Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 09, 1915, Page 7, Image 7

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Portland Authorities Takeover
Administration of St.
Johns and Linnton.
Area of City Is Increased to 6 6.3
, Square Miles; Population Grows
7MK One Treasury Is De
' . pleted Since July l.
- Et. Johns and Linnton as separate
municipalities have passed out of ex
istence. Both towns yesterday ceased
Koverning themselves and became parts
of Portland. The two youngsters joy,
grief, troubles, assets, debts and all
were received with open arms by a
large delegation of Portland officials
and the two towns heralded the invad
ing army of officials with a hearty
By the annexation. Portland increases
Its area 12.81 square miles, making the
city 66.3 square miles in size; adds 7000
to its population; adds 17.000.000 to its
assessed valuation; adds considerable to
its debts and considerable to its mu
nicipal assets and a great deal to its
municipal woes and. troubles for both
Linnton and St. Johns have many diffi
cult problems that Portland now must
Chucn Iack Formalities.
The taking; over of the two towns was
lacking in formalities, the Portland
officials merely taking charge of -affairs.
Details of police went to both
tovns at midnight Wednesday night
and relieved the police then in charge.
A fire captain went to the St. Johns
department and took charge. These
were the only emergency parts of the
governments of the two towns needing
Everything else" was taken In hand
by the Portland officials who made a
trip to the two towns yesterday morn
ing. leaving the City Hall at 9 o'clock
and going by automobiles first to St.
Johns and then to Linnton. The party
included Mayor Albee, Commissioners
Baker, Daly, Bigelow and Dieck; Chief
of Police Clark. Fire Chief Dowell, Bat
talion Chiefs Stevens and Hoi den of the
fire bureau. City Treasurer Adams.
City Auditor Barbur, Harbormaster
Speier, Superintendent Kaiser of the
water bureau. Water Engineer Clarke,
and the heads of other branches of the
city service.
Separate Investigations Are Made.
At St. Johns, each bureau chief start
ed an investigation of the things con
cerning him in the annexation. A com
plete audit of the books was started by
the Auditor; a check of the treasury
was started by City Treasurer Adams,
and the other bureau heads investigat
ed their respective interests. They
were assisted by Mayor Muck and mem
bers of the St. Johns City Council.
In St. Johns, Portland fell heir to one
lone prisoner. He was found in a dingy
cell In the basement of the City Hall
and was in for disorderly conduct. His
trial apparently had been lost in the
shuffle, so the first official act of
Mayor Albee was to order him released.
He went his way rejoicing.
A check of the. treasury of St. Johns
revealed that since July 1 the City
Council has 'got Tid of nearly all the
money available. It was found that on
July 1 there was a balance of $6109.10.
There was turned over yesterday a
total of $292.68 from the general fund.
Commissioner Bigelow has ordered a
statement prepared showing exactly
where all the money went. Linnton
turned over $8318.59.
Hose Company to Be Established.
Soon after the visit to St. Johns, ar
rangements were made for the estab
lishment of a full-sized hose company
for the fire department. Lieutenant
Stark, of Engine. 1, was promoted by
Chief Dowell to the position of captain
and placed in charge of the station.
Lieutenant Gill and three experienced
firemen of Portland were assigned to
the station! Two firemen now in the
St. Johns service have been retained, at
least temporarily, to assist the other
firemen in becoming familiar with con
The station is fitted with one auto
mobile hose and chemical truck. It now
has seven men to handle it, whereas it
formerly had only two.
St. Johns' water supply is privately
owned and operated. It Is expected
that one of the first issues brought up
by St. Johns will be that of having the
city take over the plant. Its owners
hold it at $130,000. Efforts have been
made in the past to get St. Johns mu
nicipality to buy it.
Rule Is Brgna In Linnton.
After getting a line on everything in
St. Johns the officials crossed the river
to Linnton and officially took charge
there. 'Upon arrival at the City Hall
they found the place locked and every
body gone. Mayor Malone was found
after a search and entrance was gained
to the City Hall.
Here were found piled up neatly the
etar. gun, handcuffs and other equip
ment belonging to Marshal Hogan. He
had left all the equipment belonging tc
the oity and departed. Linnton has a
volunteer fire department and a small
police department. The f'.re depart
ment will not be changed. Regular po
licemen from Portland will attend to
the policing of the place.
As part of Portland, all the municipal
affairs of Linnton and St. Johns will
be handled at the City Hall in Port
land from now on. Except as districts,
St. Johns and Linnton no longer exist.
