Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 26, 1918, Image 14

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Portland Magnate Goes to Ab
erdeen to Talk Baseball
With Fans of City.
rkm In Seattle Tomorrow Prom
lo Brine Vp Some UtcIt - r
(Qmrnl Ilrtwrro IllcwrU and
nrom Over Mairmra(.
Ttlllam Wallae MrCr4t. prl4nt,
treasurer ar.4 creCary of the I'rttnd
tfc!l club, left yfterd?3r lor Abtr
dn. rhr h w 1 LI pnd th aratti
portion of today la conference with the
.ar4a business men. who ara re
ported a beins; araily la favor
plana that city In the, Tafic Coast
la rrnat tonal
Th Aberdeen people. aftr a ronfer
firf wirh rretdat Hlewett In Seattle
it week, raited Ju.a McCredi up
ovr Ton-dttan-e telephone and ak4
the Portland majrnate to atop off la the
tray Harbor ratropoits on fat war
to battle to attend the Coaat
1 ntr national l-a;ua meelln-c ched-
tild for tomorrow.
Jul what the naHvea of Aberdeen
have up their eleeT In the way of
seeking a f rancM la not known, but
th vatlmen who conversed with Mc
4redi over the phne aeked the Port'
land mcul If It were potbie to lo
care Itilljr Suit. van. former Chtrar
W hit hoi ratrher. who haa an apple
orchard on the outskirts of Newbers;.
fitillivan tried a "come-back" at te-
a?tle lant season, but Save the Job Qp
afer a roupl of months work.
To eomeone on the outside look In c
In, It iprrt a thourh the Aberdeen
fane micbt b look, a for an ancel
to finance their club, but In ihee dar
of unrertainty It looks as Jf they are
bp acainnt a stone wall.
MeTrewle Favor Club.
Ja4a McCredle would like ery
wtiK-k to see Aberdeen In the league,
but add that they muM remt Into the
fotd financially prepared to weather
whatever storm loom up oa the base
ba'l horison.
To a.iM the Orays Harbor fan.
Jnd M redie la In favor of the
lau takina rare of the outstandma:
etttitfetton of the Aberdeen club of a
fw aeanons a amounting to some
trilnc like ft .. whl h mut be pafd
before that cttv ran be offlciallr ad
tniiied into the ranks of orjaolxrd
If the Grays Harbor auatn men
Tfreaa bulnea they will find a friend
and adv -r In Jadse MrCredt. If
conditions are aa good as reported. Ab
erdeen ouiht to be able to support
rlub in the Partfic Toast International.
President Hiewett'e circuit needi
aivtr. city to make It a real enter
prtatna oreraniaatton and the dlrertore
eutht to meet the Aberdeen fan more
than hatf way If -they are sincere In
thir effort to anpir fur a franchise
at tomorrow meetlna.
tlaa-lla rtlee NeTrewle.
J id M.Creiie yit-rJr receiver! a
ettT from Jamee A. Hamilton, former
manager and third baseman of the
lukeoa club, who wa an appMrant
t- manece the Portland tram until Htll
r isher tppd In ahead or him. The
former t'eotral leaau pttot advised
Mr-Oredte that be bad been sicned by
lwky Ifotmee to manac the tfiouv.
'ty club to the Western Leaxue. but
that later Holme had chanced hie
mind and decided to manaae the team
himself and appointed Hamilton cap
tain. Thi arrangement did not suit
tlton and in hi letter h asked
son the offer said that Marty Farrell
would be the boy that the "Battler"
would nave to meet.
Simpson is willing to let Or t era meet
Farrell any time and they may be seen
in a local ring- in the near future.
Canadian Draws Crowd to
Workout and Shows Spec
tators Something of Speed.
X'Vredie to make an effort to land the
job of marvactna; the sixth city in the
learn for h inv
Mtmtlton save he he an entire club
)ned up and cn guarantee a winner.
He eeni confident of his abilitr to
lanl a pennant-v inninv team and is
ntioua o ronnert wttn wbrerer town
Is clvefi rhe rran'hie. MoOredte will
turn Hamtltnn'n letter over to tie Ab
erdeen basineee men.
