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Mew Law to Have Emergency
Clause Drys Oppose
v Search and Seizure.
Measure Will Take About Tliree
Weeks to Enact, and Will Be
Effective AVlien Signed Ad-
joumment Row Possible.
STATE CAPITOL Salem, Or., Jan. 10.
Special.) Unless the House adjourns
tomorrow afternoon until after Mon
day, the "bone-dry" prohibition bill
now being drafted by a committee of
Tortland attorneys will be introduced
Tby Representative Anderson on Friday.
While the measure is not yet com
plete, it is certain that it will carry no
search and seizure provision. Dr. An-
derson and other "dry" leaders on the
ground declare that It merely will
carry into effect the wishes of the peo-
pie. as expressed by the constitutional
Amendment adopted last November.
The bill will carry an emergency
clause, however. xnai wiu maice it.
operative immediately after it passes
the two houses and Is signed by the
Governor. Inasmuch as the alcoholic
. ii. M ii V. .... I
xramc mm.u i y """
rPS ,V ..-"iOB,i b.!&
ouse. the bill ta not likely to encoun-
ter serious delays. According to the
schedule now mapped out for it, the
measure ' should get through both
bouses inside of three weeks.
That will make it effective about
February 1,
; Shipments to Be Barred.
It will be unlawful, after It becomes
tffectlve. for anyone to ship liquor into
the state for beveraere Dumoses. No ex-
press company, railroad, or other com-
mon carrier will be permitted under 1
the law to deliver such liquor ship- and Mueller, of Columbia. Miss Gay
jnents. nor ls a niece to the late Mayor Gay-
It is probable that the same bill will
parrir wltTi it Amendments to the ex- I
isting law. regulating the sale of alco-
faol. Representative Matthieu. who is
member of the House committee on
Icohollc traffic, has sent to Portland I
for copies of the ordinance proposed
for restricting alcohol sales there. He
is a druggist, and wants the law so
arranged that alcohol cannot be sold,
excepting for legitimate purposes and
for external use only.
It is reported here that some of the
radical "dry" forces In Portland want
to attach a search and seizure section
to the bone-dry measure, but the more
conservative element. Including Dr.
Anderson, Senator Shanks, Senator
Eddy and others, are opposed to such
stringent measures.
An informal canvass of the two
houses reveals that the emergency
clause will carry easily.
Mrs. J. M. Kemp Opposed,
Mrs. Jennie M. Kemp, president of
the woman s Christian Temperance
Union, arrived here today and said she
Is opposed to the search and seizure
provision. It is understood that the
attorneys who have the drafting of the
ale rlVcm, iT Veafie and
A- C. Newell. One of them probably
will arrive here with a copy of the
measure late tomorrow.
Dr. Anderson will introduce It In the
House promptly, after which it is prob
able that the joint meetings of the two
committees will start. George M.
Brown, Attorney-General, will be called
into conference.
Incidentally, there will be a terrible
row In the House if any attempt is
made to adjourn tomorrow. Some of
the Multnomah County members want
to quft and go home tomorrow evening.
but nearly all of the Eastern Oregon
delegation and most of those from dis
tant parts of Western Oregon want to
stay here and attend to business. They
point out that the House is not too
far along with Its work the way it-is.
end that It is useless and senseless to
adjourn. Indeed, some of the country
members want to continue in session
right through the week, including Sat
pleasure Would Eliminate Search
and Seizure Provisions.
A bone dry law, without the search
and seizure provision, and with an
emergency clause attached. Is being
drafted in Portland and will be re
ferred to the alcohol committee in
Salem probably today. The bill, as
submitted to the Legislature, will be
a compromise between one Oswald
West is framing for the Union Dry
Committee and one being framed by
Arthur Churchill and A. L. Veazie.
These men have been working on
their respective bill for several week:
and Dr. Anderson, of The Dalles, who
framed the present prohibition amend
ment and who Is chairman of the alco
holic traffic committee in the House,
will probably Introduce the Portland-
framed bill with little change. The
bill will be as liberal as a bone dry
law would permit. Just what the pro
visions for sacramental and other
purposes will be 13 not known.
