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Sharp Advance Is Announced,
Effective Today.
Two-Thirds of Decline That Oc
curred Early in Month Has
- Been Recovered Broader
, Demand for Refined.
The anrar market ! rapidly recovering
tha loes It experienced In the his drop of
T8 cents on September 6. Yesterday refined
prices were raised a dime and today there
will be another advance of 25 cents. The
nenr quotation on standard cane granulated
will be 87.80. The total gain since the late
drop amounts to SO cents. The highest price
f sugar this year," and In fact, the record
price for this market, was 18.45. which pre
vailed In the early Summer months.
The upturn In refined sugar prices Is ae
tsxibed . to the scarcity of raws on the Atlantic-
seaboard and the strong position of
Cuban sellera Commenting on the refined
sugar situation, Wlllett as Gray, of New
York, say:
The amount of the demand for refined
agar exceeds sxpeetatlons, as In addi
tion to the good business from the local
trade, foreign countries have also bought
quite freely, the latter business of the
week reaching 13,000,000 tons for several
countries In Europe as well as South Amer
ica. This excellent combined demand for
refined eugrar has necessitated our refiners
being rather free buyers of raws, and as
Cuban sellers were not dls'posed to meet
this demand very freely, the market this
week has advanced e per pound."
Another Eastern authority on sugar writes:
"There has been a nice business In re
fined sugars done with the smaller coun
tries of Europe and with South America,
which probably totals 40,000 tons. Including
the business dons with the Norwegian gov
ernment a short time back, so that while
the Individual transactions do not amount
to much In themselves in the aggregate it
la a substantial business. For the most
part the sugar has been sold for Eeptem-ber-rOctober
shipment, but In Instances de
livery has been extended through November
and December,'
BAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 21. Sugar prices
made another lO-cent advance here today.
The new local quotations were $6.70 per
hundred pounds, wholesale, and $7.20 to
retail trade.
NEW YORK. Sept. 2L Raw sugar, firm.
Centrifugal, 6.77o; molasses sugar, 4.S7c
Refined, firm, 10 points higher. Cut loaf,
7.75c; crushed, 7.80c; mould A, 7.10c; cubes.
7.10c; XXXX powdered, 6.75c; powdered,
6-70c; fine granulated, 6.60a: diamond A,
6.60o; .confectioners' A. 6.50e; No. 1, 6.45c.
Dry Hot Summer Weather Reduced Crop
The potato crop of the Pacific Coast
fared better than la other sections, accord
ing to a Government report Just issued,
which says:
A very serious and unusually heavy de
cline during August in potato prospects is
reported, due almost entirely to the excep
tionally dry. hot weather of July and the
earlier part of August, a type of weather
peculiarly unfavorable to this crop, which
cannot endure burning hear. Considerable
damage from Insects is mentioned, but little
rot or blight. The early crop appears to
have suffered most severely In the main
potato belt, the late rains having been help
ful to the late planted crop. The losses are
most severe In Michigan, Wisconsin and
Minnesota, although material declines are
' general throughout the country, except the
western Plateau and Faclflo Coast states,
Whieh show unlfftrm 1 rirrtv m , n t vn
la Montana and California.
The condition on September 1 gives
promise of a crop of 818.000,000 bushels,
46.000.000 less than the Dromlse a month
ago, -41,000,000 less than last year's crop,
43.000.000 less than the five-year average,
and lower than any crop produced since
Bluestem Changes Hands at $1.33 at Loral
The wheat market was barely steady yes
tarday. Export demand was lacking and
the East was indifferent. Eastern millers.
replying to offers, wired that prices asked
were all right, but that they did not want
to buy now. Where bids were out out in ih
country, they met with no response from
At the Merchants' Exchange, where bids
Tanged from unchanged to 2 cents lower
than Wednesday's, 8000 bushels of October
bluestem were sold at tl.33., Fifteen thou
sand bushels of bluestem were sold at Seat
tle at 81.S2V4 and 6000 bushels of red Rus
sian at $1.25.
The oats market was dull and easy, with
$27 bid on the local board for all deliveries.
Barley is the only cereal that Is holding its
own here.
Argentine wheat shipments this week are
estimated at 1,200,000- bushel.
Terminal receipts, in cars, were reported
by the Merchants' Exchange as follows:
Wheat. Bar. Fir. Oats. Hay.
Portland, Thursday tit
Year ago 40
Season to date. ... , 1266
Year ago 2l48
Tacoma, Wednes. . . 23
Year ago 64
Season to date 15!;:
Year ago 2178
Seattle, Wednesday 3 5
Year ago 60
fieason to date. .. . . 141
Year ago 207
6 24 1
13 2 0
87 4S7 466 404
876 2u4 SoS 4tSU
1 ... 3 7
13 ... 2 20
27 ... 63 BOO
119 ... Ill &Uo
2 4 2 4
11 13 4 21
67 48S 884 9.-,5
224 685 08 1117
Northern Grown Fruit Superior to That
Brought From California,
A car of Turkish melons arrived from
Yakima yesterday. They were of very fine
quality and superior to any that have been
brought here from California. They were
quoted at 3 cents a pound. Another car la
due in a few days.
The Yakima melons are smaller than those
from California and this Is an advantage.
The short haul also Insures a fresher deliv
ery, as the Turkish melon Is not a long
keeper. If they can be grown so well in
Washington, Willamette Valley growers also
should make a suocess In rslsing them. The
Turkish' melon is regarded by many as the
finest fruit of this kind produced and al
most every one who has tried them prefers
them to casabas.
A car of Ladyflnger gmpes arrived and
they were put on sale at u cents a pound.
