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    15 .
representing tba quota of Portland and
tha county In the third special call
Imposed by the draft since March.
This farewell demonstration cannot
T-TpTT T(Z Breadway at Taylor.
X J.lXJJ.Vjr Phone Main 1, A 1132
3?.' Tonight, 8:15
bo made so elaborate as that of last
Saturday, when 295 boys of city and
county were feted at their departure
for Camp Lewis at midday, but it
promises to be none the less ardent.
First of the evenlng'a events will
be an assemblage at Liberty Temple
at 7 o'clock. Brief speeches will be
made" and there will be music The
guests then will march to the Imperial
Hotel, where the dinner will be spread
at 8 o'clock.
After the dinner there will be a re
ception and dance at the Moose Hall.
Relatives and friends of the inducted
men will not be guests at the dinner,
but will be welcome at the reception-
t7 (,:
Yellow Stack Portland-Cor-
Port of Portland Commission
vallis Service to Be Dis
4 continued Monday.
May Acquire Title to
Oregon Property.
EVE'S Floor S3 Bal. SIJW, ft, TBe,
80ci Gal. TiOc ....
SAT. MAT. Floor 1.B0 BaL 1, 6c.
60c Gal. 60c
Arrangements for this farewell dem
onstration are in the hands of exemp
tion board officials.
The Class I men Inducted tomorrow
are to be sent to Fort McDowell, Cal.
Ufll I jfPirTTC
- . -
. I T ..'If ... - ' .'. : . -r f ; ; ,
' 4 '
Vessels to Bo Sold or Leased, Tmj-lor-Stret
Dock GlTea Xp nd
Force la Emptor of Cr.
. hams Disbanded.
Extrcrea cost of opsratlon and lack
ef bmln la th Wlllarostt Tall
ttrrf.ory btwen Portland and Cor
rsllls kaa conpUed tb Ortfon City
Trancportatlon Company to rtllra lis
dttnun from tba rout. With tbo de
parture of tho stcaraar Oranamona
from CbrraMta Xtondar tha Tallow
Stack Una will pasa Into history, and
that ands steamboat service on tba
Upper Willamette.
fines HI, when tha steamer Latona
mada her appearance on tba Willam
ette, tha Una has been In aerrtce, as
rept when extreme river condition or
tha cloelns; of tba locks at OrsconCltr
prevented tba ressels moving. Captain
A. B. Graham and Captain A. W. Qra
bam. brothers, tare bean In personal
cbarce or tba fleet all tba time, first
actios; as masters of ressrls and later
clvtng- all their time to tha manage
ment of tba bulne aehore. For tha
past two or three years revenues de
clined, while espenses took tha oppo
site trend, until Captain A. B. Oraham
rcKrotfully announced last Blent tba
suspension of service.
Soon after tha Latona went Into
service tha Altona I cama out and then
tha Altona IL other vessel built balnsT
tha Ramona. Avona. Laona. Pomona.
OrsTona and Grahamona. The last
tbrea are now In tha fleet. Tba first
Altona and the Kamona were sold and
taken to Alaska, the Avona burned
wben In tha Tellow Stack service and
tha Leona was destroyed by flra after
he had been disposed of and placed
In operation on tha Lewis River route.
In tha old days, especially between
Salem and Portland, there was heavy
buMneea. Also each year witnessed
boatloads of hopplckers carried un ths
Valley, but tha electric railroads and
steam lines Uter cut Into the river
passenger and frelcht business and tba
steamboat line has bean nosed out.
Vessels on tha TJpper Willamette
route burn wood and when tha Tellow
Stack line started fuel was worth II. TS
to II a cord, always be ins; below tba
ordinary market when sold to steam
era. Todav It la worth 14 alone- the
and tha former cost of board ids; them
was 11 to 13 cents a meal, as airalnst
ft a day now. Wage of licensed man
have advanced, tne cost oi au necessn- . .
ti.. sr. higher and lumber and ma- Patriotic Propamine Presented Be-
chlne shop work has followed suit,
while rates have undertone little
chance durlnr the last few years.
The fleet Is to be sold or leased, the
Taylor-street dock will be given up
and ths force disbanded. Captain A.
W. Graham Is helpins; the Coast Ship
building Company with It resects.
I Local Business Men Back of Move
ment to Retain FacllitwFi
nanclal Assistance la Be
lieved to Be Available.
Conscientious Objector De
nounced by N. G. Pike.
fore Workers Who Assemble to
Honor Those of Their Number
Now la Country's Service.
