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'.Entered mt Portland (Oregon) Postofflce aa
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Ially, Sunday Included, one month .... -75
; Ially, without Sunday, one year ........ S.00
iJally, without Sunday, three months .- 1.76
. eily, without Sunday, one month ..... &)
-Weekly, one year 1.50
. Sunday, one year .........-..... 2.50
fcunday and. Weekly S.50
- (By Carrier.)
. Pally, Sunday Included, one year 9.00
ZJally. Sunday Included, one month .... .75
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- Katern Business Office Veree & Conk-
lln. Brunswick building, New York; Verree
I & Conklln. steger building. Chicago. Ban
J'ranclsco representative, R. J. Bldwell, 742
ra street.
fOKTLAKD, i'KIDAY, J.MUAKY 26, 1917.
1 1
is true thrift, from two points of view,
in wqrking steadily. The cost to the
workman of constant shifting of jobs
is no greater in the aggregate than
the cost to the industry affected. Ex
perience and increasing skill are val
uable, and the business that permits
its men to change frequently loses
heavily as a consequence. The job
that lasts is worth much, not only
to the working-man and to his em
ployer but to society as a whole. How
to overcome dissatisfaction and un
rest and part-time employment will
be one of the fitting subjects for re
flection ort February 3, and on other
days thereafter. " v
The thrift-day movement will have
a distinct .value if it does nothing
more than to start a new current of
thought in the right direction. There
are plenty of subjects to be studied in
connection with the main topic, and
each man will take up the one that
he regards as of the most Importance
to himself and to the community as
a whole. "
' If one will weave together the
"numerous threads of argument against
! this and that method of consolidating
-commissions or against this and that
proposed state economy he will have
a strong cord which will lead to an
inevitable conclusion provided one
I It is that in the haphazard creation
"of boards and commissions and new,
progressive or paternalistic state ac
tivities, the Legislature in past years
has always hit the bullseye. There is
;,nothing that can be dispensed with
i or combined with something else wlth-
'.out sacrifice of efficiency or v ithout
danger to the public peace, health
,'and safety.
'; In this year's state budget more
than 100 offices, departments, bureaus,
! commissions, enterprises, sub-departments,
under-bureaus, deputy commis
sions and secondary enterprises are
listed. But any proposal to cut down
the number by consolidation or elimi
nation produces resolutions of protest
from some organization, or some of
ficial, or some commission. If we ac
cept their combined arguments the
'conclusion follows that the only prac
tical way to govern the state is to
sift the taxpayers' money through 100
selves and scatter it over the common
wealth. Scatteratlon is the guiding principle
of Oregon's state government and its
local governments as well. The re
solving societies and alarmed officials
and commissions may be ever so posi
tive that it is a good thing, but what
the people think of it was expressed
in the vote on the tax-limitation
The comforting assurance is given
by another newspaper that some bills
relative to the initiative and referen
dum newly introduced by Senator OI
son "will receive close inspection at
the hands of the friends of the initia
tiVe and referendum." We know, at
the moment, nothing about the bills.
but hand inspection by friends of the
initiative as well as eye inspection
ought to be a good thing. But inspec
tion, hand or eye, by friends of the
initiative is something like making
rabbit stew first catch your rabbit.
Who are the friends of the in
There is W. S. ITRen, reputed father
of the Oregon System. There is Rep
resentative Brownell. who back in
1901 introduced the first amendment,
and fought, bled and almost died for
it. There are S. V. Lewelling and
J. D. Stevens, valiant soldiers in the
Oregon Direct Legislation League of
other days. But
Mr. Brownell introduces a bill for
new petition plan and Mr. TJRen
violently opposes it. Mr. Lewelling
accuses Mr. TJ'Ren of heading a clique
of mercenaries who are-profiting from
the present loose-jointed system and
want it retained. Mr. Stevens stands
with Mr1. Brownell, and the Portland
Journal, fiercely barking watchdog of
the initiative, says nothing should be
done except to pass another bill pre
sented by Representative Gordon, and
dourly hints that all other bills are
spurious and inimical.
There ought to be a showdown on
this "friend" business before any bills
concerning the initiative are inspected
by hand or eye. Is there doubt as to
the best way of identifying friends
of the initiative? Tush, tush! There
is the initiative itself. Let's decide
who they are by popular vote.
are not parallel cases. Both of these
officers had won distinction in active
service while holding lower rank, and
they were not promoted at one Jump.
General Wood had done valuable
service as Colonel of the Rough Rid
ers and had woo. promotion to
Brigadier-General and Major-General
of volunteers before he became Mili
tary Governor of Cuba. By his serv
ices in that capacity he earned ap
pointment to the same rank in the
regular Army. General Pershing had
done excellent work as Major of vol
unteers in subduing Filipino insur
gents before he was jumped 862 num
bers from the rank of Captain to that
of Brigadier-General in the regular
Army. Both had made good before
they were promoted. Dr. Grayson-has
only had peculiar opportunities of in
gratiating himself with three succes
sive Presidents.