Another car is due Saturday. Concords were
In larger supply, but were still held at 25
cents a basket.
The peach market was firm at 65 370
cents for ths best Elbertas.
' Bayers t Local Exchange Balsa Bid One
Half Cent.
The scarcity of ranch eggs is causing a
eTradual advance in ths local market. At
the noon session of the Produce Exchange
Sltt cents was bid for case count and 33
cants was asked.
There was also a half cent advance in the
hid price on extra creamery cubes, 29 cents
being offered and SO cents asked.
No. -1 Oregon triplets sold at 17 cents.
For Tillamook triplets and for young Amer
icas 19 cents was asked and 18 cents bid.
Oregon cream brick was offered at 27 cents
with no bid. was sv good market on the atrest for
most classes of poultry, except large springs,
which are not worth much more ' than
hens and will probably soon sell at ths same
price. Veal receipts have been large this
week, but the market has held steady.
Bank Clearings.
Bank clearings of the Northwestern cities
yesieraay were as follows:
Portland $2.24,1)17
Seattle a.53G.k77
Tacom 424. 4K5
Spokane 773,32a
Grain, Flour. Feed, Etc
Merchants' Kxehanse, noon session.
SeDtember delivery.
Wheat J Bid. Yr. ago.
Bluestem ..-....$ 1.33 $ .feu
Fortyfold 1.2 .twj
Cluh 1.24 .3"A
Red fife - 128 .80
Red Russian 1.23 .73
No. 1 white, feed 27.0O 23.00
No. 1 feed 82.00 23.25 .
Futures Bid.
October bluestem $ 1.33
November bluestem 1.32
October fortyfold 1.2U
November fortyfold 1.20
October club - 1..43
November club .......... ......... 1.23
October red fife 1.26
November red fife 1.26
October Russian L24
November Russian " 1 ' i
October oats ................ 27.00
November oats 27. 00
October feed barley 32.00
November feed barley 82.00
uJlli fatents, I6.C0; straights. 860
6.40; exports, $0; Valley, $0.20; whole wheat,
$8.S0; graham, $6.60.
MILLFEfa Spot prices: Bran. $28.00 per
ton; shorts, $25.00 per ton; rolled barley,
$o5.50& 36.50.
CORN Whole, $42 per ton; cracked. $43
per ton.
HAY Producers' prices: Timothy. Eastern
Oregon. $16.50lb per ton; timothy. Valley.
$15 18 per ton; alfalfa, $14.50 015.50; wheat
hay. $13.50 14.50; oat and vetch, $139
13.50; cheat, $12: clover, $10.
Dairy and Country i'rodnce.
BUTTER Cubes. extras. 29c Jobblns
prices: Prints, extras. 32u,34c; butterfat.
ino. i, 81c; No. Z, 2c, Portland.
' CHEESK Jobbers' buvlne Drlces f h.
dock Portland: Tillamook triplets. 18c:
Young America, 10c per pound.
&UtiS Oregon ranch, current receipts.
30o per dozen; Oregon ranch, candled, 32o;
selects. 34 35c
ruu,TKY Hens. 14 315c: broilers.
17c per pound; turkeys, live, 23S240; ducks,
12316c; geese, 10 & 11c.
VEAL Fancy, 12Vstel34o per pound.
PORK. Far-cy, 12Vo per pound.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Local Joboing quotations: .
TROPICAL. FRUITS Oranges, Valenclas.
$4 4.00 per box; lemons, $6 if 7.50 per box:
bananas, 4 He per pound; grapefruit. $2,511
VEGETABLES Artichokes, 73c$l par
dozen; tomatoes, 60ri65o per crate; cabbage,
$1.35 per hundred; peppers, 4Q5o per pound;
eggplant, 5tic per pound; lettuce, Uu4a20o
per dozen; cucumbers, 255ug per box;
celery, ttO7Se per dozen; corn. 10 25c per
POTATOES New, 80c$1.00 per hundred;
sweets, 214 3o per pound.
ONIONS Oregon buying price. $1.33,
country points.
GREEN FRUITS Apples, new, 75c$1.40
per box; cantaloupes, 60c&$1.25 per crate;
pesches, 4Oy70c per box; watermelons, lc
per pound; plums, 75c $1; pears, 76c if
$1.50; grapes, (jc 81.3o; casabas, lc;
Turkish melons, 80 per pound. .
Staple Groceries.
Local lobbing quotations:
SALMON Columbia River, 1-pound tails,
$2.50 per dozen, one-half flats, $1.50; 1
pound flats, $2.50; Alaska pink, 1-pound
tails, $1.
HONEY Choice, $3.25 per ease.
NUTS Walnuts, sack lots, 160; Brazil
nuts, 15lsc; filberts, 16a 18c; almonds.
17422c: peanuts, 7Vc; cocoanuta, $1 per
dozen; pecans. 15 20c; chestnuts 10c
BEANS. Small white. V4c; large white.
9c; Limas, 7 lie. bayou, flic; pink. 7i,c;
red Mexicans, 7 He.
COFFEii Roasted, In drums. lt35o.
SUGAR Fruit and berry, $7.50; Honolulu,
$7.45; beet, $7.30; extra C, $7.10; powdered.
In barrels, $S; cubes in barrels, $8.25.
SALT Granulated, $15.50 per ton; half
ground, loos, $10.50 per ton; 60s, $11.30 per
ton; dairy, $14 per ton.
RICE Southern, head, 4$AHo per pound;
broken, 4c; Japan style, 45o.