No recognition by patriotic Amerl-
fcaTins been a master of deep water leans should be given the Individual who
ressels on tba East Coast before com-In this time holds conscientious scrunles
rho Insists upon
atry and enjoy-
SA.S FRANCISCO, lfav 1. 1
Tbe regulation requiring every person en
tering upon a dock to have a waterfront
DtU Wmm mo thorou.hl. 1. 1 nrrmA 1 14 . v that
1. kA , . 7. . . .
urday morning for Corvauis ana wns " " iioi "7 the port came to a atandstlll. Many bun
areas or persons.
vessels on me u'luin n mis urns Holds conscle
Jng to Oregon, and Captain A. B. Gra- at;ain,t fi,;hung. yet wb Is holding the fort until tha last. ,..,,, ,
Tha Grahamona leavs. Portland Bat- remaining; In this count
schooner Delia arrived from Rogus River
this afternoon at 9 oclock. coming to trans
port freight tor the eeborg cannery.
The imub schooner Yellowstone loaded
this afternoon at the Smith Eleetrte dock
and will probably get to sea this evening.
With passengers, lumber from tbe Bay
Cark sawmill and piling and tslspbons poles
being shipped by Hockett Oothro. the
steamer O, C. Llndauer pot to sea this aft
ernoon at :43. en route to San Francisco.
Kruse A Banks, North Bend shipbuilders,
working on Government vessels announce
the title of the next, or fourth Emergency
fleet Corporation ship from that yard will
be named "Baladan."
R. C Dennett, firs Inspector for the
Emergency Fleet Corporation, spent a day
here looking over tha local shipbuilding
yards and left this moraine for Portland.
Complimentary remarks regarding the ex
peditious manner In which ships are being
lanncbed here was the clit of Inenector
Dennett's Interviews.
The emlth Lumber ComDanv announces
tbe chartering of the tug Daniel Kern and
barges, to aid In ths clearing of accumu
lated lumber now In ths company docks.
water enterea -the hold of the Govern
ment vessel Coos Bay, launched at the Coos
Bay Shipbuilding Comoanr vard. follow
ing Its launching last Sunday. Tha officials
of the company admit there was a hole In
the hulL but explained the circumstance br
saying some green hand probably was respon
sible ior toe condition.
Wilmington via Santa Barbara, SO miles
south of San Francisco.
ALASKA, northbound, off East Point
PORTER," Gavlota for Everett. 224 miles
from Gavlota.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND, May 1. Arrived Auxiliary
schooner May, from San Francisco. Sailed
Steamers W. F. Herrln, for Gavlota; 1
Segundo, for San Pedro.
ASTORIA. May 1. Sailed at midnight before shipbuilding gained such a hold.
Steamer Daley, for San Pedro. Left up at D. C. O'Reilley, of the Port of Port-
11 o'clock last night Auxiliary schooner I land, returned last night from a busl-
Buslness Interests yesterday Indl
cated to members of the Port of Port
land Commission, Including; TL D. In
man, president, and Captains E. W.
Spencer and W. H. Patterson, that
financial assistance could be arranged
for the commission to acquire the Ore
gon drydock property, a step believed
to be necessary to prevent the dock's
going to Seattle. Negotiations for its
purchase and removal to Puget Sound
were closed Monday, except for tbe
sanction of the United States Shipping
Board. Tbe port body will meet at
o'clock this afternoon with shipping
Interests to consider the matter.
Men who met with tbe commissioners
yesterday included Lloyd J. Wentworth,
supervisor of wooden ship construction
In Oregon for tha Emergency Fleet
Corporation; H. I Corbett, president of
the Chamber of Commerce; . j. K.napp,
president of the Peninsula Shipbuilding
Company; F. A. Ballln, of the Supple
Ballln Shipbuilding Corporation, and
W. D. B. Dodson, executive secretary
of the Chamber of Commerce.
We must keep the dook," was the
sentiment of those present. It is be
lleved that tbe retention of the dock
is warranted if for no other purpose
than to handle the wooden steamers
being built for the Government, but It
is pointed out as well that the dock
and the bigr10,000-ton dock of the Port
of Portland will no doubt be busy dur
Ing the coming year with both new and
old vessels.
