Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, January 10, 1917, Page 20, Image 20

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Today THE WHITE SALE and Sale of Remnants and Odds & Ends
Thousands of Women Are Profiting by These
Great Undermuslin Savings !
If you have not yet availed yourself of the wonderful
savings offered in undermuslins during this great sale,
by all means come in today! Many women are supplying
undermuslin needs for months ahead the values are
truly remarkable see for yourself. We can but hint at
the savings in this meager list:
GOWNS SPECIAL AT 79c, 98c, $1.09, $1.29, $1.47, $1.59,
$1.79, $1.98 to $4.95.
ENVELOPE CHEMISE Special at 59c. 79c, 98c, $1.29,
$1.59, $1.79 to $3.95.
STRAIGHT CHEMISE Special at 79c, 98c, $1.27. $1.57
to $1.93.
COMBINATIONS SpecialJat 93c, $1.22, $1.79 to $3.59.
CORSET COVERS Special at 22c, 33c, 39c, 59c to $1.98.
DRAWERS Special at 22c, 59c, 93c, $1.27 to $1.98.
Underwear and Crepe de Chine Camisoles at Spe
cial Prices.
Undermuslin Shop, Third Floor.
$1.00 to $1.50 Silk
Net, Special 79c
40-inch silk net in diamond and round
mesh. Both evening and street shades 25
beautiful shades for blouses and gowns. An
excellent value at. yard 79c
$1.50-$2.00 RADIUM, 98
36-inch radium allover in taupe, navy and
dark green. Also shadow allover laces in
white special at, yard 98c.
40-inch etamine voile in black, white and
navy. A good $1.75 value at, yard 98c
65c-$1.00 FLOUNCING, 49
40-inch dress flouncing. White voile with
designs in rose, pink, lavender, blue and
green. 5 yards make a dress.
Great White Sale Reductions on
Fine Embroideries and Laces
Main Floor, Fifth Street.
Cluny Lace
Scarfs, etc,
One special lot of hand
made Cluny lace scarfs and
centerpieces. marked at
very low figures for this
sale. Early shopping is ad
vised, as the lot will not last
long at such reductions:
$2.98 Round t -y r
Centers, 24 ids. Z 1. 0 V
$6.98 Round t?f
Centers, 45 ins. )uuU
$3.98 Scarfs, 18 J0 Cf
x36 inches. ,. .. ij)Z.UU
$4.98 Scarfs, 18 To ff
x45 inches. ., DO.vJU
$4.98 Scarfs. 18
x54 inches. .;. . .
Seconfl Floor. Fifth Street.
Three Warm Underwear Specials!
Men's $2.00 Union Suits $1.49
Fine quality medium heavy weight worsted
Union Suits. Long sleeves, ankle length, closed
crotch style. Warm, comfortable garments.
Natural gray color. All sizes.
Men's $1.75 "Athens"
Cooper Ribbed Wool
Garments for $1.19 M
Good Winter weight wool-ribbed Shirts and
Drawers. Knit on Cooper Spring Needle ma
chines. Form fitting. Natural gray. All sizes.
Boys' Union Suits 65c
Ribbed cotton fleeced Union Suits in a good
weight for Winter wear. Silver gray and ecru.
6 to 14 years.
Men's Furnishing Shop, Main Floor.
This Is "Notion Day
Charter Oak 6-cord 200-yard Cot
ton Thread, in black and OP
white, 6 spools &0j
10c C. M. C. Cordonette Crochet,
mercerized, sizes 30, 40, 50, Of
70, white, 3 balls ,...AO
5c Crimped Jet Wire Hairpins, sizes
2 to 3 inches, 3 boxes JQq
Rubber Household Aprons JtAf
priced at, each UvlU
Atlas Safety Pins, all sizes, pT-
1 to 2, card
10c Crimped and Straight Shell and
Amber Celluloid Hairpins, OCT,
3 pkgsj
5c H e 1 e n e Allover
Nets, all shades ......
60c Black or White Cotton QfT
Hat Elastic, bolt OtlU
5c Washington Pin Sheets, "
400 count, 3 papers.. 1"
10c Children's Hose Supporters in
black and white, 2 pairs JPjq
25c "Dainty" Sanitary IQp
Belts, medium size XJU
20c Diana Black Hook and "1 FT
Eye Tape, yard -LeJU
10c Self -threading Bodkin OCC
Lingerie Ribbon, 3 for
10c Mercerized Stickerie Edging, 3
yard, all colors, two styles, QP.
3 pieces AOL,
25c W o m e n's "Sew-on
Hose Supporters, pair
Notion Shop, Main Floor.
'Extra Special!