Editors Also Want Legal Rate for
Advertising Provided.
STATE CAPITOL, Salem, Or.. Jan. 10.
(Special.) Elbert Bede, editor of the
Cottage Grove Sentinel, and secretary
of the Willamette Valley Editorial As
sociation, is here to look after the in
terests of the editors of the state.
One of the state editors' principal in
terests at this session will be a bill to
define a "legal newspaper." A legal
newspaper, according to the bill, will
be one at least one year old and v?lth
a circulation, bona fide, of at least 200
copies an issue. The rate for legal ad
vertising also is to be prescribed In
i.." .v..
bill proposed by the county clerks to
abolish the publication of the delin-
Quent tax lists.
Bill Would Guard Against Depend
ency in Declining Years.
STATE CAPITOL, Salem, Or., Jan. 10.
(Special.) Senator Olson introduced
a bill today providing for state annui
ties. The bill was drafted by O. D.
Teal, of Echo, who last session ob
tained the passage of a somewhat sim-
liar Dili lorougn me nuueo.
This measure provides, briefly, for
old age annuities, or pensions, paid for
ft... V.c kfnFiz-lnT-v TVaba antinltla. will
hi nrnvldri at a nrofit to th Rtat.
The object of the bill Is stated to be
to encourage thrift, to provide against
dependent old age and provide funds for
the state to lend out on mortgages and
purchasing of Irrigation bonds.
war i
TATE CAPITOL. Salem. Or.. Jan
(Special.) Spanish-American
war veterans who are members of
the Legislature sent a telegram this
morning: to their comrade, Guy Kelley,
who has been elected speaker of the
House In the "Washington Legislature.
The text of the telegram and the sig
natures follow:
"We. the undersigned comrades, m--n-bers
of the 29th Legislative Assembly
in Oregon, congratulate you on your
election as Speaker and we wish for
you a harmonious administration.
"Yours in Comradeship,
Member Scout Young Camp. Portland.
"Member Scout Young Camp, Portland.
"Member Igyson Camp, Seattle.
Other attaches of the Statehouse
who are Spanish-American War veter
ans and who signed the message are:
Harvey Wells. Insurance Commis
sioner; II. H. Corey, Public Service
Commissioner; John W. Cochran, Chief
Clerk of the Senate; L. B. Davis and
O. L. Lynthecom.
Phil S. Bates, of Portland Is on the
ground. He is not a lobbyist, he in
sists, but merely looking after the pub
lic interests.
Representative Burton's smiling face
appeared this morning behind a bouquet
of red roses neatly arranged in an at
tractive vase on his desk. When
pressed for an explanation he admitted
that he bought them himself,
Some members of the House have
more than one suit of clothes. Speaker
Stanf ield. Representatives Al Jones and
lra Barber were among those who bio;
somed out with new sets of "trotting
harness" this morning.
Representative Brown, ehai rmn rf
ttio Mouse ensrrossine- commltt hn
i v"6'
appointed Romeo Gouley. of Salem,
Lh?' ot the- committee. Gouley
",""te J
stenographers and clerks.
Harry McClellan. of Roseburir. hmi
been appointed chief clerk of the House
enrolling committee, and W. C. E.
frultt, stenographer for Chief Clerk
urager, of the House.
Miss Ellen Gaynor. who was one of
the attractive and efficient stenogra-
vucro jn me nouss two years, is here
again this session. She is secretary for
nwesemiu Kowe, or xuiamooK,
nor. oi new xorK.
The two House bills of the late ses
sion wmcn were returned yesterday
witn me uovernor s veto and tabled
were taken Irom the table this morn
ing ana indefinitely postponed.
If road supervisors cannot be elected
like other officers Representative
Mueller, of Columbia County, wants to
accomplish the next best thing and
have them appointed by petition. He
Idaho Majority Leader Says
Guard to Get Full Pay.
Published Statement That Cost of
TTniforni Would Be Taken From
AVarrant Is Contradicted.
Powers Given Governor.
BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 10. (Special.)
