Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 02, 1918, Page 4, Image 4

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Military Attaches Recalled.
Break With Germany and
Austria Expected.
Notra of Br as 1 1. Prra, I ragoay Kr.
live la Tlwlr Itrspertlve Policies
Aa.wrrrd by Thrlr Xclrbbor
la Mrnlflrant Maoorr.
vvrso airfs. rc. 1 The M.n-
let-r of War haa reralird Ara-nllna a
sntlitary iIIkIki (mm llarlia and
la political circ! tht action la ra
a.ri4 aa elrniricaet. and connected
wita the aiakinc of the Argentina
i'mMp M. macro lrrl.ndu. Jan
The Argentine Minister to France
haa ccnrirm.d th fact that tha atsarn
ah. a ll flr'" tba Arsentlne fa
afiea unk. Tha Baa not
anavuncMf a what authority tha
f;" of flage laaa mad. aft.r leav
ing thi country in. wi bavin
Sailed under th. Frtrnrn f las hut lr
ports lb ainkinf aa an unfnrnd;v arl.
.a thouca th. n of iha bom
aa unauthorised.
rnalai ate R.aC
Tb. a.aumplion la political circles
here la tbat tJermany do not tnt.nd
t ba.p h.r promisee In rgard lo Ar-
nima a shipping.
Tha ttuat.a h.ra la t.naa and tha
authorttiee ara maintaining mora than
thair usual eilenr on Iba subjcvt. but
In. ij.n'a al Iha Goiimmtnl liouaa lata
lortar lad to Iha ballet tbat tha gov
erasaeet at laat la preparing to taha
an important at. p.
After an unusually lone lane of
lima, tha t'oreisn oftic today replied
In lha not. a of and trtufuajr.
kick notified Argentina of tup
t'ira of ralatlona nun ;rnanv. and
that of BmaiL Informing Argentina of
h.r ai.t.r country'a atate of war with
tha c.ntral power.
Mana Vraanathy '-
Argentina. In tha tnr.a notaa aanl
In raplT. epresad h.r approbation and
tarm.t rtmrathy erllh tha Ihr.a olh
ar eouth AmrKin rountrt.a.
Tha not. la ilraail. mbirta nan th'
moat atcniftranl. aara that Iha Ar
grnrlne tot baa followed all
tha e"a of Iha causa whi-h led to
Ihia lust resolution"" and cloa.a with
an praslon of homage to tha Bra
aillaa nation.
Thesa not.a and tha aimultanaotes re-
rall f th. military atla. h. from Mr-
l.n and Vlaana nra rardl aa ledl-
catlnc that Iba country la versing on
a crl.ia In Ita Intarnaliunal rWationa,
It alr aa announced today that an
armr offi-r. w bo haa ban artlng aa In FrHn for I Strton.
haa alao bn rcai:d by iha Minister
of War.
dental, whila othars vara raaaonably
cartaln Iha ftra atartaa wnan workmen.
lamping from a bench on which they
had been eating whan tha wblatle blew,
landed oa one of the oil feed pipes.
breaking It. The pipe led to a big fur
nace In the "slap" and a nearby a
pip led to another part of thep laat.
Tha break Immediately allowed tha oil
to Ignite and ahoot tha flamea to tha
surroundlns walla. Tha furnace
only a few feet from where tha men
had been eating their lunches.
Tha 'Slab" la the big room about 100
by e feet wide, where big platea for
the ships are bent and worked. It ad
lolna the Plata room. The "Slab struc
ture was entirely burned away and the
costly machinery damaged by water
and the d.brla. The wall of one side
ef the plats room was likewise burned
out. The apparatus waa able to cneca
the flames In Iba wood structure quick
ly, but workmen at the plant were
loath to start a stream of water on tha
fire at the beginning, fearing It arose
from a broken oil pipe and water would
oaly t.nd to spread the flamea.
