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Social Workers to mf't in Li
brary, room A, 10:30 o'clock.
Political meeting; Central W. C.
T. U.. 171i Kleventh street. 2
o'clock. .
Stephens Parent-Teacher Asso
ciation programme tonight; Mrs.
Alva Lee Stephens, Superintend
ent Alderman and other promi
nent speakers.
PREPARATION'S are under way for
the entertainment to be given
April 14 and 15 for the benefit of
Hlount Tabor Parent-Teacher Associa
tion. Miss Nina Greathouse will direct
the entertainment.
The purpose of the entertainments is
to enable the Parent-Teacher Associa-
tion, under whose auspices they are
Ibein;? given, to purchase a. curtain for
he school stage and to defray ex
penses incident tq the Installation of a
jiot lunch department in the school
asement. The association, under the
I rf Arthur Hprflpv. rhair-
nun of the hot lunch committee, has a
ine equipment and is carrying on a
ucessful work.
The social service committee, under
he direction of Mrs. Walter Shamway,
hairman. has accomplished great
hinprs this year in relieving the needs
f the poor of the district. Officers of
ho association are: Mrs. E. A. Mc
'herfon, president; Emeroi Stacy, sec
etary. and Mrs. Walter Shumway,
"The Trojan Women," read by Mrs.
John Suttle, formed the central feature
f the programme for the Laureihurst
ritudy Club on Monday. As a. back
ground, or a preliminary to the main
event. Mrs. C. W. Hayhurst "read
'Troilus and Cressida" and Miss Lura
Tamesie read the story of the Iliad.
The next lesson will be given on
If April 10, when Mrs. Herbert Mc-
Cuteheon will read "The Madras House"
(Granville Barker). Election of offi
cers will be held on this date.
On May day, the Laureihurst Study
Club will have a social programme.
Miss Nina Greathouse will read "The
Piper" (Josephine Peabody). Refresh
ments will be served. Guests will be
invited to share in the general merrymaking.
The Coterie will have an informal
luncheon party on April 5 at the home
of Mrs. C. W. Hayhurst.
who will assist at the invitational con
cert to be given in the Heilig on April
3 under the direction of Rose Coursen
Jleed are: Mrs. Sanderson Reed. Mrs.
John H. Tuttle. Mrs. Xettie Greer
Taylor. -Mrs. Hazel Koontz-Day, Miss
Jeanette Crosfield, Mrs. Maude Ross
Sardam,. Miss Marion Brodie, Mrs.
Helen Brigham-Gregg. Mrs. Margwct
Gray, Mrs. Helen White-Evans. Miss
Madeline Stone, Miss Clea Nickerson,
M rs. Raymond McKalson. Miss Gene
vieve Butterfield. Mrs. Donald Lamont,
Miss Nina Dressel, Mrs. Belle Willis
Sherman, Mrs. Rose Friedle-Gianelli
and Mrs. W. II. Chatten, with Miss
Kvelyn Ewart, accompanist.
The Asorah Delphian Club will give
a May day dancing party at the Hotel
Benson, Monday night. May 1. The
affair is being looked forward to with
much pleasure by the younger set as It
promises to be a novel and enjoyable
The business meeting of the Oregon
Graduate Nurses' Association will be
held today at 2:30 o'clock in the Cen
tral Library. The Nurses' Alumnae of
Good Samaritan Hospital will meet
with the above association at 3 o'clock
for a parliamentary drill. This is the
first of a series of drills to be con
ducted by Mrs. Grace Watt Ross. Mrs.
Ross is a prominent clubwoman and
an authority on parliamentary rulings.
There will be no meeting of the
Sunday School Workers' Union on
Thursday, owing to the fact that the
members have been actively engaged
in the Sunday school convention, which
has been in session in the First Con
gregational Church.
The Civic Welfare Club will meet on
Thursday in the Library, 2:30 o'clock.
Candidates will speak.
The Women's Auxiliary to the Rail
way Mail Service will hold a meeting
at the home of Mrs. Walter Govro, 157
East Sixty-fourth street North. Thurs
day at 2 P. M. sharp.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Charles
Daly and the members of her Bible
school class of the East Side Christian
Church, called at the home of Mrs. H.
