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19, 1917.
Managing- Editor Main 7070. A 0B
City Editor Main 7070. A 6095
Sunday Editor Main 7070, A 60S
Advertisings Department .Main 7070, A 6095
CompMlag-room Main 7070. A 6095
Printing-room Main 7070, A 60U5
Superintendent Building ..Main 7070, A 60U5
BAKER (Broadway or Bixth. bet-ween Alder
and Morrison) Alcazar Stock; Company In
"Outcast," tonight at 8:15.
PAXTAGE3 (Broadway at Alder Un
equaled vaudeville. Three shows daily,
2:a0. 7 and 9:05.
HIPPODROME (Broadway and Yamhill)
Vaudeville and moving pictures; 2 to 5.
6:45 to 11 P. M.. Saturday. Suday. holi
days continuous, 1:15 to 11 P. M.
6TRAND (Park. West Park and Stark
Vaudeville and motion pictures continuous.
Advertisements Intended for City News in
Brief columns in Sunday's , Issue must be
handed in The Oregonlan business office by
6 o'clock Saturday evening.
Pbtchic DiatossTRaTioir Plahkid.
A new view of Ernest Harps, the
psychic mystery, whose apparent con
nection with the spirit world aroused
considerable comment In Portland
seven years ago, has been promised by
Rev. Cora Kincannon Smith, & spiritual
istic medium, who has engaged his serv
ices for a demonstration to be given
in Moose Hall at 8 P. M. Sunday. Since
October, 1909, when strange manifesta
tions were reported as taking place ap
parently through the mediumship of
the boy. there has been no satisfactory
physical explanation of his Influence
and it ia his connection with the spirit
world that the medium hopes to
establish at the Sunday evening dem
onstration. The Sunday evening meet
ing will be open to the public.
S. J. Silverman Loseb $50 Action.
The effort of S. J. Silverman to col
lect $50 due on an attorney's fee. as
he alleged, in the court of District
Judge Dayton failed yesterday when
Judge Dayton returned a decision for
the defense. He held there had been
Spkcialtt Stores . Plan Campaign.
Plans for Issuing a catalogue in which
will be listed the wares of all firms
which are members of the Greater
Portland Association were discussed at
the regular meeting and luncheon of
tnat organization held yesterday at the
Portland Hotel. The purpose of the
catalogue was declared to be to enable
the people of the city and surrounding
country more readily to trade with the
epecfalty men, of which the association
Is comprised. Frederick Hyskell gave
an address in which he outlined means
for advertising the association and de
veloping the trade among the specialty
men. Nomination of oficers will be
taken up at the next regular meeting
of the association to be held Thursday
or next week at the Portland Hotel.
Two A L b brti Fires Reported.
"While firemen of engines No. 14 and
No. 18 were fighting a blaze at the
home of S. Shamen, manager of the
Alberta Express Company, 1020 Hast
Twenty-sixth street North, in Alberta,
they saw smoke issuing from the roof
of a two-room dwelling several blocks
away. Before they could reach It the
little dwelling waB wrapped in flames
and was totally destroyed The second
home was that of TV. A. Lowden, 966
East Twenty-fifth street North. On the
same lots Mr. Lowden is constructing a
modern residence, which was unharmed.
His loss is $300, fully covered by In
surance. The Shamen home was but
slightly damaged. The loss is said to
be $100, fully insured. .
Eight op 15 Get Papers. Rep
resentatives of a large number of Euro
pean countries and of a number of the
possessions of Great Britain as well
were admitted to citizenship in the
United States yesterday by the Federal
authorities. Eight men out of a total
of 15 applicants were granted their
final citizenship papers. Those ad
mitted to citizenship and the countries
represented were: Ignio Martini, Italy;
August Erek Boline, Sweden: Axel
Richard Carlson, Sweden; Karl Waif rid
Johnson, Sweden; Theodor Kringelhede,
Denmark; Aleo Fobert, Canada; Otto
Tlmeus, Germany, and "William John
Woodman, New Zealand.