The anew and allppery streets spenea
trouble for enalne No. 4. a horae-drawn
aehlcl. which atartad to tha fire, but
which waa etallev-oa Tblrd street snd
had to be pulled out by truck No. Zi. a
motor apparatus. The truck hooked on
to the eaalne and pulled boraea and ail
to a place of aafa coins for the ant-
Rescinding of Monday Order
Seriously Considered by
McAdoo and Garfield Issue Joint
Statement That Announcement
Ilearins; on Important Mailer
M ill Be Made Next Week.
r-rs Pret rHea
plate room, where plate ateel IS pre
pared for boltinc to Ihe ahlps. The
hUe started on Ihe walk Juat ersr aa
air-eowipreeae-l P'P aa 'en ,,, ,rom'
had ba Utd to prevent Us rraesmc
The air la uaed to run drills and other
machinery In Ins room. -
Tha plant had Jtit atrted up afte
o'clock lunch. The men we're all I
their placea. The hum of machinery
tha clank of drllla and Ihe rumble of
Ihe but cranes perTaded Ihe auao-
The waa a au-M.n cry of "Fire!
In an Instant the hulMInc was In
turmoiL SinM f.w of the 1 workmen
In near the Maie Inat heada and
ran for their street clohins. ba he
malorty. uader orders from Iha fore
man. stood by lo man Ihe fire boees.
Mreaeaa Ara feeble.
A faw etreama of water wars turntd
an Iha flamea. but they made email
headway. Frank Rbcock. formerly
fireman for the city, waa one of Ihe
ftrl to man a ho. but he dropped I
when Ihe heat of the fire Icnlted hi
Meantime an alarm had been mmed
la to tire head'iuartera. and practically
ail tha West hide apparatua waa or
dered lo the wane. ITocreae of Ihe
aataeaoMIe racines w a alow oa ac
count of Ihe slippery etrrela. and aome
af Ihe fcorae apparatus from the oal
lyirc dlatruis waa caiUd In and aent
to combat the blaae.
(me .1 Ihe worhmen who aaw the
fire atari, said It waa ao auddan aa to
bant. b tha belt.f Ihjl l . mvrt
J. Went worth, district officer for
OrifDD of the United blat.a t-hipplnc
Hoard, and K- B Fsbert. repneaeniinc
I'aptain blain. or Peattle. district ot
fleer In rharce of ateel ship construe
lloa In the Xorlhweat. cot la touch
immediately with Iha plant, and
thorough investigation will be made.
Sheriff liurlbuvt alao started an In
vestigation lo be conducted by officers
of the Multnomah Mtats liuarda. who
are among Iha guards at Iha plant.
The "slab" and plate-room are In the
renter of the plant, but about luO to
ISa feet from the nearest ways.
Work at the plant will not be Im
pedrd to any considerable degree by
Ihe fire.
A number of Ihe workmen lost their
street clothing, which they had left In
Ihe lockers and did not have lima to
A unique use and occupancy Insur
anre policy laaued by 1-ondon IJoyds
waa Juat delivered to ths Northweat
ateel Company yesterday. It covera
any loaa for delay In work due to firs
or other causes or any loas from non-
operation. Ths policy was delivered
by Pettle-Oroaamayer Company. The
damage Is alao covered by regular fire
Insurance. The damage will not cause
any appreciable delay la Iha work at
tha plant.
Efforts lo Save Shipbuilding firm's
Hostelry Are (."navalllng.
KT. HELENS. Or.. Feb. 1. (Special.)
ne man waa hurt and from liooo to
! B damage was done about
o'clock tonight when the three-atory
frame hotel, recently conatructed by
tha Sommaratrom Shipbuilding Com
pany al Columbia City, two and one
half mllea from here, was completely
destroyed by firs. Axel Petersen was
Iha Injured man.
Two hundred volunteer flre-flghters.
with wet blankets, hoaa and by meana
of a bucket brigade fought valiantly
and saved two other and smaller hotela
near by. both of which caught nrs two
or t h ree times, but were only badly
Ths fact that a few days ago Ed
Sommaratrom. one of the owners and
manager of tha plant, had been told
tbat something waa going to happen"
to hla plant, leads to the belief
on the part of some persons that
Iha firs waa act. aa iha blase started I
three placer, the front of ths note
center and rear, all on ths first floor.