Tha revival of the construction of
deepwater vessels has drawn plants
and forces which -formerly concerned
mainly with inland vessels1, so today
only the Portland Shipbuilding Com
pany, in South Portland, has ways for
river vessels. That has necessitated
the river fleet patronising- drydocks
as well as the ocean-going; ships, and
that creates an additional demand for
drydocking not experienced in days
she arrives here Monday night on thai others, declared X. 43. Pike, member
return trip three long blasts from her I of tha Board of Education, In an ad
whistle will signalise her good-Dy to
tha Upper Willamette e-errlce.
dress to tha executives and their staffs
at tha Union fetockyards ysstarday
A beautiful auk service flag, upon
which guttered 20 blue stars, re pre
seating as many of the firm's men who
have volunteered, was dedicated, and
by Its side was unfurled to tba breeae
tha Stars sind Stripes.
Pa trio tie Pre-a-raaaasa Prepared.
Tbe program-re, which consisted of
Foundation Company Now Has Pay
roll of $10, 00 Weekly.
TACOMA. Wash, May 1. (Special.)
First of tbe 10 wooden shlpa to be
built for tbe French government at the community singing, led by Miss Goldle
Foundation Company's yards In Taooma Peterson;. a brief introductory speech
was launched at I o'clock this morn- by W. U. Daughtrey, president of tba
Ing without Incident other than aha company, and the address by Mr. Plka,
stuck In tha mud for a short distance, was arranged by L R. McOee, secre
btK finally took gracefully to the tary-treasurer of tha company, ind W.
water. She has been named ths Gerbe- H. Warren, assistant Industrial secre
Tiller, after a French city. Hardly. had tary of tba Portland T. M. C. A
aha left tha ways before workmen "We are here," said Mr. Daughtrey.
started another keel. Tba Foundation "to dedicate our service flag and to
Company Intends to have a fortnightly christen a new American flag. Tha
launcblng hereafter. principles for which tha Stars and
Tha next ship to be launched at the Suipes stand are well known to us.
Foundation yards will ba tha No yon. Wa must do our part In defending
named after the French city now nnder them."
shell fire. Her keel was laid November "I wonder If wa all know what wa
27 last. Plans for the ahlps were are here forT queried Mr. Pike, upon
drawn In France. being Introduced by Mr. Daughtrey. "I
Tbe weekly payroll at the plant is have often asked myself that question
T.oi. Three shifts of men are am- when addressing crowds like this. Do
ployed. wa people of this great country, who
remain at home, realise what must be
SECOND WORK SHIFT FCT OS dona to preserve liberty and uphold
tha American Ideals
Mr. Plka then gave expression to his
disgust at tbe manner In which pac
lflata take advantage of the privileges
of a tree country, yet refuse to fight
for it.
Jamah CaUed a Slacker.
There are alack ers and slackers,
said Mr. Plka. "Tsars ago a fellow
MrEarhcrn Yard at Astoria to Has
ten Ships Cnder Contract.
ASTORIA. Or, May 1. (Special.) In
order to speed up the construction of
th Emergency Fleet steamers for
which It has contracts, tha McEachem
Ship Company will have two shifts of named Jonah was told to do a Job and
men at work beginning today. Tha r,fu.,d. Ha sailed on a ship, and he
first shift will work from 7 la tha morn- roaQ . much trouble they threw hlra
Ing until 1:45 in the afternoon, while overboard. He than got Inside of a
tba second shift will be employed from wha,le, which spewed him out after
1" "" Hnuuinui. three days. If a whale had to carry
This means a Urge Increase In the Lround one of our modern-day pacifists
w ore t would chuck him in a few hours.
;r.1:.r TK. ";:j crT5f M pr is fight.
and If there Is anyone who don t like
that plant. Tba McEachern Ship Com
pany has leased the old excursion
steamer T. J. Potter and will use the
craft as a bunkhouse near tha yard.
The steamer Is expected to arrive In
Astoria from Portland tomorrow morning.
this country better than any othe
enough to fight for It let them go
back to the one they like better and
the sooner tha better. (Cheers)
Among the things all of the home
folks can do. said Mr. Pike. Is to write
IXJIBEH SHIPMENTS DECIIE.SE ereby KlTln)r them the Impression
I that wa have forgotten them.
Paring; April Colombia River Dis
trict Sends Ont 21,8(4,883 Fret.
ASTORIA. Or, May 1. (Special.)
Lumber shipments from tha Columbia
lUver In April were unusually light.
Matlitlcs compiled by Deputy Collector
lladdlx show that in the month ZS
vessels loaded at the mills In the lower
river district and their combined
cargoes totaled I0.12J.J5O feet of lum
ber. Of those vessels, 23 carrying 19,
22i.H0 feet went to California or Hono
lulu! while two laden with l.J0J,870
feet are sn route to foreign ports. In
the same period four veasela loaded
l.TJS.SIi feet at the up-river mills,
making a grand total of 21.S4M8S feet
of lumber shipped from tha Columbia
KlTer la cargoes during April.