N. Reel at 75 East Thirtieth street and
surprised her.
WARRENTOX, Or.. March 28. (Spe
cial.) The Aid Society, of the Warren
ton Methodist Church, will meet on
Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Jesse
Thomas. Tonight the Misses Leona and
Lulu Townsend will entertain the choir
of the Warrenton Methodist Episcopal
Churcn. The pastor will meet the chil
dren of the Sundav school on Wednps-
The members of the Treble Clef Clubday, 4:30 P. M. Prayer meeting is held
Baking Powder b'ccuils
Light as a Feather
By Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill, Editor of
the Jioslon Cooking School Magazine
Baking Powder Biscuits made by this
recipe are so far ahead of ordinary ba
king powder biscuits that, if once tried,
von will never use any other recipe.
Try it the next time you run short of
bread. Save this recipe. 2 a
K C Baklnrf Powder Blacnha
( Three cups Jlour; H to J cup short-ming-;
3 level teaspoonfuls AT C Baking
Powder; about I cup milk or water; I
' teaspoonful salt.
Sift three times, the flour, 6alt and
) baking powder. Work into the flour the
1 shortening, using lard or butter for
I shortening. Then mix to a Tery soft
; dough with the milk. The softer the
: biscuit enters the oven, the lighter it
i comes out. Never knead baking powder
j biscuits; press the dongh into shape and
1 roll lightly. Cut in small shapes and
bake on a sheet or very shallow pan ia
; a hot oven. In placing biscuits in the
pans place well apart, not aJlowingedges
to touch. Small biscuits are better than
. large ones. Large biscuits do not have
the proper amount of time to raise and
Have yon seen the new K C Cook's Book
Brimful of appetizing recipes that simply mush
lie successful every time if the few simple direc
tions are carefully followed. You would gMdy
Vay 50 cents for this valuable book, yet we sen
it absolutely free upon receipt of the colored cer
tificate packed in every 25-centcan of KC Bakinir
Powder. Jaofks Mpo. Co., Chicasro. Small
cans do rot have Cock's Book certificate.
at the Warrenton church Thursday-
evening-, p. M.
Miss Lenore Gresrorv. a talented
Portland violinist, will go to The Dalles
on April 4 to play for the Sorosis Club,
of which Mrs. Alexander Thompson Is
president. Miss Gregory studied abroad
annis a violinist of unusual skill. She
will be accompanied by Mrs. Warren,
wife of the Episcopal rector of The
Dalles, who is also a gifted pianist.
Domestic Science
By Lilian Tingle.
MARCH 6. Will you please give in The
Oregonian a recipe for apple butter? Would
the Spttzenberg apple give & good flavored
butter?- - J. M.
YES, I think Spitzenberg apples
should give a good flavor. Follow
ing: are some old-fashioned apple but
ter recipes:
Apple butter (1) Two bushels ap
ples, four gallons sweet cider, seven
pounds brown sugar, five pounds white
sugar, three level tablespoons pow
dered cloves, four level tablespoons
powdered cinnamon, one level teaspoon
grated nutmeg. Core and pare the ap
ples and put into a large kettle with
two quarts cider and begin to cook
them. Reduce the rest of the cider by
boiling down one-half; then add this
to the apples, stirring constantly to
prevent burning; cook until it thick
ens. Then add the sugar and spices
and boll until of desired consistency.
Apple butter (2) Cook pared and
cored apples in very little water and
steam as if for jelly. Boil down one
gallon of Juice to two quarts, then add
two gallons pared and cored apples
and cook to a mush. Add one-half gal
lon sugar, one teaspoon powdered al
spice, one teaspoon grated nutmeg and
cook 15 minutes. Remove from the
fire and put up in sterilized jars.
Apple butter (3) Boil down one gal
lon of sweet cider to two quarts .Fill
up the kettle with pared, cored and
quartered apples, adding enough more
cider to keep the apples from stick
ing. Cook to a thick marmalade, then
put up in jars.
Apple butter (4) Use one bushel
sour apples, one-half bushel sweet ap
ples and six quarts boiled-down cider.
