Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 07, 1916, Page 13, Image 13

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Wsnaslns Editor Main 7070. A 6095
city Eultor Main 707O. A. eoui
bunday Editor Main 7070. A. oy3
Advertising Department . . . Main 707O. A 0015
("ompotlng-room Main 7070, A 60B5
Priming-room Main 7070, A o95
fcuperiuteaiUnt Building . . .Main 7070, A 6093
HEILIQ rBrnadwav a.t Tavlorl Comedy'
drama. "It" Pay to Advertise." Tonlgat
at b:13 o'clock.
KAKEH (Broadway or sixth, between Alder
and Moirlson) Alcazar Stock Company In
'The Bong of Bongs." Thla afternoon at
2:13 and tonight at 8:15 o'clock.
PAN TAG ES (Broadway at Alder) Unequaled
vaudeville. Tliree shows daily, 2:30, 7 and
HIPPODROME (Broadway and Tamhlll)
Vaudeville and moving picture; 2 to 5,
6: to 11 P. M., Saturday, tjunday, holi
days continuous, 1:13 to 11 P. M.
6TRAXD - (Park, 'West Tark and Stark)
Vaudeville and motion pictures, continuous.
notice: to subscribers.
Orders for copies of The New
Tear's Oregonlan, which will be Is
sued on January 1, 1317, to be sent
to friends, should be sent to The
Oregonlan at once.
Postage in the United States or
possessions, Canada or Mexico, 5
cents. Foreign postage 10 cents.
Address The Oregonlan, Portland,
Uncle Sam Needs Help. The United
Ptates Civil Service Commission an
nounces an open competitive examina
tion on February 3, 1917, for first grade
or clerical positions In the state of
Oregon. This examination is announced
to secure eligibles from which to make
certification to fill vacancies as they
may occur In the first grade or clerical
positions in the customs service; in
the -positions of clerk, storekeeper,
pauger and storekeeper-gauger, in the
internal-revenue service and in other
positions that require similar qualifica
tions as they may occur In the United
Mates classified service. Age 18 years
or over on the date of the examina
tion, but no person Under 21 years of
age on the date of the examination will
be eligible for appointment to the posi
tions of deputy collector, storekeeper,
pauger and storekeeper-gauger in the
Internal-revenue service, and no person
tinder 21 or more than 43 years of age
on the date of the examination will be
eligible for appointment to the posi
tions of day inspector and assistant
weigher In the customs service, or to
any positions In that service whose
duties" are partly those of inspector.
I"or application blank form 1371 and
form 1372, instructions to applicants
for the 11th Civil Service district, ad
dress Herbert F. Ward, secretary 11th
Civil Service district, Seattle, Wash., or
51. K. Wigton, local secretary, Post
office building, Portland, Or.
Pawnbroker's Wife Sues. Ben E.
Weinstein, pawnbroker, is sued for
divorce In an action filed In th.e Cir
cuit Court yesterday by Princess G.
Weinstein, who cites grounds of
cruelty. Alimony in the lump sum of
13000 is asked, together with the re
turn of a diamond ring valued at $600
and a bracelet, watch and silver mesh
bag valued at $135, which. It is main
tained, are being held by Mr. Wein
etein, although the property of his
wife. Mrs. Weinstein also desires the
custody of their 2-year-old son,
Youth of 3 Sues for $15,000. Na
thaniel Jackson, aged 9 years, who was
Injured seriously by the explosion of a
percussion, cap picked up along the
track of the Spokane, Portland & Se
attle Railroad December 6, 1914, has
filed suit, through the guardianship of
his mother, Alice J. ckson, for $15,000
damages from the railroad. The
torpedo was of crooked shape when
picked up by the lad at Twelfth and
Lovejoy streets. He tried to straighten
it by hammering it with a rock. His
face and chest were torn badly.
