on gold are gold. And In effect this action
has afforded us a plethora of gold and
kept sold at a falselv low Drice leas than
its true value as we now plainly see. But
On the day word came that Ameri
cans were engaged in force in deliver-
Mills, homo demonstration agent of
the Oregon Agricultural College, show m"teVh o till" & Vt thV
mat Illieen county groceries sola luitnt moment is the great bulk of these papei
armors lust Winter 12939 X1 worth issues
IIX'XS AND VANDALS. I . commercially canned fruits and
Two items in a day s news have a I vegetables, that should have been
peculiarly Prussian flavor. One is the I grown on the home farm and put up
record of wanton destruction of a in the farmhouse kitchen
supply of sphagnum moss in a Red I Such statistics, which it is asserted I f 33 1-3 per ounce, which he holds to
Cross warehouse; the other a relation I can be duplicated in farming com- be its true value, and he says
of the treachery of Uerman soldiers, I munities, not only in Oregon put We could dig the needed amount of new
to be in on the "bargain," or didn t
have the purchase price?
I am not complaining, for I have
made my 25 pounds do our small
family, by using karo syrup In can
ning. I have not seen the sugar in any of
these homes but have the word of the
people that they have it and they surely
must from the fruit they are preserv
ing. Now, please do not think I am in any
way jealous of these people, nor am 1
will be. That Is a perfectly natural
feeling and one that we all respect
There must be at least three million
of these atrxious ones in the United
States now. Portland has its share of
these troubled hearts. This city also
has its share of extortionists who are
not averse to taking advantage of this
touching anxiety held by soldiers rela
tives. All reports show that the
psychic quacks are unusually busy,
Soldiers' relatives consult them to get
"messages" and forecasts.
It is easy to -understand why an anx
ious mother, wife or sweetheart would
i based on gold. Am a matter of criticising anyone concerned 'in the dis- lo this. Her heart is full of sorrow
fact, there is no gold on which to ,,,,,,, , ,,,. ,, ,,.,. and her grief drives her to adopt any
the great bulk of later issues that is. tribution of sugar, nor our Inspectors, d , m.ans to iret information
m t been dug yet but if I am in the right why a great ?"Per,at.a m,?,u,S,,
, . .- ... , ,.. .,., ...iiv, i.i. that all is well with him she loves. But
base the
lt hasn
Colonel Kennan proposes that the
permanent price of gold be raised to
scheme. I merely wish to know if I ow fDut ? His slogan, as
took the wrong meaning from what I
read. READER.
who diseruise themselves as Red Cross throughout the West and in manv sec- !i in a way and at a pace that would m.ohina l.l. nt ha. I't .,.ie, 11 tct i f i. be for 0T.a e? An u"c ls-
. v. rai.mjin I - J i v.v.. L, . " - small amount or goia ana, 1 1 snout u
lng a blow on tne lianic or me uerman instead of wounded on the bat- cation for the biar canninir camDaiern were added to the present price of It. we
salient that menaced Paris, there was tlefieid. The Kaiser, who is respon- now being conducted through the agri- .?u1lndw"dadrDroenr1B,hat 'rcT
great public gathering in front of I sible for fixing the designation "Huns" cultural colleges of the various states, touch before, and we could make new de-
the Liberty Temple. There had been upon his Boldiers. will be delighted, no Its object is not only to conserve food ml e dare not attempt before; and
in rnrahnHin. Vorh hour had I doubt, that they are also making them- I and labor but to encourage thrift I we could utilise thousands of old mine
,M .. -,.. .j,. I selves worthy to bo called Vandals. I Results f following out the Gov-
. ,. .. ,v ,. The Vandals, in the belief of his-1 ernment's advice will be far-reaching.
dumps containing millions of tons of ore
already mined which were too low grade an(j not used for thla purpose, and this
to be tackled before. A greater boom In I . .
stated, is, "It costs money to talk to
me." Could anything be more fraudu
lent than the "messages" they deliver?
Persons who purchosed a 100-pound Often such "messages" cost more than
WUU1U Ull UUIUO.1 CHUlCldlll XI uin tno
loved one In France. No sound mind,
or one not distracted by grief, but can
see that all such "news" is sheer lying.
The money that is charged for that
sort of information is as dishonorably
and viciously obtained as if it were
stolen from the little fund that sustains
some poor widow and orphan.