Have the cider boiling rapidly, gradu
ally add the pared, cored and quar
tered apples, adding them until the
mixture is cooked to a mush, stir con
stantly. When well reduced add six
pounds sugar with cinnamon to taste
and cook to a smooth mass which does
not separate. You will see from the
above that both sugar and spices may
be varied "to taste." the important part
being the long cooking and boiling
down of apples and apple Juice to de
velop color , and flavor.
The first recipe is more like mar
malade than apple butter, but is usu
ally well liked. The spices may be re
duced in quantity or omitted to taste.
The third recipe calls for neither
sugar nor spice, but both may be add-
f fctory taSt!" " thB fIaVOr 13 satis-
WsatTo o
i -rEOPLE who are planning to plant
.17 gardens this season had better
make their purchases of seeds and tup-pliea-t
once, or they may have diffi
culty in getting waited upon in the
local seed stores," says one of Port
land's seed men. speaking of the imme
diate developments of the garden situ
ation. "People do not seem to get the gar
den 'bug1 .except when the sun is shin
ing, and tne result is that during the
rainy days business falls to a mini
mum in the seed supply houses, just
when WA rA 1r a ,. : : . .
- yvoinuu 1 u give
most time and advice to customers;
nunc, sunny nays, wniie they should
n f out wnrkinv thl .
- - " sAiucxja, xney
have to wait their turn in the seed
Dw' ""o wilii nunareas of others
who delayed in the same way."
It is especially essential that sup
plies for gardening be laid in at once
since the backwardness of the season
in the past month means that every
thing will develop Just that much
fAster nnw that mm
........ ouu li5 uui again,
and the amateur gardener is apt to find
fcdiucii 1 uiiuiDs away - irom him,
unless he ia thoroughly ready to deal
with it.
The state of Washington consumes an
nually over ::.300,0rt) curds of fuel wood
Reduced to board measure, this amounts to
approximately 1,672,000,000 board, ieet.
Vol Only Ia Report Fale, but Per
manent Order With Albers
Bros. Has Been Canceled.
Portland grain dealers believe the
operations of Government troops in
Mexico and on the border will result
in the placing of ordersjiere for oats
and .other cavalry forage. Up to the
present time, however, no such orders
have been received.
George A. Westgate, of the Albers
Bros. Milling Company, denies em
phatically a rumor to the effect that
his company has received a rush order
for 500 tons of oats to be forwarded
to Mexico. The firm has a yearly con
tract with the War Department to
provide California Army .posts with
oats, but since the cavalry has been
sent to the border the contract has
been temporarily canceled.
Jt is not known yet whether the
department will draw upon Oregon for
further supplies, or purchase the need
ed quantities in states nearer the scene
or the trouble.
Slade JPJant Will Be Only Idle One
on Grays Harbor Soon.
ABERDEEN", Wash., March 28.
(Special.) After two years of idleness
the Federal mill will reopen here in
the morning with from 75 to 100, men.
Simultaneous with the opening of
this mill comes the announcement of
ex-Mayor France that he wilT-ne-oDen
the Western mill, also long Idle., some
time this summer. When the Western
mill re-opens, the Slade mill will be
tne only idle Aberdeen mill.
The Slade mill when runnintr full
force employs about 250 men and is the
largest mill on Grays Harbor. It has
been idle for more than a year and is
in need of repairs It may not re-
open until ships become more Plentiful.
Stuyvesant Insurance
"S" Tork, in the state of New York, on
the, 31st day of December, 1J15. mads to
the Insurance Commissioner of the iitato of
Oregon pursuant to law:
Amount of capital paid up $ 400,000.00
Net premiums received during
Interest, dlidenda'and Vents' rj,;"-5'88-34
uuiiui ine year 46.560.83
Income from other sources re
ceived during the year 27 301 75
Total income Jl.097.844.8;
Net losses paid during the year t
llvidendg paid on capital atock
iv menus paid on capital ato
during the vear X
Commissions and salaries paid
during- the year
Taxes, licenses and fees paid
during- the year
Amount of all other expenditures
Total expenditures $1
Due on paid losses f, .
Value of stocks and bonds owned
(market value)
Loans on mortgages and special
Cash in banks and on hand.!!
