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    mi: siorxixo oxtrrcoxiAx. ft: id at. decejiber 10, 1915.
w -,, a - w.j n..iMI m' in ..,; -nm,iw.tA'.VSJM...-as
Mary Shaw, at Orphcum. On of 100 A tardea a Women. Who Were Guests
of Late Victoria ef Great Britain.
County Courts Oppose Bing
ham Tax and Present State
Road Legislation.
t afrrtalarM-nl Will Clue Kraoloa
ur If 13 hepport I PI--1-txI
V to WI Military lll-hway.
J.oadau.ter Storm Averted.
owr. Tnix. rt tt jTtr;fc
a They waul oo record in favor
e ef Government military ruj (or
defease iartNM( atong Oregon e
entire routlin.
A They urged strongly repeal of
Risgbam, lex lew passed by last
They named committee to re
vise state roe4 laws and submit
report to next convention tor rec
ommendation to Legislature.
They divided sharply f reso
lution by Ur. Xlcrole. of Dous
lea County. providlne; tbat reads-asters
or road engineers ap
pointed br Const Court mwl re
ceive approval of State Highway
1; est see r.
Tber tsa!nu!; favored citi
zen advisory budget committees.
They urged reduction In trans
portation rates for road m-
AllY SHAW la as Mar a I raa
tin J oat the only American act
re who raa far truthfully that
ha baa ealea luncheon with tba lata
Q-een Victoria.
I naked bar about It yeaterday while
la fit waiting- to on la Tba
Pltkey Bird" at tbo Orpheum. But I
theecbt It was juea Mary aha bad
Iunche4 with.
ll..r( said Mia Shaw. "I dare
yntj to writ that I "af with Mary.
V br. she d cable a denial InMerUer!"
"Aad Uueea Virtorla can'!" 1 has
Kx-aet-ly." smiled tbo charming.
wholesome Marr Mav.
No." aha want on. "It's OB record.
that meal I bad with Queen Victoria.
I waa oite of I A mar lean women
It Interested In suffrage who wara
btddcrato Windsor Caat:o for lunch with
Her MiJesiy.
Aclr at Fevered.
Tha iMwa I have put thv occasion
In my memoirs la because I waa tha
only actress In lha (roup, and you re
mem tar viuxn Victoria waa not what
ye-id call Ovarlr h-n about aetraa."
V1L I'll atfir Qaaan Victoria ll
rra m Mary naw. ior Aarr naw . -
la a brtlllAr.t. faarmatlCa' woman, with! T
haad full ef facta and fancla and I a
Glad Role of Major Domo of
the Trenches Essayed With
Eclat by 0. M. Plummer.
Although Heckled. Nettled. Laughed I
at and Iorldcd, Speaker Man
ace to Say Things and Grand
Oera.'Jon I Enjoyed.
With ta!r baavtaat buaiaaaa crowd
xt Into tha lata aftrraooa of thalr taat
dar for racular aaoaieaa. It waa aaarty
otlock Ut tUSI whan tha Vtata
Aaaonatloaj of County Judaa and Com
nUaioaara finatty ad.Joursad. to nc t
Ciia la fort Land at Tt A. iL on tba
-r4 Taaadar la Pacaco Oar. Il.
Pafora adjoamioc tha rouatr courta
kaaaimonaty adoptad a raaotutloa
W! pat thara ea racerd acaiaat tba
T.eSara tax taw paaaad bT tia taat
!atura. Thla law limlta aarh
'r lata toil par rant Incraata
wvar tba bicbtat tat of tha two pra-
aBinc yaara.
Without daiaaal tha )laa and mm
amaatoaara aa o-raa taamaarTaa
aaaisal n praaaai oyatana ef atata
ruUtia tba ronatrartiAa ef
ro4a. A commltta will ta appointad
r rraaldaat tlolmaa to draft naw real
lawa to aa ouhmittatl to the 1)11 Lu.
aauTO Aaaamaiy.
, f ew Minarr ta4 ladaaaad.