Women's Silk
and Wool
Dresses $9.85
Dresses of pongee, serge, wool crepe and
many dainty dresses in sports models both
striped and plain materials. The . colors are
tan, navy, black and brown.
One large group of dresses has been gath
eredodds and ends, broken lines and various
styles and ticketed, regardless of former
price, for immediate disposal at $9.85.
Apparel Shop, Fourth Floor
Regular $2.00
Nickel Plated
-Attractive pierced design as
illustrated." 7-inch brown and
white fireproof lining.
Basement. Fifth Street.
Bacon, Pound at 27c
Fine Eastern sugar-cured bacon, today, lb. at 27
Buckwheat, Larrowe's genuine New
York, 9-lb sack 5o.
Log Cabin Syrup, strictly pure cane
and maple, -gaL can 69.
German Lentils, best quality im
ported, lb. 15(.
Graham Flour, freshly milled, fin
est quality, 9-lb. sack 4or.
Coffee, Tea Room blend, same
brand as used in our Tea Room and
Bakery Lunch, lb. 33 .
Peaches, evaporated, peeled; per
lb. 10.
Apricots, evaporated, lb. 10?.
Jap Rice, new crop; large, whole
grain; 5-lb. pkg. 22, 2-lb. pkg.
Canned Pumpkin, solid pack, regu
lar 12c grade, can 9?.
Taylor's Ta males, genuine Spanish
Chicken Taraales, put up in husks,
20c can 15?.
Chow Chow, Cross & Blackwell's,
quart jars 63?, pint jars 35?.
Noodles, Golden Egg, one of the
best, 3 pkgs. 25?.
Canned Peaches, best quality fruit,
put up in sugar syrup, halves or
sliced, large cans; dozen $1.90; 3.
for 50?; can 17?.
Apricots, dozen $1.90; 3 for 50?;
large can 17?.
Sauerkraut, Royal Club, dozen.
$1.60; large can 14?.
Corn Starch, best brand, 1-lb. pkg.
Ninth Floor, Fifth Street.
Clearaway, of Dependable Furniture at Great Reductions!
Davenport as illustrated. Made In our own shops of best materials.
Absolutely guaranteed finest hand workmanship. Upholstered in beau
tiful $4.00 per yard tapestry. Full length. A matchless value at the
extraordinary low price of $49.85.
Miscellaneous Pieces Reduced
$19.00 Overstuffed Chair in brown
denim $14.50.
$29.50 Overstuffed Rocker in brown
denim $25.50.
$39.00 Overstuffed Chair, spring
arm, denim $31.00.
$31.00 Overstuffed Rocker, denim,
price $24.75. ,
$67.00 Overstuffed Chair In mul
berry velour $53.00.
$92.00 Mahogany Sofa in mulberry
velour $73.00.
$57.50 Mahogany Chair in mulberry
velour $45.50.
$17.50 Mahogany Chair or Rocker
in tapestry $14.45.
$125.00 Mahogany Frame Daven
port with loose cushions, mulberry
covering $99.00.
$62.00 Chair to match davenport,
price $39.25.
$64.00 Rocker to match $41.20.
$66.50 Mahogany Frame Arm
Chair, upholstered in blue velour,
price $48.50.
$39.60 Dining Table as illustrated;
fumed oak with flush rim; top 54
inches wide, extending to 6 feet;
all quarter-sawed oak $29.75.
$32.50 Table, wax finish, with flush
rim; 48-inch top and 6-foot exten
sion $23.95.
$26.00, Table of solid quarter-sawed
oak in wax finish; 45-inch top and
8-foot extension $19.50.
$48.00 Jacobean Oak Dining Table,
52-inch top,- 8-foot extension, now
at $29.00.
$43.00 Jacobean Oak Dining Table,
48-inch top, 6-foot extension, now
at $31.50.
$42.50 William and Mary Oak Din
ing Table, 48-inch top, 6-foot ex
tension $31.00.
Furniture Shop. Eighth Floor,'
First of all we wish to impress on you that every piece of furniture ,in this sale is GOOD
furniture, the kind that can be relied on to give you the service you expect of furniture pur
chased from Meier & Frank. The reductions speak for themselves and bear in mind, please, that the original
prices quoted here are in practically every instance lower than those quoted elsewhere on Eke good qualities.
All discontinued dining and bedroom suites including dining suites from such famous craftsmen as Berkey &
Gay, in mahogany and American walnut all odd pieces and broken lines are emphatically redoced for this event.
Included, too, are some splendid offerings in overstuffed chairs and rockers, both denim and tapestry covered.
You will find here furniture for every room in the house at prices that afford you substantial savings. Here
we mention only enough of the items to show you how comprehensive and .worth-while the selection is.
ft I 'og1??-' O
$14.00 Dresser as
illustrated. In wax
oak. Well made and
finished. Reduced for
this sale to $11.85.