Premiums in course of collection
written since September 30,
3 015
Interest and rents due and 'accrued
Total assets 1.288,779.37
Less special deposits in any state
Uf any there be Manitoba.. 6,425.10
Total assets admitted In Ore
gon $1, 282,354.27
Liabilities. M
Gross claims for losses unpaid. J 180, 448.
Aiiiuuui. V uncni hcu premiums
on all outstanding risks 5R3.8SA 30
All other liabilities 28.i7.17
Totat liabilities, exclusive of
capital stock of f. 784,801.85
Total premiums in force Decem
ber 31, 1U15 1,119,188.65
Business in Oregon for the Year.
Total insurance written during
tho year $1,360,262.00
Gross premiums received during
the year 31.9G0.61
Premiums returned during the
year 7. .".OS
Losses paid during the year.... ::, o8.:tl
Losses Incurred during the year 22,501.04
Total amount of insurance out
standing in Oregon December
31. 1915 1.920.000.00
By A. 15ARTHVVAITE. Vloc-Fles.
Statutory resklent general agent and at
torney for service:
O, is". &AVJ.DSOX, Portland. Or,
Charge Purchases Made Today and Remainder of Month Will Go on April Bill, Payable May 1
Dress Skirts, Box, Accordion or Knife-Plaited, Ready to Put in Band, $1 See Model Skirt
V With
Bread and Butter
15c One of the
Many Appetizing .
Dishes Served in
Lunch Room.
Olds, Worpman $e King
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Pacific Phone Marshall 4800
Home Phone A 6231
With Your Friends
in Our Tea Room
on 4th Floor.
Prompt Service
'itiiytrl fjoov,WiiTrtn TODAY - 10 S &H Stamps Free
to All Visitors to Premium Dept., 4th Fl.
A 6231.
All this week the Millinery Sa
lons, Second Floor, will hold spe
cial exhibit of the New Spring
Hats. Every woman is cordially
invited to come and see the many
beautiful creations. Such famous
designers as
Waters Tappe Germain
Marie Louise
Bendel Joseph . Lewis
and many others have contributed
their choicest productions.
Spring Style Exhibit
Fashion Salons, Second Floor
Formal presentation of authentic Spring modes in Women's Suits, Coats,
Gowns, Dresses, Waists and Ready-to-wear Apparel of all Kinds also
exclusive and distinctive new Millinery. Make it a point to see this com
prehensive and interesting showing of authentic Spring modes.
Jus t In! New
High Boots
for Women
New Champagne Lace Boots
of extra fine quality stock. 8
inch tops. Priced , at $8 pair.
Women's White Calf Boots
in lace and button styles,- 8-in.
tops. Price ?8 the pair.
Women's White Nu - Buck
Lace Boots, 8-inch tops, $7 pr.
Women's White Nu - Buck
Button Shoes, priced $6.50 pr.
Women's White Canvas
Button Boots with 8-inch tops.
Very smart for Spring wear.
$5 a pair. '
Washer $12.50
Third Floor Hand-power Wash
Machines Hke above cut. Easy to
operate, no heavy , machinery to
lift when opening top. Adjustable
handles. Will wash anything
from finest goods to overalls.
Extra well made j? Tf O
and priced at. . . V J- v
New Suits at $25.00
Matchless Showing of New Models
Fashion Salons, Second Floor The tailoring, the fabrics, the styles are
such as you would expect in Suits selling at a much higher price. There
are any number of models in this collection from tailored effects to more
dressy cuts. Especially smart are those shown in new checks and stripes.
Belted, semi-fitting and flare effects. Some trimmed with braids, oth
ers with buttons, bands, etc. All sizes for women and flJOHT )A
mises. See these attractive new Spring Suits, priced p&3JJ
New Spring Coats $16.50,$18.50
New Waist Special $2.49
Second Floor New. Spring Coats
for women and misses. Today we
feature a special showing at above
prices. Belted full flare and nov
elty cuts in plain colors, checks and
stripes, plaids, etc". All popular
materials and all sizes. Priced at
$16.50 and $18.50. Second Floor.