With trua aupf-t and no orpo
ttloa a raanlutrw latrodtcad bT Com
fntaateaar Jha Fry, of ClatJoa Coon
ty. waa adoptad. farortnt; a patltloa
t CBtfran for t"a coaa-rtk-ttoa ef
tmra-Mal military road alon Ora-
trnn a aatira fol rofltkrlmc wt'h tba
lalnatia Ktvar IClc&war la Clata--t
ouaty and teach In- California a laa
Tbaao talac doaa. b Judaa and
miiiloart a4 thatr on'.f It. I of the
tl aaaaica. II loeka4 liha a real
a) rtaAa of lha ranka at firat. but Vlca-r--laat
Uuaaiaa. ef ttta aaaoelatien.
liplArnatlraUy ha t tha trouhlaaoma raa.
oluuea pot ea the llt of snfinlahad
hl-inaaa for t yaar. a ad tha loclpU
eat orm waa availed.
Tmiij aOIouramaat aada tha
uainaae part of the f f l annual con
Of tha county court ef (rf
a"n. Thla mornirt at o'rlock the vie
I'lac ) tdc an4 rommj!otrm, with famUiaa. Will ba bundlad Into
toaiohiiaa at tha Courthouae and tabes
t aa a;l-dar laapeetlea ef WaUnoroab
County a ayalana of roavde.
pbiioophy aod a baart ao wondroua
hin t I psuraU aha mun be -ttin bar
ci( Into a Jut-ba(ort'hrtal
cia-l-sol-lo-ba-a-od-ltlr mood.
Hut aba wan't and ln ( " Thla aun-
hiny dipea:neo la Kara a:l the time.
bvua aha prartloaa dally cay. hour
It bar thaory that aha la a part of tha
sraat eternal plan: that what aha girrt
out In bal'pirwaa will be frlvrn back to
Xine own ahall corr.e onto ma" la har
taunrh aertlon. and (he dtrrrta hrr
data ao that only trood can come onto
Whan aha la doirtt any or all of
thaae atUa Shaw la auffrasiainc and
IrliinaT why. bhe itave ma IT raaeona
why aha ao in earnrat about auf
f rasa, but they're luac tbo earoe raaaona
all the othar eurTrectate clre.
Itrwaataeaa le ed.
fl it M:a Khaw la fearful: f In eamaat
abAut It. She marshalled thouaatvda of
actraaaaa for tha btr paraja the othar
y In Nw York, and ehe baa eooush
rorra.pondn'e on tha eubjrt to krrp
a rrljry buay. Only aha attaoda to
It all hr-!f.
Krarr place that Mary core aha la
nap pad up by arlou oraanliatlona.
Mary Fkaw, Only A-aarl.aa Af
trpaa a Laj-Mrb llh M
Introducing, ladlca and grentleman.
a new genlua In the art of toat-1
Oakra Mortimer riummer. member of I
tha rortlarrd School Board, feneral
man.Tsrr of tha raclflc International I
Llrestock Kxpoallton. aecretary-treaa.
urer of the Portland Cnlon Stockyards
Company, and. alnee last nltrht. toast- I
maxter in full standing for life.
Mr. riummer undertook the Job of I
i w i w . . . .k. loiRimniicr ni 1110 unu uum
J ' ' " quet last nlcht klren by the PorUand
paaka on suffraa-e. ometimra she u.i,....,,. ivmn..r .t the
peaks about tha theater. Chamber of Commerce to breeders.
"I'm a democrat about every other feeders and exhibitors at the Livestock
thlr.r tinder tha skies." says Msrf Erolt1on. and other Invited KUesta.
Miw. "-but I'm an aristocrat about the There's Just a suspicion that he ap-
theater. I loe it aa an Institution, llnolntetl hlmaelf. Anyway, the more
adore Its traditions. Its history. Its peo- I than 400 truest who enjoyed that ban
quet as banquets are mighty aeldom
enjoyed anywhere won't forget soon I
what be did to them.
Thla applies particularly to the
speakers, of whom there were nearly
JO. The reason there were so many
was that Mr. riummer wouldn't let
any one of tbem hold the floor more
than three minutes, which pleased
t 1 i i't - --- in lii" laniYa p--------- ,---...; '
pie. I have spent my life In Its work
and I am happleet there. My only aon.
Arthur Shaw, has become an actor, and
If I had IS children thank tbo Lord
I haven't I'd want every blessed one
of 'am to go on the stale."