DRIED FRUITS Apples, 60 per pound;
apricots, 13 20c; peaches, 8c; prunes, Ital
ian. S3 Oo; raisins, loose Muscatels. 80; un
bleached Sultanas. 010c; seeded. c;
dates, Persian, luc per pound; fard. $1.65
per box; currants. 15 16c; figs, 50 6-ounce,
$2; 100 4-ounce, $2.25; 36 10-ounce, $2 40;
12 10-ounce. 85c; bulk, white, 7&8o; black,
6c per pound.
HAMS All sizes, choice, 23Ho; standard,
22c; skinned. 20Hr21i,c; picnics, 14ftc:
cottage rolls. 16c.
BACON Fancy. 2931c; standard, 250
26-; choice, lS24c.
DRY SALT Short, clear backs. 15
16Hc; export. 16H18c; plate. 1214c
LARD Tierce basis, kettle rendered. 18c;
standard, 15S4: compound, 12Hc.
BARREL GOODS Mess beef, $18- plate
beef. $22; brisket pork. $23,&t; tripe,' $10.50
a 11.50.
Bops, Wool, Hides. Etc
HOPS 1918 crop, nominal; 1919 crop,
86100 per pound; fuggles, 12c per pound.
HIDES Salted hides, 23 pounds and up,
17o; salted hides, 60 pounds and up. 12c;
salted kip, 15 pounds to 25 pounds, 17c;
salted calf, up to 15 pounds. 23c; green
hides. 50 pounds and up. 15c: rreen stags.
60 pounds and up. 11c: green kip" 15 pounds
17c; dry flint hides. 2Sc; dry flint calf, up
to 7 pounds, 80c; dry salt hides. 24c
WOOL Eastern Oregon, fine. 23029c:
coarse. 30 32c; Valley. 30 32c
tASCAKA BARK. Old and new. 4 c per ury long-wooled pelts. 21e; dry
- " """J J""i, no: ory snearllngs. 10
23c each; salted lamb pelts, 75ci$L25
salted short-wool pelts, 50cS$l.
TAXLOW No, 1, o; No. 2. 6e;
grease, 4a. '
KEROSENE Water whit, drums, barrels
or uni oagons. luftc; cases, 1821c.
bASULi.NiS Bulk. 20c; cases, 23o;
napthu. drums, l&o; cases. 25c.
LINSEED OIL Raw, barrels, S6c; raw
cases. 91c; boiled, barrels, 88c; boiled.
. AL.itfJs.NTINE In tanks, 67c; In cases.
Cottage Grove Will Begin Production for
rastern Markets.
COTTAGE, GROVE. Or.. Sept. 21. (Sne-
olal.) Impetus was given to the proposed
raising 01 broccoli here by the visit of J.
ai. twin, .of Chicago, representing a com
mission firm of that city, which handles
the Rogue Elver broccoli.
Mr. Gwlti said that there was absolutely
no question of a ready market for the
product at good prices, providing It is raised
right and packed properly for market. He
stated that the Oregon broccoli comes onto
the market aftjsr all other supplies have
oeen exnausiea, ana, tnererore, has the
markets of the world to itself. Ha also
stated that theOregon broccoli is the equal
of any in the world and superior to most of
tne oroccoii put on tne marKet.
LaBt year Roseburg growers shipped 243.-
022 heads, for which they received 9
cents a head at Roseburg. They were unable
to furnish enough to supply the Eastern de
mand, and. tne market is being so raDldlv
developed that there Is littls danger of
over-supplying it. '
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. Sept. 21. Copper, firm; elec
trolytic, 27 28.25c.
Iron, steady and unchanged.
The Metal Exchange quotes tin quiet;
spot offered at 39.50c.
The Metal Exchange quotes lead, 6.90 a
Spelter, easy. East fit. Louis delivery,
9o asked.
London Wool Sales.
LONDON, Sept. 21. There was spirited
competition for the 8000 bales offered at
the wool auction sales today. Prices wsre
firm and the lower grades sold more freely.
The auction will close tomorrow.
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. Sept. 21. The cotton futures
market closed today at a net advance of 14
to 16 points.
Spot cotton Quiets middling upland.
16.15c; no sales.
Dnluth Unseed Market.
DTTLUTH. Sept. 21. Linseed, on track.
$2.Ot3 2.10; to arrive. $2 09; September
$2.09: October, $2.09; November, $2.09;
December, $2.08 asked; May, $2.12.
Hops Firmer at New York.
NUV7 YORK. Sept. 21. Hops, firmer. Fa
clflo Coast, 1916, 13S180.
Wool, steady.
Chicago Dairy Produce.
CHICAGO, Sept. 2L Butter, higher.
Creamery. 29 33c.
EggamRsceipta, 6404 caseti nnrhsngerl,
Upward Swing in Stock Prices
Is Still On.
General Advance In Coppers Favor
ably Affects Entire List Ralls
Improve at Expense of
Short Interest,
NEW YORK. Sept. 21. Thv striking fea
ture of todays sssslon. In which sales ran
over a million shares for the thirteenth
consecutive full day, was the futile effort
of an aggressive speculative faction to
depress prices. Initial quotations were
mainly higher, some substantially so, tut a
series of bear attempts effaced this advan
tage before the end of the first hour, leav
ing the list rather unsettled.
These tactics were successfully maintained
until the middle of the day, vhen conditions
Improved, chiefly In conseauenee of an
other and more general advance in cop
pers, those issues responding to announce
ment that producers and agents had ad
vanced the price of the metal for Novem
ber delivery to 2S cents.
new maximums were maae oy lemains
metals. Anaconda rising to 95, Utah to
90 and Inspiration to 64. Related lssus
were corresponding strong on further ad
vances In lead, spelter end by-products.
Dealings In the metal shares were on the
largest scale of the year, amounting to
about 80 per cent of the whole.