In New York the District Attorney
sack of sugar for canning were not re
quested to return their purchase and
take only 23 pounds when the Food
Administration found it necessary to
discontinue allowing the larger allot
ment There has been a call for the re
turn of all sugar alloted for canning
torians. were of ancient Germanic Home products used release commer- U'; mmmg would follow .han this old is doubtless what you read. Families has interested himself in such no
Americans were in acUon dispelled unIike the Huns- whose ,- cia,iy canned goods for American sol- J0iid h" eV" " which do not use canning sugar ex-
immediate doubts. The people had cestry was Turko-Tartaric. It is un- diers and their allies. Home canned Tjt o r- in , n -nrino nf elusively as such, according to the
faith in the valor of their soldiery. I necessary to take sides in an argument ! or dried food means so much cut from I 0d woui(j disturb vast numbers of Pled&e made, and purchase for culinary
They felt mat tne tiae was aoout to
turn. A new enthusiasm found ex
pression in shouts and congratulations.
The tide had turned and it has been
ebbing ever since. But with successes
that are daily reported has come a I
dangerous complacency upon the peo
ple. When the allied might was men
aced last Spring and Summer those
torlous cheats as these quack psychics
are. Living is now too precarious and
thrift too necessary for anyone to
waste of their substance on such
The District Attorney of Multnomah
"certain individuals are bound to get member who signed the pledge a per- County might do much worse than keep
over which was the more vicious in I the high cost of living, so many more I obligations which are to be met in and table uses in accordance with the
order to appreciate the fact that the I liberty bonds or war savings stamps eoi(i as to them Colonel Kennan savs new regulations render the family
ut-i uiun.1 si-eiii ucicrmiucu in oiipiu- uuuijii L, cuimeijueuuji mi mv--ii .uuuci
priate the vices of both. The Huns I advance toward a competency and
were ruthless and cruel, but they per- better times in after years.
haps were outdone by the Vandals in I All praise to the patriotic women
wholly purposeless destruction. The who are spreading the thrift gospel
VandaTs under Genseric practiced vir- through the canning demonstrations'.
tually every form of treachery and
hurt" in "carrying out any world-1 jurer, amenable to prosecution. If the
wide or nation-wide programme," but I Food Administration calls for inven-
that this "cannot be avoided." He tories of the amount of canned and pre-
piracy of which the mind can conceive.
who could not fight felt that they ld made the worJ vandal one of
must do something. The most prac
most descriptive in our language.
ticable thing seemed to be to give of u ,s doubtruI if Attila wouid have
their money. So they gave. Is fear
countenanced the destruction of hos-
The box pack, in which Oregon
Innlo crnivara TOara tViA nlnninrs in
more than ever justifying itself in the Prices of other commodities i were left
nresont Pmertrencv. In tha first nlace. wholly out of account and he further
proposes that in legislating on tne
subject Congress should state that "in
naming the true value, pre-war con
ditions, war-imposed paper issues and
post-war conditions were carefully
weighed, but that present high war
th nnlv thincr that will make the ones I . ., . . . . . . ,
- . pllal Uppiies, ii mere naa peen nos- - , , v 7 Y - nrnnnwt that-
at home give adequately of their pita ,n hls day 0en8eric might have the boa required to contain a given prPse tn-
I done so. The Germans may be chafing
under discovery that the Huns were
not barbarous enough to serve as
models for them.
quantity of apples cost less than bar-
"We should stand on the broad. Just ground
rels WOUld, and in the next there is hureaftnr falllnir due. In which cold was
great economy Of space for Shipping consideration and value received.- were in
,innra tw K advertently made under mutual mistake of
the contracting parties as to the true value
ana tnac tne t'niie. oiaina
served foods in such homes the con
sumption of sugar from the sack to
supplement the two-pound ration, on
which patriotic citizens now get along,
the duplicity will be revealed.
If you have fruit of your own which
might go to waste or can show justi
fication for the request, you can ob
tain a permit to make a second or even
a third 25-pound purchase. To quite an
extent the Government trusts to the
sincerity, honesty and patriotism of the
housewife to utilize such sugar solely
a strict eye on these charlatans and
protect the relatives and dependents of
soldiers and sailors from the mercenary
and heartless schemes of these vam
pires. Their methods and doings de
serve to be closely investigated, and if
fraud is discovered, they should be se
verely punished by fine and imprison
ment. Only in that way will it be pos
sible to discourage the brazen activities
of these ehameless mountebanks.
means? u they tight only when
their backs are to the wall?