Tomorrow mettne of the ifi at
fertile may develop int. m pretty lltfl
row between Pretlent Mlewrtt and b
Frown, of Vancouver. lUewett method
of bandlina the lea cue' a buainee has
rot met with the approval of lirnan. I
who t aald to be continually firtnc
broadside shots at the league -prtij." i
Ftewett I on the warpath and will
tfemand thai Hmwn lav ht cards on
tae t4ble when they ct together to
morrow and make good the statements
which have appeared In the Vancouver
paper from lime to time.
l am tired of havtnc one of the club
owner In the Iracue I m head of ctvinc
ut such statements as iuh Hmwn ha
Ken vivlnc out In Vancouver. Itlew-
ett report e J havinc said in Sat-
tie the other day. "l Intend to see
that It etrh-r stops or I ret out of the
lecue. When a man tells the public
of bis city that any one club owner or
two or three club owners are running
thia leacue and that bl club t in din
?r of belnc ousted from the leacue
he Is entitled to censure. Ut Hruwn
know better than that and I am come
t make hint prove his aeeertlun or
else apoioctze to me and to the Iracue
lor the damace he ha done It.'
The first matter of bustne to come
before the leacue macnatee tomorrow
will be the personnel of the leacue.
If a s'.tth city Is decided on. it look
like Aberdeen la the one bet bet. wttn
Vancouver a last resort. If the mac
rate rote to tto throuKh with four
rlube. It will be a battle between Spo
kane and Vancouver to remain In the
L'rawtne; op the schedule I no easy
task, and hen it I considered that
It took the macnate thre day to
hance the nam of the Icauue at their
last meetlna. It le hard telitnc when
they will call It "quits" at tfai tfab
JF.5S wn.LAnn.
Willard - Fulton Match
Championship Closed.
BritlKh Tolumbla. Wuhlnicton. Oregon
and California la more or lns out of
th qurxtion. The run from Vancouver
to San iJlt-KO, CaL. approximate a dis
tance equal to half of tha transconti
nental trip. Tho actual traveling time
between the two points, however. Is
considerably more.
Local Aggregation Back From Two
Weeks' Tour of California.
The it L. Kline bowline team re
turned from California Sunday morn
ing- after a two weeks' tour of that
state, in which they met the best bowi
ng afrftregations in the Golden State.
and represented Portland at the Pacific
Coast international bowling- champion-
snips at uos Angeles.
The M-1 Kline team finished seventh
In the championship tournament. In,
ine aouoies ttianey and Kowe took
Both Xorthern Champion and Jimmy
Darcy Ready for Gong and Be
lleTe in Ability to Down Oppo
nent In 6 Rounds of Battle.
"Some battler!" "Just the boy for
Marty Farrell!" "Jimmy Darcy snre
has a fight on his hands!" "Look at
that boy hit!" were some of the ex
clamations voiced by the crowd of fistic
followers who jammed their way into
the Rose City Ahtletlc Club gymnasium
yesterday afternoon when they were
tipped off that Frank Barrleau. mid
dlewelght champion of Canada, had de
cided to put on the gloves for a few
rounds and step around the padded bag,
and any one of the phrases Is not fa
off from being the truth. The Cana
dian champ was Just going to do
little road work yesterday and shadow
boxing, but after he had warmed up he
kept right on going, and, altogether,
put in about 12 rounds of gymnasium
work and boxing before he got up
good sweat, topping .it off with a
Jack Allen, the Fighting Alblna
Irishman and about the toughest bird
in this section, who will meet Mike
Pete, the crack Seattle 140-pounder
In Aberdeen over the 10-round route
next Monday, put the mitts on with
Barrleau. and for two rounds the fur
flew thick and fast. Barrieau hooked.
Jabbed, slammed and - uppercutted the
battling Portlander. and Jack never
weakened for a minute, but kept com
ing right in for more. When Barrieau
got tired of mixing be let Allen paste
him on the chin, and Jack man i
weaken at that, either. In the brief
rounds Frank showed the light
fans who were on hand that he can
hit. box and fight, which
that can be expected in any
rieai Is in the best of condition and Is
ready to go at his best.
Caaadlu la Vetera a.
