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Washington's Birthday Is Ob-jyocG Portland bripe tybo jus returned cere for visit.
served AH Over Country.
oid ER mm pMpiiiiiipl
Mee and Gmiis Geirmaey Gaies
By Russians Sinnfenider
Ambassador Jnsserand Delivers Ad-
drui at Washington Cnder Aui-
pices of Sons and Daugb.
j lrr of Revolution.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 22. Congress
today observed Washington birthday
In accordance with time-honored cus
tom. Washington's farewell address
was read In the Senate by Senator I
Carry, of Rhode Island, and in ths
House by Representative AsbwclL of I
The memory of Washington was ex- I
told by M. Josserand. French Am
bassador. In an addrsss delivered at a I
rommtmontlvt mass meeting bald hers
today under ths auspices of the Sons
and Dtufhltii of the American Revo
"Everybody." said It Jasserand.
"knows the unanimity of fee litis: of all
French people who ever met Waahlng-
ton: bow. during our revolution French
citlsenshlp was bestowed on htm as be- I
Ins- 'one of the benefactors of human
ity. and how, wbsn bs died, the French
aatlon went Into mourning, officers I
wore crepe ana our Hag. wsrs flown i
t half mast.
Referring to the present war, 31. Jns
serand declared:
"The fight Is en. As ws shall no
snore desist than Washington did. sven
at this most perilous hour, the result
la certain. The work must bo done so
that It may not have to be done again.
la this we are ail of us with yon. whose
enthusiasm, valor, resourcefulness and
Inexhaustible s-efieroelty briar; ue such
cbeer and comfort.
A nay Canape) Celebrate.
Washington's birthday was observed
la all Army camps throughout the
country with various exercises and the
soldiers enjoyed a rest from military
tralninc. At camps where there were
no formal celebrations the men en-
raced In holiday festivities, many of
them belDC craned leave. Tbe commis
sion on tralninc activities made pro
vision for entertainment la all camps.
NEW TORK. Feb. 22 A parade of
1ioi troops from the TTth Division of I
the National Army st Camp Upton was
tbe feature of the Weahlngton e birth
day celebration la New York, City.
Fifth avenue, the principal line of
Inarch for the parade, was literally
waving- lane of red. white and blue.
Toe revlewlnr officers Included Secre
tary of the Navy Daniels.
Tonlsbt a mass meeting aider the
- ? ' X
lv : '" L
, -
)'": . , ;
- -aveewt,sMw,-w,J-sws . .
When the Russian "Muzhik trades his machine-gun to the Germans for a drink of
vodka, as many are doing, he comes near typifying the act of his Bolsheyik superiors ia
giving up their military .power for an intoxicating dream of anarchistic liberty. Like
them too, he may hit off the transaction with some fine phrase that seems to. sanctify
his murderous bargain.
Declaring' piously that they tan' not continue a war -with the German -and Austrlai
workers, they release those unhappy workers for transfer to the Western front where they,
may soon be thrown in masses at the Allied guns :with far more .disastrous, results- to
themselves than if they had remained in the. quiet trenches of Poland. '
What is of mosr concern to the American people, however, is wfcar-ganf Germany
has made in1 men and guns by Russia's unconditional- surrender, and "in the leading
article in THE ' LITERARY DIGEST for February. J23d, there is a careful examination
.of this phase of developments'" ori the Eastern front, and other contingencies that may
arise, in the near future.
Other'articles of almost equal importance in this. number of rThe Digestrarert
President Wilson His Own War Lord
All Shade f 'Editorial Opinion on the Proposed Leirislation to" Speed Up the War, Either by Lira it in
Or Giving Greater Power to the President
auspices of the American A ill. nee for school children. Army and Na
Labor and Democracy was addressed I.. .tt . . .
by Secretary Daniels and Samuel Oom- " w11 dosens of buslne
WASHINGTON'S birthday proved
to be a real holiday for many
vy men.
ness men.
p-ra, president of the Amerlcaa Feder-jmnr of whom passed the day on the
auoa of Labor. IfoLf links or the tennis or squash
Courts at the leadlnr f-lnKa A nnkjp
cnic.voo. reb. 12. chicsro today rof -. ,r T ,.
celebrated Washlncton'a birthday with l,h. . . , ' " '
military hoIM.T a narmria of S000 I '" " iw reai oeai ei me
men of tbe new Illinois Reserve Militia alnlns; last nlcht. many of the
balnc a feature of the celebration. I hospitable homes belnc thrown open
Sevea States Represented. "ul ,or a "n,cr danclnc.