First Methodist Summons All An
Kvery-member-present" service will
re held on Sunday morning in the First
Methodist Church. This means all who
re actively connected with the church,
those who rarely attend, those who
have neglected to attend for years
In fact, every member will be expected.
or. Joshua btansfleld will speak on
"The Church His Body." At night the
service will commence at 7:45 o'clock
and tho pastor will have as his topic
"Excesses. The first quarter of the
church year has just closed and the
reports show that there Is great In
crease in progress over the same period
of last year.
Carmen Announce Sociai The first
monthly social function of the year
given by the street railway section of
the Portland Railway, Light & Power
Company will be an old-fashioned
dancing party at Cogswell Hall, at
Eagle Creek, on tho Estacada inter-ur
ban line, tomorrow evening. The en
tertainment committee has arranged
a special programme In addition to the
dance. A special train carrying the
carmen, their families and friends will
leave First and Alder streets at 7:15
P. M., and returning, will leave Eagle
Creek at 3:30 A. M.
CijAsbtb Meet at Ltbrart Tonight.
Special lectures will be given tonight
before the University of Oregon ex
tension classes In child psychology and
philosophy, which meet at he Central
Library at 8 o'clock. Architecture
classes which also are meeting tonight
at tho Library are: Descriptive
geometry, section A at 6:15; drawing
from life at 7:30; graphic statics, the
beginning section at 7:30 and the ad
vanced at S:30. The public is Invited
to attend these classes.
Present Director Passes Exam.'
Of thre men who took a recent Civil
Service examination for the position of
director and assistant director of the
Public Employment Bureau only one
rassed. The r tings as made public
yesterday gave N. F. Johnson, the pres
ent director, a grade of 77.12 per cent
The others fell below 75 per cent. An
other examination will be held soon for
the position of assistant director. The
position is held now by A. W. Jones.
Mazama Walk Arranged. For their
Sunday walk the Mazanias will as
semble at the entrance to Council Crest
Park at 1:45 P. M. The party will go
to Fairmount boulevard and follow it
on Its entire loop around Council Crest
ridge, thence they will tramp over the
Humphrey boulevard via Sylvan to
Mount Calvary Cemetery. From the
latter point the return to the city will
bo made via the Barnes road or by the
carline, as preferred.
Proutt Cass Depositions Sought.
Depositions in the contest for the estate
of the late II. H. Prouty will be taken
in Newport, Vt., from relatives of the
late Mazama, next Wednesday, At
torneys Arthur Geary for the con
testant and Jerry E. Bronaugh for the
estate, having completed arrangements.
The local attorneys will take deposi
tions In several other Eastern cities
before returning to the Coast.
Jitneurs Facts Arrest. The police
were requested yesterday by City Li
cense Collector Hutchinson to round up
a number of jitney drivers who are
said to be .operating now without
having taken out the quarterly license
which was due January 1. Arrests will
be made. Th drivers. It is said, failed
to renew their licenses and have been
running along without Interference up
to this time.
President McGctrb to Name Com-
MrTTHE. At the regular weekly lunch
eon meeting of the Portland Realty
Board in the crystal dining-room of the
Hotel Benson today Frank L. McQuire,
newly-elected president of the Board,
will anrjunce his committee appoint
ments and the various officials of the
organization will map out their plans
for the year.
Peace Will. Be Lecture- Topic. In a
lecture on world politics in Turn Hall,
Fourth and Yamhill streets, at 8 o'clock
tonight. Dr. William F. Ogburn. pro
fessor of economics of Reed College,
will speak on "The Economic Inter
pretation of Peace." The lecture ia
open to the public.
Reed Colljub 31am to Talk. Dr.
Joseph K. Hart, of Reed College, will
speak on "Anti-Militarism" at a mass
meeting called by the Oregon Peace So
ciety at Library Hall on Tuesday even
ing, January 23, at .8 o'clock.
L. W. MacDonaid Better. L- W. Mac
Donald, associated with Dant A Russell
Lumber Company, who has been
seriously ill at St, Vincent's Hospital
the past few weeks, is convalescent-
Metal Weather Strip. H. D. Carter &
Co.. 430 Alder st. Main 1090. Adv.
For Sale. On account of illness, a
well equipped medical office. 804 Morgan
bldg. Main 2844. Adv.