Miss Hazel Agnes Wirtz Dies. Miss
Hazel Agnes Wirtz, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William J. Wirtz, of 1084
Brooklyn street, and a well-known
musician of this city, died yesterday
morning after an illness of 13 months.
She was 27 years of age. MissVirtz was
born at Forest Grove and atrended the
tJresham High School. She was a sister
of Carl W. Wirtz, of the Portland Rail
way, Light & Power Company, and of
Miss Carlyn Wirtz. of Portland. Fu
neral services will be held in Forest
Grove Friday afternoon. Interment will
be in that city.
Review of Dai's Scccess Revealed
Today. Review of the success of the
Greater Portland day celebration of
Tuesday, November 28, will be made at
the meeting of the Greater Portland
Association, which will be held at noon
today in the assembly hall of the Mult
nomah Hotel. Officers of the com
mittees which participated in the work
will make their reports and sugges
tions will be made as to future cam
paigns of the association to educate
the public in its ideal of merchandising.
Brewery Would Sell Property.
The Northern Brewing Company, which
operated the old Star Biewecy, manu
facturers of liop Gold beer, yesterday
filed papers in the Federal Court re
questing permission to sell its property
to satisfy holders of first and second
mortgage bonds aggregating $267,000,
and interest thereon since April; 1915.
The brewery went bankrupt a year ago.
The company operated the Star Brewery
nt Portland and the Star Brewery at
Vancouver. It owned other properties.
Art Lecture Is Today. Miss
Failing's lecture on "Byzantine Art"
will take place at 3:30 today at the
Art- Museum. Tomorrow at 4 o'clock,
the last lecture in the "Artists'
Problems" series, subject "Structure,"
will be given. The fifth annual exhibi
tion of the artists of the Northwest
will close next week, the last day being
Michigan Club Meeting Postponed.
The regular meeting of the Michigan
Society has been postponed on account
of the illness of Mrs. Fay Eastman,
secretary of the social committee. A
programme of speeches, readings and
music is being prepared for the Jan
uary meeting at wnicn also tne an
m nual election of officers will be held.
' Church Plans Parcel Post Sale.-
Daughters of the Temple will conduct
a Christmas bazaar or parcel post sale
at, the parlors of the Whiter Temple
Church. Friday evening. In addition to
the sale an interesting programme has
been arranged and a good time is as
sured. A general invitation is extended
to the public
Armour Staff to Dine. The sales
and office staff of Armour & Co. will
have their annual dinner Saturday
night at 6 o'clock In the Blue room of
Hotel Portland. The meet dinner is
the yearly Jollification of the forces
and the mention of business is taboo.
Robert E. "Mullen is In charge of the
Women Plan Bazaar Tomorrow. The
women of the First United Brethren
Church will hold their annual Christ
mas bazaar tomorrow and Saturday of
this week at 341 Morrison street, which
is near Broadway. A large collection
of handiwork has been assembled for
the bazaar.
Boats to Twa Dalles and Wat.
Until further notice the schedule will
be one boat, the State of Washington,
leaving Portland, Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, 7 A. M. Alder-street
dock. Main 91. A 5112. Adv.
Special Rates by the month, during!
.winter no.ei vurueiiuH, auv,
"it pays to advertise; brisk
comedy, is at heilig today
Theme Appeals to Business Men, but Plot Is Romantic Enough to Hold
Attention Even of the Women.
TvLAYS that promote laughter are
j ' more in demand than the Bomber
sort, and of the former there is
not In the amusement field today a
more pronounced hit than "It Pays to
Advertise," which will be the attrac
tion at the Heilig Theater for three
nights beginning tonight, with a mat
inee Saturday.
"It Pays to Advertise" is a business
play and, therefore, appeals strongly
to men. 3ut the plot is romantic enough
to win enthusiasm from the feminine
portion of an audience. Thevfarce is
from the pens of Rol Cooper Megrue
and Walter Hackett, who have brought
forth one of the most laughable plays
presented in recent years.
