Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 18, 1918, Page 20, Image 20

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In Compliance With the Request of the War Industries
Board Through the Oregon State Council of Defense
We Will Make Only One Delivery a Day
to each district in the city. We will also comply with the other requests of the
War Industries Board charges will be made for special deliveries; goods will be
accepted for exchange or' credit only if returned within 72 hours from receipt.
We thank you for your co-operation.
You'll Want to See "Pershing's Crusaders
These official United States Government War Films of Our Boys "Over Here"
and. "Over There," photographed by Government cameramen with the Army and
Navy, will be shown at the Heilig Theater . for seven days, starting- Monday
evening, July 22 twice daily, 2:15 and 8:15. Prices 25c and 50c (no war tax).
All seats reserved. Seats ready today. The Meier & Frank Company has reserved
the entire balcony for the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday, when all the em
ployes will be guests of the store at this remarkable war picture.
Point Gained for O.-W. R. & N.
Employes by Conference
With Director McAdoo.
Vie- QviAArnT 3to Aj ex poktlamo
Fully Alive , to the Needs ot the Times
Bending Every Effort to the End That Our Great Army of Patrons May Always Have the Tilings
They Want When They Want Them At Lowest Prices Consistent With Highest Quality Merchandise
Experienced Railway Men Go to
Other Vocations Which Pay Bet
ter or Quit Work to Take
Places In Army.
J. B. Rhodes, chairman of the ex
ecutive committee for the western ter
ritory of the Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen and the Order of Railway
Conductors, arrived In Portland yester
day from Washington, D. C, where he
conferred originally with William G.
McAdoo, Director-General of Transpor
tation, and later with the regional di
rectors of the executive committee of
the Railroad Administration relative to
the back pay due railway employes of
the O.-W. R. & N. system from Janu
ary 1 to the present.
Representatives from the Western
conference who were represented at
Washington were: G. O. Barnhart, gen
eral chairman of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers; John Clifford,
general chairman of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen and Engineers; F.
D. Hobbs, of the Brotherhood of Rail
way Trainmen, and J. B. Rhodes, of the
Order of Railway Conductors for the
O.-W. R. & N. system and chairman of
the executive committee for the West
ern territory for the trainmen and con
ductors. There is dissatisfaction among the
employes of the O.-W. R. & N. Company,
says Mr. Rhodes, because the company
has not paid all the back pay due the
men under the new wage increase,
which became effective January 1.
Through the efforts of Chairman
Rhodes the increase in wages, which
was effective from January 1, has
been added to the Increase made ef
fective April 1. 1916, Instead of that of
January 1, 1916, which was a lower
The rate made effective April 1. 1916,
was $5.08 for conductors and $3.75 for
brakemen for level territory and J5.35
for conductors and $4.01 for trainmen
on mountain divisions. The newest in
crease adds 33.20 per cent for brake
men, 13.61 for conductors and 32.71 for
firemen. This net Increase will cost the
railroads several millions a year.
Another feature which was brought
to the attention of the Director-General
was the vast number of experi
enced railway men who have left the
service because of the higher wages in
the shipyards and other vocations, said
Mr. Rhodes. The railroads have also
lost large numbers of the younger
men, who have been drafted into the
service or who have enlisted.
Mr. Rhodes- will be In Portland when
Director-General McAdoo arrives here
from San Francisco.
with laudable: PURPOSE.
Hospitalities Extended to AU of Uncle
Sam's Fighters and Shipbuilders
During Period of War.
ASTORIA. Or.. July 17. (Special.)
A social and civic organization known
as the "Soldiers, Sailors and Shipbuild
ers' Club" was formed here today with
about 100 charter members, nearly all
of whom are workers in the shipyards.
The following officers were elected:
Mayor F. C. Harley, president; Carl
Peterson, first vice-president; H. . L.
Habernicht, second vice-president; E.
B. Baldwin, secretary; E. Blanchard,
The club starts out with a fund of
approximately $700, the returns from
the recent carnival. Club rooms are
to be established for the members as
well as for the free use of every man
in uniform.
At the meeting today President Wil
son, Secretaries Baker and Daniels, E.
N. Hurley, Charles M. Schwab and
Samuel Gompers were elected honorary
The objects of the organization are
explained in a telegram sent to each
of the honorary members as follows:
"The shipbuilders of Astoria. Or.,
have just organized a Soldiers, Sailors
and Shipbuilders' Social and Civic
Club, to which you have been elected
an honorary member. The object of
the club is to raise the standard of
American citizenship, increase the out
put of our shipyards and promote
every branch of the programme to
win the war. Every soldier and sailor
In America is to have the free and
untr,ammeled use of the club rooms
during the period of the war, while
each member of the club is pledged to
do his utmost to advance the cause for
which America and her allies are so
valiantly striving."