Leak on Wall Street. Send for a
. plumber Main 7S00. I atop leajta,
Fleming; 112 4th. Adv
f pi . i
' I
Z, ' ' - - "
Wsldemar ,lnd.
Tha Portland Opera Associa
tion's production of "Mignon"
next Monday and Wednesday
nights at the Eleventh-Street
Playhouse will be augmented by
a full symphony orchestra under
the direction of Waldemar Lind,
Ever since its organization Mr.
Lind has been one of the con
ductors of the Portland Sym
phony Orchestra and has played
first violin. Before coming to
Portland Mr. Lind studied In
Belgium, playing in Ysaye's or
chestra. "The production of "Mignon" by
a civic institution like tha Port
land Opera Association is a
memorable thing for Portland
' and deserves support as much aa
any other clvlo enterprise," said
Mr. Lind.
"Mignon" will b sung In Eng
lish and will ba produced on a
scale much more elaborate than
anything else yet attempted by
the opera association.
Auditorium Concert Director Is
Named by Board.
September 15, 1916, and was drowned
in the Willamette. Mrs. Ida Huovlnen
asks damages of $30,088 from tha Ore
gon City Transportation Company In a
uit filed In the Circuit Court yesterday.
The young man was a passenger on
tha vessel, going from Chrissell'a Land
ing to Oregon City. It is charged that
the boat was overcrowded, and the
young man was forced to stand near
the edge of tha deck.
Max Friedman, & butcher, of Z67
Yamhill street, is sued for $1000 dam
ages In tha Circuit Court by w. tr.
Bush, who was run down at Third and
Couch, streets December 22.
Commissioner Baker Demands That
Entertainment Be Free and Open
to Public Committees Are
Assigned to Tasks.
no contract and that $50 already: paid
was sufficient. .The action was filed
against I. Weinstein and J. Weinstein.
According to their attorney, Morris
Goldstein, they were sued by the Gurien
Manufacturing Company a short while
ago. Their former attorney, Mr. Silver
man, advised them to fight tho case, it
was ssserted, though settlement for $25
was offered. A judgment against them
for $300 was rendered in the action and
Mr. Silverman asked $100 for a fee.
Missionart Meeting; Is Tonight.
There will bo a missionary mass meet
ing for the congregations of the Epis
copal Church at St. David's Church to
night at 8 o'clock. The speaker will
be the Rev. G. Mosher, who is Just re
turning to'hts post In the Chinese Mis
sion field. The. general public is also
welcome to attend. At 2 o'clock this
afternoon the same speaker will ad
dress the local branches of tho woman's
auxiliary In the parish house of St.
Mark's Church. The Chinese mission is
an interesting and efficient one and the
story of the work there will be of in
terest to any Christian.
George Hart Sats "Enough." George
Hart, clerk in the general offices of
me fartiana rtaiiwsy. j-ignr. rower
Company, has been srenerously 'Joshed'
by scores of his friends because his
name is the same as that given by one
of tha victims of a downtown poker
raid, as published in The Oregonian
Wednesday. Hart says he can stand a
lot of "kidding" but it has been coming
too strong, as ne ts the only oeorge
Hart in the city so far as he knows
and is the only one listed In the city
Alleged Eng-Shee Vendor Taken.
A peddler of eng-shoe, the opium ash
of the drug user, is the aged Ah Tu
according to Patrolmen Wellbrook and
Miller, who arrested him yesterday as
he was leaving a Chinese restaurant.
In Ah Turn's many pockets were many
packages, the officers assert. There
were $1, 50-cent and "two-bit" portions
and the agent was stuffing away the
last of them when the law caught him.
D. N. Mosesjsohn to Officiate. Sab
bath services at the Ahaval Sholom
Synagogue. Park and Clay streets, will
be held this evening at 8 o'clock. In
the absence of Rev. R, Abrahamson. who
is in Callofrnia for his health. Attorney
David N. Mosessohn will conduct the
services and deliver the sermon. Serv
ices will be held tomorrow morning at
9 o'clock.