L'nited States Steel lifted the list to the
day's highest level in the final hour on Its
advance to the new record of 109, pass
ing Its previous top by almost a point.
Rails and other Investments moved up
one to more than two points, gains being
effected almost wholly at the expense of
the short interest, which surrendered such
prospective profits as the previous day's
Irregular market may have yielded.
Many minor issues, such as leathers,
sugars, Mexicans and some equipments par
ticipated "mora or less generally in the re
covery with shipping- stocks and motors.
A conspicuous exception wss General Motors,
which fell 65 points to 6S0, that decline,
however, hardly offsetting Its recent ad
vance of about 175 points. Total sales
of stocks amounted to 1.355,00v shares.
Francs and marks were slightly firmer,
with other foreign remittances unaltered.
More rold was reported to be on the way
from England, and French credit negotia
tions were continued.
Bonds were strong, with an Increased de-
mand ror investments. Total sales, par
value, $3,970,000. United States bonds were
unchanged on call, with coupon 4s lower
by i per cent on sales. ,
rai. mgn.
Am Beet Sugar.. 7.000 B5
American tjan. .. eiw
Am Car sr Fdry.. 8.700
American Loco.. 6.6f0
Am Sm & Refg.. 45.000
Am Pus Ref?... 1.600
Am Tel Tel... 2.000
Am Z L A S 8.000
Anaconda Cop.. 128.600
Atchison 2.100
Baldwin Loeo, .. 27,600
Bait & Ohio 2.700
Br Rap Transit.. 700
B ft S Copper. . .
Calif Petrol
Canadian Pacif..
Central Leather.
Ches & Ohio. . . .
Chi Mil A St P. .
Ch! & N West...
CRISP Ry 2.000
c hlno Copper. .
Colo Fu & Iron. .
Corn Prod Refg.
Crucible Steel. ..
Distil Securities.
General Electric.
Gt North pfd. . ..
Gt Nor Ore ctfs. .
Illinois Central..
Int Consol Corp.
Inspiration Coo.
Int Harv, N J 117
Int M.M pfd Ctfs. S0.800
k. u boutnam . . .
Kennecott Cop. .
Louis & Nash. . .
Mexican Petrol..
Miami Copper. . .
M K A T pfd. . ..
Missouri Pacific.
Montana Power.
National Lead..
Nevada Copper. .
New York Cent. .
N Y N H A H.. . .
Norfolk West.
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mall 1.000
rac 1 ei sr 1 ei . . ......
Pennsylvania.... 8.900
Ray Consol Cop.. 5.40O
Reading 84,300
Rep Iron 4 Steel. 26.400
Shat Ariz Cop. . . 4.100
Southern Pacific 5. 000
Southern Ry. .. . 2,500
Studebaker Co. .. 14.400
Tennessee Cop. .
Texas Co
Union Pacif. . ...
do pfd
TJ S Ind Alcohol.
3 600
8. POO
176. ROO
U S Steel..
do pfd 1.700
TJtah Copper. .. . 27.100
Wabash rfd B.. 600
Western t'nion. . 1,800
Westlns Elect. . . 12.50ft
-xoiai sa.e tor tne aay, l.aoo.uw snares.
U 6 ref Bs rer. .99 INorthern Pao 8a 66
TJ B ref 2s coup.9 Pac TAT 5s. ..101
U S 3s reg MOOVi Penn con 4s..104
U S 8s coupon. 100 South Pac ref 4s 89
H S 4s reg 100 do cv 5s 104
U S b coupon. .110 ITnlon Pao 4s... 9
Am Smelter 6s.. Ill t do cv 4s 94
Atchison gen 4S. 92lTT 6 Steel 6s 106
NYC deb s. . .113 lAnglo-French 6s. 954
Northern Pao 4s 91s
Mining- Stocks at Boston.
BOSTON, Sept. 21. Closing quotations:
Alloues ....... 67'Mohawk 91
Aris Com 12
Niplsslng Mines. 8
Calumet & Aris. 72
Csl A Heela. .. .355
North Butte.... 21
Osceola ... tu
Centennial ....
Cop Range Con
East Butte Cop
Granby Con ..
Greene Can . . .
13 Oulncy .
63 Shannon 9
16 (Superior 16
8!up A Bos Min. 6
i amarack
Utah Con
Winona .
. .. 80
.. 14
... 6
... 47
Isle Rrty (Cop). 31
Kerr Lake ..... 4
Lake Copper. ... 13
Money, Exchange,
NEW YORK, Sept. 21. Mercantile paper.
3 per cent.
sterling. 60-day bills. $4.T1; demand.
$4.78 11-16; cables. $4.79 7-16. Francs, de
mand. $5.S6: cables, $5.85. Marks, demand.
"o; cables. 7uic. Kronen, demand,
12c; oables. 12c. Guilders, demand,
41f. fahloa SlUe. 7.1rM riTnn 1A4.4.
cables, $6.41. Rubles, demand, 82 c; cables
Bar silver. 68c
Mexican dollars, 53 c
Government bonds, steady; railroad bonds,
Time loans, easier, 60 and 90 days, 8 9
8 per cent; six months, 8t?3 per cent.
Call money, steady. HiKh. 2 per cent:
low, 2 per cent: ruling rate. 2 per cent:
last loan, 2 per cent; closing bid, 2 per
cent; oixerea ai per cent.
SAN FRANCISCO Sept. 21. Sterling.
$4.71; demand. $4.75; cables, $4.70.
Mexican dollars. 62 o.
LONDON, Sept. 2L Bar sliver. 82 Ha pr
Money. 4 per cent.
Discount rates: Short bills, 6 6 per
cent; tnree monies, 01 wan per cent.