It would be a disastrous policy on
the battlefields of France. No soldier
there is dallying or displaying indif
ference to duty because the Germans
fiave fallen back, tacn is aeierminca I ' 1 i available in reasoname Quantities carried out in goi
la finish lh fir-ht and In finish it I The meaning of the. summons to lulion th Inrlmstrv r-nn Vir ranrmnlipii the new gold standard.
right every able-bodied man to engage in The barrel shortage, on the other But war prices have affected the ireeiy ten you mat mey nave aevetopeu
overronfldence is a dancer on thine some productive occuDation with the hand, is likelv to ners st I value of eold. and the disturbance or an aDsoiuto cnecu on every puunu i
W B . I W M I w .
to harbor in war time. It should be alternative of being drafted into the The argument of those who clung to values is morally certain to continue siapar from refinery to aining tame.
repelled even when there seems to be I Army is unmistakable. It is that the I the barrel was that it could be roiled for some years. These causes may be I , The fruit jar rubbers will be accepted
entire man power of the Nation must and need not be carried any distance. I expected to cause the value of gold to I as salvage.
be at the disposal of the Government But this was offset by the many ad-I fluctuate from the new standard and
for prosecution of the war, that the vantages of the Oregon box. The lat- to render it as fictitious as the pres- GUARDSMEN QUICK IN EMERGENCY
limits of individual choice are to be ter also lends Itself more readily to I ent standard. What is needed is a
restricted within those limits, and that honest grading, and is associated in means of making the price paid for
the minds of consumers with a su- gold correspond with the cost of pro-
perior grade. I duction, varying as this varies. Can
It is possible that the "extra fancy; not this be done in such a way as to
pack will be neglected during the stimulate production without change
This can be done I ing the present mint price and with
Money Laid By Depreciated in Value
With No Prospective Adjustment.
OLTMPIA, Wash.. Sept. 23. (To the
excuse for it. Today there is no ex
cuse. The war is not over. The be
ginning of the end may be in sight,
but it will vanish if there is diminu
tion of the force we have been exert
ing; it may vanish if we do not in-1 the Government will decide every
crease that force. Our policy must be doubt Work now being done by men
to fight fight fight, with ever-irtcreas- I which women can do must be turned
ing force until the enemy is over- over to women. Work which can be
whelmed. I dispensed with or postponed must be coming season.
The engine of force cannot run with- dropped, and those employed in it without harm to the business if the out suddenly giving an unearned profit
out fuel. It is fuel that we are now must turn to something which is mili- next lowest grade is well maintained, to those persons who have hoarded
called upon to provide. Unless dollars tarily useful. Buyers do well to insist upon honest gold and who are least entitled to a
manfntrer anH liWMv to , Government as high court of equity de- for the purpose of adding to the food Editor.) In "New Standards of Value."
manufacturers ana are liKeiy to db ..... ,h, fhn. .irRrt, should bn a . . Th j..
3 quantities carried out In gold at its true value, Le. I , Lraii .t,. k. i,ih uTi-
rood Administration omciais win " " .us" i..ns
cost ana wages and states . . .
the class which has been hit hardest
by the rise in prices comprises men
whir receive fixed salaries in a unit of
value which has become depreciated
. . . the prospect is that prices will
not return to their former level for
several years after the war, if ever
. . ." and concludes: "The outlook
implies the need of a general readjust
ment of compensation for trained, ed
ucated brains to the new conditions
In Other Days.
Fifty Year Ago.
From The Oregonlan, September 24, 18A
Oregon City Two barns full of grain
and farm machinery, together with two
horses and a carriage, were destroyed
by fire this morning at the farm home
of Samuel Miller, about two miles wjest
of town. The loss is estimated at about
$5000. No insurance. No one has any
knowledge of how the tire originated.
Mr. Miller had left his house shortly
before the lire broke out.
Yesterday evening, as wo learn. Mr.
Hutchinson met William Tennant, Dep
uty Marshal, and accosted him in a
rough manner in regard to a cow which
had been. taken up pursuant to an ordi
nance of the city. Mr. Tennant made
some reply, the exact purport of which
did not learn. Mr. 11. then struck
Mr. Tennant on the head two or three
times with a stick and turned as Mr.
