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Senate Informed America's
System of War Prepara
tion Is Obsolete.
KimiotMration iMUcrir .Y.lrd la
Irhte Orer Proposed Lf Illa
tion Pro .din; Crntrallsrd Dl
rcctloa or Army Affairs
w'W T - TV y
tton mm m llluitntmn of lb toc of
Oowrncnnt r-rtlint loo.
Administration lc1-r prpard to
rMr to lnaior IHlrhrock. vhoM
tn rtinJ rr vine iWrt4ry It. k-a I
hi tui'mrni anf th 'rridt:t
ial known tl opposition to the mili
tary rt)rmini pUn for rvorcants-
4 onjtn that murti of a ttc tjk i
bmm b-n rriliuMr don, th Netrmka
tnttr trvlM4 tbt.t rntrliz4 a net
co-trilini- war operation throuch a
war ciiurt ni rpntrltic) purchasing
tb roust, a rounaivD director ar lm-
P" r 1 1 e.
H acrtr4 that tha President and
Pif-tr J:ar had trlr.i but failed
i attain lh- o')-ct and that la Gov
X ;TTT. v
t... I.-..I mm I mi in
-even if it's only a 5c collar button
trnrntnt i rtm was obsolete
The rommtttvci lecielatton. be ar-
toi, would not rmbarriii or interfere
witn the J'residunt direction of the
ssra rHtlrlssas Offered.
Sharp rrttlrlstn of lnnjr Government
War activities waa mad by tha ttena
tor In Illustrating hla arcumenta. but
.without attacking individuals.
"Blunders that kJmont surpass be
lief havs occurred In the War Depart
Bient. ha mI'L and I tie shipbuilding alt
lietton he described aa a rre and
almost a crime." lie declared the tran
purtallon atatem Baa "broken down'
and la a ais-antlc wreefc." tin two
million tons of frelrht piled op at New
lork without ahipptna fucllittea; that
tbe Fuel Administration's orders have
paralysed war and other Industry and
that food distribution also baa been In
In flatly denying Secretary Baker
statement that the (iovernment h
plan fur tha war. the Slr aald the
military ommittee- was thunderstruck
y the nir Secretary a optimlatlc as
sert ion.
"I am afraid to ko too deeply Into
shipping Itaurtfc- ha a'Med. "tor one
mitrht b charged with Klvins Infornia
tlun to the enemy. All who ar In
formed aa to the preaent supply of our
ahlpptna were thunderstruck at the
ataternents of Secretary Itaker. Ills
aanvuina predictions aa to our ability
to ship men to Kurope and supply them
when there ara eaaggerattona of lb
wildest sort.
lias Taaaaa Ilea aired.
To supply l.sia.oa men In Franc,
npposlna we could art them over
there, u will requira i.OtfO.srti) tons of
nippinc In constant us. Wa all know
the total tunnasra now available Is
totblns Ilka that amount. W all fear
it will not approximate that a year
Irom now.
"Yet tha Peeretary of War Is so out
f tuucti with the htppinK Hoard and
shipping autioritlea that ha makes a
atatement that Is absolutely prepoa
terous. I bava no doubt of bis sin
cerity, but this act Indicates aaaln tha
client to which one department Is out
sf touch with another department.
Turnina to Secretary llakir s war
plan Senator Hitchcock said:
"Secretary liakrr says we hare
plana. 1 am sorry to dlaaitrea wltb
aim. If there Is on thina more con
spicuous by Its absence than any other
in the operation of tha various de
partments and bureaus in Washington,
it has been planntnic for tha future
"1 do nut deny that tha various de
partments have planned as far as they
could In advance, but who has pre
pared the master plan which will har
anontj all the olbcr plans? Nobody.
Aobody could."
question at Issue Is rot partisan.
Neither Is any principle Involved.
The matter at Issue la purely a
practical question whether we can sup
port the efficiency of war admlnistra
tlon by adopting; business methods In
buyins; supplies and whether we can
Bet order out of confusion and action,
Instead of delay, by co-ordlnatinir street
(Government bureaus now runniiifr al
most Independently and often at cross
rrealdeaf Mkeaed e KIbk.
"T asree with Senator Chamberlain
that tha President does not know the
real situation. He cannot reive two
month to an Investiratlon such aa we
have done. Like a klnir, surrounded
by a court, be bears practically only
one side.
"The people who complain do not
reach the President nor even members
of his Cabinet. They come to Senators
nd Representatives.