Miss Khaw Is of Irlnh and Puritan
New Ecglandlsh atoek. and she says
that the call of the blood of br Irish
grandmothers is forever helnar frowned everybody but the speakers.
at by the Parltan grandfathers In her
syatem.' "And your Portland city Is
vary soothing and pleasant to the New
England aide of me." she says. "This
place Is a second Ponton. It's so con
rrvatlve and .absolutely proper. I'm
aTolns out tomorrow and see If you've
got a Hunker Hill monument and Inde
pendence Hall."
nam or hii.i.boro Atunr.T
Cltl.a tt4R or CLARK UlLK.
lajwrtra -avere bait Reaa-aiy la tls- llftb traat, rwrtlaad. le
Only Addreaa) Lawr-rrd.
aaajajae a 9 fcraea at C aassber.
After a luacbaea at Crown Point
Chalet -.! a trip up the Columbia
Iu.r Highway aa far aa Horsetail
f'atla. Ike automobile procaaaioa wltl
rt urn to FortUad la ttrne fnr the big
aai4t at the Chamber of Commerce
at it.
Yesterday -aemtaCa sesstea bagaa
Herbert Nuhb a paper en the lo
eacloa and dralaags of ceiaty road.
P.4-nstar Joha H. Yeoa followed with
aa sddreaa ea the roaatractiea of road
la S(r be told part ef tha etory of
tna Columbia i:ir llicbwar. and
tlt at aorae leegta ea the Imporlaau a
f good roads la rural ceremuBltie. la fie early af terneea aaa
ea by It. ft. Chapman. aupe-lnn-in t
r. maintenance for Miltnomah
County, aad also by Mr. Nunn. opnad
a sabjat whia aeorriad to latereat lha
-itaiting county efftclala greatly.
J'..lal II. s. Aa4araoa. of Clackamas
"'". ra:id attaalloei to the fart
mat bia awuaty. situated juet aoutb of
V .itneenaa. la la a bard peattloa vtl
rttr-t t roads,
J. ft ttedaoa. Commlsaieear ef Yam
bill Ceaaty. said the tataevere In bis
"" a tree 4 y are talking of bard
urfaee4 read. -t that, la his pla
tes, cool'.tion did Bot vt warrant
tkaem t'traet tatatioa. ba iiaclarad. waa
tea i!o a method ef raialoc money to
bulM roads, and aoase ether aitem will
aa la be worked out.
Paul Paev. formerly automobile at
Iter ef The Orttnus. to!4 ef the atll
tsdw la aabiaatea. Ix C and among
the Faatern roadmahere wita regard
to thla Irapertaat aqbjael.
The eoavaatlea tha was he?t4 at
rapt y la Its eMert lee of lha road
vebiam. a ad County Judge T J Clae
tan a4draaa4 the couaty efftctais oo
the Juvaalle Conrt.
Tha one dLarerd-aat mot la lb while
rsamme cess) when tV I Nlcboi.
t'oin Ataaioaar ef Toagtaa Cotinty. In
tret'ea4 a reern"ioa prepalng t t
It ba rceaasaaadeJ la he sil Leglala
lure Ibal any roalrnater or road en
!aaoe apt-lntd by t"e Coonty Coort
aauat ba t-ia raoanmenilattoa of tba
mat Highway r.nt'-.r.
HIUr!flARO. Or, Iee. (special)
A woman wnose Identity baa not yel
bean tabi'.lhaj. waa struck by aa eaat.
bound Houthera Pacific elactrlo at the
Tntb-trt statloa at this mom.
lac. A deep gaea was cat la the can-
er of the forebeed and front teeth
knocked out. bat ao fracture was found
eat it Is balieyad aha rli recover.
The woman la a boot te years oid and
poorly dressed. Close questioning
brought the anvwers thai bar name waa
Clare rale and she lived In Portland.
but no edJrt-e e.cept Pifth street
could be obtained. She said she passed
the niTbt wttb a nurse employed by a
Ir. Thornton, but there la no doctor of
that name la the county. As she waa
suffering from shock these answers
ware only obtained with difficulty. A
pan a tukef. the unused portion or a
round-trip ticket sold yesterday from
Portland to Htllsboro, and II 1 were
fonnd in br poseeaston.
The Tentb-stret statloa la merely a
covered booth. Trainmen oa the elec
tric, which was the first passenge
train from MrMlnnvilie. say no one we
la sight as-the train approached and.
no signal to step being given, speed waa
notoreduced. Just as the train reached
tna spot, according to the raotortnaa.
the woman stepped from the booth upon
tha track, efforts to. discover where
the woman passed the night have beea
ture that would eliminate the chance
ef the Injury being caused by a fall
due to a stroke of apoplexy.