Stocks Steady at London.
LONDON, Sept. 21. American securities
were quietly steady on the Stock Exchange
here today. Copper snares improved on good
American aavices.
Money and discount rates were unchanged,
British and French treasury bills were In
good demand, consols hardened.
: Coffee Futures Close Lower.
NEW YORK. Sept. 21. An early rally
was followed by rsnewed weakness In the
market for coffee futures today, with most
deliveries making new low ground for the
movement Inw the- late trading. The open
lng was Irregular, December being - two
points lower, while other months were one
to tour points higher on scattered covering
or a little fresh buying, which may have
been based on reports that European buyers
were a little more active In Brazil. Active
months sold two to six points net higher
during the morning, out aeraanoi tapered
off on the advance and the market eased
off from 8.83c to 8-75o for March and from
8.S9o to S.&Or for May under Wall street
and trade selling. The close was four to
seven points lower. Bsles. 57,230 bags.
Claslng bl4u atmbr. 8.8O0 October,
i.ow. Dia.
03 94
ft4 n ;i L
78' 77 78,
110 107 110
111 111 111
133 132 133
44 42 43
5H 931 94
105 103 105
89 84 87
8A 85 R5
9.400 65 H 64 65
500 23 22 22
400 178 178 178
23,800 67 64 67
4.400 65 63 64
8.000 95 0.1 95
SOO 127 126 126
2.000 19 18 18
9.2O0 65 53 64
11,200 54 B2 54
400 15 15 15
81.900 92 80 t 91
1.600 47 47 47
8.900 89 -83 39
2,200 174 173 174
8.100 120 119 120
16..100 44 42 44V;
400 1 03 102 102
500 17 17 17
95.200 H 81 63;
120 117 120
BOO 23 V 231 Z.1"t
63.100 54 63 64
113 119 113
39 88 89ft
300 . 4 4
74 70 72
22 21 21
107 107 107
60 Zi 60 60
131 130 130
112 111 111
27 26 26
67 67
25 25
110 1111
64 64
30 81
100 101
24 24
12S 130
23 25
215 217
145t 147
83 82
127 129
107 109
121 121
S3 90
2? 27
9S 98
63 ll 64 U
-8.90;- Ncvember, 8.72e- Decenrber, 8.970:
January, 8.99c; February. 8.71c: March.
8.73c; April. 8.77o: May. 8.81c; June, 8.e5o;
July. S.90o: August, 8.94a
Spot coffee Nominal; Rio 7s, 9o; Santos
4s. 11 c.
Very few fresh offers were received from
Brazil, owing to' the holiday. A sale was
reported of highly described Eantos 2s and
3s at 11.15, London credits.
There were no offlclsl csbles from the
Rio market. Santos spots were unchanged
and futures 100 to 150 rals lower. Rain
was reported In four dlstrtots of Sao Paulo
with temperatures ranging from 61 to 93
Prices Current on Butter, Egg. Fruits,
Vexetahlea, Etc.. at Bay City.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 21. Butter
extras. 3nc; prime firsts, 29o; fresh
firsts. 28 c
Eggs Fresh extras. 40o: pullets. 83a.
Cheese New. 14 c; Young Americas, 17c
Vegetables String beans. 23o; wax.
8ff3c; limas. 33c; green corn, 50c 0
$1.50; Summor squash, 40(50c: cucumbers,
50960c; tomatoes, 40 050c; eggplant. 80
40c: okra. 35 40c.
Potatoes $1.251.00. .
Onions $1.60 1.73.
Fruit Plums. $101.80; pears, $1.75(93;
peaches, 6075e; seedless grapes. 65 ft 750 ;
grapefruit, S3 93 50; bananas, 50c a $1.25;
pineapples, $1.60 2.50: lemons. $3&6.
Receipts Flour. 1530 quarters; barley.
4720 centals; beans, 810 sacks; potatoes.
5235 sacks; onions. 4030 sacks; wins. 2L00O
gallons; hides. 1945; hay, 60 3 tons.
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW YORK. Sept. 21. Evaporated a-
small sizes scarce. Peaches, dull.
Top Quotation of 99.75 In Ho Marlcet
la Maintained Lamb Brtn
Price of S.5C
Tbr was a moderate amount of busi
ness at th stockyards yesterday, distributed
through tha various divisions, and ths tone
of the market was .healthy. Prices held
within the previous rang. .
Most of the cattle offered was medium
rrsda and sold accordingly. The bulk of
the hog sales were at V.70, only one small
bunch commanding? the top Quotation of
$9.75. The strength of the mutton divi
sion was shown by the continued sales or
lambs at and yearling; wethers at
$6.75. '
Reoelpts ware 102 cattle. 463 boss and 34
sheep. Shippers were:
Wltn catt.e it. Ramsey, ives Ferce county.
Idaho, one car; H. Canfleld. Nei Perce,
one car: M. X. "Wheeler, Linn County, one
With hogs Will plock. Polk County, one
car; M. M. Hoctor, Klickitat County, Wash
ington, one car; L L Turman, Colusa
County, California, one car; H. B. Turman,
J-fOs Angeles County. California, one car.
with mixed loads J. W. Veatch. Lsat
County, one c-ar cattle, hogs and sheep.