Tennant fired two shots at him, neither
of which took effect. It is the height
of folly for persons to take the law into
their own hands, as we are informed
Mr. Hutchinson did, and such attempts
can only result in their own defeat
We were unable to witness the splen
did play, "Camille," last night, but we
learn that the performance was highly
satisfactory to the large audience in
attendance and fully sustained the rep
utation of the popular troupe. The en
tertainment last niEht was such an one
as would be highly creditable to
first-class actors in any of the large
Eastern cities. A
The George S. Wright will leave for
Victoria, direct, at 9 o'clock this morn
ing and the Active, for the same port.
via the ports on Puget Sound, will leave
at noon.
Twenty-five Year Afo,
From The Oreuonian, September 21. lM,
The members of the Portland Bowl
ing Club have said goodbye to Dan
Murphy, their trairter. who, on comple
tion of his engagement, left for Koston,
his home, on Thursday last. He has
given the utmost possible satisfaction
to the club during the season.
The Sisters of St. Francis, who have
the industrial school in Umatilla, have
permission, from the proper authority,
to collect in the city of Portland.
New York Jim Hall arrived today on
the Paris. lie said ho came here fnr
he purpose of arranging a match with
Fitzsimmofis. Ho was anxious to fitrht
him to a finish for any kind of purse
and in any place.
The British ship City of Tork has ar
rived up after an uneventful passage of
SO days from Callao and is moored at.
Mersey dock.
are put into Liberty Bonds there can
be no vital thrust Purse strings must
be released.
Two of Mnlrnomak Organization . Pre
vent Fire Damage by Promptness.
PORTLAND, Sept 23. (To the Edi
tor.) Permit us to bring to your at
tention an instance of efficiency and
initiative on the part of two members
of G. H. Company, Multnomah Guard,
of this city. A small blaze started from
spontaneous combustion in the plant
of a downtown printing house (that of
I wish you had touched on the de
preciation in value in the past four
years of about one-half the savings of
a very large, desirable class of our in
dustrious and comparatively poor peo
ple which are deposited as U. S. postal
savings, in the savings banks, life in
surance companies, building and loan
A most astonishing exhibition of
mental blindness or faintness of heart
has been given by the New York Times
in its discussion of the Austrian peace
proposal. Alone among great Ameri-
- can newspapers, it described the pro
posal as one "which the allies may
honorably accept," which should "re
ceive the most serious" and respectful
attention." The Times could not
"Imagine that the invitation will be
What has come over the Times?
Before the United States entered the
war, it was a staunch champion of
the cause of the allies and of the
defense of American rights. Since we
accepted the Kaiser's challenge it has
not faltered until this time. What has
happened to weaken its heart?
Austria proposed that the allies
send delegates to exchange views
about peace with delegates from the
four central powers that is, with
men whose sovereigns have declared
a treaty to be a scrap of paper and
who have proclaimed and acted on
the belief that wholesale massacre,
mutilation and starvation of women
and children, wounded soldiers, peace
ful seamen, are legitimate methods of
warfare: who have violated all the
rules of national hospitality by em
ploying their diplomatic agents to de
etroy the lives, industries and ships
of their hosts: who bought the basest
citizens of Russia, installed them in
power by violence, corruption and in
trigue and then negotiated a sham
peace with them at just such a con
ference as the Times would have the
United States and our allies enter
with the central powers. Austria pro
posed a secret discussion at a confer
ence similar to those which President
Wilson has denounced, at which the
rights of nations were bartered away
among the agents of despots like
pawns in a game of chess.
By asking that this proposal be 'ac
cepted the Times preaches defeatism
the same insidious poison- which
Bolo Pasha spread in France and for
spreading which he died the death of
a traitor; the same poison which
caused the defeat of the Italian army
last October; the poison which re
duced Russia to her present horrible
condition; the poison which Lord
Lansdowne spreads in Britain. We
know from past performances and
from former intrigues of German
agents what would happen at such a
conference. The only hope of the
central powers to escape the punish
ment which they have earned lies in
division among their enemies, and
they would use their utmost guile to
divide the allies by offering conces
sions to first one, then another, with
bo intention to keep faith with either.
