Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 04, 1915, Page 16, Image 16

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Columbia Highway Celebration Monday
Everybody Go Tickets at Accommoda
tion Desk Adults, 65c; Children, 35c
Advance Fall Butterick Fashion Book, 25c,
Including Any 10c or 15c Pattern Free
Second Floor, Fifth-Street Building
The New Carpet, Rug and Drapery Sec
tions in Permanent Location, Entire Sev
enth Floor, Fifth-St. and Sixth-St. Buildings
New Goods, Every where-And Rousing Sales for Over Labor Day!
Ready for Busy School Days?
HAVE the kiddies ready when the doors open
spic and span and smiling in their new
school togs. Why not let them start the new
school year with new clothes it will give new
zest to the first days of school. Everything
that the kiddies need here. Bring them in today.
The Jauntiest New School Coats
are being shown in the Juvenile Department. All the newest fabrics and colors Coats
for the little tots from 1 to 6 years and Coats for the girls just starting school. Practical
mixtures, tweeds, corduroys, dressy cloths and velvets. Excellent values at all prices.
Girls' Topcoats
The new English cut in pretty
gray mixture. Strictly tailored,
convertible velvet collar. Sizes 8
to 14 years, at
New Corduroy Coats
For the little tots from 1 to 6 years.
Plain box corduroys in navy, brown
and black, at
New Kersey Coats
umionauie sup-on moaeis, Deit- y
ed and buttoned, made with deep?
rouna conar. .rreity aarK Dlue mix
tures. Sizes 8 to 14 years, at
Plaid Zibeline Coats
Pretty soft colors in plain tailored
styles. Velvet collar and cuffs.
Wide belt. Sizes 1 to 6 years, at
All Wash Frocks in 3 Lots
Every 6 to 14-Size in the House Included
Every style, every material chambray, gingham, crepe, lawn, voile,
linen our entire stock in three lots.
L O T 1 I
$1.50 Up
to $2.00
$2.25 Up 01 nr
t o $5J50$l.y5
c 4 nn T T .
to $10.00.55
Second Floor, Vkil
Smart New Hats for School
T3COMENG Hats for the schoolgirl.
Pretty plushes, velvets and felts. Every shape and stvle
that's good from 65c to $14. Fourth Floor. Slth.S.
Tam o' Shanters the pretty new fad for the I New Crushers, of plush or velvet. Light, good
schoolgirl. In velvets, corduroys and novelties, at I looking and serviceable. All colors and sizes, at
$1.50 and $1.05. $1.25 to $2.75.
Mothers, the "Samson"
Two-Pant Suit, $6.50!
T"rf A7L solve the school suit problems in a
TCj$ VV minute. Every year more mothers pin
" their faith to our famous "Samson" Guaranteed Suits.
Made with two pairs of pants, full lined, with taped seams.
Snappy new Norfolk styles that'll please the boy. Herringbone
diagonals, basket weaves and cheviots in new shades of brown,
gray, tan, etc.
Our positive guarantee a new suit for every one that
doesn't give full service.
Our $5
Full lined throughout. Also made
with two pairs of knickers; Nor
folk styles, in splendid quality
cheviots and cassimeres.
Long-Pant Suits
For the boy just getting to long
pants "age." The sort of smart
styles he wants. $10 to $20.
Temporary Annex, Second Floor.
The Boys' Hat Store, Brimful of New Fall
Styles' for School Wear. Every Smart Shape
and Color, at 50c, $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00
No "Mystery"
About Our Optical
which maintains a graduate opto
metrist highly expert in the treat
ment of all defects of vision and
with every modern facility at hand
to ensure the correction of eye
weakness. No "mystery" about our
prices either witness. this :
$5.00 Eye Glasses $2.50
Gold filled mountings. Fitted to
your eyes. Today only.
First floor. SIxth-St. Bide.'
TWO days of shopping crowded into one the store will be closed all day Monday, Labor Day And then school
starts Tuesday, with its problems of getting romping girls and boys back into school-time trim Here are
timely suggestions from the great, new store with its vast stocks of wonderful Fall goods at real economy prices
Toilet Goods
You Need For
Monday's Outing
A FEW items at random for your
week-end bag. Every well
known standard toilet article at
lowest prices always!
., $1.50 Gourard Oriental Cream on
sale at 890
50c Pompeian Massage Cream
for -. 2D
. 15c 4711 White Rose Glycerine
Soap 13
25c Sanitol Tooth Paste or Pow
der - 150
25c Sheffield Tooth Paste.. 120
25c Swansdown Face Powder at
only 130
25c Mum standard deodorant,
box ..160
25c Babcock's Corylopsis Tal
cum .-130
75c Pinaud's Lilas Vegetal, 590
25c Seidlitz Powders, box at 190
50c Phillip's Milk of Magnesia,
at 340
Boric acid, powder, 1-lb. box 190
Merck's Sugar Milk, lb. box 250
First Floor. Slxth-St. Bldgr.