The House of Representatives went on
record today as denying the published
charge that there was a Joker in the
militia pay bill that passed the Legis
lature yesterday, and is now In the
hands of the Governor. It was charged
that when the militiamen are paid the
state will hold out the value of their
military equipment. The members of
the Second Idaho Regiment were not
paid from the time of mobilization last
June until mustered into the service of
the United States a month later in
The first official act of the Legisla
ture was to pass the pay bill appro
priating $7333.50 to pay the troops.
Majority Leader Moody, taking the
House floor, declared the charge to be
Full Sam to Be Paid.
T assure you," he informed the
House, "we do not propose to strip the
members of the Guard to their B. V.
D.s. They will be paid the full amount
due them."
He explained that after the troops
were mobilized some were rejected for
physical disqualifications and had re
turned to their homes with the military
property they wore. These, he said.
I would have to account for the property
but comparatively few dollars were
The House was satisfied with the
explanation and immediately Repre
sentative Anderson Introduced on be
half of the Administration a bill which
gives to the Governor power to remove
Sheriffs and County Attorneys who
fail to enforce the prohibition law.
A memorial to Congress was also in
troduced in the House, asking that it
pass an amendment to Section 1, Ar
ticle 2 and Article 12 of the Federal
Constitution, abolishing the present
method of electing a President and
Vice-President by means of electors
and providing for their election by dl
rect vote of the people.
950,000 Wanted for Indian..
The Senate adopted a memorial ask
ing Congress to include In the Indian
appropriation bill now pending before
it 150,000 for the construction of good
roads in the Fort Hall Indian reserva
When the mileage committe reported
In the Senate. Senator John E. Pin
cock, of Madison County, declined to
accept his pro rata of $70 He explained
he was elected a Presidential elector
as well as Senator, and that the ed
eral Government had made allowance
for his mileage to Boise from his home
to cast his vote Jor President Wilson.
Harry L. Day. also one of the elec
tors, left today for Washington where
he will cast Idaho's vote in the elec
toral college.
Executive Congratulates Oregon TJ,
I Eleven on Defeat of Penn
SALEM. Or.. Jan. 10. (Special.)
Governor Wlthycombe tonight sent the
following telegram to the University of
Oregon football team being banqueted
I by the Chamber oi commerce there:
J "I greatly regret that I cannot
has slipped a bill into the House pro
viding that the candidate with the most
bona fide names on his petition shall be I
appointed supervisor by the County
Commissioners. '
Representative Anderson, of the Hood
River-Wasco joint district, wants "ie
state to establish an agricultural ex
periment station in Hood River County.
His House bill appropriates SoOOO a I
year fdr that purpose.
Representative Burdlck. of Des
chutes, who narrowly escaped death in
an automobile accident a few weeks
ago, still carries his left arm in splints
.s a result.
Representative Stott is not the only
judge in the House. As chairman
of the Judiciary committee. Representa
tive Forbes, of Deschutes, lays claim to
that title, too. Stott is a "Judge" by
reason of being chairman of the re
vision of laws committee.
"BUI" Lowell, of the Pendleton Tri
bune, has joined the newspaper colony
In the. House,
Colonel J. H. Cradlebaugh, pioneer I
Oregon and Pacific Coast newspaper
man and city editor of the Salem Capi
tal Journal, is the dean of the news
paper correspondents at the Legisla
ture. He is covering the Senate In
person for the Capital Journal. Colonel
Cradlebaugh used to work with Mart
Twain on Nevada newspapers in the
early days, and has many reminiscences
of him. Colonel Cradlebaugh has been
writing news and editorials on Ore
gon newspapers for some 32 years.
Milton R. Klepper, well-known Port
land attorney, has been appointed chief
clerk of the important Senate Judiciary
committee. His work will keep him
pretty busy through the session.
The seven .Multnomah members of
the Senate met after the morning ses
sion elected John Gill chairman and
recommended the passage, with a
minor amendment, of Senator Olson's
bin establishing free kindergartens in
counties of 20,000 school population.
The delegation was presented by Sena
tor Vinton, of Yamhill, with a box of
his favorite McMinnville-made cigars.
