Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 28, 1918, Page 9, Image 9

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i . 1 ! ' '
Mrs. Harry Mundy Charges
Husband With Blackmail
in Divorce Suit. '
William Tler, Tkf lW-J..rr I curt
la Simitar (iaoKS Srlcctrtl fr
I rimr-l p Kfforla of poe
lold by Wife, icM Prcrcc
That hr youthful husband. Marry
?ttjndy. attmiti to trmn a hadcrr
am n laptala WIUUB Tjlrr. wh"
1, tH bwi th vii-tim of u.h
f ram-ui. a th atartltnc t.Ktimony
sum In rr"lilsiK Jui( t'rro'
rourt by V;U Muudy. ' uiport of
li.r rhartn of iltrcmt cruelty. The
urt awarrlrd to h-r a dfvrt. aft-r
l;frnlnc ! tt l"ttmonr of hrlf
mi'-i rrrr i itae. and after the
husband had attempted to llo.a; th
nrrun of their martial relation.
"M Impersonated ror vi- and
catted Capital ft Tyler br telephone and
rrntl a Mftrm mTWlf and
I ' ifttxtn TrW.' te l tf ird ' Mr. M'JndT.
-Me then flied It m fpaln Tyler
wenlil lake n-e tifn from a rard nartr
i a rrarhlne . win a I atrppeoJ
- the marMne tth sninf other men
-n-i women. Mr. unlf ran up a "-i
eltinhee) on the runntnc board. He
ri.rte eo'-h a iMene that t'aptain Tyler
.jft me rt nt of the marhlnr. r-
Tyler tM me afterward that he
:d not think It my o.-e ratline
hfm ort the te'ephone.
-If that man I rlnt to re e. lnt-
par. of thnee barter cam he rhoold
Nt a cnrdian aroolnted fr him."
rmmended Jorfs Jlrrrow a- ha wa
fearlnc the benrh.
Vrwellr f Heard.
Tn adllflon I in all-cid badcer
ftrne M.h yoonc Mnndy H 'o
hje attempted. Mrit. Mundy told of
ortirr ai t. ..f altered rrtielty. Inrludlnc
h'r aereet at her'a lnt ;rtlon.
Sie tun fleered of all chare of In
f tetay. and Jodse Morrow Mid that
the hnband had Mwn by til artlonf)
tut he waa not entlfled to conelder
yt'ott tiersoM of th faleo charaea ha
fcat mada arin.i hi wife.
Ianta!rt William Tyler. aatned aome
rorortery threo month iro when he
wae mi!rtee ont of fll.ote In an al
t'aed badger rame wbtrh wa ataaed
by Harry Hendoraon. a San -raorit-o
waiter, and Kthel Henderaon. Tyler
and Mr Henderaon were arrented and
Henderson two dnya later bronchi aft
for l - for alienation of affertlona.
alr lnetlaatlof by Idatrlal Attor
Mr kn allowed thai tnl ault had
li.en teeitled oat of rourt when Tyler
paid lladarn 1 1 . Ilenderaon
and M wlfa then took thl money and
left Portland. They were Indicted, but
el off or l a to loeata them haa been
Tyler's ! "taea.
Two yeara o Tyler and Ma aed
r other. Mr rartnelia xyier. wero
oefendanta In an alienation of affer
ion suit brouaht by Tyler a dUoned
wife Tl l uit la ald to hava been
tf, by TrVr fr j:5.-.
taller "".eren. fecial aaeni tor i'i-.-
ninmiT Kvana. oue:lned lre
Mundy clo.eiy rowternina the alleged
bl.-kniallin plot atlernpiea oy ner
hu-band. and a fraud Jury Inyeatlfa
l.on may fulloa. It waa naid.
Ju4ae Morrow crantrd a divorce de
rreo to Alta Jr l.hruutt when her
rnarcea of crulty asalnut F.llery le-r-hmutt
went unrhallenued. !-he
al.o chared non-upport. They were
r-arrled at Vancouver In IMt Th
husband did not contet the suit.
t ! ACTIO t 1" t
rilHlll COIKT.
rt-lolUfa .k foe Srwa llwaaaaea
Sad eek to Kearrala Ihrfradaata
rraaa I Railroad.
CUKHAU.-i. Waati. !artl ST. i.p-
,1 i A eeaaalional aait. InyoUluK
wonerehlp of the local railroad Una
built out of t."heha;ie eoma yeara aco.
now known aa tha Cowll'.a. Cbehalla A
aeoade Kallway. waa today filed In
te fewta t'mtBty auperlr Court by
f. P. funntnahajn. I'lalntlffa are ttie
!tninton r::ectric Kallway "oro
rtr)t( art treicon corporation: A. Welch.
H r'lciavhhuucr. K W. 1UU and A
l'r:t-harl. and the defendant named
t-. luile H. Coffni-n. who orlcina'l
iro-ioted the toal line; t'
mMnn B.nk Truat I'omr'r.) of
rehali. t'owllta. thehll A t'aecad
;ti: if trr.p-nc isrf J. i. forlett.
wpo l rw prrt.lnt of the concern, a
w.'.t-known Seattle rapltail.t.