The day's sales were as follows:
Wt. Price', wt. Price
2 steers... 800 $5.25 10 hogs..... 822 $1.00
2 steers... 1005 6.00 50 hogs. 165 9.65
15 steers... 747 5.00,104 hogs 194 9.7
1 steer.... 9SO 6.00 3 hogs..... 207 9.00
1 steer 600 4.00 8 hogs 153 8.50
5 steers... 953 6.25 6 hogs 127 6.00
12 steers... 6K2 5.50 7 hogs 177 8.70
1 steer.... 800 3.00 llhoga.... 169 8.70
12 steers... 774 5.50 5 hogs 102 9.70
9 steers... 815 6,23 12 steers. ... 823 4,00
11 steers... 921 5.75 4 steers 8 12 4.00
1 steer.... 950 5.7." 1 steer 7rtO 5.C5
1 cow 950 4.60 9 steers.... S02 5.25
13 cows.... 874 4.60 6 steers 74 4.00
1 heifer... 630 3.00 5 steers.... 825 5 25
1 bull 910 8.25 1 steer 690 6.25
1 bull 1020 8.S5 4 steers.... 815 4 30
47 hies.... 147 8 251 8 heifers... 953 6.25
11 hofts 231 8.70 4 heifers... 645 5.00
49hogs.... 194 9.70l 1 heifer.... 610 4.25
SO hogs.... 139 8.50 2 heifers... 800 5.75
3 hogs.... 800 8.70 1 heifer 650 8.00
B hoes 150 8.50 9 heifers... filtl 6.2.1
17 hogs.... 134 8.25 1 heifer.. .. 720 4.25
15 hogs.... 1?3 9.75 1 cow B20 6.00
2 hogs.... 173 9.BO Scows.... IOOO 6.00
4 hogs.... 302 8.70 2S1amba... 78 8.50
83 hogs.... 179 9.70 9 lambs. ... 63 6.50
2 hogs. .. . 49S 8.70 9 yearlings 102 6.7.1
The number of stock hogs In farmers'
hands September 1, according to a Govern
ment report, has fallen off S.8 per cent
from the number on hand September 1 last
year, th decrease being heaviest, about 6
Tr eent. In the North Central states, which
furnish almost 60 per cent of the supply.
Tha high cost of feed and attractive prices
for pigs, coupled with poor prospects for
this season's "feed crops In several impor
tant states of that pro up t caused unusually
heavy marketings of young at nek during
the Summer. Nebraska alone shows an in
crease, rising to 104 percent of last year.
Kansas drops to SO per cent. Similar eon
nitions In tha far Northwestern states of
Trtnho. Washington and Oregon are respon
sible for the exceptional declines there to
PS per cent of last year's number, and to
fiO per e-nt In Mfitana, though elsewhere
In the Western Plateau and Coast states
numbers remained about the same, extent
for heavy Increases In Arlsona and New
Mexico. Th chanaes In tha Atlantic and
Southern rroitp of states are irrrular. most
states ehowine slltrht Increases, Cfeorrla
to 104. Florida lfl end Texaa 103, but
Pennsylvania n1 Maryland fell to 7. Ken
tuckv to 06, Oktah oma to 94 anl Arkansas
to 90 pr ent of lat yar.
Tipal livestock prices follow:
Pteers. "prims ....................Sft 10T.OO
Mr,. pom
steers, common to fair .
fnws, choice
iwi. medium to rood .
r'ow. ordinary to fair ..
T it?,
TVf m a
'tood to prime mlxsd.,
pwrh hBTv ..........
P!i-, srd skips
5 nnvA
5 nox an
4.!nK nn
4 now T
!t.nne4 rM
3.00 u a on n.8,1
a 7a i
T.amba 5.Ftns.Kn
virnr.- wtners 5TlfTl
OM wethers KKAsiinit
Ewes' 3. 50
Omaha l.lreotock Market.
OMAHA, Sept. Tl. Hoes Receipt"! B00:
lower; heavy. $10010.35: llRht, $10.30
1O.00; plrs. 9.2BltriO.?!!: bulk. $101010.80.
Cattle) Heeelms. 6BO0; steamdv; native
steers, 7W10.8i: cows and he'fers.
7.50: western steers, fft.7SQ0.25: Texss
tera. sa.60tpT.lS: stookers and feeders.
Pheen Tleeelpts, JM.00O: lower: wethers.
S.SO7..IO: ycarllnss. 17.MO8.t0: lambs.
$10.20 010.40.
Chlraco IJvestork Market.
CHICAGO. Eept 21. Hors Receipts. 19,.
OOO: dull, ISO under yesterdsv's average:
hulk. 10 2011: light. $1011.15; mixed.
H.SSH.IO: heavy. SOR0O11.13; rough.
9.0Blil: plrs. J.7Sir.70.
Cattle Receipts, pooo: steady; native beef
cattle. 9 S0T11 8": Western steers, $690.23:
atorkers end feedsr. $4.a0Q7.fl5: cows and
heifers. $3.5Orft.20; cslves, $3.50Qi3.
Sheep Receipts. 14 nnfi; stesdy; wethers,
$6.85 S 8.50; lambs. a.SMl.
Naval atorea.
GAVAMN'ArT. Sept. 21. Turpentine.' firm,
44a: sales, 407 barrels; receipts, 18S barrels;
shipments, none: stock. 24.&30 barrels.
Rosin, firm; sales, 1 033 barrels; receipts.
S37 bsrrels; shipments, none; stock, S.
soa barrels. Quota: A. B, C. r. IS.8H; B.
$5.90; F $610; O. $815: H, I. K. M. $8.25;
N. $VSSe6.40; WO, $84596.50; WW. $8.50
Canyon City and John Day Appeal to
Public Service Commission.
CANTON CITY, Or.. Sept. 21. (Spe
cial.) Officers of Canyon City and John
Day. togrether with the members of the
councils, have Bent a petition asking
that a hearing be held by the Public
Service Commission In regard to the
rates of the Consolidated Electric
Light Company of John Day. This
company has been furnishing lights
to both towns for several years at a
meter rate of 20 cents per kilowatt.