It is expected that it will be some time
before all the affairs will be straight-
ened out so that everything in connec
tion with the new arrangement will
work smoothly. .
ashington Labor Commissioner
Begins Test Civil Action.
OLYMPIA, Wash.. July 8. (Special.)
In order to enforce the right he
claims to subject motion picture
theaters to state inspection. Labor
Commissioner Olson has started a test
civil action against E. H. Smith, pro
prietor of a Seattle "movie" house, to
collect Inspection fee. The Employ
ers' Association of Washington Is con
testing the case.
Commissioner Olson avers that as
establishments in which machinery is
operated, picture theaters come under
the factory inspection act, and that
on account of the fire hazard and
dangers to the health of operators
through poor ventilation and sanita
tion, inspection is necessary.
Divorce Asked After Wife Is Gone.
WENATCHEE, Wish., .'.ily 8. (Spe
cial.) Less than two years after mar
riage his wife tired of tUe home which
he provided, walked cut of his house
never to return and now, tired of nav
ing a wife in name only. William Hale,
of Leavenworth, is suing for divorce.
The Hales were married in Leaven
worth in 1912.
r-t'fc . . ii!
r ; .,.; f, ;V:'; , T -l -7-
1 On the Step f the City Hall at St- Jehu, Knit Row lett to Rlcht. Bnttmlloa Chief Stevras. Battollon Chief
HoMen, City Trruanr Aduu, Com mluloKr Dory, City Knartaovr l)t, ci -Chief of Pollee I'olf of M. Johns.
'Water Nnperlntendent Knlaer, tire Chief Dowell, Connrllnun Valentino of St. Johnn, Wilrr Kulirrr Clarkrl
Second Row I Left to 1 La m t ) , BLarbo rmiatrr hoeler. Mayor Albee, Mayor Mack of St. Johns, Commissioner Hle
low. Commissioner Baker, Klreman tinvlnf Third How (Left to KlshO. Commissioner Ileek. Lima Colleetor
llntrhlnson, I'ollee Chief Clsrki ii. L. Prrriac, fit. Johns Connrllmani City Kmrder Unnsmore, of SC. Johns. Be
hind This Kow Are tbowa Asu Others Cltr Auditor Bsrhnri Will H. W seres, Private VrirUrr to Msyor
Albee, and S. C. Cook, Conirtlmil of St. Johns.
2 In Front of the City Hall nt Linnton (Loft to RlKhtl, Pntrolmnn GUI. Bat tsllon Chief lloldenj of the Klre Bn
resu. Commissioner Daly, License Colleetor llntrhlnson, Reeorder Orvlile K rnse of LJnnlon. City Konlseer lser.
Mayor Marie of St. Johns, City Auditor Bnrbar, Mayor Albee. Water Knar I seer Clarke. Mayor Malone of Ma,
ton. Commissioner Baker, Fire Chief Dowell. Hsrlisi msster Sseler, rimtu Uarlai 'Will H. W nrres, IHenlary
to Mayor Albee) chief of I'ollee Clark nnd District Knarlneer ttiurr.
Southern Pacific to Start Dem
onstration Train Monday.
Agricultural College to Be in Charge
of Series of Demonstrations Ar
ranged to Teacli Utilization
of Products of Farm.
Willamette Valley residents will
learn, in the next two weeks, the value
and benefits of fruit canning and fruit
The Southern Pacific Company has
arranged a series of demonstrations at
some of the principal points in the val
ley under auspices of the extension
service of the Oregon Agricultural College.
The demonstration cars will leave
Corvallis next Monday and will make
their first stop at Independence. The
complete schedule follows:
Independence, Monday. July 12. 10 A. M.;
Monmouth, Monday. July 12, 2 P. M.: Al
bany, Tursdey, July 13, 10 A. M.; Jeffr
aon, Tuesday. July 13. 2 P. M. : Gervala.
Tueaday, July 13. 8 P. M.: Wednesday. July
14. 8 A- M. ; Turner. Wednesday, July 14.
ll:TiO A. M.: Palem. Wednesday. July 14.
2:30 P. M. : Wednesday, July 14. 8 P. M. :
Stlverton. Thuniday. July 13, 11 A. M. ;
Mount Anirel. Thursday, July 13. 2:30 I'.
M. : Thursday. July 13. 8 P. M. : Canby.
Friday. July 18. 8:30 A. M.: Molalla. Fri
day. July 1. 11 A. M.: Hubbard. Friday.
July in, 3:30 P. M. : Aurora, Friday. July
1. 8 P. M.: Saturday. July 17. 8 a. M.;
Woodburn. Saturday. July IT. l:SO p. M. ;
Macleay. Saturday. July 17, H P. M. ; A u ma
vine. Monday. July 1!.. 1 P. M. ; Lebanon.