Poolroom to Lose License. Police
charges to the effect that minors have
been permitted in a poolroom conducted
by John C. Sourapas, 28 Second street.
will result in a revocation of the license
for the place. Mayor Albee has sent
an ordinance providing for revocation
to the Council. , The ordinance will be
considered a week from today, time
having been allowed in which 'the
proprietor can get out of the business.
Mrs. R. B. Wilson Is Better. The
condition of Mrs. R. B. Wilson, pioneer
woman of Portland, who is seriously ill
at her home. 631 Hoyt street, was re
ported to show a slight improvement
yesterday, though little hope is enter
tained for her recovery. She is the
mother of Dr. George Wilson aad Dr.
Holt C. Wilson.
City Club Meets Todat. The
regular meeting of the City Club of
Portland will be held today at noon
in the Orange room of the Oregon
Hotel. Dr. W. T. Williamson will talk
on "Medical Legislation Looking
Toward More Stringent Regulations
Thirteen Women Take Exams.
Thirteen women took a municipal Civil
Service examination yesterday for
police matrons. From the list of those
who pass the test & permanent appoint
ment will be made to the women's pro
tective division.
Delta ITS to Elect. The annual
election of officers of tho Portland
Delta Cpsilon Club will be held Satur-
day noon at tha Nortonia at 12:15 sharp.
William II. Boyer yesterday
elected music director of concerts to
be held to mark tha music dedication
of the Civic Auditorium in June.
The selection was made at a meeting
of tlje board of directors of the Port
land Music f estival Association, neia
at the Chamber of Commerce, William
F. Woodward, president, in the chair.
These other appointments were also
announced: Active membership com
mittee, Jacob Kanzler, of the Portland
Opera Association, chairman; Samuel
a Bratton, of the ! Ad Club; W. N.
Daniels, of the East Side Business
Men's Club; Charles Swenson, of tho
Swedish Singing Society, and Edward
Hippely, of the Arion Society: sustain
ing membership committee, Nelson .G.
Pike, chairman; finance committee.
George L. Baker, Commissioner of
Public Affairs, chairman; William V
Woodward and Earl A. Clark, of the
Progressive Business Men's Club; voice
committee, William A. Montgomery,
chairman; John Claire Montelth. Wil
liam R. Boone, George Hotchkiss
Street and Ueorge Wilber Reed; pro
gramme committee, M. Christensen.
chairman; Frank G. Elchenlaub, Fred
erick W. Goodrich, Mrs. Thomas Car-
rick Burke and Mrs. Warren E.
Thomas. A publicity committee is pro
vided for. but no appointments wera
10,000 Fund Suggested.
It was decided that Director Boyer
be empowered to direct the muslo two
nights at the rendition of one oratorio,
to ba selected afterward, and one
programme of miscellaneous music;
and that tha chorus of selected voices
shall consist of from 250 to 500 sing
era. Tha selection of the oratorio Is
left to the decision of the programme
committee, with the co-operation of
the music director.
It was recommended that a guaran
tee fund be authorized of $10,000, con
sisting of 1000 subscriptions at $10
each, to provide money in advance to
pay the expenses of the music festival.
It was agreed to ask each of thesa
1000 subscribers at $10 each to pay $5
cash, for which they will receive two
admission tickets I-r each concert, and
also to pay $5 each additional when
asked to do so by the board of dl
rectors, should such a course become
necessary to pay all expenses. Al
ready tha members of the Musicians'
Qub of this oity have guaranteed $250
in subscriptions toward this fund.
Mr. Baker Wants Free Concert,
Commissioner Baker said: "I wish It
understood that the formal opening of
the new Civic Auditorium must bo
without charge and open to the pub
lie There will be speeches and pipe
organ recitals that night, and we hope
to see a great meeting of tho citizens
of Portland. With the music festival.
say a week later, this part of the pro
gramme ought to be known as th
music dedication of the new Auditor!
urn." This was agreed to.
A suggestion was made that the
board try to arrange that the re
hearsals for the chorus be held, if pos
sible, in tho auditorium of the First
Unitarian Church. Broadway an
Part of Iiaurelburst to Get Money
Back Xor Construction.