This is no mere assumption inspired
by prejudice. It is the logical conclu
sion from the acts of both Germany
and Austria, and from the doctrines
which they have taught their own
people, to say nothing of the estab
lished record for perfidy of Turkey
and Bulgaria. The Austrian proposal
came from no sincere desire for peace
or to re-organize the world in accord
ance with the aims of the allies. It
was inspired by terror at the immi
nence of defeat and of destruction of
the monstrous system of . tyranny
which has been built up by the Ho
henzollerns, Hapsburgr. the Ottomans
and their satellites. It is the cry of
the trapped desperado who has been
brought face to face with tha stern
When we consider that war Indus- methods, but this is not the time to sudden access of wealth?
tries are from a million to a million be finical. It will be a good thing. The end might be attained by pay- Bushong & Co.. on Park street), the institutions and th liko unit th r
and a half men short of their require- however, if buyers will content them- ment of a bonus for production of (ire starting in a metal waste can on responding reduction of income to them
ments, and that two and a half mil-I selves with the lower grades early in I new gold equivalent to the difference I the first floor of the building. The "fixed salaries" will be adjusted,
lion men will soon be drafted into the season. These do not keep so between its present fixed price and the The fire had gained quite a little I but what about these savings and the
military service, the necessity for this wpll in storae-e and outrht to be cost of oroduetion. Miners would then headway, and was blazing up Drigntiy income xrom them? If that is not ar
drastic measure will be obvious. Our utilized in a vear when we are trvine extract trold from the earth as wil- when the alarm was turned in. It hap- ranged, what will be the incentive for
Army is defending the United States to minimize waste. Extra sound fruit, lingly as the Colonel predicts, for they Pe"ea Multnomah Guard were in
as surely by fighting in Europe as if which need not be "extra fancy" to be would bo assured against loss. The L0;,,, onrt h riar from
it were fighting in America, and the good, can wait until later on. rate of the bonus could be changed th( hnnrtine- nromotlr broke in the
necessity of the Nation is the supreme I Shortage of other fruits, and also I from time to time as conditions Ljoor and carried the blazing can Into
law for each citizen. For the dura-1 of sugar, should increase apple con- changed, though it should always be the street with a little hand truck.
tion of the war no man belongs to sumption. By buying them we help maintained at the difference between I When the department arrived there
himself: he belongs to the Nation, and I one of our key industries and keep I the mint price and cost of produc
he must be ready to serve where the I more of our money at home. The ap- tion. Wo have reason to expect a
pie has a valid claim for considera-1 material fall in prices after the war.
our people to continue to be the
prudent, saving-for-a-rainy-day, thrifty
ioias we nave always admired?
Government places him
This stern summons is a needed
rebuke to those whose superficial over-
optimism leads them to imagine that
because the allies are winning at all
points, the war is already won and
that the time to relax has come. It is
still possible for us to lose by relaxing
our efforts too soon. The fact is that
we have just begun to win, and. to
use the vernacular of the prize-ring,
the time to get in your best and hard
est licks is when you have- got the
other fellow going. No doubt should
be entertained that Germany will
press into the ranks every man, even
One of the most complex problems
with which the world is confronted is
which would warrant a reduction in
the bonus. The conditions leading to
the rise In value of gold had been
operating for many years before the
war. They may cnange unui proauc-
tion cost closely approximates the mint
,k.i - : . : ..a 1 1 ........ 1 .. n 1 .1
iliai. ui luuieasiuir int. suptiijr ii sum ., (k. K,, ,1,4 CQot
in order to establish a safe basis for
Christmas Gifts to Soldiers.
CURTIN. Or., Sept 22. (To the Edi
tor.) 1. Has any arrangement been
maue so we can sena our boys "over
there" their Christmas present? Will
packages be accepted if full letter post
age Is paid?
2. Please tell the significance and
wny our boys are called "doughboys,
I don't see the appropriateness.
1. Announcement of details of the
ths vastlv inflated su-nnlv of Daner
currency and credit which the war has There is no baiaain to prevent me
produced. There is a broad and con- twentietn century tjrusaaers irom re
stantlv widenine tran between the"ex- covering the holy places of Christen-
istine- snnnlv of eold and the amount dom. and we may reel sure mat. mis them.
of Government and nrivnts naner time the recovery is final. But the PACIFIC STATES FIRE INSURANCE
n,v.ih.a n-i--hi in roi Thic ro n Daradoxical thing is that the Arabs COMPANY
. J ... i j :; ' whn ancestors drove the Christians J- B. Bridgeford, Assistant Manager.
a - . . alias Lauacu uc ui ctia.iuu J l ux uc . i - t
;'n- "h .l.t , h which is expressed in enhanced prices from the Holy Land are now helping
peoples, and that every appeal will be , mmHiti. onH t tht enh.n. them in the work of reconquest and
made to the patriotism and fear of the
German people to induce them to fight
as long as an army can be held to
gether. If through laxity at home the
for commodities, and to that enhance- them in the work of reconquest, an
ment ia added n. further enhancement that the Christians are ready to help
due to demand which in many cases the Arabs in driving the Turks from Editor.) Please inform me what is the
exceeds and in any case equals supply, the holy cities of Mahomet. Government scale of wages for a log-
lrtrouirml?. that S-P bemes the higher
winter mlirhf wt ffi,r Prices 1 ise. HID Illut o curieucj
reverses. The way to win, and win
quickly, is to make each blow harder
than the last and thus to give . the
enemy no respite for recovery.