Rodney Martin, a rich man's son, who
has been the despair of his father be
cause of his aversion to work, is 'per
suaded through love for his father's
pretty stenographer to go into,, busi
ness, after his father has disinherited
him. Rodney's father Is a soap king
and the son decides to go Into the same
business and adopts a strenuous adver
tising campaign to attract the attention
of buyers. Father doesn't believe in
advertising and tries to dissuade his
son, the only result being Xo make the
boy plunge heavily into the advertis
ing game.
This, in brief, is the story of the
play, the complete plot of which it
would be quite Impossible to give in a
way that would adequately express its
Intensely humorous situations and
laugh-compelling moments.
It is sufficient to say that the young
man wins his point and the girl of his
choice, and that his father is brought
to believe that It does pay to adver
tise. Utah to Takb Prisoner. John
Qulncey Palmer, arrested Tuesday on a
non-support charge preferred by his
wife, and accused of an attack on an
11-year-old girl in Salt Lake City, will
be returned to the Utah metropolis as
soon as an officer reaches Portland for
him. The wife whom Palmer deserted
and whose home is at 443 East Forty
first street, called the police when hr
husband made his appearance In this
city. He was arrested at the threshold
of the house by Police Sergeant Robson
and Patrolman Bigelow. Palmer is 39
years old and a painter. He is said to
have fled from Salt Lake City, return
ing to Portland via British Columbia.
Charter Revision DiscusseO. John
B. Easter was elected president of a
committee appointed to investigate
revision of the city charter at a meet
ing in University Park Tuesday night.
Mrs. S. King was elected secretary. A
resolution was adopted condemning the
city government for ignoring the needs
of the district. Other meetings are to
be held in the future at which steps
may be taken to launch a new charter
under the initiative. It was declared
that the City Council has neglected the
University Park section.
Portland Woman's Brother Wounded.
Robert H. Osborne, of the United
States Marine Corps, a brother of Mrs.
F. M. Elworthy, 005 Schuyler street,
was wounded in a - battle between
American troops and Dominican rebels
at Macorls, Dominican Republic, on
Thanksgiving day, according to advices
received here by Mrs. Elworthy. His
mother. Mrs. Harriet M. Osborne, lives
at Hillyard, Wash. The wounds are
reported to be not serious.
Mrs. Luciano Pleads Not Guilty.
Mrs. Rose Luciano, whose Indictment
on a charge of forgery followed her
attempt to fasten the crime on another
woman, entered a plea of not guilty
before Circuit Judge Davis yesterday.
Frank Motter, E. E. Stackhouse and S.
H. Haines, indicted under a statute
designed to protect secret societies.
pleaded not guilty to selling member
ships in a true Masonic lodge in which
they had no affiliation.
Madeleine Parish Holds Bazaar.
The annual bazaar by the Madeleine
parish is being held in the church hall
at East Twenty-third and Siskiyou
streets. An attractive array of booths
is in charge of the women of the parish.
The young women of the parish will
serve tea on Thursday. Friday -and
Saturday afternoons from 3 to 5. In
the afternoons, Mrs. Charles Shea, Mrs.
A. F. Petzel and Miss Nona Lawler will
render solos.
Thomas C. Conlin to Return.
Thomas C. Conlin. former manager of
the Portland Empress Theater, at pres
ent manager of the Spokane Hippo
drome, will return to Portland to as-J
sume cue managemeni Ul tne nippo
drome Theater. He wll succeed Walter
C. Smith, who goes to Spokane, at the
head of the local Ackermann and Har
ris amusement enterprise. Mr. Conlin
Is expected in Portland within a few
Indian Club Sale Continues. The
Indian Ctub, which opened Its sale of
Christmas gifts and other articles at
the Eilers' Music Store, formerly
Graves, 285 Morrison street, yester
day, will continue it today. The club
was organized last February for chari
table purposes and all the money raised
is devoted strictly to works of benevo
lence. Dr. Jasper J. Stahl to Lecture.