As tha southeastern part of the Lau-
relhurst district has grown to suck an
extent that tha water rates paid
amount to 6 per cent annually on the
cost of constructing tha mains, tha city
will take over tha mains, refund the
amount paid by tha property owners
and cancel the bonded assessments
against tha property. Tha action' is
to be recommended to the Council by
Commissioner Baly.
The streets on which tha property
owners are to be relieved Include:
Aspen street, from the south side of
Blythewood to Thurman street,- and
parts of the following streets In Lau-
relhurst: East Everett. East Davis,
East Couch. East Burnslda. East An
keny. East Ash, East Pine. East Oak,
East Forty-first streets, Merkla Place
and East Forty-second street.
Committees Appointed at Y. SI. C
A. Meeting by E. Xj. Thompson.
Committees for the laymen's mission
ary dinner and institute February 14-16
were named yesterday at a luncheon of
ministers and laymen of the city at the
Y. M. C. A. E. L. Thompson, chairman
of the Portland executive committee of
the movement, presided.
E. Guy Talbot. Paciflo Coast secre
tary, spoke on the development of the
movement, of the campaigns that have
been held and of the plans for tha
interdenominational dinner next month.
W. E. Doughty. H. a Johnson and F. A.
Agar, all leaders In the work, will be
The committees will have another
meeting January 25, at which details
of tho convention will be worked out.
The committees are: Dinner. A. S. Pat-
tullo. George N. Taylor. Rev. W. O.
Wright: mass meeting. Dr. A. K. Hlggs,
I. B. Rhodes, Rev. A. J. Montgomery
institute. Dr. L. R. Dyott, Dr. Joshua
Stansfield and Dr. D. A. Thompson.
J. Adams Puffer Talks Today.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Jan. 18. (Spe
cial.) Three lectures will be given in
Vancouver tomorrow by J. Adams vuf
fer, noted lecturer and writer, of Bos
ton, Mass. Mr. Puffer comes to Van
couver under the auspices of the city
schools and will speak in the morning
to the grammar-grade pupils on "Good
Vocational Habits." In tha afternoon
ha will speak at the high school and
in tha evening he will address the
meeting of tha Parent-Teachers' Asso
ciation on "Tha Bor. aad ilia Sana;.
Tourist Travel "Would Be Doubled
Extra Fare Throiich Xorthweat
Were IVot Charged, Is View.
Encouraging results have been re
ported by the committee of hotclmen
who are now collecting funds for th
contest of the case pending before th
united btates Circuit Court of Ap
peals over the Southern Pacific differ
ential of $17.50. The railroad asks to
have the charge maintained on trans
continental round-trip fares which sre
routed through Oregon and Washing
. The importance of the tourist trad
to all Portland business men is bein
explained by the special committee o
the Hotel Mens Association, v. hie
hopes to enlist all Portland busmen
houses in the effort to get a lowe
railroad rate from the East.
If the round-trips to Californ
would include a trip through Oregon
and Washington without extra charge.
T. D. Rockwell, secretary of the Wash
inglon Hotel Men s Association, teati
fied that the tourist travel here wou
be more than doubled.
Subscriptions made the first day arc
as follows:
Hotel Benjon .SI
Hotel Imperial iuu
Portland Hotel company. 3
Hotel Oregon, Inc 3
Multnomah Hotel Co.. Inc. ...... l
x yrreu i rips uo. .....................
rsortonla Hotel Co. ..........
Hotel Hamapo. ........................ . 35
lrwin-Hodson Co.. 25
Hotel Seward 5i
Hotel Maliory 60
Hotel Cornelius ......................... S3
Campbell Hotel 10
M. S. KoyBton. . lo
Hotel Kltz io
All State Aid Institutions Will' Cn
dergo Investigation.
All state aid Institutions will be In
spected, under the direction of Dr.
David K. Roberg, state health officer,
who will call to his aid a number of
other physicians and citizens, and a
report will be made to the present
Legislature, together with recommenda
tions as to what is needed to add to
the efficiency of these aids t,o the de
pendent wards of the state.
Until this report is completed the re
port on the Baby Home, of which an
investigation was made recently, will
not be given, but all will be Incorporat
ed in the same findings. It is expected
the report will carry with it recom
mendations for a general board o char
ities that shall have supervision of
all these institutions. It will probably
be February 1 or later before this re
port is ready.
