Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 02, 1916, Page 9, Image 9

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Great Trade
Ancient Customs Followed by
Gallant Youths.
aimd Advertising
Celebration at Hawthorne School Is
Along Time-Honored Style but
Elsewhere More General.
Straw Hats Ont of Hiding.
Tou remember, of course, that the
night was very wonderful, more than
any you had ever known. The differ
ence might have been difficult to de
fine but it was different. The stars
were closer, for one thing. The dark
was deeper, so that the stars were giad
of their jobs, perhaps. That was the
time you first found that darkness
could be friendly, and was not feared.
Why. the lamp at the corner shed more
terrors than the darkest night ever bad.
You'll remember who was in the
crowd, too, and how you all crept down
the street in the shadows a breathless,
giggling band of adventurers. At the
gate you spoke in whispers. There
were perilous paths of light streaming
from the living-room windows across
the new grass of the lawn.
It was your turn, and you had a rea
son a pretty one, at that for being
Interested in the house. So they waited
for you as you cautiously unlatched the
gate. And with infinite craft you stole
over the waik, tip-toed up the steps and
hung your token on the door. The old- j
fashioned bell roused in clamor as you
jerked it. A scurry, a rush, and flight
into the friendly dark.
New Crop Celebrates Nott,
How long ago was that It doesn't
matter in the least how long it was.
It was May day night, and your gift
was a May basket.
And last night, in Portland and
everywhere, children were adventuring
just as you did before you got a job
or grew dignified, or ceased to notice
that the stars seem closer on certain
Last night in Portland the frilled and
decorated little baskets, laden with
flowers and gifts of candy, were found
by many a delighted little maid when
the door bell buzzed with sudden and
thrilling import. To children the first
day of this month, or the first evening,
rather, has much the same significance
as has St. Valentine's.
Long ago in England the ceremony of
'bringing in the May" was first ob
served. Lads of each village went into
the forest and chose the straightest,
tallest sapling that grew there. They
bore it on their shoulders into the pub
lic market square, and thus the merry
month was ushered in.
Origin of May- Pole Recalled.
At Hawthorne School yesterday the
pupils had a May pole and a May queen,
even as the English villagers did ever
o long ago. They played games and
sported in gymnastics and enjoyed "a
very happy day," as one member of the
faculty expressed it. Other schools of
the city observed the day, although in
a more general manner.
As to its actual origin, even the his
torians are uncertain. One theory is
that the celebration of May day repre
sents the continuance of an ancient
pagan ceremony the survival of the
rites offered in Spring to the Roman
goddess Maia.
The straw hat is not especially hal
lowed by tradtion, but it bids fair to
achieve a permanent place in May day
lore through the machinations of hu
morists who must have something to
write about.
Uncle Sam's Forest Service Employes
Hit Long Trail Next Sunday.
A hike over the new Larch Mountain
trail is to be taken by employes of
the Uoevrnment forestry office ii
Portland and their friends on Sunday
May 14. Plans for the proposed out
ing have been formulated by Albert
Wiesendanger and present indications
are that the majority of the approxi
mately 75 people employed by the de
partment will go.
The party will leave on a special car
from the Union Depot about 7:50 in the
morning for Multnomah Falls, where
the hike will be begun. The return
will be made over the Benson trail
and via Wakeena Falls. The party will
return to Portland on the 4:10 train.
r FX
' t ' t ; ' '
I iu xiLiniv xia. in Liie minus uj. niuic ucuuie uui uucsintroo
location and the popular low prices at which we sell clothing1,
we are going to sacritice all proiit and call it good advei
tising on a large quantity of pure wool suits at the
extremely low price of
Wholesale Tailoring Dept.
No need to say they're worth $20 to $25. One look will readily show their value.
Enough to say here they're splendid early Spring and Summer Suits made from
Oregon Grown Woo7, the cloth spun and woven in Oregon Mills, and the suits them
selves hand tailored right here in our Portland shops by Portland Tailors.
The Brownsville Woolen Mills Guarantee of Perfect
Satisfaction or a New Suit Free Goes in This Sale
Our Custom Tailoring Department
Also Offers a Big Advertising Special
6 Z-Z 1
Prosscr Citizens Refuse 'to Act ou
Committee's Report.
rROSSER. Wash.. May 1. (Special.)
At a laree attendance of the Tax
payers' union Saturday night it was
unanimously voted to reject the ma
jority report of the committee appoint
ed at the last previous meeting to meet
with the School Board and seek for
a reduction of teachers in the high
The action of the Taxpayers' union
was virtually a vote favoringTemain
ing on the accredited list of high
schools and the employment of suf
ficient teachers therefor. The cost
of the Prosser schools has been re
duced materially in the past three
For the same reason of thoroughly advertising and bringing our Custom Tailoring De
. 1 1 "11 1 11. ! 1 ;
partment beiore you ana your irienas, we win, during mis saie, give you
Choice of a Large Variety of Suitings at Only
Pres. and General Mgr.