The victim deposited a sum of money
In a local bank late Monday and had
Just returned to his shop when he waa
found unconscious.
A theory now being seriously con
sidered is that Moore waa attacked by
one or more thugs, who attempted to
rob the store, but were rricntened
away either at the result ef the blow
or the approach of a customer.
Moore waa robbed last Spring and
since that time kept but a small
amount of money In his store.
Heme Toaatmaaterlnar, Tela.
He heckled them, nettled them,
laughed at them, stole tbelr thunder.
"sicked" the willing audience on them
and behaved Just aa he pleased. In
short. he rose to toasunastering
heights not as yet recalled In this town
by the oldest Inhabitant.
One speaker tried to assert himself.
He was L R. Alderman, auperlntecdent I
of the Portland schools, who. waa urg-I
Ing the breeders to Interest their boys I
In livestock. "Ami that reminds me.
proceeded Mr. Alderman, "of a good I
story. Once upon a time
"Time!" shrieked Toastrnaster rium
mer. dragging a frantio alarm clock
from under the table. "Ves, time!
time! Your time's up!"
lireeders. feeders, exhibitors and I
guests, aa one man began to clap fori
Mr. Alderman. That Is. Mr. Alderman!
supposed they were clapping for him. I
Ha attempted to go on with his story.
Mr. Plummer commanded him to alt I
down. He sat. at last.
Thank you." aald Mr. Plummer. to I
tha audience not IA T r AlHartnan and I
I anaatraa avll t aa a.f a c. "
a-al.ta ilaaaa-.t CHMiaifliaH. I 'tV- V
dtnt Aftked to tc Portland.
We are absolutely and positively retiring from business and our entire stock is
now being closed out at price savings that are marvelous.
We are manufacturers, selling direct to the consumer, which means by buying here
now you will not only save the middleman's profit, but you will secure the best furs
obtainable at absolute. manufacturer's cost.
The sale stands without precedent or parallel in the annals of the fur industry and
business, and all prudent ladies will purchase their furs now.
Catalogue or Price List on Request 286 Morrison St., Bet. 4th and 5th
oLYwrtt crrr. tmit prohibi
tio wit.!. k r t-t.irtr.D.
Pig Waddles Boldly Into
City Schoolroom.
rnoMs) as Waedlawn Stare t sea a
tmt as i e Wbew Qae Aar
teaarfw ef Ja. (treat Far
f 'ew Deya Probable
La far as alalia a.
oLYMPIA. Wab.. Pec. ( Special.
Humor were In circulation her t that a decision would be rendered
tomorrow by the tate Supreme Court
In the prohibition case. The fact thai
the Justices expected to leave here to
morrow evanlna for eattle for aa ab
sence of a f.w davs to attend a meet
ing of the cttate bar Association waa
beievd to account In part for the sur-
While net the slightest Intimation
has been given by anyone connected
with the fuprame Court aa to whan the
uattaton waa la be rendered or what
Ita Import might be. aa Indefinable Ira
pre.vion was prevalent that tha court
would likely declare the law Invalid to
A recently published story that th
court bad reached a decision and that
the decree bad been withheld lamp
orartly at tha reueat of Governor Lis
ter waa categorically denied by the
Governor and for the court. Thla fact
notwithstanding the rumors that
wt" deciaion waa Impending, have
"WO LOXnER wtu Varys famous lit
it tie Wash have a place la ag and
st.ry at Weedlawa sw-beoL
last sad the children there will sing
f laa pig wfce came) to school aed
a.!e4 ea C M. Stafford, artaclpat.
It saaae tba childrea taagh a ad play
te aea this assbitto-is saote ce-ae
etretchlsg lata the basement ef the
a-bee l. a the stem a ad late the prln
elpakTa reaa. tt wigglad ts curly tall
Ian gree'lag nalll tae ehlldrk mad.
taa aauck of a fa ever it ear tk'a It
aeateej I's way sb!a4 Ibe piaaax from
wft-sxe eee ef lha beys later dragged It.
The aarelae visiter bad eevap.-t froea
wagsnlM4 kaleg baaisd to Iowa by
Jset wbea tha pipt's were sasktsg a
yet ef the capture,! exsatara the farmer
casta a4 took It,
imktoii nt.Lirrr. c. m. woo re -tor
i-ijt sttco r rm.
fs-llee Week eaj Tasary TVat Ttierei
Atteeapta4 Stebbery ef Slave aad
Wee C baaed Away.