Shlpworker Falls SO Feet.
VANCOUVER, Wash, May 1. (Spe
cial.) T. Stromberg. when working on
tha top of tha framework for tha plate
shop In the steel shipyard of the O. M
Siandifer Construction Corporation to
day, fell to the next floor, mora than
2 feet. One of his ears was almost
cut off. and be was badly bruised
around th shoulders. Ha was removed
Following ara tha names of tha vol
unteers represented on the service flag:
J. E. Duffy. R. E. Brock. E. B. Hughes. H.
VL MarDonald. C. R. McLeod. Lloyd Bailer,
Al KldwelL Joe Hill. Earl Cole. C C. Cruae.
Jack Hunt. Milton Penfleld, Kenneth Good
alL Max Sennits. E. Creigbton. Roy Buckley,
Art McAltoter. Warren Lewis, Melvla O Shea,
E. Williams.
Paclflo Coast Shipping Notes.
ASTORIA. Or, May 1. (Special.) A
wireless means received today by the Co
lombia River Packers' Association ststed
that the cannery ship Reuce arrived safely
at Chlanlk Bay April 23
The Emergency Fleet steamer Weatgata
sailed -at S o'clock thla morning for or
ders, carrying cargo from Portland and As
The motor schooner Pelican arrived at
S sa last evening from Saa Francisco and
left at 11 SO for 8U Helena, where she Is
to load lumber.
Carrying a full cargo ef lumber from
Westport. the steam schooner Daisy Bailed
at 11 lt night for San Francisco.
The official measurement of the gasoline
launch C H. P. A. haa been completed by
the Coatoms Department. Ti craft was
built for the Columbia River Parkers Asso
ciation an,d will bo weed as a cannery ten
der. Her dimensions are: Lrnrth. HI feet;
tonnes. 10.SS tons grows and 20 91 tons net.
tut Is equipped with an SO-horec power engine.
A schooner was rtponwi vuunaw imm
to Sr. jAMrh'i ItoenltaL and tha doctor
In charge said ha stood a good chance I evening, but she bss not been reported to
lor reranrr. It waa first reDorted I
l&at ba bad died.
COOS SAT. May J. 6psclU The gas
Including workmen, had
not been supplied, and In some instsnces
the work of loading and discharging vessels
From esrly xnoroning until long past th
noon hour a long line of applicants stood In
line at the chief wharfinger's office and
order was sustained by the state harbo
police. Every person wss closely scrutinised
before he waa permitted to go upon tn
docks, snd ths result wss tha loafer class
was entirely eliminated.
Lieutenant-Colonel Tbor Oray. of the Brit
tea army, addressed the workers st th
Union Iron Works this noon, urging them
to do everything possible to speed ths ship.
building programme. The workmen made
a patriotic demonstration.
The atesmer Mandalay arrived from 6an
Pedro today, reporting a mishap. A few
miles north of Santa Cms tbe vessel struck
a submerged ledge but managed to get away
Into deep water with Its own power. -
Five lumber carriers srrlved In port to-
dsy with a total of nearly 4.000.000 feet of
lumber. In addition to a fair consignment
of poles.
The Asaoctstsd Oil ship. Falls ef Clyde,
Captain Smith, Bailed for Honolulu today
with fuel oil.
The Standard OH .eteamer Royal Arrow,
Captain Richmond, sailed for the Orient thla
Th finishing touches are being placed
on the concrete eteamer rsitn. ana every
effort Is being msde to hsvs the vessel In
readiness for th trial trip Saturday.
Two Steamers Pnt on Rnn Between
Portland and The Dalles.
Tha People's Navigation Company, of
Portland, baa Inaugurated a dally serv
ice between Tba Dalles and this city.
Tha steamers J. N. Teal and Tahoma
will be used for the run. leaving Port
land and Tha Dalles every morning- ex
cept Saturday at 7 o'clock, from the
Taylor-street dock.
One reason for establishing tba dally
service, says an executive of the com
pany, was to furnish transportation fa
duties for automobiles between the
Columbia River points and Portland,
the Columbia River Highway being
temporarily closed to traffic on ac
count of slides near Hood River. About
20 machines a day wlU be accommo
Company With $150,000 Capital
Organized at Bay City.
BAT CITY Or, May 1. (Special.)
At a meeting held here tonight the
Bay City Shipbuilding Company was
formed, by-laws adopted and directors
elected. The company Is capitalized at
$160,000 and will begin Immediately
on the erection of a four-way shipyard.