Governors ef seven statea la Caleaco I . , .ur" " 1 aner-
sI.w!a th. Ildl N'UoMl b": tlon at the residence of Mrs. Walter F.
csvlswed the parade. I o,,.,.,, . , . . . .
VFrtV HAVEN. Conn. -Teh. 55. Tele Not of entertainment. The affair was
men In the Army and Navy Joined with "'T' by the Multnomah chapter, and
indrcrsduates today In celebrating I 't aa a dellcbtful event. An elabo
Vchlncton's blrthdsy. Fsrvlce;s"ste rrosramme. Includlns; dsnrlntr by
t-etrinc til stars for the university and I little Marlon FarrelL ninsirsl selections
114 s'-r for the tclcolifle school wetelbT niembers of the Portland Symphony
r resented. lurcnestra. made tbe occasion, charming
ana most interesting.
PAM ANTONIO, Tex. Feb. 11 Wash- I Hundreds of women called dar'nr the
Incton's birthday parade th roach ths Isfternoon. and the hostess wse ssslsted
business district today by the entire l by Mrs. r. M. Warren. Mrs. E. C. Shev
itb LMvision.-.attonai Army, was tea- iin. Mrs. Charles Gauld and Mrs.
mrei or in aenai participation or tnw I ii. ji. FarKer, who presided at
Army areonautleal senooi nere. wnicnitbe prettllr ar-Dolnted tea. table. Th
ad IS regulation balloons over the city I refreshments served conformed strictly
nunnsjinn lanoi. arropunn irara mo toe conservation rules, flour and
jvruey r teia siso particiyatea m me sucsr substitutes belna- used throuch
HALIFAX, X. S.. Feb. IS. The United
ftatee and American Ked Croes re
celired a snare of tribute at a Wasb
Inston'a birthday celrbiation here to-
ly. which was attended by Lieutenant'
out the menu. This Washington's
birthday celebration Is sn annual event
with tbe D. A. It. of Multnomah chap
Miss Dorothy Strowbrldce last nlcht
ioremor Grant. United states Consul I entertained with an Informal diiuier
l ounir and a. lrce body of represent
tilt citU'ns.
Trlbate FaM Ited Creea.
We desire not only to honor Georce
Washlncton." ssld fr'r Fredenclt Fraser.
uperint'ndent of the Halifax School
honoiinc Mies Marian Smith and her
fiance. Thomas Kerr, the wedding of
whom will be an event of tonight.
a a
Today's Important social event Is the
wedding of Miss Msrian Smith, which
for the Blmd. to an address, -but also ''m",d rr."d,'nc f
the country his name represents. Ws r' Mr- Ved!,L- .,ar"n' "S
want to recoimlse ear ally we h LrMt' .Bt i3 The
fichtinr side by side with us and we
want also to recocnise the creates
ally we have had In liojifax In the days
followinc the explosion the American
Led Croaa.
DEXVER, Feb. 2 The Britlsh-Ca-padiaa
reerultlnc mission here wss
ef Georce Wsshincton. A notice on the
rloeed today in honor of the memory
front door of the mission said
-Closed, holiday, . In honor ef the
blrthdsy of Georce Waahlncton. the
father of American liberty. The British-Canadian
reerultlnc mission. Amer
ica s partner In tbe cause of world lib
erty! will bo closed for the day.'
Convicted Bond Thief Say He In
fends to "Corns Rack" First.
1rde J. (Tied) Itupert. who was sen
ten-d Thursday In the Circuit Court
for from one to three years In the fn
itentiary for the theft of fito in lib
erty bonds from the Northwestern Na
tsonal bank. Is held at the county Jail
and unless there is si Federal chares
placed acalnst him be will be taken to
the State Penitentiary In a few days.
The expected re-marrtace of ftupert
and bfs d.vorced wife, pearl Rupert,
will not take place until Rupert pays
ine penalty lor his often, he said yes
t'rday. He said that after ha had com
Tleted his penitentiary sentence and
convinced his wife he could "come
bark, they probably would be re-mar
-We understand each other perfect
ly.- he said. We both feel that It is
for the beat Interests of our -year-old
son. Baden. In fact. I would not even
lt them brine the boy up to see me
Bare la the county JaiL
Head The Orman classified els.