Meetings Arc Held at Prairie Cltj
and Mount Vernon.
CANYON" CITY. Or.. May 1. (Spe
cial.) Enthusiastic meetings were re
cently held at Prairie City and Mount
Vernon to discuss plans for the better
ment of the schools of Grant County.
Superintendent Austen presided and
a Kooii attendance of teachers, mem
bers of school boards and pupils from
the nearby districts were present.
Resolutions were drawn commend
ins: the Orecon delegation in Congress
upon the work of securing for the
schools of the state the monev received
from the Oregon & California grant
City Council to Grant Resort Permit
In Alberta If Residents Say So.
Provided residents of the Alberta
district have no objections, the City
Council will grant a permit to J. R.
Holley to establish a poolhall at 647
Alberta street, using the tables and
equipment which were a Dart of th
Dempsey Hall that was put out of
business two weeks ago by the Council.
Mr. Holley asked for a permit yes
terday to operate the poolhall and a
refreshment stand. He was put off
i until the resiaents can be heard from.
The proposed location is five blocks
from the former Dempsey Hall.
1 ; , ....
V w J
Sales Minever.
Our retail custom tailoring depart
ment is growing by leaps and
bounds, due to the fact that we are
in n nnsitinn tn pive the Greatest
value for the money. This department is in
charge of Mr. M. F. Deely, who is ably assisted
Men Whom You May Know
Look into the faces of the men whose pictures are
shown on this page. They are not here to parade their
g-ood looks, but to get their business connection prop
erly located in the eyes of their friends. These men
are doing things in the clothing business in Portland
and are here to give careful
Personal Service to Every Man
coming into the store. No doubt you know some of
them Walter Holt, for instance, has been with the
Brownsville Woolen Mills ever since he wore short
pants, and thousands of people have worn suits which
he recommended to them.
by two cutters who thoi'oughly un
derstand cutting, either conserva
tive or fancy, stylish suits. This
gives us an exceptional opportunity
to look after your tailoring needs. Take advan
tage of. this sale and you'll make us your tailors always.
Put Your Finger on the Spot
Third at Morrison St., and feel and see our location, the
Woolen Mill Building (formerly Cambridge Block) , now
all remodeled and the entire four stories occupied by
the Brownsville Woolen Mills. It's really worth while
coming to
See This Live, Going Industry
One of Oregon's leading manufacturing concerns.
More than a hundred?. skilled people are now employed
here. On the upper floors, above the retail department,
the shears clip all day long and the needles are busy
providing the best clothing value that can be had for
the price. This is the logical place to come for men's
and boys' wearing apparel.
S Bowman Said to His ""Boys'"
5 worth $20 and $25 every one of them, and they'll
"I'm going to give the people of Portland the greatest
value they've ever had in those suits at $12.50. They're B
be picked off in a hurry."
- '"v
Ucu I aW' J I -3 3 13 5 MlniHiljy
rownsville Woolen Mills
Home of Brownsville Clothing for
Men and Boys.
IJanager City Custom
Tailoring Dept.
Morrison at Third St.
Mill-to-Man Clothiers
J. L. Bowman, Pres.
Failure to Carry Oat Promise to Wed
After Note Are Torn l"p. Alleged
In Action (or 91594.
"You can take your testimoy before
a referee, but in all probability I'll re
turn a verdict for the defendant, " Cir
cuit Judge Henry E. McGinn told the
man plaintiff in a breach-of-promtse
suit brought before him yesterday.
"I'm not much impressed by this case,
and don't intend to take up the time
of the court in hearing' it."
"We'll take it to the Supreme Court."
declared the attorney for the plaintiff.
"Go to it," responded the Judge.
According to the papers of the case,
Arthur P. Olson, a married man. al
leged he had received a promise of
marriage from Mollie JL Patton, which
was to be consummated when he re
ceived a divorce. In return for her
promise, he maintained that he tore up
promissory notes to the value of S1594
that had been given him for a loan he
made the woman. This was December
25. 1913. On September 5. 1914, she
married John W. Saxon. For this
breach of promise Olson asks the pay
ment of the $1594 due on the destroyed I
In tne answer Mrs. Saxton asserted
that the notes were torn up volun
tarily bj' Olson in reparation for a
slander she said he circulated about
"A case like that will have hard
sleipiiing in my court." said Judge
McGinn. "I don e Intend to taKe up val
uable time to allow the washing of
such dirty linen."
Dollar Dinner at Chamber Planned
to Talk Over Proposition.
Lumbermen of the city will meet at
the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow
night at 6:30 to arrange for the forma
tion of a Lumber Exchange in connec
tion, with the Chamber. A dollar dinner
is planned and the business meeting
will follow it.