The extension course lecture at the
Central Library tonight at 8 o'clock
will be delivered by Dr. Jasper J. Stahl
and will be on "Hebbel, the German
Dramatist." This will be the last
lecture of the series showing the
relation of Hebbel to contemporary
Ernest L. Perrinb Funeral Today.
The funeral of Ernest L. Perrine, well
known as "Dick" Perrine, will be held
from the Baptist Church in St., Johns
this afternoon at 2 o clock and inter
ment will be in Pike Cemetery in Tarn
hill County. Mr. Perrine was the son
of Mr, and Mrs. G. L. Perrine, 618 North
Edisoh street.
$5000 Libel Action Lost. A. B. Combs,
manager of the Portland branch office
of an insurance company, and J. P.
Ford, salesman, received a verdict by
Jury in the court of Circuit Judge Gan
tenbein yesterday in the $5000 libel
action instituted against them by A, H.
York, a former salesman. 0
Lamont -Banker Visits. Benjamin J,
Ellis, cashier of the Lamont State Bank,
of Lamont. Wash., was in Portland ves-
terday on business. He called on local
bankers and incidentally attended the
livestock show. Mr. Ellis reports the
farmers in his locality prosperous and
business good.
General Wilson ok Inspection Tour.
Acting Adjutant-General W. W. Wil
son. O. N. G., went to Ashland yester
day and will inspect companies of the
Coast Artillery stationed there and at
Medford. He will return to his Port
land headquarters on Friday.
W. L, Finley to Lecture. W. L.
Finley, state biologist, will give an
Illustrated lecture on birds tonight in
Library Hall at Central Library. The
lecture is open to the public
Spanish-American Society to Mbit.
The Spanish-American Society of Ore
gon will hold its monthly meeting to
morrow at 8 o'clock, in the Central Li
brary, room G.
Order any magazine or renew sub
scriptions through Hazel Hall. Tabor
3250. Adv.
OrkntalRtjgs repaired, wash-cleaned,
stored. Cartozlan Bros. Br, 3433. Adv.
f . ' ' f
Allene Dnrano In "It Pays to Advertise.
Council Acts Over, Mr. Daly's
Protest; Standpipes Free.
Move to Encourage New Industries)
W ill Be Considered at Meeting
Set for. Tomorrow at
City Hall.
" The majority of the City Council is
not so certain as is Commissioner Daly
that it is not practicable at this time
to reduce water rates for factories for
the purpose or encouraging new indust
ries. Accordingly, Mr. Daly's recom
mendations for no changes in water
rates next year were held up yester
day and will be subject of considera
tion in detail at a special meeting of
the Councfl tomorrow afternoon- at 3
The Council decided yesterday that
the city should not make a charge
for water furnished in inside stand
pipes in buildings because no water Is
used through these pipes 'except in
case of fire. Over Mr. Daly's protest,
the Council voted to eliminate this
charge. Such action hat) been requested
by the Association of Building Owners
and Managers on the ground that the
building owners are required to pay
$5000 a year for the water, when as
a. matter of fact no water is used in
the pipes except In case, of fire, in
which event the water used is a part
of the city's general fire protection
Commissioner Daly contended Vthat
the charge was to cover the cost of
inspection to prevent the tapping: o.
these standpipes and obtaining water.
He said one inspector can cover the
city, there being but a few hundred of
these standpipes.
"These standpipes,"- said Robert
Strong, "are purely for fire protection
and their . installation should be en
couraged rather than discouraged by
the making of a charge for use of
water that is not used. The stand-
pipes are a unit of the fire department
and should be treated as such. When
a bunding catches fire it is of Just
as much importance to . surrounding
buildings and the city at large to stop
the fire as it is for the owner of the
buildings to stop it."