Monday. July 19, 8 P. M.: Tuesday, July
20, 1 A. M. : Coburg. Tuesday. July 20. 8
P. M-; Brownsville. Wednesday. July 21.
10 A. M. ; Springfield. Wednesday, July 21.
8 P. M. ; Eugene. Thuraday. July '-'-!, 1 P.
M.; Tangent. Thuraday. July 22. i:M P. M.;
Junction City, Friday, July 23, 9 A. M. ;
Harrisbure. Friday. July 23, 1 P. M. ; HaJsey,
Friday. July 23. 3:40 P. M.
This work has been arranged ant the
suggestion of 1L A. Hinshaw. general
freight agent of the Southern Pacific
who believes that it will aid materially
in the utilization of the waste products
from the fruit orchards and stimulate
the fruit industry generally.
R. H. Hetzcl. director of the Agri
cultural College extension service, will
have immediate charge of the work,
while the actual demonstrations will b
performed by F. L. Griffin, of the ex
tension faculty.
Professor Griffin is also state agent
In charge of boys' and girls' club work
for the United States Department of
Samples of the various types of port
ahle home canners now on the market
will be on exhibition in the ear and
the demonstrator will show how easy
it is to can fruity, meats and vegetables
in glass Jars or tin cans. The car will
contain, in addition to other necessary
equipment, a "hot-water bath' ranner,
a "steam-bath" canner, an aluminum
and a steel steam-pressure canner and
one of the smali-size portable commer
cial home canners.
Professor Griffin will, in addition to
the demonstration, make use of charts
so that each step in the process will be
clearly understood. Circulars, giving
specific instructions for the home can
ning of fruits and vegetables, which
have been prepared by the canning ex
perts of the Department of Agriculture
at Washington, I. C. will be given to
thosp who may be Interested.
Southern Pacific officials say that
there is hardly a garden or orchard In
the state that has not a surplus, or
culls, that go to waste.
New Treatment Not a Dye.
If your hair is gray, streaked with
gray, prematurely or Just turning gray;
If your hair is falling: if you hav
dandruff and your head itches, simply
shampoo your scalp and hair a few
times with Q-Ban Hafcr Color Restorer.
Nothing else required. In a day or so
all your gray hair will turn to Its nat
ural youthful dark shade. Entire head
of hair will become clean, fresh, lus
troust wavy, thick, soft, full of life.
dark and handsome. w-Ban is harmless,
Is not a dye. Also stops itching scalp
and falling hair. Get a big T-oz. bottle
for 50 cents. Apply as directed on bot
tle. If Q-Ban don't darken your gray
hair, BOc refunded. Call or write Hunt'
ley Drug Co.. Portland, Or. Out-or
town folks supplied by parcel post.
Standardizing: of Salaries Proposed
for Spokane Sol tool.
SPOKANE. Wash.. July 8. (Special.)
Many teachers in the Lewis and
Clark and North Central high schools
must accept reductions in salaries on
the opening of the Kali semester In
1918. according to opinions expressed
by members of the School Hoard today.
The contracts for the coming school
year already have been signed. When
they expire a standardized scale is
likely to be made effective, reducing
the wages of many.
A meeting of the School Board mem
bers, together with Principals R.'. T.
Hargreaves. of the North Central, and
11. M. Hart, of the Lewis and Clark,
win be held to consider standardizing
the high-school salaries.
the applications. There Is a contest
case before the Supreme Court at pres
ent, avnd if this la decided In favor of
the wets, saloons may again open In
the city. It is presumed that the two
making application are taking a chance
that the decision will be favorable to
Dig Crowd Kxpccted Sunday at 1-1 re
nureau Hand's Outing.
Preparations are being made for a
big time for the large crowd expected
to attend the fourtn annual picnic of
the Portland fire bureau band Sunday
at Canemah l ark. A programme of
music, dancing, athletics and contests
is being arranged by committees.
- Special trains over the Portland
Railway, Light & Power Company lines
will be operated. One will leave al
S:30 A. M. and the other at :S0 A. M
An Interesting Puzzle
Can It Be Done?
Arrange these figures so they total
15" in every direction, up and down,
and sideways, and, perhaps, also di
agonally. Each number to be used
only once.
District ICpwortli Meeting On.