It is peculiarly unfortunate that the
President should have provoked this
controversy so soon after Congress has
made a move to abandon seniority for
merit as the rule governing promotion
in the Navy. Seniority has been con
demned, because it kepthe good man
and youthful man down, being a bar
to the promotion of young, brilliant
officers. It has been upheld as the
only means of preventing rank favor
itism, which takes the heart out of
a man who has no pull to gain pro
motion. The President has supplied a
powerful argument to the champions
of seniority, though its faults are many
and manifest.
sia would be expected to aid by en
deavoring to recover Southern Rou
mania and by driving southward
across Bulgaria to meet the Saloniki
army. If this could be accomplished,
the allies would count on curling up
the Teuton lines In the east by invad
ing Hungary from the south and on
quickly subduing Turkey, which would
be deprived of German help and would
have its troops scattered in Austria
and Roumania, They may hope thus
to make the German dream of Asiatic
empire impossible of realization.
The campaign of 1917 promises to
be the turning point of the war. If
the allies succeed in the Balkans and
at the same time make material gains
in France, Poland, Gallcia and Istrla,
they may force the Teutonic allies to
sue for peace next Winter. If they
fail, the war may be 'prolonged into
next year and even further, till ex
haustion imposes peae'e.
How to Keep Well
By Dr. W. A. Evans
Question Asked of Advocate of Klad-
War Preventive.
ALBANY, Or.. Jan. 24. (To the Edi-
O tl n t e H frAm th V.Kv. TT1
SUOjecl IS not suimoie Kira- - " 1 follows
sonally answered, subject to proper llm,u" I 10"w
In Other Days
Questions pertinent to hygiene, sanitation I tor.) The Albany Democrat asks
and prevention of disease, II matters or gen- 1 T- .
eral Interest, will be answered In this col- 1 Question. "Is this visionary?" and
umn. W here space will not permit r
. . mnl .tmnl aririremed envelope
Is Inclosed. Dr. Evans will not make diagnosis
or prescribe for Individual diseases. Ke
ouests tor such, services cannot be answerea.
(Copyright. 1916. by lr. W. A. Evani.
Published by arrangement with the Chicago
wnat la needed to effat tt vniiifarv
sentiment that la engulfing the country is
the propagation of pure pmdflam. The
surest preventives of wi r ara fulr dealing
and unassuming friendliness. Like begets
like In human relationahlns. RindnM, n H
Justice react to produce kindness and Jus
tice, it we put our own houses In order,
treat other people magnanimously and mind
Cancer Is increasingly important. In ow . .can -e. "saonwhy
1914 62.420 people died in the regtstra-I ua. And if they did the Invaders would be
tion area. The rate in that year in- I captured captured by the tdeala of the peo-
dicated an increase of 26 per cent in "V to subjugate.
cancer, as compared with 1900. It is I should say that the above is
.. . . I Tlfl'nnarv ' extremelv on Tf 1 aantl. I
true that people are living to .,, ii.k V .. 7C. T. J. Matlock are spoken of for the
Twenty-tre Years As.
Ftom The Oregonlaa of January -6, 1S33.
Santiago. Jan. 25. The Chilean gov
ernment has sent a reply to the ulti
matum of the United States. The reply
Is an apology and removes the proba
bility of war. The offensive note sent
by Senor Matta will be withdrawn.
Senator Squire has introduced his
bill appropriating $500,000 for the ship
canal to connect Lake Washington and
Lake Union with Puget Sound.
Salem The State Building Board has
accepted the architect's plans for a
dome on the CapitoL at a cost of about
Frank Kellogg. Henry Blackman and
than they did in 1900 and that a larger fQr K Js nldlng. your head ,n tho eand Mayoralty of Heppner.
proportion or mem are oi me i when danger appears. Did like "beget
age, but the tunrerenee is not enougn i nae, or "Kindness beget kindness." or
to account for the increase In cancer. I were the invaders "captured by the
Th. nkt .nr i are in ver-1 meais oi tne people in the case of
Miss Ida M. Fuller and X. W. Cum-
mings were married at Woodstock, Or.,
January 20.
It will surprise many who have de
rived their impressions of Colombia
chiefly from our dispute with that
J "rcl "". v-" . , . , slve China? "We can see no reason
ter and the relations of its politicians I Hampshire and California, showing tne I wnv an v nation ahauid care ta
and' ours, to know that Colombia has I influence of a high average age, since I us." Neither can the ostrich with its! burglar in her home with a well-di
a quite important literature that is the proportion of old persons to total head buried in the sand. But the factlfected blow to the face. Her mother
peculiarly national, notwithstanding population is highest In Northern New s that Belgium. Armenia, Poland and n,a U1 scunie ana came to neip ner
the influence .of Spanish. French and L.,..s China were molested. Men ought not rid the place of the intruder.
- - 1 wub.wuw.
