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Will Hold a Reception for Parents and Children ffxtyy f I
TODAY AT 2:30-fth Floor Free Souvenirs VUIIIC. f
aoBuster Brown and Tige
Calala Enters on Career as
U. S. Shipping Board Carrier.
Pacific Marine Iron Works Fitting
Out All Supple-Ballln Ships
m Far as New Machinery
Is Concerned.
Snterlng on her career today as a
TJnited States Shipping Board carrier
and allotted to the Mataon Navigation
Company to be used In the Pacific
trade, the steamer Calala. the first of
in 4300-ton composite ships finished
at the Supple-Ballln plant, will be
watched with Interest by the shipbuild
ing and shipping fraternity. Just as
have others of distinctive types put
Acceptance of the Calala was made
yesterday by the Emergency Fleet Cor
poratlon and she will be prepared for
sea. The Dalala is to be ready the
last of August, and the Wallowa will
probably be next. The latter shifts
todsy from the East Main-street plant
e-r the Pacific Marine Iron Works to
the Belmont-street plant to complete
her machinery installation, and the
Alrlle, which was launched July 16.
goes from the Supple-Ballln dock to
the East Main-street plant to receive
her equipment.
The vessels are all of the Balltn type,
classed as 4500-ton carriers, and be
cause of thein size it is not Improbable
some of them will find their way to
other waters. With six afloat the
builders have the same number yet to
launch, two of which are well along,
and later vessels may be larger.
The Paciflo Marine Iron Works Is
fitting out all of the Supple-Ballln
ships as far as the machinery Is con
cerned. After that Is aboard the ves
sels go back to the builders for Joiner
work and such finishing details. In ad
dition to those vessels, the Pacific Ma
rine Iron Works has 16 steamers to fit
out for the Emergency Fleet Corpora
tion, some of them being now at the
plants. The recent leasing of addl
tional waterfrontage at the Belmont
street plant has been followed by the
starting of another slip for berthing
That Is among the largest shops ot
th kind on the Coast and with the
Willamette Iron A Steel Works fitting
out wooden ships for the Standifer
Interests, with prospects that many
more of them will be undertaken dur
ing .the Fall and Winter. Portland will
be able to Increase deliveries above
those at yards which have their own
Installation facilities.
there Is a steady output of donkey
engines and such gear for the spruce
production forces and the fitting out
of 8800-ton steel ships is being car
ried along merrily.
Vessels Either Finished or Having
Their Machinery Installed.
Just 70 new ships were afloat in the
Columbia and Willamette rivers yes
terday, representing the handiwork of
crews in every plant along the course
of those streams. Of the number nine
are for the French government and
seven wertf built on private account,
the others being for the Emergency
Fleet Corporation.
At the Merchants Exchange a spe
cial blackboard, where in previous
years there was maintained a list of
vessels In port, has been turned over
by Manager Clark to keeping track of
ine vessels leaving the ways in the
river zone. The board does not show
all that have been constructed during
mo present revival of ship work, as
many have gone, so the comDllatlon
deals with the tonnage either ready for
service or having machinery Installed.
G. A. R. Encampment Aug. 19-23 If You Have Rooms to Rent, List Them at the Yarn Booth on the First Floor
Ma ni curing and Hair dressing Parlors, 2d Floor Flags, 4th Floor Furniture and Draperies on the Third Floor
Late Order Overrules Position Takes
District Board In Passing
Deferred Claims.
Strikers and Motorship Officials Reach
Agreement at Conference.
ABERDEEN. (Special.)
Practically all the union caulkers
and apprentices, between 45 and 60 men,
who quit work at the Grays Harbor
Motorship yard Saturday morning, re
turned to their jobs today, following a
settlement reported late last night at
conference with motorship officials.
fey the terms of their latest pledge the
caulkers agreed to have at work in the
yard within a week 100 Journeymen
and apprentices, that number being
deemed by the company as essential to
the maximum efficiency of the yard.
carpenter caulkers already placed at
work by the company will continue
caulkers until the union makes good
Its promise.
The union this morning put on the
Job about 20 Journeymen caulkers, 25
apprentices and 20 beadlers, making a
force of about 65 . men now listed as
journeymen or apprentice caulkers.