The directors are: John Nelson and
H. E. Hartline, of Bay City; W. B.
Hclllnssworth, W. W. Innes and B. A.
Baker, of Portland.
IT. S. Naval Radio Reports.
f All local! one are aivea at t P. M. yester
day unless otherwise stated.)
ADMIRAL BOH LET. Seattle for Ban Fran
cisco. 479 miles from San Francisco.
CBLILO. Saa Francisco lor Everett, oil
Point Gorda.
ADMIRAL DEWET, San Francisco for
Seattle. 341 miles from San Francisco.
ERNEST H. METE Kg, San Francisco for
Portland. 1T0 miles from San Francisco.
NORTHWESTERN, Cordova lor Juneau,
115 miles east of Cap Bu Ellas at noon.
April SO.
redwood, tea mues xrom oqusw naroor
at 8 P. M.. A pall 30.
PORTLAND. Port Waiter for Wrangle.
abeam Cap Decision at 12 M.. May 1.
ATLAS, towing barge No. 93. Portland lor
Richmond. 20 miles from Richmond.
BARGE SI. In tow of tug standard No. i
Rl Segytido for Richmond, 04 miles from
WAPAMA. Everett for Ssn Frsnoisco, 40
miles north of Point Reyes.
CITX Qf XOe&HA, baa rrgncuco. for
Msy, from San Francisco.
TATOOSR. Msy 1. Psssed out st 6 A. M.
Steamer Trinidad, for Columbia River.
ASTORIA. April SO. Arrived at 5 P. M.-
Auxiliary schooner May, from San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. April SO. Sailed at 11
P. M. Bt earner B. H. Meyer, for Portland.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 1. Sailed at 11
A. M. Steamer Beaver, from Portland, for
San Pedro.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 1. Arrived
Steamers Pasadena, from Albion: Western
Queen, from Seattle: Bandon, rrom coos
Bay. Sailed Steamers Fred Baxter, for
Seattle; Benito Jaures, for Coos Bay.
SEATTLE. Mar 1. Arrived Steamer Cu
racao, from southeastern Alaska; oars
Waahougal. from San Francisco, In tow tug
pioneer. Sailed Steamers Alaska, for An
chorage; D. U. Scofleld, for San Francisco.
ABERDEEN, Wash., Msy 1. (Special.)
Tha Tamalpals arrived at noon ana is load
ing at ths E. K. Wood mill. Hoqulam.
TACOMA. Wash.. May 1. Arrived Rain
ier, from California: Quadra (British), from
British Columbia. Departed Rainier, for
California: Quadra, for British Columbia;
Bexqulst, for Biitlsb Colombia.
Uydrographlc Office Notice. .
ness trip to California, and Captain A.
U Pease will be in the city today, so
a Quorum is promised. The absence of
Captain J. ,W. Shaver, at San Francisco,
prevents a full meeting of the com
Information has been recslvsd from ths
mastsr of an American steamsr that from
anrii 22 to sa. 1B18. from Graya Harbor to
San- Francisco, he found a current of about I an operating company will be formed
Shipyard School Well Attended.
ABERDEEN, Wash.. .May 1. (Spe
cial) Three hundred shipyard workers
attended the opening night session of
the shipbuilding school opened here
last night by Captain W. H. Varney,
inspector of the Emergency Fleet Cor
poration. The purpose of the school is
better to equip shipyard workers to
speed up ship construction.
$150,000 GOAL IN SIGHT
Money for Yarn Plant for Sell wood
Is Nearly Raised,
Within $16,000 of the I1E0.O0O goal is
tha aubscrlption list of finances for the
Sellwood worsted yarn plant, it was
announced yesterday. Members of the
soliciting- committee believe that the
entire amount will be subscribed today.
Upon the completion of subscriptions
Multnomah County Asked for 9250,000
of 9600,000 Allotted to Oregon In
Push Set for May 20-27.
Leaders of the coming Red Cross
drive, which is scheduled for the week
of May 20 to 27, were named yesterday
afternoon at a conference presided over
by C C. Colt, who is to serve as chair
man of the campaign. The objective
will ba 1260.000 for Portland and Mult
nomah County and (350,004 for the re
mainder of the state.