The Canadian, whose home la In
Vancouver. B. C, is a s-asoned ring
veteran and has had 250 battles. He
has had only six decisions and one
knockout registered against him in all
of his iaO settos. and he has met some
of the best men In the country. Includ
ing Leach Cross twice. Bud Anderson
hree times. Willie Kltcnie twice. Mine
O'Dowd, middleweight champion of the
world: Jack Torres, the Denver cham-
arr v, v'
t r s tar
4 'J - I . It
11 'I v:. :
? .-,' -1 " IT I
it ? r ' v -
si It -
I 'A- - , rt 3 t i
A fc ' l S
7 v f I
i.fcr ixr niiiit iw.Aitifc rttttmW 4
I George Brandon. Portland Ban- I
I tamneixht, Who Will Box In I
I Seattle Tuesday Mgkt. I
t... .J
Fisher Impressed by Work of
Men at Porterville.
IF. -lir 4
.sab-out all UlJJ '
U tar
tnsi:s TO l.KAKX TO BOX
Camp CiUrr Orjanliing CLa.r. for
Womea la Art of Krlf.rrrne.
KVTTLK rr.EEK. Mlrh, Marrh 2J
All of trie nurses wao are serving In
the b.e boapital at t'amp lu.ter ran-
titnlMRf are to rrr. Hottnc leeson..
Th. Jiursea. ne.rlv I ' of them, who ex
wt t s.Mn go la Frnre. a.lie that
tfiey b taocM the art of ir-Wn
M.rt.t of iwrmin atro-ltle Inflirted
ttpon K4 Crrmm nurtf and other worn
.it ana stria m th. t'amp Cueter
uw.i d.ttrmloMl to learn how to
t'hartle Whtte. dlvialon boxlrr ln-
tenetor. has been oH.r.4 to Dreams
bilr. c for Ih.f. women. Ho
far a known. Outer Is th. first ran
ton men t in the In Itit IHatea to take
tari art ion.
-vVd knows when we will have to
fur ft.t. t proteet on r ( rM " paid
n. f tb. tirK "X weapon ef defen.
tsl b nad. as powerful In the aanda
f a ae In th. knta of a man
parTieularlv when th. woman Is f.ghc-
icg I-jr ar l.te. or even aaor
Champion to Get 73 Trr Cent of Net
Profit Fr'nlton to Get $20,000
.imbrr of Roantl lo Depend
On Where Fight Is Staged.
CItlCACO. March IS. Final article
closing a heavyweight championship
match between Jess Willard and Fred
Kulton. challenger, were signed here
Willard. It was revealed In the new
t of articles. t to receive 7 & per cent
of the net profits made ry Colonel J.
'. Miller, promoter, while Kulton Is to
receive a fUl sum of l.'i'.oOO. The Gov
ernment also stipulates that Miller
shall bare the right to sell or transfer
the bout "to such person or persons as
he may see fit."
"If I am successful In selling the
match for or more in fact.
any amount I will have to pay Fulton
S.'it.nuu and give Willard 7 per cent
of the balance." Miller explained. "C
may not be able to sell the match. If
I don't. I shall promote It myself.
There's one thing certain Wlll.trd and
Fulton will fight some place for the
championship the next Fourth of July."
The number of rounds to be fought
will depend entirely on the laws of the
Preyfuss on Warpath.
TSamey Dreyfus again ia on the
rpath. .He thinks that somebody
mperlng with First Baseman Vic
.-.aler. who says that his leg. which
was broken last year, will keep him out
of the game. Dreyfus may appeal to
th. National League's directors to
learn. If possible, who Is behind Saier.
Surely the Pirates' owner cannot be
lieve that President Weeghman. of the
Cubs, who sitll claims the services of
th. first baseman. Is an Interested
party, either directly or Indirectly. But
would Faler'a leg be strong enough to
enable him to play with the Cubs if
Dreyfus should waive title to him?
pion: Art Magirl. Jack Hall, Mick King seVenth place, Eldon and Jones eighth
wlce, "Battling" urtega twice, vie place. Eldon placed 18th in the single
Wells, nardon aiclvay. noon raimer. chamnlonshiD event. Rowe nlaceri
Willie Webb, Frankie Jones. "Fighting" Bixth in all events, taking his total
Billy Murray and Jonnny Tinman. I score.
Barrleau lost to u uowa m m luuuu. i xne crack I'ortiand team took eec-
won once and lost once to Mick H'T. ond place at the California state cham
the clever Australian, who Is being I pionships In Fresno, running up a score
atl.T LAKK 0LT l-fvt&rE TRAM
not i riuroRMt.
trlely Cast Irraii Oat of Qaestl.n
Bm.H f Uil Jaaspa and lllah
CM .f Tran.aMirtnll.n.