Number of Operators Has Decreased
From 600 In Two Years.
Portland has 1S6 Jitneys, according
to a tabulation made yesterday by
Jitney Inspector Gill. This Is the num
ber of drivers who have taken out
licenses since January 1 and are oper
ating. This shows a tremendous decrease
In the last two years. At one time
the number was more than 600 and
during last Summer the number aver
aged about 350. Formerly new drivers
entered the business almost as fast as
old drivers got enough of It and
dropped out. This Is not so noticeable
now. It ia said, although there have
been many new drivers since January
Oaks Rink Will Bo Scene of Festiv
ities for Big Party.
Two hundred boys between the ages
of 10 and 15 will "doll up" tonight to
take their "best girls" to a Y. M. C. A.
skating party at the Oaks rink from 1
to 11 o'clock. The entertainment is ar
ranged under the direction of the Y. M.
C. A. Boye" Cabinet and patrons and
patronesses will be Mr. and Mrs.'H. C.
Melby, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hofer. J. C.
Heehan and J. W. Palmer.
Band muslo will be provided for the
party and refreshments will be served.
The committee l: chara-e is: Hsddon
The real coat for the
real boy is a real mack
inaw. The good ones
are here in real live col
ors and patterns.
Prices $4.83 and $6.83.
Everything else for the
real boy to wear from
Sunday clothes to skat
ing togs.
All Manhattan Shirts
' Radically Reduced.
See the windows.
Morrison at Fourth
S. & II. Stamps Given.
Wear Ralston Shoes.
"y'ALITY above
alL Tha man
who offers slass
at rldlculottaly
low prices ia eith
er a fool or & fa
ker. If tha nam
es are worth $5.
he can get $3; if
they are worth
39c or $1.00
you da not want them .at any
price. We guarantee yon satis
faction at a . reasonable price.
That's enough for any honest
man to promise.
Wheeler Optical Co.
For Economical Week-End Buyers!
Old Colony brand best N.
V. Sweet Corn and small
Green Urn Beans. S 20c
cans for ............. . SO?
PEAS Sweet and tender;
no cooking; Ilka fresh June
peas; 3 2c cans.. 6o
3 15c cana for. .. t. 33
O. C. Refugee. S 20c cans
for SO
Supreme Refugee, 3 lie
cana for 40c
Del Monte Refugee. 3 -3c
cans for 65
s pi?t Arn
old Colony; canned tn tha
Spring when Spinach ts at
Its b st. 3 20c cans 50
Del Monte brand of pea. 3
15c cana for ......... ..25
I Ami
The- world's best larce,
white, 3 iba cans. . . . . .TOc
Fancy White Tips. 3 25a
cans for ..TO C
Vnequaled for Quality. FYesh
roasted dallv. Regular 4 So
lb. for Friday and S&turdav,
per lb. 400
Lrge Kastern kind. 35o lars
for 25
And Salmon 'lira. Finest
Columbia Klver Fish. Spring
caught, fat and rich, per
pound ..35c)
In clusters; 60c pkg....35
Rreeks' Best Concentrated;
Sao aize. 3 t or. ....... .S5e
A REWARD OF 93O0 Is hereby
offered for the arrest and convic
tion or for any information which
will lead to the arrest and convic
tion of the person or persona guilty
of having killed Lou Sun at his tai
loring establishment at 91 North
Second street. This money will be
paid by his relatives through the
merchandise house of either Tee
Wah. 64 Second street, or by Kwong
Shew Lun, 91 North Fourth street.
ciiuxa Bixa john.
Geary Street. Hist ofS Union Scuara
EuroDean Plan $1.50 a day cp
Breakfast SOc Lunch BOo Olnnar S 1 .SO
Most Famous Heals in the United State
(7ew steel and concrete structure. Center
cf theater, cafe and retail districts.
On carlines transferring all over city.
Tfllr. MnniclDal car line direct to door.
Motor Bus meats trains and steamers-
Rockhey, Wallace Hofer. "Wheeler
Raicker. Paul Flegel, Merwin Irish,
Lynn Lonsberry and Eugene Vincent.