The Senate was In session. Just 25
minutes this morning. In that time
It cleaned up everything in sight. In
about another week, however, the I
mornings will be too small to crowd
in all the work to do.
The Senate, at least, and In all prob
ability both Houses of the Legislature,
will adjourn early Friday afternoon
until the following Monday morning.
This Is customary in the first week or
two of a session, as there isn't much
to be gained at that time by working
on Saturday. The present Legislature
has made a neat little record In the
way of completing its organization
and getting speedily to work.
Milton R. Klepper, a Portland at
torney, has been appointed to the im
portant post of chief clerk to the Sen
ate judiciary committee.
present to congratulate personally
Oregon's football players upon their
splendid victory. We are all proud of I
Proposed Law Wonld Eliminate Two
Officials in Each Precinct.
STATE CAPITOL, Salem. Or.. Jan. 10
(Special.) Robert E. Smith, secre
tary of the Taxpayers' League, is here
fAV ia na m 1
in a proposed bill to eliminate one elec-
non juage ana me aeputy snerirr in
every election precinct.
The measure now Is being drafted
and probably will be sent Into the
House machine some time this week. It
would also make the presiding Judge
in each precinct a deputy sheriff, ob
viating the necessity of keeping an ex-
ra deputy at the polls. This - plan
would effect a saving of $6 a day in
each of the 1200 election precincts.
Governor's Appointments as Regents I
Confirmed by Cpper House.
STATE CAPITOL, Salem, Or.. Jan. 10.
-The Senate at its morning session
onfirmed the following educational
appointments by Governor Withy
combe: Mrs. George T.- Gerlinger. of
Dallas; Ray Goodrich, of Eugene: C. C.
joit. or i-ortiana, and H. B. -McKinnev.
or eaKer, as regents of the University
of Oregon, the two latter having been
appointed today; C. L. Starr, of Port
land, as regent of the Oregon State
Normal fachool. and A. G. Beals. of
Tillamook, as member of the Board of.
Higher curricula.
Protection of Fish at Month of
Rogue River Sought.
STATE CAPITOL: Salem. Or.. Jan. 10.
(bpeciaL) Representative Tichenor.
of Coos and Curry, introduced a bill m
the House today to prohibit commer
cial fishing in the mouth of the Rogue
River. The measure proposes a dead
line about 100 feet back from the beach,
west of which line it would be Illegal
to fish excepting with hook and line.
It Is probable that the commercial
fishermen operating on the Rogue will
oppose the bill.
Dry Legislation to Be Principal Con-
cern, hut Laws for Child
Also Are Wanted.
STATE CAPITOL, Salem, Or, Jan. 10.
(Special.) The Women's Legislative
Council hag established headquarters in
the Supreme Court building and will
maintain constant contact with legisla
tive proceedings until the end of the
session. Mrs. Jennie M. Kemp is in
charge. She will be Joined in the next
lew weeKs by other members of the
Among the organizations represented
in the council are the W. C. T. U., theJ
State-Federation of Women's Clubs,
the Oregon Congress of Mothers and
the Consumers' League. Mrs. Kemp
r, I , i . every aay irom
j : V .
We are Interested In all legislation
affecting women and children." said
-ma. luuajr, uur primary m-
terest, of course, is . to see that the
prohibition amendment is adequately
carried Into effect.
Inspector-General Nominated.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. The follow
ing nomination was made today by the
President: Inspector-General of the
Army, Colonel John L. ' Chamberlain,
with rank of Brigadier-General.
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The Bayer Cross
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Great CrOWfJ HeSrS Advice Oil
Legislation Needed.
Presidential Primary, Non-Partisan
Local Elections, Economy, Bud-
get ty Governor Are Asked.
Capitol Move Blocked.
OLTMPIA. Wash.. Jan. 10. (Special.)
-Brief and simple ceremony marked
the second Inauguration of Governor
Ernest Lister today.
Escorted by Representatives John R.