Shl.h.lldere Gathrr In Mean ITall and
C heer Bex.ra anal Wrestlers nka
The first smoker ataged bv tha
Foundation Shipbuilding Company Sat
urday night was a big success and haa
encouraged the company as to the stand
of the employes regarding athletics at
the plant. Nearly 1000 men crowded
Into the messroom to witness the box
ing and wrestling bouts. There were
six boxing and four wrestling matches
on the card, along with a lot of extra
entertainment in the line of music and
In the two main boxing bouts Alex
Trambltas met Muff Bronson. and Joe
Gorman met Ted Hoke. All of the four
well-known Portland boxers are work
ing for the Foundation Company. Both
of the bouta were hurricane affairs,
and had the crowd off Ita feet from
start to finish. The bouts were billed
as three-round exhibitions, but there
was no love lost between the boys, and
there was not a slow moment In any
one of the matches.
The Foundation Company will stage
another one of their amokers for em
ployes only within the next few weeks,
and are hunting for a large building
to hold It in so aa to accommodate all.
SAX FRANrisro. March 25. With
the opening of the 1!1 season of the
Pacific Coast League on April 2. five
of the six cities which go to make up I
th. circuit will be in California. The I
one exception Is the Salt Lake City
club. With the passing of the Portland.
nr.. franchise to Sacramento the only
other Coast State In the organlxauon
was eliminated.
It was for th a reason thst the North
western League In changing Ita name
lo the Pacific Coaat International
laitue advanced the argument that It
was more Justly entitled to the appela
tlon "Pacltic Coast" In view of th. fact
that th. states of WashtnKtun. ureirnn
and th pro Inc. of British Columbia
ar. represented. The Pacific Coast
League advanced objections to the us.
of Ita ram. to which the Northwestern,
era replied by suggestlna that the
nam. "California Leaaru." would be
mnre appropriate to th. objectors.
With only tnre. states. Washington,
rtrecon and California making up the
Pacific fnat line, a tremendous distant-,
separates th. polnta. It was prac
tically lor thia r.aeon that Portland
withdrew. The long hauls were found
to delv. deep Into th. cluh treasuries
when it ram. to the cost of transports
tlon for th. t.ama.
It Is s. of th. long distances
and the resulting cost of transporta
tion that many believe a Pacific Coast
League whtta would Include of
Griggs First Portland Player
at Pendleton.
V.nagsVer Haa Ability. Aeeartlaf to
Fans W k. knave Hiss.
THE first Portland player to arrive
at the Pendleton training camp Is
Corbett H. Griggs, catcher and in
fielder, whose home la at Walla Walla.
In a letter received at baseball head
quarters yesterday tiriggs mentioned
that he waa oa the Job and waiting
for the arrival of Manager Bill Flaher
And the rest of the squad.
irlKKS is said to possess a a-reat
throwing arm and has a fairly good
knowlrdxe of baseball stored away in
his cranium. He la a youngster of
promise, according to those who have
watched him perform on the diamond.
tiriaga addressed McCredle aa "Dear
Judg-ee." Just why he saw fit to tickle
the local magnate's noa de plume is not
known. "1 bad a workout today at
Kound-up Park." wrote Griggs. The
weather was excellent and the boys
were all out throwing the leather pill,
and I feel confident after the way I
heaved that ball today that I am going
to make one of the regular Joba. Hurry
up and get up here. Jurtg-ee. because
the weather Is fin. and the natives are
anxloua to look the boys over, fio long.
hailed as a world champion in Seattle
and has been the only boxer so far to
stop Wild Willie Webb, the battling
Oakland boy, who held Willie Meehan
to a draw recently.
Barrieau lost to Leach Cross in their
first battle in Los Angeles and knocked
Leach out In 12 rounds at Vancouver,
R r. In their second engagement. Bar
rieau made 133 pounds for Cross in
the Los Angeles battle, and was so
weak he could hardly stand up. In their
return bout Frank entered the ring at
112 pounds and stopped the New
Yorker. Barrieau knocked out Bud An
derson in three rounds.
FiKhtlng" Jimmy Darcy. known to
the Portland fans as Valley Trambitas,
will not be any soft pickings lor Bar Darcy has fought Barrieu to a
standstill on three occasions and thinks
that he will knock Frank out In six
rounds and is sure that he will win
the decision. Jimmy Darcy is not the
same boy the fans saw box here some
months ago.