Miss Browning, a teacher In the Hol-
l&day School, last night stood off a
The spirit of the observance .this
year of February 3 as "Thrift day,"
which has been quite generally
planned throughout the country, is
. that the scheme deserves at least a
trial, and that once people have dis
covered how easy it is to make im
port ant savings without suffering se
rlous inconvenience they will continue
to practice thrift to a greater or less
extent voluntarily. It is a movement
designed not to enforce a- new prac
tice upon the unwilling, but to point
the way. It is believed that the number
of those who waste in pure thought
lessness and in utter ignorance of the
economic importance of collective
thrift is very large. Few- are viciously
neglectful or destructive; the many
uimply do not stop to think.
February 3 will not be a holiday
If it were it would be out of keeping
with its own fundamental idea, which
is not even to waste time. It is simply
a day upon which, in the course of his
usual affairs, the citizen may pause to
reflect upon the opportunities he has
to save something, and then to put the
Idea Into practice. It may be only, for
that day. the price of a cigar, or
walk downtown to save carfare: or
it may be that there will be seen an
opportunity in the home to perfect a
consistent scheme of economies cov
ering a period of weeks or, months,
Whatever It is, the movers in the
Thrift-day scheme aver, It will be
profitable because the basic arguments
against waste, or extravagance, are
m sound that they need only to be
studied seriously to convey their own
Herbert N. Fell, writing in the Out
look upon the advantages of a. system
.of industrial insurance, which he de
scribes, does a real service to the
cause of thrift by pointing out how
the little savings accumulate and in
v relatively short time become an
I enormous factor in Industry. Under
a group insurance plan, which would
' require no physical examination of the
participant, and in which the em
ploye's contribution would be 6 per
cent of his salary, it is pointed out
that by the time he reached the re
tiring age of 65 he would be in pos
session of an annuity equal to two
thirds of his former wages, and that
' in the event of his death within ten
.years of his retirement his family
; would be provided for during the re-
mainder of the ten years. This would
;,be in addition to any other savings he
Tuight have made, if he had been care
'.Sxil. and also would have been accom
panied by life-insurance protection
during the entire period of bis work
lug life. But this is not the most
striking feature of it all. The more
'important fact is that if all the em
; ployes of an industrial corporation
were to practice the system, they
I would have enough cash at the age
.of 65 to buy the business outright.
Thus. Mr. Fell says:
For example, the Steel TrU!t- It is cap
'Italized at a little more than l, 500.000. 0O0.
counting bonds a well as common and pre
, ferreil stock, and has nearly 260.000 em
, ployes. who earn average wages and salaries
of $ a day. That comes to a capitalization
of STouO per employe, and each employe, on
. retiring, if one counted wage Increases' and
, overtime earnings, would have more than
' "Will yon retire now and take your money
In cash?" the Steel Trust directors might
ask. "Or would you prefer to take a pen-
. aion ?"
"neither. the retiring employes might
. say. wen just taae tue Business."
' The figures assume, for the sake of
conservatism, that the average em
ploye of every industry Is receiving
perhaps $15 a week. Those who have
fitted themselves- to be worth more
than that will, however, have been
numerous. Their accumulations un
der the system suggested, it is shown,
would be sufficient to buy the entire
manufacturing business of the coun
try twice over. The average capital
ization of all the manufactories is
estimated at about $2500 per employe.
The employes would be in a position
to own the business by so simple
process as getting together in a system
that already is jn. effect in many in
dustrial establishments.
Thrift in the large sense, however.
means more than saving bits of mate
rial now vasted here and there. There
The shoemaker should stick to his
last, of course; but what shall be done
about it if he is a poor workman and
has a fancy, say, for cooking? We
should say that in that way many a
good cook has been spoiled by some
one's mistake in introducing a bad
artificer to a noble trade. Or he might
have been a great General.' or author,
or statesman. It is said that Andrew
Johnson, a tailor, could not read until
he had passed his boyhood: and it is
known that Ulysses Grant made a sad
fizzle of the tannery business until
his opportunity came In the clash and
clamor of arms. Per contra, it is
likely that some men vwho have
adopted the historic trade of war, or
the easy occupation of statesmanship,
ought to have been tanners or tailors.
Less than twenty years ago the Na
tion was highly amused by a diverting
story "David Harum written by a
retired banker. Edward Noyes West
cott. who died before the novel was
produced. In Iondon the other day
there passed away a great Interpreter
of life for the printed page In William
Frend de Morgan. It is of record that
De Morgan was all his life, nearly,
a manufacturer a maker of stained
glass windows, smoke consumers, bl
cycle gears ana the like. lie was
saturated with the traditions of Dick
ens and Thackeray, however, and he
resented the growing notion that the
glorious Victorian era was over. So
he wrote, at the age of 65, his first
novel, "Joseph Vance." It was long,
very long 230,000 words In the style
of Dickens; but it was good. Then
came Alice-for-Short" and other
tales about the same people that Dick
ens loved to tell about.
It is probably true that De Morgan
never learned to write, but he had
the faoulty of observation, the spirit
Great Britain's veto on the export
of shells by the Hadfields to the
United States is a warning against
National dependence on foreign sup
plies of munitions of war. At any
time when our need became urgent
the country from which we drew our
supply might be at war with some
other nation and might need its entire
output, or it might be at war with us.