Defendant Is Charged WlthThreat
ening to Kill His Wife.
-Thomas Weisten, defendant in a di
vorce suit recently filed by his wife, was
yesterday indicted for threatening to
kill her, by the Multnomah County grand
jury. It is alleged that Weisten ran his
wife and daughter from their home with
a sharp ax.
Cliff Emerson and Louis Dundas are
accused of stealing an automobile from
George B. Reynolds, and Ralph Matson,
aged 19, Is held for the theft of a ma
chine from William Hockinson.
" R. T. McCombs, a counf;ry-wide forger
recently returned to Iowa to complete
an 18-year sentence, was exonerated in
order that the local records might be
cleared for his Incarceration in Iowa.
Dr. Lincoln Wirt to Tell Story of
"Our Armies In Europe."
Twelve dainty Red Cross maidens will
be ushers at the big public meeting ar
ranged by the Red Cross at the Mu
nicipal Auditorium Saturday at 8 o'clock
when Dr. Lincoln Wirt, fellow of the
Royal Geographical Society, war corre
spondent, explorer and publicist, will
tell the story of "Our Armies in Europe."
Dr. Wirt has Just returned from the
front, where he was sent by the United
States Government. He passed his en
tire visit with American troops and
brings a personal message from Gen
ral Pershing.
A Special Featuring of Skirts Every Thursday Is Known as
Skirt Day-Meier & Frank's
If you are in need of a new skirt for Summer wear MEIER & FRANK'S is the best
place to secure it and now is the best time. At MEIER & FRANK'S, because here you will
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Now, because our stocks are wonderfully complete. Here are a few instances of our value-
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New Wash Skirts Just Received
Every day's express brings us scores of new arrivals in women's
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High Grade Skirts Reduced
Here is a very timely sale of women's high-grade skirts. Skirts
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styles included. Specially priced as follows:
$12.50 Skirts. S 9.35
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shirts of excellent quality and workmanship
shirts that are perfect in every way at
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Woven and corded madras coat
style shirts with short, medium
and long sleeves soft reversible
cuffs that may be worn either side
out. Full-cut garments in every
wanted striped effect colors are
171- TTnPonnlpH vnliios at. $1 ME
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Two New Models in
Women's Famous
Blouses $2
just received and just unpacked, go
on display and sale for the first
time today. These new arrivals
evidence all the latest style ten
dencies, besides being made of
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The fit, workmanship and finish of
Welworth blouses are unsurpassed
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Meier & Frank's:
Blouse Shop, Fourth Floor.
A Very Special Sale
For Today Only!
40c White
Outing, Yd.
An immense quantity of this
desirable 36-inch white out
ing greatly reduced for today
only. Good medium weight out
ing suitable for nightgowns, etc.
Short lengths from 2 to 7
yards. The regular 40c quality
on special sale at yard 29c.
Meier & Frank's:
Second Floor, Fifth Street.
On Center Aisle
Bargain Square
Sale Dress
Voiles, Yd.
38 inches wide. Good quality
dress voiles in black and white
striped effects, figured patterns
and dot designs. A few short
lengths in colors. This quality of
dress voile could not be bought
today to sell for less than 35c
yard. Limited quantity.
Meier fk Frank's:
Center Aisle, Main Floor.
A Splendid Assortment of
Lace Edges, Yard 10c to 69c
Between these two low prices 10c and
69c we have most complete stocks of fine
quality Venise and Filet lace edges, suitable
for trimming women's blouses, neckwear
and camisoles. In white and the natural
shade. The widths range from M to 4
inches. Good values at 10c, 25c, 49c and 69c.
"Lacette" Lace
For Camisoles
Lacette a semi-made corset cover lace in
Val and Filet designs combined. 14 yards
of this splendid lace makes a camisole like
the one illustrated at left. Moderately
priced at $1.25 a yard.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor. Fifth Street.
Extraordinary Savings Are Offered in This
Sale Sample Dresses
Two exceptionally good specials are
offered today . in sample dresses.
Profit by the following special prices :
Dresses $13.95
A sample line of dresses for children and
small women. Light colored silk dresses
suitable for Summer wear. High waistline,
tunic and coat effects, White collars, some
have guimpes and ribbon girdles. Plain
skirts, others have overskirts. Sizes 12 to
18 years. Excellent values at this special
price $13.95.