Since September 1 current has been
furnished by the Prairie City Power
Company. They built a power line this
Bummer from their plant at Prairie
City to John Day to' supply power for
the operation qf the dredge on Canyon
Creek. There was a surplus of current,
so the Consolidated company bought
it, and connection was made the first
of the month.
Wasco Institnt Is On.
THE DALLES. Or., Sept. tl (Spe
cial.) The teachers' institute is now In
session and is attended by 130 teach,
ers of Wasco County. In conjunction
with the fair the institute la a pro
nounced success,
The Willys-Overland Co.
fixed ASSETS
Real estateTaltdinajs. equipment,
machinery, tools, dies, furniture,
auto truck equipment, etc, at fac
tories, branches, etc, less depreciation.
accruing renewals, replacements and
dismantled property ......
Investment in affiliated companies,
based on book Taluo and cash advanca
Raw materials, supplies, finished and
partly finished cars on hand, and in
transit at cost .........
In-restments in, and balances due from
affiliated selling; companies, both
domestic and foreign . . , . . .
Accounts and note receivable, less
Miscellaneous investments . 4
Prepaid charges
Due from employees on unpaid stock
outstanding and reserved for them at
par eesses
Preferred Tfo cumulative
Common .... $22,500,000.00
5 stock dividend
payable Oct. 2, 19 16
' Additional issue . .
Real estate mortgages,
assumed but not due
Accounts payaDle, not due for discount
Pay roll and salaries accrued . ,
Taxes and interest accrued . . .
Customers deposits
Reserves for rebates to customers .
Reserves for car repairs under
guarantee ..........
Reserves for royalties ..
Reserves for contingencies . . . . ' 4
Net profits for six
months, ending Juno
30, 1916, less pre
ferred, and common
dividends and ad
justments LESS: Goodwill, pat-enU,trademarks,etc
77ie statement of Assets and Liabilities above ts based apon figures famished by Messrs. Price,
lYaterhouse & Co. as of June 30,1916, with the proceeds of the sale of 600,000 shares of
new stock applied.
Liverpool Quotations Lowered
to Facilitate Buying.-
Offerings Cease at Chicago and Mar
ket Qnlckly Responds, Closing
Firm European Purchases
Are on Broader Scale.
CHICAGO. Eept. 21. 'Wheat pries rl
Usd today on account largely of European
buying, which developed after a dealln hsrs
due mors or less to lower quotations at
Liverpool. Ths close wss firm at ft.OH
for December and $1.51 for May, with the
market as a whole o off to Sio up. as
compared with yesterdsy's finish. Corn
elosed UOHo down to Ho advance, oata
at a loss of Wo to Ho. and provisions rang.
Ins; from 12o decline to a rise of 10c
Depression ruled in the wheat trade here
until susploion aroused that today's Liver
pool Quotations bad been lowered to facil
itate European buying of wheat In the
United Statee on a cheaper basis than might
otherwise be tha case. Liverpool advices
gave a different reason for the setback In
values abroad, namely, that Increased ship,
ments were expected from Australia and
Argentina. There were reports also of rains
In Argentina, share of late a serious drouth
hss prevailed. As soon, nowever. as gossip
spread that the break in Liverpool Quota
tions was artificial and mainly for effect
on this slds of the Atlantic, the market
hers began to harden.
Fudden drying up of wheat offerings here
resulted, and estimates were current that
fully 70 per cent of European purchaeee In
the last few days had been of wheat grown
In tha United Statea. Announcemente were
made Just before the close that vessel char
ters for Europe during the dsy had reached
an aggregate of 800.000 bushels.
Corn swsyed with wheat. Illinois crop
damage reports tended to handicap the
bears, especially In the last part of the ses
sion. Oats sagged In consequence of a lessening
of export sales. Weakness, though, wss
checked In a measure by spreaders who were
purchasing oats and at the same time sen
ior corn.
Lower quotations on hogs carried down
provisions. After a moderate setback, bow
ever, good buying, developed and brought
about a reaction, particularly In lard.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Deo. $149
May 1-49
$1.4 H
.TiH .T3
.75, .T
.S0H .01
.28 80
2S.75 3S.I
14 M
. .14.SS
13. SO
14.13 1413
12.60 12.70 . 12.60
Ttrieei were:
Wheat No. 2 rod. $1.82; No. 8 red, 11.40
1.51; No. 2 hard. l-&tt31.64H; No. 8
hard, S1.3301.B3Vt.
Corn No. 2 yellow, 8T-58To; No. 4 ysj.
low. 82o: No. 4 white, 82?83o.
Oats No. S white. 454jjM6Ho; standard,
40 H 7c
Rye No. 2. tl 20HO1.21V4-
Barley 80c 91.14.
Tlraothy $3.6035.
. Clover $11014.
Primary receipts vTieat. 1.831.000 vs
2.472.000 bushels: corn. 678,000 vs. 643.000
bushels; eata 0.400. 000 ym. 4,000 Dushels.
Shipments Wheat. 1.402.000 va 1.884.000
bushels', com, 222.000 vs. 430.000 bushels:
oats, 722.000 vs. 95S.000 bushels.
Clearances Wheat, 740.000 bu'hels; corn.
3&.000 bushels; oats, 18o,000 bushels; flour,
20.000 barrels.
Foreign Grain Markets.
LIVERPOOL. Sept. 21. Cash, srhsat, 8d
to 2Hd lower; corn, 4d lower.
ROSARIO, Sept. 21. Wheat opened
strong, Ita to 2 higher.
LOVfjOV. Sunt 21 PirMH nit . .. .
nd to Is lower; oorn. 9d to Id lower.