In either case we should be helpless
until we' had developed our own
capacity under all the handicaps of
Secretary of the Navy Daniels pro
fesses to find himself between this
fire and the other fire of extortion
by private manufacturers and as
sumes that Government manufacture
is the only escape. This is a financial
impossibility, for war now enlists the
entire industry of a nation in its serv
ice, and the Government could pro
duce enough munitions to supply it
only by having a vast number of fac
tories, nearly all of which would be
idle in time of peace. This would be
a vast, criminal waste of public funds.
The alternative is to rely on private
factories, which would be employed
probably nine-tenths of the time in
producing implements of peace, but
would all be equipped for munition
manufacture, would liave some men
skilled in such work and could be
promptly diverted to war industry in
case of need. Mr. Daniels objects that
this would give the manufacturers a
selfish interest in war by permitting
them to profit by war. This objec
tion could" be overcome by fixing the
profit at a certain percentage, and by
making this profit less than would
bo earned on peace products.
The plan described is followed by
Germany and the other military pow.
ers of Europe, the governments of
which manufacture only a small part
of their war material. It can be
adapted to this country without tak
ing with it the aercrc&sive rniliturv
epirit whlcJT animates some nations.
Militarism Is not preparedness; it is
the motive behind preparedness in ag
gressive nations. The United States
can apply the same means to a purely
defensive end.
English culture upon educated Colom
bians. A writer in Cultura, quoted in
the Review of Reviews, says that
Colombian authors have demonstrated
that "regionalism properly understood
can transcend the narrow limits of a
territory or a province." The young
generation of writers is being at
tracted by historical subjects and the
value of original investigation is just
beginning to be appreciated, while the
literary style of all South America is
said to be improving steadily. The
precise point at which mutual appre-
n , n 1 A 1.111 -tA1.. I) . . V. A I
iuuco I tacts are that men do those things ihif Centarr ..
inoutn. jaw aim an. m ua wnetner there Is any reason for them irw, n,. - T.. -a u
or Is In a fair way to be stopped. The or not. Society takes no chances against
cancer fakers are losing out, and, in the lawless element but maintains a
consequence, skin cancers are being sufficient police force to check it. That
, , . . , . la the only thing that this element
recognised early and cured. We are feBrs Just sQ thero certaln na
about ready for a stop in the increase tions past, present and future which
in cancer of the breast. Some of the I become lawless. I
erroneous views have been correctea i xnis may De oecause or tne people i
and breast tumors are getting Better i"J," l v"uv" ""'C"M sia or the blues yesterday seized upon,
attention. - Ufii2i- lv-"?. 5fe.U'c,Sp"1' Mr. Smith's little, old white mule as a
We have received tbe Initial number
of a paper published by A. Iceland as
Son at Lewiston, 1. T., which bears the
name of Lewiston Journal. It is small
but well tilled and beautifully printed.
Several wags on Front street who
are in no danger of having the dyspep-
Cancer of the stomach and liver I. nTlUmes doe. ThTly PHnl ZroTot rVl."
i the increase. Forty-seven per cent ciple that lawless nations as well as ?"e? 1 Ull ?Z ?5 Jr l.
ciation by the people of two countries of tho cancers in men and 32 per cent I lawless men can understand is
of one another's literature and gen- of those in woman are cancers of thef mfght makes right." The only
that I .... .-v c.i." i i
f ear I u . . . . fi.nv' r,A - H.wn
pair of old
eral culture beeins to affect their com- stomach, according to a bulletin issued "v '.OIf. "Ion5er the mule s forefeet
v I . altx.anuiliurn I fUMlII HO L IL I II rv LIIH.L I a a
mortal rfntinnq panrtrtt Ha nsrr. I bv tha United States CenSUS UtXlC. AC- t I uooia.
" i - r I iiaiiviiB wui rcirain i rum w rx n s
tnlnAsI V ii 4 a Xnllattai V.-- wv wi -i 1 I rrTsl i r t r TTAffmnTi a-vi-iA PA11M ftf CAT I a.t .
tu-iijcvt, wiAt. it. AO vcww tjj jyiu.v.i.n i - - . - UU1U lllau WB OSVe IQ lain K I v, c KasI. wis. A J XTj,w
to think that!
. , . , I . , . - . I , I -V U3W I I 11 L IiaS L7
uieu ixiai. it is a part ot iae ugiuiuuu ccr, capcuiuuy vo.u.vis- ui bu owinau. piivhlu corporations win retrain irom york called "The Tribune Club" Among
understanding that should be encour
aged in order to obtain enduring re
sults even in the field of trade.
The center of interest in the war
is about to be transferred to its start
ing point the Balkan peninsula. At
tention has been so absorbed by the
tremendous struggles on the Russian
and Franco-Belgian fronts that the
fact that the war started in the south,
east through the rivalry between Rus
sia and Austria for dominance in that
quarter lias been obscured. But the
central powers have never lost sight
of their original purpose, which was
to cut a way through to the Aegean
Sea and to Turkey, with a view to
political and economic supremacy over
the Balkan states, Turkey and finally
of Egypt and Persia; also with a view
to control of both the land and sea
routes to farther Asia. That explains
the drive through Serbia and the use
of what is believed to have been their
last strategic reserve in crushing Roumania.
