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Idaho Senator, Riding Near,
Gives Alarm and Cavalry
, Is Sent in Pursuit.
Xla stern Excursion of 125 Teachers
Has Experience in Yellowstone.
Men Thoug-lif to Be Flee
ing to Jackson Hole.
SALT LAKE. July 9. Five coaches
of the Gillespie. Kinport & Beard Com
pany, containing 125 tourists making a
tour of the Yellowstone National Park,
were held up at 10 A. M. today by two
robbers a mile and a half beyond the
Junction of the Gibbon and Firehole
rivers. Most of the tourists were
teachers, members of a party from
New York and Brooklyn.
Senator Brady, of Idaho, was travel
ing in the park immediately behind the
coaches, in company with K J. Haynes,
of the Yellowstone-Western Stage
Company. He turned immediately and
reported the hold-up to Colonel Brett,
superintendent of the park.
Two Robbers la Party.
The teachers were members of an
excursion conducted by a' man natr.V
Rice, of New York. The leading- stage
was stopped and the passengers were
ordered to line up and throw their
money into a sack held by one of the
two robbers. One man kept the crowd
covered at close range while another
held the sack.
As the third coach was betnc: robbed
Mr. Rice sprang from the vehicle and
started back to tell the rest of his
party to conceal their valuables. One
of the robbers opened fire on Rice,
who escaped into the timber unin
jured. The robbers, evidently fearing
capture, fled at once.
Senator Brady was mounted and some
distance In the rear of the coach train.
Hearing the shots, he started forward
on foot to investigate. He met liice a
. few moments after Rice had escaped
the robber's fire. t
Cavalry Taken Robbers' Trail.
Senator Brady then rode to a road
camp and reported the holdup to
Colonel Brett, superintendent of the
park, who communicated with Fort
Yellowstone, from where a detail of
cavalry was dispatched In pursuit of
the robbers. The Senator, returning to
the point where the robbery took place,
reassured the tourists by mounting the
seat of the first coach, and the party
proceeded on its way.
It is said the financial losses of the
passengers were amall. No one was
The robbers are presumed " to be
headed for the Jackson Hole country,
on the southern boundary of the park,
long famous as a rendezvous of des
perate characters of varied types.
The scene of today s robbery was
near the spot where 165 passengers in
23 coaches were held up June 29, 1914
and robbed of a sum estimated at be-
tweenl2000 and $3000. At that time a
single highwayman executed the rob
Stop Put to Expenditure of County
Road Fnnds in West Linn.
OREGOX CITY, July 9. (Special.!
Street work in West Linn was tied
ug today when Circuit Judge Campbell
granted J. W. Moffatt a restraining or
der against the expenditure of county
funds for other than prescribed im
pro vements.
Each incorporated city in the county
received 60 per cent of the money raised
by road tax in the city limits. This
fund, it was alleged, was being used
for the improvement of residential
streets. The city alleged that there
was no distinction between county
roads and streets in an incorporated
city and that, once the money was de
posited with the city by the county, the
county could in no way direct or re
strict its expenditure.
sailors with it ten feet in the air. One
was slightly injured.
The crew removed enough freight to
enable them to get near the flames.
Steam was driven into the holds and
Boon the fire appeared under control,
but Captain Claret would not take any
chances, and turned toward Halifax.
At night the fire gained headway,
finally reaching into the adjoining hold.
Throughout the night the crew fought
desperately. They got the upper hand
of the flames yesterday.
Meanwhile the weather became un
favorable, and early today a heavy
southwest gale arose. This, combined
with a thick fog, compelled the steam
er to remain off Sambro for some
hours and she did not reach anchorage
at quarantine until afternoon.
Commoner Declares Americans Wor
' ship False Ideals.
OAKLAND, Cal., July 9. William
Jennings Bryan, addressing today a
Joint session of the Baptist Young Peo
ple's Union and the National Press As
sociation, spoke on the First Command
ment, "Thou shalt have no other Gods
before me." saying that it was the
most important of the ten religious
laws. In speaking of those who place
emphasis on the Second Commandment
over the first one. the second being.
"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy
self," Mr. Bryan said: . "Unless you do
not love God, you do not know who
your neighbor is."