Dresses $7.50
Another wonderful lot of sample dresses.
Voile, batiste and lawn dresses in all white
and dainty colored effects. Sizes 6 to 18
years. Regular $10 to $15 values.
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Our Entire Fine Stocks Women's Fancy
Silk Parasols Yi Price
When you stop to consider that our regular prices were
LOW you will better appreciate the opportunities this sale
A finely representative selection of parasols, including all shapes
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out number. Imported English parasols are included, also auto,
bag and carriage parasols. A great assortment of handles and
trimmings. Regularly $1.35-$25; specially priced 68-$12.50.
Meier & Frank's: raraaol Shop, Main Floor.
We Are Principal Agents for the
Famous Nemo Corsets
We carry at all times all the new styles as
well as the old favorites in these nationally
worn and admired women's corsets.
Nemo Self-Reducing
corsets firmly support while symmetrically reducing
the over-stout figure.
Nemo Wonderlift
corsets have an adjustable, concealed semi-elastic
bandlet that gives upward and backward support for
internal organs, thus preserving health and grace.
Nemo Back-Resting
corsets strengthen weak back muscles and improve
the poise.
Our expert corsetieres will see that you secure the
right Nemo model for your particular type of figure
Nemo corsets range in price from $4.25 upwards.
Meier & Frank's: Cornet Shop, Third Floor.
An Excellent Special for Today!
Crepe de Chines $1.19
40 inches wide. A very dependable quality of Crepe de
Chine suitable for waists, dresses, negligees, underwear, etc.
Black, white and fifty fashionable plain shades, including flesh,
pink, navy, Copen, royal, peacock, corn, sky, lavender, Nile,
old rose, apricot, silver, taupe, sand, cardinal, etc.
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W e Have Everything in Bathing Apparel
For the Beach, River and Natatorium
Our assortments embrace bathing suits, slips, shoes, hose,
caps, etc. Everything in highest quality bathing apparel and
accessories at the most moderate prices.
Bathing Suits
And Accessories
for women are on display on our Third Floor,
Sixth Street.
Bathing suits and slips made of silk jersey
and Skinner's satin the famous Annette
Kellerman make attractive styles moder
ately priced at $7.50, $9, $12, $15 and $20.
All-wool bathing suits priced at $7.50, $9,
$10, $12 and $13.50.
Cotton bathing suits priced at $2.50, $3,
$4.50 and $5.45.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor, Sixth Street.
These Specials Today
. Women's highly mercerized fiber sweaters in plain or fancy
corded and jacquard weaves. AU the new shades, including gold,
Copen, copper and salmon. All sizes. Values up, to $10. Less than
present manufacturer's cost at $5.95.
Women's wash waists made of serviceable quality habutai silks
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much as $4.50.
Fast black batiste wash waists in plain or satin striped effects.
We bought these waists many months ago hence this extremely
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Good quality voile, batiste and dimity wash waists in plaid effects.
Lace trimmed waists in 10 different styles. All sizes.
Gabardine, Panama, pique and linen finished fabrics in women's
wash skirts made with pockets, some are trimmed with pearl but
tons. All sizes.
A big disposal of women's low ehoes that were formerly marked
as high as $5.00. Discontinued lines of pumps and Oxfords in dull
leather and patent colt. Made with low or high heels. Sizes 24,
3, SM, 4 and AM only.
Women's leather and canvas shoes with 9-inch tops, plain toes
and Cuban heels. Lace style shoes. All sizes IVi to 7. Regularly
$3.50 to $4.50.
Meier Frark's: Lower Price Store. Basement Balcony.
You Will Find a Reliable Optometrist
In Our Optical Shop
and he will carefully examine your eyes and prescribe glasses,
if needed, to your individual requirements. For that extra
pair of glasses you should come to our Optical Shop and have
your glasses duplicated in deep curved toric lenses. We are
agents for Kryptok and Ultex one-piece bifocals.
Meier & Frank's: Mexzanlne, Sixth Street.
Dry Air Is a Necessity for
Perfect Food Preservation
The' reputation of the Bohn Syphon system has been built
upon its ability to produce a rapid circulation of air through
the food chamber. In the
Bohn Refrigerators
there is no collection of
moisture on food shelves
or lining. Every house
wife is surprised and
pleased at the ease with
which a Bohn is cleaned.
The one-piece porcelain
lining has full rounded
corners and no joints or
If desired you can
Make Your Own
Terms in Reason
Meier & Frank':Slxth Floor. Fifth Street.