Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 22, 1916, Page 22, Image 22

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kRabindranath Tagore Lectures Tuesday Evening, Sept. 26th, Lincoln High School, Under Auspices Drama League.
Tickets $1.50, $L Student's Tickets 50c, for Sale Book ShopMMVnWWMKMWj
Munsingwear Week in Our Men's, Women's ,
and Children's Knit Underwear Shops
Munsingwear is sold exclusively in Portland at the Meier & Frank store. We carry complete lines
of every style garment, and are now ready with new Fall and Winter weights in all wanted styles.
There's no better underwear made. Munsingwear always FITS it is shaped, not basted.
Now is the time to supply your underwear needs. Men's, women's and children's Munsingwear spe
cially priced. Knit Underwear Shops, Main Floor.
Mrs. A. L. Craig 's Corset Instruction
Is Interesting the Women of Portland
Mrs. Craig is a member of the Nemo Hygienic Fashion Institute of New York and is competent
to' give needed corsetry advice. She is demonstrating the splendid qualities of Nemo and Smart-Set
corsets and helping women decide what is the PROPER CORSET for their particular needs.
Be sure to call and let Mrs. Craig help you in your selections; she'll explain just what your
requirements are. Corset Shop, Third Floor.
.Tut QyALrrV Stork op- Portland
dr '
- Z I
For More Than 26 Years Portland's Great Week-End Bargain Event Growing Fresher and Bigger and Better With Time
Friday Surprise Means Always a Store-Wide Lowering of Prices on New, Seasonable Merchandise Here's a Partial List , of
- '
ii t it i
Men's Flannelette Night
Shirts at 49c
Surprise extraordinary! Good col
ored flannelette night shirts with mil
itary collar, braid trimmed, full cut.
All sizes, 15 to 20.
Genuine President
Suspenders at 19c
Another sensational surprise spe
cial. Light, medium . and heavy
weight webbing. Friday only 19c.
Men's Regular 10c
Handkerchiefs at 5c
Dozen, 50c. Full size, plain white
handkerchiefs with -inch hem.
Men's Furnishings
Shop. Main Floor.
$1.25 Silver Cream or ACh
Mayonnaise Ladle for -
Just 82 of the famous "World Brand" silver cream or mayon
naise ladles on special sale for Friday Surprise at 49c.
Main Floor.
$4.00 Umbrellas for dJO QA
Men, Women, TocYiy PQ
Prepare for rainy weather now! One lot good umbrellas guar
anteed fast black, with rainproof covering, good handles $2.39.
- Main Floor.
$3.00 New Cotton
Moire Petticoats at
Newest skirts with silk taffeta flounces will outwear any ordi
nary silk petticoat. Navy, green and wistaria.
Third Floor,
15c to 20c Comfort "I
Cretonnes, Yard at A vJ?
5 and 10-yard lengths of 15c, 18c and 20c cretonnes, full 30 and
36 inches wide. Just the thing for covering comforts.
Seventh Floor.
$4.00 White Wool rtj.Q vf
Blankets at Only POS7
Good quality white wool blankets in full-bed size.
jsretty colored borders. Special Friday at $3.49
Made with
Second Floor.
$2.00 Velvet Rugs IJ - OA
For Friday Surprise P lOS7
About 100 rugs in the lot. Size 27x54 inches, in handsome Ori
ental designs. For hall, bedroom and living-room use.
Seventh Floor.
For Friday, Sack ....
49-pound sacks. A splendid, all-round family
flour, offered at this special price for Friday's sale.
Blue Ribbon Butter, freshly
churned, 2-pound roll 70 '
Victor Coffee, freshly roast
ed, regular 30c grade, lb. for
Minced Clams, finest ocean
.razor, No. 2 cans, dozen
$2.20, can 19c, No. 1 cans,
dozen $1.10, can 10.
Lurline White Laundry Soap
fine brand, 8 bars 25.
Red Alaska Salmon, No.
cans, dozen $1.45, can
Whole Wheat Flour Golden
Rod brand, one of best, No.
10 sacks 89.
Cottage Butts, nicely trim'd
. and smoked, lb. 16 .