Members of the executive committee
and their details are as follows: C. C
Colt, chairman; W. E. Coman, campaign
manager: John P. Daly, speakers; Rob
ert H. Strong, secretary; Amedee smith
treasurer: Henry E. Reed, house-to-
house canvass: Julius I Meier, pub-
llclty; A. G. Labbe. A ninth -member
remains to be appointed and probably
will be named today. ,
Thou eh the period of the drive is
fixed at one week, members of the com
mittee are resolved to prepare witn
such thoroughness and to prosecute the
campaign with such vigor that the task
may be accomplished in hair tnai time.
pohtt.anti. Miiv 1. Maximum tempera.
ture, 78 degrees; minimum, 48. River read
ing, 8 A, M.. 8.9 feet; change In last 2
hours. 0.1 foot fall. Total rainfall (8 P. M.
to 6 P. M.) none; total since September 1,
1817, 86.61 Inches; normal. 88.88 inches; de
ficiency. 3.88 Inches. Sunrise, o:os A. M. .
sunset. 8:18 P. M. ; total sunshine. 8 hours;
nnMlhl. MiinnMnA 1 hfiuri and 20 minutes.
Moonset, 10:02 A. M. Barometer (reduced
to sea level), 6 F. M.. 28.83 Inches, ileia
tive humidity, 64 per cent.
lamea iquiiow hock, which nu uwuuu.. i . , ,
n the navigation chana and which haa been Reception, Dinner and Dance Will
Be Given Conscripts Friday.
Multnomah County will bid farewell
tomorrow night to 80 Inducted men.
V. knot per hour setting south (true).
The following Information has been re
ceived from th Peruvian Consul. J. M.
Maceod. Baattl. Wash:
Shipmasters and others are warned that
on the coast of Peru, lu the pass between
the Island of Palominos, where the light
house Is sltuatsd. and the amall black Islet
of ths group known as Palomos (Wells
In tbe British Admiralty) there has been
found sn unknown rock, which has been
named Iqulto Rock, which Is not mentioned
determined March. 1918.
Tbe said rock la to th north 65 degrees
true east, of th Palominos llghthous st
distance of 0.64 mil. Its depth Is Id feat.
more or less, at low tide. Its geographical
position Is latitude 12:7 aouth, longitude
77:14:11 west of Greenwich. This rock has
already been the causa of sn accident.
Commander U. 6. Navy Ret'd.
Per Oscar W, Schwars. Nautical Expert,
u. s. Javy.
Alaska, Company Wonld Raise Rates
WASHINGTON. May 1. Tha Alaska
Steamship Company today applied to
the Interstate Commerce Commission
for increases ranging from 60 cents
to 115 in one-way passenger fares and
from 6 cents to S3 a hundred pounds
in excess baggage rates between
Seattle and points in Alaska.
Columbia River Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD. May L Condition of ths
bar al ft P. M., sea smooth, wind north, 12
and the alteration of the plant, prevl
ously a mohair factory, will begin. Roy
Bishop, manager of the Pendleton
Woolen Mills, has volunteered to con
duct the destinies of the new plant.
Appeal Will Be Made far Adjustment
ef Prices to Be Paid for Salrnon
During the Season.
ASTORIA, Or.. May 1. (Special.)
The Spring fishing season opened on
the Columbia River at noon today and
fully 1500 gillnet boats are operating,
many more than was expected. Some
of these, as usual on the opening day,
made good hauls this afternoon, while
others got almost nothing, but two or
three days must elapse before the
amount of fish In tha river can be estimated.
The glllnetters are to make an ap
peal for an adjustment in the prices to
be paid for raw salmon during the sea
son. That was decided at a largely
attended meeting last evening.
The consensus of opinion as ex
pressed by those present was that
while the price of 114 cents a pound
for chinook salmon as fixed by Food
Administrator Ayer Is not satisfactory.
it is the duty of the fishermen as loyal
American citizens to do nothing which
will interfere with the food produc
Consequently the fishermen voted al
most unanimously to put their gear in
the water and crowd the fishing op
erations as rapidly as possible and at
tbe same time make an appeal to Ad
ministrator Ayer for a readjustment of
ha prices. If he will not grant tbe
request an appeal will then be made
Hoover and IX neoessary to the
President. j
g g tj wind
a a s '77
I i 5 I 3
3 a j!
3 e : : :
3 : :
3 5 : 8. : :
f i : : ;
. j .