WASHINGTON-. Feb. 1 Abandon
ment of the heatless Monday pro
gramme after its enforcemen
Monday waa predicted tonight
cloas of a prolonged confer.
tween Fuel Administrator Garfield and
Director-General McAdoo.
At the conclusion of the conference
tonight the following statement was
Issued jointly by Dr. Garfield and Mr.
"We have had under consideration
tha Question of suspending after Mon
day next the Monday closing order.
We have not reached a final conclusion
about It. Ws shall have another con
fere nee Tuesday next when the results
of ths Mondsy closings and of the rail
road embargo up to that time can
be fully considered and shall be able
to make an announcement next week
as to whether or not a suspension of
the Monday closing order may be
Tha Monday closing has brought ths
most vigorous opposition from com
mercial Interests, particularly the big
department stores. The small stores,
too. have opposed It, as have the own
ers of office buildings. Theaters suc
ceeded in having the day as applied to
them changed to Tneaday.
iloth Mr. McAdoo and Dr. Oarfield
are of the opinion that since the coal
problem Is largely one of transporta
tion, embargoes , will bring results
without continuance of the Monday
The Fuel Administrations
tial order calling for the distribution
of coal first to householders, ships,
public Inatitutlons and favored war in
dustries will stand, ss well ss will the
railroad administration's order giving
preferential rail movement to coal and
Officials make no secret of the fact
that had rail embargoes been declared
In the first place tha Industrial closing
order would not have been Issued
Officials of the railroad adrainistra
linn believe a return of good weather
will speedily restore the transportation
system and that this will solve the fuel
Fuel Administrator Garfield has not
been ready to revoke the closing order,
despite tha great amount of pressure
brought to bear by commercial inter
ests, until assured that the embargoes
would ba continued.
rltneases In her behalf in her suit
against her uncle. A. C. Fosdlck. for
the recovery of her piano she alleged ha
waa wrongfully and unlawfully keep-
Ins; from her. t
"I loved my piano and would give up
anything to save it," she told Judge
Facts brought out at the hearing; dis
closed that after her husband had died
at Los Angeles about four years ago
she brought her small daughter to
Portland to keep house for her uncle.
Mr. Fosdlck. In payment for her work
he made payments on a piano for her,
while she did housework outside and
sewing work In order to buy necessities
for herself and daughter and to help
keep op payments on her piano.
Several months ago she had ilffer-
enoes with her uncle and left the home.
He refused to permit her to take the
piano, alleging that he had been mak
ing the paymenta on it with hie own
I pitied the poor thing, testified one
witness for Mrs. Duffy. "She did not
have enough clothing and I know how
she would go to bed and stay while I
washed some of her clothing for her."
After "he case had been submitted to
the court. Judge Kavanaugh announced
that it was a shame that relatives were
compelled to take their differences into
court. After a conference with the at
torneys, ha announced that Fosdick had
agreed to give his niece the piano and
had agreed to pay X20 toward her costs
in bringing the suit.
Peadlag Meaaare LI as! fa Adssialstra-
tiaa Centrol Over Liaea to 18
Months After War.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 1. Prospects of
an early agreement In Congress on the
Administration railroad bill brightened
today when members of the Senate in
terstate commerce committee returned
from a White House conference with
word that the President did not desire
to have the Interstate Commerce Com
mission deprived of Its rate - making
powers nnder Government operation of
the carriers.
Soon after the conference the com
mittee wrote into the bill provisions
limiting Government control of rail
roads to 18 months after the war and
authorising the President to initiate
ratea subject to appeal to the Inter
state Commerce Commission.
This proposal, which was adopted by
a vote of 11 to 4, was a compromise of
the committees differences and elimin
ates the most serious obstacle to
prompt enactment of the measure.