Uarer Isaamved Boxer.
He haa improved fully 50 per cent
and boxes an altogether different style
than he formerly did. bince nis last
appearance here. Valley has defeated
a number of good boys and has gained
a world of confidence in his ability.
II. Is in good shape and has been
boxing like a champion in his training
session. Darcy will have several pounos
weight advantage over Barrieau and
will make the best oi it.
Alex Trambitas. who haa proved in
bouts here that he is one of the
cleverest and most agressive Doxers
rh.t ever steDPed In a ring nere win
be out to make np for his slow showing
with tteora-e Ingle recently, ingle is
one of the hardest boys on the Coast
i. hot as anv will tell who nas seen
him work in Seattle or San Francisco
and along with it Trambitas was away
off in his form. Alex has been train-
ng hard for the matcn ana win nave
no excuse II ne IS ueir.tcu
attle boy. Neff will arrive here Wednes
day morning. He will meet George
Ingle for the lightweight champion
ship of the Pacific Coast in Seattle to
night and leaves right after the bout
for P-rtland.
The rest of the bouts on the all-star
card are: Pete Mitchie vs. Stanley
Willis. 135 pounds: Joe Swain vs. Pat
Bradley. 150 pounds, and Ted Hoke vs.
Joe Hoff, 130 pounds. One more bout
may be added to the card today. Man
ager Merrill is having a lot of diffi
culty finding two boys to go on In the
curtain-raiser, as all of the openers
are members of the Hebrew race and
do not want to box on a Jewish holi
Salt Lake Players Ixse Paraphernalia
From Lockers.
Thieves broke into the lockers of the
Salt Lake players at Porterville and
made ' away with gloves, mitts, bats,
shoes and other paraphernalia amount
ing to about $150.
The players spent most the following
day looking for thetr equipment but to
date nothing haa been ascertained of
the missing goods.
The thief or thieves paid particular
attention to Walter McCredies locker
and went so far as to take McCredie's
solid gold tooth brush and diamond
studded hair brush and comb. They
forgot to take his platinum cigarette
case and left his finger nail file intact.
Outside of that they didn't bother
W alter very much.
Simpson, Oakland Fighter's Manager,
Offered Bout for Protege.
Tommy Simpson, Oakland boxing
manager and promoter, who is here
handling Frank Barrieau for his bout
with Jimmy Darcy at the Eleventh
street Playhouse Wednesday night, has
ben offered a match here for his
other middleweight protege, "Battling"
Ortega. The promoter that mad Sifop-
of 277a. The bowling alleys in which
the tournament was being staged
burned the night after the five-man
event had been rolled, and the M. L.
Kline team did not get a chance to roll
the double and single matches. The
team will rest up for several weeks
and then depart for the annual North
west championships in Spokane next
Bantamweight In Good Condition and
Believes He Can Take Flyweight
Title From Callfornlan.
George Brandon, the scrappy little
Portland bantamweight, left for Seat
tle last night, where he is scheduled
to meet Frankie Dolan. flyweight
champion of the Pacific Coast, tonight.
Brandon has been training all week at
the Rose City Club and Is in good shape
for his battle with the conqueror of
Abe Gordon.
Dolan, or Murphy, the name he Is
now boxing under, is one of the best
boys at his weight In the country, and
up until he hit an opponent on the chin
in Los Angeles, which resulted In the
fighter's death, Frankie was regarded
as a coming champion In the flyweight
class. He fought his first ring bout
after a rest of over a year in Seattle
the other night, defeating Abe Gor
don for the Coast flyweight title. Mur
phy is a fast, clever boy and Brandon
will have to travel at top speed to get
any place wtth the Callfornlan.
Brandon expects to beat Murphy by
his aggressiveness and punch, both of
which he is endowed with in, abundance.
It he makes good against Murphy,
Brandon wants another crack at Danny
Edwards, the Oakland colored flash,
who won a decision over him some
time ago here. Brandon was sick at
the time he fought Edwards and had
ust left the hospital after an opera
tion. He is feeling fine at present and
working at the Columbia shipyards
and training at night. George has been
boxing with Stanley Willis and Joei
Gorman the last week.
Brandon is also willing to make
weight for Abe Gordon if the latter
thinks that he can beat him.