Baker 1 88 7410.00 .. E
Boise 160 76 0.00.. NW
Boston 48 66110.4 14NW
Calgary I 88 74 0.00..NW
Chicago 86 60)0.00 10 SW
Denver 44 70 0.00 .. NE
Des Moines -. . 88 68 O.OO 16 SW
Eureka 48 64 0.00 .. NW
Galveston 70 0.00 . . NE
Helena 42 72 0.00 .. N
tJuneau 88 W
Kansas City .. 44 66 0.00 12 S
Los Angeles .. 64 8410.00 10 SW
Marshfleld ... 40 66i0.0O..SW
Medford 85 84j0.0010 NW
Minneapolis ... 38 740. 00114 SW
New Orleans .. 60 7410.00 . . NE
New York 60 62j0.8248 NW
North Head ... 44 60!0.0012:N
North Yakima. 46 82 0.00 6 SE
Phoenix 62 880.0012E
Pocatello 40 74)0.00 12ISW
Portland 48 76:0. 00 . . SE
Roeeburg 40 8210.00 .. N
Sacramento ... 54 88!0.00..SW
St Louis 44 6210.00 12SE
Salt Lake .... 46 72 0.00 loN
San Diego 60 7210.00 10W
San Francisco. 48 7210.00(20 SW
Seattle 44 64 0.00 ..NW
Spokans 42 760.00 .. W
Tacoma 46 680.00 .. N
Tatooeh Island 44 64I0.00..E
tValdez 80
Walla Walla... 52 78 0.00 . . NE
Washington .. 54 680.82 22NW
Winnipeg 44 7010.00 20N
Stat of
Pt cloudy
Clear -
Pt cloudy
Pt cloudy
Pt cloudy
Pt cloudy
Pt ciouay
tA. M. today.
Portland and vicinity Thursday cloudy,
Mn.4 .a nnrlh.Ml.rlV winds.
Oregon and Washington Thursday cloudy
west portion, zair east; ui.u"..
erly winds.
Idaho Thursday fair. ... , . .
EDWARD L. WELLS. Meteorologist
Tides at Astoria Thursday.
High Water. Low Water,
a-io a -u.T t feet I 12:81 A. M...0.3 foot
Tins P.' M...6.6 feet (12:40 P. M....8.7 feet
Andy Rice; Ben Beyer Augusta
Verc 4 Vercl; Orepbum Travelogue
Children's Mat Saturday.
Tonight All Week Mat. Sat.
The great detective comedy success. - -Evenings,
25, 50. 75o: Mata, 25. 60s.
Next Week "The New Henrietta."
Marty Brooks Presents
With Company of 15. Mostly Girls. ..
Six Other Big Acts.
Three Performances Dally. Night Curtain
at 7 and 9.
LYRIC ssss
Wat Dally at 2, lOo Only.
Ntchta Start 7:80. '
Thla "week, th mysterious musical cznd7
v "7 7 7" ' . ;
With Dillon & Franks and tha Rosebud
Chorus. (
Tonlirht, Ladles' Souvenir Spoons. o
Frlday, Chorus Girls' Contest, . ,
Jje apoUo Club
of Portland. Oregon.
At the Auditorium
Seats $1.10, 85c, 65c, 30c, SOc.
Sale at Sherman-Clay's.
After 7 o'clock at Auditorium.
Corner Vaughn and Twenty-fourth Sta,
APRIL 30, MAY 1, 3, 3, 4, 6.
Games Besrln Weekdays at 3 P. H.
Sundays. 3 P. XL.
Reserved Box Seats for Sale at Edwards'
Cigar Stand. Sixth and Washington Sta.
Days Dally Except Saturday
and Monday.
Tn hlrh or rousrh water. In angling
for black bass, light-colored and bright
flies are most effective.
,-. . f. ::. ..v.v. .
wijf riinrtMnm
Mother writes: "Last Winter I was
cured of a bad case of bronchitis by
using your prescription containing
mentno-iaxene. ana nave oeen very
grateful and confident of getting good
advice. I wish to know of a srood. afe
medicine to reduce my abnormal weight
about 0 pounds."
Answer: I thank you for your con
fidence and advise that five grain arbo
llne tablets is the reliable obesity medi
cine which I always Drescribe. In
sealed tubes with direction. Any drug
gist can supply you.
S. E. asks: "I have tried to cure
dandruff. Itching scalp, falling hair and
baldness with numerous tonics, etc.,
but in vain. What do you recommend?
Answer: I have been recommending
plain yellow mlnyol for the past seven
years and scores of my patients are de
lighted with the quick, pleasing action
of this remedy in stopping itching, fall
ing hair, dandruff, etc It gives the
hair health, luster and vigor as noth
ing else does. Obtain in 4-ox. jars with
full directions.
Mabel writes: "Can yon please pre
scribe medicine which will relieve me
of such distressing symptoms of kidney
and bladder, as the following: Pains in
small of back, soreness in region of
bladder, frequent calls at night but
scanty flow with pain, burning and
foul odor, puffing of limbs, etc."