$131.50 Library Table as il
lustrated. Made of solid ma
hogany, with top 56x32. An
unusually good value at
$131.50. Reduced for this sale
to $99.50.
$16.75 Brass Bed, with 2
inch posts, $14.25.
$23.75 Brass Bed, continu
ous posts, $19.25.
$30.00 Brass Bed, continu
ous posts, $23.95.
$49.00 Brass Bed, square
tube, $39.00.
$42.00 Brass Bed, 3-inch
posts, 1-inch fillers, re
duced to $33.50.
Overstuffed Chair or Rock
er, made in our own shcps.
Chair as illustrated. Uphol
stered in $4i00 per yard tap
estry. Finest hand work
manship. A very special
value at $215.85.
$248.00 3-pieco. Mahogany Living-room Suite, as illustrated. Consists of sofa and
two easy chairs upholstered in mulberry-colored denim. Reduced to only $178.00.
Easy Payments If Desired
Bedroom Suite in old ivory enamel. $21.75 Dresser, $18.50; $17.50
Bed, $14.90; $19.00 Chiffonier, $16.25; $17.00 Dressing Table $14.50;
$5.25 Chairs, each, $4.25; $5.75 Rocker, $4.75.
Miscellaneous Pieces Reduced
$395.00 Berkey & Gay solid ma
hogany Bedroom Suite, Dresser,
Chiffonier, Toilet Table, Bed, Chair
and Rocker $318.00.
$347.00 Ivory enamel 8-piece dec
orated Bedroom Suite $ 169.00).
$279.00 Black enamel 8-piece dec
orated Bedroom Suite $159.00.
$92.50 Solid Mahogany Library Ta
ble with cane top and shelf $73.0O
$54.00 Solid Mahogany Davenport
Table, 66x24-inch top, $43.00.
$31.00 Jacobean Oak Library Table
for $24.80.
$70.00 Jacobean Oak Library Table,
curved top, at $56.00.
$35.00 Jacobean Oak Library Table,
cane ends, at $29.00.
$42.00 William and Mary Buffet
for $34.00.
$38.00 William and Mary Buffet,
no mirror, $29.75.
$17.50 Wax Oak Buffet as illustrat
ed $14.65. .
Furniture Shop, Eighth Floor.
$98.00 Gray enamel 7 -piece Bed
room Suite $49.00.
$10.00 Iron Bed in Vernis Martin
finish $5.75.
$6.25 Iron Bed in Vernis Martin or
white enamel $3.65.
$6.65 Iron Bed in Vernis Martin
finish $3.05.
Closing Out Odd Sizes in Good
Heaters at
20 o Off !
"ACORN" celebrated heaters in
this sale at 20 discount from the
low prices which we have steadfastly
maintained in the face of unprece
dented advances in cost.
$12.00 Acorn Wood Heater. $9.60.
$15.00 Acorn Wood Heater, $12.00.
$20.00 Combination Wood and Coal
Heater, $16.00.
$14.00 Acorn Coal Heater, S11.20.
$16.00 Acorn Coal Heater, $12.80. sixth rioer. ruth street
Good Savings on
Good Lace Curtains
The character of your home is judged by your
windows! Why not buy new curtains now
this sale offers splendid savings !
$10.00 Arabian Lace Curtains, pair $7.25
$13.50 Arabian Lace Curtains, pr. $10.25
Good Scrim
$2.00 Values $1.40
$2.20 Values $1.60
$2.75 Values $2.15
SPECIAL 40c to 75c
Cretonnes, yard 33.
Seventh floor
75c-$1.25 Antique
Gold Frames at 59c
Antique gold frames in beautiful Resigns, com
plete with glass and back on sale at this remark
ably low price ! Some are square others are
oval and many are oblong. They range in size
from ZY2X5Y2 inches to 8x10 inches.
The- QjualitV StGfus- or- Portland
This is a splenfiid opportunity
to frame some of your fa
vorite pictures and prints in
good frames a little outlay.
Fifth Floor.
Rugs-Special Sale
values Limited Number
Needless to talk about conditions of the rug market
rugs are not only advancing rapidly in price but GOOD
RUGS are becoming scarce. This group odds and ends of
our regular high-grade stock affords an unusual oppor
tunity to save !
9x12 Wilton RugjB a good assortment of patterns $49.50
9x12 Hartford Saxony Rugs extra heavy, fine qual
ity, $62.50.
9x12 Seamless Wilton Velvet Rugs good patterns and
colors, $32.50.
9x12 Axminster Rugs good designs and colors, S23.85.
9x12 Seamless Vervet Rugs large and small patterns
plain center, $19.75. Rus Shop, Seventii Floor