That C Mittoa Moore, who waa found
Monday aftarneoa oa the floor ef bis
shoo at I. Larraba street, uncon
scious, waa tba victim ef a murderous
attach waa Indicated at the, exa-nlna-Ooe
br tr K II. Uast at the Oood
liamarltaa Hoepltal yesterday raorolag.
wbea It was found that the still oa
conscious man had a fractured shall.
Moore's condition Is very critical, as
be has act regained consciousness since
b-ing taken le the hoepltal.
l-etectlvee tjaiial'e and Ionard. who
Inv.atigated the c. reported that
Moore bad beea aei'ad. apparently, with
apoplexy, aad fouad nothing disturbed
In bis shop aad no money missing. The
fracture canaot be explained by this
theory, aa tha tuaa was fouad to a noa
An Invitation to Flla Plagg Toung,
who haa Jut retired aa ctuperlntend
ent of the Chicago Public He boo Is. to
visit la Portland on her way to Cali
fornia, was sent to Mrs. Young yester
day by Mrs. C Pralne. chairman of the
programme committee of the tirade
Teaobere Association.
Mrs. Young haa Just retired, after 11
years of active service, sis of which
she spent aa (Superintendent of tba Chi
cago system.
Mrs. Youog Is preparing to leave
Chicago for California, where she In
tends to make her future home. She
expressed a wlah to escape the spot
light when she retired and for ths,t
reason there Is little doubt whether
Mrs. Young will consent to speak In
PorUand. The PorUand teachers, how
ever, will endeavor to have her for a
guret at least If her route brings her
by tha way of Portland.
ease Is Traced.
I'lve Hundred Dollars Offcrod
Conviction of Bartholomew.
"I expect action now." commented
Captain of Detectives Baty yesterday,
aa he surveyed the piles of circulars,
containing lha offer of fe00 for the ar
rest and conviction of George Bartholo
mew aa the slsyer of Joha Llnnd vic
tim In the ritark-street trunk murder
that were belne mailed to every part
of the t'nlted Mates and Canada.
The promise of monetary enumera
tion Is expected to stir Into activity lax
police officials over the country.
At the same time the Bartholomew
circulars are being distributed similar
ones are being sent offering a reward
of 10 for the arrest and conviction of
Ed. ciralth. who la charged with break
ing Into the residence of Walter B.
Honeyman last Spring.
After that the speakers atayed Put
Rebellion waa Impossible.
Kearaeme Weapoaa I'aaheatneel.
Before tba epeak!n began. Mr.
Plummer exhibited as bis first aid
weapons of the evening a huge butch
er's steel, which he drubbed as a cave!
on a miinmaios siooi. ana inree con- c. . n;0
traptlons that ba termed hour- MPmanu rfl IS Ull OlliUC Uio-
his first hour glass, as you see.
ha explained. "Is made of Inverted
quart milk bottles. It takes about five
minutea for the aand to run from one
bottle to the other. If we tret a fine
speaker wa may let him talk that long.
"For another class of speakers we
have this smaller hourglass, which In
made of pint bottles. And for those we
want to get rid of quirk, this third
hourglass, made of half-pint cream
bottles, will hold 'em to a minute."
This method of timing; the speakers'
made a bis: hit with the guests, espe
cially when the toastrnaster would has
tily switch from the big to tha little
bottle If a speaker seemed to be get
ting a good start.
Roll and Mr. Plummer Tie.
Dividing honors of the evening; with
the toastrnaster was Hollo, a prlxe
steer, who supplied the main dinner
entertainment, rare roast beef. Hollo
waa a tender morsel.
It Is only fair to Rollo to say that
his name m
being listed on the menu, th
custom of calling him Rollo h
Anion it the speakers at the banquet
were: K. L Thompson, president of
the Livestock Kxpoeltlon: Governor
Wltliycombe. who welcomed the Ruests
In behalf or tha state: W. H. Poujrherty,
president of the Portland Union stock
yards: C. C. Colt, president of the
Chamber of Commerce and of the Cnlon
Ment Company: Mrs. . J. FTankcl,
president of the Portland Woman's
Club: W. L. Llshtner, County Commis
sioner: L. R. Alderman, superintendent
of schools: W. T. Kerr, president of
trichinosis and a state of panic pre
vails among relatives of the men now
dead, i So far only two women have
shown symptoms of the disease.