He said he believed the American
people today worshiped the gods of
wealth, fashion, fame, physical com-
Petrograd Reports Heavy At
. tacks on Russian Posi
tions, With Great Losses.
Muscovite Pursue Advantage They
Gained Through Dlunder of
Over-Zealous Archduke and
Begin w Offensive.
LONDON, July 9. German military
activities, while lessening In the Gall
clan and Southern Poland war fields,
apparently are in full awing again
along the front to the west and north
west of Warsaw. The latest official
statement from Petrograd Indicates this
In recording attacks on the Russian
positions at several points.
Heavy losses were inrtfeted on the
Germans in their assault near Jednoro
Jetz, in the Przasnysz district, the Rus-
12. 60 an acre which the railroad col
lected on past sales.
There is difference of opinion whether
the Government can establish any color
or claim to that excess, but it la agreed
the Government has the right to sue
for an accounting, and regardless of
what later suits the Government may
Institute, the facts developed by the
accounting ordered by the court will
be valuable to Congress when It under
takes to deal with the land grant problem.
Anti-Saloon Photoplay to Be Exhib
ited Privately.
"Prohibition." an anti-saloon photo
play, will be presented this week In
Portland at a place to be announced
later to a private assembly of the
press, the clergy and a number of
leading people connected with social
and educational work In the city. The
play, which Is presented by the Pro
hibition Film Corporation, la a five'
reel drama sanctioned by a number of
prominent citizens, including William
Jennings Bryan, Secretary of the Navy
Daniels and it- P. liobson.
A large cast and elaborate setting
has been Used to make the film an
unusual feature and the play particu
larly emphasizes the fact "that one
drink leads to another."
Case of Sacramento and Brit
ish Recruiting Form Grounds
of Federal Charge."
California and Stanford Agree to Ex
tension of Higher Education.
BERKELEY. Cal., July . The ad-
. m- ... .
fort, travel, passion, chance and of
"By the time man fulfills the first and
great commandment, then will he be
ready to take the second." said the
YOUTH, 20, GIRL, 16, WED
Pair at Vancouver Hare Written
Consent of Parents. "
VANCOUVER. Wash.. July 9. (Spe
cial.) Minors obtained a license to
marry here last 'night, coming from
Portland and both being accompanied
by their mothers, who gave their writ
ten consent. The principals were
William Norling. 20 years old. son of
Mrs. Anna Norling, and Miss Marjorie
Kvans, 16, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth
A. Eares.
Those securing licenses to marry to
day were: Morris Madsen and CbriB
tine Clausen; Wallace P. Chllders and
Mrs. Leona Tv'addle, of Portland;
Speed Sumpter and Isabel Davis, of
Spokane; John A. Locke and Mrs.' Ida
A. Albee, of Portland. Frank B. March
bank and Zellah P. English, of Camas,
and Quinton C. Logan and Geneva
Bryant, of Portland.
Health Bureau TTrges Precautions In
Purchasing Foodstuffs.
Market pointers are a feature of the
Health Bulletin issued yesterday by the
City Health Bureau for June.
The suggestions are:
Don't handle or taste foods belong;lnc to
other people It frequently spoils the sals
of the article.
Note the following; In buying; fresh fish:
They should sink In water.
Scales should be firmly attached and free
from slime.
Eyes should be prominent standing; out.
Oil Is should be bright zd bloody.
Mouth and aril 1 lids should be closed.
Body solid, does not bend when placed
horizontally on hand.
Meat Firm and elastic, tight on bones.
Cow's liver should be carefully examined
for flukes. --
When buyUig; chickens:
if convenient buy chicken which has not
been drawn.
Examine outer surface of Intestines for
small yellowish tumors or bunches varying;
from size of large pinhead to size of pea.
Also examine liver for hard yellow spots.
These are likely to be Indications of tuber
culosis. If In doubt, bring; to city laboratory for
microscopic examination.
Tuberculosis In chickens Is more common
than is generally supposed.
Allies Ask for Bids on Ilaclng Mo
torcraft for Service.
NEW YORK. July 9. The G. C. Smith
Boat & Engine Company announced to
day that representatives of the British,
French and Russian governments have
asked that company to submit esti
mates for the construction of upward
of 150 powerful motor speedboats for
war purposes.