Cove Oysters, Eastern, latest
pack, No. 1 cans, dozen 85c,
can 7. ,
Wisconsin Cream Brick
Cheese, finest quality, pound
Canned Shrimp, new pack,
large cans, dozen $2.25, can
20c; small cans, dozen $1.10,
can 10.
Armour's B o i 1 1 on Cubes,
healthful, nourishing, dz. 19c
Cut Asparagus, No. 2fc cans,
dozen, $1.45, can 13 Vi$.
Potted Tuna Fish, for lunch
eons, etc., doz. 60c, can 5.
Ninth Floor, Fifth Street.
$6-$6.50 Trimmed
HATS for $4.75
Stylishly trimmed hats every one a
new and attractive Fall model.
Several different shapes, both large
and small. Trimmings of fancies,
feathers, ornaments and flowers. Hats
worth $6 to $6.50. Friday only $4.75.
' Millinery Shop, Fourth Floor.
Friday and Saturday
40c Assorted Buttercups, pound, 290
40c Nut Puffs, Fri. and Sat. lb., 290
25c Black Walnut Taffy, pound, 190
25c Peanut Brittle, the pound, 190
25c Burnt. Peanuts, the pound, 190
Main Floor, Ninth Floor,
Basement Balcony
Women's 50c and 75c
Samples of neckwear that 6ell regu
larly at 50c, 65c and 75c. Separate col
lars, sets and ve,stees in & very compre
hensive assortment of styles. Organdie,
voile and crepe materials, plain and em
broidered. Friday, 29c
Neckwear Shop. Main Floor.
Our Newest Wide
RIBBON, Yd. 23c
A special purchase of extra heavy silk
ribbon for Friday Surprise only 23c.
Plain and moire taffetas, in fine line of
colors pinks, blues, lavender, etc. Five
to seven inches wide, for sashes, hair
bows, etc.
Ribbon Shop, Main Floor.
Stamped Linens
Centers; scarfs and pillow tops.
Stamped on cream, white and natural
color linen of splendid grade. A very
large assortment of attractive, easily
executed designs to choose from. Just
one-half price. i
Art Needlework Shop. Second Floor.
Women's, Children's
Plain white or colored embroidered
handkerchiefs -pin, blue and lavender.
Many different styles to select from.
Brand new merchandise. Regularly sold
at 10c. On sale for the first time Fri
day at 5c. Kerchief Shop, Main Floor.
$1.00 Laces, Yard 49c
Beautiful all-silk allovers, 18 inches wide.
Lovely solid colors, Dresden and new ombre ef
fects. Width and style for yokes and blouses.
23c-35c LACES, YARD ONLY 19
Piatt Vals., Point de Paris and shadow, in white
and Pans shades, 3 to 9 inches. Edges and bands,
for undermuslins, blouses. 40c-85c grade, 25.
Point de Paris and imitation Duchesse edges
and insertions, 1 to 3i2 inches wide. Especially
suitable for art work and lingerie.
YARD, 5t
Also imitation Irish edges '
and insertions, to 1V4
inch widths. 8c and 10c
qualities, yard 5c.
Lace Shop, Main Floor.
YARD, 100
2 to 5 inches. Also all
linen Barman edges and in
sertions, to 14; Venise
edges, white and cream,
to 1 inch.
35c Women's Vests 19c
Fancy style vests with lace-trimmed yokes and
silk taped. Low neck and sleeveless. Regular and
extra sizes at this special priceFriday only 19c,
Medium weight fleeced vests and pants. Vests
high neck and long sleeves ; pants in ankle length.
All children's sizes. Friday Surprise special 29c
Black, white, pink, sky and champagne. Double
lisle tops, heels and toes. " 600 pairs go on sale
Friday at, 2 pairs 55c, or single pair for 28c.
2 pairs 23c Medium-Weight black cotton, lxl
ribbed. Seamless feet, elastic tops. Sizes 6 to
9V.. Friday only, 2 pairs 25c, pair 15c
Hosiery and t'nderwear Shops, Main Floor.
Girls' $2.50 Dresses
Special Friday $1.69
Girls' Shop, Second Floor.