It Is Interesting to note that trVh
Inosls Is historically as old as man and
is supposed to have been the cause of
a scourge that resulted in Moses' com
mand to his followers to shun the meat
of the hog.
riiystclans Attempt to Kill Para
site by Sulphur Treatment and
rcople Are Advised to Cook
Meat Irons and Well.
Itnem an a give mo youn
declared to be one of the
Retail trade In pork haa fallen off,
It la estimated, fully 75 per cent In
Portland this week, due directly to the
Senilis in the wake of the dread disease
lair to noiio to say inai - . . . .h .n. Ttl-
ay have been James. Not trichinosis, which has ravag ed an Ital-
e usual opinion of investigators there
aa neon . k infected with
trichinae on the Portland market, but
the amount is small, and there is no
danger from It If It Is well cooked.
Th sudden creat prejudice against
pork has little basis in reason." said
M. S. fhrock. deputy dairy and food
commissioner, yesterday. "There Is
always a small percentage of pork be
ins; sold that is infected with the
trichina parasite, but thorough cook
ing; la certain death for the liUruder."
State Aaalsta In Search.
' Physicians disagree as to the possl-
Oregon Agricultural College, who urged bllity of trichinae living In cured ham.
the livestock men to take their boys Dr. Banner C. Brooke, the Portland
. . ... I . ... - . .31. ...... ..-! iinil namfl
on the farm into panncrsnip wun I pnysiciars wuu "- ......
them, and give the youngsters the I the epidemic. Is inclined to the opinion
. Wblcn OS mil smoaing auu rai ins ....... w-
best means not kill all the parasites, but this Is
Charles Straus, Washington Resi
dent, Drops Dead In front of Store.
Charles Strauss, who lived oa a flve-
s-re trart about five miles from Van
couver. Weak- dropped dead In front
of a. store at S Fifth street yesterday
morning and for some hours lay at the
public morgue unidentified. Kffects on
bis body failed to give a clew to his
Identity. Last night ha waa Identified
by a resident of the Med ford Hotel who
Mr. Strauss wss about 4b years old.
lie bad only cents with him. Ffforts
were being made last night by Deputy
of keeping a boy Interested on the
farm": F. is. Myers, postmaster of Port
land: Thomas Benson, president of the
Portland Livestock Exchange: H. C.
Campbell, ex-school Director; Jake
Mauer. of Kansas City, judge of carload
lots of beef cattle, who declared the
class of cattle raised In the Northwest
hsd improved wonderfully In the
last few yrara, and
on the fact that such
could be raised without a corn diet;
W. 8. Moscrip. of ft. Paul, judge of
holstelns: Franklin T. Grtfflth. presi
dent of the Portland Railway. Light tc
power Company. Introduced as the
"godfather of all the Jitneys": P. L.
Campbell, president of the University
Coroner fuiltb te find relatives of the I of Oregon, who extended a hearty Wei
ll tad man.
Linn Coonty Ctrl Who fled Rather
Than Testify to Be) Returned..
Verved with a subpoena In a case
brought against a young man who Is
accused ef betraying her. pretty Ida
Hoaa. aged It. of Jefferson. Linn
County, look II of her own money
and fled l Portland. This was on
November it. and yeterdy she was
fouad by agenle of the Women's Pro
tective Bureau. he will be returned
to JaXferaoa.
Tbe gtrl comes of a good family. It
a said, and haa borne an excellent rep
utation. he bad spent all ber money
wbea found at the home of a friend.
come In behalf ci inn institution;
Stat Senator C. L. llawley. of Mc
Coy; Kd Cole, of Baker, raiser of the
grand champion or tne snow; v. a.
Arer. whose venture In stockralsing at
Carlton. Or., was duly exposed by the
Inastmaster: John t. tarroi; ie-ne
Butler, of Hood River: L. R. UcGee.
assistant aecretary or the Fort
ian I'nlnn Kmek Yards Co-iDMir: Bill
Sbuinerlck. one of the exhibitors, who
wss required to explain himself: Julius
Meier; W. Jtobinson
traffic manager of the O.-W. R. a S.
Company: J. II. Albert, of 8alem; Bishop
Sumner, of Portland, and others.
not the general opinion.