Tho craft are required to be strong
enough to carry two or more liKht fruns
and are to be used. It is understood, in
seeking out and attacking German sub
marines in the waters about England
and France and in the Baltic Sea.
The plans call for boats 30 feet long,
equipped with 500-horsepower engines,
and capable of a speed of 50 miles an
hour. As the factory of the Smith
Company Is in Canada near Detroit, no
violation of American neutrality is
sians report, and near Bollmow. almost
directly west of Warsaw.
An attack In which Rases were em
ployed resulted In the capture of first
line trenches. The lighting there was
reported as continuing.
Rusalans Reported la Paraolt.
Petrograd .declares that the blow
dealt the Austrlans south of Lublin is
being followed up, the Teutonic forces
there being In retreat with the Rus
sians In pursuit.
A Petrograd correspondent describes
the check of the Austrlans as the re
sult of a tactical blunder by Archduke
Joseph Ferdinand, who In too swift an
advance left his army's left wing un
covered, enabling the Russians to de
liver the attack which cost the Aus
trlans 15.000 men.
The main efforts of the forces ar
rayed against Russia, according to Pet
rograd accounts, are still concentrated
between the River Vistula and the
River Bug. and are aimed at Lublin.
In this region, however, the Russians,
according' to latest reports, have tem
porarily stopped the Austro-German ad
vance, and even are beginning a new
offensive movement of their own be
tween the Vistula and the Vieprs River,
striking south from Lublin against the
German positions near Ourzendoff, Bu
cbava and Krasnlk.
Russlaaa More Confldeat.
The front marked by these points is.
broadly speaking, about 20 miles to the
south of Lublin and Kholm, and about
30 miles to the northeast of Sandomir.
German forces have been resting now
for several days at these points, and
the movement on their part, which for
nearly two months has been making
steady progress, has come to a stand
still. This condition, taken In conjunction
with the new Russian offensive activity,
explains the confident belief among
Russian observers that a turning point
at last'has been reported, and that the
psychological moment to check the Ger
man invasion has presented itself.
vent of the Vnlverslty, of California
and Stanford Into a plan that Califor
nia shall lead the world In a system
of wider opportunities for idvancnl
education, by the establishment of
Junior colleges throughout the state,
was announced today at the irrneral
session of the California High School
Teachers' Association by Professor
Alexis F. Lange, director of the school
of teaching at the State University.
The declaration of strong support
to be given to six-year high schools
carried with It plana for legislation
and for partial organisation of the
school system of the state.
Estacada Delegation Visits Clacka
mas Board With Request.
OREGON CITT, Or., July 9. (Spe-cial.)-f-A
delegation of 12 from Esta-
ada and adjacent country came to
Oregon City today to petition the
County Court for a part of the $1824
County Fair fund for the East Clack
amas Fair at Estacada.
The County Fair is held annually at
Canby, and residents of the Estacada
district always have contended that
they were unable to take part owing
to the distance from one side of the
county to the other. Several years ago
the East Clackamas Fair was organ
ized, and the Estacada people have
begun a vigorous campaign for a part
of the County Fair fund.
("tl tinned From First Paite.
Wednesday morning Captain Claret
and his officers were somewhat startled
by the receipt of a wireless warning
that bombs were to have been placed
on vessels that were to sail from New
Tork for European ports recently.
The captain immediately ordered the
rmallboats swung out in readiness for
lowering' if an explosion occurred.
Sailors Shot Into Air.
At a quarter after 4 that same
afternoon, when the ship was 670 miles
southeast of Halifax, something ex
ploded in the third compartment, and
tho ship trembled violently. One' of
the hatch covers shot off, carrying two
British Ambassador Declares Paper
Had "Guilty Foreknowledge."
WASHINGTON, July 9. Sir Cecil
Spring Rice, the British Ambassador,
formally called the attention of the
State Department to the Fatherland, a
German paper published in New York,
pointing out that it forecast the sink
in? of the Lusitania and predicted in
ternal explosions on ships sailing from
the United States for the allied na
tions. Without making any request, the
Ambassador declared it Indicated
"guilty foreknowledge of a crime."
"Body of Jurist Sent to Home In
' Seattle for Iinerwl.