WENATCHEE. Wash.. July t. Sne-
cia.1 ) The third annual district insti
tute of the Epworth League convened
Tuesday at Lake Chelan, with more
than 200 delegates in attendance. The
Institute will continue until next Mon
day. Since its Inception it has always
been held In the tent city on Lake Che
lan ana is now a permanent feature of
the Summer season of that resort.
Vancouver 'Wets Are Active.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. July 1 (Sn.
claL) Two former liquor dealers in
Vancouver, William Paul and F. J.
Lackaff, have applied for liquor licenses
in ancouver, mougn me city Is dry
and has been since Januarr 27. thl
year. The City Council last nfirht nl.H
See announcement of Eilers Music
House and Piano Manufacturers' free
prize distribution, page 8, yesterday's
Ure froman.
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if you want to enjoy to the fullest a
brief or long vacation or if you want to
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ing, vigor-giving change of scene let
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tm CratrmlLai Are at stake.
CHEIIAUA Wash.. July . tSpe-
claL) Attorney M. A. Lanarhorne. of
T acorn a, representor the receiver of
the Washington-Oregon Corporation.
which operatea a streetcar line between
C'hehalla and Centralia. and several
liaTht and power franchises and projects
In Southwest Washington, asked the
County Commissioners here yesterday
to refuse a franchise for the use of
county roads to Henry O. Klelarhhauer.
formerly manager for the Washington-
Oregon Corporation. The Commission
ers derided to hold up granting the
A bill of complaint In the District
Court of the United Stales for the
western district of Washington, with
headquarters at Tacoina. seeks also to
atop the City of Centralia from pro
ceeding further on a contract entered
Into with Mr. Flelschhauer to furnish
electric current to Centralis. The com
plaint Is entered In the 'name of Elmer
M. liayden. who was appointed tern
porary receiver In July. 114. for the
Washington-Oregon Corporation. It
sets forth that the r mnact with Cen
tralia was one of the aasets coming
Into the possession of the receiver.
This same contract, the complainant
alleges, waa broken when the city
signed an agreement with Mr. Klelarh
hauer to take current from bim In place
of the corporation.
It ta allrKcd that In April. 11S. Mr.
Klelsrhhauer gave up hts poaltion as
manager of the Wajhlnglon-Orrgoa
Corporation, and that he used knowl
edge gained as manager of the cor
poration to further hia personal plans
regsrdlng the Centralia situation.
Claude Knipp lot-n Private block
and Is nnrl.
VANCOUVER. Wah.. July . (Spe
cial.) Two quarts of good champagne.
quarts of beer, three quarts of
whisky and four quarts of good old
wine were poured on the ground In
front of a billboard In Camas yeaterdsy
afternoon by Sheriff Biesrcker. J. O.
Hlalr. County Attorney, and W. W.
Iawa, constable.
Claude Knapp. about Si years old.
who was arreated July 3 for having
this liquor stored Illegally In a dry
unit, waa fined 150 and costs of 14.10
by T. K Woolson, Justice of the Peace.
In Camas.
Knapp had the liquor stored in a
building next to the postofflre and
complaint was made by the postmaster.
Henry Knapp. the lade father, that the
ltiuor was within 300 feet of a roil
office end not In a place of residence,
as required by law.
Snrrefu Mortlne 1 jrxx-trd and
4100 Sriwn Tk-kct Sold.
WOonHCTtN. or.. July 1. tSpe
rial ) The Klliaon White Chautauqua
opened here today with a big attend
ance. The address of welcome wss
by Mayor Clark, the response being
by K. K Murphy, superintendent of
tne fhautaqua. At the night session
Colonel miller divided the time with
a community lecture. "The Neighbor
ing City."
The proapects are bright for a suc
cessful Chautauqua of six days. About
40 season tickets have been sold.
The Junior Chautauqua la the morn
ings Is in charge of Miss Van Hook.
Permit (ihfn for Wairr for Factor.
SAUKM. Or- Jul? S. Special.)
State Krig Inter Lewl today Issued a
permit to the C. A. Smith Uumber
Manufacturing Company, of Marahfleld.
for three second feet of water for
manufacturing purposes. It Is proposed
te construct a reservoir In connection
with this project and ue the stored
water In steam boilers. The estimated
con of the works la ttoon.
Excellent steamer service maintained
by O.-W. R. & N. steamers T. J.
Saturday-Monday fare $3
Six-months' ticket $4
Five-ride commutation. ........ .$15
Information, tickets and reserrsllons at
O-W. R. & N.
Washington at Third Street or at
Ash-Street Dock.
Phones Broadway 4500, A-6121.
-is a warm, refreshing hath every day.
THAT is possible with a double copper coil
m. m
ft r
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