The anion members are pledged to sud
ply the deficiency of 35 men from the
ranks of other crafts employed in the
yard, and it Is expected that little
trouble will be met in getting that
number of young men to entor t je
ranks of the caulkers. Full co-operation
of the company Is promised.
In the event of the failure of the
union to supply a force of 100 men at
the end of the week It has been said
the caulking situation will be placed
on a carpenter caulker basis.
Absence of Watchman Prompts Mar
shal to Enforce War Rales.
Enforcement of water front wan reg.
illations relative to docks used by
ocean-going vessels of 600 tons and
more by United States Marshal Alex
ander has caused the closing of the
Couch-street entrance to the dock ot
the Clatskanle Transportation Com
pany, operating the steamer Beaver.
Vehicles are now routed via Davis
street, where they must leave as well
as enten, and the driveway between
the Couch-street and Davis-street
docks has been closed.
The reason assigned Is that watch
men were not employed by the steam,
boat line. As vessels of the Parr
McCormlck line berth between the
Burnside-street bridge and Couch
street to discharge California cargo
they come within the regulation, so
watchmen are employed. As the steam
boat company did not hare a watch
man when using the same entrance as
the Panr-McCormlck line, the former
was compelled to use the Davis-street
District boards may grant deferred
classification to registrants on the sole
ground that they are employed in the
shipyards, according to a ruling re
ceived by Adjutant-General John Will
iams yesterday. This overrules a post
tion taken by the district board here
that the men must have their Emer
gency Fleet Corporation exemption pa
pers to gain deferred classification.
i he matter came ud as a result of
the meeting of shipyard owners last
week, when it was asserted that many
men almost indispensable in the work
were being put in class 1 by the dis
trict board.
The Adjutant-General telegraDhed to
waxmngton as follows:
Can district board grant deferred
classification on industrial grounds to
registrant employed in the buildine-
and fitting of ships in a plant under
the supervision of the Emergency Fleet
corporation on a claim predicated on
such employment?"
Provost Marshal-General Crowder re
plied: "The answer is yes."
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American-Hawaiian to Operate
Latest Product ot Albina Plant.
Fdr a steamer of her size the Point
Adams, of 1800 tons deadweight, is to
pass through more changes of man
agement before actually getting into
service than any of her sisters or
larger carriers built here. She was
declared finished Monday and deliv
ered by the Albina Engine & Machine
works to the steel division of the
Emergency Fleet Corporation and' to
day she will be turned over to the Pa
cific Steamship Company and immedi
ately afterward to the American-Hawaiian
Steamship Company. Of six of
the type finished so far the Point
Adams is the first named after an Ore
gon promontory.
Captain A. J. Storrs, general supre
intendent of the Pacific fleet, is here
to receive the vessel, and his employ
ers are acting as agent of the American-Hawaiian
line. Though no offi
cial instructions have arrived as to the
assignment of nine others of the same
size the Albina plant has under con
tract. It Is assumed that they will
continue to be turned over to steam
ships concerns operating In the
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Last Hydraulic Gear Being Installed
at Standifer Steel Yard.
Arrival of the last of the hydraulic
machinery required for the steel plant
of the G. M. Standifer Construction
Corporation, at Vancouver, was re
ported yeBterday and its installation
will be hastened so that all of the mod
ern equipment in the shop and else
where may be operated to the limit.
Already three keels for 9500-ton
steamers are down, the first having
been laid a week ago Saturday, and no
more are to be started until consider
able additional material is received, i
being the aim to carry on work faster
on those under way. The yard con
struction force is proceeding with
foundation work for the machine shop
to be erected convenient to the fitting
out dock. Piling is being driven for
the latter Just below the bridge of the
North Bank road. It will be about 600
feet long and 100 feet wide.
Marino Rotes.
Willamette Iron & Steel Works Ro.h
Work for Government.
Approximately 125 Scotch marine
toilers have been delivered or are
nearly completed at the Willamette
Iron Steel Works since the Spring
of 1917. and ordors for boilers yet to
te Begun numoes 155. From testing
nine boilers a month last year the
output climbed to 13 a month and
recently to It. while there is reason
to expect IS to 20 boilers being tested
in August.