That which has been said of men
and of human effort is true also" of
money and financial effort The need
of money grows as the Army and
Navy grow, and their continued growth
to the maximum requisite to crush
the enemy will require every dollar
the people can lend over that sum
which is reasonably necessary to liv
ing. Slacker dollars are as contempt
ible as slacker men, and money should
pour into the treasury in a swelling
stream until the allied armies enter
the Hun capitals. Not till then shall
we be able to say that the great work
of saving the world for democracy is
was little to do except to see that the
flames were entirely extinguished. The
writer has no doubt, however, that if
the waste can had not been removed as
promptly as it was. considerable dam
age would have been done to the paper
stock contained in the building.
We feel, therefore, that it is due to
Multnomah Guard that the damage
done was practically nothing. Their
work in this particular instance was
at fin. r nf thai, ,aaHlnica a n A wr i 1 1
ingness to jump into the breach at any plan under wnlch one Christmas pack-
emergency, and we believe lt to be s ",ay un sent to eacn American sol
fitting that they should receive the Idler was made In Washington Septem-
credit that is without question due ber 21, and was DUblished the next
morning in The Oregonlan. A coupon
for each soldier will be sent back from
France. Provided with this and with
a standard container, to be obtained
through the Red Cross, the relatives
may mail one package. It would be of
no avail to affix letter-rate postage to
an ordinary package.
The term "doughboy," according
Wages of Logffina; Camp Cook.
SKAMANIA, Wash., Sept 22. (To the
ging camp cook, where up to 25 men
are employed; also what scale of wages to
gold will be needed as a basis for the
currency, and so we shall continue to
travel the vicious circle. The Federal
reserve law adopted 40 per cent as a
safe ratio of gold reserve to paper
currency, and in effect declared that
any less ratio was inflation. The
actual ratio is far less than 40 per
cent, and the extent of that excess is
the degree in which the gap has be
come unsafe.
The danger lies in the near future,
when the world will . have stopped
fighting and gone to work. Then
prices will surely begin to fall, and
the man who now can pay a specified
debt by working so many days
must work twice as many days
to pay the- same sum. Govern
ments have piled up debts in order
to pay inflated prices caused largely
by inflated currency, and they will be
LSE FOB explosives. called upon to pay in deflated cur-
A form of Government subsidy to I rency which the taxpayer must earn at
which there should be no serious ob- deflated prices. In order to lighten this
jection after the war would be a plan after-war burden, the governments of
under which commercial explosives the United States and allied countries
would be furnished at nominal cost I can now begin to remedy the inflation
to bona fide owners of stump land, I of currency by stimulating production
engaged in preparing the land fori of gold. This would give relief from
tillage. The countless billions of foot- j that part of the inflation of prices
Those irond fellows wearing the but- r,7" VI- Tr-iT " " j . ' lu lu" P'ausioie explanation
wilt V, neeri-erl to nv them the more I ton or. wnrVlne- fnr the honor and .rjlw.-. oriBinatea uuring tne L1V11 War Irom
creait oi rvi Liatiu a-iin txi a uumg men i a. tjan an employer cut a cook s
Freedom calls with voice rnmniflndinc
She beckons fur phe speaks to than!
Frcdom calls with cry expanding,
Lift tho world to liberty!
Break the scepter of oppression.
Smite injustice everywhere!
From the mountains of the morning.
Shout, "The way of Cod prepare.
Oh, forbid that human brothers
Should ever hold a brother chained
Unto service nil unchosen,
Hopeless, helpless, poor and pained!
Level down the rimited pathways.
For tho weary, mak them smooth;
Loose tho fetters of tho prostrate.
And the woes of ages soothe.
Bid the heavy-laden, siphinjr,
To lift their K'aze to liuht above;
God hath heard their bitter crvlne.
And will show his gracious love.
Soon must come ttie heavenly armies
God's own clock will surely sound;
He will rule the world with justice.
Then shall righteousness abound.
384 East Fbrty-second street North.
Number of Sons In Srrvtre.