Wilson, of King; George Weldon, of
Whitman; E. L. Farnsworth, of Lin
coln; Senator E. E. Boner, of Grays
Harbor, and Senator C. R. McMillan, of
Stevens and Pend O'rellle. the" Gover
nor walked from his office to a plat
form In the center of the main corri
dor of the capitoi, where he was re
ceived by Lieutenant-Governor Louis
F. Hart. Speaker Guy E. Kelley and
Chief Justice Overton G. Ellis.
Dr. M. M. Temple. of the First
Methodist-Episcopal Church of Olym
pla, delivered an Invocation and Chief
Justice Ellis administered the oath of
office. Lieutenant-Governor Hart for
mally presented the chief executive to
an audience that extended through the
corridors and massed around the ro
tunda railings of the third and fourth
stories above.
Bone Dry Bring. Applause.
Directly addressing members of both
houses seated before him. Governor
Lister entered immedlatly upon the
reading of his second Inaugural mes
sage, which he completed In less than
two hours. He was vigorously ap
plauded In his advocacy of total pro-
I hibition and public economy.
opposition was jexpressea irom e-
publican sources to the suggestion that
the Governor prepare the biennial
budget, leavinsr the Legislature em-
I powered to reduce, but not to increase
appropriations tnus recommenaea, oo
jection being founded on the belief
that such provision would confer too
much power on the executive,
On the higher educational bills and
the proposed military levy, legislative
sentiment, so-far as expressed, appears
to be largely favorable to the Governor
I in his contention against any further
Increase in taxation. The Governor es
tlmated this, prospective increase at
$1,678,472 for the biennlum in educa-
I tional expense and approximately
$1,000,000 for military preparedness,
clearly indicating his disapproval of
either Increase.
The passage of a preferential Presl
dential primary law, of a nonpartisan
election bill and a law that would
bring about absolute prohibition in the
state were recommended.
Bill Would Donble Terms.
Although committee appointments In
I either House will not be announced un
tn ,,tft tomorrow. 10 hill and five reso
iutions were introduced today in the
Bills by Ghent of King, provided
salary of (7500 a year for Sheriff In
counties of 280,000 inhabitants gradu
ated down to 1800 for counties
4000, with restrictions against serving
more than two consecutive terms abol
tshed and four-year terms provided.
Kuykendall of Garfield, introduced a
bill designed to confer rights of emi
nent domain upon warehouse and ele
vator companies. A concurrent resolu
tlon offered by Smith of Clallam, an
thorlzea th appointment of v Joint
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committee to examine and recommend
repeal of obsolete laws.
The Senate this morning put an end
to the talk of removal of the state cap
ital from Olympia, by adopting a reso
lution opposing removal. Thirty Sen
ators signed the resolution.
Other bills introduced In the Senate
included the following:
To reduce interest on delinquent
taxes from 15 to 8 per cent and to pro
vide a fund for county handling of de
linquent taxes; to permit cities to sell
utside their limits surplus gas. water
and electricity; to extend mothers' pen-
ions to widows abandoned one year
by their husbands.
SOOO Invited to Ball.
Olympia Issued 2000 invitations to
the inaugural ball. The city welcomed
the guests with a general reception
committee of 60 leading citizens headed
by Senator and Mrs. P. H. Carlyon.
Representative and Mrs. C. C. Aspln
wall and Representative L. J. Morri
son. Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Troy, repre
senting Mayor and Mrs. Jesse T. Mills.
ed the receiving line, supported Dy
Governor and Mrs. Lister, members of
the Supreme Court and state officers.
with their wives.
BUI to Protect Water Power and Other
Nat oral Resource. Demanded at
Organization of League.
SPOKANE, Wash.. Jan. 10. (Spe
cial.) The United Republican League
of Spokane County became a political
organization today, and its first offi
cial act was to adopt a declaration of
principles favoring a state marketing
commission, a Presidential preference
primary, a bill prohibiting the allena
ton of water power and other natural
resources and a till strengthening the
Dresent nrohibition law. Ten other
progressive movements were indorsed.