Senator Shields' proposal for a uni
form tax on all water power offers i
practical solution of the entire con
troversy in regard to rental for power
in navigable streams and on the pub
lic domain... The most forcible criti
cism of the Adamson and Ferris bills
is that they would subject lessees of
power sites of this character- to
charges and to Federal' regulation
from which owners of power plants
on private land would be free. As the
bills read, power sites leased under
their provisions would pay charges to
the Government and would be subject
to a large-degree of Federal regulation
in addition to that which state laws
provide, but would be free from state
taxation. On the other hand, private
power sites would -be free from Fed-
Is overeating. Statistics prove that
cancer - is more frequent among the
Another conclusion now rather uni
versally accepted is that drinking hot
u6o.ns in mo luture. com are lh, mtmher r Hnnu GreeleT.
. "l ". uoiuisa auu wo .n. George William Curtis. Bayard Taylor.
from experience that they have not
changed materially during historic
Now what is the moral? Simply this:
Theodora Tilton, Edmund C
and Alice and Phoebe Cary.
drinks and eating hot food Is a cause I We maintain fire departments and
nf f-ni.r when fiuiria r taken Into I police departments because past experi
thestomach they do not mix with the usti,eJ, "s ln 80 do'n,f- ,Past ex'
. J . . . . , .1 perience justifies us as fully in main-
other stomach contents, at least not tafning adequate armies and navies. Our
completely. There is a tendency of 1 experts tell us that universal military I ONCE LOST, IX IS LOST I-XJRKVKIl
fluids to pass along A. track called the I service is tbe best method of protecting
Mrs. Mary Fletcher, wife of John
Fletcher, formerly of Shasta County.
California, died ln Portland Sunday.
January 27.
ourselves. Surely it Is better to take I Only Mather Can Give Mother Lore 1a
their advice than that of the cracker-1 Child, Says Writer.
box Philosopher who so calmly solves MONTKSANO. Wash., Jan. 24. (To
all of our weighty problems. th(l Edito,v t would nk to correct
A DEMOCRAT. I , K a imnrfltnift XI r TAmliminn1 Uttr
of January SO may have given some of
ARB GOOD FIGHTERS I your "readers in regard to "mother
Seventy-nine per cent of the cancers of I Paper's Contempt ( Arm lea la Resented I Whenever a woman allows any per-
the stomach are located alcng this by Mr. Tlaettl. son to aommieter suon a nipping as
QIICII lire A. UilLllllQ II J IUCI O lis
gastric gullet. This gullet Is a track
from the left or cardlao end of the
stomach, along tbe lesser curvature, to
the right or pyloric end. This has been
termed the "highways for fluids.
When a man. drinks hot coffee the fluid I ITALIANS
travels along this "highway for fluids.
"highway for fluids, PORTLAND. Jan. 25. (To the E.J- ,,7.1, t..( . e....t
Dr. WlllliJn Lerche, of St, Paul, tor.) The Oregon Journal of January I A mother worthy of tho name would
thinks that the principal cause or can- I 24 in an editorial 'The War Map." writ
eral charges and regulation, but would I cer on this highway is the drinking or I ten no doubt by some great general,
be subject to state taxes and regula- hot coffee and hot soup. The drinking I has the following sentence:
tion. No discrimination should be of whisky also is a cause, since it. too, I "It is also significant that the Italians
not ask the assistance of any person
in punishing a child unless her physi
cal condition was such that ehe could
not possibly administer it. and for a
made because some are on public and burns the tissues along thl,"hlghway "e regarded as about the easiest o0,, i"ef during the pre -
others on private land. If all were
placed under the same Federal tax
and all were subject to state taxation.
they would be on an equality.
for fluids.
Cancer of the stomach is more fre
quent ln temperate climates, according
to Dr. Lerche, because the custom of
drinking hot coffee and hot soup is
The sentiments expressed by Mrs. I more nearly universal. Carcinoma of
Vincent Astor in explanation of her I the "highway Is less frequent lr worn-
. ' " 0 I'Linti 1. ..... .ii-- ni, en-& .Ai4
I would appreciate very much tol,
know on what authority this unknown " . VJL.V.i . .
strategist can say such a thing.
entertainment of a party of New Tork
aliens are laudable, but the neigh
borly feeling of which she speaks can
be cultivated only if there is no sign
of patronage and condescension on
the part of the rich, nor any toadyism
on the part of the poor. The spirit
of democracy must inspire all or the
poor guests may be tempted to envy
en, because they sip their coffee and
soup, whereas men gulp them down.
that fumigation for infectious diseases
Is an exploded theory. What Is your
opinion? A 6-year-old child, ill with
and consequent hatred by the contrast scarlet fever, was confined in two
between their lot and that of their rooms for the flrst 24 hours of the 111-
Of all the belligerents on the allies'
side, the Italians are those that have
conquered more territory from the
enemy territory that was naturally
defended by mountains from 10,000 to
12.000 feet on the sea level, fighting
not only men but elements.