We. the members of th family of the
late Mrs. Charlotte L,. Stevens, desire to
extend our sincere thanks and express
our appreciation to our many friends
for their kind assistance awl sympathy
in our recent bereavement.
We desire to thank our many friends
for their kind expressions of sympathy
shown us during the loss and bereave
ment of our wife and mother, also for
the many floral offerings.
Palmer Wilson's Tuberculosis Com
plaint Fails to Impress.
If the contention of Palmer Wilson,
alias Storm, that he had tuberculosis
when he protested against confinement
in the County Jail, had been true
which It was not, as examination by
the county physicians proved it would
have been a fine argument in favor
of the Jail as a sanitarium.
Deputy Jailor Olennan weighed Wil
son yesterday and found that he tipped
the beam at 141 pounds. 'When he en
tered the Jail, three months ago, he
weighed only 123 pounds.
Wilson is a Jitney driver who was
Jailed for an attack on a young girl.
He escaped from a deputy sheriff last
Fall, and upon his recapture ""faked"
a suicidal attempt, swallowing table
salt and swearing he had taken bi
chloride of mercury tablets.
Mother of Arleigli Huovinen Sues
Oregon City Boat Line.
For the death of her 18-year-old son,
Arlelgh Huovlnen, who slipped from
tha deck of the steamer Grahamona on.
Life Insurance does a great deal of good, but no good
to you and yours unless you insure. Attend to it now.
S. P. Lockwood, Vice-Pres. and GenT Manager.
Home Office, Stevens Bldg.
Oldest Bank
in ihe
Your Money in a
Checking Account
means that you enjoy the
convenience and protection,
of paying by check of get
ting; an automatic receipt
for every payment and hav
ing, besides, a record for
every amount paid out. Talk
over the matter of opening
an account with us ask
our advice on financial or
business problems. Personal
service of this kind is one of
the advantages of making
this your banking home.
Ladd & XILTON Bank
Washington and Third
1. . t
J Kersey
Call and See Thla Large Store.
All-Wool Marine Jerseys 93.00
Marine Sweaters, finest articles
ever offered Htft.SO
Army olive drab Sweaters JS.".04
Sweaters, (rood values. to ."t.i
Olive drab wool Riding Breei hea S5.00
Olive green wool tildlng isreeches vt.U
I (Shirts
K mi v TllanketM finest
wool 84. SO to 'O.OO
Flannel Shirts Sl.SO-ft4.50
Navy watch Caps. . . . .81.00
Overcoats ..S2.50 to 88. OO
Wool Undershirt: spe-
rial at ...S1.40 to 82.25
Wool Drawers: special
at S1. 0 to 82.25
Ladles' black ililitary
Capes 82.00
T-adies' Petticoats 75c
Uloves and Mitiens. a
big liue ....75c to S3. SO
OliVA Oroen ninth . &S
inches 82. SO
Macklnaws for young
men, made of Gov
ernment Kersey B l.SO
Tyeatrrer Puttees :t-4.00
Army Shoen. Munson '
last, tn black or tan..86.00
Ruset Shoes from U. S.
. M. C 85.00
New goods coming in con
tinually. FREK II. 8. ornament wlih
every bill over &0 cents.
y i
4-S Years' Efficiency
Why, at 45 you are just beginning a useiui me.
You must be -well equipped well fed, well
clothed and have a good and correct pair of
glasses. ;
lenses apnero in your own ExTl &
frame 10O ?V
Censes Sphero In Aluminum -'k j f
frame iw i- . .'
Lenses Sphero In gold-filled
frame 3JJO
E. glass mounting 3.jso t
kryptok Lenses SS.OO to S15.00
STAPLESt The Jeweler
see MORHISo ST, Between Sd aad 4th.
Through California
Go East Through the Riviera
of America
Th Way to Ce
Take Boat or Rail to San Fran
cisco, Then the Santa Fe to
Denver-Kansas City
It's Also a Quick Way to
New York
Grand Canyon
Also on Your Way
Cenrral Agent
122 Third Street
m an
Tooth Paste
Golden West Coffee
is "Just Risftt"