D A Real
Delicious borley flavor
Over I0actual grain
sugar produced in mak-
bride will be attended by Mrs. Lovelle
D. Winters aa matron of honor, and
Miss Dorothy Strowbrldce and Varnel
Beach will art as beat man. .Rev. A. A.
Morrison will officiate, and the affair
will be attended only by close friends
and relatives. Mr. Kerr's father. Alex
ander Kerr, came on from Washington
to be present at the ceremony, and his
mother and alster. Mrs. Kenneth Hoi
brook, came from Boston to attend the
e e
A cablevrem received yesterday by
J. y. R. Webber annooncee the mar
risce of his dauchter. Miss Marcsret
Webber, to Cebert Capwell, which was
omah Hotel. The affair will be held in
tbe ballroom, and on the programme!
are speeches by prominent men. dance I
mnslo and vocal selections. Refresh
ments will be served and the commit- I
tee will endeavor to make this evening; I
a notable one for tbe soldiers and their I
e e e
Thomas Kerr, whose marrlara to Miss
Marian Smith will be solemnised to-
nlcht. entertained with a bachelor d!n-
nor Monday eveninc In one of the pri
vate dinlntr-rooms of Hotel Portland.
Covers were laid for five.
a e a
' Conrratulstlons are belnr showered
upon Mr. and Mrs. Karl Bernard (Shir- I
ley Flake) on the arrival of a little
dauchter Thursday nlcht.
a a a
Mrs. H. M. Bond, of 13 Cook avenue.
entertained the Klatter Club at her I
home Thursday afternoon. Those pres. I
ent were: Mrs. II. M. Bond, Mrs. w. I
Glover, Mrs. J. J. Tryon. Mrs. Kate I
Wood. Mrs. G. F. Egan. Mrs. A. Jack
son, Mrs. William Alston and Mrs.
Charles Nation.
Mrs. David Lincoln Herman, ef eat-
tl. la vlsltina- Judce and Mrs. F. H.
Whitfield, of 1393 Alameda Drive. Mr
Herman is an old friend of both Mr.
and Mrs. Whitfield and will be with
them for a week.
The Ukrainian Peace'
Longevity of Spies Here
Austro-German Friction
A Captured Tank in Berlin Streets
Gas-Driven Motor Cars
Creatures That Live in Snow
Fats for Fighters
(Prepared by U. S. Food Administration)
Cgrxtmal Gihhnm on Prohibition.
The Future of Denominationalism
Government Control of Business for War
German Comments on "Tuscania" Torpedoing
Japan's Criticism of Our War Aims
War and Defective Brains
The Cost of Coal Analyzed
Electrically Heated Beds
A Japanese War Game.
Schools Send Their Boys .to War
German School-Book Camouflage
The Clergy During the War
Important News of Finance,
Commerce, and Industry
Many Interesting Illustrations, Including Striking Cartoons
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1 I rr s
tTlai "X. II w JH 11 V W e-J ji - mvK "V
Pi merdnry wgesi w
FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY (Publishers of the Famous NEW Standard Dictionary). NEW YORK
Women's PaituoticService
By Edith Knight Holmes
aboard th Tuscan la on her fateful trip,
was ullve and safe In England. First
reports Indicated that Erlrkaon was
among; the missing. Erlcknon was for
merly an employe of Johnson brothers.
Teacher Red 1 -.
"dar in'th. ftbmertsGfoAiS
spoke to the
Capitol Hill Parent-Teacher
Cross unit held its regul
the achoolhouae on Thursday,
forenoon Miss Dunlap s
school children about Joan of Arc
which was Interesting also to some of A FTER presenting to th Portland
Ihe women who m-ere fortunate enousrhlaTX Woman's Club the need that X'
to be present. In the afternoon Mn ..v ... ,v, ...v
i f m. al a at 1 I at .. a I V vwa J w a- m.
r th. work !.. hT Ih. "a.n.aa worn in men onega.
Teacber CounciL I nt""eui iui w
stitution. received the indorsement of
An event anticipated aa a patriotic the club In a substantial war Tester
and social ratherin-; Is the silver tea day. A. soon M tne .ppaI,8e at the
to be given on March 7 at the home of I ,.. , . . ....... ...k.i-
Mrs. Grace Watt Ross moved that the
club give to Reed College 1100 a year
for a term of three years to assist In
this specializing work of tbe ooUeee.