Against the Italian troops are the
Austrians. troops with the same Teu
tonic blood that Is flowing in the
Mmt Fanlffate Hons.
E. G. writes: "I have been told Prussian army, which seems so high
ly appreciated by the unknown
strategist and no Austrian soldier does
think that we are the easiest troops
to be whipped.
But admitting that it was necexfary
forher to call on some other person,
she should hava known the person to
whom she gave the authority to be t
fit person and, having known Ormond.
she must have known that he was not
the proper person to correct the child.
I should like to see her prosecuted
with the brute who pave the beating.
Let me say In conclusion that when
ever a child loses his mother he loses
forever "mother love." '
wealthy neighbors.
think the opposite.
I hope that the Prussians will never
ness and then was removed to another I make a move on Italy, but if they do,
That must have been a weird ex
perience of the British and German
squadrons when they blazed away at
each other in the North Sea, the tar-
tret being revealed only by the flash u toward discontinuance of fumigation. Some
,!,. o-,,,-,. Tf tho -Rrifish Inn v. cities do not fumigate and have not for
city. Is there need of fumigation in
this case?"
Some cities require fumigation. Chicago Is
one. ion must obey the law. The tendency
I dare say that they (According to the diary of Lewis and
Sacajawea's tale Is mournful
As the walling of the pines.
As the lone wolf on the hilltop.
Throws his bleak cry on the winds.
they will find ln the Italian troops hard
fighters fighters certainly not Inferior
to those of any other army, the Amerl
can Array Included.
aggerated when they claimed to have
sunk seven German vessels, there is
no cause for wonder. The crash and
roar would bo so great that every shot
would seem a hit. The battle would
be a fit subject for such poems as
years. They hold that It does not do enough
good to warrant tha expense. I think they
are right.
She was captured from Shoshones,
Tribe of mighty men and brave.
By the Minnetarees taken.
Made to be a common slave.
Being an answer to Pollyanna's answer. I
Cometh now Miss Pollyanna. In a free! Then Chaboneau bought and wed her.
T. D. G. writes: 'l. How many kinds
have, been written of other historic of "emla are there. 2. Is anemia often
sea fights.
The original purpose of Germany was
of sympathy and the genius or the not only expansion toward the south
talent of narrative: and he could
make a readable and brilliant story of
the old-fashioned kind. The taste of
the day is said to be for the short
story, or the 60, 000-word novel. But
it is not so much that public appre
ciation of artistic literary work has
changed. The "Arabian Nights" lasted
a thousand and one wonderful chapters.-
A novel that Is not interesting
is always too long; an Interesting novel
ia ever too short.
the forerunner of consumption,
what kind of anemia Is it?"
1. There is no standard classification of
anemia. All authorities recognize pernicious
Tji,r, -n,nX w, tr Diif-- ' primary anemia, secondary anemia, and
dictionary gives 28 titles under anemli
A rifle range at Llnnton would be
of service not only to the regular
troops at Vancouver but to those citi
for military duty. As the passing of
By nominating his naval aide and
medical examiner. Dr. Cary T. Gray
son, as medical director with the rank
of Rear-Admiral, President Wilson
has brought down upon himself a
storm of criticism from his own party
as well as from his political oppo
nents. This appointment jumps Dr.
Grayson over the heads of 117 men
of higher rank or longer service and
raises his salary to $8000 a year.
Dr. Grayson has been naval aide
and medical adviser to Presidents
Roosevelt and Taft as well as Presi
dent Wilson, and the fact that he has
been able to retain the confidence and
friendship of all these men of very
differing opinions and temperaments
prompts the Boston Transcript to sug
gest that his peculiar abilities fit him
for a- high diplomatic rather than
naval appointment. His position has
not demonstrated his fitness for the
orfice which the President gives him,
and the appointment is denounced as
an act of rank favoritism and as an
injustice to those to whom he has
been preferred. The President's action
is called a scandal because it is a
flagrant disregard of the rule made
by Congress to govern selection of
officers for promotion. "In order to
exclude political influence, it was pro
vided that officers should be pro
moted only by a vote of two-thirds of
a board of nine Rear-Admirals, but
that board was not even consulted.
The appointment savors strong"ly of
nepotism, for a few months ago the
doctor married' Miss Alice Gertrude
Gordon, the ward of Mrs. Wilson. The
more stress is laid on this fact be
cause Secretary of the Treasury Mc-
Adoo is the President's son-in-law. It
has the appearance of treating public
office as a family affair.
The rapid promotions of General
Wood and General Pershing are called
to mind in this connection, fiat they
east but acquisition of Belgium and
Northeastern France and conquest of
Russian Poland and the Baltic prov
inces. The reputed readiness of Ger
many to withdraw within her own
borders in tbe west indicates that hope
of expansion in that direction has
been abandoned. Against Russia,
German ambition seems now con
tracted to erection of a nominally in
dependent kingdom of Poland and to
annexation of the Baltic provinces.