The new name given the organiza
tion replaces its former name, the
Progressive Republican League, and
was so adopted to conform to similar
organizations which are being formed
in every county of the state. More than
score of men and women, who for
eight years have been actively identi
fied with the Progressive party, at
tended, and the Indorsement of the
code of principles carried with a pro
vision for further consideration of any
or all of the principles with the right
to reject, accept or amend.
John E. Rees, a farmer of Adams
County, opened the subject of a state
marketing commission, which was much
discussed by a number of those
Business of Session Is Disposed of
in Two Days.
PRINEVrf.T.K. Or Jan. 10. (Spe
cial.) The January term of Circuit
Court convened Monday morning and
closed Tuesday, the shortest term ever
held in Crook County. The grand Jury
returned one indictment, that against
Charles Weaver, charged with selling
a beef hide before the expiration or
30 days after the animal was killed
Weaver pleaded guilty and was fined
$50 by Judge Duffy. The trial Jury
was discharged at noon Tuesday with
out a case being tried.
A case of more than ordinary Interest
here Is a civil action by Portlana
neonle. H. W. Fitton. trustee In bank
ruptcy of the Taylor estate, against
Douglas Lawson, son or tne notea om
T.iiwson. of recent Wall-street "leak"
fame. It is understood this case will be
settled out of court.
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small parachute to retard its flight ha
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practice strokes where room la limited.
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Counterfeits and substitutes may be in
effective, and even dangerous.
For your protection be sure to ask
for and to see that you get only
Your Guarantee of
Resolution Advi.InK Attitude of Local
A.aecIatlon Sent to Representa
tive Matthlea In Legislature.
Portland druggists are solidly behind
a movement to curb the drugstore sale
of alcohol except on physician's pre
scription or order of the District Attor
ney or chief of police. A resolution
adopted two weeks ago by the Portland
Druggists' Association was forwarded
yesterday to Stephen A. Matthieu, Rep
resentative from Multnomah County
and chairman of the House committee
on alcoholic traffic, following the reg
ular annual meeting of the association,
when the alcohol traffic was discussed.
It was the general sentiment of the
Portland druggists that the sale of
alcohol be made as prohibitive as pos
Because of his tact and vigor In han
dling matters Identified with the sale
of alcohol. Edwin A. llobinson was yes
terday re-elected president of the drug
gists' association. The association has
been organized for more than zn years.
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applied and costs a mere trifle for each
application. It is always dependable.
Th. E W. Rose Co Cleveland, O.
and Mr. Robinson's re-election Is the
first time the head has been returned
for a successive term.
Edgar Stipe was elected vice-president,
and F. J. Llchtenberger was re
elected secretary and treasurer.
The meeting yesterday was held at
the Chamber of Commerce and was
attended by about 30.
Eat Less Meat if You Feel Back-
achy or Have Bladder
Meat forms uric acid which excites
and overworks the kidneys In their ef
forts to filter it from the system. Reg
ular eaters of meat must flush the kid
neys occasionally You must relieve
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moving all the acids, waste and poison,
else you feel a dull misery in the kid
ney region, sharp pains in the back or
sick headache, dizziness, your stomach
sours, tongue Is coated and when the
weather is bad you have rheumatic
twinges. The urine Is cloudy, full of
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tated, obliging you to get up two or
three times during the night.
To neutralize these irritating acids
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get about four ounces of Jad Salts from
any pharmacy; take a tablespoonful
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ulate sluggtsh kidneys and stop blad
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those 6ore muscles, those stiff joints,
that lame back.
Musterole is a dean, white ointment,
made with the oil of mustard and
other home simples.
It does the work of the old
fashioned mustard plaster, minus the
plaster and minus the blisterl
You simply rub Musterole on the
spot where the pain is rub it on
briskly and usually the pain is gone.
No muss, no bother. Just comfort
ing, soothing1 relief first a gentle
glow, then a delightful sense of cool
ness. And best of all, no blisters like
the old-fashioned mustard plaster used
to make.
Use Musterole for sore throat, bron
chitis, tonsilitis. croup, stiff neck.
pains and aches of the back or joint.".
sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chil
blains, frosted feet and colds of the
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).