Woodlawt. Red Croaa unit will neet J? Jk" Zi 2!!F!?!?.'!
Monday In Woodlawn School from 10 ef the cIub Ths meetra;'was
IV . V W.WVm. I k.lj , . L. tnltnAln.k U n . 1 k.llMuti.
- - ... " ' " .'lUh.MUIIIl.II 11"1V1
Mrs. C. B. Simmons presiding and Mrs.
ine iavenaer tins, oranen r-0. i. met I J. vrancis Drake asslstinir.
In the headquarters ef the East Side I Dr. Foster spoke on ' The Prepress of
Mrs. J. C. Hare. The Sha.a.cpeare Club
members have arranged the festivity
for the benefit of their worsted fund
for Red Cross work.
solemnised In Labalna. on the Island . Bu"?"sv Nn'" CluD on FrldT nd he ihr wr-: , w"hll "Pressed th.
of Maul. Honolulu. The bride, accom
panied by her mother and some of Mr.
Capwell's relatives, reached the Islands
early In the week. ISo further details
have reached Portland as yet.
a a a
Members ef the B'nal Brlth have
made final, arrana-emente for an elab
orate annual dinner party tomorrow
nlaht In the Multnomah Hotel. 8.
Conn la In rharse of the arrangements,
and the evenlnr will be made Interest
Inc with short talks by prominent men.
who are members of this organisation.
a a a
Tonlsht the bis; Armory, with It
trappings of military atmosphere and
patriotism, will abound with the bun
dreds of merrymakers who are to at
tend the dance to be given fur the
benefit of Company D. 31'th Engineers.
The proceeds from the dance will be
used to purchase equipment for the
men who will lava soon for ranee,
Everyone Is cordially Invoted to attend
thla affair and help to make It a sue
eass soclslly and financially. A nam
ber of the men In Company D will be
n "pass" to attend the function, and
the Hit ef patronesses who Include
prominent women of the city, assure
a well-attended and Interesting party.
The hostesses will Include Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert Gsrr Reed. Mrs. C E-
Dentler, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Waldo
Coe. Mr. and Mrs. C II. Templeton.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Arnatt. Mrs. Charles
Pant, Mrs. G. UelllwelL Mr. and Mrs.
F. IX Whtttock. Mr. and Mrs. Georce
M. Nolan. Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Neuhau-
aen. Miss vena winner. Mrs. Veetla
Sanderson. Pr. Florence Man I on. Mra.
G. J. Frank tl and Mrs. C B. Simmons.
a a
The junior members of the Irvlngton
Club will entertain with an Informal
dance tomorrow night, for all mem
bers of the club and their friends. Tbe
patronesses for the event will be Mra
F. P. Reno, Mrs. IL K. Lounsberrr and
Mrs. W. IL Cullers.
a e
An Informal and varied entertain
ment has been planned by the Knights
of Columbus for soldiers In and around
PorlUadv lor ibis MenlBa? t tbo Mult-,
regular business waa transacted, after I highest admiration for President Wil-
which an Interesting addreas was given I son. he declared that lie believed that
by Mrs. Frasell on the subject of "Child the President had "made a mistake In
Literature. The meeting was well at- holding himself aloof from tho pro
tended and the club will meet again on pie." Xr. Foster eald that the prob
Frlday. at which time tbe members lems of education had not been handled
are requested to come supplied with I at all In many Instances.
thimble and needles to take part In I
war worn.
Lavender Club, branch . wffl meet on
Tuesday at 2 o clook with Mra. R. B.
Knight. tS Chapman street (Jetfer-1
son car to Chapman, walk two blocks I
War today is a matter of matching
the skill of technical experts, and the
thing In which this country Is lacking
la an appreciation for the necessity of
training men technically. There has
been a short-sighted policy In educa
tion." declared President Foster.
"The War Department has taken rec
ognition of ths needs In thla line only
In a ereneral way. Becanne of delav In
Auxiliary to Batteries A and B, 147th I shipbuilding. In which much of the
Field Artillery, will meet Monday at policy has been used, many lives
I P. M-. room t:o. Courthouse. I have been lost.