The main purpose now is to hold the
territory that has been occupied in
Serbia and Roumania, thus to pre
serve direct connection with Turkey
and to realize the dream of a great
alliance dominated by Germany, which
would stretch from the North Sea to
the Persian Gulf and to the borders
of Egypt.
To all intents and purposes this
would be a German empire. Great as
have been Germany's losses, they have
not been nearly so great in proportion
to the empire's resources in men "and
material as have been those of Aus
tria, Bulgaria and Turkey. Without
German aid, the latter countries prob
ably could not keep the field another
year. German officers have gained
such a degree of control over their
armies that those countries have be
come practically appanages of Ger
many. If peace were made on the
oasis or tne present military map,
these countries would remain subor
dinate to German policy and would
be exploited by German capital in the
Interest of German commerce. Hall
Calne, writing to the New York Times,
says that, while Germany has failed
to defeat her enemies, "she has not
failed to defeat her own allies," and
that "she intends to take advantage
of that situation and is now seeking
peace to secure it." He construes the
reputed terms of peace to mean that
"Germany is probably willing to aban
don her western European aims if
only she can be permitted a free hand
with her own allies."
Realization of this purpose and of
all that it imports to them is doubt
less the main reason 'why the allies
have decided to make the Balkan
campaign one of their chief concerns.
They hope by reconquering Serbia and
by advancing northeastward through
Turkey and Bulgaria to the Black Sea
to carry the war to the southern
border of Hungary, to cut the connec
tion between the central empires and
: Turkey and to crush Bulgaria. Rus-
. , 1 . ! .1 1
pioneer conditions increases wio uuu.- How,ver. they are la the main synonyms and
Der oi people who 00 not learn to 1 uttle used terms.
shoot from childhood, it becomes
more necessary that marksmanship
be practiced by citizens ln preparation
for possible war.
2. Yes. Secondary anemia.
Jesse Pomeroy's crimes shocked
civilization forty-five years ago and fear hereditary?"
the commonweaitn 01 Massacnusetts
has been better off with the criminal
in confinement all the time. There
has been nothing sentimental in the
Bay State concerning crime since she
began burning witches.
Fear Can Be Cared.
R. E. R. writes: "Is there a remedy
for fear ln children the fear of sleep
ing alone, of dark rooms, eta? I. Is
and open manner
She declares that she is hunting for
a man
So I read o'er her description and
beneath place this inscription:
" "Tis a superman you're after, Polly
'Oh, I do not ask perfection," says Miss
Polly, in dejection,
"All I ask for is a man who is a man.
Ho must be as true as steel that I may
always surely feel that
'He is mine and only mine,'
What she wants, this maid deluded, we
all want (myself included)
Do we find m? Well I rather think
we don't I
Will she keep him, if she rts him.
But you know the Wild gull's flight
Is no swifter than the memory
As it travels through the night.
And though faithful to ber husband
And her papoose tinted brown
In her mind her tepee lingered.
ith the pale moon gleaming down.
She was gentle as a streamlet.
As it murmurs o'er a rilL
And her voice of wondrous beauty
lichoed over rock and rill.
Then ono day she took her burdons
And she led a dauntless band
says I Through the canyons, gorges, forests.
Till they reached this unknown land.
Old Multnomah's mighty waters.
Adams, Hood, St, Helens, too.
Raised their giant heads to heaven.
And tne scene nrst burst to view.
Aa a vision, to the pale face.
Gazed they all in raptured awe.
when temptation oft besets him?l Bowed and thanked tha kindly Spirit
Will she keep him?
think she won'tl
Well. I rather
Frenchmen are most . patriotic.
When striking workmen were told
they interfered with the welfare-of
the nation, they desisted. Britons
might do as well, but Americans need
centuries of training.
1. Yes. training. To begin with, a child
should never be frightened. By kindness
and firmness the child must be trained
away from fear of sleeping alone, dark
rooms, etc.
2. The basis Is hereditary. Some children
are born timid. However, wrong training
is much the larger factor.
The proposal by the brotherhoods I
is for investigation by a mixed board
of employes and employers, and that
is the first step toward real arbitra
There will be no relief for the Ar
kansas man when he roosts on his
rail fence during high water. The
Governor has signed the "bone-dry"
The humble spud has assumed great
Importance In .these days of short
crops and rationing of the people in
more or less blockaded countries.
Do not be deluded by weather con.
ditions into thinking Spring is near.
The groundhog will be out in a week
and settle it-
Total German losses are placed at
2,000,000, with 7.000,000 more avail-
able. It is, indeed, a long, long way
to Berlin. '
Senator Vinton voiced a great truth t?,
at oaxem jceicruaj wueu xitj Eaia
"We are all more or less crazy."
Too Many Ilia.
G. P. writes: "Some time ago on aris
ing I took a deep breath and severe
pains occurred In my chest. After tak
ing a few steps the pains again ap
peared and I fell unconscious. Will you
please explain the cause for the un
conscious condition? (2) What do you
consider the surest test for tuberculo
sis I have tried the temperature test j
and have had the sputum analysed
once. (3) At what stage does the spu
tum generally show the bacilli? (4)
Will you list a few fattening foods,
not protein? I dare not eat too much
protein foods because of a high blood
pressure. I am 23 years old and have
a blood pressure of 135."