PORTLAND, Or., Sept. 23. (To the
Editor.) I have heard that the presi
dent has said that when a mother lias
given two sons to fight for liberty the
third son could remain at home. Will
that hold good? I have two sons in
the infantry, one in France and at the
present time in a hospital, having been
disabled temporarily. T.he third son is
engaged in war work in the fir camps.
He is 19 years old. Will thev take
him, too? A MOTHER.
We do not know of any utterance by
the President such as you cite, nor of
definite authority by which he might
promulgate euch a rule. Your young
est son may be entitled to claim de
ferred classification because of his
work. If his wages are a necessary
part of your support he may claim de
ferment on that ground and doubtlos
with success. There have been many
Instances in which one or more- broth
ers entering the service have delegated
to another remaining at home the main
burden of supporting a parent, thus
entitling him to deferred classification.
pounds of energy which have been
expended in pure destruction since the
war began suggest the beneficial re
sults which would flow from diversion
of only a fraction of this energy into
constructive channels.
No true stump land pioneer can
read of shells costing $175 apiece
without mentally calculating what he
could accomplish with $175 worth of
powder under some of the stumps
that ho was forced to dig out by
slower methods. It would be interest
ing to calculate the number of acres
of logged-off land which could be
brought under the plow if the explo
sives consumed in a single prelimi
nary barrage were directed to their
clearing. The number undoubtedly
would be very large.
It will not be contended that the
high explosives of military science are
either desirable or safe for industrial
purposes, but in certain fundamentals
their ingredients are similar and the
which is due to inflation of currency
by narrowing the gap between gold
reserve and currency. As the Uni
ted States produced 22.6 per cent
and the British empire 63.6 per cent
of the world's gold production in the
year 1916, or S6.2 per cent for the
two nations combined, these two na
tions could, by co-operation, decide
the matter for the whole world.
It has been accepted as an axiom
that prices of other commodities are
the value of other commodities in
gold. That is an- assumption that
$20.67 worth' of other commodities,
plus a fair profit, iuo consumed in
producing an ounce of gold. But for
many years the price of commodities
has been rising, and a greater value in
them has been consumed in produc
ing an ounce of gold. The great dis
turbance of prices caused by the war
has so enhanced the cost of production
that it no longer pays tc work low
grade mines, and they are closing.
a practice of mothers and bakers of
host Weir, them bv doinir vours. wasres at the end of the month without producing oougn caues modeled in tne
which means a little more than you notifying her, and what steps can be shape of a soldier. Tje sobriquet at-
have done. '
taken to collect the same wages as fori
the month preceding
iiiAU wills iiau i i . ui lumug c
toilet preparation containing aiconoi j Tno wages of a camp cook are
was found dead, and a Deputy Coroner optionali but are presumed to be above
tached itself to the men of the infan
try and persists without regard to ap
thinks he died of acute alcoholism. The
Deputy Coroner is an acute official.
No doubt an alien enemy set the
bomb that wrecked the Seattle plant;
In. fiction he always is caught, but in
real life seldom. Seattle can make
another record by landing him.
those of a second cook, fixed at $100
per month. The scale for dishwasher
and waitress is $96,
Use of One's Own Wheat.
WHITE SALMON. Wash.. Sept. 22,
Cio tne i.aitor.) (l) some time ago
The Oregonian stated, when speaking
of raising wheat as compared with
2. Take up the matter with the local I other crops, that a man could lawfully
Loyal Legion secretary for considera
tion of the local council.
There are many who do not need
to be importuned to buy bonds or to
buy more. It may be matter of honor
and pride, and both' will win before
the final day.
, Men In Merchant Marine.
ASTORIA, Or., Sept 22. (To the Edi
tor.)!. Please tell me if the Gov
ernment allots anything to the wife
whose husband has joined the mer
chant marine.
2. Also, must the husband who be
longs to this branch take out insurance
for his wife? CONSTANT HEADER.
1. The wife of a man in the merchant
When a car is stolen while a man
is at church, the victim shows a proper
disDosition by wanting to fight for a
fiehting Christian is a holy terror for marine receives an allowance just as In
good. the case of soldiers and sailors. The
compulsory allotment irom tne nus-
Feed the children all they can eat. band's pay Is $15 per month, minimum.
they need it for growth, but make the and the Government adds $15,
grown folk leave the table a bit hungry
it's good for them. ...
use all the wheat of his own raising.
grinding it on a handmill. Please state
whether this applies to one who has
his wheat land rented out to a neigh
bor? (2) Is there any restriction on the
use of wheat germs: F. CARLSON.