Infielder, Who Reported to Walter
McCredle for TTjrout, Declared
to Have Bright Future by
Portland Player-Manager.
It did not take Manager Bill Fisher.
of the Portland team, long to decide
that Infielder Sands was a "find" after
Fisher had lamped the youngster at
Porterville, according to a letter Jude-e
McCredle received yesterday.
The Portland pilot was favorably im
pressed with Sands' work and predicts
a bright future "for the lad who has
been cavdrting at shortstop for the
Salt Lake Yannigans during the sojourn
of the Bees at Porterville.
Fisher was much enthused over the
showing of players Cox. Smith and
Morton, who are scheduled for release
to the Portland team. It looks as if
Walter McCredie intended carrying a
number of bis excess players until the
Pacific Coast League season opens and
then release them to Portland, accord
ing to Fisher's letter.
The Portland leader is anxious to get
started and hopes for good weather at
Pendleton, where the Portland team
will pitch training camp. Fisher ex
pects to start north lor Portland in a
few days. It was thought at first
he would be here in time to accompany
Judge McCredie to the league meeting
at Seattle.
Sammy Ferguson, the young out
fielder Portland has signed up, evident
ly intends to bat his way to a job with
Judge McCredie's club. The Portland
impresario was comfortably seated at
baseball headquarters yesterday when
a porter almost knocked the office
door off its hinges with a truckload of
bats consigned to Ferguson from
Louisville bat factory.
"Mister Ferguson here?" asked the
'Nope, he s scraping barnacles off
ship bottoms at Seattle, but we expect
him next week," smiled Judge Mc
"What'll I do with these bats?"
"Keep 'em in cold storage until he
gets here," replied McCredie.
Ferguson must expect to murder the
ball when he reports at Pendleton, and
wants enough of the ash wallopers to
carry him through the four weeks'
siege at the Round-up city.
He'll find the fences at Round-up
Park are no cinch to kiss with the
horsehide pellet, but will have no
trouble getting his assortment of bats
used up. The older players will "break"
them in for him.
Eleventh-St. Playhouse
Tickets Rich's, Sailers'
Rose City Club
tion, and if "Cyclone" Taylor, Mackar
and Lehman are working in their usual
good form they ought to be able to
bring the world's championship to the
Pacific Coaat.
Unless Judge McCredle hears some
thing definite from the National com
mission regarding the status of Cliff
Lee, outfielder whose services are be
ing! contested by Portland, Marshall
town and Cleveland, by the time he
gets back from Seattle, he said yester
day that he would wire Lee to report
at Pendleton, now that Lee has ac
cepted McCredie's salary offer.
The 'big three Herrmann, Tener
and Johnson have been mighty slow
in rendering their decision in the Lee
matter. The case has ben under con
sideration for many weeks, and there
is no logical reason why a decision has
not been given by this time.
Sacramento Player May Catch for
Oakland or Build Ships.
Babe Borton, former Portland first
baseman, may be a member of the Oak
land team this season; then again Babe
Borton may be a shipbuilder. Least of
all is the possibility that Babe Borton
will stick with Bill Rodgers on the
Sacramento team. With Art Griggs
sapping the ball on the noe and play
ing a great first base there seems
little chance of Borton's getting the
job, according to word from Sacra
Borton has been around San Fran
cisco on a visit during the last few
days and, although he is not reported
as telling any of his secrets, it is said
that he has been made a good offer to
go to work in one of the Bay City ship
yards and play in the Shipbuilder's
League. But if Sacramento plans on
turning Borton adrift there is a chance
of his catching on with Oakland should
Rod Allen not perform up to Del
Howard's expectations.
Cleveland, still After Sheely.
The Cleveland club still is trying to
secure First Baseman from the
Salt Lake Pacific Coast League club.
Sheely is said to be a powerful hitter
and a fine normal player, but so far
the Salt Lake club has been unwilling
to part with him. Manager Fohl, how
ever, has just released Ivan Howard
to the Salt Lake club, and. as Howard
can play the initial bag, Cleveland fans
believe that Sheely will open the sea
son with the Indians. Fohl, by the
way, has a formidable pitching staff at
the training camp. It includes Bagby,
Stanley Coveleskie, Coumbe, Morton,
Lambeth. Wilkinson, Enzmann and the
veteran Robert Groom.
White Sox to Keep RIsberg.