-The President and Fecretary of War
have evidently realised the defect of
the exiKlliiB- system and attempted to
chance It without legislation, but with
out success.
Praisins; FMwsrd Stettlnlus, the War
Department a new surveyor of pur
chases. Senator Hitchcock said he Is
without lea-al authority, like all the
other voluntary agencies, and that a
leBally-consiiiuttHl munitions director
was needed.
Senator Hitchcock said Great Britain
and France both had been forced to
remedy Government weakness by a sys
tem similar to the war cabinet and'
suctcested that the President under the
bill would appoint and direct the war
cabinet, and. If he pleases, could ap
point SecrcUirlra McAdoo, Baker and
Daniels aa the members.
. tatrwat tserlared Atsawrd.
Referring to the President's oppo.
ettoa to the two committee bills, th
ntor said It was on the around that
the President alone baa responsibility
for conduct of lua wsr. addine;:
"The mere statement presents an ab
Asserting; that Conrress has a lartre
jnure of responsibility. Senator
Hitchcock said it would be "moft
truus to buld 1'ie President respon
sible for tre :.(. toe tons of freittht
piled up In New York, for the "break
down of tran.portat ion. ... the
mud lie and Jim hie of priority ship
ments, tha shorteomlnss of the ord
nance department and Quartermaster's
department, sufferings ot the unneces
sarily sl.-k soldier and nine months
delay in construction of the Government
powder factory."
The Senator summarised t'e enor
moai burdens on the President, in
eluding Ms formulating a forelan pol
ley. designing all the legislation (or
Congress to pass, dictating the Indus
trial and political activities of the
country and looking after expendi
tures of ljO.toe.we a week.
W llsae'e Alt I cade Held) a(aral.
The President does not want the
fommittee t. report the Cabinet bill,
and." be continued, "if press reports
ha true, he objects even to a discus. ion
of thts lrgi!atton in the Senate. This
attitude on the part of the President
ts unfortunate but not altuselber uu-
-In tJie first place te President be
longs to the school of political philos
ophers who adhere to the belief that
all important legislation should orig
inate wiia end bo proposed by the ex
ecutive. "I cannot subscribe to this scheme
ef gocrnmcnt. although It has some
bbvtoua advantage ID that It provides
leadership, order and programme.
"Mnca he became President Mr. Wll
eoa has enforced his view upon Con
grse to a large degree and generally
with, good results. In the main. 1 have
been one of thoee who have rollow.d
pie leadership and supported his poli
cies and I eipect to lo so in the fu
ture. Now and thn. however, aa ex
ception must be made.
"Tfcts Is eee of those ' Tee
Get a small package of Hamburg
Breast Tea. or as the German folks call
It. "Hamburger Brust Thee." at any
pharmacy. Take a tablespoooful of the
tea. pot a rep of boiling water upon It.
poar through a sieve and drink a lee.
cupful at any time. It la the moat effect
ive way to break a cold and cure grip,
ae It opens the pore, relieving conges
tion. .Jso loosens tbe bowels, taua
breaking a cold at once.
Il is Inexpensive and entirely ecfe.
lavbie Uvaxalaxe lnrTniriii lia
Wrtfcsds reetare Obsolete.
Tbe War Department's obsolete
methods, the Senator said, had brought
the expected results, "confusion of au
thority, red tape, oireumlocution and
Incapacity." and he cited evidence given
in the military committees inquiry of
clothing, rifle and equipment shortages
and sickness and deaths in camps as
the result of overcrowding and lack of
e found we must depend on over
worked and overstrained France for
ntachlne guns for ground use until
nearly the end of thia year." he said.
adding that the first American-made
heavy artillery will not be received un
til July and "not much before 191$ can
we expect to use In France American
heavy artillery In any great quantity."
9 found, he continued, "that only
now we are Just beginning work on
two great powder plants to cost KC-
'ii.ouO. and cannot get powder from
these plants before August. We found
that though the medical department
asked for hospital ships last July, they
havo not yet been ordered.
"I do not deny that we also found
much that waa rredltobl and satis
factory. The task undertaken was a
busre ons and much of the work has
been ably done. Some War Depart
ment officials most severely criticised
have worked desperately hard. This
comment covers tlie Secretary himself.
Tills leads me to hold a defective or
ganisation responsible for the short
connnrs to a greater degree t?an any
Individual or group of individuals."
Two ('a arses Pelated (1st.