(1) The person renting his land to
another enjoys the privilege the same
as though he raised the wheat himself.
(2) It you refer to breakfast foods
of the wheat germ type the restric
tion is placed on the output of the
manufacturer. There is no restriction
as to sale or use of these foods.
These are not the melancholy days "
far from it Buy another bond and
tnake them joyous.
We may run short of bacon and
beans, but we may certainly be sure
of enough prunes.
The weather prophets are punsters.
They predict "fair" weather. Hope
they make it.
You need not catch influenza to be
up to date, tjuymg anotner bond is
Salary and Need of Chaplains.
COQUILLE, Or.. Sept 21. (To the
l?itnp I .PIphkr tAll niA what la Mio
2. It is compulsory that men of the nv f ' chaDiain the United states
merchant marine take out insurance If Army. Is the Army short of chaplains,
they are attached to a vessel traversing or do they need more? I. C. T.
the war zone. ,, ,,... ,
rank, $1700 . for Second Lieutenants,
$2000 for First Lieutenants and $2100
for Captains. They are practically all
now commissioned only as Lieutenants
Tin spectacles will be in fashion if
gold conservation continues and grows.
A peace proposal from Turkey is in
No Excuse for Bond Kailure.
PORTLAND, Sept 23. (To the Edi
tor.) When we consider that 100,000
DeoDle by digging up an average of $50
each per month can raise $20,000,000 in at the start Statements that the sup
the four months allowed for the pay- ply of chaplains is inadequate have re
ment into the United States trcasifry, cently been given publicity.
or its agents, tne DanKs, it is noming
short of ridiculous that Portland should
fail to pledge that amount as fast as
the solicitors can get around.
There are several ways to figure it
and make our response look ridiculous,
but I think this is about the shortest.
Why, even if we had never heard of
the meaning of patriotism- out pride in
our city ought to enable us to raise
$20,000,000 in four months. Our failure
to do it would not only be ridiculous,
but positively disgraceful.
Stamp Tax on Deeds.
WHEELER, Or., Sept. 22. (To the
Editor.) Please state the amount of
revenue tax required on a deed where
the purchase price is $t00. How much
per $100? A SUBSCRIBER.
The tax is 50 cents when considera
tion exceeds $100 and is not in excess
of $500, less incumbrances assumed by
purchaser; each additional $500 or frac
tion thereof, 50 cents.
Compensation Not Possible.
PORTLAND, Sept. 23. (To the Edi
tor.) To settle dispute phase answer
the following: A says Foundation em
ployes take out more liberty bunds
than Chamber of Commerce. B says.
No. Who is right?
Assuming- that the query has refer,
ence to Chamber of Commerce member
ships, a comparison such as attempted
would be unfair to the workers in nny
local industrial plant, however patriot
ic their reply to the liberty loan may
have been.
Memberships are held by the Port
land Clearing House Association, all
Portland banks, the individual ship
yard corporations and by all leading
business and financial firms of the city.
Tho banks alono subscribed $3,000,000
in the last drive. For obvious reasons
the exact amount of Chamber of Com
merce subscriptions ha3 ntver been
Service Star for Illnalii.-il Soldiers.
"PORTLAND, Sept. 23. (To the Edi
tor.) Cannot you rtiggest a plsii which
would have the sanction of authority
v hereby mothers niisht wear a service
flag with a silver Klttr for a son who
his answered hi.-t country's call ami
has been discharged for disability in
curred in tho line of duty? There are
many who would like to continue, in
their associations and auxiliary work,
but who feel that they no longer
leally "belong," and where one's in
terest is enlisted, mere one s money
ant to follow ana vice versa.
The suggestion has already been
made and haB tho approval of the-
Judge Advocate-General. 1 on under
stand, of course, that service flays and
pins are not official but that their ue
is encouraged by military and iNavai
Ills Drram-of-Hcr I.lvcu.
Dallas Lore Sharp, In the .Atlantic.
It is now long past October, and
where is the bluebird's) mate of Juno?
She has forgotten him, and is foiu'ot'en
by him, but be has not forgotten ills
dream-of-hrr; for I saw him in tin)
orchard, while southward hound, pom;
in and out of the applo-lree hol.'t, the
lover still, the dreiim-of-ber in his
heart, holding over from the Summer
and coming to meet him ahead of her,
down the WlnUx, out of the coming