The body of Judge Fred A. Gilman.
who died Wednesday at the residence
of his eon. F. G. Gilman. 462 East Ash
street. Portland, was sent to Seattle
yesterday afternoon for funeral and In
Judge Gilman was well known In
Seattle, where be had practiced law and
served on the bench for many years.
He was born in New Hampshire, and
was 65 years of age.
Judge Gilman had been In Portland
visiting his son for five months. He
leaves a widow, .Mrs. Lavina Gilman,
of Seattle.
S antiseptic for a Perfect Complexion
Preserves. oeantlflet. softens, whitens, prevents
sod rapidly clears akin of aU empflona. You'll
like its clean!, sesitny odor- Sue All dxnsxiais.
British to Leave Army of Occupation
In Newly Acquired Territory sad
Scad Other Soldiers Home.
PRETORIA. South Africa. Jul v .
The entire German territory known as
German Southwest , Africa, comprising
322,450 square miles, has been sur
rendered unconditionally to General
Botha, commanding the Union of South
Africa forces. This includes all the
German military forces in that region.
Surrender followed the Issuance of
General Botha's ultimatum, which ex
pired at S o'clock Thursday cvenlnz.
With the exception of the necessary
army of occupation the citizen army
will be brought home as oulcklv as
German Southwest Africa was In
vaded last February by General Botha
with an army or volunteers of the
Union of South Africa. He captured
Olymblngue on May 4. Two days later
It was announced he had occupied the
important railway junction of Kariblb
and other stations after a march of IS
miles over a waterless waste. Wind
hoek, capital of the German territory.
was taken May 13 without opposition
on the part of the German forces.
The population of the country Is
79.556, chiefly Hottentots and Bush
men. The Luropein population in 1911
was 14,816, of whom 12.292 were Ger
' Data In
to Demand Financial
Land Grant Case.
ington, July 9. It Is probable tho Gov
ernment will Institute suit against the
Onion & California Railroad Company
to secure an accounting for all the
lands sold by that company In tracts
of more than 160 acres and at a price
in excess of $2.50 an acre. It is not
known whether the Government will
undertake to recover all in excess of
British Attack German Steamer
Territorial Waters.
BERLIN. June 9. by wireless to Say.
vllle. N. Y. Among the items given
out for distribution abroad today by
the Overseas News Agency was the
According to latest reports the Ger-
man steamghlp Hallas. of Flensburg.
was attacked in Norwegian territorial
waters by an armed English trawler.
which fired twice at the steamer. The
English auxiliary cruiser Victoria as
sisted in the violation of neutral rights
until a Norwegian guard ship arrived.
The guard ship secured the release of
the steamer and II men from her who
had been arrested by the British In
violation of International law.
The Norwegian government has pro
tested to Great Britain against this
violation of neutral rights.
Eloprrnrnt of Las, 1 7, With Ma
Already Married, Is Foiled.
SPOKANE. Wash, July 9. (Special.)
A sudden termination was brought to
the elopement of a 17-year-old Hugo,
Or. High School girl when her com
panion. Seth, S. Smith, married and
with three children, was arrested here
today charged with contributing to her
Smith, according to the officers, was
ticket ag-nt at Hugo in April. Posing
as a divorced man, it Is said, he be
came acquainted with Llllle Brerse and
later they were engaged to marry. The
girl says her mother did not like Smith
and ao they decided to elope to Spokane
to be married.
lrry Rates Investigated.
TWIN FALLS. Idaho. July 9 (Fpe
clal.) The Public Utilities Commission
conducted a hearing in Twin Falls to
day on complaint of the Twin Falls
Commercial Club that the Great Sho
shone A Twin Falls Water Tower Com
pany charges exorbitant rates for Its
ferry service at Shoshone Falls. At
torneys M. J. Sweeley and S. L. e
Lonif appeared for the Commercial
Club, and S. H. Hays, of Boise, for the
Great Shoshone Company. A number
of witnesses were examined and the
hearing continued over until July 25
Salt Brought td Quiet Title.
DAYTON. Wash., July 9. (Special.)
A suit Involving 1100,000 worth of
real estate In Columbia County has
been filed with the clerk of the Su
perior Court by Schuyler Arnold, a
trustee of Whitman College. The land
Is college property and suit will be
brought against 20 defendants to quiet
title to the property. Attorney Fouls,
of this city: Reynolds at I'.ond and
Gose & Crowe, of Walla Walla, will
appear for the plaintiff.