Minneapolis firs. In Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Sept. 21. Wheat oloeed:
December. tl.Safe. Cssh, No. 1 hard. $l.Tfe;
No. 1 Northern, 1.61S 1.644 ( to arrive.
$1.594 Ol.eiH ; No. 2 Northern. $1.56, O
1-61,: No. 8 wheat. $1.S :mJ 1.67 S.
Barley, 65c $1.05.
Flax. $2.00412.10.
Eastern Wheat Futures.
DULTJTH. Sept. 21. Wheat elosed: Sep
tember, $1.634 ; December, (Ui W May.
WIN.N1PEO. Sept. 2L Wheat closed: Oo
tober, $1.53: Ueceraber, $1.48 ii ; May.
KANSAS CITT. Sept. 21. Wheat elosed:
September. $1.48 i ; December, $1.464 t May,
$L47 V4
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 21. Wheat closed: Sep
tember, $1.30; December, $L60i4; May,
$1.60 j.
Eastern Cash Wheat Markets.
OMAHA. Sept. 2L Cash wheat: No. 1
hard. $1.49V; No. 2 hard. $1.4atH.50; No.
S hard, $L43 01.4U.
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 21. Whlto Western
wheat dull, but fancy blue selling readily at
$1.651.&7; No. 3 white blue sold $1.61;
No. 2 club. ti2. Cash wheat: No. 2 red,
1H591H5: No. 2 hard. $1.63; No. 8 hard.
$1.60jl.&3; ;Ko, 2 corn, S4Wc; .No. 3 corn.
Grain at Saa Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. i'L-vipot quota
tions Walla. $2-13i2.1'0; red Russian. $2.18
Turksy red, $2 202.25; bluestem.
$2.20 3 2.25; feet barley, $1.67 l.To;
white oata, $1.6201. 63: bran. $24'a24.60;
middlings, $32S3; shorts, -.Y5uj ii.
Call board Barley. Iincointiw, $1.74 U;
May. $1.7 J i.
Fuget Sound Grain Markets.
EBATTLE, 6ept. 21. Wheat Bluestem.
$1.82; Turkey red $1.33; fortyfold. $126;
club. $1.23; fife. $1.27; red Russian, $1.24.
Bsriey. $35 per ton. Yesterday's car re
ceipts Wheat. 15; oats, 2; barley. 2; hay.
4; flour, 4.
TACOMA Sept. 21. (Wheat Bluestem.
$1.33; fortyfold. $1.29; club, $1.23; red fife.
$1.23. Car receipts Wheat. 23; barley, 1;
corn. 1; oat. 8; hay. 9.
Fisherman Lights Fir With Kero
sene, TTsual Result.
ASTORIA, Or.. Sept. tl Trapped In
a burning: room. Jens Johnson, fisher
man of Blind Sloug-h. rfear Astoria, was
so severely burned that he lies at the
hospital here near the point of death.
Johnson was making; a fire with
kerosene when the can exploded, throw
ins; the burning oil over him and ignit
ing the entire room. He finally forced
the door and jumped in a well to
extinguish the flames. Neighbors found
him there unconscious when they came
after water to fight the fire.
Honolulu Samoa
lryST ere ePt- 26, Oct. i7, Sov. 7
San Francisco
Los Angeles
(With oats Chance Ea Konte)
The Bl. I....
CI can,
C oro f nrtnbl.
t:i"Kft itly Appointed
Sails From Alns worth Dock '
P. SI., 81TCEDAY, SKIT. 23.
100 Golden Miles on
Cnlumhla River.
All Kateslnrlude)
Berths and Meals
Table ami Service
I nexcelled.
The Saa Francisco Tortland 8. 8. Co..
Third and Waahlnirton Street (with
O.-W. K, & N. Co.). Tel. Broadway 46UU,
A 6121.
Portland $20.00
to and
San Francisco $ 1 7.5 3
UK A 1.9
Tonrlat. SIS and S12.50I 3d Class, a,
to-day Konnd Trip 32. from I'ortlaaa
and Any Willamette Valley Faint an
UllEUU.V ELbCTltlU Ilk".
Cal. Steamer Eipreis 930 A. M.
North Bank Koad, Fifth and Stark,
north Hank Station. Tenth and Hoyt.
Third and Morrison. 1. Ry.
a-lti aahlnstoa. G. A". Rjr,
Ketchikan. ITransll.
l'etariUiurK. Jinii,
IotirL4.s. Hin, SkJt
mi my, Nom tUH& A4
Via Seattle or Ein Franc. ct to Lot
Ansoloa and San .Diego. Largest ah. pa,
unvqualftd aervico. low ma, InCaUtliaf
nxals and barth.
For particulars appW or telephone
Ticket Office. Z4 Washington S4.
Fae. Uaia 2 Ho ma
issi naetal Serviee ,
h. b. riM'At.NE OCT. 14. s P. M.
. . LAl AVtllE OCX. il, 1 f. 1L
c. w. bll.sGtu, so fcixth at.
A. I. CHAKLIUN, 2&o Jdorrison 8t
& K- GAKKiiON. c at. a St. : aut Sy.
liOhStV ii. SMITH. 116 Third Su
. F. BAIRD, 1VO Third 61.
H. DICKtuN, 848 Washlmton St.
NORTH BANK ROAD, ruth snd Starfc Sts.
F. Is. M'FARU.ND, 8d and Washington Sta,
B. B. DUFFY. 12 Third St.. Portland.
American-Hawaiian Steamship Cc.
All sailings between
U. S. Atlantic and
U. S. Pacific ports
are cancelled until
( urlher notice. -
C P. avenasdy. Ant, IIS Stark fortlaad.