Answer: Those seeking relief from
kidney and bladder disorders should
begin taking balmwort tablets, a very
successful formula sold in sealed tubes
with full directions.
The questions answered below are
General in character,- the symptoms or
iseases are given and the answers will
apply in any case of similar nature.
Those wishing further advice, free,
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College
Bldg., College-Elwood streets, Dayton,
Ohio, enclosing self-addreBsed stamped
envelope for reply. Full name and ad
dress must be given, but only Initials
or fictitious names will be used in my
answers. The prescriptions can be
filled at any well-stocked drug etore.
Any druggist can order of wholesaler.
Oeorze asks: "For several months
I have not been feeling welL My ekln
is sallow, my tongue is coated, have
headache, am sleepless, nervous and
bothered with chronic constipation.
Please help me." ...
Answer: You need a laxative blood
cleansing treatment in the form of
three-grain eulpherb tablets (not sul
phur). Overcome the tendency to con
stipation and gradually your good
health and pure blood will return.
taught by professional Instructors at
DeHoney's beautiful academy. Twenty
third and Washington streets. New
classes start this Tuesday and Thursday
evenings. We guarantee to teach you
all dances In eight lessons for ladles
$4, gents Jo. The only school teaching
one lesson from 8 to 11. Plenty of
practice. Join our new classes this
week. Private lessons all hours. Phono
Main 7656. Normal instruction for
teachers. ....
At Baker's Auction Houae, Weit Park and
Yamhill street. Furniture, etc.
B. P. O. ELKS, NO. 142.
Regular meetlns this (Thurs
day) evening. Elka Temple.
8 o'clock. Visiting brothers
welcome. By order of the
O. R. M., will meet In regular
council this (Thursday) evenlns
at W. o. W. Hall. East Sixth
and Enet Alder streets. Mem
bers urged to attend. VlelUns:
brothers welcome.
L. B. SMITH. C. Of R.
114. A. F. AND A. M. Stated
communication this (Thursday)
evening at 8 o'alock, Maeonla
Temple. Visiting brethren always
welcome. By order W. M.
A. F. AND A. M. Stated com
munication this (Thunday)
evening, 7:30 o'clock. Work in
M. M. degree. Visitors always
Mrs. L. writes: "I hesitate to ask
advice as my case Is so unusual. In a
word, I am tired and worn out all the
time. Rest does not refresh me. I
have been married over a year and for
merly did not know what it was to be
tired or nervous. Sometimes I feel hys
terlcaL I fear I will become a nuisance
tn mv hushnnd If this continues."
Answer: xour nervous system nas
been depleted. You need a tonic invig
orating medicine that will aid in sup
plying more food - energy to your
nerves. Take three - grain cadomene
tablets regularly for several months.
NOTE: For many years Dr. Baker has
been giving free advice and prescrip
tions to millions of people tbroirgh the
press columns, and doubtless has helped
in relieving illness anof distress more
than any single individual in the
world's history. Thousands have writ
ten him expressions of gratitude and
confidence similar to the following:
Dr. Lewis Baker, Dear Sir: in read
ing your good .advice to others I have
found relief. I enclose stamps, and
please send me your "Great Guide Book.
Health and Beauty." and I thank you
for advice to others which so helped
me. May your good work go on. You
will get better reward than money in
helping so many who suffer and often
cannot have a doctor, as theire Is no
money to pay one. One of your many
well-wishers. Sincerely, -
150 Free St
Adv. . rartland.Me,
A. F. AND A. M. Special com
munication tonight (Thursday).
Work in E. A. degree. Visitors
welcome. By order W. M.
E. L. LANCE. Sec.
A. F. AND A. M. Special com-
i o'clock. Work In M. M. degree.
Visitors welcome, oraer w. ai.
CIAL CLUB meets Thursday,
May 2. 8 P. M., East Eighth and
Burnslde. Programme, dancing
and cards for entertainment of
soldiers. All O. E. S.-. Masons and
f rlenda Invited.
JIAl Li. fCCDUCXl. oec.
I O O. F., meets this (Thursday) evening
In Orient Hall. Eaat Sixth and Alder streets.
at 8 o'clock. Royal purple degree. All patri
archs welcome. ,.
S. A. STARR, Recording Scribe.
NO 1 Regular review this (Thursday)
evening. May 2. at hall 40t. Alder street
All members urged to be present Important
business to come up.
EMBLEM Jewelry buttons, charma, puts I
new designs, Jaeger Broa. ll- 6U St.
FRIEDLANDER'S for lodge emblem aj
class pin. and medals S10 Washington at.
Phone Your Want Ads to
Main 7070 A 6095