New Veils
for New Hats!
THE new small Hats are
made for veils;
they're not complete with
out one! All the newest
meshes and designs at the
lowest prices!
For Small Hats
Dainty hexagon, honey
comb and hairline striped
, Veiling in black and colors.
Priced 350 to $1.25.
Novelty Veils
' in the new drop effects,
to be worn short or long.
At prices from SJ51.50 to
New Motor Veils
extra heavy chiffon.
All the smart Fall shades
bright and dark. Instead
of $4.00 to $6.00, they're
First Floor, Fifth-St. Bids.
MEN! --Look Today .to Your
Furnishing Needs
We have selected from our vast stocks certain lines of
wanted furnishings and have put on these special offerings
prices that will prove.irresistible. We do this simply to lessen
stocks preparatory to moving the department. Today's sales
will have the desired effect. Read:
Men's 1.50 Shirts 79c
French cuff styles. This season's
patterns in variety. . Materials,
soisettes, woven madras and crystal
cloth. Included also are some Shirts
with military collar attached. They
will all go quickly at this price.
$2 Union Suits at 98c
"Manhattan" make. Athletic
style, sleeveless and knee length.
Plain and fancy striped soisette
and silk-finished marquisette.
Workmanship, fit and finish all
that "Manhattan" stands for.
50c New Neckwear 35c
Three Ties for $1! This assort
ment will please the most exacting
a wonderful lot of brand new Fall
Neckwear, showing all the latest
striped and figured effects in at
tractive color combinations.
50c Silk Hose at 35c
All pure-thread Silk Hose, made
with double toes, heels and soles,
insuring best of wear. Black, white,
gray, palm beach, green. Three
pairs for 1.00.
Temporary Annex, First Floor
Men's New Fall Hats
THE most popular and up-to-date Hats
A for Fall, 1915, are here in all the
latest shapes and blocks.
All the wanted colors black, pearl,,
green, gray, tan, navy, brown and
every other fashionable shade. The new
favored Alpine shapes are featured.
Knox, Stetson, Schoble, Trimble, Mal
Iory, Beacon, "No Name" and our own
very popular "M. & F." Special. Prices,
$2.00 to $5.00.
Also newest shapes in Stiff Hats, with
tapering crowns, roll brims, 2.00 to
$20.00. We are now showing the most
complete lines new Fall Hats and Caps.
See them!
New M. & F. Special $2.50 Hats $1.98
All the latest Fall blocks. Beautifully Trimmed Hats, with silk band
and binding, satin lining. Colors of gray, black, green and blue con
trasting, band.
First Floor, Temporary Annex, Fifth and Alder
75c "Melba"
Chocolates 59c
40c After Dinner Mints, lb. 29d
30c Assorted Chews at, lb. 20
20c Jap Caramels, the lb. 15
Basement, Slxtn-st. Buildlnc
"Senator Junior"
Thin Model
Watch 65c
AT $1.00
A before-school-opens
special for
the youth. The only
Watch at the price,
"Senator Junior."
First Floor.
Slxth-St. Illdg.
Good Books
Now at 50c
STANDARD fiction that everybody
is reading and, talking about!
"Amateur Gentleman" (Jeffery Far
nol), "The Mischief Maker" (Op
penheim) , "Otherwise Phyllis"
(Nicholson), "The Woman Thou
Gavest Me" (Caine), "Wallingford
. in His Prime" (Chesterton), "Stella
Maris" (W. J. Locke), "Fine Feath-
. ers" (Eugene Walter), "A Fool and
His Money" (McCutcheon), "The
Battlecry" (Neville Buck), "Cab
bages and Kings" (O. Henry), "The
Flirt" (Booth Tarkington), "A
Song of Sixpence" (Kummer),
"Back Home" (Irvin S. Cobb),
"Douglas" (Hiram Hayes), "The
Blue Wall" (Childs).
Sixth Floor, Fifth-St. Bid It.
Nothing Better Than "Black Cat
School Hosiery at 25c
FAMOUS "Black Cat" Hosiery for women and children.
With reinforced heels, toes and knees, seamless. Medium
weight; splendid wearing hose; all sizes; 6 pairs $1.35, or
250 per pair.
Mercerized Lisle "Black Cat" Hose 35c
Fine ribbed stocking made of best English yarn. All-year-round
weight seamless. 35c per pair.
Women's Extra Size "Black Cat," at 35c
Medium weight, cotton ribbed hose. Seamless foot. All sizes
from to 11 pair at 350. First Floor, sixth-st. Bids.
35c Hair Bows, Special Saturday
Only, Yard 20c
FOR one day only, thousands of yards of the best Hair and
Sash Ribbons. Heavy moire Ribbon, pure silk, 6 inches
wide. Every wanted color. Buy the children's school Rib
bons today. 35c quality at
20c a yard!
"Bayadere" the New Gold and .