In I14 If l silered lh. In romplet-I-
- netl tloi. between IC i'. f"offrr.n
. I J t:. i or'eft to eil the rji road to
t latter in former arted without au
fiorlfy In icnt:ic certtln conveyance
r.-r iho p'amtl'f a president of thr
II. '. "offrrn' a.-' In the ter.fer
ft-e ftke.- Co bet et aal other
re';ef granted, in tuUna an ortler ft
rat-lrta the drfendan'. from uln
:-e road durtptf thr lltlcatlon. One
h-intred ard fifty thousand dollar
rinfittM are akc4 and i:i."a atlrlel
f -r A. W eleh
i tl t.iirt n r riir" riioto.
rt. la n tl. i nrm:v
tlrasla rearaww Has Leadlac Hole and
aiary laiolara Maaa a t ell
aa CMbeea.
" im Vol Pi.-ture. -aa4.itr of
.-.. I. ire phot ilt fretjre at the
frid TKeirer for tne re.t cf the week.
:f'n l fwii h.e the rr-le r-f a beea-fif-il
fcr.-nh aiel cet:cht In the i;ermn
ruli p'-i If mi Tne .tory rlealj aih
m eerie af h ipeii- to th: ;:
"te !. -:r r- wl bv a f.erfiin
9 pim a'l I. aerv if jVu of
her .t II .n i nl.T an 1 a apfiti
metrher of h t.fare ;i ! tfh
h.r ad when the iVpuii la killed
-e hettete Ihet he rnee:a hi deith He.
fen.ima her front M euperioy ott eer
T'l.n eerethfa trry urripeetrd hap
peea wMt h ler.rt. an unuul feature to
the pHttff. .vti. I'raryoa wear a dif-
ferert aTT tn errv .certe.
Ifjpf. l:r.oe ad conpny appear In
an effeeta of .roe :rtinc. ttlWlrtrS
jedJn.-t-r Mmo-ria true retried. an
ln girl 1 attract: acj wcara prvur
clothe nd the other man In th com
pany la a ood comedian too.
Bob and 1-eaa-y Va'.. ntlne are a clever
pair who inc and offer a keen lot of
comedy on the question aaked by
rensua taker. Then they chann to coatumea and dance an old
fashioned stately dance and alng an old
time rone.
Jamr Heano. "The Jack In the Boa.
I a really aood contorttonlet. While he
I coins: throua-h his contortion feata
he talk on every subject Imaginable.
As a conclusion te folds himself up In
a very email box.
Hob and ;erti I'ettlrord are a couple
of school kids who tell a bunch of rid
dles and rlna; number of "kid" aonss.
Th itirl has a poor voice, both In mn
InK and talking, which makes It diffi
cult to underaland Iter.
Waldo and Ilroy are a couple of
men w ho play the banjo ami the guitar,
and one of them gives an excellent Imi
tation of a fife and drum corps heard at
a distance.
Me-.cTi: AHT-roifi:i.t'V.
This fUy lsm High Position t
Katcr ervle of Coaatry.
9 .
It I now Ueutenant-Colonl Karl B.
Mordrn, of th National Army, accord
ins to letter received recently by
frlroda and relative In this city. As
Karl II. Morden. consiructin; engineer,
he wa for rotne year prominent In
thi rtty and wwa chief or construction
when the electric line sraa bntlt from
Salrm to Albany.
Ueutenant-folonel Morden. son of
R K. Morden. day foreman of The Ore
gontan compoKlng-room. waa chief con
tructinc engineer of the tlreat North
ern aysteni. with headquartera at fcl.
I'auL when ho wa sumrooned to serv
ice In cantonment construction and
glren hia commission aa Major.
Ilia first great task waa tha con
struction of the huge cantonment at
I'attle Creek. Mich. ITpon completion
of thla work ha was sent to Philadel
phia, where ha now Is stationed, and
supervised tha construction of aevcral
military depots, both for oversea and
inland service.
Mr. Morden waa Informed of hi aon's
advancement In letter received yes
terday from Thlladelphla.
lavereae at Fwrew Is) fa Fall
IMvleloa May Be Ova e red If Ceaeral
lerahlaaT la a'avarable.
I ncharge of Marina Corps recruiting
station hava been ordered to resume
recruiting April I. A limit of 2uO new
recruits er month will be maintained
until additional training facllltlea be
come available through th transfer
of oraanlaatlona for foreign service.
Secretary Inmtela' disapproval of the
proposal that th corps be enlarged
euftlciently to permit the Incresse of
the brigade now In Franc to a full
division, has not discouraged pro
ponents of that auggestlon. It Is
learned that the Secretary s action was
due to his belief that since tha msrines
In France are now an Integral part of
lienrr-al Pershing's forces, any recom
mendation for an Increase should come
from th Oeneral.