Two courses were open to the com
mittee as a result of the Investigation,
said Senator Hitchcock to report con
ditions, "making a few scapegoata and
ignoring the greatest evil of defective
machinery." or recommending lcgts!a
tion to give tbe President "an up-to
date war-making organization."
Senatora on both aides gave Sena
tor Hitchcock close attention. Senator
Kirby. Democrat, asked If the mill
tary committee formally had made any
findings or whether the speech repre
sented the Nebraska Senator s Individ
ual views.
Senator Hitchcock said the decision
to report the two bills waa by mem
bers who had attended all of the com
mittee's meetings. Senator Klrhy did
nut attend the investigation until early
In January.
Senator Williams, of Mississippi, an
Administration spokesman, asked Sen
ator Hitchcock for his authority for
statement that il.Oon.OO'J pairs of
shoes have been ordered. Senator
Hitchcock said It came from civilian
officiate In high position.
"Then It's mere hearsay, after all.
Senator Williams replied.
The Nebraska Senator added he un
derstood i.Ouo.iiCO more pairs had been
ordered and he hoped the allies "would
lake some ot them off our bands."
lafsraaaata Tsasses Refused.
When Senator Hitchcock said he was
advised that a large quantity of meat
on A ship had spoiled by a blunder in
turning off the refrigerating plant.
Democratic Leader Martin asked tbe
authority for the statement.
Senator Hitchcock said It was widely
published and never denied.
Senator Weeks. Ilepublican. of tne
military committee, said the Quarter-
master-Oeneral had admitted It-
Senator Williams demanded that
Senator Hitchcock disclose the names
of bis Informants In all cases and fcen-
ator Hitchcock declined.
Senator WlMiams then replied that In
accordance with legal practice he would
"enter a general denial."
"And I shall leave It to the Jur7."
rejoined Senator Hitchcock.
In support of Senator Hitchcock's
statement on ho ordered. Senator
McKellar. another Democratic mem
ber of the military committee, cited
testimony of the Quartermaster-Gen-era!,
that from March to December II.
1SIT, orders were given for Sl.llT.OOO
"I am not going to delay the Senate
w ith all the proof." said Mr. Hitchcock.
"J am merely slating the facts.
Secretary Baker had "wildly exagge
rated" in predictions of ability to send
troops abroad. Senator Penrose asked:
"f am curioua to know what Influ
enced the Secretary to make such a
statement so apart from tha facts.
Was it his sanguine and hopeful nature
or lack of Information to Justify
Replying that he believed Secretary
Baker merely lacked information. Sen
ator Hitchcock said:
"I consider it reckless a terrible
mistake to so mislead the country. Of
course, the Secretary did not do It In
tentionally, but only because he did
not bave the Information because there
was no co-ordination of the Shipping
Board with other Government agen
cies." Hoping to get 1.000.000 men to Eu
rope without sufficient ships to trans
port them waa characterized by Sena
tor Hitchcock as "living in a fool
paradise. I nless something in done
the United States will face the world's
greatest disaster, he said.
"1 can't believe the secretary In
tended it as a gigantic bluff or In
tended to deceive the people," said Mr.
litchcock. "but ho didn't know; he
was out of touch."
Aiding F.nemy Charged.
In fiery fashion Senator Williams
Instantly replied to Senator Hichcock.
Ho declared the Nebraska Senator bad
made "a very strong Indictment'
against tbe executive departments of
the Government.
deferring to Senator Hitchcock's
statement that he did not tell all he
knew because he might be charged
with giving information to the enemy,
the Mississippi Senator declared:
"He did tell almost all he knew and
he did give Information very valua
ble to the enemy."
Senator Williams referred to agita
tion before the war of legislation to
prohibit shipment of munitions to the
"That was almost as foolish." he said,
"as this war cabinet proposal. That
legislation to keep the allies from hav
ing American munitions waa the Ger
man game tnen. the German game
now la muckraking this Administra
"If what the Senator from Nebraska
says is true, we are out of the war.
If bis indictment is true, we are al
ready defeated."
Historic Cases Cited.
The Continental Congress, he added,
came very near ruining General
Washington, "and all the asses that
ever existed came very near ruining
Lincoln and Grant in the Civil War."
"Congress or a council cannot carry
on the war and cannot furnish the
braina for anybody else to do it," said
he. "If the President hasn't cot brains
enough to perform the functions of his
great office, he can't be lent brains
by a council."