Before the agreement was submitted
to the committee it was taken -o the
hlte House by Chairman Smith and
Senator I'nderwood. I
As finally approved the bill will pro
vide that Government control of trans
portation shall continue for 18 months
after the war terminates. Instead of
"until Congress shall thereafter order
otherwise," as originally drawn, or for
one year, as provided by Senator Wat
son's amendment adopted earlier in the
It gives the President authoritv dur
Ing the period of control to initiate
rates, as the railroads are empowered
to do under the existing laws, but If
ettner the carriers or shippers object,
an appeal can be taken to the com
mission, which will make the final de
I iff
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"There's a Reason
Condition of Itoads Precludes Offer
of 1-and Apparatus.
Portland waa appealed to for fire
fiahtinf apparatus at 6 o'clock las
nigh!. Tbe fire boat Iavld Campbell
vraa sent Immediately, and althoush St.
Helena had asked for land apparatus
alau. Iha condition of the roads, due
Ihe snow, made a run of tha 10 or 36
mil Impracticable and the land ap'
pararua a as withhold pendlns; further
ad v leva of tha proaresa of tha ftra.
a Mata Gaate la S fa M
first ear (lash. SUM
aeriee. ta r. Tad a v.
a aaaaaaaa
v o RTH It MT (OMl:m:fK
e KrTB I.U
Westers Dlvtetea.
W. I. Prt.
nrrtnn Aaslrs 1 10rt
oreaon. . . . 1 .SO
Washlna-ton S .00
t'-aefer IMvlalaa.
Idaho 4 10
Washlnatan ftate. . . . 1 1 .T&o
Montana I 1 .!H
hitman .
rorvallts. Keb. 1. "Special.) Oregon
Acrlraltural College won a dnuhla vlc-
orv hare tonlsht from the I. nlveraltv
of iirraon. when the colleae baakethall
earn defeated the varsity five from
Kusene by a s-ore of it to (. and Ihe
Asate freshmen quintet nost-d out ths
university first-year team.x73 lo 20.
The first teams and the freshmen
teama will meat again tomorrow for
he deciding contests of tha eerlee.
Tha lrgoa 'varsity five waa wholly
unable to cope with the .Aggies' five,
but Iha Kageae f rash men gave th for-
vallia rooks a hard fight and the game
undecided until the laat minute
f Play
Captain Ray scored I points and
urley I! points for Corvallis. while
omfort. Oregon's captain, with 4 points
hon for hla team.
The lineup:
X A. C CSt. Orsson .
csa R-MlO 131 re-lr
Krm.r .. 121 alamsoa
Villi C....HI CL Comlnrl
hsarrtna l O WHsae
B-att Stsars
O. A. KoMnsoa. ItuKBaro. ta-
kla. Orssoa. Madlay. fatace. (inbe.
reshmea lineup:
o. A. c. ik Orsgoa ISO),
.maids ...r... Hume 12
U-i:iams 13) K Jaoabbera-ar lil
Mr-l art (Si ....... ..i". ..... rllar :)
rgsr 2i .....a ' Caapia til
Klacald Cl a.. iirmadou
WOOPni-R.V. Or . Feb. 1. (StpeclsL)
The Woodburn High th-hool basket
ball team defrated the fast elilverton
uintet her this evening by a scors
f SS to 17. Th Woodburn tesm hss
ot lost, a same this saaaoa, winning
II eight gamea played.
Slrrhrr Irfrats SwetlNln ( hanspion.
SlOfX CITT. la.. Keb. 1 Jo Stech-
r. "Nebraska mat champion, won In
tralght talla over Otto Kreberg. the
wad-sh champion. In their match here
onlght. It look, the Nebraakaa 1
minutes to win the first fall lie took
tha next In Z minuiea. Both were
scissor bold.
HeUlagfars Mill la llaada af Rrvola-
tsaalata Atteaapta testisae ta Ko-
saeat Traable la Several Districts.
Soldiers Must Make Application Be
fore February 12.
nston, Jreb. 1. Representative Haw.
ley, in conference with the war risk
insurance bureau, today was advised
that where relatives of a soldier now
franc do not know that the sol
dier has applied for war lnsuranc-e
they may make application for such in
surance, and it will be allowed, sub-
Jeot to subsequent application by the
soiaier nimseir.