Prominent San Frand!co Transpor
tation and Brokerage Heads I n-
dlcled In Connection With
Warship Obtaining Supplies.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 9. Out of 1
men Indicted by the Federal grand Jury
on charaea of having vt'lated the neu
trality laws of the United States, seven
have surrendered themselves and fur
nished bond one has been arrested
and is In Jail, and two remaining are
still being sought by the United Slates
Thoeo who surrendered today are:
Philip It. Thayer, president of the
Northern tc Southern Steamship Com
pany; C. l. Bunker, president of C 1.
Bunker &. Co.. customs brokers: Robert
Swsyne. of Swayne & lloyt, customs
brokers and shipping men: l'r. Thomas
Addis, of the Lane Hospital staff: Jo
seph Blty. customs broker, and John
O. lloyt. of Swayne A Hoyt.
Mr. Hoyt surrendered by telegraph
and agreed to present himself In per
son next Monday.
Tw roosts Aaaloat Kara.
Harry K. Lane, who was arrested at
midnight yesterday, has been unable
to secure bonds and Is In JalL
Each was Indicted on two counts, one
of actual violation of neutrality laws
and one on conspiracy to violate. Bonds
were art at S1000 on each count.
The two Indicted men for whom the
officials still are searching are Ken
neth Croft, a reservist officer In the
English army, and Clyde Lawrence.
Iso a British soKller. They are said
to have been aides of Blair In recruiting
English soldiers In San Francisco.
. The remaining six Indictments were
returned against officers and memhers
of the crew of the steamship Sacra
mento, which is in Chilean waters.
Germaa Offl-er Sola Stowaway.
The esse of the Sacramento has
been under Investigation since Fall.
hen tho vessel failed to deliver her
cargo at Valparaiso, Chile, for which
port she cleared from here October
IS. Soon after the vessel left here.
It Is said, a German officer, a stow
away, appeared and assumed rraetleal
direction of the vessel, used the wire
less and took the vessel to the Ger
man fleet, off the Chilean coast, to
which the supplies aboard were transferred.
The Sacramento remained at Val
paraiso, and the crew, through the ef
forts cf the United States government,
were compelled to return here, the
port of clearance, before being paid
off. They were aubpenard. and some
of them testified before the Federal
Grand Jury. It Is said that some of
the persons against whom Indictments
were found are still at Valparaiso,
Short Outing Trips
Tillamook Seashore Resorts
Two Daily Trains
Tillamook Passenger Lv. Portland 7:45 A. M.
Seashore Special Lv. Portland 1:40 P. M.
Parlor Observation Car With Buffet Lunch oa
the "Seashore bpeciaL,"
Round Trip Fares From Portland
Season Tickets On Sale Dally 14.00
Week End Saturday-Monday IJ.i0
To Garibaldi Beach Resorts. Corresponding: Low
Fares to Other Beach Resorts.
Fishing on the Salmonberry
$3.00 Round Trip
On Bale Saturday and Sunday, for Return Monday.
Round Trip Fares to Newport
Seawi Tickets, oa !! Uslly
Week - ta4 fcalorssy - Moaday S4.00
Through Meeplrwr-Car Service Between Portland
and Newport Kvery SturJay Morning lit 1:30
o'clock) From Portland K ery Sunday Evtnln;
at o'clock iora Newport.
Five Cars or Drivers Ttejected Per
manently by Inspector.
One hundred and fourteen Jitney cars
and buses have succeeded In passing
the municipal Inspection up to date, ac
cording to a report submitted yesterday
to Commissioner Poly by Jitney In
spector Gallup.
Tha jitneys are being examined at
the rate of about 15 a day.' So far only
five cars or drivers have been rejected
permanently. These were caaes of In
competent drivers ' of unsafe cars. A
long list of machines have been or
dered repaired before bring passed and
several drivers have been required to
study the traffic laws. Inspector Gal
lup said yesterday that It is useless for
drivers to appear for inspection unless
their cars are In first-class condition
Loop Excursions
Portland to McMinnville
Saturday and Sunday leave Union Depot 1 :00 P.
M, 4th and Yamhill 1:09 P. M. A most delightful
ride and a three-hour stop at McMinnville.