Antoine Labbe. vioe-presldrnt of the
corporation, says such spurts are not
boasted of. and that the aim Is for
a steady output, which Is regulated
by the receipt of steel material. The
activity of the boilershop does not
represent all that is being accom
plished In win work, however, for
We manufacture fcr onipbuCder
Portland, Oregon '
At the regular monthly meeting of the
Orrron State Board of rilot Commissioners
yesterday the river branch of CaptaJn H. T.
Oroves was ordered renewed and appllca
tlons for bar branch licensee filed by Cap
rain Jack Reed and Captain Gustaf I.orstedt
were not finally acted on. but are expected
to be at the next meeting.
R. J. A. O'Reilly, of the Diamond O fleet
who passed part of the warm period Ir
July in the warmer clime of Southern Cali
fornia, has returned and Is again directlns
tne movements ef the harbor coterie.
Another satisfactory trial trip yesterday
was that of the French auxiliary schooner
Lieutenant Granier. of the Foundation Com
psny's vessels. The steel steamer Western
Maid left las night on her endurance run
to sea and return.
Guy M. Standifer, president of the G. M.
Ptandlfer Construction Corporation, entered
the proud parenta class yesterday, due to
the arrival of a daughter. Mrs. Standifer
and the newcomer were said to be In the
best of health and the head of the family
naa m airricult time carrying out the
sponslblltles of his office there, at the same
time keeping In tonch with the highly Im
portant affairs of the three busy shipyards.
Wcstport Takes to Waler.
S RATTLE, Aug. 11. The 8800-tos
steel steamship TVestport. a com
mandeered Norwegian contract, was
slipped Into the water during the night
here by the Ames Shipbuilding & Dry.
dock Company. This was the eighth
large vessel floated since ground for
the plant was broken only 15 months
ago. Alias Margaret Sheldon Ames,
daughter of President Edgar Ames, of
the company, christened the ship.
Tides at Astoria Wednesday.
High. . I Ixw
-42 A. M 5.2 feet 0:01 A. M....2.S feet
6:32 P. il 7.4 feetl
Columbia River Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD. Aug. 13. Condition at
S P. M. Sea, smooth; wind north 26 miles.
Clark Brothers and Their Sister Will
Hold Reunion in Portland.
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Five brothers and one sister will have
their first reunion in 15 years next
week In Portland as a result of the
G. A. R. convention. Four brothers
now are In Portland.
The .sister. Mrs. James Stewart. Is a
member of the Woman's Belief Corps
of Junction City. Kan. The fifth
brother. J. H. Clark, of Xavenport. Ia..
will also be here for the O. A. R. Meet
The Portland members of the farnPy.
y Clean-up of Odd Lines Women's Wearing Apparel
Special I able Containing Dresses, Skirts, Waists, Sweaters and Petticoats m Basement Sale at
YOU WILL NEED TO COME EARLY in order to share in these bargains. It's a final clearaway of all odd lines gathered from the ready-to-wear section;
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who will entertain the two vlsltlnar
members are F. A. Clark, manager of
the Menlo and Clyde Hotels; Lee M.
Clark, president of Multnomah Print
ing: Company; Jay J. Clark, engineer
of the Clyde and Menlo Hotels, and A.
U. Clark, manager of the home industry
league o( the Chamber o commerce.
Whale Catches Increase
VICTORIA, B. C- Aug. 13. The total
catch of whales for the season has
been substantially increased by large
catches during the past few weeks, ac
cording to the Victoria JV'hallng Com
pany. Catches were apportioned, 4
follows: Kyuquot, 200; Rose Harbor,
100; Naden Harbor, 76; Bay City plant
at Grays Harbor, 125; Akutan, Aleutian
Islands, 153. The total is 653. -
Both Men Are Arrested.
Jamea Griffith, aged, 61. who a-short
time ago caused a barber to be brought
into Municipal Court on complaint of
charging an exorbitant price for dyeing
his mustache and other beauty touches,
was struck and knocked down by an
automobile driven by Nick Plecas at
the corner of Third and Glisan streets
last night, and was taken, to the Emer
gency Hospital for treatment. His in
juries were superficial and he was
later locked up in the City Jail charged
with drunkenness.
Plecas wan arrested by Patrolman
Foster, charged with reckless driving:
and- failing to -render assistance to hia
victim. Hla bail was Xixed at 150,