The applicant, however, must Day the
premium and all such applications from
prospective beneficiaries must be filed
IXi.N'DON". Keb. 1.' The situation In
Finland Is more reassuring, according
to the latest reports received at the
Finnish legation at Stockholm and
transmitted by th correspondent of
the Times.
Th Red Guards have been disarmed wlth tne board before February 12 on
or are willingly surrendering their which date the automatic insurance
arm. an or ma touo.u. i ..o ir.inu- covering all soldiers ceases.
uonisis aim noia fieisingiora, toe cap.
mate srovernment are being prevented
by th revolutionists from exercising I Charles K. Danr Purchases Property
ineir amies.
Th foreign governments which
recognised Ihe Independence of Finland
are said to have been notified by the
revolutionists of the change in govern
ment brought about by the revolution.
The Whit Guard. It Is announced.
haa taken the town of Tavaatehus, SO
miles northwest of Helslngfors.
Strikes continue In Helsingfors and
the revolutionary government Is said to
he fomenting similar outbresks In sev
eral other districts.
at Cost of 935,000.
The 125.00 three-story home of tha
late E. Z. Ferguson, at 825 Alameda
drive, has been purchased by Charles
E. Pant, ot Dant & Russell, according
to an announcement yesterday by R.
T. Street. Irving-ton realty dealer.
through whose agency the sale was
transacted. The cash consideration is
said to he around $25,000.
The Ferguson house is situated on
quarter-block of level land on ths
crext above Alameda drive. It is ons
of tha most conspicuously attractive
homes in that neighborhood, with a
brick exterior and the interior finished
In oak and mahogany.
The sale of the Ferguson house Is ths
largest all rash deal to take place on
the Fast Side sine th outbreak of
th war.
Adsaiatairaflaa' BUI Approved by Sea-
ate CeatBS It tre l Nea-Kaaeatial
Factories ta U War Work.
The semaphores of the traffic colics
in some of the large cities are supplied
with a system or mirrors by which tha
operators ar enabled to see in ail di
rections sbotit them.
mm sraxrtf wtaTPABK
Always S- A H." Stamps First Three Floor
Warm Weather in Middle West
Sends Rivers Up Fast.
Railway Administration Takes Ac
tion to Transport Corn and Cot
ton to Elevators for Ship
ment by Sea Routes.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. For fear of
serious floods In the Middle West and
South within a few days, the Govern
ment Railroad Administration today
rushed empty cars Westward from the
Eastern congestion area to provide for
an emergency movement of corn to
elevators and cotton to Southern sea
ports for trans-shipment to New Eng
land mills engaged on Government or
ders. Owing to the absence of new snow
and the steady work of clearing tracks
of accumulated ice piles, the move
ment of coal was slightly better today
and officiala predicted slight improve
ment for the next few days.
The danger of floods loomed large
ly, however, with forecasts of warmer
weather tomorrow for the Middle West,
and the gradual Eastward movement of
the thawing area. The Ohio River is
nearing a serious flood stage and other
streams in the Middle est and bouth
already have overflowed and are still
Cora to Be Moved.
Special efforts are to be made to
transport corn, much of which this
year is soft and must reach elevators
quickly. After conferring today with a
delegation of grain merchants from
Ohio. Indiana and Illinois, Railroad
Administration officials arranged to
dispatch a number of empty cars to
these states tomorrow to carry corn to
St. Louis, Chicago and other terminals.
From the corn territory west of the
Mississippi the movement of corn East
ward continued.
From St. Louis. Memphis and other
points where there ar large accumula
tions of cotton, waiting shipment to
market, between 60.000 and 100.000
bales will move to South Atlantic and
Gulf ports within the next week on
order of Director-General McAdoo, Is
sued today to C. H. Markham, regional
director for the South. Arrangements
have bden made for ships to carry the
cotton to New England mills, some of
which have been forced to close for
lack of material.
Goods Moved Sooth.
Satisfactory progress was reported
today in the movement of export ship
ments of food for the allies to Southern
ports, to which they were diverted sev
eral days ago to avoid the Eastern rail
and harbor congestion.