Manager Rowland, of the world's
champion White Sox, intends to keep
Swede Risberg all season. Risberg Is
shortstoD. but he wss benched last
Fall in favor of McMullin because of
the latter's batting skill. But Risberg,
it seems, can play first base and will
be ready to jump into Chick Gandill's
shoes in case the latter s knees go
back on him. Risberg, therefore, is
extremely valuable as a utility in
fielder, and Rowland says he is lucky
to have such a fine all-around player
on the club's payroll.
Vancouver and Toronto Even In Score
With 9 Points Apiece.
With scoring honors even in the two
world's series championship ice hockey
games for the Stanley cup, the Van
couver and Toronto teams will play
the third and probably last game of
the series tonight at Toronto.
Toronto won the first game, 5 to 3,
each team playing with six men ac
cording to the National Hockey League
rules. Saturday night Vancouver, play
ing under the Pacific Coast Hockey
Association rules, which call for seven
men on each team, won from Toronto,
C to 4.
The world's championship goes to
the team scoring the most number of
goals in the three games played.
Tonight s battle at Toronto is to oe
played under National Hockey League
rules and will De a ngni to me iin
Ish. Vancouver has a fast aggrega-
Trouble Predicted for Amer
ican Association.
Wise Ones Believe Organisation W
Hot Finish Season.
THE Jimerican Association is sched
uled to play 140 instead of 163
games this year, and will begin opera
tions on May 1. Already the wise men
are, predicting trouble for this organ
ization. They say that players' salaries
and overhead charges will swallow the
receipts of all the clubs and that the
association will surprise the baseball
world if it is still alive on July 4.
If this Class AA circuit throws up the
sponge in midsummer another attempt
may be inaugurated to weld together
eight cities, equally divided between
the association and the International
League. Tihs would be carrying out
the Union League plan, which was
thrown in the discard last November
because bitterness in baseball politics
proved too great an obstacle in the
path of the schemers.
. S. S. Clears Skin of Erup
tions; Drives Poison From
the System.
Get it fixed In your mind that skin
eruptions. Scrofula, Eczema, burning,
itching skin, and all skin diseases are
due entirely to impure and infected
blood. If the trouble was on the out
side of the skin, by simply washing and
keeping it clean you could obtain relief
not even ointments, lotions and salves
would be necessary. Agree with us in
this belief and your trouble can be
relieved you can be entirely restored
to health. S. S. S. is a purely vegetable
treatment that you can secure from
your own druggist it is a blood tonic
that will purify your blood and cause
a most decided abatement of your trou
ble, and finally make you entirely well.
Fifty years ago S. S. S. was discovered
and given to suffering mankind. Dur
ing this period it has proven its re
markable curative properties as a blood
purifier and tonic, and has relieved
thousands of cases of disease caused by
poor or impure blood, and chronic or
Inherited blood diseases. You can be re
lieved, but you must take S. S. S. Take
it if only pimples appear, for they de
note bad blood and may be followed by
the sufferings from torturing skin
eruptions. Therefore be sure. Don't take
chances, don't use lotions. Get S. S. S.
from your druggist. If yours is a spe
cial case, write for expert medical ad
vice. Address Medical Director, 438
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. Adv.
I jilfin f 'f ' - - seat
timjm.cWAmihVssaW ji
He Gels Days of Comfort
out of a pouch of
Real GRAVELY Chewing Plug
Real Gravely Plug is such good tobacco
(just enough sweetening to flavor), that
a plug of Real Gravely lasts much longer
i. . i
tnan an ordinary piug, ana gives roe com
fort and satisfaction of good tobacco.
Give any man a chew of Rea. Gravely Plug, and be
will tell yoa that's the kind to send. Send the best!
Ordinary plug is raise economy. It costs less per
week to chew Real Gravely, because a small chew
of it lasts a lone while.
If yon smoke a pipe, slice Gravely with your knife
. and add a little to your smoking tobacco. It will
St- give flavor improve your smoke.
Dealers al inud here cany it ia 10c panehae. A 3c
t r will pnt it sate hai haauk in aar Trainims Cam ar S.a
pawtof thU.S.A. Even Wtn" a 3e.atas will take
ktehsak YawdMWwinsnpplyenvleaMand(iv.y.naffi.
cist aire t lions sow f sddrsas it.
Tie fafe rJt kens it Frak and Oeaa oad G-J
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