In a summing no of ths lack ef ta
in the houaewlves campaign. Mlrs I precis tlon for the need for more inter-
Gertrude Talbot will speak on foods I et It. Foster said: "They're still
today at the Clrlo Club luncheon. Mult-I fiddling along. The point I want to
numah HotcL I muke now. with the permission of the
president of the club, is that the city
Failing School la doiner lta bit In I of Portland should feel It its duty to
spreading the doctrine of food eon-1 u a Darl ,n training tne workers.
servation. The children cony tbe rec- Ho ' them of the demands upon
Ipes and explain them at homo to their I Reed College, what Is expected of It.
parents. Many of the women are for- what it hopes to do in a patriotic way
eign-speaking and otherwise would not I ,n training younj men and women and
be reached by those holding the house- I f the decreased income and increase
wives meetings. The domestic sci- I ln expense ana its amoitton to do real
ence department of the school held a I technical, fundamental war service.
creditable exhibition of foods ln the I Of Senator Chamberlain's criticism of
South Portland Library. Ithe war programme.' President Foster
, I sa'd: It waa well founded and time-
siacsmar ircie no. zo. Ladies or tne iv
r,. A. It., celebrated the birthdays of The club at the business session ln
Washington and Lincoln at a meeting I dorsed the plan to add eight police-
in v.aua Mall, seiiwood. .There was a I women to the force. They indorsed also
painouo programme, io wnicn tne toi- the plan to enforce the curfew law and
lowing contributed: Thelma Holden. I the proposition recommended bv the
Mildred Elsert. Comrades Palmer. I civics committee to Increase the mlnl
Wallrlde, J. D. Stevens, a number of I mum warn of women as ner cent. Tha
school chidren. L J. Edwards ajtd oth- club also expressed itself as favoring
having some one on auty aU the time
in the Juvenile Court.
An exhibition of the work done for
the babies of France, under the com
mittee headed by Mrs. M. H. Lam on d.
was an attraction, one side of the ball
German In the publlo schools and
asked Ir. Foster"a advice. In reply he
said: "It would be short-sighted to
stop studying German now. It is more
important than ever before that we
should know the language."
The New England Society held a.n en
joyable meeting Tuesday evening In
the assembly-room of the Hotel Port
land. After the business session there
was a programme and social time,
a a a
New classes ln cookery are being
organised at the T. W. C A. for the
Spring term which will follow a con
servation programme. Regular and
favorite recipes will be given, showing
how they may be adapted to the new
conservation methods. There also will
be a number of entirely new recipes
used. Each course will have IS lessons
and the classes wlU meet evenings and
The current literature department
of the Portland Woman's Club will
meet next Thursday with Mrs. J. Fran
els Drake, 6S5 Elliott avenue. Mrs.
A. B. Cutler. Mrs. J. B. Coffey and
Mrs. Frank Kase will be assisting hostesses.
"August tho First" will Toe the book
read by Mrs. A. B. Manley. Luncheon
will be served at 1 o'clock.
Marian Fillers
Man Supposed Lost Safe.
22. (Spe-
claL) Johnson brothers.
onion growers living two miles north room bclns strung- with dainty pink,
of town, have received a telegram from blue and white baby clothes, ready to
v asmngion. u. i slating that Hand I he Een.t to France.
M. Lrlcl&son, on a of tiio paeseaserB 1 In a dub diaciissed -the - lubject fS
TUST the other day I waa thinking
Xj mat an me seinsn peopia naa Deen
converted or become extinct and that
all the gossips had become 'Interested
ln soma work and had ceased then
mean, small, unkind ways and then
ran right Into a little group of the real.
old-fashioned. malicious, gossipy va
riety of women. They were so busy
tearing another woman's reputation to
scraps and they asked me what I
thought about it all.
Well, what I answered them left them
gasping. I said: "Get to work and do
something constructive. Thi8 war will
never cease until every person has set
aside just such, feelings and thoughts
as you have. Think kind thoughts.
Look for the good ln the other felloe.
And give and work for humanity. If
you can't do any of these things, at
least mind your own business."
But, boys and girls, what Is our own
business? After all. isn't It doing
something to make the world better?
Isn't it saying a kind word when we
have a chance? Isn't it keeping our
hearts and lives clean and strong so
that we may be citizens worth while?
a a a
A girl writes me that her mother
says she can't have a lot of new Spring
clothes because they can't afford to pay
dressmaker and she doesn't like
ready-made garments, and what shall
she do? Shall she go into debt or shall j
she get some material and try to make
her own clothes.