$1.60 Round Trip
Week-End Fares
Between Portland and all Willamette Valley points
on Saturday and Sunday. Good returning Monday.
Saturday Night Special to Forest Grove
Special train will leave Portland every Saturday at
9:30 P. M-, stopping1 at all intermediate points.
Call at City Ticket Office, SO Sixth St., Cor. Oak,
Union Depot or East Morrison Street for full infor
mation, tickets, reservations, etc.
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent
walked 1100 miles from Raymond.
It was a pleasant stroll." al-l
Hayes, as be strode into a hotel, car
rying a heavy staff. "I started May
4 and averaged about 10 miles per
walking day."
Un the way Hayes stopped at SS
lodges, the names of which were In
crtbed on his broad-hrtmnted hat.
Lumber Kate to Be Investigated.
WASHINGTON. July f. The Inter
state Commerce Commission on its own
motion todsy ordered a sweeping- In
verllgatlon Into the classification and
refutations governing; the shipment of
lumber and lumber rroducte. The Com
mission may a-o to Washington and Ore
gon to Investigate,
Three Men In Jail Are Charged Wltli
Illicit Traffic.
With forced prescription blanks of
Dr. Allan Gilbert In his poasesxlon.
Itoberl Robinson, allaa Karl Robinson.
alias A'.cx Krl' kson. was arrested yes
terday by City Ietectlves twenties and
Moloney and Patrolman Stram and Is
held on an old foraery charge, while a
Federal In vent lea tlon Is rein a made.
Krank Ksparza. allaa Frank spartan,
an ex-convlct. and Fred Goldenbers;.
a locksmith of 247 Taylor street, were
arrested for suspected complicity In
Illicit traffic In drusrs. in which Robin
son Is supposed ro be a leader.
The three men probably will be
turned over to Deputy United States
Revenue Collector Miller today for
prosecution under the Harrison drug
Delegate Visits 2 5 Lodges between
.Raymond, Wash., and Angeles.
IjOS ANGELES. July . Among the
Klks sho arrived today for the con
vention which begins next Tuesday
was J. T. Hayes, part exalted ruler of
the lodire at Norwich. Conn., who
An Easy Way to Get
Rid of Ugly Pimples
Liquor Seller Sentenced Again.
WENATCHFE. Wash.. July t (Spe
cial.) K. Nlccum. former proprietor
of, the Olympla Hotel, who has been In
the courts for almost a year on
charges of selling liquor In a dry unit,
and who has been fined and served Jail
terms, has been sentenced to pay a
fine of 100 and spend 30 days In the
County Jail for violating the state
liquor law governing, dry territory.
Ills Life Slate.
Boston Transcript.
Saplelgh Clever? Oh, very! Why. she
has brains enough for two! Miss Keen
Then she's Just the girl you ought to
Rathe your face for several minutes
with reslnol soap -and hot water, then
apply a little reslnol ointment very
gently. Let this stay
on ten minutes. and
wash off with reslnol
soap and more hot wa
ter, finishing with a
dash of cold water to
close the pores. Do this g
once or twice a day. 'AttT'
and you will be as- MJV1':
tonlahed to find how I L..
qulckiy the healing re
al n o 1 medication soothes and cleanses
the pores, removes pimples and black
heads, and leaves the complexion clear
and velvety.
Reslnol ointment and reslnol soap
stop itching instantly and speedily heal
skin humr-s, sores, burns, wounds and
chafing. Sold by all druggists. Sam
ple free. Dept 24-R. Reslnol. Baltimore,
V !
will go to press
July IS, 1915
Subscribers who desire changes in
listings or advertising space are re
quested to make necessary arrange
ments as early as possible.
The Pacific Telephone and
Telegraph Company
Business Office Oak and Tark Sts.
Telephone Broadway 4920.
oO'O' and RETURN
Tickets on sale July 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 return limit July 19.
10:00 A. M. 5:00 P. 51. 12:30 Midnight
From NORTH BANK STATION, 10th and Hoyt Streets.
Tickets, parlor and sleeping car reservations at CITY TICKET
OFFICE, 34S Washington street (Morran Building) and at DEFOT.
c. r. & T. A.
.Marshall 3071
A 22S6
rian to visit GLACIER NATIONAL FARK this Summer.