The subject of decreased water rates
for factories was discussed at consid
erable length. "As a matter of fact,"
said Commissioner Daly, "we are re
ceiving only sufficient .revenue to op-,
erate the water system. If we de
crease the revenue from factories, we
must increase it somewhere else."
"That's a statement and not a fact,"
asserted Commissioner Baker. "Why
should Portland keep up its water
rates out of all proportion to the rates
charged for factories in other cities?
We want to encourage factories, ana
not place handicaps in the way of
their coming to Portland."
An afternoon newspaper quoted Com
missioner Daly yesterday as saying that
the decrease In the Btandpipe charge
would have 'to cause an increase In
rates to small consumers.
"If Mr. Daly attempts to win hie
point by raising rates to small con
sumers he will find me fighting his
proposal Just as hard as I have fought
this proposition of charging building
owners for something they do not get,
said Mr. Baker.
Four big main events. Sommers,
Swain, Palmer, Trambltas, MItchie, Nel
son, Allen, Knowlton. 50c to $2. Adv
Five) Linn Cities Report Levies.
ALBANY, Or.. Dec. 6. (Special.)
Five of the eight cities of Linn County
- Y - -; i
j : i
Lgk - j
NOTE Owing to' the immense demand for seats there
will be a
The Song of Songs
Everybody is talking about it.
Most tremendous Emotional Drama of the age.
Every woman wants to see it.
Today we're harping on
style and sensible
Christmas, giving, and
have struck the right
note for the man who
realizes the business
importance of correct
$14 buys a suit good
enough for anybody.
$20 buys one good
enough for everybody.
In overcoats our pro
gramme includes the
best, including those fa
mous ones made by
STAMPS will, give
you more money
for C h r 1 s t m as.
Use this coupon.
Not good after
Dec 23, '16. Ore.
A raincoat is always a
welcome present.
Morrison at Fourth
Wear Ralston Shoes.
Step forth on
Christmas or
New Year's
' Day attired in at
Norman Bros.'
Suit and
you'll be doing
your part in
observing: the
occasion in a
fitting manner.
have reported special tax levies to
County Assessor Fisher foV extension
on the 1916 assessment roll of Linn
County, as follows: Albany. 13 mills;
Harrisburg, 7 mills; Halsey, 4 mills;
Scio, 8 mills; Sweet Home, 10 mills.
Lebanon, Brownsville and Sodaville
have not yet - reported levies.
Maryland and Patton Avenue Be
come. Interstate Avenue.
Maryland and Patton avenues in the
northeastern part of the city are now
officially named Interstate avenue. The
City Council yesterday passed an or
dinance changing the name in accord
ance with a request of property own
ers in that. part of tjie city.
The name Interstate avenue has been
sought by the residents as part of their
plan ultimately to connect up the two
streets and others so as to form a di
rect connection with the south ap
proach of the Interstate bridge.
Child Welfare Programme Will Be
Held on Saturday.
n spite of the upsetting of the plans
for a child welfare programme under
the chairmanship of the Governor, with
representative speakers from various
parts of the state participating, the
Civic League has provided to handle
this subject at its coming meeting Sat'
urday and announces a speaker of Na
tional prominence who has been se
Dr. W. H. Sllngerland. of the Russell
Sage Foundation, and Bishop W. T.
faumner will deliver the addresses.
While the steamer Dalles City Is
undergoing repairs the steamer State
of Washington will handle all the busi
ness. Alder-st. dock, Main 914, A 5113.
King Coal Beet for Price.
Also Rock Springs, Tqno and Bri
quets. Ice Delivery Co., successor to In
dependent Coal & Ice Co. Ma. 234. Adv.
We wish to extend our deenest arr&ti
tude to the many friends who were so
kind in our recent bereavement. The
wife, mother, father and three brothers
or Edward ri. Holland. Adv.