1. I do not know. Such pains ar gen
erally due to neuralgia In the chest wall, but
that does not explain the unconsciousness.
2. Tuberculin hypodermleally where the
sputum Is negative. Tuberculin shows the
presence or absence of tuberculosis. It does
not show whether It la active or latent. A
physical examination and consideration of
the history show that.
3. Somewhat advanced.
4. Bread. crackers. potatoes, sugar,
deserts, milk. rice. I wender If you are a
neurasthenic. You ire looklnc out for hlrh
tuDercuiosis, lainung rather
one young man.
For his help from shore to shore.
But your boasts are much. Oh. white
Owned by you this wondrous land.
But your heart it sees no beauty; .
Uold is ail that you demand.
Blinded are you to all nature.
Deafened to the savage cry.
Left you then this Indian maiden
By herself to fade and die.
Only wild things guard her sleeping,
Onlv clouds their tears. liav ih
Would you have this tale repeated? For this "bird" this homina: nlceon
Then your hopes will be defeated. TJes am on a- the unknown
Mother nature never nurtured such a But her snirit-soul has entered
man. I Tn the ailver-thrnateri lurlr
You may search. Miss Pollyanna, search And its notes will guid the traveler
irom r-oruana to Havana. Though his way be dank and dark-
But I'm 'fraid you'll never find him, so when through the hills you wander.
In a fairy tale they tell us of a saintly
one most zealous.
Who was able to withstand the
" greatest strain:
In a manner debonair, turned he down
a lady fair.
Though she tempted him with all her
might and main.
Child Welfare Employes.
PORTLAND. Jan. 25. (To the Edi
tor.) A dispute having arisen in my
neighborhood as to who are employed
by the Child Welfare Commission ln
the offices in Portland, and as to their
respective salaries, will you be kind :
enough to state just who hold posi
tions there and the pay of each person?
State whether or not in one family in
Portland the husband and wife both
hold positions under this Commission.
I. V. fcillTH.
The law provides for one paid secre
tary at a salary of 12S a month. Mrs.
Millie R. Trumbull is that paid officer.
There are no other employes of the
Commission in the Portland office.
Lost or weary, sore afraid.
Listen for the guiding bird song.
(spirit of the Indian maid.
Wlie Alimony la In Arrearm
PORTLAND. Jan. 25. (To the Editor.)
A man and wife are divorced
ln California, both agreeing and court
so ordering alimony to the extent of
25 a month. The man through lack
of work moves to Oregon and falls
in arrears in his alimony payments,
one or two months. Can wife in Cal
ifornia attach husband's wages in Ore
gon for it? H. A.
The divorced wife can sue in Ore
gon and compel payment of the alimony.
It goes without contradiction that
anything that helps the State Fair
helps the state.
Why not try the referendum
Billy Sunday in the Spring?
If England cannot fill the shell con
tract, we can try Japan.
Germany again is pushing Russia's
Property and DlTOree.
' PORTLAND. Jan. 25. (To the Editor.)
A, a widow with one grown daugh
ter, owns land tn her own name, she
marries a widower, B. He renounces
all right to her land by giving her a
deed to her own land. A secures a
divorce. The court allows her only
housekeeper's wages. A appeals to
a higher court. Can A giva a clear
title to her land in exchanre or sale?
A cannot give clear title until final
, aecree of divorce has been issued.
When to Bay Annuities.
MORO, Or., Jan, 19. (To the Editor.)
Is there ln this country any company
that sells annuities, that is, a person
pays In a cum of money and receives
a certain sum every year as long aa
they live? JOHN M'LNNES.
Any of the old-line life Insurance
companies handle annuities. You might
write any of them for further information.
Charles M. Schwab's Visit.
PORTLAND, Jan. 25. (To the Edi
tor.) Kindly let me know If Charles
Schwab, of New York, is still living.
Was he recently in Portland with his
wife? This is to settle argument,
Charles M. Schwab Is etlll living. His
business address Is 111, Broadway, N. Y.
Mr Ccnwab was in Portland May IS,
195. '
Too Mack tn Combination.
PORTLAND, Jan. 25. (To the Edi
tor.) Is there any sound Insurance
company that will write a combination
life, accident, health and endowment
policy, similar to the plan adopted by
the railroads, that Is within reach of
a laboring man? C. A WILLIAMS.
So far as can be determined none
of the life insurance companies write
a combination of which you speak. You
can get an endowment policy from a
life company and an accident and
health from another company.
Acknowledgement of Hospitality,
SUTHERLIN. Or.. Jan. 22. (To the
Editor.) A says It shows lack of good
breeding not to thank a hostess for a
dinner to which one has been invited
in a home. B Bays it is not necessary.
Which is correct? READER.
A is correct. It is almost a com
pulsory courtesy" to make some ac
knowledgement of the hospitality accepted.