Second Floor Beautiful new
Waists in a variety of styles to suit
every fancy. Striped wash silks,
crepe de chine, voiles and batistes,
tailored and fancy models with
newest collars and cuffs. All the
wanted Spring shades J O Q
specially priced atV"f
Silk Petticoats, Special at $3.49
New Dress Skirts Priced at $5
Notion Sale
Bargain Circle
Main Floor
and Small Wares
100-yard Spool Silk in black,
white and colors, special 5
5c Carnation Curlers, c'd 3
35c Shopping Bags, now 21
25c Snap Tape, special 1$
10c Featherstitch Braids, 7
5c Fancy Cube Pins, only fi
10c Coat Hangers, special (
65c Folding Combination
Coat and Pants Hangers 23
10c Curling Irons, special 7f
Tie Racks, priced special 4
15c Towel Rings, Strap 110
25c Pin Cushions, now 120
25c, 30c Pearl Collar Sup
ports, special sale now 150
Key Rings, ass'ted styles, 50
10c Net and Chiffon Collar
Foundations, special price 70
Odds and Ends Collar Sup
ports, worth up to 10c, at 10
8c Stay Binding, 8-yds. 30
10c Belfast Hairpin Cab. 70
10c Pearl Buttons, card at 50
Hair Nets, 15c grades, at 1 0
25c Sleeve Protectors, 1 50
25c Skirt Markers for 190
25c Can Machine Oil, for 170
15c Binding Ribbon, blk, 1O0
10c Regena Bias Folds, 50
10c Hair Pin Cabinet, at 30
10c Featherbone, the yard 80
5c Snap Fasteners now at 30
5c Linen Tape, the bolt 30
Dora Hooks, Eyes, 2 cds. 50
Defender Safety Pins, special
two cards for low price 5,0
Kleinert's Shields
Notion Dept.
If you want to know just
what dress shield to put in a
certain gown, consult the ex
pert demonstrator. She will
be glad to give you any in
formation you may desire.
Kleinert's Dress Shields can
be washed without injury in
steaming hot water. Get the
RIGHT Shields for your
Spring apparel Kleinert's
are fully guaranteed.
Second Floor New Silk Petticoats
in wanted shades to match the new
Spring suits and dresses. These
are made from splendid quality
messaline and chiffon taffeta silks,
with full-flare flounces trimmed
with tucks and ruffles. Plain col
ors' and changeable. We also in
clude fancy petti- fi O Q
coats in this lot. sfO
Second Floor Smart new flare
models, trimmed with buttons,
.braids, etc. New plaited and kilted
effects in a dozen or more fash
ionable cuts. Serges, tweeds and
other wanted fabrics in black, navy,
etc.; also many in stripes, checks
and plaids. Som'e have novelty
these Dress Skirts at
asetment Sale Home Needs
Cedar Mop Sets 98c
Punch Cedar Mop triangular style, with
two handies, easily adjustable to any
angle and turns to wear every side of
the mop. $1.00 Mop with 50c Q
Bottle Cedar Oil both for onlyf OC
Complete line Garden and Lawn Tools.
Garden Hose, Lawn Mowers, etc., etc.
Decorated Ted Pots at
Special Prices
Yankee Cleaner
Cleans woodwork, removes stains, makes
furniture and vuoodwork look like new.
30c Pint Can Yankee Cleaner for 200
50c Quart Can Yankee Cleaner for 350
90c 2-quart Can Yankee Cleaner for 630
6-quart Aluminum Kettles, slightly dam
aged in transit by water now for 450
Ask Mrs. Sadowski
Pattern Expert
If you have any trouble in
cutting, fitting or making
your own clothes. She comes
direct from the factory where
they are made and thorough
ly understands clothes and
knows how to make them
stylishly and fittingly. We
suggest you talk with her and
let her show you how easily
you may have a fashionable
Basement Black decorated English Tea
Pots in assorted shapes and decorations
on sale at the following special prices:
50c Small Family Size, special for 350
60c Medium Family Size, special at 420
70c Large Family Size, special for 490
Headquarters Sherwin-Williams Paints.
'".SV." J. -. '.TV
a 3
3 T
- Sale of Parlor Brooms
Portland-made Brooms of extra quality.