On the value of "which is based the
cost ' of all wares made of Sterling
Silver, has been advancing; .point by
point, and will go higher. Now all
, - Table Silver must increase in price,
and there is reason to believe that the
4", advance .will be a permanent one.
f Personally, we have decided not to
change or raise the price of any arti-
cle-in our immense stock of Silver
, ' until- after the Christmas trade is
over, and we are sure that we can
. meet any demand.
Kindly think this matter over and
avail yourself of the opportunity to
add to your silver, at today's prices,
any pieces that may be missing.
Gifts chosen now may be set aside for
delivery at time desired.
The House of Personal Service
Yeon &d$. -
Formerly the Orpheum .Broadway at Tamhlll.
Four Days, Starting Today
6 Dandy Big Vaudeville Acts 6
Martini & Maximilian
Original Tricksters and Burlesque Magicians.
: Four Casting Kays
Aerlallsts Supreme.
S Lewis and Leopold
Merry Men in Songland.
: Milch and Martin
Twelve Musical Moments.
Matinee. Except Sundays and Holiday. KV Xljrhta-, lSe.
Performances Dally a to 5, s45 to 11 V. Mi Sat.-Snn. lilS to 11 P. M.
Many points of interest are contained in this little
Call at Window No. 3 for a complimentary copy.
Capital anal Sarplata 2, 000.000.
Third and Oak Streets,
Portland. Ore fan.
between all points in Oregon
Washington and Idaho, for the
on '
Tickets on sale Dec 21, 22. 23. 24, 25
Return Limit Jan. 3, 1917
Held by
For Benefit of the
DECEMBER 8, 9 and 10
255 Thirteenth Street, Portland, Or. . .
130 Fifth St.
Georgette Chartres
Sing-ins and Whistling- Comedienne.
Turner and Grace
"Ten Minutes on Main Street."
ISHIG M AJiTLK," In the great
PATHI4 NEWS and a Comedy Cartoon
a little booklet of infor
mation issued by
For rates, etc.. apply to
City Ticket Office. 255 Morrison Street "
Main al Phonea A 1344
A. D. CHARLTO.V, A. G. P. A., Portland, Ore.
f iWl33 . 1 ! SiSffi?5f
Imperial Hotel
Broadway, Stark mad Washlnctoa
Ideally ' located In th heart
of things on Broadway's
throbbing center. The lor
" lea! hotel for tbose on
buelnesa or pleasure.
Dlnlng-Boom a Special Feature.
Phil Itletschao. Jr.. Mir.
egantly aDuolnted hotel. Dosacsslnr
one of the most beautiful corner lob. J
bles In the Northwest. Located at I
jTn ana Alder sts.. ooooslte Olds.
vfortman & King's big department
store, in feeart ox retail and theater
district. Rates, $1 and up. Bus
meets all trains, "w car also runs
from Union Depot direct to HOTEL
i-cvvAJuj. w. M. SEWARD. Prop. 1
Fourteenth and WashinKton Sts.
Reinforced Concrete Building
Positively Fireproof.
Victor Brandt. Ross FinneKBn,
Proprietor Manager.
' bpecial Rates by the Week or Month.
San Francisco's likeable
American or European
Rates Right -iSerrico Right
Obadiah Rich, Manager
t" 1
New Houston Hotel
Sixth and Everett Streets.
Four Blocks From Union Station.
Under New Management.
All Rooms Newly Decorated.
Rates 75c, SI, S1.&0 Per Day.
A Moderate-Priced Hotel of Merit
Esst Morrison St.. Near Grand Ave.
75C. SI Per Day) With Bath. SI. 25
Canton Bazaar
Chinese and Japanese - Goods,
Kimonas and Curios
118-150 PARK ST.
Between Morrison and Alder
New Location, Morrison
Park Streets
MR. J. F. MYERS, ' MAIN 54a
Phone Your Want
Ads to
iThe Oregonian
Main 707Q
A 6095
ifo4jS.':f-i ff j