Newest Ribbons Silver Ribbons
Handsome corded ribbon in Rich brocaded effects. Chi
beautiful striped combina- nese and flowered patterns,
tions. ..11 "widths, at, yd., Just received. All widths, at
50c to $1.75 50c to $8.50
Newest Novelty Ribbons
Dresden and domino checks in all colors and widths. For trim
ming and sashes, from
2C tO 89C First Floor, Flfth-St. Bids.
64 Different Styles in
Nearly All Pieces
Hand Embroidered
at 98c
JUST thmk! 32 dozen pieces of the
smartest, daintiest new Neckwear in
every pretty conceit Puritan and Quaker Collars, Ves
tees, Collar and Cuff Sets, Frills, Cascades, Roll and
High Collars. In a word, every style that will be worn
this Winter. Today at 9S.
New Showing of School
Handkerchiefs at 7c
Splendid School Handkerchiefs. Some with colored
borders and corners. Others plain. A special line at 7
First Floor. Fifth-St. Bide.
Yes, This Picture Was
Taken on Labor Day!"
THAT'S what you will say at some future time when you
show the pictures taken with an Autographic Kodak. The
time, the place, the well, you write it all down right on
your film.
Take an Autographic Kodak with you on your Labor Day
trip and double up the fun. Various sizes and styles, as low
as $6.00.
Save on Your Kodak Supplies!
25c 1-lb. packages Eastman Acid Fixing Powder priced at 18t
$3.00 Loose Leaf Leather Photo Albums, size 10x12, 2.59
$1.50 Developing and Printing Outfits Specially Priced 1.18
First Floor. Fifth-St. Bids.
Deer Season Is Open!
We Carry All Standard Makes
Guns and Ammunition
The Duck and Pheasant season will open October the
First. NOW is the time to buy your equipment. Com
plete lines of hunters' supplies are here at the most
moderate prices. Meier & Frank quality assures the
BEST our guarantee is back of every purchase.
We are sole Oregon distributors for the famous Wright & Ditson lines
football, basketball and athletic goods. 1915-1916 stock has just been
received. Catalogue on application.
"Grip Sure" Basketball Shoe
Something new. Used by the champion Illinois Athletic Club
Basketball team. Test it! Visit our Sporting Goods Department todayl
Temporary Annex, Fifth and Alder, First Floor
Men, Here Are the New
Fall "Twenty-Fives!"
Portland has
never seen
quite so much
style and qual
ity crowded
into Suits
at this price -
You must
them that's
They're the kind of
Clothes that keep
our men's clothing
business growing
bigger and bigger
each season.
Brimful of character hand-tailored from
such nationally -known makers as Hickey
Freeman, Adler-Rochester, Rogers-Peet and
famous "Society Brand" clothing.
Fall styles, yes, sir ! New Tartan checks, Glen Urquhart
plaids, handsome over-plaids, pin stripes, regimental stripes.
Must come in and see them. .You'll feel the desire to see your
self in them before our big mirrors. It's fun to watch us hand
out the right fit to men who always had been told they be
longed to the "hard-to-f its."
Immense selection at the well-liked prices $15, $20, $25,
$30 and $35 but an especially big line for Saturday at
Twenty-Five Dollars
Temporary Annex Fifth and Alder. Second Floor.
Eastern Sugar. Cured Hams, lb. 17B2c
When boiled, will make delicious cold
or half hams, pound 172 cS
Fine Lemons, thin skinned and juicy, 360
size, dozen, 15).
Pure Lard, No. 10 pails, 1.15; No. 5 pails
priced 59 p.
Fine Bacon, streaked with lean, 7 lb. strips,
Vt strips, per lb. 22 V4.
Boiled Ham, surplus fat removed, sliced to
order, lb. 35f .
Royal Banquet Butter, fancy Oregon make,
roll today ,"c.
lunches for the Monday outing. Whole
Rich Cheese, fancy Tillamook make, pound
special at 18.
Victor Coffee, noted for its superior quality,
pound for 29 C.
Solid Tomatoes, "Griffon," red ripe, No. 2
cans, 3 cans 25 tf.
Mount Vernon Milk, small size cans, con
venient, 3 for lOf.
Cottage Hams, nearly boneless, about 4 lbs.
each, lb. 17H.
Pure Food Grocery, Basement. Slxtta-St. Bids.
The- QualitV store of Portland
Fifths Six.-U. "Morrisorvj Alder Sta.
Suitcases and Bags at $7.50
A Timely Suggestion for Over-Labor Day "Go
Aways" Some Are Worth' 50 Per Cent More
Odd pieces in genuine cowhide Suitcases and walrus Traveling Bags.
Many sold as high as $11.50. For Saturday we've put them all at S7.50.
25 Canvas and Steel-Covered
Trunks two trays, sole
leather straps. Sold up to
$11.00, now $7.50.
" '1 Tnde struct lo" Steamer Ward
robe Trunks, men's or wom
en's combination. Instead of
$27.50, tjiey're $19.75.
Temporary Annex, Fifth and Alder, Fifth Floor