35c Parlor Brooms, special, each 250
50c Parlor Brooms, special, each 330
65c Parlor Brooms, special, each 500'
75c Parlor Brooms, special, each fO0
Special bargain offerings in odd lines
of Dinner Sets and Fancy China.
Yes, we give S. & H. Trading Stamps.
Trout Season
Opens April 1st
Complete line dependable
fishing tackle Rods, Reels,
Lines, Hooks, Spoons, Creels,
etc., on the Fourth Floor.
Anglers' and Hunters' Li
censes issued in the Sporting
Goods Department, 4th floor.
Detective Are " IyreUsratln8T Theft
From Apartments -Trading Stampa
Artlclea Takes.
That a sransr. or several . gangs, of
petty thieves are operating: in the city
is believed by tne police to oe maicateu
by the large number' of burglaries
which have been reported during the
past few days. Practically the entire
time of the detective force ia now
beins taken up by these crimes and
some arrests are expected shortly.
Some one with a mania lor collect
ing-" trading stamps evidently prowled
the apartments of the St. Clair apart
ment house, according to a report made
to City Detectives Moloney and Tiche-
nor yesterday.
J. 13. Parsons, apartment 20, reported
that somelne entered his apartment
and took 1000 green trading stamps and
a revolver. Merrill, of apartment 21. reported
the loss of an automatic pistol, J2 In
money, some Jewelry and keys.
G. b. Plckard. 1927 Division street,
reported yesterday that his house had
been entered for the second time and
that one razor and one pair of shoes
are missins.
Five suits ot clothes were taken
xome.timo Monday from the cleaning
and presteinn establishment. .of .U. iihul,
27 North Sixteenth street. The pad
lock from the front door was twisted
off and the door forcibly opened.
Clark Hadley, 764 Wasco street, re
ported a-n overcoat stolen from the
Columbia poolhall Monday.
The fact that with the coming of
the warm weather many people leave
their doors and windows open is taken
by officers as one reason for the in
crease in thefts.
Arrangements Made for Floral TMs
. play at Rose Festival Center.
Sellwood has started an active cam
paign to win first prize at the Festival
Center this year.
At the meeting of the Rose and Floral
Association, in the Sellwood Young
Men's Christian Association Monday
night, addresses were made by Park
Superintendent J. O. -Convill on land
scape gardening and A. I. Gale on rose
culture, and arrangements were com
pleted for the part Sellwood will have
in the Rose Festival Center this year,
and arrangements were made also to
hold a special rose exhibition in the
Sellwood Young Men's Christian As
sociation in May.
Prize Essay yriters Announced.
RIDGEF1ELD, Wash.. March 28.
(Special.) At its regular meeting held
Thursday afternoon atv the Felida
schoolhouse, the Felida Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union read the essays
from the children's prize contest and
announced the following winners: Miss
Martha Swager if lb. grade, first prize;
Irma Carrick, fifth grade, second. Davis and Naomi Davis, third and
Janice Elliott. Neville Davis, Gladys I fourth grade, also won prizes.
Permanent Relief for
Chronic Constipation
Knowledge and Practice
Correct Daily Habit the
Great Essential.
Constipation is a condition affecting
all classes of all people and can be per
manently relieved only by acquiring
habits of regularity.
.The most natural time for the ellm
inative process is in the morning, when
both the muscular and nervous systems
are relaxed by sleep and rest. When
relief does not come readily. It Is an
excellent plan to take a. mild laxative
at bedtime. Cathartics and purgatives,
that by the violence of their quick
action shock and disturb the system,
should nob be employed.
An effective laxative remedy that is
very dependable, and which does not
gripe or otherwise disturb the organs
involved, is found in a combination of
simple laxative herbs known as Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin that can be
bought at the drug store for fifty cents
a bottle.
Mrs? C C. Allen, 215 Foam St.. New
Monterey, Cal., wrote to Dr. Caldwell
that she "found Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin just what was needed for con
stipation and. distress, of tne stomach
after eating. It should be In every
Get a bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin and keep it in the house to use
when occasion arises. A trial bottle,
free of charge, can be obtained by
writing to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 5
Washington St., Monticello, 11L