"No other people ever turned from
peace establishment and within nine
months converted themselves so nearly
complete into a war machine," Sena
tor Williams shouted. "The Senator
says the President and Secretary of
War don't know the facts, can't find
out- In God's name, how is It possi
ble for him to know? He Is not supe
rior in native ability of brains."
Here are 100.o00.0u0 people ready to
fight Germany by themselves and can
whip her by themselves," shouted Sen
ator Williams. "We feel our mettle, we
will have the spirit and we have the
boys. What's tha use of muckraking
the Administration?"
The Mississippi Senator said the
charges reminded him of the man who
went to see a statue and proclaimed
the head divine, the breast superb, the
legs those of an athlete, but found a
small defect on the right heel, and
"wrote Sl pages about the defect."
"What's the use of It? What's the
sense of It?" he declared. "Aren't we
all doing our level best to win this
war? Isn't every Republican trying to
help win the war except a few pac
ifists, who have nearly endej their po
litical lives?"
Senator Williams declared the bill an
usurpation of executive power and un
constitutional. If he were President,
the Senator added, and it were passed,
he would veto It, and If it passed again
would refuse to obey It on the grounds
of being in conflict with the Consti
tution. "I do not think we can gain much
by challenging the motives of tbe Sen
ators who proposed this legislation or
those opposed to it," said Senator Reed,
of Missouri, following Senator Wil
Hams. "It Is getting too much of i
habit of men to clinch their argument
or lack of argument by Inferring their
opponents are friends of the Kaiser.
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Corbett Building
Corner of Fifth and Morrison
well it might be questioned whether
they should be trusted further."
Senator Reed also contended the war
cabinet bill was unconstitutional, be
cause it Infringes directly on the Pres
ident's powers as commander-in-chief.
Senator Knox. Republican, called his
attention to the initial provision of the
bill that the war cabinet should ex
ercise ita duties "through" the Presi
dent and only those conferred upon it.
"I don't believe the proponents of
the bill contemplate the construction
placed upon it by the Senator from
Missouri," said Senator Knox, declaring
himself in favor of limiting a .ar
cabinet's power by making It subject
to the President's supervision.
Tomorrow Senator Wadsworth, of
New Tork, Republican, plans to speak
In support of the legislation. Senator
Thomas, of Colorado, a Democrat, Is to
follow In reply, and afterwards Ad
ministration leaders hope to limit
further debate.
Sea Mammal Meat Will Be
Tried Out at New York.
Vessels sa Peaceful Mission Suspected
of Trsssportlsg Troops and
War Munitions,
STOCKHOLM, Feb. 4. Swedish steam
ers, accomoanied by a cunboat and an
ice-breaker, which had crossed the Gulf
of Bothnia to take on Swedish subjects
desiring to leave Finland on account
of tho revolution, were fired upon yes
terday by members of the revolutionary
Red Guard on the Island of naeiso,
near the Finnish port of Myantyuloto.
Six shells burst within a short rtis
tance of the ice-breaker. Later Rus
sian sailors and Red Guards boarded
the gunboat and explained they had
fired in the belief that the steamships
were carrying troops and munitions.
LONDON. Feb. 4. King GustaT of
Sweden, according to a Stockholm dis
patch to the Times, has received a dep
utation from the Aland Islands, who
nresrnted a petition from the lnhaot
tants asking for reunion with Sweden.
The Alands. numbering 80, are in the
Gulf of Bothnia and have formed part
of Finland. The islands were taken
from Sweden by Kussia In lsus. 'J ne
population of the Islands Is about zo,-
vuu, mostly swedes.
Motives Declared Highest.
Although opposed to Senator Hitch-
cock'e position. Senator Reed said he
knew the motives of both tr Nebraska
Senator and Senator Chamberlain were
What the investigations have dis
closed, the Missouri Senatdr said, can
not be termed "flyspecks" or "a slight
defect in tha heel of tbe perfect
"If 7000 men In the cold Winter leave
their homes and are not furnished with
sufficient clothing, that la not a fly
speck." he continued.
"If soldiers are permit ed to die In
hospitals because of want of proper
medical attention; If their bodiea are
allowed to lie on the floor, that is not
a speck.
If ships have not been bunkered
with coal and coal is available, that is
not a speck. That Is of vital Importance
In carrying on the war. anu those re
sponsible for blundering have showed
yibMk bcnoXar liitchcock declared titmacivea capable of blundering, and
Publishers Charges sf Inequitable Ces-
tracts With Newsprint Makers
Gives Considerable Attention.