Plans for the formation of such an
exchange have been before the Cham
ber for some time and it Is expected
that the meeting tonight will produce
some definite arrangement between the
officials of the Chamber and the rep
resentatives of the lumber industry.
L. R. Alderman. Superintendent of
Schools, will be present and will talk
upon the one-story Bchool building
plan developed here in Portland.
Read The uregonian classified ada.
Booatera Organisation Take I p Work
at Beach of PromotlnaT Civic
Matters Actively.
ROCKAWAT. Or.. May 1. (Spe
cial) Marking the end of the Winter's
activities of the Keedlecraft Club of
this place a banquet was served Satur
day night in the Rockaway Studios. Cov
ers were laid for the 0 members and
their families, and the occasion was
followed by a dance and entertainment
at the club hall.
The ladies of the club have done
much for the civic development of the
surrounding beach, and as an organiza
tion for the social betterment of the
community, its efforts have been sue
cessfuL Ex-President J. J. Krebs, of
the Garibaldi Beach Boosters Club, was
toastmaster. The club will continue to
meet but will cease formal activity un
til the end of the Summer season just
opening, when it will be brought to
gether again.
With the dissolution of the woman's
club the Boosters Club takes on re
newed activity, and will carry on the
. work, of advertising" the beach. The
body is considerinsr plans for the bet
terment of the district, and it is the
intention of the members to have the
women Join with them during the Sum
mer as an auxiliary organization.
Wcuatclicc Rancher Puffers $5000
Loss by Fire.
WEXATCHEE. Wash.. May 1.
(Special.) The handsome ranch home
of E. K. Harvey, near Peshastin. was
entirely destroyed by lire late Sunday
afternoon, entailing a loss of about
$5000. with $3000 insurance.
The fire started in an attic over
the icehouse in a manner unknown.
Neighbors assisted in removing most of
the furniture.
Delegates to State Gathering Chosen
by Franklin Republicans.
PASCO. Wash.. May l.--( Special.)
The Republican county convention was
held at the Superior Courtroom here to
day for the purpose of electing dele
gates to the state convention In North
Yakima May 7.
Thirty-eight delegates attended from
the various precincts In the county. Ed
ward A. Davis was elected permanent
chairman and Gerard Rysek secretary. The schools of western Lane County
The delegates and alternates to the will hold a play festival at Mapleton
state convention are: May . according to an announcement
Il.r.tx. L Wfcoll ri,r,; r K made fc M , Jennte Bossen. super-
Younce. tonnell; Edward On.tott, Piwo:
.1. JI. Sylvester. raKO, and 1 D. Conrad, visor of schools. All schools In her
fax-o. district will meet in athletic contests.
Alternate- Cieor D. Lonmulr Piwo; A loving cup will be presented to the
ioV?U??&i& I"? ' the largest number of
J. Arm ll. poinis. "
SclrOOl to Hold Play KestlTal. ilan paving blvka uaed In an rxrx-ri-
. , ... mcntsl i in a French city strtt laated
El. GENE. Or.. May 1. (Special.) iP.., ,hBn ,wo yrnT.
New Strength for Lame Backs and Worn-Out Conditions.
Dear Mr. Editor:
I suffered from lame back and a
tired, worn-out feeling. Was unable to
lanH erect and scarcely ablo to gel
around. It would usually come on at first
with crick in small or my Dam. i too a
one box of Dr. Pierce's Anurio Tablets
and my back commenced to get better
soon after starting to take them. I did
not have to walk doubled over as I did
before using tho "Anuria" It Is the
best remedy I have ever taken for what
it Is Intended to relieve. I hope those
who are in neod of such a remedy will
give these Tablets of Dr. Pierce's a
trial. Tours truly,
Note When your kidneys get slug
gish and clog, you suffer from back
ache, sick headache, dizsy spells, or the
twinges and pains of lumbago, rheuma
tism and gout. Tho urine is often
cloudy, lull of sediment; channels of lo
get sore and sleep Is disturbed two or
three times a night. This is the tim
you should consult some physician of
wide experience euch as Dr. Pierce, of
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Insti
tute. Buffalo. N. Y. Send him 10 cents
for large trial package of his new dis
covery "Anuria" Write him your
symptoms and send a sample of urine
for test. Experience has taught Dr.
Pierce that "Anurlc" is tho most power
ful agent in dissolving uric acid, as hot
water melts sugar. Being so many
times more active than lithia, it clears
the heart valves of any sandy sub
stances whi'-h may clog them and
checks the degeneration of the blood
vessels, as well as regulating blood
pressure. "Anuric" Is a regular Insur
ance and live-saver for ail big meat
eaters and those who deposit lime-salts
in their Joints. Auk the druggist for
"Anurlc" put up by Dr. Pierce, in 0
cent packages. Adv. .. .