Sizes 2 to 6 years. Little
tailored frocks, made of
good quality white pique in
one and two-piece styles.
Made with full pleated
skirts, joined to blouse. The
style frock that is useful
all year round. One as il
lustrated. A good Friday
Surprise in our Girls' Shop.
Sizes 4 to 8 years. Kimonos of
best qualjty heavy Japanese
crepe-in a good assortment of
colors. Made in regulation
style and elaborately hand-em
broidered. This reduction Fri
day only.
100 Women's
and Misses'
$15 Coats
New coats in the popular 48 .
and 54-inch lengths. Some loose
with full belts, others with
belted back and many full and
flaring without belt
Made ' of navy and brown
kersey cloth and gray and
brown . mixtures, trimmed with
plush or fancy self-collars. Spe
cial for Friday Surprise only
Apparel Shop. Fourth Floor.
1 '1
A Few of Our Friday Surprise Offerings
$1 Women's Waists, voile, madras, white and on
colors, broken sizes, reduced to ajJC
25c-75c Barrettes and Back Combs, various r-
styles, all good, reduced to, each OC
15c Germantown Yarn, 8-fold, all staple colors p
and white, reduced to, the skein
$1.25 Feather Bed Pillows, regulation size, r f
art. ticking, reduced to, each , OiC
75c New Middies, women's and children's, all o f
sizes, reduced to, each oiC
75c Sateen Petticoats, full flounces: excellent, m
quality, black, colors '. 4rff
$3-$5 Women's Shoes, kids patents and ft 1 r f
velvets, broken line sizes, pair ifrX.OS
Women's Fall and Winter Coats, extraor- rt yt 0h
dinary values .$7.25, J.00
Soap, odds and ends,, different kinds, while the f
lot lasts, per cake. . ... v X C
$1.75 Untrimmed Hats, black, colors, many r
shapes, special at i3C
Flowers for Hat Trimming, special lot priced r
at only J, iC
10c Outing Flannel and Ginghams, limited r t.
quantity, per yard O 4C
Odds and Ends $5.00
Waists at
Sensational values S
even for . Friday Sur
prise! Lovely waists in
lace, Pussy Willow silk,
striped crepe de chines, plain pongees and pongees
with touches of color. Also dainty white voiles,
trimmed with touches of lace and embroidery.
A splendid assortment of styles but limited as to
quantity so 'early Friday shopping is advisable for
these good $5 waists at only $2.85.
Waist Shop, Fourth Floor.
Reg. 30c Fine Muslin -I O
Pillow Cases at Each i-OC
Pillow cases of good grade muslin, size 45x36 inches with 3-inch
hem. Good 30c values Friday for 18c.
Second Floor,
12c Pure Linen 7l
Bordered Crash, Yd. 2C
A Friday surprise sale of pure linen crash with colored border.
Splendid for kitchen towels. Yard IVi c.
Second Floor.
Reg. 14c Cream Outing
Flannel Yard at Only
Good quality cre"am outing flannel, full 32 inches wide. Excel
lent for warm underwear of all kinds and gowns. Friday at 11c.
' SMond Floor.
20c Madras Shirting
Best Quality, Yard
Figured and striped madras shirting, full 32 inches wide. An
unusually firm quality for Friday Surprise at 12 tec.
Second Floor,
Your Choice of Three OQ
$1.00 Cook Books Only OSC
"American Home," "Marion Harland's" and "Home Queen" Cook
Books regularly $1 each, Friday 39c.
$2.50 "Heart Songs" world s famous songs
-Basement Balcony..
$4.50 to
Bags Friday
$13.50 Mesh 1
at Just
Handsome bags with fancy inlaid 6hell frames. - A beautiful
assortment ranging from $4.50 to f 13.50, Friday at HALF.
Main Floor.
'Wearever' Specials
Friday's special offering for
"Wearever" Aluminum Demon
stration Week is a splendid
$1.35 COVERED 3-QT.
Sheet aluminum with strongly
riveted handle. Shape as illus
. trated, in 3-quart size.
This $4.40 "Wearever" 5-Qt.