My dear Sadie, why don't you loin
one of the night classes at the Girls'
Polytechnic School and you can learn
how to make all your garments and
make them well under the instruction
of an able teacher. I called up Miss
Arnold, the principal, and asked ber if
she bad any room la tbe evenjxis classes
and she answered: "We can accommo
date a few more." o hurry up and
join. It's ever so much fun to fashion
your own clothes and your letter hints
that you are planning to marry in June.
Why not learn to make aU the trous
seau? They'll teach you first to fash
ion lingerie, then elementary dressmak
ing, waists and later tailoring. Your
married sister can go. too, if she wants
to. and learn to make her little girl
some frocks. There's no excuse nowa
days for not learning to sew, cook, keep
house or do any of the practical wor
and do it well. The useful arts are
more important accomplishments than
to be able to sing or dance.
a a a
Dear Marian Miller: Ia it correct for
girl to meet a aoldiar at a dance and make
& data to ito out with him if he doean't
know her famllyT I met a handsome feilow
recently and he asked me to go to a snow
the next Saturday. Enall I accept 7
Invite him to call at the house to
meet your family. Have some music
or just a quiet home evening and give
him some chocolate and sake and let
the family and yourself "look Kim
over." Tour good sense will teU you
the answer.
Dear Marian Stiller: Same rlrls era cam
Ins to spend tha afternoon with me ano
knit. What anall I give tnem ror reiresn.
mants, or shall we do without any refresh.
ment? milieus A.
Some brown bread sandwiches and
tea or cocoa would be all right.
little simple refreshment makes the
afternoon more sociable. One may
Hooverlze and yet one must not do
without any entertaining. All work
and no play makes Jack a dull boy,
they used to say, .and I believe that
statement still holds good.
Dear Marfan Miller: What Is rood for a
rourh and sallow complexion 7 I have tried
several kmda ef face powder and cream. -1
am so unattractive, no one admires me.
always Ilka your answers. Tonr unhappy
friend. MARIE C. 6.
Try soap and water. Wash the face
with warm water, a little pure soap,
Ipe with a soft toweL Then eat sim
pie food. Don't eat pie and pastry. Go
to bed early, want in me iresn air.
Sleep with the windows wide open.
Drink a glass of warm water every
morning. Think cheerful, happy
thoughts. If this doesn't work, let me
Schooner Seized for Liquor to Be
Taken to VTestport.
doubt If any two members of the rrei
could so Invest that amount of monej
especially as one of them has been oj
the craft for only three trips.
ASTORIA. Or., Feb. 22. (Special.)
Deputy United States Marshal Berry,
who seized the steam schooner Johan
Poulsen, following the raid last even
ing, released the vessel this evening, as
well as Captain Ulvestad, Chief Engi
neer Lockhart and a sufficient number
of the crew to take the craft to West-
port, where she is to load lumber.
So far as could be learned, two mem
bers of the crew are willing to assume
responsibility for the whole affair and
will claim the entire contraband cargo
belongs to them. The authorities, how
ever, do not believe this story. The
liquor is worth at wholesale from $20
to $22.50 a case, so the amount seized
ckot filosa i Ji.I!)0 and tag cI.fiGeia,
Harry Pond One of Few Who AVH
In English Test.
Feb. 22. (Special.) Harry Pond, on
of the six Chinese students ln tho UnH
versity this year, is one among six ouj
of 75 members of two freshmen classej
taught by Mary H. Perkins, whj
showed proficiency in English ln I
recent test.
Although Pond, who was born
China, did not take up the study
English until he was 14 years old,
was one of the few who rewrote c
rectly 15 sentences containing nuruert
ous mistakes.
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Pacific States Firm on 8-Hour X)A(
SELLECK. Wash., Feb. 22. (Spe
clal.) The Paciflo States Lumber Com!
nanv. of Selleck. patriotically have del
cided to put the eight-hour system il
force in both their mill and their carol
here. This goes into effect March H
They employ about 250 men In all.
Remember This
There are no -(fs or
"Buts" to the Closset
feDevers guarantee. It
means Just what it says:
"Golden West Cof
fee must be -just
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complete satisfac
tion or your money
Closset & Devera