Tha marines In Krsnce have been
used on lines 'of communication from
th debarkation ports to the main
American base and fur provoat guard
dutv behind tha lines, but strenuous
protests on the part of trie friend of
th marines recently resulted in the
promise that the brigade would be sent
to the front lino as oon as It could
b spared.
ailc llork C.lvr I.lbcrallt.
CASTLE RC"CK. Wash, starch IT.
I Special Tha Castl ICock branch of
too fted Cross and auxiliaries shipped
over pounds of clothing to the New
Tork commirsion for tha relief of Bel
gian. More than 0 pieces besides
hoea. were donated. The Women's
Commercial Clur and cnurcn societies
a..ted the l!ed froj..
fSomehow, a Beban story always y 't-AM ' 4 , ' M
rings trae, because it's human. pjf"" rAutJiV"! . y fA'A.
"One More American" is another r" j tyif$tolltX 1 ' ' HV'
f"0"1: Itgetsunder, F-'.EJtelPf.l -. ffetfA$ !
-. - 1 1 1
Kaecallve Makes Spirited Reapoaae t
Agitatofa Beast That Law
Haa Collapsed.
SPOKAXE. AVsah.. ilarch IT. (Spe
cial.) "The Idaho criminal syndicalism
law I the paved road from dlaturbance
to the penitentiary. It 1 kept in per
r . .nd a-reed right alonic. I
am going over It now to see that there
are not even any turn-outs on tue
This answer to the I. W. Y . boast
- , v. in-.-. (-nilaose wss made by Gov
ernor Moacs Alexander, of Idaho, who
left Spokane today for St. .viaries sna
Courru d'AIene for a brief Inspection
of conditions there.
We have two men In the peniten
tiary convicted under the criminal syn
dicalism law." he asserted. "That
doesn't look like it has filed. Tha Jury
mav not always convict, but that Is no
fault of the law. The law is there. It
Is bring- enforced. It Is constitutional
as far aa I know.
"Adjutant-Oencral Moody will make
his headquarters in Wallace after the
last of the week. He will stay In North
Idaho until I order him back. While
there mar be many I. W. W.s In the
I'oetir d'AIene mine, we 1 are able to
handle any situation which may arise."
Governor Alexander will leao for
Washington Saturday morning.
Wooden f-hipbuildln'R Halted Be-
ane or Jjtbop Shortage.
TACOMA. Wash., March 27. (Spe
cial.) There Is a serious shortage of
blacksmiths to help out In the wooden
shipbuilding programme In Tacoma.
according to local wooden shipbuilders.
This fact Is holding up much of the
work on vessels that have reached the
stage of 'construction where the Iron
work Is ready to be placed. A shortage
of caulkers also has Its effect, as ar
rangement recently made with the
caulkers' organisation to place on. more
men are not working out satisfactorily.
Oeorsre P. Wright, president of. the
Wriirht ehlpyards. says: "The yards
could use 250 blacksmiths. It seems as
though we must turn to the inland
towns to get this class of help."
Kcv. E. J. Carslein Confesses Plan
to Help Aliens Evade Draft.
TACOMA. Wash.. March 27. (Spe
cial.) Rev. K. J. Carsteln, a Finlander
arrested in Hoquiam as aji obstructor
of the draft law. was brouRht to the
fierce County Jail today by Federal
nrf.,..r. He na rl that lie WR s local i
American and had taken out his first
papers. He Is about 40 years of age.
"I am an Idealist and I am working
for the freedom of Finland." he said.
"I am a Baptist missionary and work
among the Finns. About a dozen of the
men who had to fill out questionnaires
sought exemptions. I told them that
for 125 each I would report their case
to the Finnish Consul at Stockholm,
who would take the matter up with the
President and perhaps get them ex
empted." Pead The OreVonlan classified ads.
Portland Girl at Tacoma Awaiting
: Orders From Washington.
TACOMA, Wash.. March 27i (Spe
cial.) Miss ' Nellie Smith, graduate
nurse from the Good Samaritan Hospi
tal, Portland, -is operating an elevator
in a Tacoma building while she waits
the call to go to France. She expects
orders from Washington. T. C, to re-
port for duty as a telegraph operator.
as she already has been accepted for
service and ordered to hold herself in
readiness. '
Miss .Smith studied business train
ing and telegraphy in Spokane before
coming; to Tacoma a few months ago.
She was born in Versailles, B'rance, and
the fact that she knows French will
help her.
In Paris fuel is so -scarce the people
are buying wood by the pound, there
being no coal to be had.
JJillll!IIIIII!lllllllIlIlillli:i!llllilIIIIIIII!lllllll!IIII!l!III!!llil!I!IIiniIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIII!ilil Illllillllllllllillillllllll 11111111111,
You Are the Judge and Jury
i i yjf l Hi f I ' ITT VI i liv- lit I
3 v2"mn n
, 1 m. JAdKoH's '.,V j! '.. pX,
' I j '
i -.immnmm mm 1
- -a.J V
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