WASHINGTON". Feb. 4 Requests by
paper manufacturers tor turtner time
to present investment and production
costs on which the Federal Trade Com
mission will fix a price for news print
paper called forth from newspaper pub
lishers at an open nearing a, protest
that they were not prepared to con
tinue paying the maximum of S cents a
pound under the tentative agreement
if the commission was not enabled to
complete its work by April 1.
Inequities charged by the publishers
to exist in contracts for the purchase
of paper were the subject of cross-examination
of A- G. Mclntyre, expert
for the paper committee of the News
paper Publishers' Association.
isn t tne advance given py tne
paper committee intended to control
the purchase of paper as much as pos
sible?" Henry E. Wise, attorney for
the manufacturers, asked.
"It is not," Mclntyre replied.
Officials Ordered by C. S. to
move Immoral Conditions.
KANSAS CTTT. Mo, Feb. 4. Orders
that Kansas City clean up alleged im
moral conditions, which the War De
partment has had under Investigation
for several months, were conveyed to
city officials today by Lieutenant E. R.
Beckwith. of the sanitary corps, cen
tral division.
Food Administrator Hoover Invited
to Attend Function Announced
by President of Museum
of National History.
NEW TORK. Feb. 4. Whale meat
will be the principal article of food at
a luncheon to be tendered 30 members
of the American Museum of Natural
History Friday, planned as a demon
stration of the possibilities of whale
meat consumption as an offset for scar
city of other meats that might be
caused by the war.
Henry Fairfield Osborne, president of
the museum, who has arranged the
demonstration today, declared that
whale meat is equal in food value to
beef and could be marketed In New
York City for 124 cents a pound.
Food Administrator Hoover is among
those invited to attend the luncheon.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. Food Admin
istrator Hoover was asked today to per'
mit bakers of unleavened passover
bread to get sufficient flour to meet
the requirements of Jews.
Religions Need Tfrged.
The bread, it was pointed out. Is nec
essarr in order to enable persons of
that faith to observe their religious ob
CHICAGO. Feb. 4. Milk deliveries In
Chicago today were cut practically in
half and distributors fear that a further
decrease in the supply will occur tomor
row because of the "passive strike of
milk producers in Northern Illinois,
Southern Wisconsin and Northern In
diana, who decline to accept the price
of S3.07 a hundred pounds during the
month of February, fixed by the milK
commission of the state food adminis
OMAHA. Feb. 4. A half million bush
els of corn grown by Omaha Indians on
the reservation of that tribe along the
Missouri River. Is rotting on the ground
for the lack of freight cars, a delega
tion from the reservation told State
Food Administrator Wattles today. In
making a plea for transportation facili
Total Loss Threatened.
Mr. Wattles has telegraphed the
Washington food administration and
asked for cars. Unless moved within
four weeks the corn will be a total loss.
CHICAGO, Feb. 4. The stoppage of
shipments of non-essentials to facili
tate the movement of grain was advo
cated today by J. J. Stream, head of tbe
coarse grain division of the food ad
ministration, who arrived here from
New York to confer with Chicago Board
of Trade officials. Desperate efforts
are being made to move empty cars to
Western territory in order to save the
was brought on the ground of deser
tion. Jlrs. Ream alleged that five days
after their marriage in 1911 her hus
band was induced to desert her by his
father, Norman B. Beam, a prominent
steel manufacturer. The action was
Proof of Sympathy for Sufferinj
Belgium of Greatest Comfort.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 4. The Queen of
the Belgians has cabled Dr. Anna
Howard Shaw, chairman of the woman's
committee of the Council of National
Defense, thanking her for a cablegram
expressing the gratitude of American
women for the humanitarian cervices
rendered by the Queen and women of
Belgium to the cause of freedom and
"Such a proof of sympathy for suffer
ing Belgium will be of the greatest
comfort to those in distress," said the
Queen's message.
Belgium (Granted Another Loan.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. Belgium was
granted another loan of $3,500,000 by
the treasury today, making her total
loans from the United States $S9,-900,000.
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Connecticut Woman Charges Deser-
tion Fire Days After Marriage.
PUTNAM. Conn., Feb. 4. A divorce
was given Eleanor Davison Ream, wife
of Louis M. Ream, today, together
with $210,000 alimony and the right to
resume her maiden name. The action
American Dollar Falls In China,
AMOT, China, Feb. 4. The American
dollar la quoted here aa worth $1.34
silver In Chinese coin, a decrease of t
cents since November 30. The normal
rate la about $3.25 silver.
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