To New England the flow of coal was
better than yesterday and promised to
improve further tomorrow. Transpor.
tation conditions generally were re
ported Improved.
CINCINNATI, Feb. 1. The Ohio River
went over the 60-foot mark here dur
ing the night, or more than ten feet
above the danger line, and it is bring
ing privation and hardship to hundreds
of families living in the lowianas.
River experts agree that no relief from
the present flood can be expected until
the ice gorge breaks.
CHICAGO, Feb. 1. February started
out in Chicago as though It Intended to
follow the example of the most wintry
January the city has ever known. The
mercury reached five below, but slowly
worked back to zero.
Forecaster Mitchell said tomorrow
would be warmer.
Low Temperature Halls Flow in
MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 1. Reports
tonight from Richardson's Landing,
about 60 miles above this city, on the
Mississippi River, indicated that low
temperatures last night and today nad
tightened the gorge there and prac
tically stopped the passage southward
of the heavy ice.
Silver Lake Firm Gets 3 Contracts.
CASTLE ROCK. Wash., Feb. 1. (Spe
cial.) J. A. Byerly, of the Silver Lake
Lumber Company, and who also is con
nected with the Wilson Shipyards at
Astoria, has just returned from Wash
ington, D. C where he received the
contract for three wooden ships to be
built for the Government as soon as
men and material can be procured.
They have now three vessels for the
Government on the ways, making six
that this company has furnished.
Phone your want ads to The Orego-
nian. Main 7070, A 6095.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 1. The Admin
istration bill authorising the President
o rail skilled expert in industry or
ricultur Into th military service
Irrespective of classification under th
draft, waa approved today by tha Sen-
ta military committee.
Arrangements alao were mad for
final action tomorrow on another bill
requiring youths reaching 21 years of
ge to rerlgter for service and chang-
ng th quota basis from state popu-
latlone to th number of men in class
on a.
Conversion of so-called non-essential
Industries to war work, rather than
he establishment of new factories.
was Jndoraed today by a conference of
tat directors of th public service
reserve, which is recruiting voluntary I
workers for Industrial wVr advice. By I
th use of existing plants, they said, I
distribution of labor will be facilitated
and confusion leasened.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiffrfiiiiiiiiiirit iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(iiiiiiii!f
Lower Prices on Good Shoes
THIS sale has brought prices down on many lines of foot
wear which we are unable to replace. Unquestionably,
you will save some money if you buy before the sale ends.
You will be certain, too, of owning; some good shoes, for this store
carries nothing mediocre.
Note these specials for today:
oaag W ldaw Tratisre That Vaele Rt.
faaed to Relraac Isitrsarat Need
ed by Little Girl.
A pitiful story of how a young widow
ad deprived herself of sufficient cloth
ing and of other necessities of life, and
of bow she has "scrimped" and "mad
over ner own areaes ana coats tor
ar small daughter In order ta further
er musical education, was related in
ircuit Judge Gantenbeln s court yes
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Laird, Schober & Co.'a Women's
Cocoa Brown and Domino Calf
Lace Shoes, with gray or fawn
buck tops and military heels. Nor
mally priced at $12 and PQ QC
$12.50. Special, pair... D7J
Hanan & Son's Women's
Gunmetal Button Shoes, with
gray cloth tops, PQ QC
reduced to D7eJ
Women's Lace or But
ton Shoes, with gun
metal or patent colt
vamps and cloth tops.
In small sizes only.
Values up to PO QP
pair l?aWetS
Boyden's Cres
co Calf and
Brown Cordo
van Shoes,
lace or bluch
er. Regular
$12.50 to $15
values. Pair,
i -
lu? ZZ
Sole Portland Agents Hanan Shoes
129 Tenth Street,' Bet. Washington and Alder '
Saturday 2 to 8 P. M.
6 Decorated
China Cups
and Saucers
Regular Price
For Only
1 set to a customer. None
to dealers. Sold for cash
only. No deliveries.
Special Sale
Comforts and Blankets
Large assortment from
which to select. Come
early and look them over.
2Vi Blocks North of Wash-
ington Street
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