The city health office Is working with
Dr. Brooke to find the source of the
Infected meat, which has been traced
to a farm southwest of the city. When
tha aiillt of the farmer is strongly es
tabllshed. his arrest will probably fol
low, although there is some doubt as
to tha law under which he could be
nrosecuted. It is said that he shipped
fine cattle I the carcasses wiin mo iuu r.ny.cUSc
that ine noes no ueu ainc
W. U. LvUe. state veterinarian, will
ha in Portland today ta conduct the
Investigation for the state, In both
cholera and trichinosis cases.
Cholera Infection Is Found.
Bacterlologlcsl examination of the
samples of 1195 pounds of pork con
demned Wednesday night by City
Health Officer Marcellus revealed yes
terday that the meat was iniectea wnn
cholera. The examination was made
by City Bacteriologist Pernot In the
city laboratories. The meat . was
shiDDed to Portland by A. Blatt, of
Clackamas County.
Dr. Marcellua has given Instructions
to market Inspectors to keep close tab
n meats, especially pork, owing "to
general I the prevalence of cholera and tricninae.
Dr. Marcellus Accused of
hcnslble Conduct."
Assurance was given yesterday by
City Commissioner Daly that he will
present City Health Officer Marcellus
today with written memoranda of al
leged "reprehensible conduct In Ms
administration of the affairs of the
health bureau." The charges are to
be investigated at a special Council
session Monday.
Although Mr. Daly has made nu
merous statements to the effect that
he has evidence to prove "reprehen
sible conduct" on the part of Dr. Mar
cellus. he has refused up to this time
to divulge the charges.
Entertainment to Be Given at Ascen
sion Chapel December 18.
The children of the Ascension Chapel,
of Portland Heights, are rehearsing
dally for the entertainment that will
be given Saturday night, December IS,
for the benefit or tne newsooys cot
to be established at Good Samaritan
The programme will be presenter! In
Ainsworth School. Several pretty
nurses from the hospital will act aa
ushers for the occasion. Bishop Sum
ner has undertaken to finance the en
tire production, and so every cent will
be devoted to the cause for which the
event is planned. .
yhattuck School orchestra will play,
and the president of the newsboys'
organization will make a speecli.
Several prominent matrons will act
as patronesses.
Three Escape in Runaway.
CEN'TRALIA, Wash., Dec 9. (Spe
cial.) In a runaway in the southwest
part of the city Monday, the buggy of
a family named Taylor was overturned
and the father and mother thrown
into a pool of water, their year-old
baby under them. The child, after
being cared for at a near-by residence,
was revived, apparently none the worse
for Its experience.
Wnshougal Banker 111.
WASHOUGAL, Wash.. Dec. 9. (Spe
cial.) C. W. Keap, president of the
Clarke County Bank of this city, is
seriously ill with an attack of mem
braneous tonsilitis. He will soon re
move for the Winter to Southern Cali
fornia for his health.
S.M"'eji.-ri.i! ..ip m
Retired Naval Officer Alone When j With Apoplexy.
Shooting Brings Inquiry.
William Burnlck. 411 Fast Harrison
tret, was arrested last night and la
held pending tbe Investigation of some
shooting said to have been dnne In
Haralik i home Just before midnight.
Tbe offloers found two revolvers on
Burnlck' premises.
NBW TORK, Dec t Rear-Admiral
Nicoll Ludlow. V. & "-. retired, died
at a hotel here lonixhl aa the result
of an attack of apoplexy suffered last I deadly
Cit 10 casea of trichinosis and sus
pected trichinosis existing in the city
today, three are expected to prove
fatal. Four already have died from the
alvarsan is the accepted treatment
for trichinosis, and Is being used in
most of tba cases. Dr. J. Philip Tam te
ste, however, who is In attendance on
two cases. Is proceeding on original
lines with a sulphur treatment.
balphnr Treatment Is Tried.
City Bacteriologist Pernot suggested
that sulphur, being deadly to the para
site outside the body, might prove
If the body Is saturated with
Hear-Admlral Ludlow was alone In
hi borne when sirlrken and was not
found until severs! hours later -by an
attache of the hotel. Physicians diag
nosed his attack as apoplexy, but pneu-
K4 Th -regoniao cUsl3cd ads. I monia suon developed.
sulphur. If this treatment is success
ful, as tried by Dr. Tamiesic, it will be
a rotable discovery In therapeutics.
Two suspected cases of trichinosis
were diagnosed by Dr. Brooke yester
day aa grippe and pneumonia. Many
111 from other cause now. suspect
the new
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