Tea Kettle $2.68
Saturday is the last day of
our highly successful "Wear
Ever" Aluminum demonstration,
conducted by a domestic science
graduate. Housewives are cor
dially invited to attend.
Basement. Fifth Street.
One I Under War, Grant Issued
Another and Plana Are Heine
Drawn for Others.
Revival of apartment-house building
!n Portland Is scented by Building In
spector Plummer In a series of applica
tions for apartment-house permits.
Work has been actually started on
apartments to cost $65,000; permits
were issued yesterday for others to
cost $75,000 and plans are being- made
for others to cost not less than $50,000.
L A, - Peters, .-who- has. built many
apartments, but has discontinued opera
tions for three, years past, has ob
tained a permit and is now building a
structure at West Park and Hall
streets to cost $35,000. A permit was
issued yesterday for a $30,000 apart-,
ment to be erected by T. A. Sutherland
at East Thirteenth and Tillamook
streets. Another permit was issued
yesterday for an apartment to be built
by Carl Magnuson on Main street be
tween Xartilla and Stout streets.
Herbert Gordon has obtained a per
mit and is now at work on an apart
ment to cost $30,000 at East Thirty-ninth-street
between Belmont and Mor
rison streets. John Loop, of San Diego,
has written Building Inspector Plum
mer that he is preparing plans for &
$20,000 apartment in Portland and an
other structure is being planned by
ft. F. Wassell to cost probably more
than $30,000
A rack that ran be htfnr on i
to enable a person to warm his
been. Invented. . .
feet has
PlaysTrounds for Hawthorne Also Br Tore
Board Teacher Announces Mar
rla;e "Will" Remain.
The question of the " advisability of
the establishment and maintenance of
a night school at the Peninsula School
building was brought up for considera
tion at the regular meeting of the
School Board late yesterday. The mat
ter was referred to the committee on
educational affairs.
The need for playgrounds at the
Hawthorne. School -was also before the
Board. Property across the street from
the school building, it was explained,
could be rented.
A second-band book exchange will
be installed at Jefferson High School,
on recommendation of Hopkin Jenkins.
Bids for concrete paving for the
Franklin High School were opened.
That of K. G. Lundstrom was the low
est, his figure being $1800.
Mrs. Theodosia . Bennett - Martin,
teacher in the Jefferson High School,
notified the Board of her marriage to
Charles B. Martin and informed the
Board that she wished to continue
teaching. .
The request of Miss Addie S. Naylor
for leave of absence for one year was
granted. Miss Naylor plans-to go to
Porto Rico to study Spanish.
Claims against the school district in
the sum of $91,253.37 were ordered
P. E. Schwabe was selected as head
of the .German -department of the city
schools. . .
Miss Irene M. Campbell, of the Latin
department of the Jefferson High
School, was. given leave of absence for
five months on account of -illness.
Oregon City, from a hopyard near Au
rora at the time of the tragedy. He
was playing on a big pile of freight
on the lower deck, when he slid into
the water. His widow mother, Mrs.
C. Carlson, survives.
Grahamona Picks Up Arleigh IIuo
vinen, VTio Fell Oft nd Drowned.
OREGON CITY, Or.,: Sept,t 21. (Spe
cial.) The body of Arleigh Huovinen.
the 15-year-old Central Point boy, who
fell from the lower deck, of the steamer
Grahamona September 15 and was
drowned, was found floating in the
river near the place where he was lost
this morning by members of the crew
of the same steamer from which he
Young Huovinen was returning to
hia . home, . about. . Xour , miles - east . of
M. A.
Albln. Principal.
j Business and Stenographic School
Never before has there been such a demand for
'; trained office .men and male stenographers.
Present opportunities in Commercial and
; Government positions have never been equaled.
1 This school specializes in the all aronnd train
lng of men. That's the reason business me.i
; put so high a value upon our graduates. The
j more serious minded toobr man and also - the
mature man appreciates this new type . of
Kxpert individual Instruction. The best
modern equipment and methods help secure
the results. Kiftr otlr separate courses and
classes offered. For complete information
Address Department
division J.
of Education. Y. JL C.